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rabbinic Reflections 2010 Picnic


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the voice of congregation tifereth israel

                   rabbinic Reflections
                                                                                                  july-august 2010 • tammuz/av 5770

                                                                                           2010 Picnic
                                                                                                                     Volume 70 • Number 11

                   exciting times ahead                                                    August 18, 2010
                  As you read this issue of the Forum it has been a
                  couple of months since the congregation sent out a let-
                  ter informing our members that the Board of Trustees
                  approved a new contract for me as rabbi extending past
                  rabbi Berman’s retirement. I am grateful for all the good
wishes that I have received since that letter went out I have been elated with
the positive feedback I have received.

So, what happens now? First of all, let us not forget that all of this does                        16th Annual Picnic
not happen tomorrow, but in three years. much can, and will, happen                                        hosted by
between now and then. As always, lay leadership and staff will continue to                        Congregation Tifereth Israel
work hard to innovate and bring our members the best programs, the most                                  JCC Pavilion
opportunities for meaningful engagement, and the kind and caring commu-                              1125 College Avenue
nity that is there for us in good times and bad.                                                        6:00 – 8:30 pm

Beyond that, there are a number of exciting initiatives coming down the                      Games, Entertainment, rides! The
pike. Tifereth Israel, along with all the other congregations in town, is par-              picnic is free but we need to know if
ticipating in a major project co-sponsored by JESNA [Jewish Educational                    you’re coming. Send in the registration
Service of North America] and our local Federation. Entitled “WoW,” it is                   form below or email Amber Guildoo
an effort to find out what the educational needs and wants are in our com-                   at aguildoo@tiferethisrael.org or by
munity—in particular with children who are not in day school. resources                      phone 253-8523, ext. 100 by Friday,
seem more and more difficult to come by, and it is possible that there are                             August 13, 2010.
duplications in services. Are there ways we can deliver Jewish education
to our youth more efficiently and more effectively? This is a question we                             annual Picnic
hope to answer by cooperating on a community-wide level. We are all very                        Wednesday, August 18, 2010
excited that Columbus was chosen to pilot this program that is expected to
go national over the next few years.

Closer to home, we at Tifereth Israel will engage in a new strategic plan-                 name
ning process. Three years from now when we shift our rabbinic staff, we
have the potential for crisis (as occurs in many congregations that have had               phone #
a rabbi retire after 30+ years) or for a smooth transition that is carefully
planned. We have a unique opportunity now to explore where we have                         e-mail:
been, where we are and where we want to go in the future. We will examine
                                                                                           # of people attending
                                                                continued on page 4

                                   www.TiferethIsrael.org • info@tiferethisrael.org
        Tifereth Israel is an egalitarian Conservative congregation affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ).
 congregation                                                                             cantOr’S Corner
 tifereth israel                                                                          greetings from jerusalem
 1354 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205                                             I have had the great fortune to be able to attend the
 t 614-253-8523 • f 614-235-6323                                                          36th World Zionist Congress, held beginning June 15
 www.tiferethisrael.org                                                                   in Jerusalem -- and it is from the first evening of the
                                                                                          Congress that I write to you.
 President S. Robert Fredman
 First Vice President Martin S. Rosenthal                          Days of deliberation and argument await -- but for now I want to say
 Second Vice President Daniel Bromberg                             how amazing it is to be able to be a fly on the wall (I’m just an Alternate)
 Treasurer Joel L. Schwartz                                        at this gathering taking place only 150 years after the birth of Theodor
 Secretary Nancy Gurwin                                            Herzl.
 Women of T.I. President Deena Davis
 Men’s Club President Bill Chronister
 USY President Becca Sigal                                         As I journeyed toward Jerusalem, I thought about how different it is for
                                                                   me to recite the same prayers that Jews have recited for millennia than for
                                                                   my predecessors: what an act of faith it was for people to affirm God’s
 SynagOguE StaFF                                                   promise to the people of Israel through a 2,000-year period where the
 Harold J. Berman Rabbi / x 108                                    words had to seem false on many levels. of course, one might suggest
         hberman@tiferethisrael.org                                that those prayers played a big part in allowing the hope of our people
 Michael N. Ungar Rabbi / x 113
                                                                   to extend over those two millennia – to reach the establishment of the
 Jack Chomsky Cantor / x 115                                       modern State of Israel, and to build a powerful and vibrant nation in but
         jchomsky@tiferethisrael.org                               60 plus years.
 Marc M. Neiwirth Executive Director / x 116
         mneiwirth@tiferethisrael.org                              At the same time, I think what a pity it is that so many people consider
 Shirly Benatar Education Director / x 111                         it too much of a burden to recite those very same prayers -- after those
                                                                   dreams and prayers have come true in so many ways. Prayers of
 Shani Kadis Youth & Program Director / x 119
                                                                   aspiration should have been transformed into prayers of appreciation --
 Helen Chronister Librarian / x 112                                although our prayers always include both. our continued attention to the
         hchronister@tiferethisrael.org                            importance of tefillah in our lives will, hopefully, encourage more people
                                                                   to connect to the benefits of appreciative prayer.
 Christina Rains Rabbi’s Assistant / x 107
         crains@tiferethisrael.org                                 We heard an address by the great Israeli scholar Shlomo Avineri this
 Shelley Levey Executive Director’s Assist. / x 106
                                                                   morning in which he proclaimed that, although Herzl wasn’t the first to
 Georgia Bozorth School Admin. Assist. / x 110                     speak of a Jewish state, he was the first to actually make it possible -- to
         gbozorth@tiferethisrael.org                               create the structure necessary to make it a reality. In his Alt-Neu Land
 Nicole White Finance Manager / x 103                              of 1902 are clearly articulated three principles that stand at the center of
         nwhite@tiferethisrael.org                                 the Zionist enterprise: Full civil equality including women (quite visionary
 Amber Guildoo Front Desk Assistant / x 100                        for 1902), rights for non-Jews, and respect for, but not rule by, the Jewish
 Kristin Bohardt Administrative Assistant / x 105
 Sisterhood Gift Shop / x 102
                                                                                                                                          continued on page 4

The CONGREGATION TIFERETH ISRAEL FORUM (USPS 629-360) is published monthly except August by Congregation Tifereth Israel, 1354 East Broad Street,
Columbus, Ohio 43205-1586, (614) 253-8523. Periodical postage paid at Columbus, Ohio. POSTMASTER: send address changes to CONGREGATION TIFERETH
ISRAEL FORUM, 1354 E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205-1586 FORUM DEADLINE… August 4 for the September 2010 issue. Submit news and articles before the deadline.

