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					University of the Pacific
                           general catalog 2004 • 2005

          Academic Divisions of the University
          College of the Pacific (Arts & Sciences)
          Conservatory of Music
          Eberhardt School of Business
          Gladys L. Benerd School of Education
          School of Engineering and Computer Science
          School of International Studies
          Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
          The Graduate School
          School of Dentistry, San Francisco
          McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento
          Center for Professional and Continuing Education
2                                                      UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                                                  university of the pacific
                                            general catalog 2004 - 2005
                                                                                   3601 Pacific Avenue
                                                                                   Stockton, California 95221


    3     A History of Innovation
    4     University of the Pacific                                                Accreditation
    36    General Education Program                                                The University of the Pacific is accredited by the Accrediting
                                                                                   Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the
    41    College of the Pacific                                                   Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), located
                                                                                   at 985 Atlantic Ave., Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94501; 510-748-
    124   Conservatory of Music                                                    9001.
    139   Eberhardt School of Business
                                                                                   Stockton Campus
    149   Gladys L. Benerd School of Education                                     Procedures, rules, regulations, services, tuition, etc., vary on
                                                                                   the three campuses of University of the Pacific. This catalog
    173   School of Engineering and Computer Science                               states those for the schools and colleges of the University
                                                                                   located on the Stockton campus. The University reserves the
    191   School of International Studies                                          right to change fees, modify its services or change its pro-
    197   Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences                    grams at any time and without prior notice being given.
                                                                                   General information pertaining to the School of Dentistry in
    223   The Graduate School                                                      San Francisco and McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento
                                                                                   is included here. Specific provisions for these two schools are
    226   School of Dentistry                                                      stated in their catalogs.
    233   McGeorge School of Law                                                   Statement of Non-discrimination
    236   Center for Professional and Continuing Education                         The University does not discriminate on the basis of race,
                                                                                   gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, color,
    238   University Administration                                                religion, religious creed, age, marital status, cancer-related
                                                                                   or genetic-related medical conditions, disability, citizenship
    243   Campus Map                                                               status, military service status, and any other status protected
                                                                                   by law.
    245   Academic Calendar 2004-2005
                                                                                   In accordance with the above University policy and in com-
    246   Index                                                                    pliance with all applicable laws, all educational services will
                                                                                   be provided and all employment decisions (including
                                                                                   recruitment, training, compensation, benefits, employee
                                                                                   relations, promotions, terminations) will be made without
                                                                                   regard to the individual’s status protected by law. To the
                                                                                   extent provided by law, the University will reasonably accom-
                                                                                   modate qualified individuals with disabilities which meet
                                                                                   the legal standards for documentation, whenever the indi-
                                                                                   vidual is otherwise qualified to safely perform all essential
                                                                                   functions of the position.
                                                                                   This notice is given pursuant to the requirements of Title IX
                                                                                   of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Title VII of the
                                                                                   Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation
                                                                                   Act of 1973 and amendments and other laws, orders and
                                                                                   regulations governing discrimination. The University of the
                                                                                   Pacific has designated the Director of Human Resources to
                                                                                   coordinate the University’s efforts to comply with laws, orders
                                                                                   and regulations governing discrimination. Any person hav-
                                                                                   ing a complaint should contact in writing: The Director of
                                                                                   Human Resources, University of the Pacific, 3601 Pacific
                                                                                   Avenue, Stockton, CA 95211.
                                                                                   Because the catalog is compiled well in advance of the
                                                                                   academic year it covers, changes in programs, policies,
                                                                                   and the academic calendar may well occur.
                                                                                   Updates are made on the electronic version of this publi-
                                                                                   cation and can be found at www.mypacific.uop.edu
                                                                                   All catalog information is subject to change without
                                                                                   notice or obligation.
                                                          C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                            3

                                                                   a history of innovation
    The University of the Pacific’s mission is to provide a superior, student-centered learning
   experience integrating liberal arts and professional education and preparing individuals for
       lasting achievement and responsible leadership in their careers and communities.

University of the Pacific was established by pio-     A new concept in higher education in the United       with professional degrees in pharmacy, law,
neer Methodist ministers in 1851 as the first         States found expression in the establishment of       dentistry and business in one to three fewer years.
chartered institution of higher learning in           cluster colleges in the 1960’s that adapted the       In 1999 alumni Dave and Iola Brubeck
California. Since its founding Pacific has earned     Oxford and Cambridge model to an American

                                                                                                                                                                  university of the pacific
                                                                                                            announced that their papers, recordings and
widespread recognition for its student-centered       setting. The colleges integrated faculty and          memorabilia, a treasure of historic American
approach to education, its many firsts and inno-      students into living and learning communities.        music and memorabilia, would be deposited at
vations, and the accomplishments of more than         The first, Raymond College, was established in        Pacific for study and research. In response to
50,000 living alumni.                                 1962. A second followed in 1963 with the              this gift and in honor of a legend in jazz and
As an innovator and leader in higher education,       opening of Elbert Covell College, the first           American music, President DeRosa announced
Pacific provided the West Coast with its first        bilingual-bicultural college in the country. A        formation of The Brubeck Institute for the study,
medical school in 1858 (it later became part of       third, Callison College, was established in 1967      promotion and performance of American music.
Stanford and today is California Pacific Medical      and focused on non-western studies with a year
                                                      of study in an Asian culture. The cluster colleges    Adding emphasis to the Sesquicentennial
Center), its first coeducational campus in 1871,                                                            Celebration in 2001, Pacific completed or
its first conservatory of music in 1878 and the       were ended in 1982. However, their emphasis on
                                                      a global education continued in a new School of       undertook more that $40,000,000 in new
nation’s first “cluster colleges” in the 1960’s.                                                            facilities, including a 250-person residence hall,
Pacific was also the nation’s first to offer an       International Studies, the first university-based
                                                      undergraduate school of international studies in      the first in more that two decades, an Art and
undergraduate teacher corps program, the first                                                              Geosciences Center, a science building and a
to send an entire class to an overseas campus         California. The learning community concept of
                                                      the cluster colleges was strengthened in College      $21-million health sciences learning center and
and the first to establish a Spanish-speaking                                                               clinic. Since then, the University has added a
inter-American college. By moving from San            of the Pacific, the liberal arts core of the
                                                      University recognized for preparing responsible       second new residence hall, greatly expanded the
Jose to Stockton in 1924, Pacific became the first                                                          fitness center, completed a new Humanities
and only private university in the Central Valley.    citizen leaders who will contribute in lasting
                                                      ways to careers and communities.                      Center and an addition and renovation of the
Shortly after occupying the new campus, Pacific                                                             library.
established one of California’s earliest schools of   Continuing expansion of graduate professional
education. It was renamed the Gladys L. Benerd        education, McGeorge College of Law, an                Pacific’s progress and leadership in higher
School of Education in 1992 in honor of the           independent law school founded in Sacramento          education have earned national recognition.
alumna’s endowed gift.                                in 1924, merged with the University in 1966 as        The University is ranked in the top four “best
                                                      the McGeorge School of Law. In the fall of 1977,      values” of doctoral level universities on the West
As a mark of stability in administration, only                                                              Coast, is included in many top ten or top five
five presidents have headed the University since      the department of business administration in
                                                      College of the Pacific was reorganized as the         lists for attention to students, financial aid,
locating in Stockton. Dr. Donald V. DeRosa                                                                  career placement and student counseling, and
began his service in 1995 as the fifth president      School of Business and Public Administration.
                                                      In 1995 it was renamed Eberhardt School of            for the Stockton campus, which was ranked as
since 1924 and the 23rd since 1851.                                                                         sixth most beautiful campus in the nation.
                                                      Business in honor of the Eberhardt family’s
The University experienced its greatest growth        endowed gifts. In 1985 programs designed              The vision statement of the University states,
and an expansion into graduate professional           specifically for adult “re-entry” students were       “University of the Pacific will be among the best
education under the administration of Dr.             reorganized and revitalized through University        national universities, known for linking liberal
Robert Burns (1947-1971). In 1955 the School          College, with further reforms and expansion a         arts and professional education at both
of Pharmacy was opened (now the Thomas J.             decade later in a Center for Professional and         undergraduate and graduate levels through
Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences           Continuing Education.                                 distinctive, innovative curricular and co-
in honor of the benefactor and regent who with                                                              curricular programs of exceptional quality and
his brother Joseph Long founded Longs                 As the University’s Sesquicentennial Year of 2001
                                                      approached, a new era of expansion and                high value. Pacific will become a national
Drugstores) and in 1956 the graduate school.                                                                leader in the creative use of experiential
The School of Engineering was established in          innovation began. In 1995 Pacific offered the
                                                      first four-year guarantee whereby students were       learning and leadership development.”
1957 and five years later the College of
Physicians and Surgeons, a school of dentistry        assured completion of the bachelor of arts
founded in San Francisco in 1896, merged with         degree in four years. Accelerated programs were
the University and became the San Francisco           initiated by President DeRosa to enable students to
campus.                                               complete undergraduate studies in combination
 4                                                                  UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                                                                         university of the pacific

                            Contents                           Introduction
                            Academic Units of the University   The University of the Pacific is committed to educating students by offering baccalaureate and post-
                                                               baccalaureate degrees in the liberal arts and sciences and in professional education. Through studies
                            General Education                  devoted to comprehensive learning, specialized study, scholarly and creative activity and lifelong
                            Admissions Requirements            educational development, the University strives to provide a total educational environment for
                                                               students – one that encourages maximum academic, personal and social development in an
                            Tuition and Fees
                                                               intellectual community of students, faculty and staff.
                            Financial Aid
                                                               An undergraduate’s formal education at Pacific consists of three parts:
                            Scholarships and Grants
                                                               1) the major program or area of specialization,
university of the pacific

