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Carace Kwan
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Getting Rid Of
Nasty Rabbit
Pee Pee ...                                                                                   Many
 BITES & SNACKS                                                                                more
 Home A Pet 3 It’s MEOW Time! full review
 and many more pet-related news!

 Heatstroke Problems? We’re here to guide
 you ...
 More animals looking for new homes &
 tender loving care!                                                                         inside!
 Versio Venture - More products to carry
 your pet around.
 Pets Icon - Give your pet a treat to a
 relaxing spa, a comfy massage & a nice
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Come & Catch Da’ PetShopBoys At Bukit Ekspo, UPM ~ 10/08/08
Editor’s Note
 Ladies & gentlemen, our next charity event would be ...
                                                                                                                                             BITES & SNACKS ------------------------------------------ 06
                                                                                                                                             Animal news from around town!
                                                                                                                                             CREATURE FEATURE ----------------------------------- 08
                                                                                                                                             Carace Kwan loves animals too ...
                                                                                                                                             ASK OUR VET ----------------------------------------------- 10
                                                                                                                                             Stumped on what’s wrong with your furry/finned/feathered friend?
                                                                                                                                             We might help ...
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                                                                                                                                             Pet products from all over. Pets need toys too, you know!

Hello to all pet lovers! Welcome to our 6th issue (thank god Petster
Magazine actually made it!), and as time goes by, we’re still trying                                                                         regular roams
to improve ourselves. The 6th issue won’t be a successful one                                                                                THE DOG’s BLOG --------------------------------------- 12
without the support from our loyal readers and not forgetting,                                                                               Biting issues, no problem, we got a solution!
advertisers too. Many people asked me how we actually survived                                                                               CHIT CHAT CAT ------------------------------------------ 13
by just publishing FREE magazine for the public to read. I simply                                                                            If no one wanna play with you, try playing with your cat.
replied, “We did it for passion. Furthermore, Petster Magazine is
a new concept in the pet industry, we focus more on educating                                                                                PAW PADS -------------------------------------------------- 14
                                                                                                                                             New stuff again ...
the public about the industry without any cost to them. I always
have a strong faith in our local pet industry and I can see that                                                                             OUR FURRY FRIENDS --------------------------------- 25
Malaysia is slowly catching up to the trend these days, and that’s                                                                           Rabbits, adorable creatures ... except for their consistent poo.
why (I think) we should do our part by promoting it to all levels of                                                                         TANK RESIDENTS --------------------------------------- 26
targeted audiences. Since it’s free, everybody can read it.” Besides                                                                         More stuff on reptiles ...
that, Petster Magazine also helps the animals, and that’s why we do
adoption drives to help the unwanted animals. Yeah, PETS4LIFE!

Good news, Petster Magazine will be organising another charity
                                                                                                                                             where to look
soon (a whole different concept), Walk-A-Dog 2008. We’ll officially                                                                          LET’S ADOPT! ----------------------------------------------- 29
announce it once everything’s planned properly. Stay updated!                                                                                Animals looking for new homes ...
                                                                                                                                             THE PET INDEX ------------------------------------------- 31
Lastly, I would like to thank those who hatched this magazine since                                                                          Our guide to products and services.
day 1 itself ... good job!
- William Tan, Managing Editor
This publication is not advice on your pet. It is intended to inform and illustrate. No reader should act on the basis of any
matter contained in this publication without first seeking appropriate professional advice that takes into account their own                                                                             < Petster Magazine is thankful
particular circumstances. The publishers and editors give no representation and make no warranties, express or implied,
with respect to the accuracy, completeness, currency or reliability of any of the material contained in this publication. The
                                                                                                                                                                                                         to the photographers who
publishers and editors expressly disclaim all responsibility for any errors in or omissions from the information contained in                                                                            made this magazine a little bit
this publication, including all liability for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by any person or animal as a result of or
arising out of that person placing any reliance, whether whole or partial, upon the whole or any part of the contents of this
                                                                                                                                                                                                         more impressive!
publication. No correspondence will be entered into in relation to this publication by the publishers, editors or authors.
The publishers do not endorse any company, organisation, person, strategy or technique mentioned in this publication
unless expressly stated otherwise. The publishers do not endorse any advertisements or special advertising features in

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this publication, nor does the publisher endorse any advertiser(s) or their products / services unless expressly states to

the contrary. Articles are published in reliance upon the representations and warranties of the authors of the articles and
without our knowledge of any infringement of any third party copyright. The publishers and editors do not authorise,                                                                                                                                            network
sanction, approve or countenance any copyright infringement.

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                Bites & Snacks
   Home A Pet 2008: It’s Meow Time!
   The third installment of our on-going charity adoption drive!
                                Just last month we wrapped up our third installment of our charity                                  Meow?
                                adoption drive campaign. It was held in Bukit Jalil Stadium in
                                conjunction with the stadium’s 10th anniversary celebration. The
                                event was held over a span of three days and featured animal
                                adoptions but this time only for the feline variety.
                                A reptile showcase and some new products were also present at
                                Home A Pet 2008 to provide visitors new and latest things to see
                                in the pet industry.
                      ner!      Stay tuned to us for the next Home A Pet 2008 in the near
yay! I have a new ow            future!

                          Snakes & other creepy crawlies

                                                                                     portable to

    Oh hello Carace!

   MKA International Dog Show
   Malaysian Kennel Association’s long running dog show @ South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan
                                                  MKA recently held their 5th & 6th MKA International Dog Show,
                                                  and their 264th & 265th All Breed Championship on the 26
                                                  - 27 July 2008. At this event, owners of various types of breeds
                                                  would compete in several rounds of competition, ranging from
                                                  grooming to dog control. A panel of judges were present to judge
                                                  the dog’s performance and including their owners.
                                                  For further information on upcoming MKA events, do visit MKA’s
                                                  website @
  numerous participants waiting for their turn

                                                                                                                                    Pets Icon
                                                                                                                     Valerie from

  “Ok, put your leg here aight?”

               Bites & Snacks
 Birthday Celebrations @ Ti-Ratana
 Venus & Lotus’s birthday celebration with the children at Ti-Ratana
 The atmosphere at Tiratana Welfare Homes was highly electrifying with the
 children hurrying with much excitement and laughters to the Multipurpose Hall to greet the arrivals of their “special guests for the
 day” - the FurKids!. Last Sunday, July 20th, Venus ( a Miniature Schnauzher who is a heartstroke survivor) & Lotus Wong ( an 8 year-
 old Miniature Pincher) celebrated a Thanksgiving & Birthday Party together with about 200 children and senior citizen of Tiratana
 Welfare Society. Both furkids have been very familiar faces to the children of Tiratana.
 The party was also attended by another 15 other doggies of Malinois, Jack Russel, poodle, yorkshire terrier, pekingnese breeds &
 mixed breed. Some of our doggies and their owners performed an Obedience demo, Heelwork to music, Flyball,
 and Distance Control to the audience. The children were amazed as to how obedient the dogs can be. After the
 show, the children were taking turns to hold and play with the dogs. One can see from the many expressions
 of the children that “animal theraphy” can lift spirits and birng much joy and laughter to their lives.
 At the end of the event, every one including the owners felt exhausted but nevertheless, it has been
 always been a fulfilling & enriching event to see what bountiful joy, cheers and love the doggies can
 bring out from the children.                                                                                                          Global Bites
                                                                                              We came across this in
                                                                                              an email one day. At first
                                                                                              it may look like the dog
                                                                                              is imitating a human by
                                                                                              standing up on it’s hind
                                                                                              legs and walking.
                                                                                              But if you look closer it
                                                                                              is actually handicapped;
                                                                                              missing its two front
                                                                                              legs. Now this is proof
                                                                                              that with ‘will power’,
              hank You!’                                                                      you can achieve almost
Venus says ‘T ho came!
to all those                 An agility show wowed the crowd                                  anything!

