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					Animal Farm and the Russian
   Four legs good, two legs bad…
Animal Farm Background
 An _______ is an expression of
  symbolic figures and/or
  representations [a story about a real
  life event]
 _____, on the surface is about animals
  taking over a farm. The _____is that
  the story is a representation of the
  ________ ________
 ______ is a reference to a _____,
  _____, ________, of work of
  ____[similar to an allegory]
 Very _______
 Quick _________
 Family Guy
               Russian Revolution
 ________
 Led to the creation of the ____ ______
 Lenin, ______, Stalin,_______,
  Nicholas II, KGB
 The spread of ___________
                   Czar Nicholas II
 Poor _______
 Cruel
 Brutal towards _________
 Hired _________ to spy
 Disconnected the _____ from the
 ______[this was a major cause in the
                       Leon Trotsky
 One of the leaders of the _______
 Pure ________
 Followed ____ _______
 Wanted to improve life
 Chased away by the _______
                        Vladimir Lenin
 Leader of the ________ party
 _______ of the October Revolution
 Founded the _______ [KGB]
 Initiated the ____ _______
   Mass murdering of Russian civilians
 Secret _________ force
 Mercenaries
 Used to do the “_______” work
 Corrupt
_________ group
                      Joseph Stalin
 Tyrant
 Only cared about ______
 Killed all who ________ him
 _________ Lenin
 Used the _______ to do his dirty work
      Famous Stalin analogy for
             running a country
It was said that Stalin, while dying, was
   speaking to his heir apparent, and told him
   that the way you run a country is simple.
   Stalin took hold of a bird in his hand and
   began to pluck all the feathers out of the
   bird. Once the bird was featherless, Stalin
   relinquished his grip from the bird. The bird
   remained in his hand. Stalin then informed
   his listener that that is how you run a
   country. You force the people into needing
   you to survive.
                            Karl Marx
 ________ of Communism
 ________ philosopher
 Wrote, “ ____ ____________”
 Wanted the ________ of the world to
  unite to end __________
 For the __________
    Characters in Animal Farm
 The ________ in Animal Farm are
  allusions to the political figures of the
  Russian Revolution
 Each character represents a _______ or
  group of people apart of the _______
           Point of Animal Farm
 Animal Farm shows that the ______ in
 humanity and political leaders can
 corrupt the ideals of any Utopian
 society. It also shows that ________
 towards problems can lead to more
 corruption and problems