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									    IMPORTANT DATES TERM 2 2006                             30th May       Mid Year Twilight Concert
    9th May    Parents & Friends Assoc meeting 7pm          2nd June       Year 11 Exams
    11th May   Year 6 Information Evening                   5th June       Year 12 Exams
    15th May   Whole School Assembly                        6th June       Year 10 Exams
    17th May   School Council 7pm                           8th June       Correction Day [No school]
    24th May   Music Soiree                                 12th June      Queen’s Birthday [No school]
    29th May   Early Dismissal 1.09pm [Staff Development]   16th June      Last day of term [Dismissal at 1.09pm]

    The government, through its education Blueprint, is
    keen to ensure that Victoria has the best possible
    education system. The blueprint has a number of
    strategies and plans for student learning,
    resourcing, school leadership, teacher performance
    and development, and school improvement.
    The government and schools are determined to deal
    with the current situation in some areas where
    ‘There are high variations in outcomes between
    classes within schools and between schools with
    similar student populations.’ Our 2005 VCE
    results clearly places this school in the high
    performing category compared to other schools
    with similar populations.
    The recent Curriculum day at the school focused on
    how we can further improve teaching and learning
    at the school.
    The day had three main themes:
    • What is essential to learn (outlined in a new
       curriculum document called the Victorian
       Essential Learning Standards or VELS)?
    • What is the best way to teach it (Outlined in the
       Principles of learning and teaching - POLT)?
    • How do we know that students have learnt it
       (assessment and reporting)?
    What is essential to learn?
    Often when teachers and parents are asked to list
    the types of skills and qualities they would like
    students to have at the end of their secondary
    education, qualities such as Critical thinking,
    Problem      solving,    Working     with    others,
    Communicating in a variety of ways, Reflecting on
    own learning, tolerance, etc. are mentioned.
    The new VELs, by organizing curriculum around             Year 9 SRC, 2006: [pictured left to right] Rose Kanjou,
    not only the traditional disciplines (subjects) but       Bradley Canning, James Todorov, Areti Louzis, Virginia
    also personal, social and physical learning and           Fillopoulos, Bethany Fox, Frank Tomaras, Fri Vola, Dylan
    interdisciplinary learning, goes a long way to
                                                              Elliott, Mona Wannous and Jacqui Bragianis.
    incorporating these valuable qualities.

