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					                               AP Calculus Legacy Project

        Now that you have completed the AP Calculus curriculum, your assignment is to
leave a legacy of your work to future generations of Stuart Hall AP Calc students.
Specifically, you are to develop a tool that will help students review key concepts from
the curriculum and gain additional practice with the material.

       The tool you develop should be a user-friendly activity, game, lab, or computer
application that goes above and beyond the materials students already have available to
them. Below is an outline of the criteria for your project:

      You may work alone or in pairs.

      Your project may be designed to review the entire course or a particular unit such
       as differentiation or integration.

      Your project may be designed for use by a single student, multiple students, or the
       entire class.

      You may not use an application that has already been published commercially or
       on the internet.

      Your project should include a minimum of 20 original questions or problems with
       correct solutions. (At least 10 of the questions must be problems.)

      Your project will count as your final test grade for this year.

      Your proposal is due on Friday, May 14 and any revisions necessary can be made
       that day in class. The proposal should include a paragraph describing the project,
       the format in which it will be used (e.g., class game), and how a student would be
       expected to benefit from its use.

      During the last few days of class (May 24, 26, 27), you will present your project
       to the class where they will USE and EVALUATE it. Attached are the evaluation
       forms that your classmates will use as you present your project and on the back is
       the scoring rubric that I will use for the overall project. Note that you are being
       evaluated, in part, on how you evaluate your classmates. Could this be a new
       derivative application??
AP Calculus
Final Project Presentations                          Your Name:____________________

Name of Presenter(s): _______________________________

Project Title: ______________________________

The best part about this project as a tool for AP Exam prep is:

My rating of the project on a scale of 1-5 on the following attributes where 5 = definitely
and 1 = not so much:

      I would have used this tool in my own exam preparations: 1 2 3 4 5
      The project is user-friendly: 1 2 3 4 5
      The project is compelling enough to keep students interested: 1 2 3 4 5
      The presentation of the project was well-organized: 1 2 3 4 5
      The materials (game board, cards, slides, etc.) were well-designed: 1 2 3 4 5
      The problems were interesting and answers given were correct: 1 2 3 4 5

A comment I have for the presenter is:
AP Calculus Project Evaluation for: _____________________________

Proposal – 10 points

       -   Proposal clearly describes the objectives of the project
       -   Project covers sufficient calculus content (  1 unit)
       -   Proposal outlines the concept of the game, activity, or lab and addresses the
           way in which it will be used by the student(s)
       -   Paragraph is organized and well-written
                                                                     Points: ________

Project Content – 35

       -   Project includes a wide variety of question and problem types.
       -   Project includes problems and questions of varying difficulty levels.
       -   Project would be appropriate for any student in AP Calculus.
       -   Questions and problems are stated clearly and without ambiguity.
       -   Answers to problems and questions are correct.

                                                                    Points: ________

Project Organization and Aesthetics – 25

       -   Project is compelling and interesting
       -   Project demonstrates creativity
       -   Materials such as game boards, overheads, computer slides, etc.
           are constructed neatly and carefully.
       -   Rules for games and activities are clear.
       -   Project “works” as planned.

                                                                    Points: ________

Presentation – 20

       -   Presenter is well-prepared
       -   Presenter communicates directions to classmates clearly
       -   Presenter’s responses to questions reflect knowledge of subject matter

                                                                    Points: ________

Questions/comments on classmates’ presentations – 10
       - Questions and comments reflect active participation
       - Questions and comments are made in a constructive manner

                                                                    Points: ________

                                                   Total Points for Project: ________

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