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									   SACK LIFTING
   Palamatic handling systems for sacks

  Paper                                                            Plastic
  Sacks                                                            Sacks
                                                                             MARKET LEADERS IN
                                                                             THE DESIGN AND
                                                                             OF MATERIALS

                                                                             WHY CHOOSE PALAMATIC?

                                                                             Sack handling is a common
                                                                             problem for a lot of industries.
                                                                             Palamatic have developed a
   Manipulator - suitable for low      Vacuum Lifter
   headroom situations                                                       wealth of knowledge over fifteen
                                                                             years that is unrivalled in the
                                                                   Hessian   world of vacuum lifting. When
                                                                    Sacks    sacks have to be handled for
                                                                             processing and production,
                                                                             Palamatic's vacuum lifting
                                                                             systems perform this operation
                                                                             in a safe, efficient and cost
                                                                             effective manner in the most
                                                                             demanding of environments.
                                                                             Operators no longer have to
                                                                             endure the backbreaking effort
                                                                             involved in repetitive lifting. Total
                                                                             control by one person gives
                                                                             effortless vacuum powered
                                                                             lifting. Palamatic have the
                                                                             answer for all types of paper,
                                                                             plastic and hessian sack
   Vacuum Lifter - with extended      Vacuum Lifter - with spike             handling applications with
   handle feature for high stacking   gripper feature                        weights ranging from 5-110kg
                                                                             catered for. If speed is a factor,
                                                                             the operator can maintain
 Plastic                                                                     throughputs of 6-9 sacks per
 Sacks                                                                       minute (depending on area
                                                                   Paper     covered).
                                                                             The benefits of Palamatic lifters
                                                                             include effortless lifting,
                                                                             increased productivity, increased
                                                                             operator safety and
                                                                             performance. All giving you a
                                                                             low maintenance, high efficiency

                                                                             MANUFACTURED IN THE UK

   PneuLift - with gripping feature   Vacuum Lifter
   and extended handle for placing
   sacks into drums
                                    ‘H’ Style - used for covering        With Telescopic Bridge Beam,       With Raised Bridge Beam,
                                    large working areas.                 ideal for reaching into            ideal in low headroom
                                    Supported from either floor          restricted areas.                  situations.
                                    mounted support pillars or
                                    existing structural steel work.

Palamatic Handling Systems          With Extended Rail to allow          With three Downtrack Rails         With Dual Bridge Beam, ideal
Cobnar Wood Close                   for Horizontal Tube Unit and         enabling the operator to cover     for mounting of Manipulators.
Chesterfield Trading Estate         vacuum hose bunching whilst          larger working areas with a
Chesterfield                        maintaining large area               Horizontal Tube Unit .
Derbyshire. S41 9RQ

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Fax: +44 (0)1246 451379

Palamatic Handling USA Inc
Tel: +1 610 701 6350
Fax: +1 610 701 6354
Email:           Swing Jib Gantry - most             Inverted Swing Jib Gantry - ideal   Overhead, Stanchion and
Web:           common system, supported            for low headroom situations.        Wall Mounted - fitted with
                                    here by vertical pillar.            Capacity: 55kg - 160kg SWL          swing, inverted or knuckle jibs.
                                    Capacity: 55kg - 500kg SWL          Reach: 2m - 5m.                     Capacity: 55kg - 160kg SWL
                                    Reach: 2m - 5m.                                                         Reach: 2m - 5m.
Palamatic Handling Systems France
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Palamatic Handling Systems India
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Distributors in:
Australia          Mexico           Mobile Jib Gantry - uses            Mobile Crane System - with          Trolley Mounted Mobile - uses
                                    swing, inverted or knuckle jibs.    telescopic pillar (hand winch       shortened pillar with lifting
Belgium            New Zealand      Fork lift or pallet truck options   operation). Shown here as low       guides of pedestrian or fork
Brazil             Norway           available.                          headroom option c/w knuckle jib,    truck access. Shown here with
Canada             Puerto Rico                                          air balancer and gripper.           knuckle jib and vacuum
                                                                                                            tube lifter.
Czech Republic     Portugal
Denmark            Singapore
France             South Africa
Holland            Spain              Introduced by:
India              Sweden
Ireland            UAE
Italy              USA

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