                           Are you a working dawg?
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                           attitude to fill up the available vacancies below :-

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Creature FEATURE
Carace Kwan: On pets and all fluffy things
Sometimes I wish I was a bunny rabbit...
You may recognise her from motoring magazines, fashion shows and
events all around KL. Leggy and tall, she was also crowned Miss Tourism
Malaysia of year 2007. She is currently still studying and pursuing a degree in
Communications. We managed to catch up with this pretty lass and had her
agree to appearing on our front cover for this month with 2 very fluffy rabbits
- courtesy of Qian Hu, The Pet Family.

PM: When you were young, what furry friends did you have?
CK: As far as I can remember, my first pet that I owned was a cat that was given
to me when I was just 6 years old. This influenced my great love for cats!
PM: So how many meows do you own now?
CK: I have 4 very playful cats now. Over my years, cats have been in and out
of my life constantly. What I mean is that I adopt them, bring them up, and
they eventually either move away or just disappear! You know, sometimes cats
move away to find new mates and some of them may get adopted by someone
else. It is sad to see them go but at least i know they are healthy before they
PM: Hmm... so you are very much a cat person then right?
CK: Yes definitely! But that doesn’t mean I don’t like dogs. I lived with my aunt
for several years and she owned 8 dogs. Can’t really remember what breed they
were but all were very nice pets to have around. I prefer cats because you would
almost never have to bathe them because they themselves are clean freaks.
PM: Yes it is quite true that cats are very clean creatures. The two cats which we
own too have never been under the shower since the day we got them. Just a
wipe down with a towel and you’re done! Best thing is they don’t even smell
one bit.
CK: Thank goodness that they don’t smell. Because If cats had a natural funky
smell, I would have passed out a long time ago due to the number of cats that
were running around in my household.
                                                                                     PM: An adoption centre? I can imagine the
PM: What are your plans in the future in terms of keeping pets?                      sheer number of animals running around
CK: My dream is to get a nice big plot of land, build my house there and have        there.
ample enough space to house rescued dogs and cats. Something like a mini             CK: Oh no, what I meant was is that I want a little
adoption centre. My house is sort of like that now just that it is on a much,        bit more space, to continue doing what I have
much smaller scale.                                                                  always been doing all this while; adopting and
                                                                                     taking care of strays. Just that this time I would
                                                                                     actively seek out new owners for the animals I
                                                                                     have rescued. I wouldn’t be able to take care of
                                                                                     a whole centre myself haha!

                                                                                     PM: Ah... we could help out if you would want
                                                                                     to you know. Anyway, do you have anything to
                                                                                     share with the readers before we go off?
                                                                                     CK: Please spay or neuter your pets! Help
                                                                                     reduce the number of stray animals out there
                                                                                     whom might end up not being able to find
                                                                                     loving owners. It is a sad thing that there are so
                                                                                     many abandoned and homeless pets around.
                                                                                     Do your bit to help and adopt if you can! If you
                                                                                     are prepared to spend money to get a pet, why
                                                                                     not adopt one and spend the money to take
                                                                                     care of it?

Ask Our Vet
Q. Heatstroke and your dog                                                 to tell if there are any other complications. Make sure that your dog
                                                                           is allowed free access to water too.

A. Heatstroke is when shoulddog Animals dotonot sweat
as heat as efficiently as it
                                      is unable disperse

                                                                           Remember that any pet that is not able to cool itself off is at risk of
therfore they do get overheated much more easily when                      facing heatstroke. You should take these precautions to prevent this
compared to humans. Severe heatstroke can be fatal and                     from happening:
immediate medical assistance is needed if your dog is
suffering from heatstroke                                                  - They must have access to water at all times.
If your dog is suffering heatstroke, it will display several               - Never ever leave your pet in a parked car. Even if it is for 5 minutes,
signs like:                                                                it could be a fatal mistake.
                     Rapid panting
                   Bright red tongue                                       - Dogs staying outside should have access to shade at all times.
                    Red or pale gums
                   Thick, sticky saliva                                    - Do not take your dog out to exercise if the weather is too hot.
                       Weakness                                            - Try to not muzzle your dog if it is not necessary.
                        Dizziness                                          - Pets with medical conditions like heart disease, obesity, older age,
              Vomiting (may contain blood)                                 or breathing problems should by all means be kept in a cool and
                        Diarrhea                                           shady area.

What to do if your dog is suffering heatstroke:
The first thing you should do is remove your dog from the
hot area as quick as possible. Try to lower its temperature by
wetting your dog with water and increase air circulation

WARNING: Very cold water should be avoided as it can lower
your dog’s temperature too quickly, which its body cannot
adjust to.

Even if your dog seems to be recovering from the symptoms,
a veterinarian should be seeked out as he/she will be able

                                                                                     If you have missed any back
                                                                                     issues, they are all available for
                                                                                     download right at our website.
                                                                                     To download them, please visit


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                                     The I-pet pet strollers are made of
                                     quality materials which maintain
                                     a lightweight and sturdy frame,
                                     keeping your pet safe and
                                     comfortable wherever you may
                                     go. Fabrics and cushions inside
                                     are completely washable. It also
Urine-Off                            comes in many different colours
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47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor.        Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: +603-6140 1311                  Tel: +604-2299 161
Fax: +603-6140 3361                  Fax: +604-2299 161
The Dog’s Blog
Dog Bite Prevention                                                           If you, as a parent, decide that you think it is safe for your child to
                                                                              approach a particular dog - teach your child the read approach.
by Carlos Huertas                                                             Ensure that when a child visits a house with a dog, that the dog will
                                                                              not be unsupervised with the children.
Why do dogs bite and how do they warn us? There are several possible
reasons why a dog may bite:                                                   Teach your child to “be a tree” when confronted with an unknown,
                                                                              overly friendly or hostile dog. Stop. Fold your branches (hands) and
The dog is protecting a possession, food or water dish or puppies.            watch your roots grow (look at feet) and count in your head until the
                                                                              dog goes away or help comes.
The dog is protecting a resting place.
                                                                              Teach your child to “be a rock” if the dog actually jumps on them and
The dog is protecting its owner or the owner’s property.                      knocks them down (curl up and protect face and neck with hands and
The dog is frightened and the child has threatened it in some way (e.g.,
hugging the dog, rapid approach, leaning over or stepping over the            Never stare at a dog in the eyes or put their faces up to a dog’s face.
                                                                              Never try to take something away from a dog.
The dog is old and grumpy and having a bad day and has no patience
for the actions of a child.                                                   Never go near a dog who is eating or drinking or chewing on
The dog is injured.
                                                                              Never approach a dog that is on a bed or furniture.
The child has hurt or startled it by stepping on it, poking it or pulling
its fur, tail or ears.                                                        Never approach a dog that is tied up or in a vehicle.
The dog has not learned bite inhibition and bites hard by accident            Never try to pet a dog through a fence or in a crate.
when the child offers food or a toy to the dog.
                                                                              Never climb over a fence into a dog’s yard, even if the dog is usually
The child and dog are engaging in rough play and the dog gets overly          friendly.
                                                                              Never try to break up a dog fight or interact with dogs that are playing
The dog views the child as a prey item because the child is running           fighting.
and/or screaming near the dog or riding a bicycle or otherwise moving
past the dog.                                                                 Leave dogs alone that are sleeping, resting, injured, very old or with

