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                                                                                                  New life for Villages of Lakewood Ranch South
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        for a Summer’s Night                                                                      MileStones                                               The Community Newspaper of Lakewood Ranch                                                             august 5, 2009

Photo by Ernie Soller

Village Bikes — get
fitted for your ride!
               By ernie Soller
   Greenbrook resident Heather Goll-
nick is a unique athlete. This mom of
three is a professional triathlete, with
several international victories to her
credit. There is even a signature edi-
tion pink triathlon bike being market-     HOOK, LINE AND SINKER — On July 1, Main Street at Lakewood Ranch welcomed Capt. Keith Colburn of the fishing vessel Wizard, as seen on
ed by Quintana Roo, modeled after          Discovery Channel’s hit show “The Deadliest Catch.” Colburn was in the area as part of the Suncoast Super Boat Grand Prix Festival. Proceeds
Heather’scamouflagepink”Heathana-           from the reception with Colburn benefitted the Suncoast Foundation for the Handicapped. Photo by Leah Blair
tor” competition bike. The mainte-
nance of her prized event bike, how-
ever, is taken care of by the experts at
Village Bikes, one of her local spon-
                                                                                                    Lakewood Ranch Community Fund seeks
sors, at their Lake Osprey Plaza loca-
tion, just south of University Boule-
                                                                                                       nominees for Humanitarian Award
vard and east of I-75.                                                                                                                   By Stella Olinger
   Owner Ed Levins purchased an
older, small bike shop in Sarasota six                                                                The Lakewood Ranch Community Fund           to humanitarian ideals that have perpetuat-
years ago. Levins had been into com-                                                               is accepting nominations for the fifth annu-    ed the high ethical, moral, and profession-
petitive cycling for years, and was                                                                al C. John A. Clarke Humanitarian of the       al standards that epitomize his life.
approached about buying the shop                                                                   Year Award, which will be presented at a          The Lakewood Ranch Community Fund
by one of its employees, who hoped                                                                 reception Oct. 16.                             willhonoranindividual,orindividuals,who
that Levins, with his background in                                                                   The Lakewood Ranch Community Fund           has made outstanding, sustained, and un-
the sport, could keep the store going      Dick and Lorraine Vitale, the 2008 recipients of the    established this prestigious award in recog-   selfish contributions to community enrich-
and possibly improve on what the           C. John A. Clarke Humanitarian of the Year Award.       nition of John Clarke’s lifelong dedication    mentandwhosecommitmentanddedication
              viLLage BikeS TO 3           Photo by Ernie Soller                                                                        humaNiTaRiaN TO 3
2T           Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement                                                                         around The ranch                                                       WEDNESDAy, AuGuST 5, 2009

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                                Editor                                                      Community Programs
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   Bradenton Herald/Lakewood Ranch Herald                                            around the ranch                                         Wednesday, august 5, 2009                 3t
                       village bikes from 1                    ing East Manatee area, and his Lakewood Ranch store be-            According to Village Bikes manager Chris McNally,
previous owner had done with the place. One of Levins’         came a mecca not only for cycling enthusiasts and pro-          one of the main reasons that potential riders should go to
first moves upon buying the old bike shop was to change         fessionals like Heather, but also for those of us who ride      a store like Village Bikes is that the staff of Village Bikes
the layout, as to how the various bike models were dis-        shorter distances and occasionally need a bike tune-up          will actually fit the bike to the buyer, kind of like getting
played. He noticed that the previous owner had put all of      or a new, cushier saddle. Speaking of accessories, Vil-         properly fitted in a new pair of shoes. By doing this pro-
the high-end (and high cost) racing and mountain bikes         lage Bikes carries lots of accessories, from car carriers for   cedure, Village Bikes assures their customers that the
in the front of the store, and the lower cost models in the    transporting your bike, to specialized foot gear for rid-       bikes they purchase from Village will give years of rid-
rear. Levins felt that by doing this, the previous owner       ing, to small but necessary items like holders for the wa-      ing pleasure instead of being relegated to gathering dust
had discouraged those people who were in the market            ter bottles which are a mandatory part of riding in Flor-       at the back of the garage.
for a moderate to lower cost bike. Levins changed the          ida in the summer.                                                 Whether you purchase an entry level “comfort bike”
floor layout, and more people came in and bought his               Village Bikes has become a sponsor and partner in            or a carbon fiber exotic, Village Bikes has the staff to
comfort and touring bikes. As he put it, the experienced       many cycling clubs and events in our area. They recent-         maintain your ride. Today, even low-cost bikes are
riders who were looking for high-tech specialized bikes        ly were one of the main sponsors of the “Tour de Ranch”         much more complicated on average than the bikes of
already knew what they wanted and where to get their           charity ride event here in Lakewood Ranch, providing a          just a few years ago. The “two wheeler” with coaster
equipment. The people who were casual riders or who            tent equipped with bike repair tools and staffed by Vil-        brakes and a single gear has been almost entirely re-
just wanted a bike to ride around town for the purpose         lage Bikes personnel, who were available to make adjust-        placed by bikes with multiple gears and more efficient
of getting in better shape could walk into Village Bikes       ments to participants’ bikes on-site.                           braking systems, and, like any more complicated piece
and find what they were looking for in a quality piece of          Not long ago, our younger son purchased a special light-     of machinery, today’s bikes need attention from people
equipment.                                                     weight triathlon bike in order to train for competition.        who know what they’re doing when it comes to adjust-
  Soon, with the success of his Sarasota store in hand,        Dad thought that it would be cool to try riding this two-       ments or repairs.
Levins decided, like other merchants, to locate in the new,    wheeled carbon fiber hot-rod. Bad move – I couldn’t get             So, whether you are buying a tricycle for your grand-
rapidly expanding community of Lakewood Ranch.                 up on the thing! The problem was that our son has legs          daughter, or a bike to tour the countryside on, or you‘re
  By locating his second store in Lake Osprey Plaza,           that are considerably longer that those of the “old man.”       training for a competitive event, take a ride on over to
Levins made a move to capture the market in the grow-          The bike just didn’t fit me!                                     Village Bikes.

                                                                New life for Villages of Lakewood Ranch South
                       humanitarian from 1
exemplify the ideal of ser- ed to serve charitable in-
vice to the community.            terests in the region. The
   Nominees will be select- donations support a wide              Facing possible demise after a June vote by the Sarasota     effort since its inception. This includes the initial plan-
ed based on the qualities of range of programs that en-        County Commission, the 5,500-acre Villages of Lakewood          ning costs of about $250,000, dating back to the time be-
exemplary leadership, vi- hance life within the com-           Ranch South got a new lease on life last month.                 fore adoption of the Sarasota 2050 Plan in 2002, and the
sion, integrity, compassion, munity, including educa-             A decision in June saw commissioners OK only three           test site costs of $250,000 during 2003 during which SMR
cooperation, and generosi- tional, youth, sports and           out of the five amendments to the county’s comprehen-            worked in cooperation with the county and their consul-
ty of time and talent. They recreation, elderly, health,       sive land-use plan – amendments sought by Schroeder-            tant to develop the implementing regulations for 2050.
should live, work or actively environmental,libraries,arts     Manatee Ranch (SMR) and touted as vital to the progres-            “SMR is excited about the prospect of implementing
participate in the life of the and cultural groups.            sion of the project.                                            its vision for a village that will be truly unique in this re-
Lakewood Ranch commu-                Nomination forms are         Commissioner Carolyn Mason, the “no” vote on the             gion and perhaps all of Florida and beyond,” said Todd J.
nity. Past recipients include available and may be down-       two amendments that initially failed, asked for a chance        Pokrywa, vice president of planning for SMR. “There is
John Clarke, Don O’Leary, loaded from the Lakewood             for another vote on the reduction in width of a greenway        an opportunity to add another dimension and a diversi-
Pat Neal, and Lorraine and Ranch Community Fund                buffer bordering Gum Slough from 550 feet to 200 feet           ty of residential product types to the successful master
Dick Vitale.                      Web site (www.LWRFund.       and the elimination of a greenbelt buffer along the prop-       planned community of Lakewood Ranch, with a walkable
   Foundedin2000,theLake- org). All nominations must           erty’s southern boundary.                                       urban village developed amongst seven lakes, the largest
wood Ranch Community be received by 5 p.m. Sept.                  At the July meeting, the commission reversed the previ-      being a mile wide and half a mile across. There are still
Fund was established as an 10, and mailed to Lakewood          ous vote, approving all five of the amendments and voting        hurdles to jump before crossing the finish line but we are
advised fund of the Mana- RanchCommunityFund,c/o               to transmit the results to the Florida Department of Com-       heading in the right direction.”
tee Community Foundation Manatee Community Foun-               munity Affairs, the state’s growth management agency,
to serve the people and in- dation, 3103 Manatee Ave.          where they will be reviewed by state planners and either
terests of Lakewood Ranch W.,Bradenton,FL 34205.For            accepted or commented upon. In a matter of months, the
and East Manatee County further information, contact           changes will come back before the county commission-
and to ensure that donor- MarilynHowardatmarily@               ers for a final vote. In addition to those hurdles, the Vil-
allocated funds be direct-                      lages project, as it progresses, will also be subject to var-
                                                               ious votes regarding zoning, etc.
                                                                  The Villages will be the first development to test the wa-
                                                               ters of the Sarasota 2050 plan, which proscribes growth in
                                                               eastern Sarasota County through the middle of the centu-
                                                               ry. The first phase of the Villages could be started in 2012,
                                                               with a possible 25-year build out, depending on market
                                                               conditions. It would eventually encompass 5,500 homes,
                                                               300,000 square feet of office and commercial space, and
                                                               90,000 square feet of neighborhood retail space. The land
                                                               is SMR’s southeastern property, located between Univer-
                                                               sity Parkway and Fruitville Road, east of I-75.
                                                                  The Villages process has been a long and costly one
                                                               – SMR has spent approximately $1.9 million on the 2050
 4T      Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement                                               around The ranch                                                              Wednesday, august 5, 2009

