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									McAfee Firewall Enterprise v8
Partner Training
April 2010
A New Category of Products

“Next-Generation Firewall” is a product category that has
specific characteristics that have been defined by Gartner
for over 5 years.

    “Next Generation Firewall” is to “Traditional Firewalls”
   “Application White listing” is to “Anti-malware Protection”

Conventional Firewalls Fail Under Pressure

 Next generation       Patchwork of 1st      First generation
network problems     generation products     approaches fail
State of the Industry
Conventional Firewalls Fail: Market Transitions

• The conventional firewall is broken
    – Firewall controls are blind to web applications
    – Firewalls don’t stop attacks at the perimeter
    – They are costly to acquire, maintain, and administer
• The dirty little secret:
    – In the Firewall market everyday is “Operation Aurora”
    – The oligopoly has failed to advance and does not want the truth to be

“Gartner believes that less than 1% of Internet connections today are secured
using NGFWs. We believe that by year-end 2014 this will rise to 35% of the
installed base, with 60% of new purchases being NGFWs.”

            $4,200,000,000.00 is up for grabs
Enter the Next Generation Firewall

               “Gartner believes that if McAfee
               maintains the roadmap and focus on
               network security they could in the
               midterm become the next significant
               firewall market disrupter and a potential
               market leader.”
                Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls , Gartner – March 15 2010
Firewall Market Transition
3 Scenarios

Partner Opportunity

McAfee Firewall Enterprise v8
The Next Generation Firewall
History of Network Security Innovation

                     25 Years of Leading Innovation

                                 First                                                 First system
  Operating                                             First Firewal
                              Extensible                                               Integration:
   System                                                  with IP
                              Application                                                 ePolicy
  Design for                                             Reputation
                               Control                                                 Orchestrator

   1984           1994          1998         2000         2006            2007           2009           2010

                Firewall                      First
                                                                            First                     Generation
                 Made                       Firewall
                                                                        Firewall SSL                  Application
               Available to                   Web
                                                                         Decryption                    Control
                 Public                     Filtering

           • Fundamentally Designed to be Application-aware
           • Zero Product Vulnerabilities
           • Continuous Commitment to Threat Protection
    McAfee Firewall Enterprise
    Comprehensive Protection = Consolidated Security
                                                                                           Intelligence unmatched by any
                                                                                           NETWORK vendor
Fully integrated management with
unique visualization and
management optimization                                     GLOBAL
                                                            THREAT                       Comprehensive integrated security

                      Anti-             URL                              Reputa-       Geo

                                                             IPS                     Location
                      Virus             Filter                            tion

                               App               https/ssh                      Flow        Virtuali-
                              Control             Inspect                      Monitor       zation

                   Leadership in each security service category
                                 No on-going subscription costs
    McAfee Firewall Enterprise v8
    Benefits & Value Summary

 Application and Identity                Predictive & Proactive                  Efficient Management
      Based Controls                            Protection

McAfee AppPrism™ tech.                 Global Threat Intelligence              McAfee Firewall Profiler
   True network application              McAfee Labs is the premier             See what is important in a
    discovery                              security research organization in       prioritized view, faster
   Application network                    the world.
                                                                                  Powerful analytics to quickly
    enforcement                        Security is included, not added on          and easily troubleshoot
Identity-driven Firewall                  Application definition updates          access policies.
   Directory sourced identities can      Embedded McAfee SmartFilter,        Rule Creation Efficiency
    be primary to rules                    award winning URL filtering            Visual rule optimization
   User/functional groups                Real-time TrustedSource IP,            Eliminate conflicts and
    supported for role based               web, and sender reputation.             redundancies
                                          Embedded McAfee Gateway AV             Enhance performance
One Policy
                                          Embedded IPS with McAfee            Security Collaboration w/ ePO
   Build one policy in the language       NTR signature update service
    of business – users/groups,                                                   Share firewall health status
    applications, and risk.               Embedded SSL inspection
                                           features                               Right-click access to endpoint

• Restore confidence in controls        • More value, no add-on costs          • More operating assurance
• One business-driven policy            • Your strategic, security vendor      • Puts time back in your day
 See for yourself today…

• See what you are missing on your
• Evaluate the virtual appliance
  available at:

                                               Easily convert your Check
                                               Point or Cisco PIX rules as
                                               part of your evaluation.
• Try the Firewall Migration tool see
  how you can optimize your rules
  on McAfee Firewall V8

Register for a live product demo at:
                                        September 7, 2011
     McAfee Enterprise Firewall
     Key Use Cases

                        Establish account footprint                          Determine refresh timing
                        Build confidence, create awareness                   Determine real requirements

                                              Add to                                                      Replace
                                          Network Security                                            existing Firewall

                                                                                                     Consolidate security –
    App-specific                                                                   Application
                           Compensating Control    2-Tier layered security                            single vendor, single
     Inspection                                                                discovery & control
                                                                                                      platform, app aware
          1                         2                         3                          4                       5



Selected traffic from                               In front or behind a       In-line transparent     Replace SI FW, URL
  the FW/Router             In front server farm                               behind Stateful FW     filtering, AV, IPS, etc…
                                                    Stateful FW, Router

     13                                                                         September 7, 2011
Positioning for success (How)

• Talk about network security, NOT about Firewalls
     – Most companies have huge FW investment (beyond cap-ex)
     – Ask if they are happy with their FW. Talk about FW if they’re unhappy

• Look for compelling event
     – New application roll out, data center initiative, audit results, breach/threat: McAfee
       Firewall provides better security than current Firewalls
     – FW EOL/support renewal, FW dissatisfaction

• Sell “Enhanced Network Security” and “Application Discovery” (Trojan horse
  strategy: augment today, replace tomorrow)
     – High win ratio. Security provided by existing solutions is weak
     – Ask about what/where applications are running, type and quality of security

• Sell displacement: NGFW with “application discovery” and leading security
     – Qualify: how sticky is current vendor, networking requirements and specifications

14                                                                April 6, 2010
3 Quick Questions to Qualify

1   What Firewall(s)?
                        Which firewall(s) are you currently using and when
                        will they be fully depreciated / End of Life?

2   Satisfied?          What is your satisfaction level with your current
                        vendor, product, cost?

3   Refreshing or
                        Are you budgeting for additional firewalls or
                        firewall hardware refreshes?

  9/7/2011                                                15
      Core Mid – Who Are The Buyers?
      (Don’t Rule Out)
    Lower Core Pain: Firewall                      Upper Core Pain: Firewall
     101-250 nodes                                 251-1000 nodes
     Time and budget are barriers to security      Big biz problems, small biz budget
     Existing solution likely old/ineffective      Need more features
                                                       – Granular application policy enforcement
                                                       – URL Filtering
                                                       – Consolidating security services
    Solution: McAfee Firewall Enterprise           Solution: McAfee Firewall Enterprise

                               Decision Makers and Influencers

                Owner or IT                                       Network Admin
                Administrator                                     or CIO/CSO

   IT generalists, no specialized expertise          IT Specialist
   Security is a part-time job                       Business focused, need to enable growth
   Heavy reliance on reseller                        Buys similar to an Enterprise
   Need solutions that make security easier          Mitigating risks
   Operationally focused                             Operational efficiencies
                                                      Employee productivity
      Upper Mid – Who Are The Buyers?
      (+1000 is our Sweet Spot)
    Upper Mid Pain: Firewall
     Need to enable and control Web 2.0 business applications
     Unhappy with existing solution, wants a solution that stresses security
     Needs better policy enforcement, performance and reporting

    Solution: McAfee Firewall Enterprise

                               Decision Makers and Influencers

                                                                                Director of Security,
             Firewall and
                                                                                or Network Architect
             Network Architect

                                                                  Has a hands-on role
 Has a hands-on role
                                                                  Network Access control and
 Needs to do more with less                                       segmentation is primary
 Seeks to mitigate Web 2.0 risks                                  responsibility
 Manageability, performance, transparency,                       Uptime is part of job measurement
  and scalability are essential                                   –Must not drop messages or fail
 Wants to buy from a viable vendor                               –Wants to buy from a viable vendor
Launch Tools and Resources
 Reference Cards

                               White Papers
                                                      Top 10
                                                      Reasons to
                                                      Migrate to
   451 Group:                                                      Whitepaper:
   Customer Review                                                 Firewalls
                     Intelligent and Integrated IPS                Exposed – The
                                    Solution Brief                 Need for NGFW

