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               Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010

   Burlesque Information

   Risk Assessment

   Course and Taster Warm Up

   Course and Taster Cool Down

   Taster

   Beginners Course

   Hen Party

   Hen Party Warm Up and Cool Down

   Teacher Training + Checklists

                                    Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
Burlesque Information

Burlesque began in America in the 1840s, but didn‟t become popular until the 1930s when
the depression meant that people were looking for distraction from their daily life. It was
used by working class performers as a way of mocking the upper class social, cultural and
political fashions and traditions. Therefore burlesque was an art form best described as a
combination of comedy sketches, parody, theatrical performance, entertainment, dance
and the infamous striptease.

Originally it focused on turning social norms head over heels, such as using ideas of
undress to parody the upper class standards of appropriate dress in polite society.
Therefore burlesque played on the audiences‟ lust and desires for laughter and bawdiness
and became increasingly risqué with time. And now burlesque is back and darling, it is

The subject of burlesque is very broad, Polestars concentrates on the dance and
striptease side. It is all about female empowerment and celebrating your wit and your
womanly curves, what ever your size or shape may be!

                                                            Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
Burlesque Risk Assessment
Please also refer to the standard Polestars Health and Safety Policy in addition to this

Risk: Students tripping or falling during the lesson

Safety Measure:
Teacher to check the floor for obstacles / hazards / spills etc. Clean up where necessary.
Class size must be related to available space.

Risk: Students cutting themselves on broken glass during floor work.

Safety Measure:
Check floor for broken glass and clean where necessary. Use floor matts where neccesary

Risk: Muscle or joint related injuries

Safety Measures:
Teacher conducts a suitable warm up session to industry standards
Students fill in a Physical Activity Readiness Questionairre

                                                             Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
Polestars Course and Taster Burlesque Warm Up

There is very little strenuous exercise in any of the Burlesque sessions, it is still important
to do the warm up but you only need concentrate on mobility and stretches. As much as
anything it is good to do a warm up to get people out of work mode and into burlesque

The warm up should take about 15 minutes, split equally between mobility and stretches.

You should focus on the hips and hip rolls during the mobility section of the class and
have some fun with it.



8                     Chin to chest and back
8                     Look to the left and right
8                     Ear to shoulder and back
8                     Head rolls, from the front side to side (GENTLY & SLOWLY!!!!)
2                     Very slow full head rolls to the left
2                     Very slow full head rolls to the right


8 (slow counts)           Shoulder shrugs (bring shoulders towards ears and drop back
16 (Double beat)          Shoulder shrugs (bring shoulders towards ears and drop back

NOTE: You can make the shrugs more entertaining and "burlesque" by keeping arms
straight down and flexing wrists and pulling a few silly faces! :-)

8                           Shoulder rolls forwards
8                           Shoulder rolls backwards

TRUNK: Use isolation moves to loosen up!

8 (slow beat)          Hands on hips push your chest out, arch your back and push
your bum out. Then Suck it all                             back in
16                       Repeat the same, but in double beat!
8 (slow beat)          Keep hips still, knees soft and move your upper body from right
to left
16                       Repeat the same in Double beat!

                                                                Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010

16- 24 counts              Little knee-bops from left to right, just to loosen up a little bit!

HIPS: Use nice, slow music and have fun with it! This is a good way to get the group
giggling and on the mood for the class! :-)

16           Hips front, left, back, right
16            Draw a big slow circle x 4 to the left
16           Hips front, right, back, left
16            Draw a big slow circle x 4 to the right
8             Draw a figure of 8 with your hips to the right
8             Draw a figure of 8 with your hips to the left
8-16         Give a good bootie shake and let all the stresses of the day out! :-D

Then you can do a little practise, where the girls will do little sexy hip circles to the left and
at the same time draw their hands slowly up from their thighs to their hips, stop there for a
minute, then keep bringing hands up to their breasts, neck and slowly above their heads!
Pose around for a bit, change the direction of the hip circles and then bring the hands
slowly back down caressing hips etc along the way! :-)



Stand hip width apart, knees slightly soft, abs in back straight. Clasp hands above your
head. Push towards the ceiling. Do not tense the shoulders. Hold for 10 secs.

UPPER BACK (between shoulder blades)

Stand hip width apart, knees slightly soft, abs in, back straight. Clasp your hands in front
and drop your head down. Push your hands forwards keeping your elbows soft and your
chin in your chest. Hold for 10 secs.


