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                      The Branched Chain
                                    Newsletter and Meeting Announcements
February 2009                       Web Page:                       Volume 15 No. 1

                    February Meeting, Tuesday, February 17, 2009

                         “Lab Coats and other Fashion Statements”
                                    Dr. Pete Ludovice
                                    Georgia Institute of Technology
Dinner: 5:45 p.m. Pearsons Dining Hall (cost $9.00) at Maryville College. Meeting Attendees eating at Pearsons will
go through the line and meet in the alcove area in the back of the dining hall.
Directions: Take Alcoa Hwy (129) until you come to Hwy. 35, bear left to go to Maryville. When you come to the
intersection of 35 (S. Washington St.) and Lamar Alexander Pky.(321), turn right then make an immediate left into the
Maryville Campus. You are now on Circle Drive. Proceed straight, bear left, remain on Circle Drive and park in the
Visitor Parking Lot. Pearsons Dinning Hall is about 100 yrs to the right of Fayerweather Hall.

Campus Tour: 6:30 p.m., Maryville College ACS-Student Affiliate members will offer a tour of the science building
and campus for anyone interested.

Lecture: 7:00 pm, “Lab Coats and other Fashion Statements” by Dr. Pete Ludovice , Alumni Gym,
Maryville College. This is a general lecture on humor in science and open to any
member or friend of the ETS-ACS. We are inviting local high school science teachers
and their students for this first meeting of 2009.
Directions: After you leave Pearsons Hall go back past the parking lot and
Fayerweather Hall. Alumni Gym is on the other side of Fayerweather Hall.

Abstract: A humorous look inside the world of the chemical sciences from the World's
only working stand-up comedian with a Ph.D. from MIT. Important topics that are
covered include (1) how to tell if you are a chemistry nerd, (2) what to do about
chemistry's public relations problems and (3) how to properly accessorize your lab coat.
This humorous look at the chemical science professional is appropriate for both the
American Chemical Society member or those who are not chemically inclined (or as we
like to call them -- normal people). Even Linus Pauling, who was obsessed with
negativity his whole life, would be thrilled by this amalgam of science, musical theater
and humorous antics that confirm that those of us in the chemical sciences can be funny
and not just funny-looking. This presentation will convince you that there are no such
things as bad chemicals, just bad chemical names.

Biographical Sketch: Pete Ludovice received his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in chemical engineering from the University
of Illinois and MIT respectively. After postdoctoral studies at IBM, NASA and the Eidgenössiche Technische Hochschule

  The Branched Chain (February 2009)                                                                           1
in Zürich, he learned many useful things including how to pronounce Eidgenössiche Technische Hochschule. After
several years in the simulation software industry, he took a faculty position at the Georgia Institute of Technology in
Atlanta. Georgia Tech professor by day and stand-up comedian by night. Pete also hosts a local radio show on science
and technology called "Inside the Black Box". His research interests include the application of molecular simulation to
elucidating structure-property relationships in synthetic and biological macromolecules. Pete tries to bring humor to the
classroom and some technology to the comedy club stage to prove that chemical science professionals can be funny and
not just funny-looking.

    Message from the Chair:

    I would personally like to welcome all members and friends of the East Tennessee Section of the
    American Chemical Society (ETS-ACS) to our meetings this year. Our first meeting will be on February
    17th at the Alumni Gym at Maryville College at 7:00 pm. I would like the membership this year to
    commit to bring one guest to each of our meetings who is not currently a member of ETS-ACS. I would
    further encourage us to reach out to the secondary school science teachers and their students and invite
    them to participate in all our activities.
    This first meeting at Maryville College will be an excellent opportunity to invite high school students and
    their teachers to be a part of our meetings. Dr. Pete Ludovice is a molecular modeling expert at Georgia
    Tech who happens to be a member of the Comedy Club circuit. His presentation on "Lab Coats and
    Other Fashion Statements" looks at the common stereotypes of scientists in a humorous way. He bills
    himself as the only Comedy Club circuit member with a Ph.D. from MIT.
    Today’s high school students will be the future chemists and ACS members tomorrow; we need to include
    them in as many ways as we can in our meetings. Future ACS speakers will be talking next fall about
    topics of interest to both the practicing chemist and the general public. As your incoming chair I would
    like to thank each of you for your continued service to the profession and to our professional
    organization. Please consider this outreach to the teachers and students in East Tennessee as being one
    of our most important activities for 2009.