THS NEWS 4th May 2006                                                                                                    1
What helps us learn?                                        WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE ADDED TO OUR
As preparation for the day, I asked my year 10 Maths        NEWSLETTER EMAIL MAILING LIST?
class to list those things that help them learn. The        If you would like the THS newsletter emailed to you
following is a summary of their ideas:                      in PDF format, please contact the office by phone or
‘Small classes, Teacher who is fun/has a sense of           email the school at thornbury.hs@edumail.com.au .
humour, Games/Activities, Feedback from teacher,
Laughter, Computers/internet, Teacher who is
energetic, Discussions, Getting challenged, Students
teaching students, Different ways of learning,
Excursions, Hands on, Group work Researching,
Different activities, [and]Learning something in a
different way’.
The six ‘Principles of Learning and Teaching’ picks
up on many of these different ways of teaching and
• Learning environment is supportive and
• Learning environment promotes independence and
• Teachers build on students needs, backgrounds                          Year 10’s Easter Festivities
     and interests
• Student are supported to develop deep levels of
     thinking                                               HAVE YOU COLLECTED YOUR EMA
                                                            CHEQUE? Parents 1st Instalment EMA cheques are
• Assessment practices are an integral part of
                                                            available to be picked up from the school. Contact
                                                            Vicki at the General Office on 9480 4066 to allocate
• Learning is connected with communities and
                                                            the school portion or if you have any queries regarding
     practice beyond the classroom
                                                            your EMA.
How do we know they have learnt it? (Assessment
and reporting)                                              SCHOOL COUNCIL 2006
If we are going to adopt these new approaches to            The new 2006 School Council met for the first time on
organizing curriculum and teaching and learning, we         Wednesday 12th of April, with election of office
need to broaden our assessment approaches to include        bearers the first item on the agenda. Geoff Mathews,
the personal and interdisciplinary learning strands.        Council President for the past 4 years, decided on a
This is, no doubt, the biggest challenge as it is through   change of pace, and accepted the role of Vice-
our assessment practices that we often send strong          President. Amanda Croatto is the new Council
messages to students about what type of learning we         President, after a year in the role of Secretary, and
value.                                                      Linda McCloskey accepted nomination for the role of
Finally, while many schools are often dragged kicking       Secretary for 2006 (in my opinion the unsung hero of
and screaming through any change process – in this          the Council!).
case the school council, curriculum team and myself         The Council consists of: 6 parents [Linda McCloskey,
are very committed to the directions of the Blueprint.      Debbie Munro, Tim Canning, Bill O’Reilly, Geoff
The school, through our $1 million Leading Schools          Mathews and Amanda Croatto], 4 teachers [Meredith
funding, has been given a unique opportunity to be at       Stephenson, Barbara Carydis, Mark Gillies and Steven
the forefront of real curriculum innovation.                Barlow], 2 student representatives [Ben McCloskey
                                                            and Taylor Canning], community representatives
Authentic learning and connected and engaged
                                                            [including Rowena Vlotman as well as a prospective
learners are now key priorities at Thornbury High
                                                            parent (to be decided)] and last but not least, the
school because ensuring that students achieve their
                                                            Executive Officer, Peter Egeberg, our Principal.
best is, and will always be, my number one priority as
Principal.                                                  Outgoing members are David Legat, Howard Kelly,
                                                            John Coles, Jeanette Kivivali and Ross McKenzie,
Thanks to the curriculum team of Karen McCarthy,            with thanks to all for their contribution to the school
Barbara Carydis, Judy Stafford, Giuliana Mecoli and         community.
Christine Bartsh for organizing the day.
Peter Egeberg

THS NEWS 4th May 2006                                                                                            2
School Council meets at 7pm on the 3rd Wednesday of       Doubles 1 (James & Daniel) won 21-13
each month, usually twice per term. The next meeting      Doubles 2 (Nik & Josh) lost 18-21
is flagged by the school news letter. All parents are
                                                          Thornbury HS vs Northcote HS
welcome to attend as observers, and participate in our
                                                          Singles 1 (James) lost 15-21
discussions and deliberations.
                                                          Singles 2 (Daniel) lost 14-21
 All Council members also participate in one or more      Doubles 1 (James & Daniel) lost 16-21
sub-committees: Finance, Learning and Policy, and         Doubles 2 (Nik & Josh) won 21-20
Community Development. There is also an active
Parents Association and Music Parents Committee           VCE Boys
who report to School Council. Members of the school       Chris Pope, Ryan Declus, Sammy Habib
community, parents and involved others are welcome        & Tuan Duong
and indeed invited to participate in these committees.    VCE Boys Results:
I can speak from personal experience that they are a      Thornbury HS vs Reservoir SC
great way to really get to know what is happening in      Singles 1 (Ryan) won 21-20
the school, and offer the chance for you to have your     Singles 2 (Tuan) lost 15-21
say, and be involved. Most of the committees meet         Doubles 1 (Tuan & Ryan) lost 19-21
monthly (school council the 3rd Wednesday and             Doubles 2 (Chris & Sammy) lost 17- 21
subcommittees are the 2nd Wednesday of the month),
but if in doubt a phone call to the office can inform     Thornbury HS vs Lakeside SC
you.                                                      Singles 1 (Chris) won 21-7
                                                          Singles 2 (Sammy) won 21-11
Parent responsibilities on School Council are not about
                                                          Doubles 1 (Tuan & Ryan) won 21-16
day to day running of the school, student discipline or
                                                          Doubles 2 (Chris & Sammy) won 21-11
teacher performance - these are the role of the
Principal. Some examples of what a typical Council        Thornbury HS vs Mill Park SC
meeting might address are: charter development and        Singles 1 (Ryan) lost 15-21
future directions and priorities, broad curriculum        Singles 2 (Tuan) lost 10-21
policy, budget issues, student discipline codes and       Doubles 1 (Tuan & Ryan) lost 13-21
dress codes, and building and grounds improvements.       Doubles 2 (Chris & Sammy) lost 19 - 21
Amanda Croatto, School Council President.                 All Thornbury High School students demonstrated
                                                          very good sportsmanship on the day and worked well
SPORTS NEWS                                               both individually during singles matches and as a team
DISTRICT TENNIS – WEDNESDAY 12TH APRIL                    during doubles matches. Well done boys!
The District Tennis Competition took place at the         Vivian Sipsas, Sports teacher
Boroondara Tennis Centre on Wednesday 12th April.
One year 7 boys team and one VCE Boys team
represented Thornbury High School on the day. The
format was that of “Fast Tennis”. This involves teams
playing rally point in 2 singles matches and 2 doubles
matches per round. The first player / team to reach 21
is deemed the winner.
Teams consisted of the following students:
Year 7 Boys
James Soufis, Daniel Castors, Joshua Kapuranovski &
Nik Teaute
Year 7 Boys Results:
Thornbury HS vs Mill Park SC
Singles 1 (James) lost 20-21                                               Footy Colours Day
Singles 2 (Daniel) lost 17-21
Doubles 1 (James & Daniel) won 21-14                      LEADING SCHOOLS PROJECT
Doubles 2 (Nik & Josh) lost 8 - 21                        Thornbury High School received a grant of $1,000,000
                                                          under the Leading Schools Fund in 2005 to implement
Thornbury HS vs Mill Park SC
                                                          an innovative program at the Middle School. This
Singles 1 (Joshua) won 21-19
                                                          grant will enable us to enhance our teaching practices,
Singles 2 (Nik) lost 19-21

