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									        LGA Strategic Plan
           2009 – 2012

The LGA recognises the need to have due regard to the strategic plans, policies
 and service arrangements of other spheres of government, and in particular to
    South Australia’s Strategic Plan and its State-wide and regional targets.

                                   DME 48903

   To represent and provide leadership and support to
Councils for the benefit of the South Australian Community.

                           KEY GOALS OF THE LGA
       1.   Facilitate the continued development and enhancement of Local Government in
            South Australia.
       2.   Continue to build stronger relationships with State and Federal Governments and
            other key stakeholders.
       3.   Promote and advance opportunities for improved funding for South Australian
       4.   Promote a greater understanding of Local Government with all stakeholders, and
            encourage increased community engagement with Council democratic

       Key Result Areas                                                                                        page

       1.   Representing Local Government ................................... ............................. 2
       2.   Providing Leadership and Building Capacity.......................................... ...... 3
       3.   Improving Finance, Infrastructure & Resources .. ........................................ 4
       4.   Encouraging Participation ........................................ ................................... 5
       5.   Monitoring LGA Enterprises ................................. ....................................... 6
       6.   Facilitating Research & Development .................. ....................................... 7
       7.   Managing LGA Governance ........................................................................ 8

DME 48903                         Local Government Association of SA                                                   1
OBJECTIVE:    Ensure that Local Government’s voice is heard, and its
              interests are represented.

              1.1 Work effectively with the State Government to achieve the objectives
                  and activities outlined in the State / Local Relations Agreement, and
                  promote constructive communication with all Members of State
                  Parliament and senior State public servants on all matters pertaining
                  to Local Government’s interests, including but not limited to:
                       major projects;
                       changes to government service delivery affecting local
                       the effectiveness of existing or proposed legislation
                          impacting on Local Government; and
                       changes to functional areas of responsibility.

              1.2   Pursue opportunities to work more effectively with the Federal
                    Government within the established Intergovernmental Agreement,
                    and enhance relationships and communication with all Members
                    of Federal Parliament on matters relevant to Local Government.

              1.3   Promote issues affecting SA Local Government with the Australian
                    Local Government Association (ALGA) and other relevant bodies
                    operating at the national level.

              1.4   Ensure that Local Government is strongly and effectively
                    represented on State and Federal Government boards and
                    committees and other outside bodies where appropriate, and that
                    the selection of Local Government representatives is based on

              1.5   Monitor the progress of the State Government’s Community
                    Engagement Board on the development, implementation and
                    promotion of State and Regional targets in South Australia’s
                    Strategic Plan, and promote opportunities for the three spheres of
                    government to align their strategic planning and policy
                    development activities.

              1.6   Participate in, and monitor the results of the Planning System
                    Review in SA including consultation and the provision of advice
                    and information to Councils.

              1.7   Identify opportunities and approaches for collaboration, shared
                    services and partnerships among Councils, and between Local
                    Government and the other spheres of government, that recognise
                    Local Government’s contribution to the economic, social and
                    environmental well being of SA communities.

DME 48903            Local Government Association of SA                             2
OBJECTIVE:    Provide leadership and promote continuous improvement in
              Local Government, assisting Councils to continuously
              improve their capacity to provide efficient and effective
              services to their communities in an accountable and
              transparent manner.

              2.1   Work with Councils to develop a shared vision for the future of
                    Local Government in South Australia, including an understanding
                    of the challenges and opportunities it faces.

              2.2   Encourage honesty and transparency in Local Government,
                    support appropriate new processes and mechanisms which allow
                    for effective investigation and resolution of allegations of improper
                    conduct, and promote, facilitate and encourage Councils to
                    implement innovative and effective approaches to undertaking
                    their governance roles and functions.

              2.3   Work to ensure the availability of relevant data and information to
                    assist Councils and their communities to develop appropriate
                    responses to demographic changes and emerging trends, and to
                    provide information about the performance and activities of

              2.4   Develop, provide and promote education and training, workforce
                    planning, and professional development activities for Council
                    Members and Staff, and assist Local Government professional
                    networks in their role of supporting professional staff, where

              2.5   Represent and support Local Government in industrial and
                    employee relations matters, and provide support to individual
                    Councils on request.

              2.6   Provide support and leadership to Councils to develop strategic
                    approaches and effective Federal / State / Local collaboration on
                    relevant current issues, including (but not limited to):
                       waste management issues, including economic analysis of
                          the ongoing role of Local Government and the identification
                          of opportunities for improvement:
                       natural resource management;
                       water management and security;
                       environmental sustainability and climate change;
                       economic development; and
                       affordable housing.

DME 48903            Local Government Association of SA                              3
OBJECTIVE:    Pursue improved funding for Councils, encourage the
              implementation of sustainable financial management
              practices, and foster an increased capacity to develop and
              maintain relevant community infrastructure.

              3.1   Continue to lobby governments and political parties, and support
                    the work of the ALGA and other relevant bodies to ensure that
                    an increased and equitable share of funding is apportioned to
                    SA Councils.

              3.2   Continue to advance the recommendations of the Financial
                    Sustainability of Local Government Inquiry Report, including
                    working with Councils to ensure a high level of understanding of,
                    and commitment to, long term financial sustainability.

