Beauty and the Beast 1 Beauty and the Beast by yaoyufang



                         Beauty and the Beast
                                                Final…we hope...Revision

          Play opens on bare stage. 15 seconds of intro music before Ray Guildenstern (story teller) appears. He walks
                                           down right, stops and addresses audience.

Ray:               (Enters in the style of the old carnival barkers) Good evening ladies and
                   gentlemen. Welcome to the theatre…a place where you will experience the
                   suspension of disbelief, an uplifting of the spirit, and, perhaps even a moral
                   lesson… or two… (Gloria enters) Now…this evening we will…
Gloria:            (Enters stage right, crosses to within a few feet of Ray…plants fists firmly on
                   hips) DAAA—AD!
Ray                (Caught off guard…to audience) Excuse me… (To Gloria) Hi sweetheart…(Soto
                   whisper) You can‟t be out here right now….
Gloria             I‟m hungry.

Ray:               We just ate two hours ago. Now go…
Gloria:            That was chicken and corn. (crosses arms, defiantly) I don‟t like chicken and
Ray:               Go backstage. I‟ll get you something later…
Gloria:            I don‟t want something later. I want something now.
Ray:               Right now we‟re doing a play.
Gloria:            Cool! Is there a part for me?
Ray:               Maybe. Why don‟t you run along backstage, talk to the costume
                   mistress…maybe there is a part you could play.
Gloria:            (While crossing to exit, SR, over her shoulder toward the audience) I want a big
Ray:               There are no small parts…only small actors.
Gloria:            Then I‟m a very small actor… who wants a very large part. (exits)
Ray:               Where was I? …uhh…moral lessons…uplifted spirit…ah yes… now…

                   Once upon a time there was a prince…

                       (The Prince’s Throne is rolled through the UL curtain just a few feet. All
                                                    courtiers enter)

                   (As Ray begins the narrative, he slips into his Lumiere costume/hat and moves
                   center stage). He lived in a big beautiful castle, he had dozens of servants, the
                   best food, the finest clothes… He was a handsome prince. And boy did he know


             (Prince enters)

Prince:      I will do what I want to do, when I want to do it, wherever I please! Is that
Courtiers:   (Variously…which means not in unison) Yes, your highness. Absolutely, your
             majesty. Without question. Goes with out saying…
Ray:         Would your majesty care to play a game now?
Prince:      No, Lumiere, I would not like to play a game! I‟m hungry!
Ray:         Mrs. Potts…would you show the Prince the dinner menu for this evening?
Mrs. Potts   (She hurries quickly from her place DL to the Princes side…left of the throne)
             Yes, yes. Of course. Here we are. Here we are (Hands him the scroll) I hope his
             majesty will be pleased----
Prince:      Chicken and corn! I hate chicken and corn!
Courtiers:   (Variously) Me too…hate it…can‟t stand the sight of chicken! No sir…no way!
Ray:         Is there nothing we can do to make his majesty‟s life a little happier?
Prince:      (Very bored) I have whatever I want…whenever I want it. And it‟s all so
             boring! There must be something more to life than this…

                                Musical # 1: “Something More”
                                 (To the tune of “Something There”)


                                  Your Majesty, you must agree
                        Your life is rich with every thing you‟d ever need
                               How could you poss-i-bly complain
                       To look for something else will just be work in vain


                            I‟m bored with this, I‟m bored with these,
                          It‟s not enough to have just anything I please.
                               There‟s nothing new left to be served,
                        And now you‟re all beginning to get on my nerves


                                   Prince, it‟s a bit a-larming,
                             When you think of all that you can do.
                                 True, we are most-ly fawning,
                          But we‟d be happ-i-er if you were hap-py too.

                                Try not to be…sad and for-lorn
                      You are so blessed to have the chicken and the corn
                              The world‟s a stage, it‟s not a bore
                     You have the largest part, how could you ask for more?


                                               You are the Prince…


                          …………… I know… but all of it‟s a bore…


                     You have the largest part, how could you ask for more?

Ray as L:    Now then, your majesty! Would you like to play a game?
Prince:      Out of my sight! All of you!
Courtiers:   (Exiting nervously…babbling, variously, away as usual) Out of sight…got to
             go…right now…outta here…anyone seen an exit sign around here…
Ray:         (Moves downstage to speak to the audience) And so you see the dilemma…even
             though he was very handsome and very rich and could have anything he
             wanted…he was very spoiled and very selfish…he thought only of himself
             (voice trails off as he notices he is not onstage alone)
Gloria:      (who had been on-stage as an extra…stays on-stage…fists on hips…) Chicken
             and corn…?
Ray:         It‟s in the script---
Gloria:      It‟s in your script. …and I am an extra…?
Ray:         There are no small -----
Gloria:      (exiting as she shouts toward the wings) Mooomm….! We‟ll see about this…
Ray:         …and so you can see the dilemma. A spoiled Prince, fawning servants wanting
             to keep their jobs…

             …Now it happened that one day an old beggar woman came to the castle (Ray
             dons the “old beggar woman” costume) she somehow eluded all the guards and
             made her way to the Prince‟s chamber…