                                                                              A safe dog is one that is panting, face happy looking and wagging his
                                                                              tail enthusiastically.

                                                                              A dangerous dog has his mouth closed, ears forward, intense look.

                                                                              A dog about to bite may be growling, showing his teeth, raising fur
                                                                              along his back or holding his tail high in the air (he may even be
                                                                              wagging it).

                                                                              Teach children to play safe games such as fetch that do not involve
                                                                              running or rough play and to play only with their own dog.

                                                                              There are usually warning signs before a bite occurs, but these can be
                                                                              very subtle and may be missed by many people. A dog may appear
                                                                              to tolerate being repeatedly mauled by a child and one day bites,
Your dog is biting your kids?                                                 surprising everyone. Signs that you should take very seriously that
Parents should supervise all interactions between children and dogs.          indicate that the dog is saying “I have been very patient with this child,
A child should not be left alone with a dog unless that child has             but I am nearing the end of my patience”, include:
demonstrated competent dog handling skills and the dog respects the
child. Parents can educate their children about how to behave around          The dog gets up and moves away from the child.
dogs and how to recognize a bite risk situation. If a bite occurs the child
should be reassured that she/he is not at fault. The fault lies with the      The dog turns his head away from the child.
owner or adult handler of the dog. If a bite occurs the child should be
seen by a doctor no matter how minor the injury may seem.                     The dog looks at you with a pleading expression.

In the case of a severe attack, trauma counseling should be sought for        You can see the “whites” of the dogs eyes, in a half moon shape. The
the child. The bite should be reported to the appropriate authorities.        dog yawns while the child approaches or is interacting with him. You
Parents should teach children the following (these apply to their own         may think that your dog loves to have the children climbing all over
dog, other dogs that they know and strange dogs): Do not to approach          him and hugging him, but if you see any of these signs, then you are
dogs that are not their own, even if the dog is on leash with its handler     being warned that a bite could occur if the dog feels he has no other
(most children are bitten by a dog that they know, or by their own            way of defending himself. Do your dog and your child a favour and
dog).                                                                         intervene if you notice any of these signs.

 ChitChat Cat
Playing with your Cat
Play keeps your cat springy and healthy!
Play is by all means actually healthy exercise, just packaged in a
more fun way. Play keeps your pets healthy by exercising their
breathing and blood circulation systems. Play also helps keep
your pets from becoming fat due to all those snacks you have
been feeding it (own up! You know who you are!).

By allowing your pet to play often, it helps maintain muscle
definition and strength, plus it also helps keep their joints well-
oiled and flexible. Just like us humans, exercise and play also
relieves boredom, helps release pent up energy, and also keeps
minds active and sharp.

Cats in their ‘golden ages’
Cats of old age will benefit greatly from exercise. This however
will vary depending on the status of their health. Keeping them
moving will enhance their immune systems and keeps them
from being lazy - which will ultimately affect their health due to
weakening bones, muscles and normal bodily mechanisms.

Newborn kittens are not to be toyed with till they are about 4
weeks old. Rest and nursing are the most important things that
they need when they are in their first month for growth and
development. Once they pass the 4-week stage, you will be able
to roll them around, make them jump and chase toys till your
heart’s content.

Healthy play
Always watch over your pet to make sure that he/she is not
overexerting itself. Sometimes playing can lead to some minor
accidents (bumping on a table, knocking their heads on chair legs,
falling off places...etc). If you see any signs of pain or discomfort,
panting, salivating, red gums, fast heart rate, vomiting, or even
diarrhea; Immediately take a break or stop the play time if you
have to. A well fed cat is a cat thats full of energy. Always make
sure that there is sufficient water and food if you are to bring your
cat out for playtime.

Cats are hunters by nature. They love to play and hunt small
moving objects like string or a small ball. Stalking, pouncing
and chasing are their modes of play. Even batting something
interesting with their paws will amuse them for long periods
of time. Playing with your cat is very subjective as all cats have
different personalities and tastes. For example: Kibbles, one of
Petster Magazine’s cats, prefers to play with a ball made out of
scrunched newspaper rather than a ball. It is entirely up to you to
create new and interesting games to play with your cat.
 Paw Pads
Paw Pads
House Of Groomers
Grooming on its highest level
Echoing “Malaysia Boleh!”, all the way from the United States Of America. For the very
first time, Malaysian groomer’s flag flies high on a world stage, the Intergroom 2007
at New Jersey. “It was fabulous” exclaimed Ms Annie Goh excitedly. “I am happy to
represent my country on an international level and I am still flying high!” Annie Goh
was describing her fantastic outing at the world pet grooming competition held at
Intergroom 2007, Somerset, New Jersey.
Not only did Annie put Malaysia on groomers’ map, she wowed the audience and the
judges as she did her marvelous groom on 2 Poodles and a Mixed Breed at New York.
Annie is no stranger to the competition ring or the winners’ circle. This incredible girl
has been thrilling the grooming world for almost a decade with her prowess in the

