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                                                          1983 edition of The Busy
                                                          Mother’s Guide to Sewing
                                                          Children’s Clothes • Includes
The Busy Mother’s Guide to Sewing                         basic sewing techniques •
Children’s Clothes • More than 25 basic                                                          The Complete Slip Collection • Pull-out patterns
                                                          Collar and sleeve variations •         for five separate slip patterns • Sizes range from
yoke dress variations • Detailed instruc-                 Self-lined yoke instructions •
tions for sewing techniques that are                                                             newborn to girls size 12 • Neckline, armhole, and
                                                          $10 per copy (Retail)                  hemline embellishments
great for beginners

                     MEASURING AND FITTING GIRLS: Includes                   SLEEVES: Answers to All Your Questions
                     pull-out sheet of measurement charts and guide-         About Sleeves • Measurement charts • Sleeve
                     lines for making adjustments for babies, toddlers,      variations • Sleeve embellishment • Pattern
                     girls, pre-teens, teen-agers, and CHUBBIES              adaptations • Troubleshooters

                      Ribbon Rosettes, Sashes, and Hair Bows •                 Dresses for Toddlers, Book I • More than
                      14 ribbon rosette variations • Sashes • Easy             10 heirloom dress variations • Heirloom
                      satin hair bows • Project measurement guidelines         sewing by machine techniques • Pull-out
                      • Detailed instructions                                  pattern in sizes 1/2 - 3

Baby Boy Christening Gowns • Christening        A-line Christening gowns pattern in sizes pre-    A-line Christening Gowns II • Designs for baby
gowns with simple construction • Ideal for      emie, newborn, infant, and large • Long puff      boys • Back button closing • Three variations
unique fabrics and trims • Detailed instruc-    sleeve and elbow-length puff sleeve • May be      include long straight sleeve, elbow length puff
tions • Sizes NB, S, M, L   (Book)              used with the designs in Baby Daygowns,           sleeve, and long puff sleeve • Large Peter Pan col-
                                                Book I and Dresses for Toddlers, Book I           lar and standard Peter Pan collar • Designs for
                                                                                                  Swiss eyelet edging, tucks and insertion, or tucks
                                                                                                  and monogramming • Sizes preemie, newborn,
                                                                                                  infant, and large

            Sizes Newborn, Small, Medium, and Large                           Sizes Newborn, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months,
       Basic yoke Christening gown pattern — ideal for design-                    12 Months, 18 Months, and 24 Months
       ing your own Christening gown using your selected laces                       Bonnet designs for Swiss eyelet trims
                    and trims — Easy-to-sew —                                 A good project for left-over trims and pieces of heir-
                   Long and short sleeves included                                         loom trims and garments
                                                                                                Quick baby gift
                                           The Baby Daygowns Series
                          Make hundreds of unique daygowns using the pull-out patterns in these books!

   Baby Daygowns, Book I • Pink •                     Baby Daygowns, Book II • Blue •                  Baby Daygowns, Book III • Yellow •
   Daygown designs with a back closing •              Daygown designs with a front button              Raglan sleeve designs with a front button
   Sizes newborn and infant                           closing • Sizes newborn and infant               closing • Sizes newborn and infant

     Baby Daygowns, Book IV • Seafoam •                                                                 Baby Daygowns, Book VI • Dusty Rose
                                                      Baby Daygowns, Book V • Periwinkle •
     Raglan sleeve designs with back placket                                                            Heirloom daygowns from the 1920’s
                                                      Yoke daygown designs in sizes 5-pound
     • 5 preemie sizes • Sizes newborn,                                                                 with yoke design • Sizes 5-pound pre-
                                                      preemie, newborn, and infant
     infant, and 15” baby doll                                                                          emie, newborn, and infant

                                                                                                             Pillow sham pattern and 4
                                                                                                             variations, as well as instruc-
                                                                                                             tions for making your own
Baby Daygowns, Book VII • Designs for          Kimono Sleeves Daygowns • Easy-to-sew kimono sleeve day-      pillow • Embroidery and
Machine and Hand Embroidery • Sizes            gown in sizes preemie, newborn,and infant • Ideal for a       shadown work designs includ-
Preemie, Newborn, and Infant                   range of fabrics from Swiss batiste to cashmere flannel to    ed • Fast and easy baby gift •
                                               brushed cotton • Christening gown, embroidered antique        Great class project
                                               gown, sacque, daygowns • In book format
                                        Baby and Preemie Books and Patterns