Stand hip width apart, knees slightly soft, abs in, back straight. Clasp your hands behind
you, squeeze your shoulder blades together and push your chest forward. Hold for 10


                                                                  Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
Stand hip width apart, abs in, back straight. Bring one foot in front of you, bending the
knee slightly and bringing your body weight onto that leg. Push the leg behind you straight
and heel towards the floor and keep the toes on your feet in one line. Hold it for 10 secs
and repeat on the other side.


Stand your feet wide apart. Turn one leg out. Leave the other one facing forward. Bend
the leg that is turned out and bring your body weight onto that side. Leave the other leg
straight. Hips and body stays facing forward the whole time. Hold it for 10 secs and repeat
on the other side.


Stand with your feet together, abs tight and back straight. Bring one of your feet up and
bend the knee so that the heel is touching your bum and hold your ankle with your hand.
Keep your knees together and push your hips forward for extra stretch. Hold it for 10 secs
and repeat on the other side.


Stand with your feet together. Step one foot slightly in front of you and keep that leg
straight. Bend the knee of your other leg slightly and bring your hands on the thigh (NOT
knee!!!) and lean your upper body towards that leg. For extra stretch you can try to lift the
toes of the straight leg up towards the ceiling. Hold it for 10 secs and repeat on the other

Polestars Burlesque Course and Taster Cool
The burlesque course will not have placed too much stress on the students and so a little
stretching should be sufficient. You don‟t need to do all the stretches here, concentrate on
the muscles that they would have used in the class (i.e. wk 2 of the course concentrate on
the legs


Lie facing down. Place elbows under your shoulders and hands on the floor palms facing
down. Support your upper body on your arms and push your hips forward. Keep your neck
in line with spine. Hold for 10 secs.


Lie on your back. Put your arms around the back of your thighs and hug your knees
against your chest. Hold for 10 secs.


                                                              Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010

                                               Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010

The aim of this section is to ensure all the Polestars Burlesque taster classes are run to the same high
standards as all of our other classes. The idea of a Polestars Burlesque taster class is in the name: To give
the girls who might still be a bit unsure a chance to try out burlesque and see what they think before booking
on the courses. This is a fantastic chance for you to really sell our courses. It is extremely important that
these classes have a good mixture of moves without giving too much away or making it look too difficult but
are so fun-filled that the girls can't wait to come back and learn more!


1. Introduce yourself (remember to wear the Polestars uniform. (Polestars top with frilly knickers!) and advise
the girls to get drinks from the bar before getting changed.

2. Get the girls to fill in the disclaimers (yes, you still have to do them, in case they trip over in their heels etc)
and to change into their chosen sexy outfit.

3. Once everybody is there you can ask them all to tell their name, profession, reason they have decided to
come to the class and if they have done any burlesque before etc.

4. Make an introduction to the session to follow: You can explain what burlesque is and what kind of things
we will be trying out today, explain why we need to do the warm up and leave a little time for any possible
questions. Also, it is good to point out the location of toilets and fire escapes, and you can explain that they
can go to the bar / have breaks when ever they feel like it.

5. Start the warm up. The warm up should be the same one you would use on your courses (Refer to the
warm up booklet) but without the pulse raiser or the muscle application. The warm up needs to mobilise all
the joints and mainly include a really good, thorough stretch. Don‟t do anything too vigorous, but do include a
few stand up saucy moves to get them in the mood. Any kind of hip circles / rolls are good to get everybody
to the spirit of things!

6. The class should include a little bit of what they‟d learn each week on the course. You could teach them
the walks and the poses and then do a little routine (different to the ones on the course) that uses a prop at
some point. Feather fans are good props to use, because they are very girlie and fun! If they are quite
comfortable with each other, you can get them to dance to each other at the end of the class taking in turns;
that normally gets everybody laughing! 

7. Cool down the same as in the course.

8. Leave a little bit of free time at the end for any questions and remember to advertise the courses! You can
explain what kind of things they would be learning on the course, what other props we would be using etc. it
is good practice to find out when and where the next burlesque course starts, so you can let the girls know.

9. Thank everybody for being so brilliant, give a big clap and make sure everybody has a flyer with our
contact details!
Once you have finished, always remember to clean the room and leave it exactly as you found it: Tidy and
ready for use. Let the bar know you have finished as well.

                                                                               Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010

Song suggestion: Marilyn Monroe – I wanna be loved by you

This is just a sample routine you can use on your taster classes. This is designed to be done with feather
fans as props. Having props will make it more fun, but will also help the girls to focus on something as they
do their routine.