                                              Just how did Annie Goh begin her
                                              amazing career and what led her into the
                                              competition ring? “It was fate!” Annie says
                                              emphatically. “When I am done dealing
                                              with my designer course for almost 5
                                              years in Australia, I decided to embark into the pet grooming career with my family” recalls Annie.
                                              That fateful day was the beginning of Annie’s remarkable career. “I started my training in Australia
                                              then attended training with Nancy Han Kallenbach, Trish Finn, Teri Di Marino and Scott Wasserman
                                              from America, Vero Da Sylvia from France, Karin Kretchmer from Germany, Tomoko Hirokawa from
                                              Japan, Sathit Surapiphit from Thailand, Ron Stoneke and Jennifer Shaw from Canada and large
                                              breed from Mr. Gan, an American certified master groomer and my partner in pursuit!”
                                              Annie began entering grooming competition soon after she gain exposure from various masters.
                                              She has a wall at her grooming academy and salon completely filled with ribbons, plaques and
                                              trophies. Her career in the competition ring has included grooming various breeds and she has also
                                              been tremendously successful in the creative styling competition. As the matter of fact, Annie has
                                              appeared on NTV 7 The Breakfast Show with celebrity Daphne Iking on styling and grooming dogs
                                              in perfect show style.
                                             As for anyone who has ever entered a grooming competition, they will know that it takes incredible
                                             amount of work, dedication and sacrifice to have a successful career in the competitive grooming
                                             world. Most competitors have special routines and regulations that they adhered to before and
                                             after a competition. “When competitions are approaching, I have to stay focused on my styling,
                                             finishing with my to-be “models”. I go over and
                                             over in my head what I am going to do and then
                                             in the ring, I focus on the task at hand. Mr. Gan,
my chief and partner in pursuit of excellence has and still is my source of motivation and he is
always a dependable advisor. I rely on his advice and support. He is a fantastic master planner
and a talented captain.”
Many new groomers don’t realize the amount of grooming preparation that goes into the
preparation for a world class competition. Many of the most talented groomers from all corners
of the world compete fiercely at these events. The winner is determined by a panel of judges
made up of knowledgeable experts who multifaceted experience in the grooming industry.
Annie is a Malaysian and American Certified Master Groomer and has been in the pet care career
for almost a decade. She is a partner and teacher at House Of Groomers Academy & Pet Salon and she is very popular among pet groomers as well
as pet owners. Her clientele from both pet and show grooming circles seek her specialized skills and her work is always in high demand. On the
local front, she is mostly known as ‘Teacher Annie’
As busy as these interests keep Annie, she has even more irons in the fire. Annie loves the excitement of competition and facing new challenges.
She participates in social works with SPCA and other non profit organization. With all her accomplishments, what do you think this dynamic gal
is planning for her future? Annie confesses wistfully, “I really want to create some forms of regulatory framework governing the responsible, code
and ethics of pet groomers on my home ground. The knowledge I achieved has been a gift from so many grooming gurus from around the world
                                                 I want to share what I know with many more to come!”

                                                 If you are wanting to reach Annie Goh, she can be contacted through
                                                          House Of Groomers Academy
                                                          Subang: No.10, Jalan SS15/4,            Sri Hartamas: G-2 Block G,
                                                          Subang Jaya, Selangor, 47500 Malaysia   Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL
                                                          Tel: 603-5880 9288                      Tel: 603-6201 1102
                                                          Fax: 603-5635 9288                      Fax: 603-6201 1109
                                                                                                 A Simple guide
 Paw Pads
Paw Pads                                                                                         on how to use
                                                                                                                       Hey, its your
Urine Smells & Stains no more!                                                           i couldn’t hold it in
                                                                                                                       fault man...
A whole new way to get rid of pee pee stains and odours!                                 any longer... =(
Fed up of cleaning over and over again after your pet’s toilet mistake? Urine-
Off is the latest innovation in household pet cleaning products that effectively
eliminates stains and odours; no matter how old they may be.
Before we start on how this product actually works, it is good to know more
about the smelly liquids that we so eagerly want to get rid off. Urine, no matter
whether it is from a human or an animal, will contain these components:
- Urea: an organic chemical compound which is slightly sticky
- Urochrome: a pigment which gives urine its yellow base colour                                           with
                                                                                                 rm ind, is will
- Uric Acid: a bodily waste by-product which contains nitrogen                              Nevee-Off th b!
Uric acid when allowed to remain in a certain area for a prolonged duration                   rin easy jo
                                                                                            U n
of time will solidify as it contains non-soluble salt crystals. This will stick to           be a
surfaces creating that ugly yellow stain. These salt crystals are very insoluble
(not easily dissolved) and are not easily removed by ordinary cleaning
Unlike us humans, pets especially dogs and cats have a territorial marking habit
ingrained in their mechanisms. They have an acute sense of smell and will mark
(dispose urine waste a.k.a pee pee) areas to identify their territories. This makes our
job as their ‘cleaner’ much more troublesome as there can be stains everywhere
which can go unnoticed for long periods of time. In most cases, cleaning the urine
with normal cleaners will not solve the problem entirely. The salt crystals that
remain stuck to the surface will reactivate once they come in contact with moisture                                         she’s pissed,
again; thus resulting in that awful urine smell returning again.                                                            I know it!
Dogs and cats also have the tendency to re-mark the areas which they have
previously deposited their urine. Because of their territorial-marking behaviour,
they will be compelled to re-mark old areas if they realise that their ‘scent’ is fading.
Removing the smells and stains permanently with Urine-Off will completely
render the area unmarked therefore resulting in them not re-marking the same
area over again (though they might choose another area but that is for you to be
wary of!)
Urine-Off contains enzymes that are designed to ‘eat’ the uric acid crystals, thus
removing the crystals permanently. Some detergents employ chemicals that
basically cover or seal in the odour. This does not address the problem as the
stain will still be there. Urine-Off on the other hand is not a masking agent and               “All you have to do is spray one or two
will completely ‘eat’ away the salt crystals and stains. Urine-off too gives off a              times depending on how much your pet
pleasant citrus fragrance which too disappears when the liquid is all dried up                  pee pee’d”
along with the urine deposits.

Finding Stains with the                                                                                                       it’s way
                                                                                                                 -Off to work
Urine Finder backlight!                                                                     “Wai t for the Urine it some time so the
                                                                                            into the stain.can ‘eat away’ at the urine
The crystalline structure of dried urine (because of the salt crystals) will                bio-en  zymes
glow a dull yellow color under ultraviolet (UV or “black”) light. With the use               and air-dry”
of a UV light, you will have a much easier time in detecting and cleaning up
after your pet!
                                                                                                          ried up,
                                                                                            After it has d residue
“UV” actually refers to a specific band of light                                            wipe     the
wavelength. Generally, urine will fluoresce under                                           away with a u are
any UV light - but some exact wavelengths do a                                              cloth   and yo
better job of fluorescing urine.                                                             done!

                                    The Urine-Off product line of black lights employs
                                    custom circuitry to produce the optimal light
                                    wavelength for urine to be detected, therefore
                                    you won’t have to have a perfectly dark room,
                                    or hold the torch so close to surfaces. Hardware-
                                    store black lights work okay, but are harder to
                                    use effectively for these reasons.
 a very ugly stain under UV light
                                                                                  Remember NOT to use Urine-Off
                                                                                  directly on us or other humans!
                                  m mend

                                                   That Actually Works!
 #1 V

                                        Visit us at Dogathon 2008 at Bukit Ekspo
                                      Universiti Putra Malaysia ~ 10th August 2008

                                                                                       Urine Finder
  NOT A PERFUMED COVER-UP                                                              Unique UV light to
  REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY                                                             help you find those
  “GREEN” - PRODUCT                                                                    tough stains!

Urine Off - Odor & Stain Remover - Helps to eliminate all major
components of urine, even old-stains. This product is safe for
all surfaces and can be used around pets and humans.