         Brown bag it for Red Cross                                                                                         Animal rescue is in need
  If you and your company could help peo-
                                                                                                                             of dog food donations
ple recover after their home burned down,                                                                       Napier’sLogCabinHorse&AnimalSanc-
would you? What if all you had to do was                                                                     tuary, Inc. opened its doors four years ago
pack your lunch for a day? It sounds too                                                                     in eastern Manatee County. The commu-
easy. But that is the point…it can be easy                                                                   nity’s support has been wonderful and the
to help those in need.                                                                                       Sanctuary continues to grow and provide
  TheAmericanRedCrossManateeCounty                                                                           homes and find new permanent homes for
Chapter is having a “Brown Bag It for Red       be helping families affected by disaster in                  more and more animals in the community
Cross” week, and they’re asking companies       Manatee and Hardee counties.                                 and surrounding areas.
and their employees to participate.                It only takes one day. The Red Cross will                    With the increase in animal surrenders
  For the week of Aug. 31 to Sept. 4, Red       give companies the supplies for the entire                   due to the bad economy, the Sanctuary
Cross will supply companies with large          week, but they’re only asking for everyone                   is in need of dog food donations to help         corporation that provides loving adoptive
brown bags. They’ll also provide flyers and      to participate for at least one day that week.               feed the animals residing at the Sanctu-         homes or permanent homes to needy ani-
poster to hang in company break rooms.          It’s easy – it may only be $3 or $5 or $10 dol-              ary until they are adopted. Bags of food         mals. Visit
All the Red Cross needs is for companies        lars a person, but it can mean the difference                can be dropped off at the following loca-        or call 941-750-8185. A full 100 percent of
to ask their employees to pack a lunch one      to a family whose groceries were burned in                   tions: The Sanctuary, 20010 S.R. 64, 34212       donations go to caring for the animals and
day that they might have gone to a restau-      a kitchen fire, or clothes for a child whose                  (leave at the front gate), 941-750-8185; Trac-   are tax deductible as allowed by law. Cash
rant, and to donate the money saved to          bedroom was destroyed by a falling tree                      tor Supply Company, 4404 S.R. 64, 941-           donations, or WalMart and Tractor Sup-
the American Red Cross Manatee Coun-            limb during a storm.                                         748-2157; Sherrie’s Furniture & Applianc-        ply Company gift cards may be mailed to:
ty Chapter.                                        Please call today to have a poster and                    es, 5523 15th St. E., 941-749-5837; Ruff Cuts,   Horse & Animal Sanctuary, 20010 S.R. 64,
  Some employers will choose to order piz-      brown bag delivered so that your compa-                      502 36th St. W., 941-748-7833; and Braden-       Bradenton, FL. 34212; credit card donations
za one day and ask each employee to chip        ny can “Brown Bag It for Red Cross” the                      ton Small Animal Hospital, 1324 17th Ave.        may be made on the link on the Web site or
in $5 to the Red Cross bag. Other employ-       week of Aug. 31! Contact Tracy Vanderneck                    W., 941-746-2252.                                cash donations may be made at any Bank
ers will match the amount their employees       at 941-792.8686, Ext. 1116 or e-mail vander-                    Napier’sLogCabinHorse&AnimalSanc-             of America in care of the Horse & Animal
donate. However they decide to do it, they’ll                                   tuary is a no-kill, nonprofit 501(c)(3) Florida   Sanctuary fundraiser account.

                                   How’s your
                                   We can help!
        WE                        Hear the latest
        ALL                     “Open Ear” systems
                                Hearing on the Go

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   Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement                                                 around The ranch                                         Wednesday, august 5, 2009                   5T

New Members                                                  and Country Club. Free to LWRBA members; $20 per person Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance~
 Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.                         for guests. Advance registration requested.                   “Vision, Voice, Visibility”
 Armstrong Bros. Plumbing                                                                                                     Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance began in January of 2005
 Best You Enterprises                                        August Executive Briefing                                      to create an organized voice designed to improve the future
 Bouchard Insurance                                          Minimizing Internal Risk and Fraud in your Business of Lakewood Ranch business. The organization is also a ve-
 Cleaning Butlers of Sarasota                                Presented by Dianne Kopczynski of CPA Associates              hicle to facilitate visibility and growth for its members as well
 Colonial Bank                                               Aug. 19 • 7:30 - 9 a.m.                                       as the Lakewood Ranch area. For additional information on
 Commercial Cuts of Sarabay                                  Keiser University                                             the organization, membership options and upcoming events,
 Cooper Creek Dental                                            This Executive Briefing provides business managers tools please visit us at or call Robin Parsons our
 Country Inn & Suites                                        they can utilize to protect their assets. Know what risks you Business Development Director at 941-757-1664.
 Gold Coast Eagle                                            should be aware of and how you can protect yourself and
 Lakewood Ranch Republican Club                              your company.                                                 July Networking Social
 LWRBA                                                          Topics Covered:
 Manasota Business Leadership Network                           • Overview of internal and external risk
 MetAmerica Mortgage Bankers                                    • Identifying internal risks in your company
 Neat Freak Solutions, LLC                                      • How fraud occurs
 New York Life Insurance Co.                                    • Indicators of fraud
 Rhonda Coblentz of Principal Financial Group                   • Internal controls to implement to minimize your risks
 ShredQuick                                                     A networking opportunity will be available from 7:30 - 8
 Wellformance, Inc                                           a.m. while a continental breakfast is provided by the Culi-
                                                             nary Institute of Keiser University. Program will run from 8
August Events                                                - 9 a.m. Cost for members is $15 per person and $25 per per-
August Networking Social                                     son for non-members.
Aug. 5 • 5 - 7 p.m.                                             Please visit our Web site at for more in-
The Lake Club – Grand Clubhouse                              formation about any of our upcoming events.
  Guests will enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cash
bar will be provided. Sponsored by the Lakewood Ranch Golf                                                                            Photos Compliments of Scott Phillips Photography

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                    w w w. m g a - i n s u r a n c e . c o m
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 6T       Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement                                                   arOuNd ThE raNch                                                    Wednesday, augusT 5, 2009

                                                                                                                     August Government Meetings
                                  By Stella Olinger, Columnist
                                                                                                          Please note that all meetings will be held at Town Hall unless otherwise specified.

