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                   EXAM HELD ON 7-1-07 – FULLY SOLVED
     Questions : 200                            H            DEGREE STD.,                  H                Marks : 300

1.     A shopkeeper sells 10 toffees for a      9.    Which one of the following is not         C. Abul Faizi
       rupee, gaining thereby 20%. How                correct?                                  D. Nizamuddin Ahmed.
       many did he buy for a rupee?                   A. CPU is a hardware                 17. Match List I correctly with List II
       A. 11           C. 15                          B. WRITE is a FORTRAN command            and select your answer using the
       B. 12           D. 13                          C. VDU is software                       codes given below:
                                                      D. DIR is a computer command
2.     If 2A=3B=4C, then A : B : C is                                                          List I
                                                10. What is the decimal equivalent for         a. Raja Rammohan Roy
       A. 2 : 3: 4   C. 6 : 4 : 3
                                                    (10110)2?                                  b. Swami Vivekananda
       B. 4 : 3 : 2  D. 3 : 4 : 6
                                                    A. 12           C. 32                      c. Dayananda Saraswati
3.     If the selling price of an article is        B. 22           D. 42                      d. Madam Blavatsky
        4                                                                                      List II
           times of its cost price, then the    11. IDBI is a subsidiary of
        3                                                                                      1. Arya Samaj
       profit percentage is                         A. Reserve Bank of India                   2. Ramkrishna Paramahamsa
               1                                    B. State Bank of India                     3. Brahmo Samaj
       A. 33            C.                          C. National Bank for Agriculture and       4. Theosophical Society
               3                                       Rural Development                       Codes :
       B.               D.                          D. None of these                                   a    b     c      d
                                                                                               A.      1    2     3      4
                                                12. What type of 20 1 rate is followed
4.     Two numbers are in the ratio 3 : 5.                                                     B.      2    3     4      1
                                                    in India?        3
       If each number is increased by 10,                                                      C.      3    2     1      4
                                                    A. Discount rate                           D.      4    1     2      3
       the ratio becomes 5 : 7. The                 B. Penal rate
       numbers are                                  C. Accommodate rate                    18. Choose the correct statement :
       A. 3, 5       C. 15, 25                      D. None of these                           A. Kashi Central Hindu College was
       B. 12, 20     D. 18, 30                                                                    established in 1891
                                                13. Statutory meeting relates to
                                                                                               B. Aligarh Movement was started
5.     Median of x = {10, 2, 14, 5, 8, 16} is       A. Private Company                            by Muhammed Ali Jinnah
       A. 8           C. 10                         B. Foreign Company                         C. Aligarh Muslim University was
       B. 9           D. 11                         C. Public Company                             established in 1920
                                                    D. Chartered Company                       D. Visvabharati University was
6.     Which one of the following
       properties is not satisfied by mean?     14. Which is the most activity-wise               started by Devendranath Tagore.
                                                    small scale industrial unit in Tamil   19. Which one of the following is not
       A. It is a simple measure
                                                    Nadu?                                      correctly matched?
       B. It is easy to compute
       C. It is a stable measure                    A. Food processing
                                                                                               A. Bhagat Singh – “Delhi Chalo”
       D. It is not affected by extreme             B. Textile processing
                                                                                               B. Dayanand Saraswati – “Go back
                                                    C. Metal processing
          values.                                                                                 to Vedas”
                                                    D. Paper processing
                                                                                               C. Gandhiji – “Untouchability is a
7.     If L and S are the largest and
                                                15. Which district stands first in the            Crime”
       smallest values of a data, then the
                                                    ratio of male-female in Tamil Nadu?        D. Nehru – “Long years ago we
       range is measured by the formula
                                                    A. Madurai                                    have made tryst with destiny”
       A. L + S       C. S – L                      B. Tiruchirapalli
       B. L – S       D. LS                                                                20. From the names given below,
                                                    C. Salem                                   identify the name of the first Prime
8.     If the standard deviation of {x1, x2,        D. Tuticorin                               Minister of India :
       x3} is 2, then the standard deviation    16. The author of the book Ain-i-Akbari        A. Rajaji
       of {x1 +5, x2+ 5, x3 + 5} is                 was                                        B. B.R. Ambedkar
       A. 0               C. 5                      A. Abul Fazl                               C. Rajendra Prasad
       B. 2               D. 7                      B. Amir Khushru                            D. Jawaharlal Nehru

21. MISA was passed in                    30. The ICICI promotes                      41. Who was the first Muslim ruler of