                                                                 Fill up this form and mail to us at Petster
                                                                 Magazine, No. 1, Jalan Balam, Taman Milion,
                                                                 Batu 3, Jalan Ipoh, 51100 Kuala Lumpur or email
                                                                 your details to to
                                                                 purchase a travel pack for only RM18.00!*

                                                                 Name :
                                                                 Address :
For More Information:
                                                                 Contact No. :
C.C. ALLIED (M) SDN. BHD. (213333-D)
No.11, Jalan S.B Jaya 13, Taman Industri Sg. Buloh Jaya, 47000
                                                                 We’ll contact you to assist on payment and
Sungai Buloh, Selangor T: 03 61401311 / 012 6905230                                         delivery as soon as possible!
                                                                 *while stocks last!
 Paw Pads
Paw Pads
Pet Strollers: I-Pet’s range of Pet Movers
And we thought strollers were just for pushing babies and
groceries around...
Ever fancied going out with your pet but don’t want
to have the hassle of carrying and fiddling with all the
extra things (bottles, leashes, food, etc) that you would
need to bring? Pet strollers solve all those problems
by enabling you to carry all of those things just like
how you would have carried your baby (the human
equivalent of course).

I-Pet’s range of pet strollers feature ventilated multi-
mesh openings designed to keep pets safe and
comfortable. A large front and back with zipper
opening is present for easy access in and out. In the

higher range models, you will be able to hold most of
your pet essentials under the strollers which feature
a large undercarriage basket. This range too features
a removable snack tray with 2 cup holders; a perfect
place to house your drinks and meal if you are on a                                                                     folding
                                                                                                                        for easy
long walk.
                                                                Here is some feedback from recent

The strollers are built with a sturdy frame that comes
with a durable enclosure and also remains light weight.         customers whom have purchased
The enclosure folds into almost 1 quarter of its original       the trolleys for their pets:
size making storage in your car easy. All strollers feature     “We just got back from a walk with stroller, with
retractable canopies (just like a convertible car!), rear       miniature schnauzer and maltese. They love it
brakes that lock away so the strollers would not move           and get excited to go each time... It is great and
by itself, a safety leash for added security and                made so well.” - Ms.Tan
washable fabrics and paddings so you can
keep the strollers smelling nice and clean.                     “My Pet loves to ride in her stroller. This is a very
                                                                high quality product. I really did not expect it
                                                                to be as nice as it is. If you love to take your pet
                                                                with you on walks and to outdoor activities this
                                                                is a wonderful item to own.” Joyce, Lim
                                                                “I love this thing. More importantly, so does my
                                                                dog!” - John Ong
                                                                   “My little Terrier mix was diagnosed with
                                                                redundant trachea and cannot go for walks. The
                                                                stroller is perfect and he loves to be included in
                                                                walks with my other Terrier. It’s a great product,
I-Pet feel that your pet deserves the best and our pet          well made and I am 100% happy with it!” -
strollers can help you and your pet in many ways.               Lauren,Ng
Whether if it were a nice slow stroll with the family,
a trip to the park or trips to the vet; dog strollers give        “Outstanding product, my dog loves it so
you the freedom to take your family pet wherever you            much. He is getting on in years and I have a
go - in comfort.                                                younger one also so now we can range far and
                                                                wide together without it being a problem.” -
Besides being just a way to take your pets out, a pet           Mrs.Ooi
stroller is also the perfect way for your small dog or          “Very nice stroller. Friends say its better than
cat to safely enjoy the outdoors! Smaller pets do have          what they had for their own children.” -
a risk of getting injured or lost easily due to their size.     Grace,Tan
A simple park walk can become a nightmare if safety
is not taken into consideration!                                “This is a great stroller, so easy to manipulate.
                                                                It embarrasses my husband, but the dog and I
A pet stroller simply gives you more quality time with          love it.” - Sharon
your dog or cat. It allows you to safely and securely
take your cat or dog more places when compared to               “I waited a long time for something this great.
just a leash and collar. I-Pet’s strollers are also ideal for   My cocker spaniel loves the stroller. My golden
disabled pets, puppies, kittens, cats small dogs, and           retriever is jealous and wants to ride in the
even small animals like rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs,          stroller. She walks so close to it and keeps
etc.                                                            looking up inside. Its the best!!!!!” - Ms.Chua

For more information on the pet strollers, do contact           “Everything was great. The pet stroller is perfect
Versio Venture with the details below.                          for our two little poodle. They love it.” - Eugene
                                                                “We love the stroller. Our dog loves it also. Its
Versio Venture                                                  very convenient to fold up and out. We can take
                                                                our little one everywhere we go.” - Christina
18-1, 18-2, 20-1, Lorong Usahaniaga 3,
Taman Usahaniaga,                                               “The stroller is great! My dog and cat enjoyed
14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia                          it the first chance they had at being inside it.” -
T: +604 5389 880 F: +604 5389 881                               Richard,Boo

Your prized pet deserves the very best!
Our pet strollers allow you to move around with your pet in a safe and         Distributed by:
comfortable way. Our pet strollers are built with sturdy and light materials   Versio Venture
                                                                               18-1, 18-2, 20-1, Lorong Usahaniaga 3,
to ensure quality and ease of storage. The pet strollers come with             Taman Usahaniaga,
comfortable and rewashable beddings to ensure your pet a safe, healthy         14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia
and stylish journey. Over 20 styles and colours to choose from!                T: +604 5389 880 F: +604 5389 881
 Paw Pads
Paw Pads
Pets Icon : The 6-Star Onestop Pet Boutique
The latest grooming centre @ NZX Ara Damansara
Pets Icon houses the first 6 star pet hotel in Malaysia. This boutique
is designed with a waiting area for dogs which features pee &
poo pans and a relax lounge to wait for grooming traffic. There
is a cat section too which enables cats and dogs to relax without                                     Valerie and her prized poo
obstructing each other’s peace. Whilst waiting for a grooming
session, one can browse through the retail section which holds a
variety of pet products and accessories.
Pets Icon is located in the new shopping district within NZX @ Ara
Damansara or better known as ‘NiuZeXui’. NZX is a completely
pet friendly zone which is great news for all pet lovers out there.      Creative grooming and
                                                                           colouring by Valerie
Not only can you bring your pet over to Pets Icon for a groom and
shave, but you can later go out shopping with your 4-legged friend
too!                                                                     6      Pet Hotel
                                                                         The 6-star pet hotel holds suites for both cats & dogs with 24
At Pets Icon, your pet will be able to enjoy these great products        hour air-conditioning, ample space for play and exercise, as
and services explained here:                                             well as meals served with imported human grade pet food
                                                                         (unless you specify some other foods that your pet is used
Pet Spa & Massage                                                        to). Your pet will also be allowed to play and exercise time
At Pets Icon, your pet will also be                                      in the play area which houses lots of toys and space for
able to enjoy the pet spa service                                        them to enjoy some freedom while you are away. Your pet
which helps and enhances skin &                                          would not be allowed to roam outside the shop’s premises
coat qualities, whilst enabling your                                     as it might involve some risks. To keep the hotel clean and
pet to relax and detoxify with the                                       health risk free, Pet Icon enforces that only vaccinated pets
usage of imported skin and coat                                          without any flea or tick problems will be able to board in
care products. Valerie, a certified                                      the hotel. This is to keep all the other occupants in the
Aromathologist and Masseur from                                          hotel safe from harmful diseases and bugs.
USA for pets will help guide you in
producing the best possible results                                      For your piece of mind, there is an overseas trained
for your pet no matter what breed                                        proffesional to monitor over the area, tending to each
or type they may be.                                                     pet’s needs and comfort while you are away. If you still
                                                                         worry about your pet’s wellbeing, you can also monitor
                                                                         your pet through a CCTV service which can be accessed
                                                                         via the internet from any part of the world which you may
                                                                         be. Now thats really convenient!