                                                                                                         August 5
                                                                                                         7 p.m.   SRVA Safety Meeting 751-3408
                                                                                                                                                         August 19
                                                                                                                                                         10 a.m. CDD 4 Financial Meeting 907-0202

   Just had a birthday; another MileStone. I’m      mentoes, photos, and other personal trea-            August 6                                        August 20
still on the path, but don’t know where it’s go-    sures are lost. It is heartache and a grand          3 p.m.   CEVA Restriction Revisions Meeting     8:30 a.m. District Board Meetings 907-0202
ing or what will happen along the way. So far       headache, but he is safe and is moving for-                   907-0202                               3 p.m.    CEVA Safety Meeting
the journey has more pluses than minuses –          ward. And he is accepting invitations to home        6 p.m.   CDD4 Budget Workshop 907-0202                    907-6999 or 907-1227
44 years of marriage to a great guy, two stand-     cooked dinners!
up independent sons (one with whom I share             My buddy DavidMarchione of Lakewood               August 10                                       August 24
a birthday and who is married to a wonder-          Ranch AAA on State Road 70, a licensed in-           2 p.m.   SRVA Restriction Revisions Meeting     10 a.m. CEVA Budget/Finance
ful gal, the other one still testing the waters),   surance agent since 1993, thoughtfully shared                 907-0202                                         Committee Meeting 907-4770
a bright and beautiful grandson, my 97-year-        the following with me (timely advice): “Quick-       2 p.m.   Country Club Modifications Meeting     2 p.m.    Country Club Modifica-
old mom who gloriously holds her own, and           ly name a product that you must have, pro-                    907-0202                                         tions Meeting 907-0202
great friends from coast-to-coast. Lucky me;        gressively pay more for each year, and pray                                                          5:30 p.m. Hollow Board of
my2003birthdaypresentwasafantastichouse             that you never have to use?” Give up? Try ho-        August 11                                                 Directors Meeting 752-4812
in Lakewood Ranch: the answer to a dream            meowner’s insurance. The Florida homeown-            5 p.m.    Mizner Reserve Neighborhood           7 p.m.     GBVA Safety Committee
to escape cold, dreary climates and to live in      er’s insurance market, Marchione said, seems                   Meeting 373-1848                                Meeting 751-0949
Southwest Florida surrounded by palms, blue         to change as frequently as the lunar tides: the
skies, and eternally green landscape. What I’d      cyclical dance of a soft market (cheaper and         August 12                                       August 25
hoped for in this, our 13th move, was to live in    easier to acquire) waltzes into a hard market        1:45 p.m. Miramar Annual Meeting 359-1134       1 p.m.   CEVA Board Meeting 907-0202
a nice place; what I found has been the most        (pricier and more restrictive) and then back                                                         7 p.m.   Greenbrook Walk Board Meeting
impressive, comfortable small town I ever           again, dictated by the delicate influences of         August 18                                                758-9454
could have imagined. Lakewood Ranch truly           loss ratios, legislation, and market variances.      9 a.m.    IDA Financial Meeting 907-0202
became home within a short period of time.          Florida is, by default, the nation’s playground      12 p.m. CDD 2 & 5 Financial Meeting             August 27
We’ve been welcomed into many aspects of            for furious hurricanes, lightening strikes, and                907-0202                              6 p.m.   GBVA Board Meeting 907-0202
this town, been offered many opportunities          flash floods; statistical predictability in any        3:30 p.m. CDD 1 Financial Meeting 907-0202
to share our bag of tricks that have accumu-        give year is a fruitless endeavor. The trusted       4 p.m.    CEVA Board Workshop 907-0202
lated over these many years, feel as if we’ve       advise from your licensed insurance agent            7 p.m.    Glades Neighborhood Meeting           *Meeting dates and times are subject to change
made a few contributions, and garnered great        (your personal risk manager) is a must-have,                   751-3408
friends all along the way. Who ever expect-         as is their integrity, approachability, and un-
ed to find the memory and illusion of small-         paralleled professionalism. Get to know your
town America in this modern, growing de-
velopment? Lucky me!!
   The great thing about a small town is that
                                                    policy’s exclusions, understand replacement
                                                    value vs. actual cash value, and educate your-
                                                                                                                             Service Clubs and
you constantly run into people in all the lit-
tle corners. I had the good fortune to run into
Manatee County Fireman Chris Galbraith
                                                    In short, work collaboratively with your agent
                                                    to become insurance-educated and always
                                                    ask questions. “The time to realize your own
                                                                                                                           Business Organizations
at a community event. While we chatted, he          policy’s deficiencies or gaps is not after the          (The membership policies of the national service club are determined by each organization.
told me I looked familiar. His fire department       winds of a Cat 3 subside or the smoke from                                             Visitors are welcome.)
T-shirt got me thinking: was he – could he be       a structure fire dissipates. It is much too late
– one of the firemen/EMTs who responded              then, my friends, Marchione said. “Be safe,        Business Network International (BNI)             11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m., Holiday Inn at LWR
to the 911 when my husband had his heart at-        be smart, be prepared.”                            Mike Miele, 941-773-3916                         Lunch free for first meeting,
tack? I had always hoped to find these guys             Congratulations to Vanessa and Don                                                               Ernesto Fernandez,
who responded so quickly on a Sunday morn-          Baugh on the birth of their eighth grand-          Kiwanis of Lakewood Ranch,                       941-923-0283 for reservations
ing, who calmly and professionally took con-        child, Caylee Rayann Price, born June 16           Julie Aranibar, 941-705-1010,
trol of what could have been a deadly situa-        in Virginia Beach to their daughter Kim – on,                         The Breakfast Club
tion, put me at ease, and took my husband’s         Kim’s birthday! Vanessa and Don are enjoy-         call or e-mail for meeting times                 Jeannine Kubiak, 941-400-4767,
life in their hands. And here was Chris Gal-        ing the summer visit from their No. 1 grand-                                              
braith saying “yes,” he remembered the call         child Trey Weckbacher, who’s been seen all         Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance                 Meets 8 a.m. Thursdays at First
and the seriousness of my husband’s condi-          over Lakewood Ranch with them.                     941-807-0909,,                     Watch at Lakewood Ranch
tion. As the tears welled up in my eyes, he            June 23 found Mike and PattStaley stand-        or
gave me a big hug, and told me, “I was just         ing on a jetty in Symi, Greece, on the Medi-                                                        The Exchange Club of Manasota East
doing my job.” What a moment! At last I had         terranean Sea. They had sailed in from Mar-        LWR Professional Women’s                         Bill MacArthur, 941-726-4562,
the opportunity to say “Thank You” and put          maris, Turkey for their daughter Jennifer’s        Networking Group                       
a name with a real hero who lives among us.         wedding to P. Marcus Ingemansson. Sur-             Peggy Willrodt, 941-545-1264,                    Meets 8 a.m. each Wednesday
Thank you Chris; stay safe.                         rounded by both families, the ceremony was                                   at River Club Restaurant
   One problem with having friends is that          officiated by the Mayor of Symi. The sunset        Meets every Wednesday at
when they hurt, you hurt. Our hearts go out         was soft when the new couple walked through        River Club restaurant                            The Rotary Club of Lakewood Ranch
to dear friend Stuart Roth who lost every-          the streets of Symi, following a little Greek      $11 cost includes lunch. RSVP                    Barbara Jones, President, 941-365-4617
thing in his house when it was struck by light-     gentleman who played an accordion announc-         by Tuesday p.m.                                  Meets Thursday, 12 p.m., Lakewood
ning. Stuart was returning home and found           ing to all the restaurant patrons and boat trav-                                                    Ranch Golf and Country Club,
numerous fire trucks and all his neighbors           elers that the wedding party was coming. It        Lakewood Ranch Business Club           
standing out in the rain. He quickly learned        was a magical event! A belated wedding re-         Chris Robertson
it was his house that was the center of atten-      ception was held July 25 at Town Hall (fol-               The Veterans of Foreign Wars Lake-
tion. Lightening struck his roof, set the attic     lowing a similar one held in Sweden by the                                                          wood Ranch/East Manatee Chapter
on fire, and quickly burned through the cen-         groom’s family). At the end of the summer the      Marketing Strategies for Entrepre-               Stephen F. Schlueter, 941-447-5362 or
ter of the house. Insurance is taking care of       happy couple will return to Abu Dhabi and          neurs: GKIC Southwest Florida Chapter  
things and the house will be rebuilt, but me-                       MILESTONES TO 14                   Monthly lunch meetings from
    Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement                                                                  around The ranch                                              Wednesday, august 5, 2009                      7T
                                                                              community worship directory
Bayside Community Church                         Church of Hope                  Evangel Baptist Church                    Harvest United             Risen Savior Lutheran                   Temple Emanu-El
          755-8600                                 941-923-1592                          708-6636                        Methodist Church                 (WELS) 747-5564                          371-2788                                  907-7333,                      tmplemanuel,
      Meets at Freedom                    NE off Fruitville Road, Exit 210,          3605 Lorraine Rd.                   14305 Covenant Way            6150 SR 70 East. Meets   
     Elementary School.                        Wednesdays - 7 pm;                                                    1/4 mile north of University      at McNeal Elementary            151 South McIntosh Road, Sarasota
                                               Saturdays at 6 pm /             Everlasting Faith Fellowship          Parkway on Lorraine Road
        Braden River                           Sundays 9 and 11 am                  Meets at Lakewood                                                     Sarasota Baptist             Whitfield Christian Church
  United Methodist Church                                                            Ranch Town Hall,                       Living Lord             922-1449,                753-7128
           745-1663                            Church on the Ranch               Sunday worship 10:30 a.m.               Lutheran Church                 University Parkway                            Meets at Willis                Bible Study every Wed.              753-9365,            at the southeast  
5858 44th Ave. E., Bradenton, FL                 Elementary School                  at Town Hall 7 p.m.                   11120 SR 70 East              corner of Deer Drive               3530 Whitfield Avenue
                                                Sunday 10 a.m. 14705                  information call                                                                                      (1 mile East of 301)
     Chabad Lubavitch                             The Masters Ave.,                     941-870-3994                     Our Lady of the                St. Mary Magdalene
        of Bradenton                      off of Lorraine Rd. 941-727-2749         or              Angels Catholic Church                   Episcopal                       Woodland Baptist
           758-2799                                                                                                    752-6770 , 12905 SR 70                  751-5048                             753-8588                       Cornerstone of                    Faith Christian Church               East, one mile east of       
                                             Lakewood Ranch, PCA                    746-5711,            Lakewood Ranch Boulevard.           11315 Palmbrush Trail,              SR 70, 1 mile east of I-75.
     Christ Presbyterian                           907-3939               ,                                                     SW corner of
           727-1833                          Peace Presbyterian                 Lakewood Ranch                       Word of Christ              14306 Covenant Way, corner of              5215 Lorraine Road                    Church PCUSA                     Blvd. at S.R. 70               International Church
515 Upper Manatee River Road,                  University Parkway                (between SR 64 and SR 70)            753-7778,                                           
     approximately 1/2 mile                    and Lorraine Road.                                                          Meets at MCC in                Sonrise Church                        Now meeting at
      north of the corner                                                              Family Church                       Commerce Park             524-0995,             Nolan Middle School
         of SR 64 and                      Eastside Church of Christ                 Christian Retreat                                              Meets at Haile Middle School.          6615 Greenbrook Blvd East
       Lakewood Ranch                            “Restoring New                746-2882,       Religious Society of Friends                                            Bradenton, FL 34202
          Boulevard                          Testament Christianity”               1200 Glory Way Blvd                 (Quakers) 941-358-5759           Temple Beth Sholom                       941 746-7214
                                           Lakewood Ranch Town Hall              3-1/2 miles North of SR64,         Located at the N.W. Corner of      (Conservative) 955-8121
                                            Sundays Bible Study 10 am                off Upper Manatee                 Lockwood Ridge Road   
                                              Worship Service 11 am                      River Road                        and 57th Street          1050 S. Tuttle Ave. Sarasota, Fl