THS NEWS 4th May 2006                                                                                          3
improve student learning and complements the work         in this process. Two students from each group, then
being undertaken at the school in implementing the        gave a synopsis of what they had learned in the
Blue Print for Government School’s reform agenda.         workshops. Dr Gael Jennings [pictured], who is host
We are extremely fortunate as this project cements our    of ABCs Einstein Factor, was the MC for the day.
school as an innovative and a quality school in the       Julie Parry, Science Department
The Leading Schools Team comprising, Karen                CAREERS NEWS
McCarthy, Guiliania Mecoli, Barbara Carydis, Carmel       Year 10
Ryan, Giovanna Liapis, Mark Gillies and Judy              Work experience: Students should be arranging their
Stafford have commenced the exciting task of              placements now for the period 12th -16th June
implementing the Leading Schools Fund project in co-      KFC (Preston) are looking for new casual staff. See
operation with educational consultants including          poster in coordinators’ office.
Renee Hoareau, an ICT educational consultant, and Dr
Bernard Holkner, Senior Lecturer in ICT and
Education at Monash University.                           VCE Students:
We look forward to providing our parents, students        Sharp Airlines and Flight Camp are two companies
and school community with updates on the progress of      offering pilot training and flying experience. See
our work.                                                 brochures in VCE Centre
Judy Stafford, Manager, Leading Schools Project.          TIS Day: All Year 12 students will be attending this
                                                          course and careers expo and VTAC information
SCIENCE NEWS                                              session on Friday 26th May (afternoon) (to be held at
PHYSICS         EXCURSION           AT      LATROBE       La Trobe)
UNIVERSITY                                                Open Days: All year 12s will receive a list of
On Friday the 13th of April, the year 12 Physics class    institutional open days and it will be published in the
attended an electronics/transistor workshop. The main     next newsletter.
focus was a series of activities relating to some basic   UMAT tests: information on this test for prospective
characteristics of a single stage NPN transistor          Health Sciences students is available from Mr Barlow
amplifier. Some of the activities included: biasing an    or Ms Farmakis.
amplifier, measuring current / voltage gain, and          JMC Academy is offering fee-based diploma courses
observing the de-coupling properties of a capacitor.      in some popular fields such as digital animation,
The students had a fantastic time and really enjoyed      digital TV and audio. See VCE noticeboard.
the university environment. Many thanks to Julie.         Journalism Seminar run by “The Age” is on Thursday
M. Foster, Science Coordinator                            18th May at 4:30pm. Book ($10) by Friday 5th May –
                                                          see Mr Barlow
                                                          RMIT are holding an Environmental Careers Expo on
                                                          May 9th and Engineering Workshops in the June
                                                          holidays– see noticeboard.
                                                          Careers in Law Expo 23rd or 25th May. – see
                                                          Mid-Year Exam Revision – sessions available at La
                                                          Trobe. Brochures in VCE Centre
                                                          Stephen Barlow, Careers/Vet Coordinator

