; Aquifer and surface water worksheet
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Aquifer and surface water worksheet


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                           Aquifer and Surface Water Worksheet
1. What is an acre-foot, and how many gallons of water does it contain?

2. What is a watershed?

3. Describe the calculation and significance of the term “hundred-year flood.”

4. How can humans affect the magnitude of floods?

5. How can concrete cover in urban areas affect stream flow and/or flooding potential?

6. How many miles long is the San Antonio portion of the Edwards aquifer?

7. What is the significance of the contributing zone to an aquifer?

8. What percentage of aquifer recharge occurs when streams flow over the recharge zone?

9. Describe an aquifer’s artesian zone.

10. What spring is thought to be the largest spring west of the Mississippi river?

11. What is the prevalent rock type in the Edwards aquifer area?
12. Describe how caves are formed.

13. What is a sinkhole?

14. What are the historical high and low J-17 well readings?

15. If the aquifer reading is 682 ft, what does that mean?

16. When does the flow at Comal Springs become intermittent?

17. What are the four steps in the hydrologic (water) cycle?

18. From what aquifer do residents in Kendall county get their water?

19. What is the chemical reaction that causes caves and fissures to form in rock layers?

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