    A. 1950      C. 1970                      A. private sector                           Delhi?
    B. 1963      D. 1971                      B. public sector                            A. Iltutmish
                                              C. joint sector                             B. Balban
22. Prime Minister of India is                D. co-operative sector                      C. Qutbuddin Aibak
    A. the leader of the Rajya Sabba                                                      D. Mahmud of Ghazni
    B. the leader of the Lok Sabha        31. Who was the last of the later Chola
    C. the leader of the masses               Kings?                                  42. When was the ‘National Museum’
    D. none of them                           A. Raja Raja III C. Kulottunga III          established in Delhi?
                                              B. Rajendra III D. Veera Rajendra
23. The retirement age of a Supreme                                                       A. 1947
    Court Judge is                        32. ‘Man is a social animal’ – Who said         B. 1949
    A. 60 years                               this?                                       C. 1948
    B. 64 years                               A. Comte         C. Aristotle               D. 1950
    C. 62 years                               B. Spencer       D. MacIver             43. Which one of the following is
    D. 65 years                           33. Folkways are mostly dealt with by           correctly matched?
24. Which of the following languages          A. Summer     C. Spencer                    A. Brahma – Creation
    is not included in the Eighth             B. Comte      D. MacIver                    B. Vishnu    – Destruction
    Schedule     of    the    Indian                                                      C. Shiva     – Maya
    Constitution?                         34. Which one of the following
                                              introduced the process of                   D. Shakti    – Preservation
    A. Urdu        C. English                 Aryanization in Tamil language?
    B. Sanskrit    D. Sindhi                                                          44. Ethics is the study of
                                              A. Sanskrit elements                        A. theory of behaviour
25. In which conference, in the year          B. British aspects                          B. theory of activity
    1944, the Justice Party was               C. Western elements
                                                                                          C. theory of karma
    reorganised into Dravidar                 D. Varnas
                                                                                          D. theory of morality
    Kazhagam?                             35. One of the founders of the Justice
    A. Madras                                 Party was                               45. Logic is a (an)
    B. Kancheepuram                           A. P.T. Rajan                               A. objective science
    C. Madurai                                B. C.N. Annadurai                           B. normative science
    D. Salem                                  C. K. Kamaraj                               C. descriptive science
                                              D. Bhaktavatsalam                           D. natural science
26. Which model is the base for the
    First Five-Year Plan?                 36. The Constitution of India was adopted   46. Natural poetic philosopher is
                                              on                                          A. Sri Aurobindo
    A. Lewis model
    B. Mahalanobis model                      A. 25th August, 1947                        B. Bharathiyar
                                              B. 26th January, 1950                       C. Tagore
    C. Harrod-Doman model
                                              C. 26th November, 1949                      D. Subramaniya Sivam
    D. Keynesian model                        D. 11th January, 1948
27. The Deputy Chairman of the                                                        47. The Integral Advaitism is advocated
                                          37. How many representatives are
    Planning Commission                       being sent by the union territories         by
    A. is the Prime Minister                  to the Lok Sabha?                           A. Gandhiji
    B. is the Planning Minister               A. 10           C. 25                       B. Sri Aurobindo
    C. holds the rank of a Cabinet            B. 20           D. 45                       C. J. Krishnamurthy
       Minister                                                                           D. Dr. Radhakrishnan
                                          38. Which one of the following Articles
    D. is an economist of repute.             of the Constitution of India directs    48. The saint who lived at Thillai was
28. The headquarters of World Health          State Government to organise                A. Nedumarar
    Organisation is located at                Village Panchayat?                          B. Sadaiyanar
    A. Geneva       C. New York               A. Article 51 C. Article 48                 C. Thiruneelakandar
    B. Washington D. London                   B. Article 40 D. Article 32                 D. Gananadhar
                                          39. The President of India is elected for   49. Which one of the following is
29. What is the purpose for which the
    treasury bills are issued?                A. life        C. 5 years                   correctly matched?