          Baby’s Diaper Shirt I • Sizes new-
          born and infant • 5 shirt variations,                         Mary Anna’s Smocked Bonnet                The Bonnet Collection, Book I • Maize •
          suitable for baby boys and girls •                             Sizes newborn to 18 months               Sizes Newborn, 2 Mo., 6 Mo., 9 Mo., 12 Mo., 18
          Shadow work designs                                                                                     Mo., 24 Mo. • 5 Variations • Measurement Charts

  Baby Diaper Covers • Button-on diaper covers for               Double-Seat Panty Pattern • Ideal for                Smocked Bishop Daygowns •
  boys and girls • Dozens of variations using Swiss              Machine and Hand Embroidery • Sizes Small,           Easy-to-sew daygown with both front button
  eyelet edging, lace edging and entredeux, and cord-            Medium, Large, and Extra-Large i includes a          opening and back closing • Includes baby
  ing • Embellish with machine embroidery, hand                  Diaper Allowance • Sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 for       sacque and simple smocking design • Sizes
  embroidery, and decorative buttons • Very easy to              Little Girls Panty                                   preemie, newborn, and infant
  sew • In book format

Preemie Isolette Shirt in sizes 1 lb., 2 1/2 lbs., 3 - 4 lbs.,    Easy-to-sew kimono sleeve daygowns and
5 - 6 lbs., newborn, and infant • Design, construction,           bonnets for preemies in sizes 1 lb., 2 1/2        Baby Daygowns, Book IV • Includes 5 separate pre-
and embellishment recommended by neonatal nurses •                lbs., 3 - 4 lbs., and 5 - 6 lbs. • Ideal for      emie sizes, newborn, and infant • 8 daygown variations,
Isolette shirt features include front closing with velcro,        bereavement ensembles                             some with smocking, some without • Raglan sleeve
open-shoulder construction with velcro, and approxi-                                                                design • Includes detailed preemie measurement chart
mate thigh-length                                                                                                   for sizes 1 lb., 2 1/2 lbs., 3 - 4 lbs., 5 - 6 lbs.
                                                Basic Patterns

                                                                                                 Pretty White Dresses • Basic yoke dress
                                                                                                 in sizes 1 - 6 • Easy construction tech-
    Ginger’s Basic Yoke Dress                   Collars for Girls • Basic yoke dress in sizes    niques • More than 8 dress variations to
           Sizes 1/2 - 12                       1 - 6 • Easy construction techniques •           create a variety of white dresses using
   Self-lined yoke construction                 More than 8 collar variations                    table linens, embroidered handker-
     Also includes variation                                                                     chiefs, Swiss eyelet trims, silk dupioni
         without smocking                                                                        with embroidery

                                                                                                Ginger’s White Collection • Drop waist
 The Collar Dress • Empire pattern in sizes 4 - 12 • Eight collar variations • This
                                                                                                dress pattern in sizes 4 - 14 • Detailed
 pattern may be the only pattern your daughter needs for several years • Suitable
                                                                                                instructions for using Battenburg table
 for a variety of fabrics • The detailed instructions are like taking a sewing class
                                                                                                linens to create an elegant white dress with
                                                                                                a minimum of time and expense • May be
                                                                                                adapted to commercial patterns

Mary Hayden’s Blouse I • Back Button Blouse
Pattern with Peter Pan Collar and Short Puff
Sleeve • One pattern includes sizes 2 — 8
                                          Boys’ Patterns

                              Boy’s Button-on Suit • Button-on suit pattern in sizes 1/2 - 6 • Knickers
                              in sizes 3 - 6 • 10 shirt variations • Easy self-lined button-on pants
                              construction • This could be the only pattern you will ever need to sew
                              for your little boy!

Cameron’s Pull-on Shorts and Shirts • Boys’ pull-on                        Hudson’s Sunday Suit • Boys’ pull-on shorts and
shorts with front band and elastic back • Hang-out                         long pants with hang-out shirts • Shirt variations
shirts include monogrammed shirt, three-pleat shirt vari-                  include a pointed Peter Pan collar with six 1/2”
ation, Peter Pan collar, and instructions for side vents in                knife pleats in the shirt and a variation with Swiss
shirt • Easy-to-sew with detailed instructions • Multi-                    eyelet trims • East-to-sew with detailed instructions
sizes 2 - 6 in one pattern                                                 • Multi-sizes 2 - 6 in one pattern