                                                                                       Terry Bunde

                            2009 FORENSIC CHEMISTRY CLASS FOR ADULTS

 Have you ever wondered how scientists and law enforcement officers use evidence to catch a criminal? Do you enjoy
 the popular television show CSI? If so, this course is for you. In just a few classes, you can learn about the basic
 principles behind the techniques that are used to solve crimes. You will complete experiments in fingerprinting,
 bloodstain pattern recognition, drug and fiber analysis, ballistics, and much more.
 Instructors : Dr. Al Hazari and Graduate students. Location : UTK Dabney/Buehler Hall, Room 334. Class begins
 02/19 and ends 03/26 from 6:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. No class on 3/19. Course Number: 09W1947. For more info contact
 Dr.Hazari (865-974-1065; Fee $99. For signing up, call 865-974-0150 or visit

                              TN-GAC MEETS WITH GOVERNOR BREDESEN

 The newly formed Tennessee Government Affairs Committee (TN-GAC), with the cooperation of 2008 ACS
 President Dr. Bruce Bursten, met with Governor Phil Bredesen recently to introduce the newly formed committee
 which is involved in finding opportunities for cooperation between the Governor, the Tennessee Legislature, and the
 ACS to advance the cause of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in the state. The
 American Chemical society is the world’s largest scientific society and has more than 2,000 members in Tennessee.
 The TN-GAC acts as the official voice for ACS members within the state of Tennessee who are interested in
 effectively engaging the Tennessee government to support STEM education. During the meeting Dr. Bursten and the

  The Branched Chain (February 2009)                                                                               2
Committee thanked Gov. Bredesen for his support of STEM education, and discussed why STEM education and
science literacy are important for the state. Committee members presented an overview of TN-GACs efforts to work
with other organizations, including the private sector, and expressed a desire to help the Governor advance their
common goals. In addition to serving as ACS President, Dr. Bursten is also Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. ACS is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization, chartered by
Congress in 1937, with more than 160,000 chemical scientists and engineers as members worldwide. The Society
works to advance the chemical enterprise, increase public understanding of the chemistry and science, and to offer
its expertise on state and national matters. ACS formed an independent committee of Tennessee ACS members from
across the state to lead and advise our efforts thus creating the Tennessee Government Affairs Committee. TN-GAC
will be working with state ACS members to chart an agenda for science education reform and to enlist other state
education stakeholders such as business and industry groups, science teacher organizations, and other education
constituencies in this effort.
                                                             Pictured are of the newly formed TN-GAC group with
                                                             Governor Bredesen. From left to right in order: Bill
                                                             Seymour (retired chemist, Chattanooga), John Sanders
                                                             (Eastman Chemical, Kingsport), Ruth Woodall (TN-GAC
                                                             Chair and Director of Tennessee Scholars, Nashville),
                                                             Gov. Bredesen, Bruce Bursten (ACS President, Knoxville),
                                                             James Brown (ACS Staff, Washington DC), and Charles
                                                             Baldwin (Union University, Jackson). Not pictured TN-
                                                             GAC members are Al Hazari, (Dir. of Chemistry Labs, UT
                                                             Knoxville) and Stan Peppenhorst, (retired science teacher,

                                         SCIENCE FAIR JUDGES NEEDED
This is the first call to serve as a judge in the 2009 Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair (SASEF; Judging will take place on Tuesday, April 7 from 12:30 to 5:00 p.m. It will be held at the UT
Thompson Boling Arena. We need your assistance in helping our 6-12 graders from all over East Tennessee become
the best and the brightest! Contact Dr. Al Hazari, SASEF Vice-President, at 865-567-9744 or

SASEF is the premier science competition for students in middle and high school in our 23-county service area of
East Tennessee. We have promoted teaching the scientific method in science, engineering, and math since 1952. The
fair is sponsored by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as well as many
local companies and agencies. There are two divisions of competition - Junior Division for middle school students
(grades 6 – 8) and Senior Division for high school students (grades 9 – 12. SASEF is an official, affiliated regional
fair of the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), and the top two Senior Division students win an
expense-paid trip to compete in ISEF in Reno, NV May 10-15.

