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Candidate Kit


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									GENERAL                 JOB CANDIDATES              INSTRUCTIONS      SEPTEMBER 11

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  information kit
  Expression of interest
  This kit provides information about the advertised job and our
  selection process.

    Job title:                IT Infrastructure Officer
    APS level:                APS4
    Sub-plan:                 Enterprise Solutions & Technology
    Business line:            Strategy Planning & Assurance
    Section:                  Technology Architecture and Assurance
    Location:                 Canberra
    Working arrangements:     Full-time
    Type of employment
                              Permanent transfer at level
    Expected duration of
    Security classification
                              Highly Protected
    of position:
    Contact officer:          Graham Kramer
    Contact details:          (07) 311 99848
    Closing date:             7 June 2010, 5.00 pm (AEST)
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Table of contents
Where the job fits ...................................................................................................................... 3
The job ...................................................................................................................................... 5
The selection process ............................................................................................................... 8

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UNCLASSIFIED                                                              CANDIDATE INFORMATION KIT

Where the job fits

The Enterprise Solutions and Technology Sub-plan
The EST Sub-plan supports ATO outcomes by providing efficient and effective enterprise
solutions and information technology (IT) services. This includes IT architecture and design
services, applications, infrastructure, and security services. EST also provides leadership of our
enterprise processes and capabilities.

Through ongoing advice and support, the EST Sub-plan builds strong relationships by
collaborating with key stakeholders and service providers. The EST Sub-plan:
     ensures IT systems are reliable, responsive and available
     supports and facilitates ATO change and innovation, by leading and governing
       enterprise capabilities including: IT strategy, architecture, design processes, information
       management, systems and technology, risk management, intelligence, project
       management, IT security and information security
     optimises and leverages enterprise technology, systems and processes
     manages ATO technology investments in a robust and transparent process.

The EST Sub-plan comprises six areas:
    Change Program
    Business Solutions
    Enterprise Applications
    Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer
    Strategy, Planning and Assurance
    Business & ICT Provider Relations.

Strategy Planning and Assurance
The Strategy Planning and Assurance (SP&A) portfolio is responsible for coordinating the
development of the EST Strategic Plan. Within the Strategic Plan, SP&A is also responsible for
the development of the Technology Plan, which looks at the future technology portfolio of the
ATO. SP&A is responsible for the ATO’s Enterprise Architecture and it governs IT policies,
methods and standards. The Enterprise Program Management Office in SP&A is responsible
for project management improvement as well as program and portfolio management and
reporting. In addition, SP&A provides Assurance services for IT projects, including architecture
and standards assurance and Enterprise Testing. SP&A also provides shared services for EST,
including Finance, HR, EPMO and others.

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Technology Architecture and Assurance

The Australian Taxation Office has outsourced the provision of its Information Technology and
Infrastructure Facilities to Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services Australia. Our Managed
Network Services are currently provisioned by Optus. The Strategy, Planning and Architecture
Branch (SPA) provides appropriate technical expertise to ensure and assure the delivery of
infrastructure services supports the Tax Office’s business. We seek to ensure such services
align to the Tax Office’s current and future needs and represent value for money. We achieve
this by working closely with our IT outsourcing service providers on the technical aspects of
their infrastructure projects

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The job

Job description
The Infrastructure Officer position reports to an Infrastructure Specialist in the Strategy,
Planning and Assurance (SPA) Branch.
The occupant of this position will have two main areas of responsibility:
1. Capacity Planning and Management.
The occupant of this position will play a team support role in working with the Tax Office’s
external IT Service Providers to facilitate the day to day collection, collation and analysis of
data related to Demand Analysis and Capacity Planning Processes across all platforms. You
will also demonstrate a willingness to gain knowledge & proficiency in the governance and
assurance of outputs from these processes, as well as the evolution and continuous
improvement of the processes.