                            Student Loans
                                                               2) the Liberal Learning Program and other facets of a structured general education, and
                            Academic Regulations
                                                               3) elective courses through which a student may pursue a variety of individual interests.
                            Student Life
                                                               The departmental majors and professional degree programs are designed to give students either
                            Activities and Organizations       extended experience in an academic discipline or preparation for specific careers. The Liberal
                                                               Learning Program is designed to provide undergraduate students with a breadth of knowledge and
                                                               understanding regardless of their areas of specialization and defines a common core of the education
                                                               of all Pacific graduates. The University assumes that its graduates will move into a changing world
                                                               that will require of them the capacity to add to and to adapt their existing knowledge and
                                                               professional skills; the general education program will be a major factor in providing Pacific’s
                                                               students with the basis for lifelong learning. The diversity of educational programs and the
                                                               organizational structure of the University allow students a broad choice in the selection of elective
                                                               courses beyond those required for their major programs and for general education. Students are
                                                               encouraged to participate in service learning and in work-based learning such as internships.
                                                               The University’s main campus in Stockton combines many of the advantages of a larger university
                                                               with those of a small liberal arts college. A variety of programs in the arts and sciences plus a number
                                                               of professional schools provide students with a wide range of choices in selecting their majors and in
                                                               pursuing other educational interests. Active graduate programs in a number of areas contribute an
                                                               additional dimension of academic richness for the undergraduate student. Although about two-thirds
                                                               of Pacific’s students are from California, the Stockton campus student body of approximately 4,400 is
                                                               large enough to include a cosmopolitan mixture of students from throughout the United States and
                                                               from many foreign countries. At the same time, the relatively small size of the student body and the
                                                               fact that nearly 70% of the students live on, or within a block or so of the campus, creates the
                                                               atmosphere of a small residential campus in which most students quickly begin to feel at home.
                                                               Relatively small classes, a faculty deeply committed to undergraduate teaching, and a wide variety of
                                                               extracurricular organizations and activities further aid students in attaining the feeling that they are
                                                               an integral part of the University community both academically and socially.
                                                       C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                             5

Academic Divisions of the                          School of Engineering and Computer                  McGeorge School of Law, located in Sacramento,
                                                   Science                                             and the School of Dentistry in San Francisco.
                                                   The School of Engineering and Computer              Some 1,100 students are enrolled at McGeorge
The University’s schools and colleges give an      Science, with some 500 students, offers nine        in both day and evening programs while the
indication of the richness and diversity of        baccalaureate programs: Bioengineering, civil,      dental school has an enrollment of about 470
educational programs available to students at      computer, electrical, and mechanical                students.
Pacific. The details on each of these school’s     engineering; engineering physics, engineering
programs and curriculum can be found later in      management; computer science and computer           General Education
this catalog.                                      information systems. All degree programs
                                                                                                       The general education program is designed to
College of the Pacific (Liberal Arts and           combine academic and practical training with
                                                                                                       provide all students with a common educational
Sciences)                                          the engineering curricula requiring a full year
                                                                                                       experience and to foster a sense of the
At the center of the broad range of educational    of paid engineering related work experience..
                                                                                                       interdependence of human knowledge, action
opportunities open to students on the Stockton     School of International Studies                     and values. The program has two main
campus is the College of the Pacific, the core     The School of International Studies, the newest     components: Breadth Requirements and
division of arts and sciences. Some 1,400          school on campus, has 140 students enrolled. All    Foundation Skills. Refer to the General
students are pursuing at least one of the more     students in the School must spend at least one      Education section for additional information.

                                                                                                                                                               university of the pacific
than 50 major programs offered by the College,     semester abroad and learn a foreign language.
and most students in the professional schools                                                          Breadth Requirement
                                                   They may pursue one of five majors:
also take varying amounts of work within the                                                           Freshmen are required to take Mentor Seminars
                                                   international and regional studies, international
college of arts and sciences. College of the                                                           I, II and III. Students should check with their
                                                   relations, global economic relations,
Pacific offers majors in most of the traditional                                                       school or college dean’s office for specific
                                                   international environmental policy, or a self-
areas of the physical and life sciences, the                                                           general education requirements. In addition,
                                                   designed major.
humanities and the social and behavioral                                                               students are to undertake a “PATH” of six or
sciences, as well as a number of                   Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and               nine courses in length. Students with the
interdisciplinary programs which cut cross         Health Sciences                                     assistance of their adviser select courses within
traditional fields of knowledge.                   The School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences          three categories, each of which has subdivisions.
                                                   offers the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Some          The Individual and Society
Conservatory of Music
                                                   1,025 students are enrolled in the School,
Students in the Conservatory of Music may                                                              Individual and Interpersonal Behavior
                                                   including about 350 undergraduates pursuing
choose among majors in composition,                pre-pharmacy studies in preparation for             Society and Culture in the United States
performance, music education, music history,       beginning the professional program. The             Society and Cultures Outside the United States
music therapy and music management. In             Department of Speech-Language Pathology is
addition to these programs currently pursued by    housed in the School as well as the graduate        Human Heritage
200 students, the Conservatory provides the        program in Physical Therapy.                        Literature, Letters and Language
opportunity for students throughout the
                                                   Graduate School                                     Fundamental Human Concerns
University to develop or refine musical skills
through courses in applied music.                  The University’s post-baccalaureate division, the   Practice and Perspective in the Visual and
                                                   Graduate School, offers study in teacher            Performing Arts
Eberhardt School of Business
                                                   credential programs, master’s degrees in 14
Students in the Eberhardt School of Business are                                                       Natural World and Formal Systems of
                                                   disciplines, and doctorates in education and
educated for management positions in business,                                                         Thought
                                                   pharmaceutical sciences. Students who hold a
government and not-for-profit organizations.       baccalaureate degree from an accredited college     Life and Physical Laboratory Sciences
Approximately 600 students are enrolled in the     or university with a qualifying grade point         Formal Systems of Thought
School’s undergraduate and MBA programs in         average and appropriate graduate-level entrance
business administration.                                                                               Science, Technology and Society
                                                   examination results, may pursue Graduate
                                                   School programs. These include California           By taking classes in all of these areas the student
Gladys L. Benerd School of Education
                                                   teaching credentials, the degrees of Education      will acquire capacities and habits of thought
The Gladys L. Benerd School of Education                                                               which are necessary in any endeavor. These
prepares students for careers in teaching,         Specialist, Master of Arts or Science, Master of
                                                   Business Administration, Master of Music,           include familiarity with a broad spectrum of
counseling and administration at the                                                                   information and knowledge, qualities of
elementary and secondary school levels. Some       Master of Education, Doctor of Education, or the
                                                   Doctor of Philosophy. Dual professional-            judgment which will aid in the effective use of
400 students, two-thirds of them at the graduate                                                       knowledge, an intellectual curiosity that can be a
level, are enrolled in the School of Education     graduate degree programs exist for the
                                                   M.B.A./J.D. and Pharm.D./M.S. Pharm.D./Ph.D.        sustaining influence throughout life, and an
and a number of other students take work in the                                                        appreciation of the different approaches and
School in preparation for a teaching credential    and chemistry graduate programs are included
                                                   in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate             styles characteristic of the various academic
while pursuing a major in one of the other                                                             disciplines.
schools or colleges on campus.                     Program.
                                                                                                       All bachelor’s and first professional degree students
                                                   McGeorge School of Law and School of
                                                   Dentistry                                           on the Stockton campus must complete a
                                                                                                       minimum of two courses in each category. College
                                                   In addition to these schools and colleges on the
                                                                                                       of the Pacific students must complete three in each
                                                   Stockton campus, the University includes the
                                                                                                       category and one in each subdivision.
6                                                                   UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

            Foundation Skills                                   interested in a student body characterized by        appropriate and would assist in determining the
            The University evaluates students to identify       diverse ethnic, economic and geographic              applicant’s qualifications for admission.
            those with deficiencies in reading, written         backgrounds.
                                                                                                                     Campus Visits
            expression and quantitative skills. These           Please refer to the Office of Admission website
            students are required to take courses designed to                                                        www.pacific.edu/visitus
                                                                for the most current policies regarding all
            improve their understanding and performance         subjects in the following section of this catalog.   Prospective students are invited to visit the
            in these areas. The reading, writing and            The website address is www.pacific.edu - then        campus as guests of the University. It is
            quantitative skills requirements are part of the    select the word “Admission”.                         recommended that prospective students visit the
            University-wide general education program that                                                           campus when classes are in session, avoiding
            must be met before a student graduates with a       Undergraduate Admission                              weekends or University vacation periods. (See
            bachelor’s degree or a first professional degree.                                                        Academic Calendar) The Office of Admission will
                                                                                                                     arrange a schedule for a prospective student’s visit
            Elective Courses
                                                                Application Priority Dates                           which may include appointments with faculty
            Students in most academic programs at the                                                                members, an admission counselor appointment,
                                                                It is strongly recommended that freshman
            University find that in addition to the courses                                                          a financial aid counselor appointment
                                                                applications for the fall semester be submitted
            required for their major and for general                                                                 (depending on availability), a tour, a group
                                                                by January 15 (dental hygiene applicants,

