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					My pet is a turtle.

It is small.

It has four short legs and a tail.

It can crawl and swim.

It is green and brown.
The bird is in the sky.

The lion is under the tree.

The hippo is in the river.

The snake is on the rock.

The frog is on the leaf.

The butterfly is on the flower.
There are three monkeys. All the monkeys are in the tree. There are
four hippos. Some are in the pond. Some are near the pond. I can
see a hamster. It is on the bench. I can see four rabbits. Some are on
the bench. Some are on the grass. I can see two giraffes. They are
under the tree. I can see a snail. It is under the bench.
Dear Vennessa,

      There is a new park near my home. I am in the new park now.
I can see many things here.

      I can see four butterflies. Some are under the bench. Some are
in the sky. They are very beautiful.

      I can see five yellow flowers. All the flowers are near the swing.
I can see a duck. The duck is in the pond.

     I can see a see-saw. The see-saw is on the grass. There is a
caterpillar on the see-saw!

Best wishes,

She is Kitty.

She is my doll.

She is short.

Her hair is short.
1. It is an eagle.     2. It is a monkey.
   It can fly.            It can’ t swim.

3. It is a kangaroo.   4. It is an elephant.
   It can jump.           It can’t climb.

5. It is a panda.      6. It is a rabbit.
   It can’t swim.         It can’t climb.
“ I got a yellow and purple box for my birthday.
If you wait a minute, I’ll show you what’s in it.”

               “ It is a doll.”
1   A: Where is the market?
    B: The market is between the bank and
       the hotel.

2   A: Where is the cafe?
    B: The cafe is opposite the MTR station.

3   A: Where is the bus stop?
    B: The bus stop is in front of the shopping

4   A: Where is the dog?
    B: The dog is behind the tree.

5   A: Where is Tom?
    B: Tom is next to Mrs Fung.

6   A: Where is Mary?
    B: Mary is next to Billy.
This is a fish.

A clown fish is a fish.

All clown fish are beautiful.

All clown fish have beautiful fins and tails.

All clown fish can swim.
My father goes to work by minibus.

My sister goes to the library on foot.

My mother goes to the market on foot.

I like to go to the library by bus but I go there on foot.

I like to go to school by taxi but it is very expensive.
I think Lily can be the ‘Star Pupil’.

Lily is smart. She speaks English fluently.

She is helpful at home too.

She washes the dishes every Monday.

She tidies her toys every Wednesday.
My brother reads books every Sunday.

I play computer games every Monday.

My cousin sets the table every Tuesday.

My mother sweeps the floor every Wednesday.

My father hangs up the washing every Thursday.

My grandmother comes to my house every Friday.

My grandfather buys a newspaper every Saturday.
Dear Terry,

     How are you? Last Saturday I went to an English Camp with
my classmates.

    We went there on a large coach. We read many interesting books.
Then we had a treasure hunt. After lunch, we also learned to do a
drama. We ate a lot of tasty food. We had a great time.

Please write soon.

Macy is a clever and hard-working girl. She is helpful too. She
likes to help her friends with their homework.

One day she saw a dog.

It lay on the ground.

It looked ill and in pain.

She took it to a vet. The vet gave it some medicine.

It soon recovered. It lived with Macy happily.
My best friend is Kelly.

She has big black eyes and long hair.

She is tall and thin.

She likes swimming and dancing.

She likes doing puzzles too.

She is helpful because she likes helping her classmates.

She is hard-working, so she has high marks in the exams.
Dear Dennis,

     Thank you for your email. My family and I are very well.

     One week ago, my family and I went camping in Lantau Coun-
try Park. In the park, we saw a lot of beautiful plants. When my
father was looking for a good place to set up the tent, my mother
prepared dinner for us. My sister and I helped them. Then I played
football with my father. We were very happy. After dinner, we were
very tired.

     We enjoyed this camp very much.

     Please write soon.