                                              B. 4 years     D. 6 years                   A. Arunagiri Nadhar
    A. Very short term liability of the
       Government                         40. In the Lok Sabha who discharges                         – Thencherimalai
                                              the duties of the Speaker during            B. Kumara Devar
    B. Short term liability of the            his absence?                                            – Thirukuntram
                                              A. Vice-President                           C. Manikkavasagar
    C. Mid-term liability of the              B. Home Minister                                        – Thirumandapam
       Government                             C. Finance Minister                         D. Gnana Sambandhar
    D. The commercial paper market            D. Deputy Speaker                                       – Thiruvenkadu

50. “Free Labourers' Party” was                 56. Rapid and sudden sliding of large       64. Consider the following statements:
    founded by                                      mass of mixture of snow/ice with            I. Free verses are different from
    A. E.V. Ramasamy                                rock materials is                               traditional verses.
    B. Ambedkar                                     A. Landslide C. Rockslide                   II. So, free verses have no
    C. Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy                        B. Avalanche D. Tsunami                         grammatical boundaries.
    D. C.N.Annadurai                            57. Pick the correct statement from the         Of the statements :
51. Ajanta caves are located in the State           following:                                  A. Both are correct
    of                                              A. Kaziranga National Park is unique        B. Both are wrong
                                                       among Indian wildlife habitats for       C. I alone is correct
    A. Maharashtra                                                                              D. II alone is correct
    B. Andhra Pradesh                                  Rhino and Wild Buffalo.
    C. Orissa                                       B. Kaziranga National Park is unique    65. Which one of the      following is
    D. Karnataka                                       among Indian wildlife habitats for       correctly matched?
                                                       Lions and Wild Buffalo.
52. The longest rail route in India is                                                          A. Vanamamalai –      Folklore
                                                    C. Kaziranga National Park is unique
                                                       among Indian wildlife habitats for       B. Agasthialingam –   Literature
    A. Delhi     – Mumbai
                                                       Tigers and Elephants.                    C. Kailasapathy –     Linguistics
    B. Delhi     – Kolkata
                                                    D. Kaziranga National Park is unique        D. Cenavaraiyar –     Folk dance
    C. Guwahati – T h i r u v a n a n t h a -
                   puram                               among Indian wildlife habitats for   66. Which one of the following is the
    D. Amritsar – Puri                                 Elephants and Lions.                     first novel in Tamil?
53. Periyar Wildlife Sacturay is                58. INSAT II-B was successfully                 A. Kamalambal Charithiram
    situated in the State of                        launched in                                 B. Prathapa Mudaliar Charithiram
    A. Tamil Nadu                                   A. July, 1993                               C. Padmavathi Charithiram
    B. Kerala                                       B. April, 1975                              D. Mohamul
    C. Karnataka                                    C. July, 1979                           67. In which year was Tamil Virtual
    D. Andhra Pradesh                               D. November, 1981                           University inaugurated?
54. Match List I correctly with List II         59. Red soil is fond widely in                  A. 2000        C. 2002
    and select your answer using the                A. Gangetic plain                           B. 2001        D. 2003
    codes given below :                             B. Peninsular India                     68. Who among the Chief Ministers of
       List I         List II                       C. Himalayan mountain                       Tamil Nadu introduced the Nutrition
    a. Seismograph 1. Himalayas                     D. Coastal plains                           Meals Schemes?
    b. Deccan Plateau 2. Andaman                60. Coffee cultivation in India is in the       A. Bhaktavatsalam
    c. Barren Island 3. Earthquake                  state of                                    B. Kamaraj
    d. Tethys Sea     4. Basalt Lava
                                                    A. Kerala                                   C. Karunanidhi
    Codes :
                                                    B. Tamil Nadu                               D. M.G.Ramachandran
          a       b     c      d
    A.    1       2     4      3                    C. Karnataka                            69. In which year was the Madras
    B.    2       3     1      4                    D. Himachal Pradesh                         University established?
    C.    3       4     2      1                61. Which one of the following                  A. 1857        C. 1887
    D.    2       1     4      3                    universities was started in the year        B. 1887        D. 1926
55. Consider the following statements:              1983?
                                                                                            70. Match List I correctly with List II
    Assertion (A) : In recent decades,              A. Madurai Kamarajar University             and select your answer using the
       villages between Kombai and                  B. Periyar University                       codes given below :
       Bodinaickanur in Theni district of           C. Mother Teresa Women's
                                                                                                List I
       Tamil Nadu suffer severely from                 University
                                                                                                a. Parthasarathy
       sandstorms.                                  D. Madras University
                                                                                                b. K.V. Manisekharan
    Reason (R) : These villages lie in the      62. In which year was ‘Local Self               c. Prabhanjan
       rain-shadow regions of the                   Government’ established in India?           d. Balakumaran
       Western Ghats.                               A. 1915                                     List II
    Now select your answer according                B. 1916                                     1. Merkuri Pookkal
    to the coding scheme given below:               C. 1911                                     2. Kakkai Chiraginile
    A. Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is         D. 1910                                     3. Kurinjimalar
       the correct explanation of (A).                                                          4. Nilachoru
                                                63. Which one of the following is               Codes :
    B. Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R)           correctly matched?
       is not the correct explanation                                                                   a    b       c    d
                                                    A. National Game – Cricket                  A.      1    2       3    4
       of (A).