            education they have space in their schedules for                                                         information session and/or the opportunity to
                                                                December 1), and for the spring semester by
            a number of elective courses. The diversity of                                                           spend the night in a residence hall (depending
                                                                December 1 (dental hygiene applicants,
            academic fields and specialties represented on                                                           on availability).
                                                                September 1).The priority dates for transfer
            the Stockton campus provides the student with a
                                                                applicants are December 1 for spring admission       For individuals or small groups, student-led
            wide choice in the selection of electives. The
                                                                and June 1 for fall admission. Applications may      tours are available most days, Monday through
            University’s policy is to allow students in any
                                                                be considered after these dates but space may be     Friday, morning and afternoon as well as some
            program to take courses in any other school or
                                                                limited. Because of certain special procedures in    Saturday mornings. Tours and informational
            college on campus, Some students use this
                                                                the handling of applications for international       sessions for larger groups are also available, but
            freedom primarily to explore unfamiliar
                                                                students, these applications should be completed     must be planned at least two weeks in advance
            academic areas, some to pursue a variety of
                                                                earlier than U.S. applications. Candidates for the   with the Office of Admission. During the
            secondary intellectual interests, and some to
                                                                Doctor of Pharmacy program should refer to the       academic year the Office of Admission is open
            develop another area of emphasis as an
                                                                Pharm.D. website: www.pacific.edu/pharmd for         most days Monday through Friday from 8:30
            academic minor or even a formal second major.
                                                                deadline information.                                a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on selected Saturdays
            Accelerated Programs                                Applications are reviewed once they are              from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Summer hours may
            The University offers joint-degree programs         complete. Most students will be mailed               differ. Saturday visits and tours are by
            between liberal studies and professional            notification in mid-March. The University of the     appointment only. Please call the Office of
            programs which result in accelerated learning.      Pacific adheres to the May 1 national candidates     Admission to schedule a visit to campus.
            Requirements include varying degrees of             reply date. It is on or before this date that the
            demands on the student to take certain courses                                                           Appointments, Information and Forms
                                                                University expects a reply to its offer of
            and maintain grade point averages. This                                                                  For information on an area of specific interest,
                                                                admission for the fall semester.
            educational linking is offered through the                                                               for application forms, or for an admissions
            Eberhardt School of Business with the Five-Year     Early Action Admission Option                        appointment, use any of the following
            Bachelor’s/M.B.A., the School of Engineering        The University of the Pacific offers a non-          information to reach the Office of Admission:
            offers an Accelerated Engineering Program           binding Early Action plan for high school             Office of Admission,
            (AEP) in four years and offers an Engineering       students with exceptionally strong high school
            Management/MBA program, the School of                                                                     University of the Pacific
                                                                records, test scores and recommendations.             3601 Pacific Avenue
            Pharmacy and Health Sciences offers a Pre-
                                                                Applicants wishing to be considered for Early
            Pharmacy Advantage Program, the School of                                                                 Stockton, CA 95211
                                                                Action must have a completed application on
            Dentistry offers a Pre-Dental/D.D.S. accelerated                                                          Telephone: (209) 946-2211
            program, and the McGeorge School of Law offers      file with the Office of Admission postmarked by
                                                                December 1. Early Action applicants will be           Fax: (209) 946-2413
            a 3+3 Bachelor’s/J.D. or a Four-Year J.D./M.B.A.
                                                                notified in mid-January. Those admitted under         Website: www.pacific.edu/admission
            Details on these programs can be found in each
            school’s section later in this publication.         this plan have the same national candidates           e-mail: admission@pacific.edu
                                                                reply date of May 1 as all other admitted
            Admission Requirements                              students.                                            Admission of Freshman
            The University of the Pacific seeks applications
            from students who have shown by past                Prospective students are encouraged to visit the     Regular Admission
            achievement that they have attained a high level    campus, but formal interviews are not usually        Freshman applicants are those who are either
            of scholarship, initiative and maturity, who        required for freshman or transfer applicants         applying while seniors in high school or those
            possess good character, and have a serious          (except Dental Hygiene, Pharm.D, and                 who have not taken any college courses since
            interest in learning. Admission is selective and    Organizational Behavior). The University does        earning their high school diploma or its
            each applicant will be considered on the basis of   reserve the right to ask prospective students to     equivalent. Verification of graduation from an
            a variety of factors which are evaluated through    appear for an interview as part of the admissions    accredited secondary school is required prior to
            a very personalized review. The University is       procedure when such an interview appears             the beginning of the first term of attendance.
                                                          C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                       7

Exceptions may be made for those who have             Special Requirements for Music and                  Recommended Courses
passed either the General Education                   Dental Hygiene Applicants                           Course               Science & All Others
Development (GED) Test or the High School             In addition to academic requirements, those                              Technical    Majors
Proficiency Exam.                                     applying for admission to the Conservatory of       English              4 years       4 years
Special emphasis is placed on the coursework          Music must present evidence of music talent and     Fine Arts/
selected, the grades achieved in those courses,       achievement by performing an audition on the        Performing Arts      1 year         1 year
and the cumulative grade point average.               principal performing medium. Those planning         Foreign Language
Supporting recommendation from a school               to major in composition must also submit an         (one)                2 units       2 years
counselor or teacher is also important. In            original composition. Auditions are held at the     Social Science       2 years       3 years
addition, the Admission Committee reviews the         Conservatory at regular intervals throughout the    Mathematics*         4 years       3 years
results of either the SAT-I, or the ACT.              academic year. Students unable to appear in         Laboratory Science** 3 years       2 years
The essay submitted with the University of the        person may substitute a recorded audition.
                                                                                                          Academic Electives***1 year         1 year
Pacific Application is carefully read, and the        Audition information and arrangements should
committee looks at co-curricular activities.          be requested from the Conservatory of Music at
Applicants are selected for admission only after a    (209) 946-2418.                                     * Suggested math sequence for science and technical
                                                                                                          majors: algebra, geometry, algebra II, trigonometry or
careful review of the entire application file.        Strong candidates applying for the dental

                                                                                                          calculus. Minimum suggested math sequence for all
A completed Application Includes:
                                                      hygiene program will be invited to campus for       other majors: algebra, geometry, algebra II.
                                                      an interview after items one through five           ** Biology, chemistry and physics are recommended for
1) Application Form and Fee:                          (above) have been received.                         all students pursuing science and technical disciplines.
  Option I: On-line application. The                  Dental Hygiene applicants have separate             *** Academic elective courses should be in advanced for-
  application must be filled out and submitted        application deadlines (September 1 for Spring       eign languages, mathematics, laboratory sciences or
  by the applicant. There is no fee for an                                                                other solid preparatory courses.
                                                      or December 1 for Fall). After an initial review,
  application submitted on-line.                      strong dental hygiene candidates will be invited    Since the senior year in high school is perhaps
  Option II: Paper application. The form must         for interviews that are required for admission      the most important in preparing for college, a
  be completed, dated and signed by the               into the program.                                   minimum program of four academic courses
  applicant. The non-refundable fee for a paper                                                           per semester is particularly recommended for
                                                      Recommended High School Preparation                 that year.
  application is $50, payable to University of the
                                                      Although the University of the Pacific does not
  Pacific. Please write the student’s name and                                                            Students are also encouraged to take honors and
                                                      require a fixed pattern of secondary school
  birth date on the check. Fee waiver requests                                                            advanced placement courses whenever possible.
                                                      courses, applicants are expected to complete a
  must come from a school administrator.                                                                  In reviewing applications, the Office of
                                                      solid college preparatory program. Generally
2) Essay: A one- to two-page essay is required.       speaking, preparatory courses are those in the      Admission gives favorable consideration, not
   Please include your name and birth date on         fields of English, social sciences, foreign         only to the overall strength of the academic
   each page.                                         languages, laboratory sciences and                  program, but to the fact that honors and
                                                      mathematics.                                        advanced placement courses have been taken.
3) Recommendation: One academic
   recommendation on official letterhead is           It is strongly recommended that the following be    Advanced Placement, International
   required. It should be from an academic            included in the secondary school program: four      Baccalaureate and College Credits Earned
   teacher, counselor or adviser.                                                                         While In High School
                                                      years of English; three years of mathematics
4) Transcripts: An official, sealed copy of           including algebra I, II and geometry; at least      College credit (four units per examination) may
   transcripts for all high school and/or college     two years of laboratory science in at least two     be granted to students who achieve scores of
   coursework including courses offered by            disciplines (biology, chemistry, Earth science or   three, four or five on Advanced Placement
   extension or correspondence, is required.                                                              examinations and/or scores of four through
                                                      physics); at least two years of the same foreign
   Failure to acknowledge and submit all                                                                  seven on International Baccalaureate exams
                                                      language; three years of social science; one year
   records is grounds to deny or revoke                                                                   taken at the higher level. In some cases, general
                                                      of fine or performing arts; and additional          education credit will be granted for Advanced
   admission, or for dismissal from the               academic courses – all aimed at improving
   University or revocation of degrees earned.                                                            Placement examination scores of four or five or
                                                      analytical abilities, promoting artistic            International Baccalaureate exam (higher
   Applicants must also submit transcripts for        development and strengthening written and oral
   any college work taken while still in high                                                             level) scores of five through seven– up to a total
                                                      skills.                                             of eight units. In addition, students who have
   school. Transfers with more than 30
   transferable semester units do not need to         Students interested in economics or business        taken college courses prior to high school
   have high school transcripts sent, unless          administration should take advanced                 graduation will receive credit toward University
   requested. Final official transcripts must be      mathematics in high school. Students interested     of the Pacific graduation, as long as the credit is
   submitted prior to the first day of classes, and   in mathematics, science, engineering or             transferable, is earned at an accredited college
   must show satisfactory work or the University      pharmacy should include biology, chemistry          and is awarded college credit on a transcript
   has the right to revoke the offer of admission.    and physics as well as advanced mathematics in      generated by that college. The purpose is to
                                                                                                          recognize advanced work of quality already
5) Test Scores: All freshman applicants (and          their secondary school program. (See chart for
                                                                                                          accomplished by certain students, to preclude
   transfers with fewer than 30 transferable          recommended course of study.)
                                                                                                          duplication of courses, and to provide increased
   units) are required to submit scores from                                                              opportunity for exceptional students to take
   either the ACT or the SAT-I: Reasoning Test.                                                           elective work in their undergraduate programs.
   We use the highest individual scores achieved                                                          (See also the CLEP information below.)
   in considering your application.
8                                                                    UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