                                                                           Silk Creation
                                                                           At Pets Icon, they are offering a product that is different
                                                                           from what you would normally get at other pet stores; a
                                                                           product that is designed and geared more towards dog
                                                                           shows. This product is called ‘Silk Creation’.
                                                                           Silk Creation is a specially formulated pet shampoo
                                                                           created by Mr. Kitti Kongsricharoen whom hails from
Pets Icon is designed by Nicholas and is run by Valerie                    Chiang Rai, Thailand. Mr. Kongsricharoen is a professional
whom is a NDGAA (National Dog Groomers Association                         dog groomer whom has a long history in the grooming
of America) certified master groomer. To add to their                      industry and owns a kennel called ‘Creative Shihtzu’. He
list of services, every Thursday from 11.30am to 3.30pm                    too has won many awards at dog shows (view the photos
at Pets Icon, a proffesional vet will be in to provide free                to the left). He began experimenting with different
consultations and checkups for pets. He too provides                       oils and products because he wanted a shampoo that
vaccinations and treatments for reasonable prices.                         can deliver silky smooth coats which mirror human
                                                                           hair smoothness. Silk Creation will remove grease and
If you are into making your pet an icon, come and check                    dirt whilst retaining the coat’s moisture, keeping the
this place out!                                                            coat smooth and the skin protected. Silk Creation is a
                                                                           protein conditioner that is made of natural ingredients.
                                                                           It is colourless and oil-free. This shampoo can be used
        Pets Icon                                                          everyday as it is a mild shampoo and will not damage
        141-G, Jalan PJU 1A/41B, Pusat Dagangan                            your pet’s coat if used daily.
        NZX, Ara Jaya PJU 1A, 47301 Petaling
        Jaya, Selangor.                                                    Previously only available in Thailand, now Silk Creation
        T: +603 7885 0939 F: +603 7885 0919                                can be found in Malaysia only at Pets Icon.
                                                                          Early bird student intake will be
                                                                        entitled for a FREE set of imported
                                                                            grooming tools!* Go for a full

                                                                              grooming and get 1 FREE pet
                                                                                        massage session!*

Fancy A Career in Pet Grooming?
Student Intake 2008
Register now to enjoy Early Bird Promotion
Courses conducted by NDGAA Certified
Master Groomer (USA)
Courses available:
- Professional Grooming Course
- Pet Owner Course
- Pet Aromatherapy & SPA
- Pet Massage
- Creative Grooming & Colouring
- Obedience

Every pet deserves the best, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pamper
your pet. Shower them with our marvellous spa, board them in our luxurious
6-star hotel and we can also provide professional grooming services.

Pets Icon
Professional Grooming Academy Dog Spa & Massage
Pet Hotel & Day Care Puppies & Kittens
                                                  Show & Pet Grooming
                                                                            141-G Jalan PJU 1A/41B
                                                                              Pusat Dagangan NZX,
                                                                            Ara Jaya PJU 1A, 47301
                                                                             Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
                                                                                   Tel : 03-78850939
                                                                                  Fax : 03-78850919
 Paw Pads
Paw Pads
Essential Amino Acids:
What Amino Acids does my dog actually need?
Last issue we have covered on the benefits andissues your pet may face if it does not receive sufficient amounts of amino acids in
it’s diet. This issue we will be covering what are the essential amino acids that your pet actually needs. Listed below is a list of amino
acids that play a major role in the health of your pet:

EminO RxC is a hydrolyzed (Predigested) protein

supplement in the form of Di & Tri Peptides. It contains
all the Essential amino Acids for canines.

EminO RxC FAQ:
What is meant by Pre-digested?
Pre-digested means that the protein in EminoO RxC is already
enzymatically digested (broken into smaller chain Di and Tri
peptides) and thus is immediately available for absorption,
assimilation and utilization by the canine’s body.

How is Pre-digested EminO RxC useful for trauma / recovery?
Since EminO RxC is pre-digested, it can be absorbed,
assimilated and be utilized by the animal immediately
without going through the complex process of protein

How soon is the result of EminO RxC seen on the animal?
Results can be seen within a week.

How is EminO RxC administered?
EminO RxC can be given orally or be added to the food.

How is EminO RxC useful for a gestating female dog?
Normally during gestation, female dogs have been found
to consume their food inconsistantly. This could very well
compromise the growth and health of the fetuses. EminO
RxC being readily absorbed, ensures that there is sufficient
supply of essential amino acids for fetuses to grow healthily.
EminO RxC promotes production of milk in the nursing
female dog.

How are puppies benefitted by being supplemented
with EminO RxC?
Beside strengthening their immune system, EminO RxC
meets the demands for amino acids which is twice the
nutrition per pound of body weight than they do as adult

Should show dogs be supplemented with EminO RxC?
Supplementing dogs with EminO RxC improves their lean
muscle mass with good muscle tone and it promotes an
excellent skin with shiny coat conditions.

Are there any contra-indications with EminO RxC?
None whatsover as EminO RxC is a 100% hypoallergenic
food supplement and is free from animal by product, food
additive, preservative, and artificial coloring etc.

Essential Amino Acids                                                Imported and packed by:
                                                                     Trident Sakthi Sdn Bhd

for your pet’s health
                                                                     No.2, Jalan Permai 1, Taman Permai,
                                                                     27600 Raub, Pahang, Malaysia.
                                                                     T: +609 3553305 F: +609 3559905
                                                                     Alson Yap - 016 2249879
                                                                     Mr. Sakthi - 013 9381005
Paw Pads
World Famous “Little Trees”
Making the world smell good all over!
Car-Freshner Corporation based in New York, America, is the producer
of the world-famous “Little Trees” air fresheners; those distinctive
pine-shaped air fresheners for cars and other freshening purposes.