                                                    B. National Tree – Banyan tree              B.      2    3       4    1
    C. (A) is true, but (R) is false.               C. National Flower – Rose                   C.      3    4       2    1
    D. (A) is false, but (R) is true.               D. National Animal – Lion                   D.      4    1       3    2

71. The institute which gives primary     81. Insectivorous plants capture insects   93. Which one of the following devices
    importance to agriculture in Tamil        for obtaining                              convert electrical energy into
    Nadu is located at                        A. calcium      C. carbon                  mechanical energy?
    A. Mudumalai                              B. nitrogen     D. cobalt                  A. Dynamo
    B. Kooduvancheri                                                                     B. Electric motor
                                          82. The protein essential for chromatin
    C. Coimbatore                                                                        C. Transformer
                                              formation is
    D. Budhanoor                                                                         D. Inductor
                                              A. Actin        C. Histone
72. The person responsible for the            B. Tubulin      D. Myosin              94. The process of nuclear fission
    Poondi Drinking Water Project was
                                          83. The treatment of milk to eliminate         occurs mainly in
    A. Rajaji
                                              pathogenic bacteria is known as            A. nuclear reactors
    B. Sathyamurthy
    C. Kamaraj                                A. isolation     C. pasteurization         B. chemical reactions
    D. Bakthavathsalam                        B. sterilisation D. fermentation           C. hydrogen bomb
                                                                                         D. sun
73. The first satellite sent India is     84. The five kingdom concept was
                                              proposed by                            95. The process responsible for the
    A. Apollo - 7 C. Bhaskara
                                              A. Linnaeus  C. Theophrastus               enormous energy in the sun is
    B. Aryabhatta D. Apple
                                              B. Whittaker D. John Ray                   A. nuclear fission
74. Which of the following animals was                                                   B. nuclear fusion
    killed by the car of Manuneedhi       85. The nucleolus is rich in
                                                                                         C. the burning of gases
    Chola's son?                              A. DNA and proteins
                                                                                         D. as yet unknown
    A. Kitten       C. Puppy                  B. DNA and lipids
    B. Lamb         D. Calf                   C. RNA and lipids                      96. Which one of the       following is
                                              D. RNA and proteins                        correctly matched?
75. If 30% of a certain number is 12-
                                          86. “One gene – one enzyme                     A. Vitamin A           –   Anaemia
    6, then the number is
                                              hypothesis” was coined by                  B. Glucose             –   Eyesight
    A. 41          C. 43                                                                 C. Iodine              –   Goitre
    B. 42          D. 40                      A. Henry Osborn
                                              B. Beadle and Tatum                        D. Cyanocobalamin      –   Diabetes
76. Fast track courts were launched by        C. Jacob and Monod                     97. Which one of the following is neither
    Centre on                                 D. Best and Tailor                         an element nor a compound?
    A. April 1, 2001                      87. World Environment Day is                   A. Silver       C. Air
    B. May 10, 2002
                                              A. 21st March                              B. Water        D. Sucrose
    C. June 15, 2000
                                              B. 5th June
    D. None of these                                                                 98. Consider the following statements:
                                              C. 1st December
77. In which year did India become the        D. 2nd December                            Assertion (A) : Electric cookers are
    founder member of WTO?                                                                  coated with magnesium oxide.
                                          88. Instrument used to measure the
    A. 1985         C. 1994                                                              Reason (R) : It protects them against
                                              blood pressure is
    B. 1990         D. 1996                                                                 fire.
                                              A. Sphygmomanometer                        Now select your answer according
78. Which of the following districts          B. Blood pressure meter                    to the coding scheme given below:
    ranks first on the basis of               C. Thermometer
                                                                                         A. Both (A) and (R) are true and (R)
    population density (2001)?                D. Stethoscope
                                                                                            is the correct explanation of (A).