*   Stand back to the audience, keep fan closed
*   5 knee-bops to the right
*   Half-moon turn
*   Facing the audience repeat the knee-bops to the left
*   Shimmy! And flick fan open
*   Showgirl walk: Take 4 step towards your audience, fan yourself
*   Close the fan and turn slightly sideways
*   Look at my shoe!
*   Bend down with your leg straight and come up slowly caressing your leg with your fan at the same time
*   Come up standing and fan yourself looking pleased with yourself!
*   Turn to face the audience, wiggle bum from side to side and close the fan suggestively
*   Half-moon turn your back to the audience
*   Criss-cross walk: Take 4 steps and “accidently! drop the fan on the floor
*   Look over your shoulder: Surprised!
*   Bend over to pick the fan up
*   Caress the fan up the back of your leg, look over your shoulder and wink
*   Half-moon turn
*   Turn to face the audience: Venus!
*   Blow a kiss: thank you and good night!

Polestars Burlesque Course
Burlesque Course Manual

                                                                         Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
Throughout this hand book you will find a list of individual moves, followed by a bullet point
routine. It is a good idea to teach the individual moves to the whole group at the front of
the class with them all following you, before putting them together into the routine. Then
teach this bit by bit finishing with a few complete run throughs.

Week 1: Basis and the Floor Routine
Week one should include an introduction to the group – perhaps get them all to sit in a circle and explain
why they are on the course. Also it is nice to explain to the girls what burlesque is and which parts we shall
be concentrating on the course. Make it as relaxed as possible as they are probably very nervous! It is also
a good idea to show the girls the props which they‟ll be using throughout the course in order to get them
excited about it, and hint at what to expect.


The first thing to teach is different styles of walks. Put some music on and get the girls to walk in a circle or
across the room just like they would normally walk. Then ask them to start paying attention to detail: Posture
(Think of a duck: Stand tall, shoulders back, abs in, arch your back slightly, boobs out etc), how they move
their hips and arms, where they put their legs. Then introduce different walks.

“Step and Drag” Walk normally, hands on hips, as you step forward, point the toe of the back foot and pull
along the floor with the toe pointed to meet front foot. Step forward on opposite foot and drag the opposite

“Showgirl” Step the right foot in front of the left foot, then take the left foot (toes pointed!) out to the side
and tap. From here bring left foot in front of right and take the right toe out to the side and tap.

“Showpony” As you step forward bring the opposite leg up so the ankle is level with the knee, again point
the toe. This can also be done by bringing the foot to ankle.

“Betty” Step forward and bring the back foot to meet the front foot- as the feet meet bump the hip of the
trailing foot forward. Think Betty Page!!

“Criss-Cross” Get the girls to walk like models do on the catwalk: Think there is a straight line on the floor
and your feet need to step always on that line, one foot right in front of the other. Then get them to really
exaggerate that move and start crossing feet over each other when walking, really strutting their stuff! Add
shoulders and remember to point toes and hold the posture!

Remember, smaller steps look more graceful. Walking becomes difficult when we think about doing it so the
smaller steps also prevent people from losing their balance. Encourage the girls to focus on the walks they
feel comfortable with- especially in the routines where they have to walk and to always look up!! As the
walks become easier you can bring in some arm movements to match the music you‟re using or just remind
them to relax and move their shoulders and arms along the music.


Next important thing to teach is poses! Burlesque is about individual style and acting and poses are a great
way to add some fun into your routine and to express yourself!

“No, No, Naughty Boy!” This pose is cheeky- feet together, one hand on hip, one hand up and wag the
finger as if telling him off. Facial expression should match: you can look stern like you mean it, playful,
cheeky… Choice is yours!

                                                                              Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
“Cutie” Again feet together, finger on the lips looking a bit coy. Think big eyes and a very sweet, demure

“Look at my Shoe!” Be STRICT!! One foot in front of the other, point the toe and point at your foot. You
need to be very dominant with this one, so look him right in the eye and No Smiling!!
*works nicely with the crop on 2 week*

“Boop Boop be Doo!” Turn your back to the audience, knees bent slightly and place your fingertips to your
knees and push your bum out, looking over the shoulder, give them a wink!! Think of Betty Boop!

“Cute Cat” Scratch the air with your fingers, think of a cute little pussycat, perhaps purring….

“Sexy Cat” More powerful version of the cute cat, done just with one hand. Fingers need to be tight: Think
of a claw!

“Shimmy” Loosen the shoulders and shake!! Breasts will go with it!! Can also shake the hips to get the
butt going!!

