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					LOST, Season 6, Episode 3 – When The Reaper Comes
“There! An island!” shouted a crew member. “The Black Rock will survive yet!” said another. The first mate visited the captain of the ship. “Captain, what were you thinking?” “What do you mean?” “Letting your wife come on the ship.” “I needed to care for her.” “Yeah, but women can’t cope with things like this. Ever heard of a woman pirate?” “She’ll be fine.” “Are you sure?” “Please don’t worry, Ricardus. Ilana is strong.” “She’ll die on this boat Magnus.” The shock may have been interrupted but it was terrifying nonetheless. John Locke was dead. Penny Hume flew out of the jungle at an alarming speed, her son cradled in her arms. As Richard sprinted through the trees to collect Desmond Sun comforted Penny. “We need to take him to the Temple.” Richard said as he emerged from the jungle. “Why? Why save him?” asked Ilana. “Because he’s special.” “Excuse me, but don’t you think we have bigger issues to deal with?” said Bram, pointing to Taweret’s foot. “This is big. But I suppose you are right.” “Please, you have to save him!” Penny cried. “What if Bram takes you, your son, Sun, Frank and Desmond to the Temple, would that be OK?” “I’m here to fight, not to take people to temples.” snarled Bram. “You’ll be back soon enough. Please Bram.” “I refuse to -” “Bram!” shouted Ilana “Take them to the Temple.” Bram had the expression of a boy who had just been told off by his mother on his face. “OK.” he said quietly “I’ll set off now.” Frank helped Bram carry Desmond and Penny and Sun took turns at carrying Charlie. Richard and Ilana entered the statue. “Ilana.” he said. “Yes?” “Are you ready to fight?”


Magnus Hanso did love Ilana and he did care for her but he also agreed that it was a stupid idea to put her on the ship. Especially now that things had changed. Ilana patted her stomach softly. “It won’t be long now.” She had become pregnant on the ship and even though he already had children he couldn’t help but feel excited. Even if his fear was much larger than his excitement. “The weather is bad.” Ricardus warned him when he visited him that night “Its monsoon season.” Something didn’t feel right. “What are you calling the child?” asked Ricardus. “Abram.” “What if it’s female?” “I know that it is a boy.” “Well,” Ricardus said “Magnus, I wish you good luck.” Eventually the group rested in the shade but Penny was eager to reach the Temple. Desmond was in a terrible condition and Penny kept trying to give water but had no success. “Where exactly are we going?” asked Frank. Bram replied “Somewhere special.” They walked for another half an hour before Bram spoke “Stop here, give me Desmond, I’ll take him to the Temple.” He walked away with Desmond in his arms. “I’m going to get some fruit.” said Sun as she stood up. She explored the jungle searching for something to pick when she heard footsteps nearby, slowly she tried to find the source. She spotted an overweight man looking confused. “Hurley?” “Magnus!” screamed Ricardus “Magnus!” Magnus Hanso eyes opened as Ricardus ran into the room. “What?” he asked, rubbing his eyes “What is it?” “It’s Ilana, she’s giving birth.” The pair found her laid on the floor. “Ilana.” “Magnus, I can’t do this.” “Yes you can Ilana, stay strong.” All of a sudden a great wave swept over the ship pushing it under the sea. Water gushed into the boat slowly drowning many slaves. When the Black Rock resurfaced an even larger wave flung them forward. A final huge wave catapulted the ship into the air before finally

