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									                                           CLINICAL ACADEMIC MENTORSHIP

                                                    (CAM) SCHEME

                                                  Mentorship scheme for academic
                                                  clinical trainees
                                                  The Cardiff MRC centre        Cardiff MRC centre (e.g.
                                                  for Neuropsychiatric          the Wales Clinical
                                                  Genetics and Genomics         Academic Training
                                                  launched this exciting        Scheme (WCAT) and
                                                  mentorship scheme in          training fellowships from
                                                  2010 for clinical trainees    the MRC and the
                                                  planning an academic          Wellcome Trust). Here
                                                  career. The scheme            you will find out more
                                                  provides mentorship and       about the scheme, the
                                                  financial support that will   MRC Centre, and the
                                                  enable those appointed to     opportunities available in
                                                  apply for externally          Cardiff for research
                                                  funded fellowships at the     training.

                                        Cardiff MRC Centre

                                        Clinical Academic Mentorship Scheme
                                               The aim of the scheme is to provide           The scheme supports trainees in their current
                                       clinical trainees access to a flexible range of       posts, wherever they work, and provides
                                       resources and opportunities that are appropriate      mentorship and a training budget. Mentees are
                                       to their particular background, experience and        encouraged to spend time in Cardiff to work
                                       interests. The developments in postgraduate           with their supervisor and funding is available to
                                                                                             support this. They are also encouraged to
                                       training in recent years have caused problems
                                                                                             attend our annual research summer school and
                                       for aspiring clinical academics particularly due      the Centres annual residential meeting.
                                       to a lack of flexibility in the new system. The
                                       philosophy of the CAM scheme is to provide a          We hope you agree that this is an exciting
                                       variety of routes into academic training - not        opportunity if you are interested in a research
                                       merely through academic foundation schemes            career and we encourage you strongly to apply.
                                       and ACF posts.

                                       The over-riding focus of the scheme is to             Professor Mike Owen
                                       develop applications for externally funded            Director MRC Centre
                                       fellowships to be hosted at the MRC Centre. We
                                       will work with trainees to maximise their
                                       chances of obtaining a fellowship in Cardiff. The     Dr Ian Jones
                                       scheme will be flexible and although we will          Director of Clinical Training MRC centre
                                       focus on people early in their career, including
                                       those in the foundation years, we will appoint
                                       individuals at all stages of postgraduate training.

                                         Research at the MRC Centre in Cardiff

                                         The overarching mission
                                         of the Centre is to use a
                                         range of paradigms
                                         including genetics,
                                         genomics, imaging and
                                         animal models to inform
                                         our understanding of the
                                         aetiology, pathogenesis
                                         and classification of the
                                         major psychiatric and


                                       Cardiff Mentorship Scheme FAQ’s
                                       What are the criteria for being appointed          the practicalities of the proposed work and to
                                       to the Clinical Academic Mentorship                allow them time to devote to drafting a
                                       Scheme. This will be selective and is likely       fellowship application. We realize that the
                                       to be strongly competitive. We put a strong        optimal duration of these visits will be highly
                                       emphasis on academic excellence and                variable depending on individual
                                       potential for research training. We will           circumstances and we envisage that they will
                                       consider only clinical trainees who have           vary from a week up to, in exceptional
                                       potential to gain a competitive research           circumstances, six months.
                                       fellowship after a period of training and
                                       mentorship. Indicators of academic ability         How long will people be appointed to the
                                       and potential include: an intercalated degree      scheme?
                                       at 2.1 level or above; prizes; papers;             Trainees will be appointed for a period of one
                                       experience of research. A fellowship will be       year initially with the possibility of renewal at
                                       awarded after interview by a panel of the          this stage.
                                       Centre’s Senior Faculty.
                                                                                          Who is funding the scheme? The scheme
                                       How many places on the scheme will be              is the result of very generous funding from
                                       awarded? There will be no specific limit to        the Medical Research Council (MRC) and
                                       the number of individuals on the scheme but        the Wales Office of Research and
                                       it is envisaged that we will appoint 2-3 new       Development (WORD).
                                       mentees each year.
                                                                                          How do I apply? Please email a brief CV
                                       Am I eligible to apply? We are aiming to be        (max 4 pages) with a covering email outlining
                                       as flexible as possible to attract the best        why you would like to be appointed to the
                                       possible candidates. Please contact us to          scheme and your career plans
                                       discuss eligibility if you are in any doubt.       to
                                       What will be provided for those on the             In addition to an advertised deadline each
                                       scheme? Depending on their particular              year we would also be interested to hear
                                       research interests, those appointed will be        from prospective candidates at other times of
                                       allocated to a senior clinical academic            the year and have the flexibility to appoint to
                                       mentor. We will arrange short, focused             the scheme throughout the year.
                                       meetings in Cardiff every 6 months during
                                       which training, coaching and mentorship will       For further details or to discuss particular
                                       be provided. These periods will last from 1 to     issues with the scheme please contact:
                                       to 5 days and will fit with the trainee’s study
                                       leave allowance. A training budget will be         Dr Ian Jones
                                       used flexibly to support visits to the Centre,     Director of Clinical Training
                                       specific training courses, attendance at           Or
                                       scientific meetings, generation of pilot data      Miss Josephine Li
                                       etc. Trainees will be funded to visit Cardiff to   Departmental Clerical Assistant
                                       meet potential supervisors and to discuss
                                       possible projects. The frequency and timing        Tel : 029 20687928
                                       of these visits will be tailored to individual
                                                                                          Email :
                                       needs and career stage. They may also be
                                       offered short funded periods of research
                                       leave to visit the Centre to undertake
                                       research training that will introduce them to