“Surprised/Scared” Big facial expression of mock surprise/fear! Think wide eyes, open mouth and you can
bring your hand in front of your mouth / on one of your cheeks / both hands open and up in front of the

“Venus” Stand facing slightly to your left and turn your upper body forward. Bring your weight to your back
leg, front knee slightly bent. Start slowly sliding your hands from your hips, along your sides to your breasts
and neck all the way above your head, all along looking very smug and pleased with yourself.

“Blow a Kiss”/ “Pout”/ “Wink” Speak for themselves! Make them expressive and cheeky.

Stern Legs spread and straight, hands on hips looking very stern. Works well with the crop that can be
tapped on the hand at the same time, looking like you are ready to give a good spanking!

Remember to make this fun- if there is a mirror; get the girls to check themselves out. Facial expressions
must be over the top and really have a good laugh with it. Encourage the girls to come up with their own
ideas for walks, poses and expressions and use them! In order to help them to remember the poses, shout
out a name and they have to pull the correct pose.

Once your group is comfortable with the poses, you can put the walks and poses together as a little game:
Divide the group into two: One half is the audience and they will sit down. The other half is the performers.
Put some fun music on and get the performers to choose a walk they like and give them all a pose. Get them
to walk to the audience (ideally one at the time) and pull a pose! And the audience will go wild with
excitement!!!  Then swap over, so that everybody gets to do it once.


Remind the girls not to rush, point their toes and hold the eye contact and most importantly: have fun with
it!!!!! Also, don‟t forget to add in any of the walks or poses learned earlier.

Hip Rolls
     Standard circles right and left
     Revolver, hip circles whilst rotating in circle on the spot (TAKES A WHILE TO LEARN!!!!)
     Standard down and up

Remember to keep legs wide, knees over toes.

Kick and sweep
    Sitting on floor lean down onto one side. Use arms to control on way down
    Bend both legs in front of you
    Extend the top leg out in front of you. Keep leg straight and POINT the toes

                                                                           Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
       Bend back in
       Bring the knee of your top leg up, but keep ankles together all the time
       Extend the top leg up towards the ceiling, POINT THE TOES
       Bring it back down, ankles together
       Bring them back together
       Vary by stroking leg
       Repeat both sides

The Fan
    Sit on floor, both knees bent to the left
    Lean back on hands
    Extend right leg out to left corner, draw semi-circle in air from left to right
    As you bring your right leg past your face, start following with your left leg in a exactly same
    Finish on other side, right leg curled under, left leg on top
    Repeat both sides
    Remember to keep abs tight and POINT YOUR TOES!!!!
    Movement should remind you of a fan

Beach Pose
    Lie on the floor on your back, knees slightly bent
    Place your hands on your sides and arch your back
    Using your abs, pull yourself slowly up to sitting
    Head will come up the last

       Get on hands and knees
       Weight on hands lean down towards floor, chest leads and sweeps the floor
       Keep sliding until you are lying flat on your stomach
       Lift your feet up as soon as your stomach touches the floor though: It looks nicer!
       Grinding here is optional
       Reverse to come up, bum first, again sweeping chest on the floor
       This is slightly painful to the knees, because you will be rolling on them in the floor
       Your head should be the last one to come up, so when on your knees and comfortable, flick your
        head back for added sexiness

Bond girl pose on floor
    Lie down on back, bringing one leg slightly bent and tilted towards the other, repeat on the other side
    At the same time draw hands up your sexy body until above head

Peekaboo (to get off floor)
    Start on hands and knees
    With weight on hands, jump onto feet legs spread
    Feet should be near your hands now, legs straight and bum in air
    Stroke your lovely legs with one or two hands depending on your balancing skills
    Head loose, flick head up
    Arch back, chest out and stand up straight

Floor Spin
    Sit on bum
    Tilt legs to one side, lean back on hands to support
    Spin to opposite direction knees were just pointing. Use hands to push you round
    Finish legs open and stroke lovely legs
    Best done not directly facing partner

Head flicks must be done with no tension held in neck. Can also roll head slowly from side to side.