Known internationally, these aromatic wonders first came into the
world in a Watertown garage 55 years ago. The founder, Julius Sämann,           Long Lasting Fragrance
a native of Germany went to Canada at the outbreak of World War II.             “Little Trees” air fresheners last a minimum of 6-8 weeks.
He was formerly a chemist who then developed methods to extract                 Besides the AirWash® Little Trees and the Designer™ Series
essential oil from evergreen trees. While in Canada, he formulated              Little Trees, scents are categorised as Fruity, Floral and
a process for pressing scent into cardboard and getting it to last              Fresh.
for months. In 1952, he set up shop in a rented Watertown garage,
in New York and produced the very first “Little Trees”. It was in had           Fruity: Banana Nut, Berry Patch, Cinnamon Apple,
the shape and scent of the evergreen pine. Today the company is                 Coconut, Fruit Punch, Green Apple, Lemon Green Tea,
well advanced in product development with various new product                   Lime, Lively Lemon, Mango, Papaya, Peachy Peach, Pink
creations from time to time.                                                    Grapefruit, Silly Citrus, Spiced Pumpkin, Strawberry,
                                                                                Sour Apple, Strawberry Kiwi, Sunny Citrus, Sweet Pear,
“Little Trees” Air Fresheners                                                   Watermelon and Wild Cherry
“Little Trees” is the classic product of Car-Freshner Corporation which
has from the very beginning been shaped to resemble a cut-out                   Floral: Bouquet, Floral Mist, Jasmin, Lavender, Lilac, Rose
pine tree. Often seen hanging from the rear-view mirror of cars in              Musk, Vanillaroma, Very Vanilla
films including blockbuster hits such as Ocean’s 11, The Fast and The
Furious and even comedies such as Dumb and Dumber and Meet                      Fresh: Black Ice, Chocolate, Leather, No Smoking, New Car
the Fockers, “Little Trees” Air Fresheners are icons that are known the         Scent, Peppermint, Pina Colada, Rainbow Rush, Royal Pine,
world over. “Little Trees” are currently available in over 60 fragrances        Soccer, Vanilla Pride, Victory Lane
with new additions being added every other month.                               Latest Scents: Blackberry Clove, Mulberry Fig
“Little Trees” Air Fresheners are available for RM6.90 a piece

AirWash® “Little Trees”
Similar in size and shape to traditional “Little Trees”, AirWash Little
Trees are the latest addition to the “Little Trees” family of air fresheners.
Currently available in three fragrances; Sun-Washed Cotton, Orange
Zest and Sparkling Breeze, AirWash Little Trees uses powerful new                                           Now they have also come
patented technology that removes odour-causing molecules from                                             up with air fresheners that are
the air leaving behind a clean, fresh scent.                                                           shaped like little animals (just like
                                                                                                     the froggie and fishy pictured here)
AirWash “Little Trees” sell for RM7.20 a piece                                                        which can be hung just about
Designer™ Series “Little Trees”                                                                          The Novelty Air Fresheners
Using the latest in air freshener technology, Designer™ Series Little                                     retails for RM14.90 per piece.
Trees uses metallic ink to disperse its sophisticated designer scents.
Each scent is a hallmark of its country of origin; Black Platinum,                                       Novelty Air Freshener features:
Gold Essence and Silver Select hail from Southern Italy, France and                                      - These will last approximately 2
Morocco respectively.                                                                                    months of usage time.
                                                                                                         - They will not become smaller,
Each Designer™ Series “Little Trees” retails for RM11.90                                                 loose colour or melt even after
                                                                                                         they no longer have fragrance.
“Little Tree” in a Can™                                                                                  - They are made of a soft rubber-
As the name suggests, this product allows the scents of “Little Trees”                                   like material.
to be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere.                                                                   - They can be used as decorations
Available in eight scents; Black Ice, Cherry, Coconut, Jasmine, Leather,                                 for bag, keychains etc etc once
New Car, Royal Pine and Vanillaroma.                                                                     they loose their fragrance (or
                                                                                                         used for decorations whenever
Each 2.5oz can retails for RM10.90                                                                       and in any way you please!)
                                                                                                         - Available scents are: Ocean
                                                                                                         Breeze, Relaxing Rain, Mountain
“Little Trees” and Car-Freshner products are available at all JUSCO                                      Waterfall & Cool Cascade
outlets throughout Malaysia, ISETAN KLCC, PETROSAINS KLCC,
SOGO Supermarket, Mercato Supermarket in Pavilion, Village
Grocers Supermarket in Bangsar Village, TC Permata Supermarket at
Ampang Park and ERAMAN Airport Shoppe in both KLIA and Labuan

 For further inquires, please contact:
 Fazli Hisahak               David Alan Bates
 Managing Partner            Account Manager
 Little Tree Trading         Xylan One
 Tel:      03-8023 3485      Tel:     012-2023895
 Fax:      03-8023 8658      Fax:     03-56358403
   Our Furry Friends
Wabbits in Da House!
Understanding and choosing your very first bunny wabbit
Besides the normal dog and cat varieties that we normally think of when
we are searching for a pet companion, have you ever considered getting a
rabbit? Rabbits are good pets to have which every household should consider
owning. They are intelligent, playful and not that as hard as you think to maintain.
A rabbit’s life span will vary with the type of breed it is but generally would run from
5 years to a long 15 years. Here we mention a few bunny qualities that you should be
aware of before you own your very first Bugs Bunny:

- Rabbits are social animals and are generally tame if handled properly.
- Rabbits love to play and have bundles of energy to expel.
- Playtime with human and other rabbits is a must as they are social animals.
- Food must consist of raw vegetables like cabbages, carrots, cucumbers and fruits. The
pellets that you can buy at pet stores will not be sufficient enough for their diet.
- Just like cats, these little guys can be litter trained!
- Just like hamsters, rabbits too love to chew on things. Chew toys given to your pet rabbit must be safe for consumption and the
places that they roam need to be rabbit-proofed to avoid escape or damage.
- Rabbits need space to live comfortably in. This means that you would need to get them a relatively large cage or if you would want
to keep them outside, do make sure it is fenced and predator-proofed to avoid heartbreak.
- Rabbits are not really a good idea if it comes to the question of children. Children may not know how to handle the bunnies
properly and they can bite if not pleased.
- Though they may seem cuddly and cute, rabbits would prefer not to be held often but they do enjoy being around people.
- Bunny pee can have a strong odour which no one can ever be fond of. Constant changing of their litter boxes is required.

Now that you already know what to expect when keeping a rabbit, it is time to find for one!
Choosing a rabbit can be quite an experience as most of them behave about the same way when you first see them (eating or
sleeping). These are a few things to know that will make your selection much easier:

- A normal rabbit should not be too fat nor too skinny and their bodies should not have any swellings.
- Their coats should be smooth and clean without any furless patches.
- The ears should be pink on the inside and free of any form of discharge.
- Like all other animals, their eyes should free from discharge. Check for signs of wetness or tear staining around the eye area.
- Just like the ears and eyes, the nose too should be free from discharge.
- The rabbit’s breathing should be constant, not puffy or sounds like it has asthma.
- Reluctance to move around may be a sign of health problems or socialbility. Always pick the ones that are active and would
approach humans willingly.
- Most importantly, observe how the rabbit reacts to other humans or yourself. If it is relatively calm when picked up means that
this one has been socialised properly.

With this information in hand, we hope you will be able to find that one special rabbit just for you! Good luck with the rabbit hunt!

