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Hints and Recommendations for printing cards are listed at the end of this
document. Please read.

1) Log into your administrative side of your account. You should see this screen:

Printing Blank PTA cards ng.docx
2) Click on you the green words “View Your People”.

3) Select the current school year from the <View Community> drop down menu.

4) There will be three icons next to each person’s name indicating Membership,
   Owed Dues, PTA Cards.

Printing Blank PTA cards ng.docx
   a) The green checkmark indicates they are marked as member, paid their
      dues, or have printed their membership card.

Printing Blank PTA cards ng.docx
5) To print a blank card click on any of the “Print Card Selections”

6) A dialog box will appear. Choose the correct selections for blank cards.
   a) Select “Blank Cards with PTA Unit Info Only”.
   b) If you wish to have the term date show:
      i) Check the box that says “Show Term Dates On Blank Cards” or
      ii) If you would like to override that with your own date check the box
            “Use Term Period Defined Below” and then put in “Term Start” and
           “Term End”
      iii) In this example we will use the default term dates.

Printing Blank PTA cards ng.docx
7) Now click on the green “Print” button in the lower right hand side of the dialog

Printing Blank PTA cards ng.docx
8) The system will now produce a PDF file. An example resides below. Click on
   the printer icon on the upper right of the window to print. It is important to
   follow the hints and recommendations below.

Hints and Recommendations :
1. Always, print a test sheet when creating cards, to see if they line up.

2. Feed one sheet at a time into printers. Card stock will sometimes pull
through unevenly in printers.

3. IMPORTANT: on the printer dialog box set page scaling to none.

Printing Blank PTA cards ng.docx
If you do not do this action, the first set of cards line up and then eventually
creep up and end up with the last three rows not lined up.

4. If the practice sheet does not line up, adjust the Vertical Offset by .05 and
run a test sheet.

5. Attempt to print cards in multiples of ten because you cannot run partial card
stock through printers in most cases.

Printing Blank PTA cards ng.docx

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