             (To the Prince, who is still seated at his throne) Pity a poor old woman, Your
             Highness. Could you spare a piece of bread?
Prince:      How did you get in here!?
Ray:         I am poor and hungry…Could you spare a piece of bread?
Prince:      Poor and hungry you may be…and you are definitely ugly…but I do not have

            time to waste on you…LEAVE!
Ray:        Certainly, your Highness. ..but can you not afford me just a little bit of
            something to eat…?
Prince:     (Getting peeved with the old woman, he rises and stands in front of the throne) I
            can…but I won‟t! I am busy just now…trying to figure out my place in the
Ray:        Please, sir…
Prince:     Please Leave! (He sits)
Ray:        (Breaks character and again becomes Ray) Now it just so happened that this
            particular old hag was a sorceress. When the Prince saw this he tried to hide
            from her but the old woman had already seen inside his heart…and she had seen
            that there was no love there…(Curtaineers appear…during the following, they
            cover the Prince as he sits at the throne…their movement is choreographed) The
            sorceress cast a spell on the Prince, his castle and all its inhabitants. All beauty
            and color would leave the castle. Indeed, almost all the courtiers left the region
            when they became aware of the curse. A darkness settled over the Prince‟s
            domain. There were no more parties. No banquets. And the Prince himself was
            turned into a beastly image. (During this, while the curtaineers hide the Prince
            the throne is slipped back behind the UL curtain and a beast claw is handed to
            the Prince who is crouched down behind the curtain. He will put on the claw and
            put it just above the curtain line on “difficult proposition” at the roar of the
            beast…then he will crawl off through the curtain, unseen by the audience and
            give the claw to the actor playing the Beast)

            (Now alone onstage) The old hag left a single rose. With that she also left the
            conditions of the curse: Every year the rose would lose one petal. By the time the
            Prince reached his 21st birthday, all the petals would be gone. On that day, the
            Prince would die. There would be only one way that the curse could be broken.
            The Prince would have to learn to love and someone would have to fall in love
            with the beast in return. A very difficult proposition. (There is a loud roar on
            the sound track at this point…)

            But not necessarily impossible… the curtaineers move quickly (new sound
            cue…upbeat mood…towns people move onstage) Let‟s go to a small village in              Cue # 5 in on
            the next county…                                                                       “…proposition”
                                                                                                   Plays out…
            (All townspeople should be onstage now…these are various merchants and
                                                                                                   Cue # 6 in on
            villagers who are buying from the merchants…Belle enters from UR…she is                “…impossible”
            reading a book, oblivious to all that is going on around her…she moves DR in
            the general direction of the of the baker…he sees her and speaks )

John, the   Good morning, Belle!
Belle       Good morning…
John:       What‟s that you‟re reading?
Belle:      Oh…it‟s a wonderful book about a boy and Beanstalk and a huge Ogre and----

John:             That‟s nice (Quickly turns to another customer and begins to talk with her…we
                  don’t “hear” the conversation) Mrs. Murray…I‟ve got the bagels you asked
                  for… (Mrs. Murray moves toward him with “…are you sure…?”)
Belle:            (Moving toward the book salesman) Bonjour, Mr. Lettres. I‟ve brought back the
                  book I borrowed.
Mr. Lettres       Belle! You‟ve finished it!? You just got it yesterday.
Belle:            Once I started, I just couldn‟t put it down! Do you have anything new?
Mr. Lettres:      Not since yesterday.
Belle:            That‟s OK…I‟ll just take this one. (Picks out a book and starts reading it)
Mr. Lettres:      But you‟ve read that one three times already.
Belle:            That‟s OK…(She moves down left while reading the book…Mr. Lettres smiles,
                  shakes his head, then busies himself with his next customer)
Mrs. LaRump:      Well…there you are, Belle…with your nose stuck in a book…as usual.
Belle:            Oh, hello Mrs. LaRump. (Looks up to speak, but quickly looks back down again
                  and continues to read)
Mrs. LaRump:      If you want my advice, young lady, you‟ll put down that book and start paying
                  attention to the world around you…the real world!
Belle:            Here? This provincial town? (Gesturing around toward the townspeople) There
                  has to be more to life than this…
Mrs. LaRump:      No. I‟m afraid not. …and what‟s more, at the rate you‟re going, you‟ll never find
                  a husband…
Belle:            Husband? …but I don‟t want---
Mrs. LaRump:      It‟s not enough to just be pretty. You have to be…uh, I mean you can‟t be so
                  (brief pause) …peculiar. …but there‟s good news. Word has it that Gaston is
                  very interested in you---
Belle:            Gaston…? I‟m sorry, but I don‟t consider that very good news---
Mrs. LaRump:      In fact he‟s headed this way now…look! If you‟re smart, you‟ll try to snare that
                  one. (Belle just rolls her eyes and continues to read…Mrs. LaRump exits with
                  hands in the air, frustrated) Well. No one can say I didn‟t try.