            College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)             who would have qualified as freshmen, there is        (TOEFL). The minimum score accepted for
            College credit may be granted, within certain        no minimum number of units required for               undergraduate admission is 475 (paper-based)
            limitations, for the General and Subject             transfer.                                             or 150 (computer-based). The minimum TOEFL
            Examinations offered through the College-Level       Option 2 – (Not eligible for admission from           score for professional Pharm.D. admission
            Examination Program (CLEP) of the College            high school): If a student would not have             consideration is 550 (paper-based) or 213
            Board when satisfactory scores have been             qualified for admission to Pacific as a high          (computer-based). SAT-I: Reasoning Test results
            earned. This program may be utilized by              school senior, he or she may apply for transfer to    are not routinely required of international
            entering freshmen who take the tests prior to        Pacific after completing at least one year of full-   students applying from outside the U.S. unless
            matriculation for the purpose of earning             time study (30 or more transferable semester          they have graduated from an American-style
            advanced standing credit, by regularly enrolled      units) at another two- or four-year accredited        high school, or if they are interested in
            students for accelerating their programs or          college or university. The minimum grade point        consideration for the Accelerated Pre-Dental or
            demonstrating competency in certain subjects,        average for consideration is 2.50.                    Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Programs.
            or by candidates for transfer who desire                                                                   In order to comply with regulations of the United
            advanced credit or present the tests in support of   Generally, transfer students will not be
                                                                 considered for admission if they are not in good      States Immigration and Naturalization Service,
            applications for admission. Further details can                                                            the University of the Pacific requires international
            be obtained from the Office of Admission.            standing at the last college attended, are on
                                                                                                                       applicants who are not citizens or permanent

                                                                 academic or disciplinary probation, or have
            Maximum Units by Examination                         been suspended or disqualified. Special               residents of the United States to submit a detailed
            A maximum of 20 semester units will be               consideration may be given in unusual                 Certification of Finances showing sufficient
            accepted from any or all of the following:           circumstances.                                        financial resources for study at the University.
            courses taken in regionally accredited                                                                     Other special information and instructions
                                                                 A Completed Application                               regarding the admission of international students
            correspondence schools, extension courses, or
            credit by examination. This limit does not apply     Please refer to the information under this            will be provided upon request.
            to credit earned through Advanced Placement          heading in the Freshman Admission section
                                                                                                                       Special Requirements for Non-Native
            (A.P.) Examinations or the International             above.                                                Speakers of English
            Baccalaureate (I.B.) Program.                        Transferable Courses and Unit Limitations             Applicants who are not native speakers of
            Honors at Entrance                                   In interpreting transfer credit, the University of    English will be expected to provide evidence of
                                                                 the Pacific generally accepts those courses which     proficiency in the English language. Such
            This special form of recognition is given to
                                                                 are of the same quality and equivalency as            proficiency may be demonstrated through the
            members of the freshman class who have
                                                                 courses offered on this campus. Courses taught        academic record itself, or by means of the Test
            maintained an outstanding academic record in
                                                                 at a community college are not acceptable to          of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The
            secondary school. Special application is not
                                                                 replace upper division courses at Pacific. The        University reserves the right to administer its
            necessary, since all who file for admission by
                                                                 maximum number of units that will be accepted         own English language test to new students and
            January 15 will be considered.
                                                                 from a community college is 70 and no                 to adjust a student’s academic program on the
            Early Admission Plan                                 community college credit will be accepted after       basis of test results.
            The University may occasionally admit a              a student has completed 70 units from all             Admission of Veterans
            student during their junior year in high school      institutions attended. (See Limitations on Credit
                                                                                                                       The University of the Pacific encourages
            if they have exceptionally strong academic           under Academic Regulations).
                                                                                                                       veterans to apply for admission and is approved
            records, test scores and are recommended by
                                                                 Special Admission                                     under Federal and State laws for the training of
            their high school principal as having the
                                                                 Certain transfer applicants, such as veterans, or     veterans. Satisfactory completion of a period of
            maturity to adjust satisfactorily to the college
                                                                 adult re-entry students and others with special       military service will be taken into consideration
            environment. Admission under this plan is
                                                                 circumstances, will be given special consideration    in the evaluation for admission.
            strictly contingent on the student earning their
            diploma (highly preferred), or passing the GED       for admission when it is determined that they
            Test or High School Proficiency Exam, prior to       have the potential for satisfactory college work.     Accelerated/Combined
            the beginning of the first term of attendance.                                                             Programs
                                                                 Admission of International
                                                                                                                       Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Programs
            Admission of                                         Students
                                                                                                                       Pacific offers three options which provide for
            Undergraduate Transfers                              www.pacific.edu/international                         guaranteed admission into our Professional
            Regular Admission                                    The University of the Pacific welcomes                Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Program, if all pre-
                                                                 applications from international students and          pharmacy advantage requirements, including
            Transfer students receive consideration for
                                                                 provides complete support services for them           courses taken in sequence at Pacific and
            admission to Pacific under two options.
                                                                 through International Programs and Services.          minimum GPAs, are met and the formal
            Option 1 – (Eligible for admission from high         The University is authorized to issue appropriate     pharmacy interview (which includes a writing
            school): If a student would have qualified for       immigration documents to international                sample) is passed. The current university
            admission to Pacific as a high school senior, has    students for immigration purposes and provides        minimum GPA requirement needed as one part
            less than 30 transferable semester units, and is     immigration services to enrolled students.            of advancing from any of these Pre-Pharmacy
            in good academic standing at the college in                                                                Advantage Programs into our Professional
            which they are currently enrolled, then he/she is    International applicants whose native language        Pharmacy Program is 2.70 overall and 2.70 in
            generally eligible for admission. For students       is not English are required to provide scores         selected math/science courses.
                                                                 from the Test of English as a Foreign Language
                                                         C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                                 9

The implementation of specific admission             * Please note: There is no formal Pre-Pharmacy               this program at the time of admission. Others
criteria for the Pre-Pharmacy Advantage              Advantage available to a student who attends another         may be considered for it upon completion of one
                                                     institution for a semester or a year or two and then
Program are meant to ensure that students have       transfers as a science major into Pacific’s arts and sci-    academic year of work at Pacific, (see 3+3
the appropriate time to successfully prepare for     ences division. We have excellent undergraduate pro-         Option I, below).
advancement into the Professional Pharmacy           grams to which transfers are welcome to apply, but once
                                                     here, these students will compete with those applying from   Six-Year (3+3) Bachelor’s/D.D.S.
Program.                                             other institutions for space in the Pharm.D. Program.        Program allows for completion of all pre-dental
The following minimum criteria for                                                                                and general education requirements, and the
                                                     Accelerated Dental Programs
consideration are valid for students entering in                                                                  courses for a major in either Biological Sciences
the Fall semester 2004. University of the Pacific    Pacific offers three accelerated dental programs
                                                     to first-time freshmen which combine                         or Chemistry in three years (six regular
reserves the right to change criteria for freshmen                                                                semesters). The credit from the first year of
entering in subsequent years.                        undergraduate preparation with the only three-
                                                     year D.D.S. program in the country. Students                 dental school can then be used to earn a
Five-Year (2+3)                                      admitted to any of these programs will be                    bachelor’s degree, and the D.D.S. degree is
Pre-Pharmacy/Pharm.D. Option                         admitted to Pacific’s School of Dentistry if they            earned upon completion of the third year of
Freshmen are admitted directly into the Pre-         meet the requirements outlined in their pre-                 dental school. Option I Criteria: Students
Pharmacy Program in the School of Pharmacy           dental program acceptance letter. A guaranteed               admitted to this program will be reviewed for the
                                                                                                                  2+3 program after their second semester at