      Forum                                                                   c-2
SCHedULe of Services                           tiSha B’Av
         Rabbi Harold J. Berman                Monday, July 19 / 8:30 pm
         Rabbi Michael N. Ungar
                                               Tuesday, July 20 / 7:20 am and 5:00 pm
          Cantor Jack Chomsky
            will lead services
                                               Tisha B’Av, the Ninth of Av,
         WeeKdAY SeRVICeS                      recognizes the tragedies and
    Monday – Friday: 7:30 am & 5:30 pm
     Sunday Morning Services 9:30 am           losses of Jewish History,
                                               including the destruction of
PINCHAS                             July 2-3   Jerusalem and of the Temple
Friday evening Service             5:30 pm
                                               of Solomon in 586 B.C.E., and
Candlelighting                     8:46 pm
                                               the destruction of Jerusalem
Saturday Morning Service           9:00 am
                                               and the Second Temple by the
MATTOT – MASeI                     July 9-10   romans in 70 C.E.
Friday evening Service              5:30 pm
Candlelighting                      8:44 pm    It is hard to describe the rituals
Saturday Morning Service            9:00 am    of mourning associated with this fast as “beautiful,” but they are. We
                                               join together and read the book of Lamentations with its haunting
deVARIM                           July 16-17
                                               moving melody, adding special English readings, and we reflect not only
Friday evening Service              5:30 pm
Candlelighting                      8:41 pm    on the tragedies, but also on the choices which can bring tragedy upon
Saturday Morning Service            9:00 am    a people. The Torah readings for the morning and afternoon services,
                                               along with the services themselves, offer special melodies and themes
eReV TISHAH B’AV                    July 19    for reflection. It is an altogether powerful experience. We look forward
evening Service                    8:30 pm     to having you join us.

TISHAH B’AV                         July 20
Morning Service                    7:20 pm
evening Service                    5:00 pm       SHOFTIM                         August 13-14
                                                 Friday evening Service              5:30 pm
VA-eTHANNAN                       July 23-24     Candlelighting                      8:13 pm
Friday evening Service              5:30 pm      Saturday Morning Service            9:00 am
Candlelighting                      8:36 pm
Saturday Morning Service            9:00 am      KI TeTZe                  August 20-21
                                                 Friday evening Service        5:30 pm
eIKeV                    July 30-July 31         Candlelighting                8:04 pm
Friday evening Service          5:30 pm          Saturday Morning Service      9:00 am
Candlelighting                 8:30 pm           BAT MITZVAH – HANNAH BRYAN
Saturday Morning Service       9:00 am
BAT MITZVAH – JAYNA KUSMA                        KI TAVO                   August 27-28
                                                 Friday evening Service        5:30 pm
Re’eH                           August 6-7       Candlelighting                7:53 pm
Friday evening Service            5:30 pm        Saturday Morning Service      9:00 am
Candlelighting                    8:22 pm        BAR MITZVAH – JASON GReeNBeRG
Saturday Morning Service          9:00 am

                                                       d-3                                               Forum
cantor’s corner, from page 3
As we gather to “fine-tune” the Zionist model, one can’t but note that          I entreat you: Come and see it for yourself. or
our progress has been simultaneously miraculous and insufficient. This          come again. If you’d like me to show you, talk
World Zionist Congress is also complicated by a sizeable faction from           to me and we’ll plan a trip!
Shas – the Sephardi Haredi party. What are THEY doing here? They
are traditionally anti-Zionist! Well, they’re here. We’re certainly glad to     Shalom from Jerusalem, where the summer days
see themselves associate with the Zionist enterprise. . . but their agenda is   are hot – but dry – and the evenings are cool
considerably at odds with the equal rights agenda and the three principles      and pleasant!
described above.

In that sense, opposition leader Tzipi Livni, who also spoke today, may
                                                                                Cantor Jack Chomsky
have framed our task best. regarding recent developments with the               jchomsky@tiferethisrael.org
“Freedom Flotilla,” she noted that Hamas has failed to do any of the
things required by them to move forward their relationship with us or
the welfare of their own people. Yet they are gaining in stature while we
                                                                                rabbinic reflections: from page 1
seem to be shrinking in stature in the world’s eyes. It is imperative that
we need to pursue our national interest. We need to do what benefits all        every aspect of our congregation from prayer
                                                                                services to leadership to
the people involved—not just obsess over trying to defeat Hamas. That,
                                                                                outreach to our financial well-being. Of course,
in her description, is the Zionist ideal.                                       you will all be part of this process.

If you consider what Zionism is supposed to mean, and what it really            Finally, it is a great honor for me to have been
has meant for its relatively short history, it is something to be immensely     entrusted to lead this congregation in the future.
                                                                                I feel blessed in more ways than I can say to
proud of. I fear that we have never really recovered from the “Zionism is
                                                                                have come to Tifereth Israel and to be in this
racism” canard at the united Nations. our task—yours and mine, Israe-
                                                                                community. I look forward to many years of
lis and Jews everywhere—is to proudly reclaim the term, and to continue         working with all of you to make our synagogue
the pursuit of this great dream.                                                and its members the best they can be.

After the morning and afternoon presentations and programming, which
included site visits to the Conservative Yeshiva, an Emunah Women’s
                                                                                rabbi michael N. ungar
Art College and an Amit mishpachton (Family Facility) for children from         mungar@tiferethisrael.org
troubled families, I went to a delicious steak dinner in German Colony
and the dazzling sound-and-light show at the Citadel museum at the
Tower of David just inside Jaffa Gate in the old City, having walked
through the gorgeous new Mamila Shopping Mall. The streets are filled
with thousands of Jews and non-Jews from all over the country and all
over the world.

I have never seen it so crowded, and though I have been here often and
lately, it is still amazing how many beautiful changes there are.

     Forum                                                          s-4
bnEi Mitzvah
                                                                              Feldman of Albertson, New York, and the late
                  JAYNA MALINdA KUSMA, daughter of michele and                Frances Feldman.
                  David Kusma, will be called to the Torah as a Bat mitz-
                  vah on Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 9:00 am.                  Phyllis, michael, Lauren and Jason welcome
                                                                              relatives, friends and members of the congrega-
                   Jayna recently completed 7th grade as an honor student     tion to celebrate and worship with them on this
                   at Bexley middle School. She received her Bat mitzvah      special occasion and to join them for Kiddush
                   training from Cantor Jack Chomsky and Becca Sigal.         in Jason’s honor immediately following services.
                   Jayna is the granddaughter of marilyn and Irv Galinkin,
                   Barbara Freeman, the late Jack Kusma, and the late
mark Timmer. Jayna participates in the school choir, plays viola and
piano, enjoys the computer, and likes spending time with friends.
                                                                              KIddUSH Sponsors
michele and David invite relatives, friends and members of the congrega-
tion to join them on this happy occasion for a Kiddush luncheon honor-
                                                                                               We gratefully appreciate
ing Jayna at the conclusion of services.
                                                                                               the generosity of the following
                                                                                               for their sponsorship of the
                                                                                               Shabbat morning Kiddush:
                  HANNAH JAYNe BRYAN, daughter of David and
                  Kristi Bryan, will be called to the Torah as a Bat mitz-
                  vah on Saturday, August, 21, 2010 at 9:00 am.