              3.3   Work with State and Federal Governments, Councils, the ALGA,
                    and other relevant stakeholders to support infrastructure related
                    issues including (but not limited to):

                       implementation of the State Wide Wastewater Management
                        Project to upgrade existing CWM (formerly STED) schemes
                        and construct new schemes;
                       implementation of the State Infrastructure Plan and
                        identification of opportunities for the alignment of regional
                        and local infrastructure plans with the State Plan;
                       the ALGA’s endeavours to encourage the Federal
                        Government to establish a national community infrastructure
                        fund; and
                       the funding of upgrades to Council recreation and sport
                        facilities to meet the requirements of the various sporting
                        codes and peak bodies.

              3.4   Develop strategies to manage the increasing costs to Councils
                    and their communities of extensive statutory enforcement

              3.5   Assist Councils to advance projects and proposals for joint
                    Federal/State/Local Government activities, including the
                    establishment of effective Regional Development Australia

DME 48903           Local Government Association of SA                            4
OBJECTIVE:    Promote community involvement and participation in the
              system of Local Government.

              4.1   Assist Councils to identify opportunities to enhance and plan for
                    the environmental, social and economic development of local
                    and regional communities.

              4.2   Promote a positive image and understanding of the role of Local
                    Government in the community, including in the media.

              4.3   Promote Local Government elections, encourage a greater
                    number of persons interested in nominating for election and
                    strive for an increase in voter turnout.

              4.4   Assist Councils to enhance their communication and
                    engagement strategies with communities, by a variety of
                    appropriate media including the use of information technology.

              4.5   Support Councils to identify ways to better involve and increase
                    the representation of specific groups such as Aboriginal people,
                    young people, small business and other under represented
                    groups in the delivery of Local Government Services and other

              4.6   Promote greater participation by women in Local Government,
                    by working closely with relevant agencies and organisations and
                    by supporting Councils to undertake related activities.

              4.7   Maintain an up-to-date public access website that provides a
                    gateway to SA Council websites and relevant information on
                    general Local Government issues and processes.

              4.8   Assist Councils to promote careers in Local Government
                    particularly in areas of existing and future skill shortages.

DME 48903           Local Government Association of SA                            5

OBJECTIVE:    Represent Local Government’s interests in LGA, and other
              sector-level enterprises, (Local Government Finance
              Authority, Local Super, LGA Workers Compensation Scheme,
              LGA Mutual Liability Scheme, Local Government Corporate
              Services), and monitor opportunities for further enterprise
              activity to achieve benefits to Councils.

              5.1   Participate in governance reviews, policy development and
                    strategic direction activities of the boards of enterprises on which
                    the LGA has representation.

              5.2   Monitor the performance and operations of LGA enterprises and
                    where necessary seek to initiate changes through board
                    structures and practices.

              5.3   Enhance current LGA enterprises and develop new structures to
                    benefit Councils and their local communities.

              5.4   Produce an LGA news bulletin and use other appropriate
                    methods to provide Councils with regular information regarding
                    the performance of LGA enterprises.

DME 48903           Local Government Association of SA                              6
OBJECTIVE:    Ensure strategic research and development needs and
              opportunities are identified and resourced.

              6.1   Promote the Local Government Research & Development
                    Scheme (LGR&DS) and the projects funded by the scheme by:
                     ensuring that every opportunity and encouragement is
                       provided for Councils, regions, professional bodies and other
                       relevant parties to access funds for sector-wide projects;
                     consulting with Councils annually regarding all aspects of the
                       operations of the LGR&DS; and
                     promoting the benefits and outcomes derived from research
                       projects undertaken by the LGA, professional groups and
                       other stakeholders.

              6.2   Identify avenues to increase the funding available for research
                    activities within Local Government, including establishing
                    collaborative arrangements with universities and other key
                    research organisations.

              6.3   Explore methodologies to engage with the Local Government
                    Centre of Excellence, to ensure that its activities support the
                    continued growth and development of Local Government in
                    South Australia.

DME 48903           Local Government Association of SA                           7

OBJECTIVE:    Ensure LGA resources and services are managed efficiently
              and effectively.

              7.1   Provide timely, effective and professional support to the State
                    Executive    Committee,      Senior    Executive    Committee,
                    Metropolitan Local Government Group, South Australian
                    Regional Organisations of Councils, and other LGA Committees
                    and Working Parties.

              7.2   Attend Regional LGA meetings and adopt consultation,
                    communication and reporting strategies that support and
                    enhance information flow between Councils, Regional LGAs and
                    the LGA.

              7.3   Continue to review, revise, and implement the LGA’s
                    Governance mechanisms, documents and standards, to ensure
                    that it operates effectively and efficiently and in accordance with
                    leading practice, including:
                     meeting Constitutional requirements regarding the conduct
                        of elections and the holding of Annual and General
                     undertaking a regular review and endorsement of the LGA
                        Policy Manual; and
                     identifying opportunities to enhance the quality of services
                        provided to Councils by the LGA and its enterprises.

              7.4   Identify and implement strategies to improve the use of
                    technology in the delivery of LGA services.

              7.5   Adopt flexible work practices, providing a safe working
                    environment, challenges, career development and job
                    satisfaction for staff of the Secretariat.

              7.6   Effectively and efficiently manage Local Government House via
                    the Council Purchasing Authority.

              7.7   Provide effective communication with Council Members and staff
                    about current and proposed LGA activities, events and programs

DME 48903           Local Government Association of SA                             8

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