and Health Sciences. After two years, they           interview option for in-school or transfer
advance into the Pharm.D. Program if they have       students also exists. Students will complete their           Pacific. Students admitted into the 3+3
fulfilled all pre-pharmacy advantage                 pre-dental courses at Pacific’s main campus in               Program with a minimum high school GPA of
requirements. Minimum Criteria for                   Stockton and their professional courses at                   3.6 (on a 4.0 scale) and either an ACT
consideration: High school GPA of 3.6 (on a 4.0      Pacific’s School of Dentistry in San Francisco.              composite score of 31 or a combined SAT-I score
scale) and either a combined SAT-I score of                                                                       of 1350 (with a minimum verbal score of 630)
                                                     Any freshman applicant who checks the “Pre-                  will be reviewed by faculty and pre-dental
1200 (with at least a 550 in both Verbal and         Dental/D.D.S.” box on their application for
Math), or an ACT composite of 27.                                                                                 advisers by the beginning of the fall term of
                                                     undergraduate admission will automatically be                their second year for possible entry into the 2+3
Six-Year (3+3)                                       considered for all three programs. Please note               Program. Option II Criteria: The minimum GPA
Pre-Pharmacy/Pharm.D. Option                         that students admitted to the 2+3 program are                and test score requirements for admission into
Freshmen are admitted directly into the Pre-         also automatically admitted into the 3+3 and                 the 3+3 Program are a high school GPA of 3.6
Pharmacy Program in the School of Pharmacy           the 4+3 programs, and those students admitted                (on a 4.0 scale) and either an ACT composite
and Health Sciences. After three years, they         to the 3+3 program are also admitted to the                  score of 29 or a combined SAT-I score of 1270
advance into the Pharm.D. Program if they have       4+3 program. It is also important to note that               (with a minimum verbal score of 600). Only
fulfilled all pre-pharmacy advantage                 the 2+3 and 3+3 programs do not “accelerate”                 students who are coming to Pacific as first-time
requirements. Minimum Criteria for                   four years worth of undergraduate study into                 freshmen are eligible for either of these options
consideration: High school GPA of 3.4 (on a 4.0      two or three years. Students in these two                    at the time of admission.
scale) and either a combined SAT-I score of          programs are taking the same course load as
                                                     most students on campus, they are simply                     Seven-Year (4+3) Bachelor’s/D.D.S.
1100 (with at least a 500 in both Verbal and
Math), or an ACT composite of 25.                    taking only those specific courses which will                Program allows students to major in almost any
                                                     meet the requirements to advance to the School               discipline, while completing all pre-dental and
Seven-Year (4+3)                                     of Dentistry after two or three years.                       general education requirements, prior to
Bachelor’s/Pharm.D. Option                                                                                        entering the D.D.S. program. Minimum Criteria:
                                                     The following minimum criteria for
These pre-pharmacy applicants will be admitted                                                                    High school GPA of 3.5 (on 4.0 scale) and either
                                                     consideration are valid for students entering in
instead into Pacific’s arts and sciences division,                                                                an ACT composite score of 26 or a combined
                                                     the Fall semester 2004. Pacific reserves the right
College of the Pacific, and pursue a Bachelor of                                                                  SAT-I score of 1150 (with a minimum verbal
                                                     to change criteria for students entering in
Science degree with a major from either the                                                                       score of 600). Only students who are coming to
                                                     subsequent years.
Department of Biological Sciences or the                                                                          Pacific as first-time freshmen are eligible for
Department of Chemistry. If they complete their      Five-Year (2+3)                                              this program at the time of admission.
bachelor’s degree in four years (but no more         Pre-Dental/Doctor of Dental Surgery
                                                                                                                  Guaranteed D.D.S. Interview Option for
than five years) they will be eligible to advance    (D.D.S)
                                                                                                                  In-School or Transfer Students:
into the Pharm.D. Program if they have fulfilled     Program allows completion of two years (four
all of the same pre-pharmacy advantage                                                                            In addition to the above programs, any current
                                                     regular semesters) of specific pre-dental and
requirements. This option will ensure that these                                                                  full-time student (12 units minimum per
                                                     general education courses on Pacific’s Stockton
students are on track from the beginning of                                                                       semester) who completes at least 48 units at
                                                     campus. This is then followed by three years
their college careers to earn, at least, a                                                                        Pacific, including significant coursework in the
                                                     (eight semesters in 36 months) at the School of
Bachelor’s degree. Minimum criteria for                                                                           sciences which count toward a science major, will
                                                     Dentistry in San Francisco. Upon successful
consideration: High School GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0                                                                   be guaranteed an interview at the University of
                                                     completion of the five-year program, the student
scale) and either a combined SAT score of 1000                                                                    the Pacific School of Dentistry, if they meet the
                                                     will earn a D.D.S. degree. Minimum Criteria:
(with at least a 480 in both verbal and Math), or                                                                 standards (including college GPA and DAT
                                                     High school GPA of 3.7 (on 4.0 scale) and either
an ACT composite of 22.                                                                                           scores) required of someone in the 4+3 program.
                                                     an ACT composite score of 31 or a combined
                                                     SAT-I score of 1350 (with a minimum verbal                   Please note: The Office of admission does not admit stu-
                                                                                                                  dents to this program. Any student interested in this
                                                     score of 630). Only students who are coming to               option should begin working directly with a pre-dental
                                                     Pacific as first-time freshmen are eligible for              faculty adviser as soon as they enroll or as soon as they
                                                                                                                  know they are interested in pursuing this option.
10                                                                 UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

          Five-Year Bachelor’s/MBA                             selection, recommendations, involvement in            student will meet with an adviser to determine a
          Students who successfully complete the               clubs, organizations and community service,           program of study that meets his/her needs and
          appropriate prerequisite and core business           work experience, and a mandatory interview.           that takes advantage of the college-level work
          courses may earn a Master of Business                All students applying to the Doctor of Pharmacy       already completed.
          Administration (MBA) degree in just one              program must apply through the Pharmacy               Orientation for Family Members
          additional year. Business students automatically     College Application Service (PharmCAS):
          take the appropriate courses, but students                                                                 Simultaneous with, but completely separate
                                                               www.pharmcas.org. Pacific’s application               from the student orientation, are sessions for
          majoring in many other subjects may also meet        deadlines for this program can be found at
          these requirements with careful planning.                                                                  family members of incoming freshmen. This
                                                               www.pacific.edu/pharmd. It is critical that           orientation is designed to acquaint participants
          Six-Year (3+3)                                       candidates submit all required information in a       with academic offerings, student services and
          Bachelor’s/Juris Doctorate (J.D.)                    timely manner. Applications are not reviewed          cultural facilities available to students.
          This program permits qualified undergraduates        until they are complete. Students completing
                                                               their files after published deadlines will be         Student Advising Program
          to enroll at University of the Pacific’s McGeorge
          School of Law in Sacramento during the fourth        considered on a space available basis only. A         Students entering college are faced with many
          year and complete a bachelor’s degree at the end     completed application includes: PharmCAS              adjustments. They will need someone interested
                                                               application and fee, supplemental application         in them as individuals to turn to as they begin

          of the first year of law school. Applicants should
          indicate their interest in this program by           form and fee, two recommendations (on our             their academic experience. The Student Advising
          checking the “3+3 Bachelor’s/Juris Doctorate”        forms), Educational Background Chart, resume,         Program provides each student with two
          box on the application form. Students must           and official transcripts from all colleges and        advisers: a faculty member and a trained peer.
          maintain a 3.4 grade point average in their          universities attended. Some documents must be         In recognition of the fact that many students
          major and a 3.2 cumulative undergraduate             sent to PharmCAS and some to Pacific. Students        naturally feel comfortable talking with a peer who
          GPA. In addition, students must complete the         with international coursework may be asked for        has gone through similar situations, the student
          following requirements prior to enrollment at        supplemental information such as course               advisers provide assistance in such areas as time
          McGeorge: 43 units of general education; a total     descriptions. Students whose native language is       management, taking lecture notes and homework
          of 92 units of credit, of which 60 must be           not English may be requested to submit scores         difficulties. In addition, student advisers work with
          completed at University of the Pacific’s Stockton    from the Test of English as a Foreign Language        faculty advisers in helping students with program
          campus; completion of all major courses; a           (TOEFL). The minimum acceptable TOEFL                 planning and personal adjustment and in
          minimum LSAT score within the 50th percentile;       score for admission consideration is 550 (paper-      referring students to the full range of campus
          a recommendation from the dean of the                based) or 213 (computer-based).                       services. For more information call Student
          University of the Pacific undergraduate              Please visit www.pacific.edu/pharmd for detail on     Academic Support Services at (209) 946-2177.
          school/college from which the degree will be         application requirements. Direct any questions
          received; and completion of the McGeorge             about the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy           Retention Services
          School of Law application.                           and Health Sciences to the Coordinator for            Housed in Student Academic Support Services,
                                                               Pharmacy Admission at (209) 946-2211.                 Retention Services is a “one-stop” referral center
          Admission of Professional Pharm.D.
          Students                                                                                                   for support services to aid students in their
                                                               Student Academic Support                              academic success. Any enrolled student may use
                                                               Services                                              Retention Services to receive tutoring, study
          Students seeking admission to the Doctor of                                                                skills sessions, peer counseling, financial aid
          Pharmacy degree program who did not enter            Orientation for Freshmen
                                                                                                                     counseling, academic counseling, or personal
          Pacific as a freshman through the pre-               Orientation is designed to introduce students to
                                                                                                                     counseling. Faculty, staff and students may refer
          pharmacy advantage program must have                 the intellectual nature of the University. This
                                                                                                                     a student who needs academic support. Once a
          completed a minimum of 64 transferable units         experience aids each student in understanding
                                                                                                                     student is referred, peer Retention Student
          prior to matriculation. These units must be in       their responsibilities and the challenges of
                                                                                                                     Advisers contact the student to help him or her
          specific courses which meet the University of the    contributing to the intellectual life of the
                                                                                                                     receive the needed services. Retention Services
          Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and        University.
                                                                                                                     also produces the Program of Access to Support
          Health Sciences requirements. Therefore, no          Freshman Orientations are two day sessions that       Services (PASS), an individualized plan of access
          application to the Doctor of Pharmacy program        take place during the summer and prior to the         to University resources. Based on an assessment
          will be accepted unless the applicant has taken,     fall semester. Incoming freshmen are assigned         of the student’s academic needs, each PASS
          is taking, or plans to take, all of these pre-       to a student and faculty advising team to assist      student helps design his or her own action plan
          pharmacy courses prior to enrollment (see            them in planning and registering for a program        for the semester. PASS is required for some
          specifics in School of Pharmacy section).            of study for the first semester. During orientation   students, but is available to any enrolled student
          Students who have not taken organic chemistry        freshmen become acquainted with their new             who can benefit from a system of contact and
          or biology within the last seven years must          environment and receive important information         academic resources. For more information, call
          enroll in refresher courses before entering.         on academic disciplines, adjustment to college        Retention Services at (209) 946-2080.
          Admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree           life, academic programs and other resources.
          program is competitive. Factors considered in        Orientation for Transfer Students
          the application review include overall grades,       Transfer students attend a two-day orientation
          math/science grades, difficulty of course loads,     session just prior to the beginning of the fall
          academic performance trends, curriculum              and spring semesters. During this time, the
                                                               C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                           11