                                                                         Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
Abs must be used throughout all of the moves. Sucking the tummy in will help support some of the more
difficult positions, work the abs and make you look sexier

                                                                     Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
Song suggestion: Etta James – I Just Wanna Make Love To You
    Revolver: Turning on the spot, showing yourself off!
    Hip circles down to the floor
    One floor one knee at the time, on your hands and knees
    Pose and give a little wink ;-)
    Floor Spin, finish legs apart and caress them
    Fan your legs from side to side
    Lean down on your back slowly (Use your abs!!!)
    Bond Girl Pose: Lay on the floor, end and straighten your lags and sensually run your hands up your
    Beach pose sitting up
    Pose around for a bit! :-)
    Lie on your left side
    Kick and sweep x 3, stroke your leg on third
    Roll onto stomach, legs bent, play with hair, eye contact
    Snake up
    Stand up on your knees and circle hips
    Peekaboo to stand up
    Revolver

                                                                     Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
The girls are not expected to get naked in this week! IMPORTANT!!!!! Remember to remind them at the end
of week 1 to bring extra layers in order for them to complete the moves without exposing themselves. Please
ask them specifically to bring an extra bra, pants (or leggings with frilly knickers / shirts work perfectly!) and a
shirt. This will get them through the routine fine! But it is also a good idea to ask them to bring different types
of clothing so that you can work out at the beginning of the class how to remove them and look classy at the
same time.

After your warm up sit down together and go through all the different clothing they have brought and explain
/ show the best way to take it off. Generally skinny jeans are not a good idea and it is good to remind the
girls that if they are planning to strip, it might be good idea to think of an outfit that is relative easy to take off!
If you are wearing a dress, think of something you can slip out of.


Here are some examples, but of course there are lots more ways to remove items of clothing it really
depends on what you‟re wearing. The best way to find these is to experiment!!!!

Dress / top with straps bring straps down one after another, first past your elbow and then slip your hand
through. Hold the dress up, don‟t reveal anything more! There is a reason why this is called striptease. So
tease, tease and tease!!!

Dress / top with halter neck Turn your back to your partner, pull the halter neck over your head and slowly

Boob-tube Slowly, slowly, don‟t rush, bring it down either facing your partner, or for more tease back
towards him…

Gloves Lots of different ways: Pull them off, use your teeth; put your arms behind you… Gloves are a great
accessory; don‟t forget to play with them!

Wall Slider – Shirt or bra
    If you have a wall handy, slide down a wall facing them, can be used to undo buttons, zips or pull
        down bra straps
    Take your time, if you get a stiff button, just keep hips rolling and look relaxed until it is undone

Revolver – Tease to unfasten or pull down anything
    Hip circle around, playing with clothes and with self if you like
    If you want to take off top or bra, I suggest doing this facing away from your partner
    Throw item of clothing aside, cover breasts and revolve back around to the front
    When you‟re ready, uncover by tracing the shape of your breasts, around the top, sides then down
       your body

Peekaboo – Trousers, skirt, shorts or knickers
    This time with legs together, pull down slightly
    Hip roll to tease a little
    Half facing them, arch back so bum sticks out
    Pull item of clothing over bum and let fall to floor
    If it‟s trousers or pants, pull them down slowly so you keep your balance
    Step out carefully

Flick and Catch – skirt, pants
     Difficulty level 10! This needs practise
     After pulling off item of clothing from your lower half, step out of one side, flick up with foot and catch

                                                                                Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
Bond girl bra peel
    Bond Girl pose on floor from week 1, partner near your feet
    Arch back and unfasten bra
    Roll onto tummy keeping one hand holding bra
    Snake up onto knees with head flick
    Take bra off and discard, get up anyway you like, exposing breasts whenever you choose


The most important thing to remember when doing a striptease is eye contact!!!!! It does not matter whether
you are on the stage dancing to a room full of people, or in your bedroom doing a private show to your
partner. Eye contact is the bit that will ALWAYS make it more intimate and fun for the person/ people
receiving the dance! And remember to enjoy it yourself as well! 

Back Arch Pose
    Sit up on both knees
    Lean back on one hands, arch your back
    Drop your head back, shake your hair.
    You can use the other hand to stroke your body, lick your fingers etc.
    Can add hips rolls for variety

Body Ripple / wave

    -   Place hands on wall / back of the chair shoulder width apart and legs hip width apart.
    -   Stick you bum out and lean towards the wall with the chest, then stomach, then hips
    -   As you lean in with your hips, start bringing your chest back, so that your back arches
    -   When you can‟t push your hips forward anymore, stick your bum out again completing the wave

Booty Shakes (these can also be used as lap grinders)

Circles: bend your knees slightly and place your hands on your knees. Using your abs start doing slow

Bump and grind: Bend your knees and place your hands on your knees. Relax your stomach and arch your
back. Then suck your stomach in and curve your back up. This movement will make your booty bump up
and down. Can be done slowly or fast.