                                       The MRC Centre in

                                       Neuropsychiatric Genetics and
                                       The MRC Centre was                 Genetic Mouse Models-
                                       established in April 2009          genetics of impulsive
                                       under the Directorship of          behaviours, familial dementias
                                       Professor Michael Owen. The        (Alzheimer’s Disease, FTDP-
                                       overarching mission of the         17), sex chromosome effects
                                       Centre is to use genetics and      on behaviour, genomic
                                       genomics to inform our             imprinting, behavioural
                                       understanding of the               epigenetics;
                                       aetiology, pathogenesis and        Biostatistics and
                                       classification of the major        Bioinformatics- supports
                                       psychiatric and                    research in the above areas.
                                       neurodegenerative disorders,
                                                                      Our objectives over the next
                                       and to train a cadre of clinical
                                       and non-clinical scientists    five years are to deploy the
                                       capable of delivering the      new opportunities afforded by
                                       discovery and translational    technological advances and
                                       agenda.                        large sample sizes to identify
                                                                      new risk genes for psychiatric
                                       Research focuses upon          disorders and to explore the
                                       common psychiatric and         impact of specific genes across
                                       neurodegenerative disorders    diagnostic boundaries and in
                                       and is organised around 5      relation to specific symptoms
                                       major themes.                  and dimensions. While much
                                                                      of the Centre’s work will
                                                                      remain focused on the
                                       Psychosis and Major            identification of risk genes, we
                                       Affective Disorders-           envisage an increasing
                                       schizophrenia, bipolar and     emphasis on translational
                                       unipolar mood disorders;       work over the next 5 years.
                                       Neurodegenerative              The latter will be built upon a
                                       Disorders- Alzheimer’s         number of existing projects as
                                       disease, Huntington’s disease, well as several new strategic
                                       Progressive Supranuclear       appointments and
                                       Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease;    collaborations.
                                       Developmental Disorders-
                                       dyslexia, ADHD, childhood
                                       depression, pre-natal
                                       environmental influences on


                                       The Department of Psychological             PhD programme for both basic and
                                       Medicine and Neurology                      clinical scientists. Students receive
                                                                                   lectures in aspects of molecular and
                                       This Department was formed in 2008 by       quantitative genetics, psychiatry,
                                       the merger of the Departments of            psychology and statistics. Currently the
                                       Psychological Medicine and Neurology. In    department has 32 full time PhD students
                                       addition to its clinical and teaching       and many members of staff are
                                       responsibilities, the Department lays       registered for PhDs. In the past 5 years
                                       strong emphasis on research. It contains    23 students have obtained PhDs within
                                       the majority of members of the              the department. The following academic
                                       Neurosciences and Mental Health             appointments have been gained by our
                                       Interdisciplinary Research Group (NMH-      PhD students in the past 5 years: Non-
                                       IRG).                                       Clinical Lecturer (Bray, Kehoe, Morris,
                                                                                   Anney), Non Clinical SL (Lisa Jones, N
                                       The NMH-IRG was returned to UOA9            Williams), Clinical SL, (Cardno, Kirov, I
                                       (Psychiatry, Neurology and Clinical         Jones, Zammit, Smith), Associate
                                       Psychology) in RAE 2008 where 80% of        Professor (Austin) and Professor
                                       its activity was judged to be               (Asherson, Murphy).
                                       internationally excellent (3*) or world
                                       leading (4*) placing it first equal or      The department has an excellent track
                                       second in the national rankings.            record in obtaining clinical research
                                                                                   fellowships. In the recent years, we have
                                       There is much current collaborative         hosted a Wellcome Senior Fellow, a
                                       research both with other departments        Wellcome Trust Advanced Fellow, three
                                       within the School of Medicine and with      MRC Training Fellows, a DOH Clinician
                                       other schools. In particular there are      Scientist, a DOH post-doctoral award, an
                                       links with the Schools of Psychology        Alzheimer’s Society Fellow, a Beebe Trust
                                       (brain imaging, developmental               Research Fellow, an RCUK Fellow, three
                                       psychopathology and animal models),         Wellcome Trust Value in People
                                       Biosciences (Huntington’s disease, stem     Awardees, and four WCAT fellows.
                                       cell research), Social Sciences (genetics
                                       and society, Criminology) and Law
                                       (mental health law).