washing it into a jungle. Magnus felt himself slowly become unconscious but remained awake long enough to hear a voice say: “Are you happy now Samuel?” “Hurley!” squawked a bird. Hurley’s eyes open. He climbed to his feet and starting running through the jungle even though he didn’t know that he was running from. “Hurley?” said a familiar voice. “Libby?” “Hurley?” said the voice again. Now he was running as fast as he could. “Hurley?” “Libby? Libby is that you?” As he frantically searched he fell over, collapsing to the ground. Whispering surrounded him. “I’ll handle the blankets.” He stood up and began aimlessly walking through the jungle. “Hurley?” “Sun!” he shouted. They hugged and Hurley gave her a suspicious look. “You’re not dead are you?” “No, but I was told you were.” “What?” “Never mind, where’s Jin?” “I don’t know Sun, I was sent to 2004 to do a job or something... I don’t really understand it ...” “Is Jin in 2004?” “I don’t know.” They hugged again. “I’m sure Jin will be here soon Sun.” Magnus awoke to find that Ilana and Ricardus were now conscious. “You can’t let him Ilana.” “I have to Ricardus, there is no other option. If I don’t...” she paused when she noticed Magnus looking at her. He stood up and hugged her. “Ilana, you’re alive.” “Yes, Magnus, I am.” “The baby, is the baby alright Ilana.” “Babies.” she corrected him “Twins. Both boys.” “We shall call one of them Abram and the other shall be called...” “There is no point Magnus.”

“What?” “The other child is dead.” “How?” “Ricardus and I were in the jungle when a man appeared before of and promised us eternal life if we gave him one of the children.” “And you did it?” “Now Ricardus and I have been blessed. Chosen by God to fight in a coming war.” “You gave the man our child?” “Yes. It must be killed while Ricardus and I are present. We will both have ageless lives.” “Why? Why must they kill him?” “A sacrifice is required for eternal life. When the baby dies Abram will age extremely slowly and I will live forever.” “And what about him?” he pointed at Ricardus “how does he become ageless?” “With another human sacrifice.” replied Ilana. “Who?” “You.” Ricardus jumped forward and grabbed Magnus Hanso. “I’m sorry Magnus, I really am.” Jack’s eyes opened – it was 2007 – he ran through the jungle and passed a crashed plane with Eloise’s remains inside. He ran for a while, trying to get somewhere – anywhere. Eventually he had something to run to, he heard voices which indicated that people were nearby. He reached a beach that had on it a group of people and the remaining part of a statue. “Hello?” Several of the people ran towards him. “Who are you?” said one of them. “I’m Jack Shepherd. Who are you?” “We’re the good guys.” said another. They led him forward and pointed to the body that lay on the cold floor. Jack gasped. “Locke?” “Suum animus ut Him nos operor transporto quod suggero eternus vita. Is quisnam vadum sentio , Is quisnam vadum pugna , Is quisnam vadum servo nos totus. Is has electus suus novus proeliator pro denique pugna. Sit Jacob.” The man raised the knife above his head, preparing to kill Magnus. “Nisi officium est perfectus. Nisi bellum est won. Panton est levis ut messor adveho.” The man brought down the knife. When he was finished he laid his knife down on a rock and walked to Ricardus and Ilana. “Who are you?” Ilana asked.

“I’m Jacob.” he smiled “Now I must go.” He began to walk away then stopped. “Ilana.” he said. “Yes?” “Your son, call him Bram.” Bram opened the Temple door and stepped in with Desmond in his arms. “This is it.” “Hello?” Richard called out “John? Ben? Are you here?” The pair approached the fire pit and looked down at the burning body. Ilana took a deep breath “Everything is unimportant when the reaper comes.” “We’re too late.” “Yes, you are Ricardus.” “Samuel.” Imposter Locke – Samuel – stepped out from the shadows. “There’s your saviour Ricardus, burning.” he laughed “‘He who will save us all.’” “Where’s Ben?” “He’s safe. Well at least he is now, now that he’s on the winning team.” Benjamin Linus appeared from behind Samuel. “It’s true Richard.” “Jacob is dead now Alpert. The war is already over. Guess who won? Guess who’s the one that isn’t burning in a fire pit? Guess who’s still ali-” Ben roared as he launched at Samuel with his knife. “You bastard!” he shouted as he stabbed him repeatedly in the chest “You tricked me!” Even when Samuel had died Ben kept on stabbing him until finally pushing him to the floor and kicking him into the fire to burn alongside Jacob. Richard and Ilana stared at Ben in astonishment. “I did it. He’s dead. We won.” “Ben.” said Richard “You’ve just killed us all.”


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