                                                                       Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
Song suggestion: Christina Aguilera – Nasty, Naughty Boy

           Sexy walk to your partner, remember eye contact!!!
           Slow revolver
           Hip circles down to the floor
           Head flick in your partners lap, eye contact!
           Stick bum out when coming up
           Body wave against him
           Step slightly away and holding the eye contact remove your dress / shirt leaving you in your
            sexy underwear
           Venus pose!
           Slow revolver to turn your back onto your partner
           Slow hip rolls in your partners lap, looking over your shoulder
           Turn sideways to your partner, caress down your leg closest to your partner (remember to keep
            that leg straight!!!!)
           Head flick as you come up
           Turn back to your partner and hip circle down to the floor
           Back arch pose and lick your fingers looking at him
           On your knees back to your partner slip one bra strap down – look over your shoulder
           Slip the other strap down – give him a little wink! 
           Snake down on the floor
           Roll on your back, arch your back and unfasten your bra (Bond girl bra peel)
           Roll onto your front, get rid of the bra and give a little look over your shoulder…
           Snake back up
           Back still to your partner stand up slowly
           Keep your back towards him and play with your pants slowly pulling them down
           Peekaboo legs together to take the knickers off, kick to the side
           Slowly revolver and bare it all!

You can also decide to leave the knickers on, it is always good to leave something for the imagination, or
ask your partner to take them off for you….

                                                                         Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
A riding crop or cane is to be used this week. All of the following moves are to be performed whilst holding
the crop in one hand, both hands or between the teeth. This is a really fun week where the girls should really
get into the role of being a bit militant, whether it is in a stern, dominant or cute way is totally their choice!
Lots of the poses from week one will also be used. You will need to sit for a part of this routine: Sofa, chair,
armchair or even stool will do and you can improvise if you need to!


Knee bops

       Bring you body weight to the left side, keep right knee slightly bent and relaxed
       Your right arm is holding the cane/crop on your left shoulder
       Push right knee straight and let drop down in beat with the music
       Repeat other side
       Make sure they keep their abs tight – this will help with balance

Half Moon turn

Pick up your right foot and point it to your right side. Then cross it over your left leg and turn on the spot. You
are now facing the opposite direction.


Military marching with added sexiness! Cane/crop under arm and march!

       Hold cane/crop under one arm (like a soldier would)
       The other arm by the side and fairly relaxed
       When marching slightly cross one leg in front of the other
       Feet should be pointed and raised almost to knee
       Free arm should swing – but not too high
       If you can get the girls to add a slight wiggle to the hips then that would be great!

Various crop Moves

Biting crop, holding the crop with both hands crop parallel to the floor, tapping various parts of your body
with the crop, Holding crop on your shoulder and flick it forwards until its under your arm etc

       Getting familiar with holding a crop is one of the hardest parts. Get the girls to practice holding it
        underarm to in front and back. Try this both sides until they feel comfortable
       Tapping on shoulders and bum is very common in this style. They should experiment with this
       Girls often hold the cane/crop like it‟s made of china! Even though it‟s thin, you don‟t need to be
        fragile with it. This may lead to floppy arms and wrists which is not correct for the style

Seat Slide with leg extension

Sit down on seat and slide to the edge so that your head and shoulders are now resting on the back of the
chair and your bum is perched on the edge. Keep eye contact as you do so. Next, lift leg up nice and
straight with pointed toes and stroke your leg. Crop/cane in one hand.

           Sit down on seat, slide bum to the edge
           Use hands and abs for support
           Your back should slide down the back of the seat until you‟re resting on your forearms and
           When sliding, keep eye contact at all times
           Extend the leg closest to your partner into the air, make sure it‟s straight and toes are pointed

                                                                            Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
           Stroke the leg up and down with your crop
           Not so good on a single chair as balancing so you don‟t topple over is very difficult. This one is
            best done on a sofa
           Straight legs give the illusion of longer more flexible legs. Make sure they do this
           When comfortable with the move, get the girls to raise the knee into the chest as they slide on
            the seat. This will add fluidity to the move

Scissor kick

Sitting cross legged, lean back resting on your hands for support. Kick legs into the air, top leg first followed
by the other in a scissor like motion. Crop/cane in one hand

           Like the fan kick from wk 1 floor moves
           Cross legs
           Lift crossed leg up to ceiling drawing semi-circle followed by other leg
           Finish sitting on opposite side in cross legged position
           Use hands behind you to support your weight as you switch legs. Leaning back slightly onto
            them will help with the move
           Keep your body pulled up straight and use the stomach muscles
           Sometimes girls try to raise their legs higher than their flexibility will take them. Advise them that
            if they lean back on their hands more, their legs will appear to go higher


With legs crossed, place both hands on the seat. Find the floor with the top leg and stand on it, pushing your
hip into it as you do so to stand up. Finish legs straight with a little hip wiggle.

