; Tega Cay Golf Club - Golfer Information
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Tega Cay Golf Club - Golfer Information


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									                  Tega Cay Golf Club - Golfer Information
                            Travel, Dress Code & Payment Policies

Address:       Tega Cay Golf Club; One Molokai Drive; Tega Cay, SC 29708
               803-548-3500 (Golf Shop, dial 1)

Host Professional: Cami Berher, PGA & LPGA Professional
                   Mobile Phone: 704-277-5741

                   I’ve received few reports from clients that some GPS systems are
           providing erroneous directions, so please make sure to input the Molokai address.

Beware: The Tega Cay police aggressively enforce the 35mph community speed limit.

                                        Golf Dress Code

Women      Appropriate slacks, knickers, skorts, Bermuda shorts, tops with and without collars
           are considered appropriate attire.

           In Addition: Cut-off shorts, short shorts, halter tops, tank tops, t-shirts, low-cut tops
           denim or fitness wearare not permitted. Tega Cay Golf Club is a non-metal spike
           golf facility. “tennis” shoes are permitted. (No athletic shoes with cleats please.)

Men        Shirts with collars, or stylish collarless shirts, slacks, knickers, or Bermuda shorts are
           considered appropriate attire. (Please keep shirts tucked.)

           Tega Cay is a non-metal spike facility.

                               P O Box 49045  Charlotte, NC 28277-0072
                         Telephone: 704.277.5741  E-mail: csb@camiberher.com
                                         www.camiberher.com                                    Summer 2010

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