     You want an education that challenges your child to think beyond textbooks and
     tests, to think critically and develop the skills to excel. The Out-of-Door Academy*
     develops a student’s ability to meet life’s challenges with a unique balance
     of rigorous academics, athletics, arts and character development. Our six year,
     comprehensive college counseling program results in 100% of graduates
     matriculating to a college or university of their choice. Discover The Out-of-Door
     Academy. Open a world of opportunity for your child.
    *Ranked in the top 1 percent of public and
     private schools nationwide by the prestigious
     Cum Laude Society

     Siesta Key Campus: Pre-K-Grade 6 | Sarasota, FL | 941-554-3400 |

     Uihlein Campus at Lakewood Ranch: Grades 7-12
8T   Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement   around The ranch                                               Wednesday, august 5, 2009

                                                   By this time, there are few of us here in   the Budweiser tent, and if you preferred
                                                Lakewood Ranch who don’t know that John        a glass of wine, it was cheerfully provid-
                                                Breiner of Ed’s Tavern likes a good time.      ed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Bra-
                                                Not only does John like a good time, but he    denton post, along with their ladies, who
                                                likes to share good times with his friends –   also sold poppies to help fund their activ-
                                                sometimes a whole town full of them. On        ities to benefit veterans. Music? Of course
                                                June 27, John got together with the Ron-       there was music, by the Rum Runners band.
                                                neys of MacAllisters and their forces, and     Many of the Main Street stores were open,
                                                his own Ed’s Tavern crew, to put on a bar-     and several also had sidewalk tables set up

                                                becue cookoff for, well, the whole town.       along the street.
                                                   Other Main Street restaurants joined           Since this was billed as a cookoff, there
                                                in the party, too, and provided the crowd      was a table at which barbeque lovers could
                                                of folks who ventured forth on this beau-      vote for their favorite fare. The winner? Ed’s
                                                tiful June evening with lots of choices in     Tavern’s pulled pork.

     Fun for a Summer’s Night                   food and drinks. While Ed’s Tavern plied
                                                the taste buds of their faithful with pulled
                                                pork sandwiches, and MacAllisters brought
                                                                                                  Since it was also John Breiner’s birthday
                                                                                               (We won’t give away his age.) John’s wife,
                                                                                               Jackie, and his family hired Lyndsy Mc-
                                                forth beef tenderloin with a mango bar-        Donald, of Pastries by Design, to come up
                                                beque sauce, chef Tommy Klauber of the         with an unforgettable cake for John. Her
                                                Polo Grill served up some heavy and tender     creation featured a large roulette wheel,
                                                ribs, the Astoria restaurant offered Russian   above a palm-lined beach on which sat a
                                                meatballs, and grilled osetra (a fish akin to   guy relaxing in a chair with a tub of beer on
                                                sturgeon). Not to forget dessert, the Par-     one side and a bottle of high-grade tequi-
                                                is Bistrot cooked up crepes, and the new       la on the other. Those of us who attended
                                                Big Olaf Creamery served up ice cream.         are already looking forward to next year’s
                                                There was plenty of beer to go around at       event. What a party!
Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement   around The ranch   Wednesday, august 5, 2009   9T
 10t     Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement                                             around the ranCh                                                    Wednesday, august 5, 2009