                                                      Your friend,

Dear Joshua,

     I am having a great time in the USA. There
is snow because the weather is cold. Last
Saturday, we visited Disneyland and it was really
                                                     45 Tung Kun
big and beautiful. I like this place because it is
                                                     St. Yaumatei,
Paul Tam
Dear Mummy,
     I am having a great time in Japan!
     The weather is cold. It is about 13     !
     Yesterday my aunt took me to a very big        45 Tung Kun
shopping centre in Ginza. There were a lot of       St. Yaumatei,
shops and a lot of people. We went to a             Kowloon.
restaurant and we had sashimi for lunch. It was
    See you next week Mummy.
     Mary looked in the toy shop window. She saw a beautiful doll.
She liked it very much but she had no money to buy it. She was sad.
When she was on her way home, she found some money on the ground.
She was happy because she could buy the beautiful doll. Suddenly,
she saw a boy looking for his money. Mary gave back the money to
the boy. His mum was happy. The boy’s mum asked Mary, “What
do you want to buy?” Mary answered, “I want to buy a doll.” “It’s
fifty dollars but I have no money!” The boy’s mum went to the toy
shop and bought the doll for her. She said to Mary, “This is a present
for you, bye!” Mary was very happy and she went back home.
     Mary looked in the toy shop window. She saw a beautiful doll.
She wanted to buy the beautiful doll. She took out her wallet but she
did not have any money. Suddenly, she saw a fifty-dollar-note. She
wanted to spend the money to buy the beautiful doll. But just then
she saw a woman and a boy looking for the money. The boy said, “I
dropped my money here. Where is the note?” They were very worried.
Then Mary gave the money back to them. They were very happy and
thanked Mary.
     One day Teddy Bear was in the forest. He felt hungry. He
wanted to eat some fruit.

     Teddy Bear walked and walked. He saw some fruit under a
tree. On top of the tree was an old owl. The old owl said to Teddy
Bear, “Don’t pick the fruit because there is a hole under the tree.”
The Teddy Bear didn’t listen to the owl and he picked the fruit. Then
the Teddy Bear fell into the hole. He was very unhappy.
     The panda at the zoo got
hungrier and hungrier. He wouldn’t
go to bed and he wouldn’t drink any
water. The doctor came and the
doctor said: “Put that panda into bed!
Get some socks for his panda feet
and give him bamboo to eat!”
Dear Cindy,

      Thank you for your letter. We shall meet at the Central pier. I
will bring some chocolate, a packet of potato chips, two bottles of
apple juice and some water. I will bring a cap and an umbrella because
it may be sunny on Saturday.

     I will wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I will also wear a pair of

     If you have any problems, please call me.


     I will go to Ocean Park during the Easter holidays. In Ocean
Park, I will see the giant pandas. I will see the Amazing Birds Show.
I will ride on the cable car and I will see the dolphins and sea lions. I
will enjoy it because I like animals and I think they’re interesting.

     I will go to Lantau Island during the Easter holidays too. On
Lantau Island, I will travel on the Ngong Ping 360 cable car. I will
look at the beautiful view. I will see the Big Buddha and I will visit
Po Lin Monastery. I will enjoy it because I think it’s fun visiting
     I still remember when I was five, my mother took me to Fa
Yuen Street to do some shopping. We entered a clothes shop. My
mother bought me a skirt. I was very happy. I became more excited
when I saw heaps of clothes piled up. I imagined it was a maze so I
hid myself in the clothes. My mother was very anxious when she
found me missing. She went mad and looked for me everywhere. I
was still hiding. After a while, I came out from the clothes. I couldn’t
find my mother in the shop. I was so frightened that I began to cry.

    At last the shopkeeper helped me find my mother. When I saw
my mother, I held her legs tightly and cried loudly. I said sorry to her.
I told her that I would never do such a silly thing again.
25 December 2007, Tuesday                                 Sunny

     This morning, I went to the airport with my parents. We
joined a tour to Japan for the holidays. The plane was to take
off at ten thirty. When we arrived at the departure hall, I was
very happy. I was thinking about Tokyo Disneyland, Hello
Kitty Land, Mt. Fuji and all the yummy food that I could eat in
the following days.

     Suddenly, I could not find my backpack. ‘Where is my
backpack?’ I screamed. There were many people staring at me.
My mother said, ‘ You were holding it when you got on the bus.’
‘Oh no! I have left it on the bus. My passport is in it. What can
I do?’ I cried.

     My father tried to contact the bus company but he was
unsuccessful. Time went by quickly. It was time to go to the
immigration department. I didn’t have my passport so I
couldn’t go to Japan. My parents were very angry and we had
to go back home.

     I’m really an absent-minded person. I have learned that I must
look after my belongings carefully.
     I was born in Hong Kong and I have lived here for sixty years.
I am a famous film star. I have been a film star for forty years. I have
a lot of fans.

     I have won an Oscar. I like being famous and I am happy too.
     I think good manners are very important. We should be polite
to others and behave well in public. For example, in restaurants, we
should eat slowly. In libraries, we should keep quiet, we should turn
off mobile phones and return books on time, we shouldn’t run, eat,
drink or shout. If we follow the above instructions, we will have
good manners.
    I am Li Wai Lam. I was born in Hong Kong. I live in Japan
now. I have lived here for ten years.