          (Gaston and sidekick…Ray…enter from SR…the “Three Swooning Maidens” see Gaston
           and immediately move to him for attention…their parts are always pantomimed and will
           be given during blocking rehearsals. They appear in all the “townspeople” scenes…and
                                               Gaston’s Song)

Ray:              Wow, Gaston. Two ducks, three geese and one grouse hen. When it comes to
                  hunting, no one‟s got a chance against you!
Gaston:           Look, LeFou…there she is!
Ray:              Who? Belle? You mean Belle?
Gaston:           Yes…the girl I‟m going to marry.
Ray:              Belle? You mean Belle? You‟re kidding…!
Gaston:           She‟s the prettiest girl in the whole village! In fact, she‟s the only person in town
                  as beautiful as me.
Ray:              Oh, yea…well sure…but…she‟s so…peculiar.
Gaston:           (By this time he has crossed over to Belle) Good Morning, Belle!
Belle:            (Barely looks up to speak, then turns away to read again) What…oh, good

          morning, Gaston.
Gaston:   (Crosses around to her other side…so she can see him… takes the book from her
          hands) What‟s this? (looks at a few pages very quickly, then tosses it behind
          him…so that LeFou catches it) I‟ve got something to tell you far more exciting
          than a book.
Belle:    (Very peeved, but trying to be nice) …and what would that be, Gaston?
Gaston:   I have decided to let you be my wife!
Belle:    (With mock sincerity) Well…that‟s very generous of you Gaston, but I really
          don‟t deserve this honor---
Gaston:   I know…you must be overcome with emotion!
Belle:    That is so true…(Starts to move upstage to retrieve her book) Now, if you‟ll
          excuse I‟ll just get back to my book---
Gaston:   (Stands between her and book) Forget the book, Belle. You‟re going to be much
          to busy…keeping house, washing dishes, sweeping floors…polishing my boots--
Belle:    (Moves around him and retrieves her book) I don‟t think so. (Begins to exit UL)
Gaston:   Just a minute! (She stops and turns) You need to consider your life and look at
          what I‟m offering you!
Belle:    You should find a dictionary, and look up the word “BOOR.” (She exits)

                                  Musical #2: “Gaston”


           Who does she think she is…that girl has tangled with the wrong man.
                               No one says no to Gaston.
                      Disgraced! Rejected! Publicly Humiliated!
                             Why its more than I can bare!


                                     What‟s a boor?


                        Who cares! I‟ve been publicly disgraced…


                                 Who…you??? Never!!!
                       Gaston, you‟ve got to pull yourself together!

                       Gosh it disturbs me to see you Gaston
                          Looking so down in the dumps
                       Ev‟ry guy here‟d like to be you Gaston
                           Even while taking your lumps.

                      There‟s no man in town as admired as you
                           You‟re everyone‟s favorite guy
                        Everyone awed and inspired by you
                          And its not very hard to see why.


                 No one‟s slick as Gaston. No one‟s quick as Gaston.
                    No one‟s neck‟s as incredibly thick as Gaston‟s
          For there‟s no man in town half as manly. Perfect! A pure paragon
You can ask any Tom, Dick or Stanley…and they‟ll tell you whose team they‟d prefer to
                                        be on.

                  No one‟s been like Gaston…a kingpin like Gaston
                  No one‟s got a swell cleft in his chin like Gaston


                        As a specimen, yes, I‟m intimidating


                             My what a guy that Gaston!

                     Give five “hurrahs”! Give twelve “hip-hips”
                      Gaston is the best and the rest is all drips!

                 No one fights like Gaston, douses lights like Gaston
                   In a wrestling match nobody bites like Gaston.
                      For there‟s no one as burley and brawny


                         As you see I‟ve got biceps to spare


         Not a bit of him‟s scraggly or scrawny


      And every last inch of me‟s covered with hair.


    No one hits like Gaston, matches wits like Gaston
      In a spitting match nobody spits like Gaston


     I‟m especially good at expectorating (phtooey)


                 Ten points for Gaston!


      When he was a lad he ate four dozen eggs
         Every morning to help him get large.
    And now that he‟s grown he eats five dozen eggs
          So he‟s roughly the size of a barge.


No one shoots like Gaston, makes those beauts like Gaston
 Then goes tromping around wearing boots like Gaston


           I use antlers in all of my decorating


        Say it again. Who‟s a man among men?
  And then say it once more. Who‟s the hero next door?

                      Who‟s a super success? Don‟t you know? Can‟t you guess?
                                Ask his fans and his five hangers-on.

                         There‟s just one guy in town who‟s got all of it down.