    A. Coimbatore                         89. Natality is                                B. Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R)
    B. Tiruchirapalli                         A. birth rate    C. death rate                is not the correct explanation of
    C. Salem                                  B. survival rate D. none of these             (A).
    D. Chennai
                                          90. Diphtheria disease is connected            C. (A) is true, but (R) is false.
79. Which State has the highest density       with                                       D. (A) is false, but (R) is true.
    of population as per the 2001
    Census?                                   A. lungs      C. throat                99. The element(s) which exist in liquid
                                              B. liver      D. blood                     state at room temperature is (are)
    A. Kerala
    B. Maharashtra                        91. Sound travels at maximum speed in          I. Sodium
    C. Uttar Pradesh                          A. vacuum       C. air                     II. Bromine
    D. West Bengal                            B. water        D. steel                   III. Mercury
                                          92. A woman's voice is shriller than a         IV. Magnesium
80. Who is the present Lok Sabha
    Speaker?                                  man's voice due to                         Of these :
    A. A.B. Bardhan                           A. higher frequency                        A. I alone is correct
    B. Jyoti Basu                             B. higher amplitude                        B. I and II are correct
    C. Somnath Chatterjee                     C. lower frequency                         C. II and III are correct
    D. None of them                           D. weak vocal chords                       D. all are correct

100. Which of the following is the correct     109. Read the following passage :                118. Find out the error :
     order of calorific values of fuel?             Insects are small creatures having six           We can see the stars in a sky
     A. Hydrogen > Petrol > Wood                    legs, no backbone and body divided into           1      2      3         4
     B. Wood > Hydrogen > Petrol                    three parts. They are the most plentiful         A. 3            C. 1
     C. Petrol > Wood > Hydrogen                    of all living creatures. From man's              B. 2            D. 4
     D. Wood > Petrol > Hydrogen                    point of view, insects can be divided       119. Find out the error :
                                                    into two kinds.                                  He was a nobler man
101. Find out the error :
                                                    ............... are the most plentiful of        1 2         3       4
     As she is sick she walks slow                  living creatures.                                A. 2            C. 4
        1       2      3       4                    A. Reptiles                                      B. 1            D. 3
     A. 1            C. 4                           B. Herbivores                               120. Find out the error :
     B. 2            D. 3                           C. Insects                                       He climbed at the tree
102. Adjective of ‘trouble’ is                      D. None                                           1      2    3     4
     A. trouble      C. troublesome            110. Read the following passage :                     A. 4            C. 1
     B. troubled     D. none of these                                                                B. 2            D. 3
                                                    Lencho wrote a letter to God. The           121. Choose the correct antonym :
103. Find out the adverb                            postmaster and the postman
                                                    laughed at this. But the postmaster              Ravishankar had done a heroic deed.
     A. quickly      C. hard                        admired his faith. He did not want               A. courageous C. timid
     B. fresh        D. just                        him to be disappointed. He gathered              B. brave        D. difficult
104. Adjective of ‘space’ is                        some money and sent him under the           122. Find out the word with a prefix:
                                                    signature, ‘God’,                                A. income       C. grateful
     A. spacious     C. spouse
     B. specific     D. spice                       Who had sent the money?                          B. save         D. strengthen
                                                    A. Lencho                                   123. Find out the word with a prefix:
105. Find out the odd word :                        B. Postmaster                                    A. hill         C. roughly