2. Platform Expertise / Subject Matter Expert.
You will also support team members and internal clients in the provision of advice and
guidance on strategic and operational matters and demonstrate a willingness to gain
knowledge & proficiency across one or more of the following platforms:
      Mainframe
      Network/Gateway
      Enterprise Storage
      Midrange
      Data Warehouse

You will assist in ensuring that the future business requirements for IT Services are
considered, planned and implemented in a timely fashion.
Note that this position does not have hands-on responsibility for managing the delivery of
infrastructure services – this responsibility rests with the infrastructure outsourcers. Instead the
Support Officers assist the team in managing relationships and communication with their
vendor counterparts and with other Tax Office technical experts to ensure such delivery
provides innovation, performance, availability, capacity, growth, and responsive and orderly
improvement of the systems environment.
A Highly Protected security clearance or the ability to obtain one will be required for this role

Duty statement
1. Under direction, the occupant will undertake the following duties, as required.

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      Provide support and technical advice regarding one or more of the following
       infrastructure areas to teams involved in system planning, design and implementation.
       o Mainframe
       o Data Warehouse
       o Midrange
       o Network
       o WAN
       o End User Computing
       o Data Storage including DASD, SAN and tape technology
       o Capacity Planning and Management
       o Voice Architectures, technologies & solutions
       o Disaster Recovery
      Assist in the preparation, review and monitoring of scoping briefs, business cases, work
       requests and other documentation in the Tax Office
      Contribute to the provision of advice regarding ICT infrastructure contracts and budgets.
      Provide support in the planning and negotiation of future ICT infrastructure acquisitions.

2. In partnership with ATO Outsourcers, support the team to facilitate the implementation of
   solutions utilising mandated ATO Project Management methodology and ensuring
   successful delivery of agreed projects according to agreed timetables.
3. Support the team in undertaking a governance and assurance role over the activities
   undertaken by the ATO Outsourcers.
4. Build and maintain effective networks and relationships with a range of stakeholders, clients
   and Outsourcers.
5. Support the team in providing assurance over change requests according to ITIL practices.
6. Act proactively to support the team in ensuring complex issues, which may span across
   multiple platforms, are resolved in a timely manner.
7. Participate in the development and training activities of the area and take steps to identify
   and meet own development and learning needs.
8. Apply Tax Office and APS policy legislation, including the Taxpayers Charter, Workplace
   Relations (WR), Employment Equity & Diversity (EED), Occupational Health and Safety
   (OH&S), Access and Equity, Secrecy and Privacy provisions in work practices and in
   dealings with clients.

Selection criteria
1. Strategic Thinking
      Shows judgement, intelligence and commonsense

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2. Achieves Results
      Uses professional expertise
      Ensures closure and delivers on intended results

3. Productive Working Relationships
      Nurtures internal & external relationships
      Facilitates cooperation and partnership

4. Personal Drive and Integrity
      Demonstrates public service professionalism and probity
      Commits to action

5. Communicates with Influence
      Communicates clearly

6. Technical Skills
An ability to demonstrate an understanding or ability to gain an understanding of the following:
      The Enterprise Solutions & Technology infrastructure and application environments
       covering one or more of the following infrastructure areas:
       o Mainframe
       o Data Warehouse
       o Midrange & EUC
       o Network/WAN
       o Data Storage including DASD, SAN and tape technology
       o Capacity Planning and Management
       o Voice Architectures, technologies & solutions
       o Disaster Recovery
      Project management processes
      ITIL processes
      ATO standards, procedures and methodologies applicable to the management,
       development and documentation, operation and support of ICT Computer Systems on
       various platforms.

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UNCLASSIFIED                                                               CANDIDATE INFORMATION KIT

The selection process
All ATO job applications are to be submitted through the online application system, prior to the
closing date. You will not be able to edit or submit your application once the closing time has
passed. Applicants who are unable to apply online will need to email or phone the contact
officer prior to the closing date.

You should restrict your responses to the length specified on the online application form, and
wherever possible include specific relevant examples of your work.
Your experience and skills will be assessed against the requirements of the position to
determine your suitability. If you are successful, a release date will be negotiated with your
current manager.

To be eligible to apply for vacancies, you must be a current ongoing ATO employee. For
vacancies advertised as transfer at level, you must be at the same substantive level as the
Please speak with the vacancy contact officer if you have any concerns or questions regarding
your eligibility.

   More information

You can find more information about how to apply for vacancies using e-Recruitment on the
careers site, please read the applicant user guide before accessing the system for the first time.
General recruitment information is also available on the careers site.

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