                   And his name‟s G-A-S-T---G-A-S-T-E---G-A-S-T-O--- oh…oh…



          (All exit the stage chattering to each other about what a great guy Gaston is…except
                                    Gloria…who crosses to her dad DL)

Ray:           Now, why would Belle reject such a wonderful offer from a man of Gaston‟s
               stature? Well, obviously there‟s another man in her life. Belle lived alone with
               her dear father, an inventor who doted on her and gave her everything her heart
Gloria:        Lucky girl…(She exits SR after Ray points to the wings)

Ray:           …Belle‟s father was considered something of an eccentric…but his daughter
               loved him very much… and felt responsible for him
Belle:         (Entering UL crossing DR as she speaks) Father…I wish you wouldn‟t go on
               this trip. It‟s too far. And you have to pass through that valley---
Ray:           You know I‟ve got to take my new invention to the fair in Summerfield. I‟ll be
               fine…don‟t worry…and if things go the way I think they will, we will be quite
               well off. Then neither of us will have to worry again, about anything. Now I‟ve
               got to get going or I won‟t get there before dark…back to the house with
               you…(She kisses the old man on the cheek, then moves quickly off-stage UR)

               The “valley” Belle was so concerned about …the valley no one in the village
               ever traveled to…because of the stories that were told of a castle and a Prince,
               both cursed…this was the way Belle‟s father had to go.

               The journey began well enough, but after awhile his fears were realized. It began
               to get dark (Auditorium lights dim…slowly to blue/black-out…sound cue for
               night creature music…) He became disoriented…after a while, he knew he was
               lost…and he knew that he was not alone…

                                  Musical #3: Creatures of the Forest

                      (Choreographed Dance Number…”Creatures of the Forest” )
           Director’s Note: …OK…probably wolves…this is a good place to include younger
            children, if they are available…2nd or 3rd graders…Buren can offer some creative
         movement/choreography for this age group. If you want to use older “dancers” and more
             sophisticated choreography…of your own…then feel free to become creative))

Ray:             He ran as fast as his old legs would carry him…away from the creatures…but
                 straight to the cursed castle.
Beast:           (Appears through fog at center curtain…in a very bad mood) Who is it that
                 trespasses here!?
Ray:             My name is Maurice. I was being chased…I was only looking for a safe
                 place…(He sees the Beast for the first time and cowers) I…Ahhh!
Beast:           You would have been better off if you had stayed in the forest. Now you can stay
                 here forever…(The Beast exits back behind the curtain…Ray changes character
                 quickly and moves DR… music stops, lights go up)
Ray:             The Beast locked Maurice in a dungeon cell deep within the castle. He sat in the
                 dark, damp cell sick with worry and regret. Would he ever see his beloved
                 daughter again. (During the following monologue, the action is played out in
                 pantomime by Belle and the “Wandering Merchant.” …Merchant enters from
                 SL…Belle from SR they meet DC)

                 Belle was doing no better. Three days had passed. Her father was a full day late.
                 She questioned everyone who came into the town trying to gain some knowledge
                 of his whereabouts. Finally, she met a traveling merchant who gave her a clue.
Merchant:        I sometimes deliver food and supplies to the castle…the cursed castle…in the
Belle:           In the next county…the valley between here and Summerfield…?
Merchant:        Yes. Sometimes I deliver food there…when I‟m desperate to sell my goods…I
                 heard from the cook….uhh…
Belle:           What…what did you hear…? Is my father there…? Is he alive…?
Merchant:        I cannot say. I was told only that there was a new prisoner in the dungeon. …but
                 the day he arrived was the day your father was lost…(The Merchant exits to
                 wherever the townspeople are located…Belle exits SL…dons a hooded cape and
                 appears SR…cautiously approaching the center curtain by way of DL, then DC
                 then UC…all of this while Ray is speaking)
Ray:             Belle made her way out of town following the path her father had
                 taken…eventually…after a long and frightful time… she found the castle…
Belle:           (She approaches hesitantly, guardedly…but not fearfully) Hello! Hello…is
                 anyone there…? Hello!
Beast:           (Speaking, mostly unseen from the balcony) Who…is…there?
Belle:           My name is Belle. You are holding my father prisoner. (She now speaks firmly
                 with full courage) I want you to release him…now.
Beast:           You dare to walk up to this castle and demand that a prisoner…a trespasser be

Belle:        I…do…he is my father.
Ray:          (While Ray speaks…the Beast will move from the balcony to just behind the
              center curtain…not to be seen just yet) For the first time in his twenty and three
              quarters of a year, the beast/prince became aware of something…something he
              had never witnessed before…had never seen exhibited by any person…it
              puzzled him…and for the first time in his bitter, darkened life, there was the
              tiniest ember of light…he could not name it…he did not understand it…but he
              had to know more.
Beast:        Why do you risk your life …here…at this terrible place…to save this man?
Belle:        He is my father…He is all that I have…I love him.
Beast:        How much do you love him?
Belle:        Who are you?
Beast:        Do you love him enough to take his place?
Belle:        Why do you not show yourself?
Beast:        Your father will be released. You will take his place, here…at this castle…that is
              the agreement. Will you stay?
Belle:        Yes…If you will free my father…I will be your prisoner.
Beast:        You will not be a prisoner…but you must promise to stay.
Belle:        I promise. Now show yourself.
Beast:        Very well… (She gives SL as he slowly emerges from center curtain. She is
              momentarily shocked, but regains her composure quickly…)
Belle:        Now…free my father. (Beast pauses for just a moment…then goes back through
              curtain…Belle stands looking around…not knowing what to do…)
Ray:          The beast was true to his word. Belle was not locked in the dungeon. (Ray moves
              into Lumiere costume… Mrs. Potts and the courtiers return to stage… these
              should be the strongest singers from the original group) …and true to her word,
              Belle did not try to escape. Those few courtiers…the ones who truly cared about
              the Prince and had stayed with him were astonished that the beast had actually
              allowed Belle to stay… not as a prisoner…but, to have the run of the castle…