                                                                   clubs and organizations
ART CLUB                                           If interested contact Val McDaniel at ings at the LWR Town Hall the third Tues-                MAH JONGG QUEENS
  The Art Club paints together twice a           941-739-7107 or by e-mail at valen3000@ day of each month from 7 to 8:30 p.m. There                 This group of Lakewood Ranch residents
week at Town Hall every Monday and Fri-                                    are no dues, just a desire to meet others who        has been playing Mah Jongg together for
day from noon – 4 p.m. Twice a month we                                                      share the same interests. Members were en-           over five years. All members play competi-
have well-known teachers offer classes or        DUPLICATE BRIDGE                            couraged to bring others to the next meet-           tive Mah Jongg and meet on Fridays week-
workshop instruction. If you are interest-         The Duplicate Bridge group meets ev- ing. Check out our Web page on the Digital                ly at 12:45 – 4:00 pm at Lakewood Ranch
ed in joining this group just bring your art     ery other Sunday evening at 6:45 p.m. at Village (Circolo degli Amici, Italian Amer-             Town Hall.
supplies (watercolors preferred), or call for    the Town Hall. We need players who en- ican Club of LWR) for calendar, upcoming                     For information about this group, please
additional information by contacting Don-        joy a good game of duplicate bridge. If in- events, photos and more. Contact Stella La-          call Glenda Robertson at 907-8990 or e-mail
na McIntyre at 941-907-9061, e-mail mcin-        terested, please call either Jim Stroup at Salvia Olinger for details and to share in-                               941-758-8953 or Ken Duronio at 941-907- formation: or
                                                 0748 for details.                           call 941-907-3437.                                   MEDITATION CLUB
BILLIARDS CLUB                                                                                                                                      Please join this group of wonderful wom-
   For an evening of extreme fun and cama-       EXERCISE GROUP                        LADIES DEVOTIONAL HOUR                                     en who openly share their hearts with one
raderie, please join us on Tuesday nights at       Our exercise groups are meeting in roomThe group will return for its seventh sea-              another at LWR Town Hall every Thurs-
7 p.m. at Livingston’s in Sarasota. If you’d     232 during the summer because of all the
                                                                                       son Sept. 3 at Town Hall.                                  day, 7 - 9 p.m., and a sunset meditation ev-
like a preview, just check out our pho-          youth activities taking place at the Wood-
                                                                                          On Aug. 14 and 15, Carol Tumey, Verdell                 ery third Sunday, 6 - 9 p.m.
tos on our Digital Village Web site: Go to       land Baptist Church, located on State Road
                                                                                       Van Bergen, Shirley Surowiec, and Irene                      Meditation is very simple but yet it re-; click on “Amenities and           70 at Braden Run. We have two groups, one
                                                                                       Spranger will attend the Women of Faith                    quires time, energy, and discipline. We
Activities”; click on “Clubs and Organiza-       at 7:30 a.m. and a second at 9 a.m. We do
                                                                                       Conference in Tampa, and experience a re-                  are all human beings with human minds.
tions”; click on “Games and Leisure”; click      low impact aerobics on Mondays, Wednes-
                                                                                       laxing summer retreat. We hope all the la-                 The human mind can be so busy and scat-
on “Billiards.”                                  days and Fridays and use various videos
                                                                                       dies are enjoying their summer, and plan to                tered much of the time. Meditation is tak-
   Players of all skill levels from beginner     by Kathy Smith, Joan Lunden, Jane Fonda,
                                                                                       return next month for refreshments, mu-                    ing the time to leave the busy mind of rac-
to pro show up to shoot against each other       Good Housekeeping, or you may bring your
                                                                                       sic, and our new study led by Carol Lefe-                  ing thoughts and return to the simplicity
for fun. The year-end tournament will of-        own. Everyone is welcome and there is no
                                                                                       bvre. Many long-lasting friendships have                   and clarity of the here and now.
fer trophies for those with more of a com-       charge. Come and join us for fun and rec-
                                                                                       been made in this group, but we are al-                      In meditation we allow ourselves to slow
petitive spirit. We have players that are just   reation. If you have questions, please con-
                                                                                       ways looking for new ladies to join us each                down and observe the activity of the mind.
starting out, players that have been playing     tact Nancy Gonzalez, 941-727-5817, or San-
                                                                                       Thursday. We have friends from all faiths                  So many of the things we often worry about
since they were old enough to hold a stick,      dy Oetjen, 941-727-0762.              and ages attending weekly. Please mark                     oftenpassawayinminutes.Themorepeace-
and everything in between. There are play-                                             your calendar for 9:45 a.m. Sept. 3 at Town                ful and centered we become as individu-
ing tips shared amongst the members of           LWR GENEALOGY                         Hall. More information, call Carol Tumey                   als, the more we are able to stay ground-
the group, as well as guest speakers sched-         Will not meet again until November 941-727-3789, or e-mail Shirley Surowiec                   ed for our daily interactions at work, with
uled to attend. It’s a great evening out, with   2009.                                 at                                          family and life.
a friendly, fun atmosphere. For more infor-                                                                                                         For more information, please contact
mation, contact Mark at 941-720-7283.            ITALIAN-AMERICAN CLUB                          LATIN CLUB                                        Lynne Mercier at 941-812-2393 or Rose Mc-
                                                    WelcometotheItalianAmericanofLWR.              We are a group of Latin families who           Cann at 941-526-3754.
CHESS CLUB - (New club                           It is open to anyone of Italian descent, or    wish to meet on a regular basis. The main
to the ranch)                                    anyone who appreciates all things Italian.     idea is to have a big family to celebrate the     MOMS GROUP
  If you are interested in joining our chess     The purpose is to preserve the heritage,       different holidays and support each other            The Moms Group kicked off the summer
club, which meets every Friday, call Hum-        customs and traditions while celebrating       to adapt in this new country. We are plan-        season with its eighth annual luau at the
berto Romo Jr. at 941-538-6538. All ages and     the food, music and language of Italy. We’re   ning to have a reading group in Spanish           Lakewood Ranch Country Club Athletic
all skill levels are welcome.                    having FUN Italian style!                      for our kids and other types of social ac-        Center. Members and their families spent
                                                    About 30 of us met for bocce games and      tivities. If you would like to be part of our     June 6 by the pool, listening to music, en-
COUPLES GOURMET GROUP                            a covered dish picnic on June 28 at the        club, feel free to contact Mercedes Movil-        joying great food and conversation.
   If you enjoy cooking, entertaining, and       State Road 70 YMCA. We had a lot of fun,       la at 941-751-0536 or e-mail at merceinflor-          We have been busy collecting
meeting new people, the Couples Gourmet          many playing bocce for the first time; of                                  pajamas and books for the Pajama Pro-
Group is the place to be. We meet five-to-        course, the food was fantastic with every-                                                       gram of the Suncoast. This wonderful pro-
six times a year, but the format is flexible      one sharing some very tasty dishes. Sergio     MAH JONGG AT ONE                                  gram provides a new pair of pajamas and
so the members can participate when their        Barion (known as Mr. Bocce) is now orga-          We are a group of welcoming wom-               a bedtime book to children in foster care.
schedulesallow.Wemeetingroupsofthree-            nizing a few bocce teams for competitive       en playing mah jongg every Wednesday              So far we have had a lot of success! We
to-five couples at each other’s homes, and        challenges from other area communities.        from 12:45 to 4 p.m. We usually have six-to-      plan to hand over our donations in Au-
groups rotate each time so we can meet           Contact Sergio for details (941-756-4059 or    eight tables of players and welcome ad-           gust. Back-to-school time will be here be-
more of the members. The next dinner will, to find out more in-         ditional mahj players. All play is by res-        fore we know it, and the Moms Group is
be held in early August. For more informa-       formation, and to sign up.                     ervation to assure full tables...please call      also gathering school supplies to donate.
tion on the Couples Gourmet Group, visit us         Upcoming events include Italian lan-        Joan Robbins, 941-929-2995, or e-mail             Check the Web site (www.lwrmomsgroup.
at Lakewood Ranch Digital Village, or call       guage classes; a specially designed cook- for addition-            com) or your newsletter for more informa-
Terry or Bob Sharak at 941-373-6611.             ing class at Apron’s Cooking School; a Co-     al information.                                   tion. We welcome donations from the com-
                                                 lumbus Day celebration complete with a            If you want to learn to play mah jongg, call   munity! Please contact Gayle VanPeenan at
DOUBLE DECK PINOCHLE CLUB                        vineyard tour, a wine tasting, dinner, and     Joan. She teaches the game, without charge. for information on how you can
  The pinochle club continues to attract         party at the Rosa Fiorelli Winery; and our     Playingmahjonggisagreatwaytomeetpeo-              help us in our efforts.
new members who meet to play every Tues-         annual Italian cookie exchange.                ple and make new friends.
day from 1 to 5 p.m.                                We have a standing reservation for meet-                                                                      Clubs to 11
   Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement                                                 around the ranCh                                             Wednesday, august 5, 2009                11t
                 Clubs from 10                  RECIPE CLUB                                     ing year we will be having a musical chairs          The early church always met in small
   Check your newsletter or our Web                The Lakewood Ranch Recipe Club               event, men’s meetings, fashion show, book         groups in homes and in relationship with
siteforupcomingkidsoutings,summerses-           meets monthly on the second Thursday            sales, movie and book club meetings and           each other. They were known and want-
sions of preschool Picasso, couples nights      at 7 p.m. Members take turns hosting at         a theater party. We also will be gift wrap-       ed to know one another. Each and every
out, and moms nights out. These events          their homes, and selecting a theme for the      ping during the holidays in the two main          Christian was valuable and had a voice in
are for Moms Group members and their            evening. Some of our past themes have in-       malls in Sarasota. We will be selling the         the church. The church moved forward
families only.                                  cluded soul food, light and low-fat, Asian,     2010 entertainment books this summer              by consensus as they prayed and strug-
   Dues were due June 1. Please contact Jil-    Italian, high tea, and tapas. We share our      with a bonus free 2009 book. They are             gled through issues with one another.
lanne Conelias at        prepared food, have a great meal, and go        $30. If interested in purchasing the books        Leadership was not separated from the
for payment information in order to con-        home with a handful of new recipes. If          or in joining our very worth-while orga-          church as it is today as all Christians took
tinue your membership!                          you are interested in joining, please con-      nization, please contact: Sandy Livon at          on the mantle as “priest.” The only way
   If you are interested in joining the Lake-   tact Janice Shanahan at 941-907-4139, or e-                       for the Jesus to be the head of the church
wood Ranch Moms Group, visit our Web            mail                                                                  is to step aside and “allow” His spirit to
site at or con-                                                            SCRABBLE CLUB                                     take the lead and become prominent as
tact Stacy White at         RUNNERS CLUB                                      The LWR Scrabble Club is always look-           Jesus intended.
Whether you work full-time or you are a            The Lakewood Ranch Running Club is           ing for new members. Scrabble is often cit-          My hope is to talk about these issues ini-
stay-at-home mom, you will find many ac-         offering a new Saturday morning group for       ed as an excellent way to keep our minds          tially with the hope that eventually we can
tivities to enjoy. We work together to help     new runners or those looking to go short-       active for those in retirement. Contact Paul      meetandbeginasawholeencouraginguni-
our community, our children, and to sup-        er distance at a relaxed pace. The group        Herzing at 941-907-8938, herzing1@veri-           ty with one another. If you are interested
port each other.                                has been meeting since July 18 at 7:30 a.m. if you are interested in joining.         in starting a dialogue please e-mail me at
                                                from the Summerfield Park parking lot. See                                               
MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS CLUB –                       our calendar for more information: www.         SPIRITUAL BEGINNINGS –
(this is a new club seeking members)                     (Welcome! This is a new club!)                    ST. GEORGE’S DRAGON
   Barbara Sengstaken is reaching out to                                                           Have you felt isolated in church? Has no       LADIES MAH JONGG GROUP
people in the community that might be           THE SARAMANA CHAPTER                            one asked what you can contribute to the             Friendly game! We play according to the
newly diagnosed with can be very        OF ORT AMERICA                                  life of the church? Have you sat in church        National Mah Jongg League rules. Some
depressing for a newly diagnosed person.            We are a service club that supports         for many years wondering when some                experience preferred. We play on Thurs-
“I thought maybe friends with MS could          schools in 60 countries, including the U.S.     form of spiritual growth would happen?            days from 1 – 4 p.m. at Town Hall. Please
join together and support each other.” If       We had a summer send off meeting on June        I think many Christians are in this situ-         call Aida Pyle at 941-907-3646 if you would
interested in a support group, call 941-        28. We take July off and will be back work-     ation but they do not know what can be            like to join us.
727-0090 or e-mail             ing to raise funds in August. In the com-       done about it.                                                       Clubs to 14