                                                          MEDITERRANEAN TOUR-EASTER 2007
                                                          A big thank you to all those families and students who
                                                          have helped sell the Rotary Raffle tickets. All raffle
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SCIENTIST                          ticket booklets and money are now due. Please hand in
On the 27th April, Abdul Yussuf 10C and Michael           either to Ms. Anagnostopoulos or to Ms. D’Amore.
Griffin 10B went along to a program at Federation         We have had many requests for our chocolate drive
Square called “A Day in the Life of a Scientist”.         fundraiser and it is really wonderful to see the great
The program was very exciting with talks from various     enthusiasm. However, as there are other chocolate
scientists. After lunch, the students worked in smaller   drives happening this term, we will begin ours in term
groups. Our students were in the group that discussed     3. Watch this space!
how cotton was grown and how chemicals were used

THS NEWS 4th May 2006                                                                                          4
A meeting of all parents and interested staff and          Adventure Park and Melbourne Aquatic Centre.
students will be called as soon as the quote comes in      Notices have been sent home. Please make sure that all
from the Travel Agent-a flier with the details will be     notes are returned as soon as possible.
sent home with each student.
                                                           PARENTS & FRIENDS ASSOCIATION
STUDENT WELLBEING                                          All parents and friends are welcome at the term 2
YEAR 8 NUTRITION DAY                                       meeting of the Parents & Friends Association on
This will take place on May 26th and involve all year 8    Tuesday 9th May from 7pm to 8.30pm at the school.
students. This is a fun, interactive nutrition program     We will have a presentation on the Leading Schools
based on the Australian Guidelines to Healthy Eating       program so this is your chance to find out what THS is
and run by qualified nutritionists. Some of the topics     leading in and what this means for your
to be covered are-Food Fads and Phobias, Brain Food,       child/children's education.
Maximise performance-improve your health.                  The meeting is also your opportunity to ask for
‘KEYS PLEASE’ PARENT-STUDENT EVENING                       information about any other aspect of the school, to
This is a session run by VIC Roads and it is aimed at      give your ideas and opinions and to discuss with other
all     student    Learner     Drivers     and     their   parents issues in raising teenagers.
parents/supervisors. It is FREE of charge and is an        Looking forward to seeing you there.
activity based session with lots of prizes. It promises    Barbara Romeril, President
to be a fun night for all participants. It is scheduled    barbara@romeril.org
for early June. More information will be sent home         ph: 0407 948634
soon.                                                                         English Tutor
E. D’Amore SWC                                             Northcote, Thornbury Area. All secondary levels,
                                                           including VCE. 20 Years teaching and coordinating
MUSIC NEWS                                                 English programs in State Secondary Schools.
Primary School Tours                                       Experienced teacher of essay writing and study skills.
The Senior Concert Band performed successfully at                     Call Ailsa Roper on 9481 2386
three schools on Wednesday 26th April, including
Penders Grove, Westgarth and Bell PS. The Year 8           SENIOR SCHOOL NEWS
Band will be visiting Fairfield, Preston North East and    FUTURE LEADERS AWARD FOR MATT
Wales St on Tuesday 2 May.                                 COMMERFORD
The Year 7 Concert Band will be running an ‘open           Matt Commerford has been awarded the Merlyn Myer
rehearsal’ at the Year 6 Information Night on              Leadership Award for Indigenous Future Leaders. The
Thursday 11th May. All welcome.                            award is in the form of a scholarship. It is in
The band will also perform at a full school assembly       recognition of Matt’s contributions to both the school
on Monday 15th May.                                        and the wider community. Matt will be presented with
                                                           his award by Ms Samantha Bailleu at Melbourne
MUSIC SOIREE 24th MAY                                      University on May 30th at 5.00pm. Congratulations
This will take place at 7.30pm in the Kaye Coghlan         Matt!
and is designed to allow students the opportunity to
perform solos, duets or small ensemble items in a          SENIOR SCHOOL FORMAL
relaxed, supportive environment. Any parents or other      VENUE: ‘Nine Darling Street’ in South Yarra
members of the school community who wish to                DATE: Friday 14th July, 2006
perform are also welcome.                                  TIME: 7.30pm to 11.30pm           COST: $66
                                                           A reminder to all year 11 and 12 students that a
PREMIER’S AWARDS                                           deposit of $20 needed to be paid to the General Office
Nadia Croatto (trumpet) and Shaun West (sax) have          by 20th April. Final payment is due by 15th June.
been playing with the Joining The Chorus (JTC) Stage       The Formal Committee and Ms Farmakis have been
Band for the past three years and last week performed      busy organising and planning for what promises to be
for the Premier’s Awards in front of Steve Bracks and      an enjoyable and memorable evening. More
other public figures. Well done guys!                      information about the Formal will be made available
YEAR 7 ACTIVITY PROGRAM                                    to students in Form Meetings over the coming weeks.
Year 7 students are having their Music Activity
Program from Wednesday 10 May to Friday 12 May.            TERTIARY TALK
This exciting event will include a workshop with           All Year 12 VCE students are required to attend The
Doncaster SC and a fun day on Friday at St. Kilda          Tertiary Institution Talk at LaTrobe University on