Mrs. Potts:   (Approaches Belle, speaking…the others follow) There, there dear…you needn‟t
              be frightened.
Heathcliff:   Right…you‟re not in the dungeon…
Hector:       You have a roof over your head…
Horatio:      He didn‟t rip your heart out and feed you to the wolves (Everyone turns to 3 to
              give a disapproving look)…right.
Ray as L:     Where are our manners…allow me to introduce myself…Jacques Lumiere…this
              is Mrs. Potts…
Mrs. Potts:   I‟m afraid there aren‟t many of us left…when the master was cursed, most of
              the servants just took off…
Heathcliff:   Only those of us who were truly loyal remained.
Belle:        What curse---
Ray:          Never mind…what can we do for you…how long have you been traveling…you
              must be starved…
Belle:        Well I am a little hungry…
Mrs. Potts:   Then we must prepare something for you!

Belle:           But…
Ray:             No “buts…”

                                        Musical #4: Be Our Guest

                                                 Ray as L:

                Moi Cherie Mademoiselle it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure
                                      That we welcome you tonight
         And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents
                                              Your Dinner…

                               (The Kitchen chorus enters as song picks up)

                           Be our guest, be our guest! Put our service to the test.
                    Tie your napkin „round your neck, cherie, and we provide the rest.
                      Soup du jour! Hot hors d‟oeuvres! Why we only live to serve!
                    Try the grey stuff. It‟s delicious. Don‟t believe me? Ask the dishes!


                      They can sing! They can dance! After all, Miss, this is France!
                                 And a dinner here is never second best.
                        Go on and fold your menu. Take a glance and then you‟ll
                                Be our guest! Be our guest! Be our guest!

                       Beef ragout! Cheese Souffle! Pie and pudding “en flambé!”
                          We‟ll prepare and serve with flare a culinary cabaret.
                     You‟re alone and you‟re scared, but the banquet‟s all prepared
                    No one‟s gloomy or complaining while the flatware‟s entertaining.

                          We tell jokes, I do tricks with my fellow candlesticks.
                              And its all in perfect taste. That you can bet.
                      Come on and lift your glass. You‟ve won your own free pass—
                      To be our guest! If you‟re stressed, it‟s fine dining we suggest.
                               Be our guest! Be our Guest! Be our Guest!


                           Life is so un-nerving for a servant who‟s not serving.
                                He‟s not whole without a soul to wait upon.

                              Ah those good old days when we were useful.
                                Suddenly, those good old days are gone.

                    Ten years we‟ve been rusting, needing so much more than dusting.
                              Needing exercise, a chance to show our skills.
                                Most days we just lay around the castle,
                         Flabby, fat, and lazy. You walked in, and oops-a-daisy


                        It‟s a guest! It‟s a guest! Sakes a live well I‟ll be blessed!
              Wine‟s been poured and thank the lord, We‟ve had the napkins freshly pressed.
                     With dessert, she‟ll want tea. And my dear that‟s fine with me.
                  While the cups do their soft shoeing, I‟ll be bubbling I‟ll be brewing!

                         I‟ll get warm! Piping hot! Heavens sakes, is that a spot?
                               Clean it up we want the company impressed!
                                We‟ve got a lot to do. Is it one lump or two?
                         For you‟re our guest…She‟s our guest! She‟s our guest!

                       Be our guest! Be our Guest! Our command is your request!
                    It‟s ten years since we‟ve had anybody here, and we‟re obsessed
                      With your meal, with your ease, yes indeed we aim to please.
                  While the candle-light‟s still glowing let us help you, we‟ll keep going

                    Course by course, one by one! „til you shout “e-nough. I‟m done!”
                              Then we‟ll sing you of to sleep as you digest.
                       Tonight you prop your feet up! But, for now, let‟s eat up!

                                Be our guest! Be our guest! Be our guest!
                                         Please be our guest!!!

          (Kitchen Chorus exits…taking Belle along with them… courtiers and Mrs. Potts remain,
                                              moving DR)

Ray as L:        I tell you, its amazing…
Heathcliff:      The most amazing thing that‟s happened to this castle in a long, long time.
Mrs. Potts:      Have you noticed that the castle isn‟t as dark these days?
Hector:          It‟s as though she brought the sun with her when she came here.
Mrs. Potts:      Have you noticed the difference in HIS disposition?
Horatio:         HE‟s actually civil whenever she‟s around.
Heathcliff:      Perhaps the castle isn‟t doomed…and HE will not have to die.
Mrs. Potts:      But…have you noticed any attraction in her for HIM?

