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                          ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA
                                                                                    NIRVACHAN SADAN
No 4/RTI/PIO-AA/2011
Dated: 30.08.2011                                                              ASHOKA ROAD, NEW DELHI-

             On account of change in work distribution the Order No.4/RTI/PIO-AA/2011,
    dated 22.03.2011 regarding designation of the Commission’s CPIOs has been
    modified. The officers mentioned in column(2) of the following table will be the
    CPIOs in respect of the subject matter indicated in Column (3) of the table:-
    Sl.        Name of the Central
    No.        Public Information                       Subject Matter
               Officer          with
               Designation      and
               Phone No.
      (1)                 (2)                                  (3)
    1.         Sh. N.N.Butolia,      All policy matter related to RTI, Co-ordinate of RTI
               Secretary,            matters.
    2.         Sh. Ashish            All matters relating to court cases including references
               Chakraborty,          from the President and Governors. Electoral Reforms.
               Secretary,            Interpretations of election related law. Manual &
               23052017              Handbooks, revision of Handbooks. Issuance of
                                     statutory directions and instructions.

    3.         Sh. Ajoy Kumar,       Revision of electoral rolls. Photo electoral rolls.
               Under Secretary,      Issuance of Elector’s Photo Identity Cards to electors.
               23717391-98,          General instructions of polling stations.
               Ext. – 457.           Creation and continuation of Posts (through Financial
                                     Division). Appointment/Promotion. Disciplinary cases.
                                     Property returns and other periodical returns. All work
                                     related to Recruitment Rules. Maintenance of CRs,
                                     Leave Accounts and Service Books. Pension & other
                                     terminal benefits. General instructions related to officers
                                     and staff posted in the CEO’s Office. All other
                                     Establishment matters. Celebration of National days and
                                     other occasions. Training of ECI personnel.
    4.         Sh. T.C.KOM,          Maintenance and provisioning of automation
               Under Secretary,      equipments, computers and their accessories,
               23717391-98,          Maintenance of Commission’s website. Overseeing and
               Ext. – 456.           standardization of CEO’s websites. GIS mapping of
                          electoral data. Supervision and monitoring of Control
                          Tables and computerized database of electoral rolls and
                          EPIC maintained by States. Maintenance of national
                          elector database. Arrangements for video conferencing.
                           Election Programmes, General instruction relating to
                          elections, Vacancy statements, Establishment of Office
                          of CEO of States and Maintenance of CEO’s
                          establishment records. Holidays lists, Insurance of
                          polling personnel. Delimitation of constituencies.
                          Matters pertaining to post delimitation activities.

5.   Sh. A.N. Das,        Preparation of bills for drawls and disbursement of Pay
     Under Secretary &    and allowances. All election matters relating to
     DDO,                 Uttarakhand, Haryana, NCT of Delhi, Jammu &
     23052012             Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab
                          States and UT of Chandigarh.
6.   Sh. Harbans Singh,   All election matters relating to Bihar, Jharkhand,
     Under Secretary,     Chhattisgarh, Orissa and West Bengal States. Reception
     23052015             of delegates, international dignitaries and making
                          necessary arrangements for them. All work relating to
                          Canteen. Provision of catering during meetings and
                          conferences in the Commission. Provision of catering
                          facilities to the employee of the Commission. All
                          matters relating to hospitality. Ticketing for domestic
                          and international tours, visas etc. Meetings and
                          conference-room          arrangements.          International
                          cooperation. Getting all clearance for foreign visits of
                          the CEC/Commissioners/Officers. Any specific IEC
                          projects allotted by the Commission. Getting clearance
                          for       foreign       visits      of         Commission’s
                          members/Commission Officials; Processing of foreign
                          delegates visits of the ECI. MOU’s with other Countries.
                          Correspondence with external electoral agencies.
                          Nomination to Seminar/Symposium/visits etc of ECI
                          Secretariat or CEO/DEO estt.
7.    Sh. J.K. Rao,       All election matters relating to Uttar Pradesh. Election
     Under Secretary,     Accounts of Political Parties Annual Accounts of
     23052022             Political Parties. To streamline election expenditure
                          monitoring and formulate policies for expedient
                          expenditure monitoring. To liaise with other
                          departments CBDT etc. To take follow up measures. To
                          prepare guidelines and instructions for EEM and train
                          and orient the State election officials on it.
8.   Sh. S.B. Joshi,      Security of the Officers and staff /premises/Assets of the
     Under Secretary,     Commission. Cleanliness and upkeep of the ECI
     23052033             premises. Issue of Identity Cards and Passes to staff.
                          Coordinating with CPWD Civil & Electrical Handling
                          Daily Wagers. Purchase & maintenance of equipments
                          other than telecom & computers. Scrutiny & processing
                          of Bills for payment. Receipt, Issue and Central Diary
                          of all correspondence including RTI applications.
                          Receiving payments of RTI application against issue of
                          receipts. Handling of special camp bag facilities, Daily
                          Hoisting of Flag, Sale of Commissions Publications.
                          Purchase and maintenance of dead stock, consumables
                          and stationary items (other than books). Purchase and
                          maintenance of Staff Cars. Maintenance of
                          Commission’s property registers. Medical care of staff.
                          Allotment of residential accommodation for staff.
                          Uniforms for staff. Purchase & maintenance of telecom
                          instruments in the office and at the residences of
9.    Sh. Rahul Sharma,   Updating        and       compilation       of      various
      Under Secretary,    instruction/orders/guidelines etc. issued from time to
      23717391-98,        time by the Commission. Updating and compilation of
      Ext. – 353.         important decisions taken by the Commission in
                          connection with conduct of election, revision of
                          electoral rolls, Model Code of Conduct and make
                          available consolidated instructions to different Sections.
                          Updating various Hand Books. Maintenance of Record
                          Room/review of recorded files. Preparation and
                          publication of Annual Report of the Commission.
                          Statistical Report on elections. Index Cards.
                          Maintaining/providing elections’ data to other
                          All matters relating to Print Media and Electronic
                          Media. Radio and T.V. Broadcast Facilities, Publicity.
                          Authority Letters under rules 32 & 53 of the Conduct of
                          Elections Rules, 1961. Printing, publication             &
                          distribution of Election Law Manual and Handbooks etc.
                          Issue of Press Notes, placing them on website.
                          Preparation of data, films, videography materials and
                          their use for training. Matter related to voter Awareness.
                          Consolidation of voters’ education, voters’ awareness.
                          Voters’ facilitation and voters’ participation research
                          and practices. Preparation and exhibition of specific IEC
                          plans for the parliament/assembly constituencies going
                          to elections. Engage survey, research and social
                          marketing methods (through IFD) to identify voters’
                          behavior and enhance participation. Build IEC capacity
                          and structures at the State Electoral Offices. Establishing
                          partnership of ECI on IEC matters with other
                          agencies/players including youth. Organizing advocacy
10.   Sh. K.D.K.Verma,    Model Code of Conduct and instructions related thereto,
      Under Secretary,     Breaches of Model Code of Conduct-all cases relating
      23052060            to Central Govt. Biennial Elections to the Council of
                          States & Legislative Council (except J & K). Elections
                          to the office of the President and Vice President of India.
                          Procurement and Maintenance of all election materials.
                             All matters relating to Secret Seals of the Commission
                             and Electronic Voting Machines. All matters relating to
                             Commission’s Observers, Observers deployment,
                             Payment to Observers.
11.   Sh. B.M. Sharma,       Co-ordination between difference functional and
      Under Secretary,       territorial Division, Administrative matter relating to
      23052020               meeting, All matters related to the conference of the
                             CEO, Co-ordination with CEO offices.
12.   Sh. P.K.Sharma,        All matter related to registration of political parties. All
      Under Secretary,       post registration matter relating to political parties.
      23052057               Recognition and de-recognition of parties. Disputes of
                             parties. Organizational elections. Election expanses,
                             Symbols Orders etc.
13.   Sh. Darsuo Thang       All election matters relating to Karnataka, Andhra
      Under Secretary,       Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and UTs of Puduchhery,
      23052062               Lakshadweep, A & N Islands