                                                                                                                                                 Advanced Registered
                                                                                                                                                  Nurse Practitioner
                                                                                                                                             Terri Jenkins has her Masters in
                                                                                                                                          Nursing from the prestigious Andrews
                                                                                                                                          University. She is a Certified Urology
                                                                                                                                           Nurse Practitioner with 9 years of
                                                                                                                                          experience. Terri has been living and
                                                                                                                                           working in the Manatee - Sarasota
                                                                                                            Theresa “Terri” Jenkins, ARNP
                                                                                                                                               area for the past 20 years.

                                                                                                                         Areas of Special Interest
                                                                                                           • Female Sexual Dysfunction • Recurring Urinary
                                                                                                           • Urinary Incontinence           Tract Infections
                                                                                                           • Female Voiding               • Bladder and Pelvic Pain
                                                                                                             Dysfunction                  • Overactive Bladder
                                                                                                                Call today to Schedule an Appointment with Terri
                                                                                                             Lakewood Ranch

                                                                                                            Lakewood Ranch Professional Center
                                                                                                                  8946 77th Terrace East                 200 3rd Ave. W., Suite 210
                                                                                                                Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202       
12T   Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement                                             AROUNd ThE RANCh                                            Wednesday, august 5, 2009

                                                                                       COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES CORNER
                                                                                           children who were born in the Women’s Center over the past five years will be invit-
                                                                                           ed to join together on the lawn for a photograph. You will be amazed to see just how
                                                                                           many young residents first opened their bright eyes here at Lakewood Ranch. Many
                                                                                           of you have probably experienced the beautiful daily lullaby that plays over the inter-
                                                                                           com of the hospital each time a child is born. It is just one of those personal touches
                                                                                           that make our hospital a warm place to visit in times of medical need. Be a part of the
                                                          Lori Basilone                    celebration and come join the fun activities!
                                                Director of Community Activities

           Hard to believe, August marks the last few weeks of summer vacation for
        our Lakewood Ranch families. I invite you to cool down in the pool and wa-
        ter slides at the Back to School Splash Bash, an energy filled event, which
        follows the first week of school in Manatee County. Splash Bash is a cool
        event where children can enjoy their one last summer fling before buckling
        down for the new school year. Mark your calendar for Aug. 29 at the Lake-
        wood Ranch YMCA pool and pavilion area from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. This ac-
        tive, wet, fun-filled morning will include a skate jam and demo, pool con-
        tests for prizes, water rapid slide, a dunk tank, slip and slide inflatable, sno
        cones, watermelon and other refreshing summer happenings. It will cost $5
        per person for the barbeque lunch, and all attendees need to pre-register at
        Town Hall prior to the event. Children and parents of all ages are invited.
        Age 11 and under must be accompanied by a parent. Make a note to bring
        the following items: swimsuits, towels, water shoes, sunscreen, skateboards,
        helmets and lawn chairs. These items are suggested to enhance your enjoy-
        ment. To protect our new swimmers, the YMCA will provide body bubbles
        to keep them afloat. Lifeguards will be on duty. To expand upon the “back
        to school” theme we are requesting gently used or new children’s books to
        be donated at the event. The books provide something special for children
        whose families receive an emergency food basket. “Read a book a day and
        you’ll be something someday,” says Royalty for Reading Founder Katy Ko-
        pstad. “These books could be the one gift to kick-start a child’s future. Roy-
        alty for Reading is my contribution to help them along the way.” If you have
        specific questions about this program please contact Cindy Sloan at the Food
        Bank of Manatee at 941-747-FOOD.