Hector:       It‟s hard to say. She‟s a bit peculiar.
Mrs. Potts:   I think she cares for him.
Lumiere:      (Belle enters SL an moves DL gazing into the distance…obviously deep in
              thought) Shhh…! There she is now….(They are all SR, and seemingly eavesdrop
              on her during the song…she seems not to notice them at all)

                                Musical #5: “Something There”


                            There‟s something sweet, and almost kind,
                        But he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined.
                               And now he‟s dear, and so I‟m sure
                            I wonder why I didn‟t see it there before?

                                  (Appearing from the balcony)

                              She glanced this way, I thought I saw
                       And when we touched she didn‟t shudder at my paw.
                                  No, it can‟t be. I‟ll just ignore.
                        But then she‟s never looked at me that way before.


                                    New, and a bit alarming.
                           Who‟d have ever thought that this could be?
                               True, that he‟s no Prince Charming,
                      But there‟s something in him that I simply didn‟t see.


                                   Well who‟d have thought?


                                      Well bless my soul!


                                    Well who‟d have known?

                                               Mrs. Potts

                                           Well, who indeed?


                      And who‟d have guessed they‟d come together on their own?


                         There may be something there that wasn‟t there before.


                           Perhaps there‟s something that wasn‟t there before.


                         There may be something there that wasn‟t there before.

            All exit in an excited, hushed “buz”…except Belle who sits on stump DL and smiles
                            contentedly…Ray resumes narrator role and moves DR

Ray:             Things were going well…the palace servants were optimistic, Belle seemed
                 happy, the beast was becoming more genteel with every day that passed in
                 Belle‟s presence…but…these things have a way of coming to an end----you
                 remember the traveling merchant…he should be making his entrance just about
Merchant:        (Hurries on from SL…crosses to Belle) Belle! You must go home! Your father
                 has been locked up. When he told the village about the Beast, Gaston said he
                 was crazy and had him locked away. You must go home, now!
Belle:           But I cannot leave…I gave my word…
Merchant:        …your father is locked up…and he is not well. (he pauses a moment, shakes his
                 head, realizing he has done all he can do…then exits)
Ray:             Belle went to the Beast…told him what had occurred.

         (Enter servants UR…All of this is pantomimed upstage left for Belle and the Beast UR for
                                            the castle servants)

Ray:             The Beast could see the pain in Belle‟s eyes…the worry…the anxiety…To
                 Belle‟s surprise, and to the surprise of every servant in the castle, the Beast told
                 her to leave…to go to her father. He told her she was no longer a prisoner. (Belle
                 exits left…Beast …head bowed…exits center curtain)
Mrs. Potts:      Did you see that? He let her go!
All:             (Variously) Amazing…I don‟t believe it!…if I hadn‟t seen it with my own
Ray:             Do you think that it has finally happened?
Mrs. Potts:      Yes, it has.
Horatio:         He actually put the feelings of someone else above himself.
Mrs. Potts:      After all this time…he has finally learned to love.
All:             (variously…very excited and happy) …we‟re saved…he won‟t die…the castle
                 will come to life again…this is wonderful…
Ray:             Except for one thing. (They all freeze, look at Lumiere…and collectively shout:
                 “WHAT?”)…She‟s Gone…
Mrs. Potts:      (Realization) Oh,yes…She is gone.
Heathcliff:      He finally learned to care about someone else..
Hector:          He was behaving so nicely..
Horatio:         He wasn‟t even complaining about the chicken and corn…
Ray:             It was all going so nicely…but now…she‟s gone
Mrs. Potts:       (The others exit…dejectedly…leaving Mrs. Potts who wanders DR to
                 stump…she speaks hopefully) Maybe she‟ll come back…They were getting
                 along so well…did you notice that he pulled the chair out for her when
                 she…(She looks back to notice that she is alone) …They were getting along so

                                               Musical # 6:

                                                Mrs. Potts:

                                  Tale as old as time, True as it can be.
                        Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly.
                                Just a little change, small to say the least
                                Both a little scared, neither one prepared
                                            Beauty and the Beast.

                                    Ever just the same, ever a surprise
                                     Ever as before, ever just as sure,

                                     As the sun will rise

                           Tale as old as time, tune as old as song
                      Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change,
                                 Learning you were wrong.

                            Certain as the sun, rising in the East.
                          Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.
                                    Beauty and the Beast

                          Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.
                                    Beauty and the Beast

                                         (She exits)

Ray:       The palace grew dark again…and the rose, left all those years ago by the
           sorceress had only one petal left…

           Meanwhile…back at the village…(starts getting into the LeFou personae)…

          (Gaston and townspeople enter from SL… they are carrying implements of
             destruction…and get increasingly riled up as the scene progresses)