                   Hannah is a 6th grader at Gahanna middle School East
                   and attends the Samuel m. melton religious School.         June 5
                   She received her Bat mitzvah training from Cantor Jack     Congregation Tifereth Israel and Julie and
                   Chomsky and rachel Canowitz. Hannah enjoys gym-            Jon Handler in honor of Charlie Rachel
                   nastics, cheerleading, playing the flute and drawing and
                                                                              Handler’s baby naming
singing. She is the granddaughter of Pearl and marvin Bryan and Terry
and Sandra Briggs and the great granddaughter of Joseph and Joann
Briggs and marianne “Gigi” Distelhorst.                                       June 12
                                                                              Joanne and Richard Williams on the occasion
David, Kristi and Nathan Bryan cordially invite relatives, friends and
                                                                              of their daughter, Rachel, being called to the
members of the congregation to worship with them and join them on
this happy occasion for Kiddush, sponsored by Pearl and marvin Bryan          Torah as a Bat Mitzvah
in Hannah’s honor, at the conclusion of services.
                                                                              June 19
                                                                              Congregation Tifereth Israel and by Howard
                  JASON SCOTT GReeNBeRG, son of Phyllis and
                  michael Greenberg and brother of Lauren, will be            and Gwen Werman in honor of the Aufruf of
                  called to the Torah as a Bar mitzvah on Saturday,           Steven Werman and Sherry Barsman and
                  August 28, 2010 at 9:00 am.                                 Josh Werman and Lauren Sparber

                   Jason is a seventh grade student at Gahanna middle
                                                                              June 26
                   School East and attends the Samuel m. melton reli-
                   gious School. He received his Bar mitzvah training         Chuck and Cathy Tennenbaum on the
                   from Cantor Jack Chomsky and Dr. Jerry Benis. Jason        occasion of their children, Jordan, Joseph
plays the guitar and trumpet and enjoys going to Columbus Blue Jackets        and Lauren, being called to the Torah as
hockey games and playing computer and video games. He is the grand-
                                                                              B’nei Mitzvah
son of Benjamin and Joan Greenberg of Boca raton, Florida and Stanley

                                                              v-5                                              Forum
                                                                              MeeT OUR AdVISORS
TIFeReTH ISRAeL Youth                                                         FOR 2010-2011
end of year wrap-up
                                                                              I have very enthusiastic staff lined up for this
CONGRATUALTIONS TO GABBY MASTeR for winning the Edelman/
                                                                              coming year and I know all of us will make a
Zisser uSY ruach Award! Gabby is a freshman and this past year has
                                                                              great team and provide an unforgettable year
LoVED uSY. Last year, Gabby participated in WHEELS East; a new
                                                                              for our youth.
WHEELS program only open to incoming 8th graders. After spending a
summer on WHEELS, Gabby fell in love with uSY! Gabby’s excitement
                                                                              STePHANIe SCHWARTZ / CHAVeRIM
with all aspects of uSY has been an inspiration to all of our members.
                                                                              Stephanie Schwartz will be a junior this year
She is our freshman representative and was recently installed as our Com-
                                                                              at oSu. This Columbus native who grew up
munications VP for the coming year. This award was established by the
                                                                              at Tifereth Israel, is a psychology major and a
Edelman and Zisser families and it recognizes a BuCKuSY member who
                                                                              Hebrew minor who is actively involved in Hillel.
shows a great deal of spirit and involvement in our chapter. The recipi-
                                                                              You may have previously seen her singing in
ent of this award also receives a State of Israel mazel Tov Bond. Contri-
                                                                              the Meshuganotes, Hillel’s Jewish accapella group.
butions can be made to the
                                                                              Stephanie is also an active member of Alpha
Edelman/Zisser uSY ruach Fund and all of the money received helps
                                                                              Epsilon Phi, a primarily Jewish sorority on
to benefit our youth programs.
                                                                              campus. Stephanie is excited for the opportunity
                                                                              to help impact children in a Jewish environment,
YASHeR KOACH TO JeNNIe BROMBeRG for being the recipient
                                                                              and knows that this is a great chance to get the
of the David and Janet W. Goldsmith Award of the J.C.C. This award
                                                                              kids to love Judaism!
honors young Jewish leaders in the community who have a passion and
are involved in social action. Jennie has served as BuCKuSY’s VP for
                                                                              WeNdY COHeN / Jr. KAdIMA
the past three years and under her direction, we raised over $1,500 for the
                                                                              Wendy Cohen is originally from Dallas, Texas
uSCJ Haiti relief fund at our annual SATo dance. Jennie also created
                                                                              but decided to follow her dad’s footsteps by
a BUCKUSY lounge night where we baked cookies the first Thursday
                                                                              coming to ohio State. As an alumna of Young
of each month and then brought them to the ronald mcDonald House.
                                                                              Judaea, Wendy spent a year living, learning and
The David and Janet W. Goldsmith Award was presented to Jennie at the
                                                                              volunteering in Israel after high school. Wendy
JET Teen Awards Night on Tuesday, may 25.
                                                                              will be a junior in the fall studying International
                                                                              relations and Diplomacy with a minor in He-
LOOKING AHeAd TO 2010/2011
                                                                              brew. Wendy is incredibly excited to be working
I am very excited for the upcoming year. With the help of our Youth
                                                                              with Jr. Kadima and can’t wait for an amazing
Commission, we have given our youth programs a new face lift and will
                                                                              year of fun programs!
be kicking everything off in the fall! our youth programming will now
include programs for our 1st graders and will keep every child involved
                                                                              MIRA KRIVOSHeY / KAdIMA
through uSY in high school. We will have a Tifereth Israel Youth Web-
                                                                              mira Krivoshey is a proud veteran of both
site that will be launched very soon and it will include all upcoming youth
                                                                              Kadima and uSY from Tifereth Israel and
programs and pictures and will be updated weekly.
                                                                              also served as the Communications VP for our
                                                                              CruSY region. After graduating from Bexley
                                                                              High School, mira traveled to New York City
                                                                              for college and then spent some time in Wash-
                                                                              ington, DC to work with youth around the
                                                                              country. Now happy to be back in her home-
                                                                              town, mira will be attending The ohio State
                                                                                                           pictures on page 9
                                                                                                       continued on page 10

    Forum                                                      u-6
                                                                                sent to families by the end of August.
time is ticking away                                                            our congregation is very supportive of the
                                                                                school and we continue to be committed to
Shalom Everyone, I hope you and the children are all enjoying the               providing excellent Jewish education while
summer break.                                                                   controlling our expenses. Last year we saved
                                                                                funds and possibly a few trees by reducing the
We had an amazing end of the year with grade 7 Commencement and                 use of paper and using e-mail as our main form
L’maasei V’resheet performance. Please see a selection of pictures on           of communication with parents. Please help us
page 18.                                                                        by volunteering to help, donating to the school
                                                                                and by providing us with your e-mail. If you
Here at Tifereth Israel, the teachers, Dr. matthew Kennedy, Georgia and         have not been receiving regular e-mails from me
I are busy preparing the next school year. We are working on class              in the past year, please contact Georgia or me
programs, curriculum, scheduling and new ideas in Jewish education for          and we will add you to our lists.
both Elementary and High school. With the support of our Board
of Education and Board of Trustees, we are introducing several new              I am so pleased to announce that we have a great
programs, and we are training, learning, planning and working toward            slate of teachers lined up for the next school
their implementation in the coming school year.                                 year. many of our experienced teachers are
                                                                                returning to school. They will all come together
We have been selected to be a pilot school for the uSCJ innovative              at Teachers’ orientation in September to study
curriculum Project Etgar. The 6th grade curriculum will be entirely             and learn from each other. We look forward to
updated with this program, created especially for supplementary                 welcoming students and their families in the fall.
middle school students in Conservative synagogue settings. During
the summer our 6th grade teacher, Eva Tibor, and I will be involved in          Have a wonderful and cool summer!
extensive professional training in order to learn how to implement this
engaging curriculum and integrate it seamlessly into our school. The Etgar
training is sponsored by the mildred Polster Simpson Fund, through the
Tifereth Israel Foundation. many thanks to the Lowy family for working
                                                                                Shirly Benatar, Education Director
with us and supporting our school!                                              sbenatar@tiferethisrael.org

