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technological platforms
Just like any other textile product, knitted fabrics are being increasingly applied in various elds, such as the
automotive sector, space travel, health care, construction, personal protection… Thanks to these new applications, producers are
now able to diversify their product range and invest in new and promising technologies.

The knitting platform is totally in line with CENTEXBEL’s mission to acquire knowledge, to perform research and product
developement projects and to translate its know-how into innovating industrial applications.

By providing machines, expertise, technological advice, (in-company) training projects… to the textile industry in general and to
the producers of knitted fabrics, in particular, CENTEXBEL assists the European textile companies in maintaining and reinforcing
their competitive positions.

The knitting platform has been created thanks to the active co-operation with knitting machine manufacturers and textile

The CENTEXBEL knitting platform is composed of a variety of knitting and crochet machines, including :

      ³    circular knitting machine with double needle bed - gauge 18
      ³    circular knitting machine small diametre - gauge 10 - 14 - 24
      ³    crochet machine with 6 pattern bars - gauge 10
      ³    “fully-fashioned” electronic at knitting machine - gauge 12

       knitted structure for bone reconstruction                                                      at knitting

                                                          knitted keyboard

CENTEXBEL supports the industry’s efforts to create innovative products and to improve their production processes by providing:

      ±    technological consultancy on process optimisation, product development, sustainable production methods...
      ±    assistance in exploration, evaluation and implementation of innovating processes
      ±    process audits
      ±    certication
      ±    problem solving
      ±    technology watch
      ±    patent search
      ±    (in-company) training sessions and seminars
      ±    dissemination of information through newsletters and website
                                            research & development

1. development of performant knitwear for high-tech applications

      ³    yarn engineering for knitting (spacer, conductive, protective...)
      ³    product design
      ³    embedded electronics / sensors / solar cells
      ³    knitted electronic / electric functions : antennas, keyboards, sensors...
      ³    tissue engineering (e.g. for bone reconstruction...)

2. knitwear nishing

      ³    nishing processes, coating and laminating

3. knitwear performances & functionalisation

      ³    smart textiles
      ³    comfort (sensorial, physiological, olphactory, acoustic, optical...)
      ³    specic properties: conductivity, barrier properties, cell proliferation...

     spacer knitted fabrics              knitted stent for implants             knitted PLA fabrics, seeded with autogeneous osteoblast cells for bone
                                                                                reconstruction- small granular structures on cell surface (photo right)

                                                knitting technologies
      ³    cut & sew
           the fabric is knitted by the running metre, either circularly or in rectilinear pieces. The article is then cut and sewn
           according to a pattern.
      ³    fully-fashioned
           the article or piece of clothing is fully shaped during the knitting process.
      ³    shaping
           the denite form or aspect of a knitwear is conferred by nishing products, thermobonding or thermoshaping.
      ³    3D and integral knitwear
           these products differ according to their structure and use. 3D textiles are most frequently used in technical
           applications, whereas, in the clothing sector, one mostly speaks of “integral” or seamless articles. In practice, they
           are both fully-knitted articles.
      ³    spacer knitted fabrics
           two indepedendent layers connected with each other by a system of monolament yarns. These products are
           commonly applied in seat covering, bedding, composite reinforcement, (anti-shock) protection...

The CENTEXBEL laboratories perform the entire range of physical, chemical, microbiological and burning behaviour tests to assess
the knitwear’s quality :

      ³    bursting strength
      ³    resilience
      ³    tensile strength
      ³    tear strength
      ³    compression test (support stocking)
      ³    barrier properties
      ³    component analysis...
                            your partner in knitting

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