     A. funnily      C. gamely                      C. Postman                                       B. submarine D. growth
     B. funkily      D. gainful                     D. Lencho's brother
                                                                                                124. Find out the word with a prefix:
106. Find out the odd word :                   111. Fill in the blank with the correct tense
                                                                                                     A. shortage    C. brave
     A. interview    C. interviewer                Malini and Susheela _____ (prepare)               B. malpractice D. smooth
     B. interviewee D. intimate                    for the exams now.
                                                    A. are preparing                            125. Find out the word with a suffix:
107. Read the following passage :                   B. were preparing                                A. otherwise C. beside
     Like South Indians, the Japanese               C. is preparing                                  B. quick       D. hold
     are rice-eaters. They are particular           D. have prepared
                                                                                                126. Find out the word with a suffix:
     about not leaving a single grain of       112. Plural form of ‘negro’ is
                                                                                                     A. inland             C. worth
     rice in the plate at the end of the            A. negro           C. neglects                   B. lead               D. golden
     meal. They never waste anything.               B. negroes         D. none of these         127. Find out the word with a suffix:
     ................. never waste anything.   113. Plural form of ‘species’ is                      A. asleep             C. punishment
     A. Romans              C. Americans            A. species         C. spice                      B. cruel              D. free
     B. Indians             D. Japanese             B. spices          D. none of these         128. Select the future continuous
                                               114. Plural form of ‘two’ is                          tense :
108. Read the following passage :
                                                    A. two             C. toes                       A. shall come
     The world is compared to a great                                                                B. shall have been coming
                                                    B. twos            D. none of these
     machinery. Every man is like a                                                                  C. is coming
     wheel which, however tiny it maybe,       115. Plural form of ‘medium’ is                       D. shall be coming
     is essential for the running of the            A. media        C. medicos                  129. Select the simple present tense:
     machinery, which is to provide for             B. medium       D. none of these                 A. I am going to the hospital.
     the hundreds of millions of people.                                                             B. They were listening to the teacher.
                                               116. Select the past participle of ‘stand’:
      What is the world compared to?                                                                 C. Empty vessels make much noise.
                                                    A. stood                                         D. none of these.
      A. The world is compared to         a         B. was standing                             130. Fill in the blank with the correct
         computer.                                  C. is standing                                   tense.
      B. The world is compared to         a         D. none of these
                                                                                                     I ............. (finish) my work by this
         workshop.                             117. Find out the error :                             time next month.
      C. The world is compared to         a         It was a prettiest bird                          A. will be finished
         machinery.                                 1 2 3           4                                B. am finished
      D. The world is compared to         a         A. 3            C. 1                             C. will have finished
         mechanic.                                  B. 2            D. 4                             D. will be finishing

131. Choose the correct synonym :                I shall have reached my friend's           150. Match the following Column A with
     He taught the students to cultivate         house.                                          Column B :
     their minds.                                A. Simple Past                                     Column A        Column B
     A. teach        C. develop                  B. Future Perfect                               1. gushing      a. particle
     B. trained      D. change                   C. Future Continuous                            2. speck        b. perhaps
                                                 D. Future Perfect continuous.                   3. hanging      c. bursting
132. Choose the correct synonym :                                                                4. probably     d. suspending
                                           142. Select the correct tense :
     Mother Teresa's eyes lit up with                                                            Codes :
     her usual kind smile.                      After I ............. (finish) my work, I
                                                                                                       1      2      3       4
                                                went to bed.
     A. cruel       C. warm                                                                      A.    d      c      a       b
     B. sad         D. style                    A. has finished C. had finished                  B.    b      c      d       a
                                                B. have finished D. finished                     C.    c      a      d       b
133. Choose the correct synonym :
                                           143. Select the correct tense :                       D.    a      c      d       b
     Some birds will fly away when the
     weather turns cold:                        By this time tomorrow we ...........        151. Fill in the blank with gerund :
                                                (wait) here.                                     It is wise ....................................... new
     A. sky         C. report
     B. climate     D. reason                   A. shall be waiting                              ideas.
                                                B. waited
                                                                                                 A. to accept            C. to be accepted
134. Choose the correct synonym :               C. will wait
                                                                                                 B. accepting D. accept
     Suddenly Rani heard the sound of           D. are waiting
     water trickling.                      144. Select the correct tense form of the        152. Fill in the blank with gerund :
     A. pouring     C. crawling                 verb :                                           It is our aim ................... the status
     B. dripping    D. gushing                  Columbus ................ (discover)             of women.
                                                America.                                         A. raising         C. to raisen
135. Choose the correct synonym :
                                                A. will discover                                 B. to be raised D. to raising
     The roads should be repaired               B. discovered
     immediately.                               C. was discovered                           153. Change the following Noun into Verb
     A. at once     C. slowly                   D. will be discovered                            form
     B. belatedly   D. hastily                                                                   ‘acquisition’
                                           145. Fill in the blank :
136. Choose the correct synonym :                                                                A. acquisitive
                                                I got my shirt ............. in blue.            B. acquisitiveness
     The policeman unlocked the cell.           A. dyed           C. doer                        C. acquire
     A. opened      C. widened                  B. died           D. none of these               D. none of these
     B. closed      D. repaired            146. Fill in the blank :                         154. Change the following Verb into Noun
137. Choose the correct antonym :               Amul ......... of Gujarat supplies milk.         form :
     They understood the weakness of            A. diary            C. daily                     ‘apply’
     their enemy.                               B. dairy            D. none of these
                                                                                                 A. applied      C. apply for
     A. powers      C. boldness            147. Fill in the blank :                              B. applicable D. application
     B. arms        D. strength                 He gave me a bearer.............            155. Select the correct question tag:
138. Choose the correct antonym :               A. check        C. cheque
                                                                                                 He     can't          speak     English
     Everyone should give respect to            B. chalk        D. none of these
     their parents.                        148. Select the suitable word :                       A. Will he?          C. Can he?