                                              TEACH TENNESSEE
Governor Phil Bredesen is leading an initiative called Teach Tennessee. The goal is to create a statewide program
that challenges mid-career professionals, retirees and others to teach. It is designed for those who already have a
bachelor’s degree, 24 semester college hours in some field and would like to teach in that same content area for
grades 7-12. The Department of Education is seeking those who demonstrate high achievement in their careers and
possess the character and motivation needed to be a quality teacher. Priority is given to those wishing to teach in
Tennessee's highest need areas- math, science and foreign languages. Selected candidates are required to attend an
intensive Teach Tennessee Institute to learn teaching methods to be eligible to teach, accompanied by an intensive
mentoring program once they enter the classroom. These potential educators are most needed in the hardest-to-staff
districts and in high-need subject areas, such as math, science and foreign languages.
Special Note: To meet the minimum eligibility requirements for Teach Tennessee, content knowledge is measured
by one of two ways: by having 24 semester college credit hours or 36 quarter hours in the content area you are
wishing to teach with a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) GPA. by passing the Praxis II (content) exam in the area you wish to
teach. If you do not have the 24 hours in the content area you are wishing to teach (with a 3.0 GPA) and are

 The Branched Chain (February 2009)                                                                                 3
interested in taking the Praxis II to meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the next round of Teach Tennessee
selections, you will need to register for the exam using the following schedule. More information about the Praxis
can be found at
Teach Tennessee Applicant Time-line: Spring 2009 will be the next selection round. March 1, 2009 is the deadline
for submitting applications for this selection. Special Note: All requirements and components of the portfolio
(including letters of recommendation and work verification) must be postmarked by March 1, 2009. Faxes will not
be accepted. It is the candidates’ responsibility to assure the portfolio is complete. Incomplete portfolios will not be
considered. If you wish to check on the contents received, you may contact Barbara Floyd by emailing

                                                 ETS-ACS NOTES

2009 ETS-ACS election results Chair Elect: James Condon; Member at Large (2009-2011): John Berch; Secretary
(2009-2010): Michael Best; Alternate Councilor (2009-2011): Arlene Garrison; Councilor (2009-2011): Al Hazari.
Congratulations to all!

ETS-ACS receives an Innovative Program Grant ETS-ACS has recently been awarded funds to do a series of
science fair workshops to help improve the quality of science education in the East Tennessee area.

2009 Forensic Chemistry Camp for Middle Schoolers The UTK Association of Chemistry Graduate Students
and Dr. Al Hazari will again offer area middle school students an opportunity to become investigators by
exploring scientific and chemical principles and techniques used to detect criminal acts. This year’s camp will be
held in the UTK Chemistry Department June 15-19. More details will be available later.

ETS-ACS is participating in VOL4STEM activities Please visit to learn more and get

                                         2009 ETS-ACS Officers
    Past Chair:               Larry Kennard                     (423)585-6878
    Chair:                    Terry Bunde                       (865)981-8279
    Chair-Elect:              James Condon                      (865)376-4420
    Secretary:                Michael Best (09-11)              (865)974-8658
    Treasurer:                Rose A. Boll (08-09)              (865)241-2405
    Councilor:                Al Hazari (09-11)                 (865)974-1065
    Alternate Councilor:      Arlene Garrison (09-11)           (865)974-6410
    Members-at-Large          John Berch (09-11)                (423)746-5304
                              Doug Hensley (08-10)              (423)585-6881
                              Ben Xue (07-09)                   (865)974-3443
    Historian:                Earl W ehry                       (865)522-1879      EW
    Newsletter Editor:        Rose A. Boll                      (865)241-2405

                           2009 East Tennessee ACS Meeting Schedule
 Tuesday, Feb. 17: Lab Coats and other Fashion Statem ents, Dr. Pete Ludovice
 M arch date TBA: Dr. Robert Compton, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
 Thursday, Apr. 30: ETS-ACS Banquet and Awards Night, Calhoun’s on the River
 Tuesday, Sept. 15: A Search for Natural Insecticides, Dr. David W iemer
 Tuesday, Nov. 17: The Floyd Landis Sports Doping Case as Evaluated by an Analytical Chem ist, Dr. Robert Blackledge

The Branched Chain                                                                                  Rose A. Boll, Editor

 The Branched Chain (February 2009)                                                                                   4

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