In addition, several of our Hebrew Teachers in grades 1 through 5
are participating in moreh L’morim, a conference at the Siegel College in
Cleveland especially for supplementary school teachers. We are all going
to learn an innovative method of teaching Hebrew as a second language,
called Hebrew Total Physical response (TPr). This method was developed
                                                                                datES 2 Remember
by Dr. James Asher based on brain research and foreign-language–acquisi-        september 2010
tion research. The method highlights the importance of oral and physical
experience with language as the groundwork for learning to make sense
of the printed symbol. We are all excited to be the first religious school in Thursday / 2       High School BBQ
Columbus to pioneer the TPr method!                                                              and registration
                                                                              Sunday / 26        First Sunday School-Sukkot
registration materials went out to all families, and we ask that you return                      Celebration
them by the middle of July. Please contact the school’s office immediately
if you have not received registration materials for your children in grades   More details about these dates will follow.
Kindergarten and above. Additional detailed materials with Parents’ Hand-
                                                                                                        please see photos on page 18
book, Satellite information, classroom assignment, schedules etc. will be

                                                                z-7                                                 Forum
MEn’S Club
picnics, baseball & serious talk
Its time to renew your membership in Congregation Tifereth Israel’s men’s        intimidation and fear among Jewish members
Club, and to help you understand what your annual dues of $36 go for,            of the university communities. ms. Sundell will
consider the activities we’ve got for you this summer.                           lead a discussion regarding anti-Semitic and
                                                                                 anti-Israel activity on college campuses and offer
Because the Three Weeks started on June 29 with the Fast of Tammuz               strategies for responding effectively.
(and end with Tisha B’Av on July 20), things will be rather quiet through
July.                                                                            oh, and don’t forget Poker Night. Games are
                                                                                 scheduled on July 8 and Aug. 12. Please check
Not so August, however. on Sunday, Aug. 1 the annual men’s Club Picnic           with Douglas Segerman, at djsegerman@earth-
and afternoon of fun will begin at 3:30 pm near the tennis courts behind         link.net, or mike Sobul at lsobul@wowway.com,
the Leo Yassenoff Jewish Community Center on College Avenue south of             for locations and times.
Bexley. We’ll have hot dogs and hamburgers and, as Dr. Dale Levy likes to
say, all the fixins for all comers. As always, there is no charge. Please RSVP   Please consider joining us for everything!
to me, at wtchron@gmail.com, so we can get a head count and make sure
everyone gets food. Also let me know if you require anything special to          Always happy to be of service,
make your picnic more enjoyable.
                                                                                 Bill Chronister
on Aug. 15 the KIo region of the Federation of Jewish men’s Clubs                Bill Chronister, men’s Club President
will invade our fair city to have a picnic and fill the stands for a Clippers    wtchron@gmail.com
game at Huntington Park. Festivities begin at 1 pm at the JCC with a
picnic and softball games. The party then will transfer to Huntington
Park to see the Clippers against the Louisville Sluggers starting at
5:05 pm. Tickets are $20 per person; $17 for children under 12 and               RITUAL Observance
adults 65 and older. rSVP by Friday, July 9, to mark rosenson at                 tefillin check?
mrosen3216@aol.com or (614) 861-3236.

And then on Aug. 22 comes the second annual Columbus Jewish Commu-
nity Day, starting about 3 pm at Huntington Park. many of the activities
are still to be determined, but some things are certain: The ticket price will
be $10 per person and will include beverages and two hot dogs, plus all the
fixins, before the game; children will be allowed on the field before game
time; and the teams will be our Clippers vs. the Toledo mudhens.

Last year, we sold more than 100 tickets to members of Congregation
Tifereth Israel alone, and more than 300 throughout the Jewish communi-
ty of Columbus and environs. We hope to do even better this year. Please
check with me, at wtchron@gmail.com, for tickets.                                Zerach Greenfield, an expert sofer (scribe),
                                                                                 will be at Tifereth Israel on monday morning,
Finally, on the last day of the month – at 7 pm Tuesday, Aug. 31 – the           July 26, from 8:30 until 10:00 am.
men’s Club is sponsoring a visit from the regional director of the Anti-         He will be available to check
Defamation League, Nina Sundell. recent years have seen a resurgence of          Tefillin and discuss repairs and
anti-Israel activity on college campuses. These episodes oftentimes sow          questions about any other
                                                                                 ritual objects that people need reviewed.

     Forum                                                        j-8
WOMEn OF Tifereth Israel                                                     TIFeReTH ISRAeL Youth
2010-2011 board                                                              in pictures (from page 6)

President                         Deena Davis
Catering Vice-Presidents          Ginny Schlonsky and Laura Weiser
Fund raising Vice-President       Jill Winer
Floral Fund Co-Chairs             Harriet Gold and Janet Yallien
Gift Shop Chair                   Babs miller
Gift Shop Treasurer               Sandy Senser
Torah Fund Chairs                 Janet Yallien, rhoda Linder,
                                  and Joan marks
New Year’s Card Chairs            Jill Winer and Amy Budin
Program Vice-President            Helen Chronister
Service Vice-President            Bonnie Bloom
Good and Welfare                  Harriet Grail                              Jennie Bromberg is awarded the
Board of Education Liaison        Bonnie Bloom                               David & Janet W. Goldsmith Award
Youth Commission Liaison          Joy Benatar
Social Action Co-Chairs           Beth Brown and Goldie Fisher
membership Vice-President         Toby Paine
retention                         Debbie Adelman
Secretary                         Lee Hatch
Treasurer                         Susie Covensky
Financial Secretary               Gail Clark, Susan Chijner,
                                  and Judy uhrman
Parliamentarian                   mildred Blumenthal
Budget Committee Chair            Helen miller
Nominating Committee Chair        Fran Duchene

Thank you to Paula Krasnoff and Harriette robbins for organizing             Our BUCKUSY seniors – class of 2010
the evening.

Sue Kantor was a wonderful speaker and gave a lot of great styling tips.
The holidays are early this year. We will be mailing information soon with
regards to our New Years Card.

We hope you have a wonderful summer.