     A. disobey     C. cheat                    Smoking ........ our health.                     B. Does he?          D. Did he?
     B. disrespect D. love                      A. effect         C. affects
                                                                                            156. Select the correct question tag:
139. Choose the correct antonym :               B. defect         D. none of these
                                                                                                 I am right...................?
     The interior part of the earth        149. Match the following Column A with
     remains very hot.                          Column B :                                       A. Aren't I?        C. Have I?
                                                                                                 B. Can I?           D. Haven't?
     A. inner       C. outside                     Column A        Column B
     B. inside      D. exterior                 1. ancient      a. unrefined                157. Select the correct question tag:
                                                2. crude        b. olden                         Let's go to the beach .................?
140. Choose the correct antonym :
                                                3. invade       c. refused
     It was a rough wooden bed.                 4. denied       d. attack                        A. Shall we?     C. Haven't you?
     A. smooth       C. silky                   Codes :                                          B. Will you? D. Do you?
     B. soft         D. rocky                         1      2      3      4                158. Select the correct question tag:
                                                A.    a      b      d      c
141. Name the correct tense form of the         B.    b      c      d      a                     He has left already..............?
     underlined words:                          C.    c      a      d      b                     A. Hasn't he? C. Will he?
     By this time day after tomorrow            D.    b      a      d      c                     B. Doesn't he? D. Won't he?

159. Select the correct question tag:          169. Fill in the blank with the suitable             A. 4             C. 1
     He doesn't like tea ..............?            infinitive :                                    B. 2             D. 3
     A. Does he?     C. Will he?                    The children are anxious ..........        177. Find out the error :
     B. Did he?      D. Do he?                      A. to learn                                     The thief have been brought
                                                    B. to be learnt                                      1          3
160. Select the correct question tag:
                                                    C. to learning                                  to Chennai by van
     You didn't notice him ..............?          D. to have been learnt                               3         4
     A. Don't you? C. Can you?                                                                      A. 2            C. 4
                                               170. Fill in the blank with gerund :
     B. Did you?     D. Will you?
                                                    ................. too many sweets is bad        B. 1            D. 3
161. Find out the error :                           for health.                                178. Find out the error :
     I have some book on Physics                    A. To eating                                    I does not know the answer
     1 2           3       4                        B. To be eaten                                  1    2       3       4
     A. 3            C. 4                           C. Ate                                          A. 3            C. 2
     B. 2            D. 1                           D. Eating                                       B. 1            D. 4
162. Identify the Imperative sentence:         171. Identify the complex sentence:             179. Find out the error :
     A. She has completed it                        A. On hearing be bell, the boys stood           He is going to college on bus
     B. How tall the building is?                      up.                                          1     2         3       4
     C. Bring me the red file at once.              B. When the boys heard the bell,
                                                                                                    A. 3            C. 4
     D. Can you come with me?                          they stood up.
                                                                                                    B. 2            D. 1
                                                    C. The boys heard the bell and they
163. Identify the Interrogative sentence:
                                                       stood up.                               180. Find out the error :
     A. Where are you coming from?                  D. We stood up on hearing the bell.
     B. He is a doctor                                                                              Ramayana is a holy book
     C. She wants to become a lawyer           172. Identify the simple sentence :                       1     2 3       4
     D. What a lovely sight!                        A. Besides making a promise, she                A. 4            C. 2
                                                       kept it.                                     B. 3            D. 1
164. Identify the Passive voice :
                                                    B. Come here now or you cannot             181. Identify the sentence pattern :
     A. He writes a story                              meet him.
     B. My uncle presented my sister a                                                              Raju presented me a dictionary.
                                                    C. Lalita was very weak but she
        bangle                                                                                      A. SVO           C. S.V.IO.DO
                                                       walked to her office.
     C. Let the door be opened                                                                      B. SVOA          D. SVOC
                                                    D. She heard the news and at once
     D. Raja was playing football
                                                       she began to cry.
                                                                                               182. Identify the sentence pattern :
165. Identify the Present Perfect
     Continuous Tense :                        173. Identify the simple sentence :                  They named him Diyana.