14.   Sh., Malay Mallick     All work on Budget, Vehicle & House Building
      Under Secretary &      Advances, GPF Accounts and Processing of GPF
      AFA,                   withdrawals, Welfare, Annual Audit, and Settlement of
      23052058               audit objections.

15.   Sh. Avinash Kumar,     Monitoring the progress/status of all election
      Under Secretary,       expenditure cases with territorial divisions and submit
      23052055               consolidated report every month to the Commission. To
                             deal with the cases which are ‘not in the manner’, cases
                             which involve the cases of returned candidates and those
                             which involve policy decision referred to by the zonal
                             section. To examine observer’s appointment & report.
16.   Sh. Arvind Anand,      All matters relating to Pay and Accounts. All election
      Under Secretary &      matters relating to Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram,
      PAO,                   Sikkim, Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura and Nagaland
      23052063               states.
17.   Sh. Salekh Chand,      General upkeep of Library. Purchase of Books,
      Library &              Newspapers, and Journals. Press Clippings. Archives
      Information Officer,   (Record Room).
18.   Smt. Rachna Gupta,     Translation      of     Commissions        correspondence,
      DD(OL),                Notifications and Publications into Hindi. Training of
      23717149               employees in the use of Hindi.
19.   Ms. P.N.Lakra,         All election matters relating to Madhya Pradesh,
      Under Secretary,       Gujarat, Goa and Maharashtra states and UTs of Daman
      23717391-98            & Diu, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli.
20.   Ms Baljeet Kaur,       Setting up and maintenance of training infrastructure,
      Under Secretary        Management of training of the ECI, Training need
      23717147               assessment, Development of training material and
                             training modules, Developing training network with
                             other training institutes of national repute.
4.    APIO :-
        Sh. Santosh Kumar Dubey,
        APIO & Section Officer,
        Room No. 510, Election Commission of India
        Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
        New Delhi – 110001
        Tel. 23052105

5.    First Appellate Authority:-
             Sh. K.F. Wilfred
             Principal Secretary
             Room No.305, Election Commission of India
             Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
             New Delhi – 110001
             Tel.: 011-23052026, [23717391-98, Extn. 229].
             Fax no. 23052010.
6.     Nodal Officer:-
             Sh. Tapas Kumar, Principal Secretary
             Room No.113, Election Commission of India
             Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
             New Delhi – 110001
             Tel. 23717164, [23717391-98, Extn.266].
             Fax. 23052007

7.    Transparency Officer:-
            Sh. Vinod Zutshi.
            Deputy Election Commissioner,
            Room No.107, Election Commission of India,
            Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
            New Delhi – 110001
            Tel. 23052023, 23052024, [23717391-98, Extn. 207]
            Fax. 23052025.

8.    This order supersedes the Commission’s earlier Office Order of even number
dated 29-07-2009.

                                                           (TAPAS KUMAR)
                                                   PRINCIPAL SECRETARY &
                                                           NODAL OFFICER


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