Tuition and Fees                                          Tuition – School of Pharmacy and Health                      Applied music lessons must be arranged
                                                          Sciences                                                     through the Conservatory Office. No refunds will
The University of the Pacific is an independent           Full-time (12 to 19 units)              $12,160              be given for occasional absences due to sickness
institution. On the Stockton campus each
                                                          Part-time (9 to 11 units) per unit        1,058              or other causes. Any appropriate refund of
student is charged a tuition fee which covers
                                                          Part-time (1/2 to 8 1/2 units) per unit     839              applied music fees will be considered from the
about three-fourths of the cost of services
                                                          Excess units above 19 units, per unit       839              date the student notifies the Conservatory Office
furnished by the University. The balance of these
                                                                                                                       that he/she is dropping. Such refunds will be
costs is met by income from endowment and by              Pharmacy Clerkship Rotation (full-time) 12,160
                                                                                                                       granted on the prorated basis as determined by
gifts from regents, parents, alumni and other             Pharmacy Professional Fee*                  325
                                                                                                                       the Dean of the Conservatory to students who
friends who are interested in the type of                 *Required of all undergraduate participants in the pro-      have withdrawn from such classes before the
education this institution provides.                      fessional program with 12 units or more.                     deadline as established in the current schedule
Overall Costs for the School Year                         Tuition – Graduate Students (per semester)                   of classes. Practice room fees may be considered
The annual expenses of a student at the                   16 to 18 units                        $12,160                for a refund at the discretion of the Dean of the
University of the Pacific will depend on a variety                                                                     Conservatory.
                                                          1/2 to 15 1/2 units, per unit             760
of factors. Basic expenses are as follows:                Excess units above 18 units, per unit     760                Charges for Practice Rooms and
Item                    Resident Non-Resident                                                                          Instrument Rental:

Tuition* per school                                       General Fees (per semester)
                                                                                                                       Practice room rental (required of all
year, 2004-2005                                                                                                        students taking applied music)                      $10
permitting enrollment                                     Fee for Auditors, per class                    $50
for 12 to 18 units in                                     subject to the instructor’s permission. Auditing is          Organ practice in auditorium,
each semester          $24,320                $24,320     not available in participation courses such as               one hour per week
Health Fee                 240                    240     applied music, physical education, art courses of            (for advanced students only)                           7
Room and Board           7,858                      –     an applied nature, etc. The student must                     Organ practice room rental                            15
 (including house fee)                                                                                                 Harpsichord practice room rental                      15
                                                          indicate a desire to audit the course at the time
ASUOP Activity Fee         150                     150
                                                          of registration on the registration forms.                   Bass, string, and woodwind rental, each               15
McCaffrey &
Recreation Fee              40                     40     Wellness Center Fee                       $120               *Private lessons and applied class lessons for non-music
                                                                                                                       majors are available only if faculty loads will permit
Total, per school year $32,608                $24,750     (income tax deductible as health insurance)                  and must be arranged through the Conservatory Office.
School of Pharmacy and                                    Required of all students who room or board on
Health Sciences Annual                                    campus. Also required of all others, both                    Special Fees
Tuition (Eleven-month
program, three terms)                        $36,480      graduate and undergraduate, taking 9 units or                (Partial List)
                                                          more, and optional for students taking 1/2 to                Matriculation Fee                                  $100
*School of Dentistry and McGeorge School of Law tuition
and fee schedules are available by contacting those       81/2 units.
                                                                                                                       Transcript Fee                                        4
                                                          ASUOP Activity Fee                           $75             Thesis Binding Fee, per volume                       10
To these amounts should be added certain                  Required of all students who live in University              Petition Fee                                         25
special fees such as application fee,                     residence halls and all undergraduates taking 9              Late Registration Fee
matriculation fee, and special testing fees which         units or more; optional for students with 1/2 to                1st & 2nd calendar day                   No charge
are payable only once. A complete schedule of             8 1/2 units.
                                                                                                                          3rd & 4th calendar day                          15
fees is available upon request at the Office of
admission or the Business Office.                         McCaffrey & Recreation Fee                  $20                 5th through 10th calendar day                   25
                                                          Required of all students taking 9 units or more.                11th through 15th calendar day                  50
Expenses for books and supplies, special fees,
                                                          Applied Music Fees (per semester)                               After 15th calendar day                        100
and personal expenses will usually average
approximately $1,500 per term.                            Private lessons* in piano, organ, harpsichord,               Undergraduate Confirmation Deposit
The University reserves the right to change fees,         voice, violin, viola, cello, string bass, guitar, flute,     A deposit of $200 should be sent with student’s
modify its services or change its programs at any         clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet/cornet, tuba,               confirming letter after having been notified of
time and without prior notice.                            trombone, French horn, percussion, saxophone:                acceptance by the University. The deposit will be
                                                          One 1/2-hour lesson per week                         $125    applied toward the student’s tuition and is
Tuition – Undergraduate Students (per                     Two 1/2-hour lessons per week                         250    nonrefundable after May 1.
                                                          Three 1/2-hour lessons per week                       375
                                                                                                                       Payment of Bills
All schools except Pharmacy and Health
                                                          Harp:                                                        Tuition and fees are due prior to the first day of
Full-time (12 to 18 units)               $12,160
                                                          One 1/2-hour lesson per week                          125    each semester. A worksheet reflecting the rates
                                                          Two 1/2-hour lessons per week                         250    and due dates will be provided by the Student
Part-time (9 to 11 units) per unit         1,058
                                                          Three or more lessons per week                        375    Accounts Office. Students may, if approved by
Part-time (1/2 to 8 1/2 units) per unit      839                                                                       the Student Accounts Office, pay tuition in
Excess units above 18 units, per unit        839          Applied class lessons* in piano, harpsichord, harp, voice,
                                                          guitar:                                                      monthly installments. If a student withdraws or
Engineering Co-op (full-time) tuition rate 6,080                                                                       is dismissed during the semester, all outstanding
                                                          One unit applied music class lessons                    70
                                                                                                                       obligations become due and payable on the
                                                                                                                       termination date. International students do not
                                                                                                                       have the privilege of using the monthly payment
                                                                                                                       plan during their first semester at school.
12                                                                          UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                Registration, when accepted by the University of        Calendar days of a semester may vary from             When a financial aid recipient withdraws during
                the Pacific, constitutes a financial agreement          semester to semester. For exact dates please          a semester, the student’s financial aid is adjusted
                between the student and the school. Tuition fees        contact the Student Accounts Office.                  according to federal and state regulations and
                and other charges the student incurs including,         Students who intend to withdraw must notify the       University policy.
                but not limited to, housing, meal plans, and            University by contacting Student Academic             Academic Requirements
                bookstore charges shall be added to the student         Support Services in Bannister Hall. When a
                account and are considered a loan for an                                                                      Federal regulations require the Financial Aid Office
                                                                        financial aid recipient withdraws during a            to ensure that financial aid recipients maintain
                educational benefit.                                    semester, the student’s financial aid award is        acceptable academic standing and make
                Students failing to make payments as required           adjusted according to federal and state               satisfactory progress in their programs of study.
                will be unable to attend classes or use dining or       regulations and University policy.
                dormitory facilities. The student understands                                                                 Students placed on academic probation are
                                                                        Refer to School of Dentistry and Law School for       placed on Financial Aid Probation, and students
                that all of the above mentioned charges, which          appropriate information.
                may be applied to their account, are due and                                                                  who are academically disqualified are placed on
                payable upon receipt of their monthly                                                                         Financial Aid Disqualification. Financial aid
                                                                        Financial Aid                                         recipients are also expected to complete
                statement. Any charges not paid as agreed may
                be subject to deferred and late payment fees. It is     The University maintains a substantial student        satisfactorily at least 67% of all units attempted
financial aid

                the student’s responsibility to insure that all         financial assistance program which includes           and to obtain their degrees within a specified
                financial aid is properly credited to his/her           scholarships, grants, loans and job opportunities.    maximum period of full-time study.
                account. Failure to make any of the scheduled           Students who wish to be considered for                For further information, please refer to the
                payments under the monthly payment plan may             academic merit-based scholarships are advised         Academic Probation and Disqualification Policy
                result in the student’s ineligibility to register for   to complete the admission application process         Statement in this catalog, and the Satisfactory
                future semesters and any remaining unpaid               by January 15. Students seeking other University      Academic Progress Policy Statement available
                balance will be transferred to the Student Loan         scholarships, grants, work-study, or loans or         from the Financial Aid Office.
                Department for servicing.                               whose parents wish to apply for a Federal PLUS        Community Involvement Program (CIP)
                Upon transfer to the Student Loan Department,           Loan must also file a Free Application for
                the Student Account Note or balance is subject,         Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and complete other        History
                but not limited, to principal, interest, late           application procedures as instructed by the           CIP was established in 1969 with the aid of
                charges, collection fees and any legal fees             Financial Aid Office. In addition, financial aid      concerned students, community members,
                associated with the collection of the debt.             applicants who are legal residents of California      University faculty and administrators. The
                Collection costs shall not exceed 30% of the            and do not already have a bachelor’s degree are       program recognizes the importance of
                principal, interest, and late charges at the time       expected to apply for a Cal Grant. High schools       undergraduate education, the unique challenges
                of acceleration. No diploma or official transcript      and colleges have information about the Cal           of under-represented groups and the
                of credit will be issued until the University bills     Grant programs and application procedures.            economically disadvantaged.
                and student loans/notes have been paid in full.         FAFSA forms and instructions, including               CIP remains an integral part of the academic
                In addition, all institutional loans or other           instructions for filing over the Internet, may be     processes and planning under the sponsorship
                loans guaranteed by the Federal Government              secured at a high school, college, or from the        of the Vice President of Student Life and the
                must be in good (current) standing prior to the         University. The priority FAFSA filing date is         Office of admission, as the University
                release of diploma or transcripts of credit.            February 15. Pacific awards financial aid to          demonstrates its commitment to serve the needs
                Refunds                                                 students who apply after the admission and            of local students who need a variety of special
                                                                        financial aid priority dates; however late awards     criteria. A CIP Advisory Board comprised of
                The following refund schedule pertains only to
                                                                        may be less favorable.                                faculty, students and community members
                tuition and fee charges incurred while attending
                                                                        A student must be approved for admission as a         actively supports the program.
                the University. Housing and meal plan charges
                are refunded on a prorated basis.                       regular student to an eligible degree or              Purpose
                                                                        certificate program before financial aid can be       CIP provides access and opportunity for low
                Refunds are based upon a percentage of                  awarded and must enroll on at least a half-time
                calendar days.                                                                                                income and other under-represented students,
                                                                        basis to qualify for most financial aid funds.
                                                                                                                              giving qualified local residents an opportunity
                Withdrawals before classes begin – No charge.           Awards are usually made for the entire school
                                                                                                                              to attend Pacific by providing tuition
                                                                        year and the amount is divided equally among
                On first day of class — $100 (or 5%, whichever          the number of terms of enrollment. Please note        scholarships and the needed academic support.
                is less).                                               that financial aid eligibility is re-evaluated when   The program also offers students leadership
                Within next six calendar days of a semester –           a student completes pre-professional work and         training and opportunities, preparing them to
                $200 (or 10%, whichever is less).                       enters a professional program.                        return to the community as leaders and
                                                                                                                              productive citizens. CIP maintains relationships
                10% of calendar days 90% refund, 10% penalty.           Financial aid at the University is available only     with the ethnic communities in Stockton,
                                                                        to U.S. citizens, permanent residents and other       supporting their educational concerns, as the
                18% of calendar days 80% refund, 20% penalty.
                                                                        eligible non-citizens. Assistance to students in      University continues to be a visible and inclusive
                25% of calendar days 60% refund, 40% penalty.           some post-graduate programs is limited to             part of the community. CIP facilitates individual
                38% of calendar days 40% refund, 60% penalty.           private loans. Students in some undergraduate         and group projects throughout the community
                                                                        programs are not eligible for University funds.       through an active volunteer service program.
                50% of calendar days 25% refund, 75% penalty.           Additional financial aid information is available
                After 50% of calendar days no refund, 100% penalty.     from the Office of Financial Aid.
                                                         C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                    13