Deena Davis, President, Women of Tifereth Israel

                                                                             BUCKUSY holds a Hawaiian themed Shabbat

                                                             y-9                                            Forum
                                                                             continued from page 6
SOCIAL Justice                                                               university College of Public Health for graduate
all about bread                                                              school in the fall. mira couldn’t be more excited
                                                                             to get know and have fun with all the Kadiman-
BREAD is an organization that identifies social justice issues and brings
                                                                             iks this year! Get pumped for a crazy, fun-tastic
together community leaders to improve our community.
Learn more about BrEAD at www.breadcolumbus.org. The “Publica-
                                                                             BeTH ROSeMAN – BUCKUSY
tions” tab has a copy of a Columbus Dispatch article about BrEAD’s
                                                                             Beth grew up in Columbus, ohio where she
meeting at Veterans memorial. It details BrEAD’s success in obtaining
                                                                             was very involved in all of our youth program-
support from community leaders to deal with abandoned housing in the
                                                                             ming through uSY. Beth will be a junior at
city and strategies to reduce the number of out-of-school suspensions as a
                                                                             ohio State and is working on a double major in
response to truancy in Columbus City Schools. Thanks to the sixty-seven
                                                                             International Studies (specifically Development
TI members who came out to support these issues.
                                                                             Studies) and Geography. Beth loves to travel
                                                                             and meet new people. Last year, Beth lived in
BrEAD is supported by congregation dues, corporations, and individu-
                                                                             Israel for the year learning Hebrew and Arabic
als. The BrEAD Support Drive is now under way. Please make it easy for
                                                                             and traveled to ten other countries! Beth loves
the Tifereth Israel BrEAD Team (and yourself!) by sending your check
                                                                             ultimate soccer, concerts, theatre, art and of
to Tifereth Israel now, made out to BrEAD, before the TI BrEAD team
                                                                             course, uSY! Beth could not be more excited
members contact you. Cantor Chomsky will forward them to BrEAD.
                                                                             to be the uSY advisor this upcoming year, so
Investing in BrEAD is an investment in the well-being of our community.
                                                                             get ready, get pumped, because it’s going to be a
                                                                             year you’ll never forget!
mark your calendars for the next manna Café on July 21.
manna Café is a program run by the united methodist Church on East
                                                                             I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing summer!
Broad Street. The Church provides a hot nutritious dinner every Wednes-
day evening to approximately 180 neighborhood people with the help of
other organizations.
                                                                             Shani Kadis, Youth & Program Director
Tifereth Israel’s Social Action committee has been involved since Decem-
ber 2008. We plan, prepare, and serve meals with the help of congregants,
three times a year. Young people are welcome to participate. Please
contact Carol Shkolnik (Carols86000@wowway.com) or me with questions
or to volunteer.

Goldie Fisher, Social Action Chair

                                                                             Meet our youth advisors for 2010-2011
                                                                             From L-R: Stephanie Schwartz, Wendy
                                                                             Cohen, Beth Roseman
                                                                             Not pictured: Mira Krivoshey

    Forum                                                     h-10
what jewish book changed your life?
I posed this question to several congregants and friends and here are         Carol Glassman: A Jewish book that has
their responses. (To those of you who sent me answers, thank you.             changed my life is the diary of anne frank.
Some answers may have been shortened to fit the column.)                      I cherish children and I cherish life so much. I
                                                                              loved this dear little girl. I am so touched and
Fran duchene: this is My god by Herman Wouk. I read it when I was             inspired by her courage and strength of spirit. I
young, and it really made me want to pursue my Judaism. He inspired me        honor her memory, I keep a place in my heart for
with his faith.                                                               her, and I remember the thousands of other pre-
                                                                              cious children who shared her fate. I often think
Paula Krasnoff: the haj by Leon uris made me realize that the Israel-         of Anne Frank during personally challenging
Arab problem began long ago!                                                  times, and it helps me move forward in a positive
Beth Brown: the sabbath: its Meaning for Modern Man by Abraham
Joshua Heschel. I love his conception that Shabbat is the sanctification of     Ruth Portnoy: Books have often opened doors
time. reading Heschel caused me to remind myself to focus on discrete           into spaces I would not have entered on my
moments in time, to appreciate them in and of themselves, without any           own. Fiction does this for me more than any
need to alter them or do anything in them. This has the interesting effect      other genre, since its unlimited landscape is the
of slowing time down. I liken these moments to being transported back           imagination. Among my favorite fiction books
towards creation, when gravity was unimaginably powerful and time stood         that directly covered or skimmed Jewish-related
very still.                                                                     subjects are stones froM the river by ursula
                                                                                Hegi and everything is iluMinated by Jonathan
Barry Hindin: I wouldn’t call it a life changing experience but a book that Safran Foer. On a more philosophical note, I find
made a big impression on me was the living talMud, which was about              the works of rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
the Wisdom of the Fathers (Pirke Avot) and its classical commentaries. It deeply inspiring. I have two books of his poetry
was a very accessible book and it was helpful that it cost only 95 cents as a which I read from time to time, and I have been
paperback. I first read it as a teenager and I still have it on my bookshelf.   reading various chapters of god in search of
                                                                                Man. The latter provides a viewpoint on faith in
Lee Hatch: There are so many books that have changed my life. Probably which I take great comfort at times.
the earliest one I remember is the rabbi, by Noah Gordon. It came out
shortly after we were married and, sadly, some of my friends made fun of
me for enjoying it. As I remember, the rabbi fell in love with and married
a Jew-by-choice and I related to the story. my friends did not think it was   Helen
well written or realistic (it was written in the mid-60’s). I, however, felt it Helen Chronister, Librarian
validated many of the issues and feelings I was experiencing.                   hchronister@tiferethisrael.org

Jack Gold: There have been many but three that stand out are: the sab-
bath by Heschel, a letter in the scroll by rabbi Jonathan Sacks, and
god Was not in the fire by Daniel Gordis.

Joy Benatar: I loved all Jewish feminist midrashim and autobiographical
short stories/poems that came out in the late 80s and throughout the 90s.

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TIFeReTH ISRAeL Foundation
creating a jewish legacy—margulies family
Some families pass on physical traits from generation to generation. The      Hall. The Book of Genesis was dedicated by the
margulieses have passed along a philanthropic spirit and a commitment to      estates of Louis and Bonna Sue margulis, Julius’
the Jewish community.                                                         brother and sister-in-law, during the Centennial
                                                                              Torah Writing Project.
In a 1998 interview for the Columbus Jewish Historical Society, the late
Julius Margulies quoted his parents, Harry and Lena Margulies, as saying,     “The margulies family is well known for its
“There are people out there who need help. Don’t forget them.”                dedication to the synagogue,” says marvin
                                                                              Bonowitz, a congregation member and rose-
Harry and Lena practiced what they preached. Both Jewish immigrants,          lyn’s brother. “It’s a devotion that has lasted for
they became well known within the business and Jewish communities of          generations.”
the early 1900s and Harry played an instrumental role in establishing
Congregation Tifereth Israel.                                                 And it is a devotion that will last for generations
“Throughout my life, people have always had something nice to say about
my grandfather and have spoken fondly of his generosity,” says Greg           The margulieses chose to make their gifts by
margulies. “I remember my father, Julius, telling how my grandfather          establishing a fund with the Tifereth Israel
helped the synagogue during some difficult financial times.”                  Foundation. Foundation gifts generate inter-
                                                                              est to support Synagogue programs, but the
Julius and his wife, roselyn Bonowitz margulies, carried on that legacy of    principal is never spent, allowing the gifts to last
giving, donating their time and money to benefit Congregation Tifereth        in perpetuity. Through their social and religious
Israel and other community organizations.                                     involvement, the margulies family touched thou-
                                                                              sands of lives. And through their Foundation
Julius was a vigorous and often creative supporter of the organizations he    gifts, they will influence untold more.
cared about, including Balletmet, the Columbus Jewish Historical Society
and the Columbus Jewish Federation. His memorable tactics included
placing an application for ballet subscriptions on his belly prior to a       FOr inFOrMatiOn On hOW yOu can
surgical procedure, to the astonishment of his doctors. Julius is also one    SUPPORT THe TIFeReTH ISRAeL FOUNdATION,
reason why the State of Israel Bonds has a Columbus office today.             PLeASe CONTACT:

At the synagogue, Julius served on the board. roselyn was a member of         Foundation Chairman, Reid Wasserstrom
the Sisterhood and she taught at the religious School for more than 40        (614-737-8107 or reid@wasserstrom.com)
years. Today, Greg has taken over some of his father’s responsibilities. He
currently serves on the boards of the synagogue and the Columbus Jewish       Treasurer, Ronald Blank
Historical Society.                                                           (614-855-0037 or rblank@ee.net)

“Since the beginning, the margulies family has been very involved,” says      Secretary, dr. Arnold Good
rabbi Berman. “They have been a part of virtually all the important initia-   (614-288-4147 or goodmd1@aol.com)
tives in our synagogue’s history.”
                                                                              executive director, Marc Neiwirth
To ensure the ongoing financial, spiritual, and operational well being        (614-253-8523 or mneiwirth@tiferethisrael.org)
of the synagogue, the Margulieses have made numerous financial gifts.
roselyn contributed funds in Julius’ memory to remodel the upper Social

    Forum                                                    ch-12
in Memoriam                                                                      July 25
Esther Fellner Epstein – beloved mother of Arthur Epstein                        elaine and George Kravitz-Sheppard - 30
Bernard Weinstein – beloved father of Carrie rosen
Lee Kass – beloved sister of Larry Heiny                                         July 30
Gerald (Jerry) Letow – beloved brother of Janet Epstein                          Harold and Judy Schneider - 60
Max Hoffman – beloved father of renee resnik
Ann Rubin – beloved wife of Alan rubin                                           July 31
B. Lee Skilken – beloved husband of marilyn Skilken and father of Tobi Gold      Jerome and Cherie Friedman - 5
                                                                                 Jack and Violet Cohen - 55

                                                                                 August 3
                                                                                 Kenneth and Tobi Gold - 35
MAZAL Tov                                                                        August 6
Charles Schottenstein on the birth of his grandson, Jonathan max Pattap, son     Benson and Arlene Roth - 50
of Cathryn and Sean Pattap, and to great-grandmother, Beverly Schottenstein.
                                                                                 August 9
Carol Seubert Marx for her election as the ohio State Bar Association’s presi-   Robert and Gail Clark - 40
dent-elect. She will take office as president of the OSBA on July 1, 2011.
                                                                                 August 11
Shelley and Harvey Handler on the birth of their granddaughter, Quinn rose       Marc and Linda Gutter - 25
Callif, daughter of Andy and Holly Callif.
                                                                                 August 13
Peter and Cathy Taub on the birth of their granddaughter, Sophia Lillian         Craig and Connie Tuckerman - 15
Alonso, daughter of Emily and orlay Alonso
                                                                                 August 15
Diane Phillips and David Kantor on the birth of their daughter, Sophie           Viacheslav and Sofia Belousov - 40
Alayna Kantor.
                                                                                 August 16
Leonard and Terry Janis on the birth of their grandson, Jackson Dylan Janis.     Michael and Victoria Canter - 40
                                                                                 Charles and Linda Freidenberg - 40
                                                                                 Albert and Marsha Hazen - 40
MILeSTONe Anniversaries                                                          August 20
                                                                                 Bruce and Nancy Gurwin - 15
May 25
Robert and Carol Steiner - 35
                                                                                 August 22
                                                                                 Ronald and donna Solove - 45
July 1
John and Rose Schwarz - 60
                                                                                 August 24
                                                                                 Aaron and Adele Rosenfeld - 30
July 2
                                                                                 Michael and Janet Price - 35
david and Irina Bilenko - 10
david and Michele Kusma - 15
                                                                                 August 25
                                                                                 Michael and Suzanne Swartz - 25
July 9
Howard and Joan Goodman - 60
                                                                                 August 26
                                                                                 Stuart and Rebecca Mangel - 20
July 14
Leonard and Carmela Greenberg - 25
                                                                                 August 28
                                                                                 Phillip and Florence Gurwin - 55
July 17
Bradley and Katherine Goldman - 5
                                                                                 August 30
                                                                                 Stuart and Sandra Stern - 40
July 22
Samuel and Stephanie Pesetsky - 5
                                                                                 August 31
                                                                                 Malcolm and Marion Jo Robbins - 30
July 24
                                                                                 Kathy and R. Jeffrey Smith - 35
Irwin and Marilyn Galinkin - 35

                                                                 dh-13                                              Forum
WANT MORE DETAILS? Please check www.tiferethisrael.org for the most up to date calendar information

Thursday, July 8
6:30pm         Men’s Club Poker
                                                          SuMMEr EXPEriEncES
Mon-Tues., July 19-20
               Tisha B’Av
                                                          many of our youth are away on uSY summer trips and
                                                          Camp ramah. We hope all of them are having a wonder-
Tuesday, July 27
                                                          ful time and a summer they will never forget! They are all
6:00pm         Board of Trustees Dinner & Meeting
                                                          listed below. If you would like to send them a letter just to
                                                          say “hi”, let Shani Kadis know and she can get you their
Sunday, August 1
             Men’s Club Picnic

Thursday, August 12                                       caMP raMah 2010
6:30pm        Men’s Club Poker                            Julia Applefeld
                                                          David Bromberg
Sunday, August 15                                         Ben Cohen - Staff
             Men’s Club JCC Cookout and                   Addie Gellman-Chomsky Staff
             Columbus Clippers Game                       Lauren Heyman Staff
                                                          Ben Kanas
Wednesday, August 18                                      Jacob Levin
             Congregation Annual Picnic                   Ben mangel
                                                          Leah Politi
Tuesday, August 24                                        miryam raizen
6:00pm        Board of Trustees Dinner & Meeting          Jane rosenthal
                                                          Avi Stein
                                                          Judah Stein
                                                          Adi ungar
                                                          Liat ungar
                                                          maya ungar

                                                          USY PILGRIMAGe/ RAMAH SeMINAR - ISRAeL
                                                          Adam Berman Staff
Get your                                                  Gabby Beroset
                                                          Shoshi Blair
FOruM                                                     Leah Davis
                                                          Brian Fredman
news                                                      Abby Ghitman
                                                          molly mangel
online at:                                                rami ungar

www.tiferethisrael.org.                                   USY on WHeeLS
                                                          Jaime Newman

    Forum                                            sh-14
  “Sharing is equal to all of the commandments.”
 In order for an acknowledgement to be sent from our office and the names to be listed in the FORUM, the minimum donation to
 our various funds is now set at $18. Donations to the Prayer Book Fund are set as follows: Siddur Sim Shalom-$36/Chumash-$50
              congregation tifereth israel gratefully acknowledges the following contributors
                                               ContributionS from may 6 to June 7, 2010