 DDW Video
 Gartner WebCast
 Forrester Study – 9/2010
 David Strom Video
Key Dates and Next Steps
• Launch Date: 4/27, Interop and InfoSec EMEA
• Product GA: Mid-June
• Gartner V8 Webcast: 5/19

• Resources & Enablement:
     –   Virtual Appliance available for authorized partner usage on RTW date
     –   Access to Partner Sales and Technical webcasts /replays
     –   Authorized Partner Launch Kit with Sales & Marketing tools
     – currently promoting V8 features
          • For Partners and Customers
     – Public Launch landing page:
     – Competitive Firewall Migration Tool
     – Updated enablement courses and certification exams coming this quarter

• Incentives for Authorized Partners:
     – Inclusion in McAfee Rewards and Rebate programs
     – Deal Registration for new opportunities and firewall technology refreshes
19   – Stay tuned for other exciting incentives to come
Product Certification Requirements
McAfee Firewall Enterprise is a closed resale / distribution product
       • Requires Network Defense certification as of May 2010
           • Sales = 5 hours of eLearning courseware + exam
                    •   FCPA
                    •   Pricing & Licensing
                    •   Network Security Business Landscape
                    •   Network Security Platform
                    •   McAfee Firewall Enterprise
                    •   2 Elective (Content Security Blade Server, McAfee NAC, McAfee User Behavior
               • Technical = 4 hours of eLearning courseware + exam + ½ day ILT / DBL +
                 30 mins online exam per “track”
                    • Network Defense = IPS track + Firewall
       • See Partner Portal for Sales & Technical certification requirements for your country
Network IPS 201 Requirements
PREREQUISITE                              CLASSROOM                       ONLINE 201 EXAM

Network Security Platform                 Network IPS                     Network IPS
Online course + exam (60 mins)            201 Instructor Lead (1/2 day)   201 Exam – Online (<30 mins)

McAfee Firewall Enterprise 201

PREREQUISITE                            CLASSROOM                         ONLINE 201 EXAM

McAfee Firewall Enterprise              McAfee Firewall Enterprise        McAfee Firewall Enterprise
Online course + exam (TBD-150 mins)     201 Instructor Lead (1/2 day)     201 Exam – Online (<30 mins)
      V8 Launch Update
 The McAfee Firewall Enterprise Product Portfolio
 Flexible Delivery Form Factors to Meet your Business Needs

                Standard Appliances
                - Performance 100Mbps to 10+ Gbps                                   4150F
                - EAL4+ Certified

 10 Gbps
                                                                      2150F        VX-2150xx

                                                1100F   2100F
 5 Gbps

                                                                   Multi-Firewall Appliances
2.0 Gbps                                510F
                                                                   - Segment and consolidate in a single box
                                                                   - Ideal for multi-tenant solutions
1.0 Gbps                  410F

100 Mbps
                                 SH-1050/2050                                 Virtual Appliances
                  SH-250/550                                                  - VMware based
                                                    FV-Unlimited              - Support for Riverbed RSP,
    Virtual                      FV-5                                         native ESX,Virtualization or
 Appliances                                                                   VI3

              SMB and Branch Office Enterprise Perimeter     Enterprise, Data Center        Enterprise Core,
                                                               Service Providers              Data Center
                                                                                            Service Providers
What’s New in McAfee Firewall Enterprise v8

                            Application Control (McAfee AppPrism)
                        •   1000’s of applications in over 30 application categories
                        •   Function control (allow Yahoo IM but not file transfers)
                        •   Supports geo-location based policy enforcement
                        •   White listing to enforce corporate policy

                    Application Discovery (McAfee Firewall Profiler)
                •   1000’s of applications in over 30 categories with a click
                •   Links users to applications
                •   Geo-location: where in the world the application is hosted
                •   Bandwidth utilization by users and application

            Identity Based Policy Enforcement
          • Write rules to be applied to users or groups
          • Integrates with existing identity infrastructure
         Sleek New UI with Policy Intelligence
        • One screen to write business language rules
        • Real-time policy reconciliation eliminates duplicate, conflicting,
          or overlapping rules.


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