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									       “The Best For Last”®

Family Owned and Operated
        Since 1976
                   Could Humble, Texas become the dessert capital of the world? As the home of
Lawler Foods, the answer to that question would definitely be yes! Family-owned and operated for
over thirty years, Lawler Foods' business has been built on the solid foundation of "home-made" taste
and quality. We follow recipes--not formulas; employ home-style methods along with food technology.
We use the finest natural ingredients--not artificial flavorings and chemical additives. The result--
creamy cheesecakes, moist layer cakes, and pies as delicious as those from your grandmother's kitchen.
                   After deciding the "big company" career track was not for us, we moved our family
to Humble, Texas in 1976. In a small leased space near downtown Houston boasting one employee, one
mixer, and one small oven, we began our new career. Like most entrepreneurs, we wore many hats--
baking, selling, and delivering cakes in addition to keeping books & cleaning the floor. As demand for
our cakes grew, so did the size of the bakery. In 1984, Lawler Foods moved to a new home in Humble--
this one a "huge" 9600 square feet--but it was ours (and the bank's, of course).
                   One year later, a well-known wholesale club put Lawler's cheesecake in their outlets
as a Christmas item. This caused quite a scramble! With seven employees and typical orders no larger
than 125 cases, we were suddenly faced with producing three truckloads of product. We hired nine new
employees and worked around the clock--combining old staff with new praying the recent hires would
be quick learners. Everyone met the challenge and every order was delivered on time. The popularity of
the product convinced club management to stock our cheesecakes year-round.
                   As our customer base and product line grew, so did our need for additional space.
The original bakery has grown to include a combination of five interlocking buildings occupying two
acres of land. In 1995, we bought 21 acres of land a mile away and built another 55,000 sq. ft. building
with room for additional expansion. Both locations are filled with giant mixers, ovens, coolers and
freezers, and over 350 employees.
                   Current business includes national restaurant chains, wholesale clubs, retail outlets
and supermarket chains in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
Lawler Foods' large selection of desserts is certified Kosher Dairy. Our immaculate facilities are
inspected annually by the American Institute of Baking. While not a requirement, these inspections
along with our Kosher certification and in-house laboratory, assure our customers of the highest
standards of cleanliness and quality.
                   We thank you for this opportunity to introduce you to our “Humble” company and
hope that when you are looking for someone to satisfy your dessert needs, you will call us.

Carol and Bill Lawler
• On Site Lab Testing                          • Outside Lab Testing
     •   Coliform
     •   Yeast                                              • Environmental
     •   Mold                                                  • Floors
     •   Ecoli APC                                             • Equipment
     •   Raw Ingredient Testing
     •   Swab Testing                                       • Product
     •   Finished Product                                      •   Salmonella
                                                               •   Staph
                                                               •   Listeria
                                                               •   EColi

                             Other Measures
                          •Routinely inspected by Silliker Labs
                           •Independent Customer Q.A. Teams
                                  •Kosher Dairy Certified
                             •Established HACCP Program
                      MENU MIX

                                                   CHEESECAKES 58%

                                                   CAKES 17%

                                                   PIES 13%

                                                   BROWNIES/BARS 12%

We currently produce Lawlers Branded products, proprietary items for many National
  Restaurant Chains, and Private Label items for numerous Regional and National
                               Supermarket Chains.
•   Our product mix
     •   100 % frozen

•   Our Forte
     •   Aside from making our own quality desserts, we have the flexibility to develop
         proprietary products that fit our customer’s needs.

     •   Our responsiveness is unparalleled in our industry. As a family owned company, we
         can make quick decisions regarding our business.

     •   Additionally, our R&D Department is constantly working on new products, new
         ideas, and helping to create ways to make our company more efficient, to be able to
         offer our customers the best products at the fairest prices.

         Our success has been built on supplying our customers with quality products,
         customer service, fair prices and customer relations.
•   Dry mixes
     •   Dry mixes are only used when specifically requested by the customer.

•   Ingredients used: level of quality, artificial v. real.
     •   All Lawler branded products are made with real cream cheese, whole eggs, butter,
         pure vanilla, etc. Gelatins or gums are only used when making mousse or custard

•   Ingredient sourcing
     •   Direct from the manufacturer whenever possible. There are very few instances
         where we use a third party or a broker.

•Our original bakery was built in 1984
•Our second bakery was completed in 1993.
•A third facility is currently under construction and due for completion in July ‘07.
•This new facility will increase production capacity and product capabilities.
                              Vincent F. Mannese
                             National Retail Sales Manager
                                           Lawler Foods, Ltd.
                                         11 Wyms Heights Dr.
                                         Marlboro, NY 12542
                                            Tel: 845.236.3321
“The Best For Last”      

                                       Corporate Office:
                                           Lawler Foods, Ltd.
                                               P.O. Box 2558
                                           Humble, TX 77347
                                            Tel: 281.446.0059

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