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					Suzie Sunda         CPD:2009/10: Useful Websites for teachers and students

Websites for teachers (not in any order of            Comments
       City College: Manchester               Worksheets – E1 – L1 (especially good for E1,
                                                      E2 and E3 and Trinity exam practice)    Entry one worksheets – mapped to skills for life
ind.htm                                               and Trinity   Entry 2 “                  “
int-w-ind.htm     ICT / Citizenship stuff for teachers (haven’t

       Busy                              Great website for grammar points – loads of
                                                      communicative materials from Reward, One
                                                      Stop English etc. Downside: too many materials                           and takes ages to find things

       Talent                                         Great for wintertime news etc. Not very good
                                                      for higher levels such as L1/L2. A lot of
                                                      resources from – never                  used them myself.

                                                      A lot of materials which are curriculum
       Skillsworkshop                                 referenced. It does take a long time to sift
                                                      through all the material but apparently it’s
                                                      really good for lower levels and I have used it                        for L1 and there are some really useful
                                                      materials for the L1 literacy exam.

       Breaking News English                          Loads of reading / vocabulary exercises which
                                                      can be adapted to make some good lessons.
                                                      Have used for Entry 3.                     Apparently these are simpler news lessons but
                                                      on first glance they don’t look that easy.
       One Stop English                               I really like this website for Level one and Two. It has
                                                      loads of good grammar exercises and great podcasts                         for this level but you do need to be a staffroom
                                                      member to access all the good materials. It has a
                                                      great section for business which has useful materials
       ESL BASE                                       for CVs and job interviews.                     You have to register (free) to access these
                                                      materials – has some good boardgames and
                                                      matching activities. I like this website!
       Mary Glasgow
                                                      Downloadable activities – after so many you              have to pay £15.00. Publisher of Timesavers so
                                                      you can find some simple stuff for festivals.

Suzie Sunda        CPD:2009/10: Useful Websites for teachers and students

                                                    (really for primary and secondary students)
       ESL FLOW
                                                    Lots of worksheets on different topics and                             different levels taken from other websites.
                                                    Downside: can be deleted and takes a while to
       Discovery Maker                              sift through.

                                                    Use this site to make up crosswords, word          searches etc

       SEN                                          Another site where you can make up materials
                                                    such as word cards, certificates etc. Has photo                    cards – looks pretty good.

                                                    Great for different fonts
       Cool Text
                                                    Worksheets for different levels (grammar,
       English Banana                               vocab, spelling etc) as well as a variety of
                                                    grammar books, teaching suggestions.
                                                    Websites which are used to teach children but
       Primary Websites                             have some good materials which you can

       ESL Galaxy / links to other sites            Links to different websites etc. Good for board             games
       Bogglesworld                                 Vocabulary / grammar / crosswords etc
       MES                                          Japanese website                         Games to play on-line

                                                    Some really good materials but you have to
       ESL PRINTABLES                               share your own and other teachers need to
                                                    print them too, otherwise you don’t get any
                                                    points. Not easy to upload if you have vista or                        recent edition of word as have to convert your
                                                    .doc which is a real pain as you need software.

       HANDOUTS ONLINE                              Some free downloads but you have to pay for
                                                    most – American website

       BBC                    Have used for E3 and L1. Has some good
                                                    worksheets, online activities and games. Have
                                                    used for punctuation such as commas and

Suzie Sunda       CPD:2009/10: Useful Websites for teachers and students

                                                   apostrophes as well as reading skills.
                                                   Good for news stories and student self access

                                                   British council website. Good for CPD – reading                 articles / teaching tips etc.

       COMMUNITY ESOL                   Never used this site.

       ESLTOWER                 For both teachers and students (never used!)

       DAVES’S ESL CAFÉ                       This site has internet quizzes for students as
                                                   well as many other things.


City webquests (London included) on One Stop

Suzie Sunda           CPD:2009/10: Useful Websites for teachers and students

To go straight to the website press: Control and click

WEBSITES FOR STUDENTS (and some are good for                         Comments
teachers too)
        About the UK                                                 Useful for Level one (general                             knowledge to use in their
http://www.woodlands-                                                Trinity comparative report                     writing – question 2)
                                                                     My wikipage has absolutely
                                                                     loads of websites for L1 and L2
        L1 Grammar and vocab practice                                students – placed under                                    grammar categories. Useful
                                                                     for home study and ILP work.
        Internet activities
                                                                     Students can practise these
        English Club                                                 at home or in the computer                                                  room to reinforce grammar
        English grammar secrets                                      and vocabulary.
        Learn 4 good
        Esl about
        Using English
        English Zone
        English page
        To learn English
        Learn English
        Esl partyland
        English tenses with cartoons
        efl net

Suzie Sunda          CPD:2009/10: Useful Websites for teachers and students
       Easy business English

(vocab site that donates rice to developing countries if student gets
the answer right!)


Suzie Sunda           CPD:2009/10: Useful Websites for teachers and students

READING ACTIVITIES to do on the internet – excellent exam practice (tried and tested for

    Reading quizzes for Entry 2 / Alphabetical order

    Reading quizzes for Entry 3

Instructions: (cup of tea and cheese sauce)

Reading for purpose (9 quizzes)

    Reading quizzes for Level One

Reading for purpose (2)

Types of Text quizzes and games (levels a-c)

Fact and opinion:

Scanning (levels a-c)


Reading skills quiz

Speed reading (good for L2 as well) :


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