           Sit down and cross the right leg over the left leg
           Put both hands on left side
           Place right leg onto floor pushing weight over hip
           Legs as straight as possible, it‟s sexier
           Bum should lead
           To get a good hip action on the rise, after they‟ve stepped onto the leg and begin to stand if they
            start to invert the foot, it will naturally make the hip twist, hence creating the „corkscrew‟ effect

Double handed crop step

Hold crop/cane low in both hands, step across to face opposite direction, lift arms up above head (cane
parallel to the floor), then reach arms forwards. As you do this, stick out your bum (should have table top
back now) and wiggle

       Both hands on crop held parallel to the floor, legs shoulder width apart
       Pick up left foot, turn on right until facing in the opposite direction.
       Lift arms high above head and straight
       Bend from the waist forward arms out front, still holding cane
       Do three bum wiggles and come back to standing
       Always think military, so straight bodies, arms and legs
       Some girls may not be flexible in their centres and won‟t be able to achieve the „flat back‟ position.
        As long as they stretch forward as far as comfortable with straight legs, then they should achieve the
        desired effect from behind.

                                                                           Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
Song suggestion: Glenn Miller Band: St Louis Blues

      Stand with your back to the audience, crop on shoulder
      3 foot-to-knee bops x 2 to the right
      Half Moon turn
      Repeat 3 foot-to-knee bops x 2 to the left
      Stern pose! Look at your audience, no smiling! Crop still on your shoulder
      Hold the stern pose and bring crop horizontally in front of you
      Tap the crop to your hand x 4
      STOMP your right foot on the floor! Bring your crop back to your shoulder
      Pose looking fierce
      STOMP again and start marching on the stop
      Stop marching and bring the crop from your shoulder horizontally in front of you, holding it with both
      Hip rolls x 4
      Look at my shoe! Bend over and caress your leg with the crop
      Tap your bum with the crop: Pull an upset face, followed by a pleased face ! 
      Double handed crop turn
      Legs, back and arms straight lean over and wiggle your bum!
      Bring the crop under your arm and march on the spot x 4
      “Accidently” drop the crop on the floor and look over your shoulder: Surprised!
      Legs straight bend over and pick up the crop
      Come up and wink over your shoulder
      Place to tip of the crop on the floor, march around it and salute the audience
      Facing your audience lift the crop above your head and wiggle your hips, smile!
      Knee-bop and tap the crop on your hand, thinking: “what shall I do next…?”
      Then spot a seat and march to it, holding the crop with both hands horizontally
      Sit down and do Seat Slider
      Scissor kick, change legs
      Corkscrew up and march back facing the audience
      Pose and Bite the crop
      Bring the crop to your shoulder, salute the audience, turn around and march off
      Finish off by looking over your shoulder and either blow a kiss to say thank you good night, OR
       indicate them to follow you for more fun…

                                                                        Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
This week we will learn a few basic moves suitable to do with the Fans and Nipple tassles. Please ask the
girls again to bring a shirt with them ( or something equally easy to peel off) and a spare bra.

This week is all about doing a proper showgirl routine on the stage! To start off the week give the girls a little
task: they need to think of a Burlesque performer name for themselves! (IMPORTANT!!!! Please remember
to give them this task already at the end of week 3, so they have more time to think)

Normally in Burlesque the fans used are HUGE, built to cover the whole of the body. These can be very
expensive and difficult to transport around! The fans we shall use are much smaller, however, the basic
principles of how they are used is the same.

Opening and closing of the fan should be practised; this is done one handed with a quick flick of the wrist.
There are LOTS of different poses you can do with the fans and it is quite nice to get the girls to figure out
moves / poses themselves. But you can also offer them some help using moves listed below:

Hiding the face

Starting with a closed fan, lift it up smoothly to face height. Flick the wrist to open and finish with hiding the
face so that only the eyes are visible.

Above the head

Extend arm out to the side, fan closed. As your arm gets above your head, do a sharp flick of the wrist to
open the fan, feathers pointing upwards

Peacock Pose

Facing away arch your back, place the open fan at the base of your spine so that it covers your bum. Lift it
up and reveal your beautiful behind!

2 fans in front

Stand with Fans open, bring hands in front of your body so that your hands are touching one wrist on top of
the other.