Tank Residents
Legally Yours...                                                   Protected animals, birds and insects in Malaysia may fall into one
Keeping your scaly friends - LEGALLY.                              of the 5 Schedules that is categorized as follows :
By: Mohammad Nazri Hassan Basri a.k.a Uncle Herp
                                                                   Schedule 1 – Totally Protected Species.
Tel : 012-6888051 / Webpage :
                                                                   Animals under this schedule receive full protection from the law
Keeping reptiles and other types of exotic animals is not as       thus hunting, killing and owning them is a no-no. You will not
easy as it may seem. Having considered all its husbandry           get license issued for animals under this schedule. Among the
requirements and doing your best to meet them comes your           animals in this schedule includes various types of flying squirrels,
equally biggest responsibility; which is your responsibility       gibbons, civets, leopard cat, monitor lizards (except the water
to the law! Most reptiles and exotics are in the category of       monitor), deers, bears, lemurs, crocodiles and caiman, boas and
wildlife and thus the obligation towards keeping them goes         many more. They are part of the 292 species tabled.
beyond the duty of providing food and shelter. You are also
                                                                   These animals can only be kept in zoos, facilities or person(s)
bound by laws involving the keeping of these animals. For
                                                                   with special permits from PERHILITAN.
the sake of our understanding, let us briefly look into how
wild animals are protected according to the law.                   Schedule 2 – Protected Species
                                                                   This schedule is further sub-divided into three sections. Section
CITES or the Convention for International Trade in Endangered      1 comprises of big game animals, Section 2 comprises of game
Species of Wild Flora and Fauna is an international agreement      animals (animals that can be hunted) and section 3 comprises of
between governments in the world. The main aim is to regulate      other protected species.
and keep in check the wildlife trade so that they would not
                                                                   Animals under Section 1 and 2 require hunting licenses. They
be wiped out from the face of our Earth. CITES denotes that
                                                                   are not permitted to be kept or reared. However, animal under
all activities involving animals under its lists be subjected
                                                                   section 3 is allowed to be kept (as pet maybe) but a license is
to authorization through a licensing system. Species under
CITES are listed under 3 Appendices where Appendix I and
II signify the species is threatened with extinction and in        Schedule 3 – Totally Protected Birds
which its trade needs to be controlled. Appendix III on the        Birds categorized under this schedule are totally protected as
other hand are for species that are protected in at least one      per the animals in Schedule 1 whereby the terms and condition
member country and the trade needs to be monitored.                under the said schedule applies.
CITES came into force in July 1975. Although CITES is to
                                                                   Schedule 4 – Protected Birds
be recognized internationally, members of the agreement
                                                                   Under this schedule, birds listed are sub-divided under two
(which Malaysia is one of them) is free to implement its own
                                                                   section of which Section 1 are game birds (can be hunted) while
domestic legislation with CITES as the basis of its framework.
                                                                   birds in Section 2 are other protected wild birds.
Malaysia became a member of CITES in January 1978.
                                                                   Animals under Section 2 are allowed to be kept provided a
On the homefront the law and licensing of exotic animals           license is in hand.
rest on the Jabatan Perlindungan Hidupan Liar dan Taman
                                                                   Schedule 5 – Protected Insects
Negara or PERHILITAN in short. Animals are protected under
                                                                   Schedule 5 is dedicated to insects and this includes 40 species of
Akta Perlindungan Hidupan Liar 1972 (Akta 76). The Act
                                                                   butterflies and nymph. The license for these insects is issued for
supersedes the “Ordinan Perlindungan Binatang dan Burung
                                                                   capturing them for various purposes.
Liar 1955” which was previously in force. The Act controls
and regulates the hunting, trade and keeping of various
protected species in Malaysia.
                                                                 Now that we have an idea of how the animals are categorized under
                                                                 the Akta Perlindungan Hidupan Liar 1972, in the next issue of Petster
                                                                 Magazine, let’s look into the licensing as issued by PERHILITAN.

                                                                 As a teaser, I will be covering the aspects of licensing which is
                                                                 divided into various categories which comprises of licenses for
                                                                 hunting, capturing, wildlife trade, taxidermy, import and export,
                                                                 keeping (as pets), trophy (dead animals) and collecting bird’s nest
                                                                 (swiftlet’s nests).

                                                                 If you would need to find out more information, you can contact
                                                                 me with my contact details given above. See you next issue! - Uncle

Tank Residents
Arowanas: Crossback Golden
The Crossback Golden - the most revered Arowana
In Malaysia, the Crossback Golden Arowana is referred to with many different
types of names like for instance: The Pahang Gold, The Malayan Bonytongue,
The Bukit Merah Blue, The Taiping Golden or The Malaysian Gold. Why is it
called the crossback anyway? The main reason behind its name is that there are
shimmering golden color stripes that cross over its back as the fish matures.

The main reason why there are so many different names given to this one
particular type of fish is because it can be found around Malaysia in different
states of Perak, Terengganu, Bukit Merah Lake and Johor, thus the different
names given from different people.

Due to its relatively low supply and great demand in the market, it is currently
one of the most expensive color specimen for the Asian Arowana. The main
reason for its high price is due to its scarcity as well as lesser number of gametes
on each spawn. Currently, only Malaysia and Singapore farms are breeding the
Malaysian Golden Arowanas.                                                                                               wana’
                                                                                                    A ‘Malaysian Gold Aro
                                                                                                   One of the many names it has

                                                          Crossback Goldens can possess a base of many different colours. These base
                                                          colours range from Blue, Purple, Gold, Green and Silver. The base colour
                                                          actually means the the primary color of the scales.

                                                          Of all the crossbacks, the Golden colour based variety is most sought after.
                                                          This is because of its tendency to look like big underwater bar of 24 karet
                                                          gold! The other colour based versions cannot achieve this stunning look
                                                                             due to their colours being different. A pure gold based
                                                                             crossback is not as easy to find as it may seem due to
                                                                             many different sub-versions of colours.

                                                                               At first the scales may look gold but with a proper light
                                                                              or angle, it may turn blur or silver depending on what
                                                                              type of colour base the fish is. Interbreeding between
                                                                              the different colour varieties will produce a whole
                                                                              new result of different colour schemed fish. This is also
                                                                              another reason why it is very hard to find a pure coloured
                                                                              crossback. On the flip side to that, interbreeding also
                                                                              helps enhance the good qualities of each version.
A baby Crossback Golden Arowana.
                                                                              With proper breeding, special varieties of the crossback
                                                                              emerged namely the Platinum White Golden Arowana
                                                                              and the Royal Golden Blue Arowana. Both of the
                                                                              mentioned fetch a very high price due to the rarity of
                                                                              these types.

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                                      Taking out your
                                   dog for a walk will
                                     not be so boring
                                          anymore ...
                                       Enjoy the freedom of music
                                    without any wires! Our unique,
                                          lightweight & ergonomic
                                       design ensures a snug and
                                         comfortable fit, all without
                                        having any wires dangling
                                     anywhere! The iSonic carries
                                      up to 1GB of memory space
                                     and 4-5 hours of battery time.
                                    Now you can bring your lovely
                                          pet and music anywhere
                                    without worrying about getting
                                                  tangled in wires!

                                            retail price : rm158.OO

                                                          what ‘
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                                                                                           E READERS!!!
- USB port charged via USB 2.0                                  TO ALL PETSTER MAGAZIN
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