Qualifications                                       Distinguished Transfer Scholarships valued at          Norman J. Cain Endowed Memorial
Students selected for CIP must meet University       $10,000 per year are awarded annually to five            Scholarship. Established by Dr. Harvey D.
academic requirements for admissions. They           entering transfer students with college GPAs of          Cain in memory of his son.
must demonstrate a history of volunteerism and       3.50 or above.                                         Central United Methodist Church Endowed
concern for social issues in the community.          Students transferring to Pacific with college            Scholarship.
Additionally, they must be first-generation          GPAs of 3.35 or above may be considered for
college students, come from low-income                                                                      Class of 1927 Endowed Scholarship. Established
                                                     Commended Transfer Scholarships of $6,500.                and supplemented by members of the class of
historically disadvantaged families, and be
under-represented in higher education. They          General Academic Endowed Scholarships                     1927.
must reside in the Stockton area and be U.S.         Many of the scholarships listed below provide          Classes of ’49, ’50, and ’51 Endowed
citizens or legal residents.                         funding for the Regents’, President’s, and                Scholarship. Established by the members of
                                                     Bishop’s Scholarship programs. Scholarships are           these three classes.
For information contact: CIP, Bannister Hall,
                                                     also available for students regardless of major. A
Office of Student Life, University of the Pacific,                                                          Herman A. and Margaret P. Clover Endowed
                                                     student will be considered an eligible candidate
Stockton, CA 95211; or phone (209) 946-2436.                                                                  Memorial Scholarship. Established by Dr.
                                                     via his/her application for financial aid and
                                                                                                              Haworth A. Clover and his wife Carol in
                                                     maintaining a 3.0 GPA.
Work-Study                                                                                                    memory of his parents.

                                                                                                                                                                   financial aid
                                                     Alumni Board Endowed Scholarship. Established
University of the Pacific participates in the                                                               Robert L. and Lucy S. Colthart Endowed
                                                        by the Alumni Board in honor of Kara
Federal Work-Study program which provides                                                                     Scholarship. Established with gifts received
                                                        Brewer, past Alumni Director.
employment opportunities for students who                                                                     from their trust.
demonstrate financial need.                          Anne and Ray Arnold Endowed Memorial
                                                                                                            Elmer C. and Lena E. Courtney Endowed
                                                       Scholarship. Established by Mrs. Anne Brady
                                                                                                              Memorial Scholarship. Established by Lena C.
Scholarships and Grants                                Arnold of Stockton in memory of her
University of the Pacific offers a number of           husband, a former Tracy banker. Augmented
                                                       by gifts in memory of Mrs. Arnold.                   Grace Covell Endowed Scholarship.
scholarships and grants from income provided
by gifts, endowments and its own general funds.      Laura Tull, Walter Pike Austin, and Henrietta T.       Paul L. Davies, Sr. Endowed Memorial
Qualifications vary according to conditions            Austin Endowed Scholarship.                            Scholarship. Funded by a gift from a special
stipulated by donors, but attention is usually                                                                friend.
                                                     John N. and Jessie L. Ballantyne Endowed
given to some or all of the following: academic         Memorial Scholarships. Established during           Robert C. and Olive V. d’Erlach Endowed
record, special talents, leadership abilities,          their lifetimes by these Lodi friends of Pacific.     Memorial Scholarship. Funded by their
vocational objectives and financial need.                                                                     bequest.
Academic scholarships may be renewed for full-       Gertrude Moore Beans and William Know Beans
time enrollment in a bachelor’s degree or pre-         Endowed Memorial Scholarship. Established            Clifford L. Dochterman Endowed Scholarship.
professional program. Detailed information             by a bequest from an alumna of the Class of             Established to honor him upon his
about scholarship renewal is available from the        1920.                                                   retirement.
Financial Aid Office.                                Lonzo and Julie Beck Endowed Scholarship.              Coach Don Edwards Endowed Scholarship.
                                                       Established in memory of her husband.                  Established with a gift from Mr. Cecil Harp in
Academic Merit-Based Scholarships
                                                                                                              memory of his wife Joan E. Harp.
Entering freshmen who demonstrate                    Gladys L. Benerd Endowed Scholarship.
extraordinary scholastic achievement and               Established by Gladys Benerd.                        Christopher A. and Cora S. Elliott Endowed
leadership potential and meet minimum criteria                                                                Scholarship.
                                                     William and Dorothy Biddick Endowed
may be nominated by their high schools for             Scholarship. Established by William and              Charles Sumner Esrey Endowed Scholarship.
Pacific Founders Scholarships, valued at               Dorothy Biddick.                                     Fiftieth Reunion Class Endowed Scholarship.
$15,000 per academic year.
                                                     Bishop’s Endowed Scholarship.                             Established in 1991 and supplemented
Entering students who complete the admission                                                                   annually by each 50th reunion class.
application process by January 15 are                William M. Black Endowed Scholarship.
                                                       Established by the bequest of a faculty              Elliott L. Fisher Endowed Memorial Scholarship.
automatically considered for the following
                                                       member’s father.                                        Established by his family and friends.
merit-based scholarships:
                                                     Constance Bowen Endowed Scholarship.                   Emery and Susie Freeman Endowed
Freshmen entering the University directly from
                                                                                                              Scholarship. Established by a bequest from
high school may be considered for Regents            Anton Brawthen Endowed Memorial
                                                                                                              the Susie Freeman estate.
Scholarships, valued at $10,000 per academic           Scholarship. Established by his daughter
year, and President’s Scholarships, for $6,500         Clara Brawthen.                                      Friedberger Endowed Educational Scholarship.
per academic year. Recipients are selected on the                                                              Established by the bequest of Dr. William
                                                     Seba M. Bronson Endowed Scholarship.
basis of grade point average, test scores, and                                                                 Friedberger, in memory of his parents, Arnold
                                                       Established with a trust.
other criteria.                                                                                                and Lotta Friedberger.
                                                     Dahl Burnham Endowed Scholarship.
Tri-County Transfer Scholarships, for $15,000                                                               David Friedrich Memorial Endowed Scholarship.
per academic year, are awarded to the top two        Robert E. Burns Endowed Scholarship.                     Established by parents, family and friends in
applicants from each community college in the          Established in memory of Robert E. Burns,              memory of David, class of 1988, who lost his
tri-county area. A minimum college GPA of 3.60         20th president of the University, by his widow         life in a water skiing accident in his senior year
is required.                                           Grace Weeks Burns Baun.                                at U.O.P.
14                                                                     UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                A. P. Giannini Endowed Scholarship. Established    Samuel Kress Endowed Scholarship.                     Irma E. Pennycook Endowed Scholarship.
                   by a bequest.                                   Dr. Harry W. Lange and William H. Pfund                  Established by a bequest from this University
                Irving and Fay Goleman Endowed Educational            Endowed Scholarship.                                  friend.
                   Opportunity Scholarship. Established by         La Quinta Inns, Inc., Endowed Scholarship.            Marion Pope Endowed Scholarship. Established
                   Gordon Zuckerman in honor of two Pacific           Originally established by La Quinta Inns,            by a bequest.
                   professors emeriti.                                Inc., and augmented by a portion of the            Nina Reid Prather Endowed Scholarship.
                Virginia Graves Endowed Middle Income                 rooms rented by Pacific visitors.                  Chalmers Price Endowed Scholarship.
                   Scholarship.                                    Elizabeth Laskin Endowed Memorial                       Established with gifts from his estate.
                Sarah Elizabeth Riley Harris Endowed Memorial         Scholarship. Established and supplemented          Sandy Price Endowed Memorial Scholarship.
                  Scholarship. Established by the will of Grace       by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Laskin of         Established by the Caldor Lumber Company
                  Dell Stuart in memory of her mother.                Milwaukee, WI, and many friends in memory            and the Mildred Kellogg estate.
                Hearst Foundation Endowed Scholarship.                of this 1956 graduate.
                                                                                                                         Rhizomia Endowed Scholarship. Established by
                  Established by The Hearst Foundation.            Bessie Lenvig Endowed Scholarship.                      a group of Rhizomia members.
                Ruth M. Heath Scholarship. Established through     William and Carol Linee Endowed Scholarship.          Tony and Dorothy Rodina Endowed Scholarship.
financial aid