ANNe & MORRIS SWedLOW FUNd                                               edUCATIONAL eNdOWMeNT FUNd
In Honor Of:                                                             In Appreciation Of:
Judge Alan Acker’s appointment to the Franklin County Probate Court      Hebrew School Teachers, Staff & Volunteers by Debra and
 by Gerald and Judie Swedlow                                              Martin Rosenthal
Harriet Korn’s Bat Mitzvah by Gerald and Judie Swedlow
Howard Schottenstein by Susan and Carl Seletz                            In Honor Of :
                                                                         Aaron and Rhoda Edelman’s 60th wedding anniversary by Bea
BeTTY & CHARLeS TALIS ARCHIVeS FUNd                                       and Harold Mindlin
In Memory Of:
John Lieberman by Michael and Hilary Talis                               In Memory Of:
                                                                         Aaron Kraut by Susan and Robert Stone
CAMP RAMAH SCHOLARSHIP FUNd                                              Charles Grob by Sheila Sokol
In Honor Of:
                                                                         edUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP FUNd
Lennie Rehmar’s special birthday by Bea and Harold Mindlin; Ralph and
 Ruth Rothschild                                                         In Honor Of:
Laurie and Amy Adelman’s upcoming wedding by Gary and Amy                Elli Lavon’s Bat Mitzvah by Daniel and Michele Lavon
 Nathans                                                                 Shike Izeman’s Special Birthday by Bonnie Goldston

In Memory Of:                                                            In Memory Of:
Esther F. Epstein by Bea and Harold Mindlin; Ralph and Ruth Rothschild   Abram Gulewski by Steven Yoselevich
Daniel Eisner by Ralph and Ruth Rothschild                               Frank Singer by Fran Luckoff
Evelyn Moss by Neil and Karen Moss                                       Martin Borkan by Theodore Borkan
George Levine by Renee Levine                                            Milton Ain by Shirley Ain
Lisbeth Fleishner by Ralph and Ruth Rothschild                           Ruth Schwartz by Gerald and Fran Jacobs
Martin Miller by Neil and Karen Moss                                     Sandra Lincove by David and Merry Lynne Lincove
Morris Gilbert by Neil and Karen Moss                                    Irving Linder by Terry & Susan Tobin
Morris Lutzky by Douglas Segerman and Shana Raisman
Rabbi Joseph Gorfinkel by H. Joel and Dana Gorfinkel                     eLIANA SWeATLANd FUNd
Samuel Mintzes by B. Lee and Marilyn Skilken                             In Honor Of:
Shirley Gorfinkel by H. Joel and Dana Gorfinkel                          Jack Gold’s birthday by Pamela Maggied
Abram Gulewski by Gary and Amy Nathans
                                                                         garry MEnStEr Fund
                                                                         In Memory Of:
In Honor Of:                                                             Frida Fleischmann by Paul Fleischmann
The birth of Mary Ann Marlin’s granddaughter, Lea, by Gary and
                                                                         HOWARd LYNN FUNd
 Ellen Rogers
Shirley Boster’s Bat Mitzvah by Margot Marx                              In Honor Of:
Jean Mellman’s Bat Mitzvah by Margot Marx                                Tifereth Israel Planting by David and Merry Lynne Lincove

In Memory Of:                                                            In Memory Of:
Lilbby Weiner by Harriet Green                                           Arthur Freed by Marvin and Sharon Paine
Abram Gulewski by Gerald and June Frankel; Carol Glassman                Bea Aigen by Joseph and Ruth Sniderman

edeLMAN-ZISSeR USY RUACH FUNd                                            JACK ROTH MASORTI FUNd
In Memory Of:                                                            In Memory Of:
Sydney Rosenfeld by Howard and Gwen Werman                               Babette Hirsch by Ronald and Laurie Shkolnik
Irving Linder by Lynn and Sheryl Edelman; Howard and Gwen Werman         Joseph Meyers by Ronald and Laurie Shkolnik

                                                                         Wishing A Speedy Recovery To:
                                                                         Mark Masser by Ronald and Laurie Shkolnik

                                                                    uy-15                                                       Forum
JACK & JOAN WALLICK edUCATIONAL                                       nOrMan cOhEn Fund
EndOWMEnt Fund
In Memory Of:                                                         In Memory Of:
Jack Wallick by Joan Wallick                                          Esther Cohen by Stanley and Jaime Cohen and Adam, Mindy
Victor Plaine by Joan Wallick                                          and Lauren Cohen
Herbert Hatch by Joan Wallick                                         Jack Roth by Stanley and Jaime Cohen and Adam, Mindy, and
Diane Cummins by Joan Wallick                                          Lauren Cohen
Esther Blank by Joan Wallick                                          Nathan and Lillian Cohen by Stanley and Jaime Cohen
Lillian Kanter by Joan Wallick                                        Norman Cohen by Stanley and Jaime Cohen and Adam, Mindy
Albert Wasserstrom by Richard Wasserstrom                              and Lauren Cohen
Kayleen Wasserstrom by Richard Wasserstrom                            Sam and Lena Schlansky by Stanley and Jaime Cohen, and Adam,
                                                                       Mindy and Lauren Cohen
Wishing A Speedy Recovery To:                                         PRAYeR BOOK FUNd
Lee Skilken by Joan Wallick
                                                                      In Memory Of:
JUSTINe HACKMAN CULTURAL ARTS FUNd                                    Edith Knight by Jerome Knight
In Memory Of:                                                         RABBI NATHAN & FLOReNCe ZeLIZeR
Cheri Wasserstrom by Linda Katz                                       ANd deBORAH ZeLIZeR KAPLAN FUNd
KIddUSH FUNd                                                          In Memory Of:
In Memory Of:                                                         Rabbi Nathan Zelizer by Marvin Kaplan
Anne Schilling by Stuart and Susie Schilling
                                                                      rabbiS’ diScrEtiOnary Fund
Esther Blank by Malcolm and Marion Jo Robbins
Marjorie Gordon by Eunice Gordon                                      For the Yahrzeit Of :
Roza Ostrova by Alexander Nudelman and Inessa Ostrova                 Zelda Sigal by Jerry Sigal & Laura Moskow Sigal
Shirley Perchuk by Patrick and Roberta Leek
Zelda Sigal by Bernard and Reta Sigal                                 In Honor Of:
                                                                      Our Aufruf by Joshua Rinkov and Beth Kleineman
LIBRARY FUNd                                                          Bea Betker’s 101st birthday by Florlyn Freedman
In Honor Of:                                                          Paige Perlstein’s Bat Mitzvah anniversary by Alan and Ronnie Perlstein
Shirley Boster’s Bat Mitzvah by Stanley and Sylvia Horowitz
Dr. Barry Hindin’s employee recognition award from Battelle by        In Memory Of:
 William and Helen Chronister                                         Arthur Freed by Steven and Annette Paine
                                                                      Anne Wahl by Fred and Jill Winer
In Memory Of:                                                         Irving Linder by Lisa and Jason Dolin
Evelyn Barsky by Steven Katz and Constance Barsky                     Anne Wahl by Jeff Griss and Jack Gold; Robert and Roslyn Schwartz;
Irving Goldberg by Sarah Pobereskin                                    Michael and Janet Epstein
Rae Levine by Renee Levine                                            Aaron and Rachel Freedman by Florlyn Freedman
Esther Epstein by Len, Janice, Lindsay, and Erica Brillson            Abram Rich by Jacob Rich
Abram Gulewski by William and Helen Chronister                        Ann Birrer by Allen Birrer
Esther Blank by Renee Levine                                          Bernard Heyman by Lena Heyman
Esther Epstein by Carol Glassman and Justin Berzon; Stanley and       Chaim Shirin by Idel Shirin
 Sylvia Horowitz                                                      Chana Shirin by Idel Shirin
Helaine and Robert Wolfe by Janet Gilberg                             Morris Dach by Marian Dach, Debbi & Chuck Sugarman, Kandi &
Lee Kass by Marc and Margery Hollander                                 Larry Dach
Miriam Kovitz by William and Helen Chronister                         Dr. Abraham Goldstein by Lawrence Levy
Anne Wahl by Stanley and Sylvia Horowitz                              Elisabeth Cohn by David and Nancy Brody
                                                                      Eva Bernstein by David and Muriel Derrow
MARK STeIMAN SPeCIAL NeedS CHILdReN’S FUNd                            Frayda Schwartzberg by David and Muriel Derrow
In Honor Of:                                                          Freda Senser by Bernard and Sandra Senser
Jean Mellman’s Bat Mitzvah by Gerald and Sandi Steiman                Herb Hatch by Lee Hatch
                                                                      Jean Davis by Charles and Victoria Cantor
In Memory Of:                                                         Joseph Bornstein by Fred and Janet Bornstein
Mark Steiman by Gerald and Sandi Steiman; Howard and Gwen             Kurt Thomas by Gloria Thomas
 Werman                                                               Marcy Zitron by Margot Zitron
Sophia Weiner by Howard and Pauline Newman                            Marilyn Smith by Lee Smith
                                                                      Mary Masser by Mark and Sunny Masser
Wishing A Speedy Recovery To:                                         Murray Itkoff by David and Roberta Itkoff
Jay Shoor by Gerald and Sandi Steiman                                 Nettie Itkoff by David and Roberta Itkoff
                                                                      Raya Nudel by Idel Shirin
MURIeL WALLICK FUNd                                                   Samuel Pollyea by Edward and Bari Pollyea
In Memory Of:                                                         Shauna Itkoff by David and Roberta Itkoff
Bertha Wasserstrom by Julie Wallick and David Selden                  Marilyn Smith by Lee, Jared, Taylor and Kelsey Smith
                                                                      William Steinhart by Lola and Stuart Steinhart

