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					Introduction – the company

REVEN® = REntschler VENtilation

In the year 1980, Rentschler Reven-              Two strong supporting branches and more
Lüftungssyteme GmbH evolved from the             than one hundred years of experience back
family-owned company that was founded            up REVEN’s position in the strongly growing
in 1905. Right from the beginning, REVEN         market of today and allow the company to
specialized in the processing of stainless       benefit from synergy effects in both sectors.
steel. The core competence included the          Thanks to a large number of patents,
design and manufacturing of metal ventilat-      innovations and improvements, REVEN
ing ceilings and fume extraction hoods for       can provide its customers with effective
commercial large-scale kitchens.                 solutions that always strive to improve air
The economic rise came at the beginning of       purity.
the year 1980, when the company decided to
give up plant construction and concentrate       The international success of the company,
on the production of air cleaning systems in     which is owned by the Rentschler family
the future. This decisive step opened up the     in the fourth generation, is a measure of
ventilation market to REVEN, with the result     the high esteem we enjoy among our
that the companies which required ventila-       customers.
tion equipment and had been competitors
until then became customers.                     If you would like to learn more about
The skills and knowledge acquired                REVEN, please write to us or have a look at
during the decades of plant construction         our homepage at
now formed the basis for state-of-the-art
products that have set new standards.

The second supporting branch of the com-
pany was created in the middle of the 1980s
when REVEN started to design, manufac-
ture and assemble oil mist separators for
industrial production plants. This sector has
experienced a very dynamic development,
because workers in industry benefit from
the same air quality regulations as kitchen
personnel. In addition, it is a matter of fact
that precision work requires a clean working
atmosphere free of oil and smoke.

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