                                       In Cardiff we have a strong record in
                                       training clinical and non-clinical
                                       academics. The Department has its own

                                       Academic Staff

                                         Professorial Staff
                                         Michael Owen               Professor of Psychological Medicine and
                                                                    Neurology, Head of Department and Director
                                                                    of the MRC Centre
                                         Derek Blake                Professor of Neuroscience
                                         Nick Craddock              Professor of Psychiatry
                                         David Felce                Director of the Welsh Centre for Learning
                                         David Healy                Professor of Psychiatry, North Wales Section
                                         Peter Holmans              Professor of Biostatistics and Genetic
                                         Michael Kerr               Professor of Learning Disability Psychiatry
                                         Michael O'Donovan          Professor of Psychiatric Genetics, Deputy
                                                                    Director of the MRC Centre in
                                                                    Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics
                                         Mary Phillips              Professor of Clinical Affective Neuroscience
                                         Neil Robertson             Professor of Neurology
                                         Anne Rosser                Professor of Clinical Neuroscience
                                         Pamela J Taylor            Professor of Forensic Psychiatry
                                         Anita Thapar               Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
                                         Julie Williams             Professor of Neuropsychological Genetics
                                         Lawrence Wilkinson         Professor of Behavioural Genetics (joint with
                                                                    School of Psychology)
                                         Jonathon Bisson            Director of Research and Development
                                                                    (School of Medicine and Cardiff and Vale
                                                                    University Health Board)

                                         Honorary Professor
                                         Phillip Smith              Consultant Neurologist

                                         Dr Paul Buckland           Postgraduate Programme Leader, Reader
                                                                    in Functional Genetics
                                         Dr Lesley Jones            Non-Clinical Reader (Joint appointment
                                                                    with Medical Genetics)
                                         Dr Ian Jones               Clinical Reader
                                         Dr George Kirov            Clinical Reader, Clinical Senior Lecturer in
                                                                    Neuropsychiatric Genetics, (Joint
                                                                    appointment with the Department of
                                                                    Medical Genetics)
                                         Dr James Morgan            Clinical Reader in Ophthalmology
                                         Dr Marianne van den Bree   Non-Clinical Reader

                                           Academic Staff

                                           Senior Lecturers
                                                                    Deputy Director, Welsh Centre for Learning
                                           Dr Steve Beyer           Disabilities.
                                                                    Director of Postgraduate Studies, Non-clinical
                                           Dr Anthony Isles         Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Genetics
                                                                    Senior Lecturer and MRC Clinician Scientist
                                           Dr Mike O’Sullivan

                                           Dr Huw Morris            Clinical Senior Lecturer in Neurology
                                           Dr Valentina Moskvina    Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics
                                                                    Undergraduate Course Director, Clinical
                                           Dr Danny Smith           Senior Lecturer and DOH Post-doctoral award
                                                                    BSc Integrated Programme Director and Non-
                                           Dr Hollie Thomas         Clinical Senior Lecturer
                                                                    Honorary Senior Lecturer Consultant
                                           Dr Richard Tranter       Psychiatrist – North Wales
                                                                    Non-Clinical Senior Lecturer in Molecular
                                           Dr Nigel Williams        Genetics
                                                                    Clinical Senior Lecturer and DOH Clinician
                                           Dr Stanley Zammit        Scientist

                                           Dr M D Bragado-Jimenez   Clinical Lecturer in Forensic Psychiatry

                                           Dr Xavier Caseras        Non-Clinical Lecturer in Neuroimaging

                                           Dr Paul Keedwell         Clinical Lecturer

                                           Dr Shuja Reagu           Clinical Lecturer in Forensic Psychiatry

                                       Academic Staff

                                        Research Fellows
                                        Dr Steve Beyer       Deputy Director of the Welsh Centre for
                                                             Learning Disabilities
                                        Dr Miriam Cooper     WCAT Fellow
                                        Dr William Davies    RCUK Fellow (Translational Research)
                                        Dr Marian Hamshere   Statistical Genetics Research Fellow
                                        Dr Roland Jones      MRC Clinical Training Fellow
                                        Dr James Walters     MRC Clinical Training Fellow


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