                                                                                             Embrace a Life of Health & Wellness, Oct. 3 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Lake-
                                                                                           wood Ranch Medical Center. This event will kick off with a bicycle poker ride through
                                                                                           the Ranch to raise money for our local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. The expo
                                                                                           will include more than 50 local physicians, specialists, and wellness related business-
                                                                                           es. Free eye, mouth and skin screenings, along with evaluations and educational in-
        Happy Birthday Lakewood Ranch Medical Center!                                      formation will be made available. This will be a great opportunity to donate blood, get
           I am excited to support and send well wishes to our long time community         your flu shot and then experience Osteopathic Manipulation from the D.O. students
        sponsor Lakewood Ranch Medical Center in celebrating the hospital’s five-           of LECOM. Receive beauty makeover tips from our Mary Kay representatives, and for
        year anniversary. The Medical Center has pulled together a wonderful birth-        the children we will have a Kids Zone that will include a Tae Kwon Do and Gymnastic
        day party for the entire community to come out and enjoy. From 11 a.m. to          demonstration along with games, and bounce house fun. Good Earth Natural Foods
        3 p.m. Sept. 12, at the Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, this birthday party         will be on hand preparing healthy, organic recipes and providing nutritional guidance
        will include a cook out, face painting, balloon man; bounce house fun, ani-        from co-owner Donna Braunstein, who is a licensed nutritional counselor. Everything
        mal display, Pirates fast pitch, Mote Marine display, and another children’s       you need to jump-start your healthy living goals. The changes you make today will
        favorite…the local ambulance and fire truck display. Then at 1 p.m., all the        benefit your health tomorrow.
   Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement                                               around The ranch                                         Wednesday, august 5, 2009       13T

  Our second Game Day at Town Hall was an enormous success. We had many gals
bring their guys along for the fun and to earn bonus points. Congratulations to residents
Carmen and Bruce Lurvey from the Glens who where celebrating their 58th wedding
anniversary! We were happy to be a part of your very special day. Rows of residents
filled the tables for bingo and we had three tables of Mexican train dominos playing.
We are planning to split the room for our Sept. 29 game day so the two games won’t in-
terfere with each other. Our top winners took home some beautiful prizes, donated by
our sponsor the Herald-Tribune. Congratulations to Judy Van Duzer from Riverwalk
who stole the show with bingo winning cards! It was a fun afternoon, and a great op-
portunity to meet neighbors. I look forward to seeing you all again in September.

  Free Lending Library available at Town Hall. Need a book                                                                 Lakewood Ranch
or have a book to share? The lending library volunteers would                                                         Community Activities Coporation
love the donation of books in categories of mystery/drama, ro-                              Aug. 29    Back to School Splash Bash         LWR YMCA      10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
mance and other fiction in hardback or paperback. You may take                               Sept. 12   LWRMC Birthday Party               LWRMC         11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
out as many as you like, and return them to the convenient bin                              Sept. 29   Game Day                           Town Hall     1 - 3:30 p.m.
where volunteers mark and shelve the books.                                                 Oct. 3     Health & Wellness Ex[p             LWRMC         9 a.m. - noon
  - Dorothy Scheuer-LWR volunteer librarian                                                 Oct. 30    BOO Festp                          Main Street   6 - 9 p.m.

                                                                      Visit Digital Village.
         For a complete list of Community Activitiy events and slide shows the path to fun is; activities & events; community activities.

                             Lakewood Ranch Herald and the Herald-Tribune are platinum sponsors of Lakewood Ranch Community Activities

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14T     Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement           arouNd ThE raNCh                                                   Wednesday, august 5, 2009
                                                                                                    Clubs from 11

                                                           WINE CLUB
                                                             The LWR Wine Club meets on the fourth Friday of each month for wine tastings.
                                                           Reservations are necessary. Call Barbara Noto at 941-544-5243 or e-mail Barbara@

                                                           WOMEN’S BOOK CLUB
                                                             The club will meet Aug. 19 at Town Hall. The August selection is “Same Kind of
                                                           Different as Me” by Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent. Come at 1 p.m. to
                                                           meet and greet. Discussion begins at 1:30 p.m. New LWR residents always welcome.
                                                           For more information, call Mary Button on 941-755-0012.
        Brought to you by the Bradenton Herald -           WOMEN’S CLUB
        Manatee County’s Newspaper since 1922.               The club will resume events in August. The club is open to all residents of Lakewood
                                                           Ranch and although it is a social organization, they also raise funding for three charities:
                                                           Solve Maternity Homes, Sarasota Manatee Association for Riding Therapy, and Meals
                                                           on Wheels Plus. For more information call President Marian Wolfe 941-907-2027.

                                                           YOUNG COUPLES CLUB
                                                             Seeking couples (ages 23-35) who want to meet new people and go out in the area.
                                                           Kroaky’s Karaoke, bowling, BBQ’s, game night, Rays games, and dinners out are
                                                           some of the events we have done. If you are interested in getting involved, please call
                                                           Rachel and Neil Marcus at 941-538-0424 or e-mail us at:
                                                           We look forward to meeting you!

                                                                              LWR Rotary installs
                                                                              new officers, directors
                                                              The Rotary Club of Lake-
                                                           wood Ranch held its an-
                                                           nual induction dinner at
                                                           the Lakewood Ranch Golf

          Delivered daily to                               and Country Club June 25
                                                           to install new officers and

           your doorstep!
                                                           members of the board of
                                                              Rotary membership is by
                                                           invitation. Membership in-
         The only DAILY newspaper focusing on              cludes community leaders,
                                                           the professions, the arts,
       Lakewood Ranch news, events, business and           government, sports, mil-       woodranch-rotaryorcall941-       Waldo, secretary; Phil Cur-
      sports that impact your community every day.         itary, religion and many       870-002. Join us and become      ran, director; Chris Perkins,
                                                           other specialties. To learn    part of our future.              director; Bill Riggs, director;
                                                           more about club projects         Seated,from left:JeanPen-      John Freeman, vice pres-
          Call today to subscribe!                         and the roles, responsibili-
                                                           ties and time commitment
                                                                                          nekamp, treasurer; Vivian
                                                                                          Quinones, president; Toni
                                                                                                                           ident; Peter Ceccacci, di-
                                                                                                                           rector; and Joe Weber, di-

                                                           membership requires, visit     Milholland, president-elect;     rector. Not pictured: Stella
                                                           theLakewoodRanchRotary         BarbaraJones,immediatepast       Olinger and Tonya Atchi-
                                                           Club Web site at www.lake-     president. Standing: Ladd        son, directors.