     Forum                                                        uh-16
Sidney Rosenfeld by Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease LLP                     Phoebe Weiner by Leon and Bernice Mark
Anne Miller by Hsing Hua and Kathleen Shih; Lois and Spike Tyler;         Rose Feierman by Edward and Susann Feierman
 Budros, Ruhlin & Roe                                                     Roza Zeltser by Bentsion and Mira Bilenko
Esther Epstein by Michael and Ginny Schlonsky                             Zoya Lantsman by Semen and Larissa Lantsman
Irving Linder by Ronald and Judy Kaplansky                                Abram Gulewski by Elliott Luckoff
Milton M. Adler by Steven and Gale Klayman                                Herb Hatch by Leonard and Diane Smith; Joel and Karen Schwartz
Sally Glick by Steven and Gale Klayman                                    Esther Epstein by Chuck and Cathy Tennenbaum
Edward Daitch by Michael and Ginny Schlonsky                              Bernard Weinstein by Jerry Knight
                                                                          Joseph Meyers by Leonard and Diane Smith
In Appreciation Of:                                                       Lill Kanter by Constance Levy
The daily Minyans by Florlyn Freedman                                     Sidney Rosenfeld by Jerome Knight
Rabbi Berman by Arthur and Paulayne Epstein; Elizabeth Petuchowski;       Anne Miller by Timothy & Robin Moore
 Stephen and Joan Shell; Lawrence and Faye Willen; Jack Miller
                                                                          In Appreciation Of:
Wishing A Speedy Recovery To:                                             My aliyah by Sidney and Marcia Wolpert
Zachary Shapiro by Arthur and Paulayne Epstein                            Linda Goldsmith, Hayden’s Kindergarten teacher by Andrew and
                                                                           Ilana Spector
In Honor Of:
                                                                          VILMA LINdeR FUNd
Jean Mellman’s Bat Mitzvah by Annette M. Schwartz                         In Honor Of:
Shirley Boster’s Bat Mitzvah by Annette M. Schwartz                       The naming of Charlie Handler by Gary, Susie, Brett, Brooke, and Chris
Greg Margulies’ birthday by Stanley Kayne                                  Rozanczyk
Lennie Rehmar’s special birthday by Miriam Baker; Stanley Kayne           The marriage of Amanda Shernoff to Michael Klein by Gary and
                                                                           Susie Rozanczyk
ROBeRT & SHeRRY GOLdeNBeRG FUNd                                           Jean Mellman’s Bat Mitzvah by Gary, Susie, Brett, Brooke, and
In Memory Of:                                                              Chris Rozanczyk
Anne Wahl by Bob and Sherry Goldenberg
                                                                          In Memory Of:
SiyuM haTORAH PROJeCT FUNd                                                Diane Lowy by Jean Mellman
                                                                          William Eisenberg by Michael and Susan Stein
In Memory Of:                                                             Lillian Kantor by Michael and Susan Stein
Esther Fellner Epstein by Fredric and Jill Winer                          Brent Shernoff by Gary and Susie Rozanczyk

SOCIAL ACTION FUNd                                                        SidnEy & bErtha WaSSErStrOM Fund
In Honor Of:                                                              Bertha Wasserstrom by David and Judith Khaner; Herbert & Marjorie
Jerry Frankel receiving the Distinguished Scholar award at The Ohio        Gross; Michael Scott and Sheila Avidon; Wayne and Ellen Rothman;
 State University by Bob and Sally Brown                                   Dr. Joel and Barbara Alpert; Kevin Cassidy; Seth and Lauren Kushkin;
Sasha Frankel graduating from George Washington University by Bob          Fay L. Ruben and Family
 and Sally Brown
                                                                          WILLA SNIdeRMAN FUNd
SynagOguE Fund
                                                                          In Memory Of:
In Honor Of :                                                             Clarence Kohn by Elliot and Eileen Reiff
Dr. Chuck Love receiving the Heinz Hoffman award by Susan and             Hal Linder by Michael and Luann Gurevitz
 Carl Seletz
Andy and Amy Bloch’s marriage by Chuck and Cathy Tennenbaum
 and Family
Erica Green’s high school graduation by Irving and Lita Saul
Jean Mellman’s Bat Mitzvah by Rosalie Levy
Joshua Shapiro’s Bar Mitzvah by Chuck and Cathy Tennenbaum
 and Family
Lenny Rehmar’s special birthday by Gertrude Odenheimer
Saul Izeman’s special birthday by Sidney and Marcia Wolpert

In Memory Of:
Beatrice Schwartz by Robert and Roslyn Schwartz
Boris Rudinsky by Sophia Pesis
Clifford C. Schlezinger by Ellen Schottenstein
David Davidson by Emma Bakman
Elaine Mayper by David and Emogene Ellsley; Harold Mayper
Eva Goldston by Bonnie Goldston
Isaac Sigal by Bernard and Reta Sigal
Joan Mangold by Bruce and Lori Gilbert
Joseph Thomas by Marvin and Marilyn Thomas
June Rieger by Jerome Knight
Khaim Golod by Zinaida Golod

                                                                      zh-17                                                    Forum
in pictures (from page 7)

                                    your ad

   Forum                    jh-18
And G-d said, “I will establish My covenant between Me
          and your children.” (Genesis 17:2)

                             DOTAN HERSZAGE
                             Certified Mohel

                             614-231-4226 home
                             614-274-0979 work
  mazel Tov                  614-580-0416 cell

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              congregation                           PAID
              tifereth israel                  Columbus, Ohio
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