     I am a singer. I have sung songs for fifty years. I won a singing
contest in 2041.

     I recorded my first album in 2045. I became a famous singer in

     I am preparing for my concert now. I’m glad that I am a famous
singer. I can travel and have concerts around the world.
Shall we go to Japan?

We can have Japanese lessons there.

We can also play at Disneyland.

We can even look at the beautiful view.

We can take a shinkansen bullet train in Tokyo.

We can also go sightseeing at the Tokyo Tower.

We can even eat sushi and sashimi.

We can go to buy some food.

Which study tour do you like best?

Which is good? What do you suggest?
      When we are celebrating big festivals with our families and
friends, we should not forget about others that need help. There are a
lot of things we can do for them.

      Chinese New Year is an important Chinese festival in Hong
Kong. There are many traditional activities, such as decorating the
house with red paper, shopping and eating turnip cakes and seeds.
Since old people are too weak to do housework, we can help them
clean the houses or donate food, money and clothes for them. It
means a lot to them.

      Mid-Autumn Festival is important too. People always eat
mooncakes and fruits. They also light lanterns at this festival. We
can donate mooncakes and fruits to poor people because they don’t
have incomes or extra money to buy festival food.

      Christmas is a western festival. We usually eat turkeys, go
carolling or have a Christmas party to celebrate it. Most elderly people
are lonely. We can hold a party and play with them to make them

      Helping people is meaningful. We should care for others at
     About one hundred years ago, people didn’t have a good living
environment like nowadays. They used to live in small houses in
villages. There was no electricity. They didn’t have lessons in schools
but in ancestral halls.

     Nowadays, Hong Kong has changed a lot. We have computer
games or electronic games for entertainment. Many people live in
high-rise buildings. There are so many shopping centers now. We
can work in offices comfortably.

     I prefer to live in modern Hong Kong because the things we
have now are better than those in the old days. We
can have a good education at school. I love the
present Hong Kong so I am lucky living in this
wonderful city.
Dear Grandpa and Grandma,

     I hope you are well. Did you know that last weekend, Mum,
Dad and I went to Macau? We had a great time.

    We went there by ferry. We stayed in a hotel. On Saturday
morning, the weather was very nice. Mum, Dad and I swam in the
hotel swimming pool. Some people were sunbathing on chairs.
I think swimming and sunbathing are relaxing. At night, we went to
a Portuguese restaurant to have dinner. We ate a lot of dishes such as
fish, vegetables and suckling pig. It was yummy.

     On Sunday morning we went to a temple and other places for
sightseeing. We took a lot of photos. In the afternoon, we went to
Macau Tower to have a buffet lunch. We ate a lot of food such as dim
sum and Japanese food. Going to Macau was an enjoyable trip.


     This year, I went to a two-day English camp on Lantau Island.
It was great fun and we had lots of different activities. On the first
day, I flew kites, played ball games and went swimming with some
friends. In the afternoon, we had a barbecue.

     The next day, a famous author came and told us stories. We
then had a quiz. After this, we took some pictures with friends before
we said goodbye to each other. We left the camp happily.

     I wish I could have stayed longer. It was fun. I also hope I can
go back there again next year.
     In China, the conditions of a village school are very poor. There
are not enough desks or even lights. Students study in a dark room if
it is cloudy or rainy. Since most of the students come from poor
families, they don’t have enough stationery to use.

      In Hong Kong, for example, in my primary school, the facilities
are sufficient and in good condition. We don’t have to worry about
the classroom condition or the stationery. So I think it is so nice to
study in Hong Kong.

     I hope we can do something to help the unlucky children.
I hope my school can organise an activity to raise money to help the
village school to build a new school, buy tables, chairs and everything
that they need for study.
     My name is Kwok Hiu Ching. I am a Primary 6 student at
Spring Primary School.

     My favourite subject is Chinese because I am interested in this
subject. In the first term, I got high marks. I have learnt new words
and different kinds of genres.

      Besides studying, I have joined some clubs such as the Art and
Craft Club, Cooking Class and Painting Class. I am very interested
in Art and I have learnt a lot from the tutor of the Art and Craft Club.
I have also joined the CYC at school and I have helped in the
‘Cleaning the Park’ activity.

      My school life is very satisfactory because I have made many
friends and I can play with them. They are friendly. The teachers are
kind and they have taught me a lot of things.
I thank them all. I am very proud to be a
student of this school.

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