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ibn form

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									              Form I                                             Form No.____________
                                                                                                      Affixed/ Pasted
              Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan
                  APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION (Year 2011)
                                                                                                           (Do not Staple)
Please Tick ( )
Applying For:      Undergraduate             Postgraduate             M.Phil            Ph.D
Program:           Morning                   Evening
Applying On:       Merit Seat                Reserved Seat            Sport Seat

Department/Institute/College                                          Program:
                                                                                      a) ___________b) ___________

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS (Please see overleaf)                                          c) ___________d) ___________

Name (Block Letters):
Father’s Name:

Board/University Registration No. __________________________                   Male             Female
Nationality        __________________Domicile ________________ Religion ______________________
Date of Birth:     ___/___/_____ Age: Year _____ Months ____ Days _____ (on last date of admission)
Address _______________________________________________________________________________
________________________________________________________ Tel No. (Res) ___________________
Cell No. (Father/Guardian) _______________ Cell No. (Applicant) _______________E-mail _____________
Person to be Informed in Emergency: Name __________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________________________
__________________________________________Tel. No.(Res)_____________ Cell _________________
Place of stay during study (Please Tick)        Own House                 University               Other Place
Academic Record
 Examination                 Year     Board/           Roll #.     Marks        Marks          Division/      Major Subject
                                      University                   Obtained/    Obtained in    Grade
                                                                   Maximum      the Subject of
                                                                   Marks        Admission
 Matric/ O’ Level
 or Equivalent
 D.Com/DBA/ A’ Level or
 or Equivalent
 M.A./M.Sc. /
 or Equivalent
 or Equivalent

Distinctions:                                                    Extra Curricular
  1. Hifz-e-Quran            (Please Tick)                        1. _______________________________________

  2. _____________________________________                        2. _______________________________________

  3. _____________________________________                        3. _______________________________________
1.           Please tick the box according to the program applied for.
2.          Incomplete applications shall not be entertained.
3.          Any incorrect statement made in this form may lead to disciplinary action or cancellation of admission at any time.
4.          Attach attested photocopies of: (a) Academic Certificates (b) Merit Certificate(s) (c) Character Certificate from Head of
            Institution last attended (d) Detailed marks certificate of last examination passed (e) Hifz-e-Quran Certificate (f)
            National ID Card (g) Domicile Certificate (where applicable).
            i)         Once you are offered admission then you must present original documents of: (a) Academic Certificates: (b)
                       Merit Certificate(s): (c) Character Certificate from Head of the Institution last attended: (d) Detailed Marks
                       Certificate of last examination passed. (e) Hifz-e-Quran Certificate: (f) National I.D. Card (g) Domicile
                       Certificate (where applicable)
            ii)        Two attested photocopies of all above mentioned documents
            iii)       Two Passport size Photograph
5.          The candidate is advised to select the subject of his/her choice for admission very carefully. If a candidate is
            offered admission and has paid the fee/dues in any University Teaching Department/Constituent College, then the
            fee/dues once paid will neither be refunded nor transferred in case of Inter-Departmental/College transferred.

1.          I declare that I am not a member of any political party and that I shall not indulge in politics as long as I remain a
            student of the University. I further undertake that I will not challenge the finding/decision of Head of the Institution
            regarding my Rustication/ Expulsion from the University or cancellation of my admission at any stage whatsoever in
            any Court, Tribunal, Authority of or Forum other than the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
2.          I further undertake that I shall not claim hostel accommodation as a matter of right.
3.          I hereby certify that I have myself filled in this form and the statements made herein are correct.
4.          I hereby declare on oath that I have not been on the rolls of any teaching department of the University or Constituent
            college or an affiliated college of postgraduate studies (Master’s level or Law) for more than six months.
5.          I hereby declare that I have not obtained B.A./BS/BBA/BCS/BFA in case of admission of Bachelor Degree program,
            M.A./M.Sc./M.Com/M.B.A./LL.B./LL.M in case of admission of Master degree or equivalent degree from any University.

Note: Items 4 & 5 are not applicable to MS/M.Phil and Ph.D. candidates.

_______________________________________                                     _______________________________________
(Signature of the Applicant)                                                (Signature of Father/Guardian)

Date:________________________________                                       Date:________________________________

For Office Use Only
  Application No. ___________________________ Roll No. __________________________________
  Admission on: Merit Seat               Reserved Seat            Special Admission Charges Seat                    Sport Seat

  Signature Secretary Admission Committee __________________ Chairperson _________________________

  Date ___________________                                                       Date _______________________________

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