        The Home Show Catalog Look for Boys with Hang-Out Shirts
              and Pull-on Shorts and Pants — Easy-to-Sew
                                     and Trendy Collection

                      Stacey’s Smocked Sundress/Jumper                                  Carrington’s Dropwaist Dress
                                 Sizes 1 - 12                                          One pattern includes sizes 4 - 8
                          Smocking designs included                                 Perfect for trendy prints, cute summer
                        May be sewn without smocking                                      dresses, and fall jumpers

“Ashtyne’s Heirloom Dress”....yoke dress                                                           “Collars for Girls”....yoke dress in sizes 1-
in sizes 1 - 6 with two Trendy Casual                                                              6....Rectangular, flared collar for Trendy
Variations....Scalloped Edge Collar and         “The Collar Dress”....empire waist dress           Casual Variation....Pattern also includes
round collar for “Float Dress”                  in sizes 4 - 12....round collar variation for      round collar for a float dress
                                                Trendy Casual Adaptation

                                           Free trendy adaptations for the three patterns below:
                                           (Pattern descriptions may be found in other sections.)
                                               Beach Dresses

       Beach Dresses I                                Beach Dresses II                       Beach Dresses III
    A-Line Dress pattern in                       Basic Yoke Dress pattern               Empire Waist Dress pattern
         sizes 1/2 - 3                                  in sizes 1 - 6                         in sizes 4 - 12
                                             Monogrammed dress ideal for pique          Monogrammed dress ideal for pique fab-
Monogrammed dress made of pique
                                             fabric....Light, airy dress made of lawn   ric....sand dollar dress of pima broad-
fabric....Swiss eyelet variation with                                                   cloth features shadow work or handker-
angel wings....very easy to sew              with shell shadow work
                                                                                        chief inset

This lovely summer dress mimics the elegant Strasburg
Children’s sundress • Use your in-stock Swiss trims to make
this lovely Swiss sundress, or kit project • Will be as pretty
as the Swiss trims that you choose • Sizes 4 - 12 in one pat-
                Patterns for Your Funky Print Fabrics
                                        Use these patterns to copy the home show catalog look!

       Maddie’s Tiered Sundress • Sundress or jumper with a plain               3 skirt variations • Great way to mix and match your
       skirt or choice of skirt fullness in tiered variations • Great pat-      favorite prints, dots, and checks, even corduroy •
       tern to mix and match your favorite prints, dots, and checks •           Embellish with your favorite trims • Detailed, step-by-step
       Back button closing with skirt placket • Adjustable straps •
                                                                                instructions • Internet Easy • Great for beginners
       Easy-to-sew • Sizes 4 - 12 in one pattern
                                                                                • The one hour skirt!

                                                      Use trendy fabrics and trims of all
                                                      kinds when sewing this cute                Easy, one-hour, pull-over jumper or
Great design to mix and match your                    jumper/sundress with shoulder straps,      sundress • Sew in a solid fabric with
favorite prints, dots, and checks, even cor-          secured on the front by trendy knots •     contrast facing • Make it simple or
duroy • Skirt with vertical strips with hem-          Great for sundress or jumper • Easy-       embellish with all sorts of trims • Great
line band • Use variety of prints on skirt,           to-sew with detailed instructions •        corduroy jumper for the holidays or
bodice, lining, straps, and hemline band •            Multi-sizes 4 - 12 in one pattern          your favorite team • Adaptation for
Back button closing with skirt placket •                                                         three-panel variation • Extremely easy
Sizes 4 — 12 in one pattern • Ideal for                                                          construction steps • Multi-sizes 4 - 8 in
“Team Spirit!” jumper with collegiate prints                                                     one pattern
                                        Heirloom Patterns

Ashtyne’s Heirloom Dress                        The Embroidered Dress       The Blue Ridge Antique Dress
 Heirloom yoke dress in                              Sizes 6 - 14                    Sizes 6 - 14
    multi-sizes 1 - 6                              Heirloom sewing                Heirloom sewing
   3 dress variations                           by machine techniques          by machine techniques
                                                  3 dress variations             3 dress variations

    The Lace Dress                        The New Orleans Insertion Dress   The Victorian Drop Waist Dress
      Sizes 6 - 14                                  Sizes 6 - 14                      Sizes 6 - 14
    Heirloom sewing                            Heirloom sewing by                  Heirloom sewing
 by machine techniques                          machine techniques              by machine techniques
   4 dress variations                            3 dress variations                4 dress variations

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                            1-334-567-4239 • FAX 1-334-514-0014 •

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