THS NEWS 4th May 2006                                                                                          5
 Friday 26th May. This day is being organised by Mr                      students will be attending a session with a
 Barlow and Ms Farmakis.           Further information                   motivational speaker – Arthur Bolkas. His address to
 concerning this day will be sent home with your child                   senior students in 2004 was both motivational and
 in the next week.                                                       inspiring. We are fortunate to have acquired Arthur’s
 MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER On Tuesday 9th                                     services again this year and look forward to his
 May, in the Kaye Coghlan Centre, all Year 11 and 12                     address.
                                                                         VCE TEAM

     The following businesses are proud sponsors of year 7 [2006] scholarship recipients:
                                                  Browns Motors
                                           First in Quality Est. 1952
ALL POINTS GLASS                              First Victorian Collision Repair Specialists            GASGROUP
                                                               AS 9002
         EMERGENCY                                   Three-year Written Warranty                   Heating AirConditioning Boilers
BREAKAGE REPLACEMENT SERVICE                       626 High Street THORNBURY                             Electrical Plumbing
                                                Phone: 9484 5091     Fax: 9480 3677
         166 Settlement Road                    24 HOUR TOWING 9484 1234                            Customer Service: 1300 558 200
          THOMASTOWN                    Approved repairer for all major insurance companies           Administration: 9305 2055
              9464 1155                          including GIO, RACV and VACC

                                                                                                The Environment Shop
                                                                                                       making your home eco friendly
                                                                                              Solar water heating, energy efficiency, rain water
                                                                                              & grey water systems, composting & worm farms,
                                                                                                  nappy alternatives, green cleaning, body product

   Repairs To All Makes & Models                                                              battery mowers & trimmers, solar power systems.
  Excellent prices & Friendly Service                                                          Drop in for a browse and get some free
  Cnr Darebin Road & Station Street                        9484 0477                                221 High Street, Northcote
  Fairfield 3078    Ph: 9482 4022                                                                        Phone: 9489 4855

 THS NEWS 4th May 2006                                                                                                                    6
THS NEWS 4th May 2006   7

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