                                                                                                  mIlEsToNEs from 6
                                                           continue with their careers. But there is more to the Staley story. Mike and Patt will be de-
                                                           parting Lakewood Ranch for Dubai. They have accepted positions with the new Dubai Sports
                                                           City organization. A new school, Bradenton Prep Academy-Dubai, will be opening this fall
                                                           and Mike and Patt are part of their educational team. They will return each summer to Lake-
                                                           wood Ranch to reacquaint with old friends and neighbors. Patt is still angling to get a house
                                                           on their own private island in Dubai – good luck with that. Safe travels.
                                                             Please remember to send me some news and announcements about birthdays,
                                                           special events, promotions, feats of accomplishments, or interesting observations
                                                           to share with the community. Contact me at
   Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement                                                around The ranch                                    Wednesday, august 5, 2009               15T
                                                                august Community Calendar
August 5th — First Wednesday                • Running Club 6:30 p.m.                       • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 5:45 p.m.        • Bridge on Tuesday 1 p.m.
• Business Leaders 7:30 a.m.                  Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                       Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center              Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
  Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                                                                 • Italian-American Club 7 p.m.              • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 5:45 p.m.
• Exercise Group 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.       August 12th — Second Wednesday                   Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                    Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center
  Woodland Baptist Church                   • Exercise Group 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.                                                      • Scrabble Club 6:30 p.m.
• Legacy Men’s Golf Association tee times     Woodland Baptist Church                      August 19th — Third Wednesday                 Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
  by appointment Legacy Golf Club           • Community Emergency Response (CERT)          • Business Leaders 7:30 a.m.
• Lakewood Ranch Lightning 9 a.m.             Board Meeting Town Hall 11 a.m.                Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                  August 26th — Fourth Wednesday
  Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center            • Legacy Men’s Golf Association tee times      • Exercise Group 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.       • Exercise Group 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.
• Mah Jongg at One 1 p.m.                     by appointment Legacy Golf Club                Woodland Baptist Church                     Woodland Baptist Church
  Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                  • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 9 a.m.              • Legacy Men’s Golf Association tee times   • Legacy Men’s Golf Association tee times
                                              Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center                 by appointment Legacy Golf Club             by appointment Legacy Golf Club
August 6th — First Thursday                 • Mah Jongg at One 1 p.m.                      • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 9 a.m.           • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 9 a.m.
• Runners’ Club 6 a.m. Braden                 Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                       Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center              Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center
  River Nature Park                                                                        • Mah Jongg at One 1 p.m.                   • Mah Jongg at One 1 p.m. Lake-
• Women’s Golf 7:30 a.m. Legacy Golf Club   August 13th — Second Thursday                    Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                    wood Ranch Town Hall
• Cercle Francais 9:30 a.m. Paris Bistro    • Runners’ Club 6 a.m. Braden                  • Women’s Book Club 1 p.m.                  • Civic Action Forum 6 p.m.
• Rotary noon Lakewood Ranch                  River Nature Park                              Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                    Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
  Golf and Country Club                     • Women’s Golf 7:30 a.m. Legacy Golf Club
• Bridge on Thursday 12:45 Lake-            • Rotary noon Lakewood Ranch                   August 20th — Third Thursday                August 27th — Fourth Thursday
  wood Ranch Town Hall                        Golf and Country Club                        • Runners’ Club 6 a.m. Braden               • Runners’ Club 6 a.m. Braden
• St. George’s Dragon Ladies Mah Jongg      • Bridge on Thursday 12:45 p.m.                  River Nature Park                           River Nature Park
  1 p.m. Lakewood Ranch Town Hall             Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                     • Women’s Golf 7:30 a.m. Legacy Golf Club   • Women’s Golf 7:30 a.m. Legacy Golf Club
• Lakewood Ranch Lightning 5:45 p.m.        • St. George’s Dragon Ladies Mah Jongg         • Rotary noon Lakewood Ranch                • Rotary noon Lakewood Ranch
  Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center              1 p.m. Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                Golf and Country Club                       Golf and Country Club
• Women’s Meditation Club 7 p.m.            • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 5:45 p.m.           • Bridge on Thursday 12:45 p.m. Lake-       • Bridge on Thursday 12:45 p.m.
  Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                    Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center                 wood Ranch Town Hall                        Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
                                            • Women’s Meditation Club 7 p.m.               • St. George’s Dragon Ladies Mah Jongg      • St. George’s Dragon Ladies Mah Jongg
August 7th — First Friday                     Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                       1 p.m. Lakewood Ranch Town Hall             1 p.m. Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
• Exercise Group 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.                                                      • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 5:45 p.m.        • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 5:45 p.m.
  Woodland Baptist Church                   August 14th — Second Friday                      Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center              Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center
• Lakewood Ranch Lightning 9 a.m.           • Exercise Group 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.          • Women’s Meditation Club 7 p.m.            • Women’s Meditation Club 7 p.m.
  Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center              Woodland Baptist Church                        Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                    Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
• MUSIC ON MAIN 6-9 p.m.                    • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 9 a.m.
• Art Club noon Lakewood Ranch Town Hall      Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center               August 21st — Third Friday                  August 28th — Fourth Friday
• Mah Jongg Queens 12:45 p.m.               • Art Club noon Lakewood Ranch Town Hall       • Exercise Group 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.       • Exercise Group 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.
  Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                  • Mah Jongg Queens 12:45 p.m.                    Woodland Baptist Church                     Woodland Baptist Church
                                              Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                     • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 9 a.m.           • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 9 a.m.
August 8th — Second Saturday                                                                 Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center              Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center
• Runners’ Club 6 a.m. and 7:45 a.m.        August 15th — Third Saturday                   • Art Club noon Lakewood Ranch Town Hall    • Art Club Class noon
  Summerfield Park Pavilion                 • Runners’ Club 6 a.m. and 7:45 a.m.           • Mah Jongg Queens 12:45 p.m.                 Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
vLWR Soccer 8 a.m. Greenbrook Park            Summerfield Park Pavilion                      Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                  • Mah Jongg Queens 12:45 p.m.
                                            • LWR Soccer 8 a.m. Greenbrook Park                                                          Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
August 9th — Second Sunday                                                                 August 22nd — Fourth Saturday
• No events scheduled                       August 16th — Third Sunday                     • Runners’ Club 6 a.m. and 7:45 a.m.        August 29th — Fifth Saturday
                                            • Duplicate Bridge 6:30 p.m.                     Summerfield Park Pavilion                 • Runners’ Club 6 a.m. and 7:45 a.m.
August 10th — Second Monday                   Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                     • LWR Soccer 8 a.m. Greenbrook Park           Summerfield Park Pavilion
• Exercise Group 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.                                                                                                  • BACK TO SCHOOL SPLASH BASH
  Woodland Baptist Church                   August 17th — Third Monday                     August 23rd — Fourth Sunday                   – LWR YMCA 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
• Lakewood Ranch Lightning 9 a.m.           • Exercise Group 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.          • ORT Club 7 p.m. at Town Hall              • LWR Soccer 8 a.m. Greenbrook Park
  Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center              Woodland Baptist Church
• Community Fund Town Hall 5:00 p.m.        • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 9 a.m.              August 24th — Fourth Monday                 August 30th — Fifth Sunday
• Legacy Men’s Golf Association tee times     Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center               • Exercise Group 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.       • Duplicate Bridge 6:30 p.m. Lake-
  by appointment Legacy Golf Club           • Handcrafts and More 10 a.m.                    Woodland Baptist Church                     wood Ranch Town Hall
• Mah Jongg for Advanced Players              Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                     • FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR
  12:30 p.m. Lakewood Ranch Town Hall       • Art Club noon Lakewood Ranch Town Hall         MANATEE COUNTY STUDENTS                   August 31st — Fifth Monday
• Art Club noon Lakewood Ranch Town Hall    • Mah Jongg for Advanced Players 12:30         • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 9 a.m.           • Exercise Group 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.
                                              p.m. Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                  Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center              Woodland Baptist Church
August 11th — Second Tuesday                • Civic Action Forum 6 p.m. Town Hall          • Art Club noon Lakewood Ranch Town Hall    • Lakewood Ranch Lightning 9 a.m.
• Runners’ Club 6 a.m. and 8:15 a.m.        • Creative Arts 6:30 p.m. Lake-                • Mah Jongg for Advanced Players 12:30        Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center
  Braden River Nature Park                    wood Ranch Town Hall                           p.m. Lakewood Ranch Town Hall             • Handcrafts and More 10 a.m.
• Billiards Club 7 p.m. at Liv-                                                            • Men’s Book Club 2 p.m. Lake-                Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
  ingston’s in Sarasota                     August 18th — Third Tuesday                      wood Ranch Town Hall                      • Art Club noon Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
• NEW - Double Deck Pinochle Club meets     • Runners’ Club 6 a.m. Braden                                                              • Mah Jongg for Advanced Players 12:30
  every Tuesday from 1 until 5 p.m.           River Nature Park                            August 25th — Fourth Tuesday                  p.m. Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
• Women’s Tennis 8 a.m.                     • Billiards Club 7 p.m. at                     • Runners’ Club 6 a.m. Braden               • Civic Action Forum 6:00 p.m. Town Hall
• Bridge on Tuesday 1 p.m.                    Livingston’s in Sarasota                       River Nature Park                         • Creative Arts 6:30 p.m.
  Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                  • NEW - Double Deck Pinochle Club              • Billiards Club 7 p.m. at                    Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
• Lakewood Ranch Lightning 5:45 p.m.          meets every Tuesday from 1 until 5p.m.         Livingston’s in Sarasota
  Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center            • Women’s Tennis 8 a.m.                        • NEW - Double Deck Pinochle Club meets
• Scrabble Club 6:30 p.m.                   • Empty Nesters 1 p.m.                           every Tuesday from 1 until 5 p.m.
  Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                    Lakewood Ranch Town Hall                     • Women’s Tennis 8 a.m.
16T   Lakewood Ranch Herald supplement                          around The ranch                                   Wednesday, august 5, 2009

                                                                         IN AN EMERGENCY,
                                                                         SECONDS COUNT
                                                                         Lakewood Ranch Medical Center’s ER
                                                                         team is prepared to treat life-threatening
                                                                         emergencies any time, day or night ...
                                                                         and we’re right here at home.

                                                                         EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE:
                                                                         – Cardiac response team exceeds goals
                                                                           established by the American Heart Association
                                                                         – Advanced cardiovascular lab,
                                                                           promoting excellence in cardiac care
                                                                         – 5-Star-designated stroke center - Agency for
                                                                           Healthcare Administration (AHCA)
                                                                         – American Stroke Association
                                                                           performance award-winner
                                                                         – All ER and cardiovascular lab RNs have
                                                                           ongoing advanced training in emergency care
                                                                         – Patient safety enhancements protect you
                                                                           and your loved ones

                      8330 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, Bradenton, FL 34202
              Physicians are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Lakewood Ranch Medical Center.
                               The hospital shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians.


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