     A. I like to dance                             A. He is too weak to walk.                      A. S.V.O.A      C. A.S.V.C
     B. She is writing a letter now                 B. As Mary was rich she enjoyed all             B. S.V.O.C      D. S.V.IO.DO
     C. Mohan is working in this office                luxuries.
                                                    C. He saves some money and so he           183. Identify the sentence pattern :
     D. Kamala has been serving in this
        institution since 1985                         can buy a car.                               The children like sweets.
                                                    D. The problem was very difficult               A. S.V.C
166. Identify the Passive voice :
                                                       and so I cannot solve it.                    B. S.V.O
     A. Let the patients not be disturbed
     B. Rahim is a lawyer                      174. Identify the complex sentence :                 C. A.S.V.C
     C. He goes to Mumbai                                                                           D. S.V.O.C
                                                    A. I saw a building which was
     D. Rani and Vimala are playing chess              beautiful.                              184. Identify the sentence pattern :
167. Fill in the blank with the suitable            B. He was too foolish to follow me.             I met my uncle at the railway station.
     infinitive :                                   C. She obeys her husband's orders.
                                                                                                    A. S.V.O
     ................. the mountain is              D. I do not know about his arrival.
                                                                                                    B. S.V.O.A
     dangerous.                                175. Identify the odd word :                         C. S.V.O.C
     A. To be climbed                               A. diplomat                                     D. S.V.IO.DO
     B. To climbing                                 B. statesman
     C. To climb                                                                               185. Which of the following sentences
                                                    C. ambassador                                   does not belong to the degrees of
     D. none of these                               D. farmer                                       comparison?
168. Fill in the blank with the suitable       176. Find out the error :                            A. No other boy is as active as Raja.
     infinitive :
                                                    I were received by the officers                 B. Rani is the most obedient girl.
     I was happy ................. the news.        1        2             3                        C. Have you finished your work?
     A. to hearing C. heard                          at the airport                                 D. Peacock is one of the most
     B. to be heard D. to hear                            4                                            beautiful birds.

186. Identify the superlative degree.                C. Although it is very cheap, it is          196. Fill in the blank with suitable
     A. The gold is one of the costliest                durable.                                       preposition :
        metals.                                      D. People living in luxury, know
                                                        nothing about poverty.                        He has been trying ............. finish
     B. Very few flowers are as beautiful                                                             the work.
        as lotus.                              191. Fill in the blank with article :
     C. Rohini is not older than Krishna.                                                             A. to             C. in
                                                    ............... palm tree is generally very
     D. No other boy is so tall as Kumar.                                                             B. by             D. with
187. Identify the degree :                          A. The                 C. An                  197. Fill in the blank with suitable
     Gopi was not so clever as Raghu.               B. A                   D. No article               preposition :
     A. Comparative degree                     192. Fill in the blank with suitable                   The mango was cut ............. my
     B. Superlative degree                          article:                                          brother.
     C. Positive degree                             Her husband is ............. shrewd               A. to             C. by
     D. None of these                               person.                                           B. with           D. at
188. Identify the correct degree :                  A. the         C. some
                                                    B. an          D. a                           198. Fill in the blank with suitable
     No other leader was as famous as                                                                  preposition :
     Gandhiji.                                 193. Fill in the blank with suitable
                                                    article:                                          My house is ............. a lake.
     A. Superlative degree
     B. Comparative degree                          Germany is ........... European country.          A. by             C. beside
     C. Positive degree                             A. a                C. the                        B. at             D. under
     D. None of these                               B. an               D. no article             199. Fill in the blank with suitable
189. Identify the correct degree:              194. Fill in the blank with suitable                    preposition :
     Asoka is more famous than Babur.               article:                                          He was waiting ............. the bus.
     A. Positive degree                             Ramu is ............. engineer.                   A. for            C. with
     B. Comparative degree                          A. the             C. a                           B. to             D. by
     C. Superlative degree                          B. an              D. few
     D. None of these                                                                             200. Fill in the blank with suitable
                                               195. Fill in the blank with suitable
                                                                                                       preposition :
190. Identify the compound sentence:                article:
                                                                                                      He will come ............. Sunday.
     A. It is very cheap, but it is durable.        The child is eating ............. apple.
     B. If you work hard, you will get              A. a             C. none                          A. on             C. in
        a prize.                                    B. the           D. an                            B. at             D. by


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