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					Developed & Marketed By
   Its part of the SLV Group which is a multi-dimensional portfolio of
    companies that operate in various business domains across the India.

   The foundation of the Group was laid by Late Shri Sham Swara in the year of
    1986 who was a visionary entrepreneur of his time. The rein of the Group
    was taken over by Mr. Vishal Swara in the year 1989. Under his dynamic
    leadership qualities the Group achieved the pinnacle of the success.

   The core businesses of the Group are Security Solutions, Mall/Integrated
    Facilities Management, Real Estate Development and Service Apartments.

   Projects of VSR INFRATECH
         Taksila heights, 11.48 acres of group housing at Sector 37C, Gurgaon
         Industrial project of 130 Acres at Manesar
         5 Lac sq.ft of Mixed use commercial development at sector 114, Gurgaon
         Cyber Park on Old Delhi Road, Near Maruti Udyog vihar
         Haridwar- 10 acres
   Promoted by VSR Infratech Pvt Ltd, 114 Avenue is spread over
    5acres of prime land. Its a mixed Use development
    comprising of Retail , Office, Fine Dining Restaurants,
    Business centre with Service Apartment’s.

   Changing with the changing times, this unique project
    located on the 60 meter upcoming sector road connecting
    further to the 150 meter Dwarka Expressway which would
    cater to the dense population of Dwarka, Gurgaon & Palam

   Developed and marketed by V Square Development, 114
    Avenue has evolved after a lot of market research.
Nazafgarh – Gurgaon Road
   Retail
   Office
   Fine Dining Restaurant & Food Court
   Business Centre
   Service Apartment
   0 km from Delhi border.

   3 kms from Dwarka sector 29 & 30 (Fully developed area)

   4 kms from Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi.

   1.5 kms from proposed model railway station at Bijwasan.

   6 kms from Gurgaon toll

   Close to 150 meters Dwarka - Gurgaon Expressway & Metro
   Three side open plot

   One side facing existing Nazafgarh Gurgaon Highway, other side
    facing 60 meter upcoming sector road and one side of plot is on 2
    karam revenue road of Delhi.

   Sector 114, Gurgaon is a 60 acre sector dedicated only for
    commercial activities like existing Sector 29, Gurgaon.

   Adjoining Sector 115, Gurgaon is reserved for institutional activities
    like existing Sector 44, Gurgaon.

   Close to residential sectors 102 to 109 of Gurgaon.

   Near to proposed DLF 5 star Hotel.
   World class school & hospitals within 5 minutes driving distance.

   Direct access from Palam Vihar (fully developed area)

   Adjacent to Dwarka Phase II, where the Government is coming up
    with Diplomatic Enclave.

   In Close proximity to proposed Sahara City & Shobha Township

   Designed keeping in mind the changing trends and customer
                                                   Form Strategy

Plan form                                                 Fragmentation of Form                        Multi Level Green Spaces
The Form is derived by filtering spaces from the          The Derived form is broken up into smaller   Dedicated green spaces on the second floor act
site constraints to generate a triangular band            segments to provide access to the central    as spill over spaces for the restaurants and
containing ideal spaces for offices, retail and           spaces and add porosity to the form.         provide places of refuge for the users.

                                                                                 Service apartment


                            Iconic Form:
                                                                                  Hyper market
                            The Office and the apartment floors form a
                            continuous iconic mass and emphasize the
                            design of the entire buildings.
                         Functional Distribution

                                                          Service apart ( 13.25)

                                                          Office (11.25m)

                                                          Restaurant (4.25 m )

                                                         Retail (8.75 m)

                                                         Hyper market (5.0 m)

Retail Block                                             Basement (parking / ser)

               Office Block                        Service Appt. Block
                                   Ground floor Plan

                                                      Service apartment
                                                      service core

                                                Retail core                 Escalator to
               8 m SET BACK                                                 Lower ground

                       13 m SET BACK

Service ramp

                                                                2.5 m lvl

                                                                                Service apartment lobby
                                                                                (0.6m / 2.5m lvl)
                Office / retail
                service core
                                                          Office lobby
                                                        Lower ground floor Plan

                                                                           Service apartment
                                                                           service core

Basement area achieved per floor : 7396 sqm
Total Basement Area : 14792 sqm                                      Retail core               Escalator to
                                                                                               Lower ground
Basement car parking provided ( allowing for stack parking ): 460
no @ 45 sqm per ECS

                                                                                                      Hyper market core
                                                                                                      ( lower ground to basement)

        Service ramp

                                Loading /
                                un loading bay                            Hyper market

                                                                                                   Service apartment lobby
                                                                                                   (0.6m / 2.5m lvl)

                                               Office / retail                 Office lobby
                                               service core
                               First Floor Plan

                                                 Service apartment
                                                 service core

                                           Retail core

                  3 m wide corridor

                                              Atrium below

                                                     Office lobby
                                                                     Service apart lobby

Office / retail                   Retail
service core
                                     Second Floor Plan

                                                    Service apartment
                                                    service core

                                              Retail core

                                                                        ( service apartment)


                                                                                      ( service apartment)


                                        Business             Business
                                        Centre               Centre
                                                                                    Service apart lobby

                   Office / retail
                   service core
                  Office Typical floor Plan( 3rd -5th floor)

                                                Service apartment
                                                service core




                           Land Scape
                                                                    Service apart lobby
Office / retail
service core

                                        Office lobby
                         Service Apartment Typical floor Plan ( 6th-8th floor)


         Service core                                                       Lift lobby

                                              2m wide corridor

Room ‘s : 30 per floor
                       Tentative Unit plans

     X = 4.05 m                   1.5 X = 6.075 m       2 X = 8.1 m

Gross area: 31.9 sqm       Gross area: 47.8 sqm     Gross area: 63.7 sqm
Net area: 28.8 sqm         Net area: 44.1 sqm       Net area: 59.3 sqm
                                              Typical Basement Plan ( 2 Floors)

                                                                  Service apartment
                                                                  service core

Basement area achieved per floor : 7396 sqm
Total Basement Area : 14792 sqm                             Retail core               Hyper market core
                                                                                      ( lower ground to basement)
Basement car parking provided : 460 no @ 45 sqm per ECS

                           Office / retail
                           service core                                                   Service apartment lobby
                                                                                          (0.6m / 2.5m lvl)

                                                                      Office lobby
Concept Perspectives
   “V Square Development Company Pvt Ltd” is into the business of consultancy and
    is a full service property development and management Company. The team
    comprises of experienced professionals delivering world class real estate
    solutions across residential group housing, hotels, retail, office and large scale-
    master planned communities.

   By maintaining the highest level of professional competence, they act as the
    client’s trusted partner to ensure highest return on every investment. The team
    uses proven methods focusing on the technical and financial aspects of
    development management seeking innovative methods to integrate cutting-edge
    applications in the fields of marketing, master planning, development
    management and Real estate market trends.

   By focusing on the technical, financial and marketing aspects of design and
    development management, they provide clients with quality and help maximize
    return on Investment. They specialise in managing the complete development
    cycle from initial concept, construction and project management services to sales
    and marketing on behalf of the developers/ owners.
   Concept & Project Architect

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