Fan front Reveal

Stand facing your audience, fan in front of chest. Bend forwards and lower fan slightly to reveal chest. Go
back to standing. Remember that cheeky smile!

Walk and Turn Tease

Can be done with one or two fans, though two is best to cover bra and briefs.
When walking away, cover just the bum and when walking towards, just bra if only one fan is being used.

Once they are comfortable with the fan moves, introduce a little game: Get a chair and tell the girls that they
all need to walk to the chair using one of the walks learned earlier in the course, pull a little pose and a little
move with a fan and introduce their burlesque performer name to the rest of the group! Give them 10-15
minutes to think about it before doing it!

Circles in air on table
     From sitting relax down onto your back
     Lift both of your legs into air and circle them from knees
     Look at your legs as you do think and then give a little smile to the audience

                                                                             Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
Tassel Twirling

*NOTE* It is important to let the girls know that they can put the tassels on top of their bra or a tight top if
they don‟t want to get their breasts out!

       Legs bent arms at side, lean so weight is slightly back
       Start by shaking shoulders up and down creating momentum
       Let the knees move with the rhythm of your body
       When tassels are swinging like a pendulum, shake your shoulders a little quicker
       They should now start to spin as you bounce more vigorously
       If you lift your hands above your head they will twirl outwards, if you keep your arms on your sides
        they will go inwards and if you shimmy as doing it they will go opposite directions!

                                                                             Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
Song suggestion: Marilyn Monroe – Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

      Facing the audience stand, look around your audience, pout & pose and look really pleased with
       yourself! 
      Slow Venus pose
      Little cheeky bootie shake x 4
      Show-girl walk towards your audience x 4
      Flick your fan open and pose
      Strut around in a little circle fanning yourself at the same time. Keep the eye contact with your
       audience and use your hips when you walk!
      Facing your audience lift one arm up elegantly, fan yourself and wiggle down to the floor
      Lay down on your back: Circles up in the air
      Turn on your stomach: Cutie pose!
      Snake up on your knees, wink
      Peekaboo to standing up
      Spread both your arms straight to your sides. Hold the fan in your right hand and bring it to meet
       your left hand and then caress / stroke the fan along your left arm and across your chest back to
       your right side
      Pull a glamorous pose! (for example: Lean over slightly, both hands gently to your knees and pout)
      Facing the audience, shimmy and the pull another pose! (for example: hold the fan in front of your
       cheat with one hand and lift the other up elegantly. But feel free to make up your own ones!)
      Half moon turn your back to your audience, stretch both arms to your sides, circle your head slowly
       from side to side, then look over your shoulder and wink
      Remove your shirt
      Halfmoon turn to face the audience
      Then look down: Surprised “where have all my clothing gone???” and cover yourself up with your
      … and then laugh and wink! 
      Revolver, back to the audience and remove your bra slowly. Don‟t forget the eye contact!
      Flick your fan open and cover your chest with it
      Slowly turn to face the audience
      Shimmy, tease!
      Slowly bring your arms out to your sides revealing your tassles
      Bring your hands above your head with the fan open and TWIRL!!!!
      Cover yourself up with the fan again
      Blow a kiss and leave with the smile on your face!

                                                                       Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
The Taster Class format can be used in the Polestars Burlesque parties as well. Just remember to always
pay a lot of attention to the hen / birthday girl and make it as fun as possible!!! You can mention the courses
to them as well at the end, and of course make sure them all have our flyers with the certificates. If they had
fun, they will come back for more!

Polestars Burlesque Party
Warm Up and Cool Down
For a burlesque hen party, both the warm up and cool down are not so important unless
they have been particularly keen and hard working. Feel free to use a cut down version of
the warm up and cool down for courses and taster.

If you are pushed for time or the girls are very drunk and excitable free free to skip the
warm up and cool down entirely.

It may be worth using the warm up to get the girls in the mood for class by just getting
them to do some hip rolls etc

                                                                          Polestars Burlesque Manual 2010
      Task           Description of Task        More work   Good Enough   Excellent   Notes
Warm Up           Delivering an appropriate,
                  fun and safe warm up and
                  cool down for this product.

Performing        Performing the routine /
                  dance confidently and

Teaching          Break down and
                  explaining the elements of
                  the routine / dance clearly
                  so that they are easily

People Skills     Good communication,
                  confidence, good voice
                  projection, friendly,
                  bubbly, fun and able to
                  control a rowdy hen group.

Reliability /     Punctuality, pre session
Professionalism   phone contact,
                  organisation and being
                  prepared. Professional
                  appearance, attitude and


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