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today's generation of engine controllers contain a        the    implementation      of   model­based   offline
variety of parameters and characteristic diagrams which   optimization allows the user to develop models and
must be determined during engine development. With        run optimization on any standard PC.
the continuous tightening of regulations concerning
permissible emission levels in mind, it is necessary
                                                          the PAoptimizer supports all processes during
to optimize these parameters automatically, since
                                                          optimization including :
the tasks involved are so unintuitive, complex, and in
particular, multi­dimensional, that it is not humanly
possible to achieve an optimal solution.                  • test Planning
                                                          • Engine measurements
                                                          • Model building
                                                          • Optimization
Engine Map Optimization
                                                          • Characteristic diagram calculation
the task is the determination of the optimal parameters
for the ECu characteristic diagram. Crucial criteria
are: smallest number of required measurements,            System operation is made easy by the Windows user
robustness, interference immunity (especially flat        interface, numerous graphical elements and wizards,
extremums with noise), and quality regarding marginal     e.g. test planning and model building.
conditions.                                               the optimization logging and data backup guarantee
PAoptimizer offers the user an integrated tool suite      the reconstruction of the optimzation process at a
for engine map optimization and the possibility of        later date.
combining existing algorithms with available function

The optimization tool
utilizing methods of statistical test planning, a test plan is
created, which is then run by the automation system PAtools.
the number of engine measurements is kept as low as
possible to save test bench time. Neural methods are used to
create an engine model over the entire operating range and
genetic algorithms are used to optimize this model offline.
the user can freely define optimization goals and boundary

the optimization results are used to calculate the engine maps
which are then transferred to the ECu.

Data generated during the optimization process is presented
to the user in a comprehensible graphical form. the diagrams
are designed in a manner that all crucial information can be
identified at a glance. for example, the 3D Characteristic
Diagram can be rotated, moved and zoomed as desired:

Numerous additional analysis functions are available to the
user to evaluate the measurement and optimization results.
the communication with the engine control unit (ECu) takes
place by means of the automation system PAtools, which
provides an ASAM­MCD­Interface. PAtools is also used to
control and monitor the entire engine test bed.

Open interfaces allow the PAoptimizer to operate as a stand
alone system communicating with other automation systems.

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