Gaston:    Alright Belle…so your father‟s not crazy…
Belle:     No! His story is true.
Gaston:    …and this beast then held you prisoner…?
Belle:     Yes…I mean no…he‟s a beast…but after a while he was nice…
LeFou:     He‟s a beast…he‟s nice…he‟s not nice..?
Gaston:    Is there a beast …or not…is your father crazy…or not…?
Belle:     There is a beast…in the old castle in the valley…but he‟s
LeFou:     …sounds like Belle‟s getting a little sweet on the Beast… (crowd reacts)
Gaston:    (now getting jealous as he realizes what has happened) Belle. Your father is
           locked in the basement of the old clock tower…you should go to him (she runs
           off left)
Lefou:     You‟re going to let him go?
Gaston:    We have a much bigger problem, LeFou.
LeFou:     We do?
Gaston:    The Beast! We must kill the beast!
LeFou:     Oh Yea, Right! The Beast! Kill the Beast! …uh …why do we need to kill the

Gaston:   He‟s a menace! Lurking in his castle for now…but sooner or later, he‟ll come
          here! He‟ll attack!
LeFou:    That‟s terrible! (general hubbub…from townspeople…repeating certain key
Gaston:   He‟ll slink in during the night…he‟ll take the children…He‟ll burn down the
          village…he must be destroyed….

             ( townspeople…are worked into a frenzy to go after the Beast…)

Gaston:   He‟ll burn your crops!!!
          (Mob reacts)

          We can‟t allow this menace to live!!!
          (Mob reacts)

          You must protect your families!!!
          (Mob reacts)

          ARE YOU WITH ME???
          (Mob at its highest pitch…shouts of “Yes!” “Darn Right!” etc…)

          Take whatever you want from the palace…BUT LEAVE THE BEAST TO
          (Mob rushes off right yelling variously…Gaston laughs and motions for LeFou
          to follow as they exit behind the crowd…Ray moves DR)

Ray:      …a terrible thing…a mob. They were beaten back, of course. Only Gaston made
          it through. He moved from room to room in the castle, avoiding detection, until
          he found the despondent Beast… (Gaston has been moving around the stage…at
          this point he sees the Beast…sneaks up behind him, and is about to stab him in
          the back, when the Beast perceives his presence, turns and they lock hands and
          freeze in position) …It was an interesting fight. At any moment the Beast could
          have snapped Gaston like a twig. But he had lost the instinct…the urge…to
          kill…to hurt. He merely held the pompous Gaston at bay, repeatedly thwarting
          his attacks. Of course, Gaston imagined himself to be “holding his own.”
Gaston:   (Both unfreeze for a second…still arm-locked… as Gaston speaks…then freeze
          again) You hideous creature! Did you actually think that someone as beautiful as
          Belle would fall in love with you!
Ray:      …and that was the death stroke… (Beast straightens, drops his arms to his side
          and slowly turns his back to Gaston) The cut of a knife has little impact on a

                body, be it human or beast, whose heart has been broken,,,(in slow motion,
                Gaston lifts the knife he holding and brings it down to stab the beast…he then

                Now Belle has heard about the assault and has made her way to the castle as fast
                as she could.
Belle:          (Belle enters…takes a few seconds to see the Beast lying on the floor..just in
                front of the center curtain) Oh no…(rushes to his side…kneels…cradles his
Beast:          You…came…back…
Belle:          Of course…I…Love..You…

          (At this point, the curtaineers appear and mask the couple…during the following Belle
           and the Beast will escape through the curtain…if a gold dress is available, Belle will
              change…curtaineers will face upstage, frozen, until B & B make final entrance)

Ray:            But, of course…it was too late. The Beast was dead. Belle returned to her home
                and lived out the remainder of her days as an old spinster----
Gloria:         (Entering from SL) Daaaad….!!!
Ray:            (Aside) Not now…I‟m almost through here----
Gloria:         That‟s not how it ends!!!
Ray:            What…?
Gloria:         He doesn‟t die!
Ray:            He doesn‟t die…?
Gloria:         She said she loved him…!
Ray:            She loved him…?
Gloria:         And he loves her…he let her go to her father!
Ray:            He was stabbed!
Gloria:         It doesn‟t matter!
Ray:            He doesn‟t die….?
Gloria:         They live happily ever .
Ray:            I see… in other words you‟re telling me the spell was broken. He put someone
                else before himself…
Gloria:         Right.
Ray:            He‟s no longer spoiled and unhappy…
Gloria:         Right.
Ray:            They live happily ever after…
Gloria:         Right.
Ray:            What about the chicken and the corn?
Gloria:         (Hands on hips) Don‟t push it.
Ray:            So…the ending went something a little more like this…

                         Musical #8: Beauty and the Beast

   (Cast slowly walks onstage singing…covers whole stage…moves left and right of
center…Belle and the Beast will enter from the center curtain on the lyrics “As the sun
                                    will rise…”)

                        Tale as old as time, True as it can be.
              Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly.
                      Just a little change, small to say the least
                      Both a little scared, neither one prepared
                                  Beauty and the Beast.

                          Ever just the same, ever a surprise
                           Ever as before, ever just as sure,
                                 As the sun will rise

                (Enter Prince and Belle in Formal Gown…move DC)

                        Tale as old as time, tune as old as song
                   Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change,
                              Learning you were wrong.

                        Certain as the sun, rising in the East.
                      Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.
                                Beauty and the Beast

                      Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.
                                Beauty and the Beast

                               Finale & Curtain Call:

                           Musical # 9: “Be Our Guest”

                                   Casting Directions…
         There are three choruses and one dance group…

         The Courtiers…
         …on stage during the Castle scene, they sing “Something More”…(to the tune of
         “Something There.”) They should wear dark knickers and collarless shirts…we will
         provide the banded ascots. Heathcliff, Horatio, Hector and Mrs. Potts are part of this

         The Village People…
         …one Indian, one construction worker…no, no, just kidding…actually, these are the
         people who live in Belle‟s village…They sing “Gaston” and have some limited
         choreography. …from this chorus come The Three Swooning Maidens, John the
         Baker, Mr. Lettres, The Merchant, and Mrs. LaRump. Should wear various colors,
         knickers, long sleeve shirts...females: full (not tight) skirts as long as possible, lacy
         blouses…we will have some accessories…

         The Kitchen Chorus…
         …this could simply be your Courtiers, or a subset of The Courtiers…or they can be a
         separate chorus…they will sing “Be Our Guest.” …they will come on just for the musical
         number…choreography can be added…should wear black knickers, collarless white
         shirts… we will provide chef‟s hats…females the same as males.

         The Wolves…dancers
         …a good place to put your 2nd or 3rd graders if you are an elementary school. We can
         provide choreography (creative movement) for that age group. If you use older students,
         you‟ll need to assist Buren with choreography.

         Belle, Prince, Beast…
         …costumes provided by The Baillie Players

            Shoes: NO Athletic Shoes! All students should wear hard soled shoes, “church

                                 Individual Roles for Students

Belle            Should have some singing ability…more important to be pretty, with lots of
                 stage presence…a strong actress
Prince           The Beast and the Prince are played by two separate actors…The Prince is the
                 smaller role…has a small singing part in “Something More” but this could be

               “talk/sung” …it‟s more important that he have some acting ability… but most
               important that he be handsome…and hopefully an inch or two taller than Belle.
Beast          Needs to be your 2nd strongest actor…if possible, larger than the Prince…no
               mask is used, we will apply make-up. Both the Prince and the Beast will need to
               provide a white shirt and white socks that come up over the knees. We will bring
               the knickers, cape, crown and shoe buckles…
Mrs. Potts     …matronly…a good singer, she has the solo, “Beauty and the Beast.”
Heathcliff,    …three of the courtiers…good strong voices…change the names and make them
Hector, and    female if you need to… same costume needs as the courtiers…
John the       …three of the townspeople… same costume needs
Baker, Mr.
Lettres, and
Mrs. LaRump
Three          …part of the village people…need to be able to act in pantomime…minimal
Swooning       self-consciousness…
The Merchant   …wanders on and off with news of Belle‟s father… this character‟s lines are
               critical to the forward movement of the plot…cast someone who can speak well
               enough to be heard and understood…we can work with interpretation as we
               go…can be included in the village people chorus…costume needs are the same
               as theirs….
Gaston:        …take the most care in casting this role. …a swaggering, over confident, always
               grinning know-it-all...he will sing part of “Gaston” …but singing ability should
               not be the most important criteria when casting…it will be better if he can talk
               the song in a loud, brash manner…costume provided….
Curtaineers:   Two girls to bring on the “curtain” which covers the Beast transformation and
               the death of the Beast

Gaston:        …take the most care in casting this role. …a swaggering, over confident, always
               grinning know-it-all...he will sing part of “Gaston” …but singing ability should
               not be the most important criteria when casting…it will be better if he can talk
               the song in a loud, brash manner…costume accessories provided….needs same
               basic costume as village people…
Tech Crew      …4 guys (The ones who no not want to be in the play, but will wreak havoc if
               they‟re left with nothing to do) …2 on lights and 2 on sound…

                           DO NOT CAST:

  The roles of Ray or Gloria…will be played by The Baillie Players…

               We will need help that evening…

Try to acquire adult help on the evening of the show…teachers, if
possible…or parents. Please do not ask the principal to require teachers to
help…these people become enemies and will try to thwart the process with
negativity. Sometimes they’re successful in stopping the program for the next
year. Ask for volunteers. We need two adult stage managers…one back
stage, one out front… and a dresser for Belle…

               A Note To The Music Teachers…

This is a drama residency…not music. Our program is produced with the
average “non-music” teacher in mind. That is why we use recorded music
instead of scores (We can send you sheet music if you need it). Through this
program, we hope to teach or reinforce South Carolina Standards for
Theatre. Occasionally, the principal hands over our program to the music
teacher. Most of the time, this is great! I learn a lot from good music
educators…and I like to think that some of our music teachers have learned
things from us…”staging, interpretation, presence, etc… …but, SC Music
Standards are not what we’re about…that’s why the school has a music
teacher. We are usually present because there isn’t a drama teacher. Unless
you’ve been forced to participate in a program you’d rather not do, we
should be able to compliment each other, and the children will have a
wonderful learning experience…the kind that can only be received through
The Fine Arts.

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