                  her bequest.                                       Established through the bequest of these
                                                                     long-time Stockton residents.                       Lincoln and Stella Ruggles Endowed Memorial
                Francis W. and Mary V. Hellman Endowed                                                                      Scholarship. Established by Lottie Ruggles in
                   Scholarship. Established through their          Garth Rodrick Lipsky Endowed Memorial                    memory of her parents and later
                   bequest.                                          Scholarship. Established by his mother, Edna           supplemented through her will.
                Ruth Templeton Henney Endowed Memorial               Lipsky.
                                                                                                                         Joseph Robert Rupley Endowed Memorial
                  Scholarship. Established through her bequest.    Lenora M. Magee Endowed Memorial                         Scholarship. Established by his parents. He
                Hoefer Prize.                                        Scholarship.                                           was accidentally shot to death in 1965 by
                Claude H. Hogan Endowed Memorial                   George H. Mayr Endowed Scholarship.                      Venezuelan police while serving in the Peace
                   Scholarship. Established through his bequest.     Established by the George H. Mayr                      Corps.
                                                                     Foundation in honor of their founder.               Rupert and Philamena Russell Endowed
                Cecil and Alberta Humphreys Endowed
                  Scholarship. Established by a distinguished      Erford and Dorothy Knoles McAllister Endowed            Scholarship. Established by the bequests of
                  alumnus and long-time member of Pacific’s           Scholarship.                                         Mr. and Mrs. Russell.
                  Board of Regents and his wife, an alumna.        Stanley E. McCaffrey Endowed Scholarship.             Walter B. Sampson Endowed Scholarship.
                Ruth and Francis H. Jackson Endowed Memorial          Established by family, friends and colleagues in     Established by a bequest.
                  Scholarship. Established in his memory by           honor of the 21st president of Pacific (1971-      George and Georgia Sanderson Endowed
                  his wife Ruth M. Jackson.                           1987).                                               Scholarship.
                Harriot West Jackson Endowed Memorial              John A. McCarthy Memorial Endowed                     William and Jeanne Sanford Endowed
                  Scholarship. Established by the late Mrs.           Scholarship.                                         Scholarship. Established by friends and
                  Winifred Cumming of Washington, D.C.,            Wert E. and Viola Moore Endowed Scholarship.            members of the Paradise United Methodist
                  and Frank West of Pebble Beach, in memory          Established by a bequest of long-time                 Church in honor of their minister and his
                  of their aunt.                                     Stockton resident, Viola Moore.                       wife.
                Clarence and Martha Jones Endowed                  Timothy Patrick Murphy Endowed Memorial               Audrey and Henry Schwerin Endowed
                   Scholarship. Established by Clarence and          Scholarship. Established by the parents and           Scholarship. Established by a bequest.
                   Martha Jones.                                     many friends of Tim Murphy, class of 1978,          Dorothy J. and Daniel H. Singleton Endowed
                Donald S. Jones Memorial Scholarship.                whose life at Pacific left an indelible               Scholarship. Established by a bequest.
                  Established through an estate gift.                impression.
                                                                                                                         J. W. and Florence E. Smith Endowed Memorial
                Fletcher Jones Endowed Scholarship.                Blanch Pope Neal Endowed Scholarship.                     Scholarship.
                Fay Wallace Kiser Endowed Memorial                 Marshall O. Nelson Endowed Scholarship.               Mary Leach Smith Endowed Memorial
                  Scholarship. Established by his wife, Beulah     Orange Aid Endowed Scholarship. Established by          Scholarship. Established by Onnie Smith in
                  Lee Watson Kiser, who served the University as     community members and friends of the                  memory of her mother.
                  Dean of Women from 1940 to 1948.                   University who volunteered their services.          Southeast Asian Endowed Scholarship.
                Edith E. Knoles Endowed Scholarship.                 Funded by the sale of student “survival kits”         Established by memorial gifts and proceeds
                  Established through her estate.                    and membership dues.                                  from benefit performances. In memory of the
                Emily Knoles Centennial Endowed Scholarship.       Pacific Co-Op House Endowed Scholarship.                five children killed at Cleveland Elementary
                  Created on her 100th birthday by family and        Established by former students who resided            School in 1989.
                  friends, and augmented by gifts in memory of       in Pacific’s Co-Op House during the 1930s           Mary Lou Spiess Scholarship. Funded by her son.
                  the wife of former Pacific President Tully C.      and ’40s.
                                                                                                                         R. & R. Stuart Endowed Scholarship.
                  Knoles.                                          Doris and Frank Peirano Endowed Scholarship.
                                                                     Established by an estate gift.
                                                        C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                               15

Esther J. Tarr Endowed Scholarship. Established     Annually Funded Academic Scholarships               Emerson and Edith Cobb Endowed Scholarship.
   by Curtis W. Tarr, in honor of his mother and    In addition to the endowed scholarships, the          Established by faculty, alumni and friends in
   augmented by gifts in her memory.                University receives restricted scholarships           honor of long-time chairman (1948-78) of
Elliott J. Taylor and Burta M. Taylor Endowed       annually from a variety of sources. These may         the Chemistry Department and his wife.
   Scholarship. Established with gifts from their   provide funding for the following scholarship       Iva B. Colliver Endowed Scholarship.
   estate.                                          programs:                                              Established by her bequest.
Charles A. and Harriette E. Thomas Endowed          Corporate Patrons of Pacific; Annually funded       Roselyn J. Cook Endowed Scholarship.
  Scholarship. Established by bequest and given     by gifts from companies and corporations.
                                                                                                        Ray and Ruby Dami Endowed Scholarship.
  in loving memory of their parents.                Patrons of Pacific; Annually funded by gifts
                                                    from alumni, parents and friends of Pacific.        Ellen Deering Endowed Senior Award.
Thomas S. and Margaret A. Thompson Endowed
  Scholarship. Established by Mr. and Mrs.                                                              Ellen Deering Endowed Senior Art Award.
                                                    School and Departmental Scholarships
  Thompson. Mr. Thompson served as Vice             The scholarships listed below are granted to        Helen B. Dooley Endowed Scholarship.
  President for Development from 1963-1969.         students who meet major requirements and/or         Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Endowed
Guy P. and Grace Tucker Endowed Scholarship.        other criteria as well as a minimum GPA of 3.0.       Award.
  Established by a bequest from these               It is NOT necessary to submit a separate

                                                                                                                                                             financial aid
                                                                                                        Helene and Jack Drown Endowed Scholarship.
  University friends.                               application form unless specifically noted. Many
                                                    of these scholarships provide funding for the       Fred J. Early, Jr. and Marguerite C. Early Science
Twenty-fifth Class Reunion Endowed
                                                    Regents’, President’s, and Bishop’s Scholarship        Research Endowed Award.
  Scholarship. Established by the Class of 1965
  and supplemented annually by the 25th             programs.                                           Marie Easterbrook Endowed Scholarship.
  reunion class.                                    College of the Pacific                              Fred L. Farley Endowed Scholarship. Established
Alex and Jeri Vereschagin Endowed Scholarship.      A. S. H. Graduate Research Award. Established by       by Erwin and Tom Farley.
   Established by Mr. and Mrs. Vereschagin, both       Dr. Alice S. Hunter, a respected faculty         David Friedrich Memorial Endowed Scholarship.
   loyal Pacific alumni and parents.                   emeritus.
                                                                                                        Fresno Methodist Foundation Endowed
Zana Taylor Weaver Endowed Scholarship.             Art Award Endowed Scholarship. Established by          Scholarship. Established in 1970 from a
  Established by her will.                             sale of University art holdings and friends of      transfer of the Foundation’s assets to the
Wendy Webb Endowed Memorial Scholarship.               the Art Department.                                 University.
  Established by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S.    Julian Smith Bacon, Jr. and Jedediah Smith          Martin T. Gipson Endowed Memorial
  Webb of Calabasas, and many friends in               Scholarship. Established with gifts from the       Scholarship. Established by friends wishing to
  memory of a former student.                          Jedediah Smith Society.                            memorialize a former Psychology
Dr. Gustav A. and Ellen M. Werner Endowed           Jesse A. Berger Endowed Memorial Scholarship.         Department Professor.
   Memorial Scholarship. Established by family         Established by Dr. Evelyn Berger Brown in        Jan Good Endowed Award. Established by Janice
   and friends in memory of a popular history          honor and memory of her husband.                    E. Good for outstanding students majoring or
   professor and his wife.                                                                                 minoring in French or Spanish.
                                                    Gertrude Sibley Billard Endowed Memorial
Ed and Joan Westgate Endowed Scholarship.             Scholarship. Established in memory of a           Ralph Guild Endowed Communication
Wickert Memorial Endowed Scholarship.                 former professor of English at Pacific.             Scholarship. Established by Ralph Guild,
  Established by the Carol Wickert Raab Trust.      Frank Black Endowed Memorial Scholarship.             radio major, class of 1951 and president of
                                                       Established in memory of a former student.         INTEREP National Radio Representatives in
Wightman Memorial Endowed Scholarship.
                                                                                                          appreciation to the University and Professor
  Established in her brother’s memory by Mrs.       Maynard A. Bostwick Endowed Scholarship.              John Crabbe.
  Bessie Jasmann.                                     Established by an alumnus.
                                                                                                        Clifford J. Hand Endowed Scholarship.
Norma H. Williams Endowed Scholarship.              Erma Boyce Endowed scholarship.
                                                                                                        Clarence Hinkle Endowed Scholarship.
Theresa Woo Scholarship. This scholarship was       Barker-Knoles Endowed Scholarship.                     Established through the estate of Mable Bains
  established by her estate.
                                                    DeMarcus Brown Endowed Drama Scholarship.              Hinkle.
Carlos and Madeline Wood Endowed                      Established by Elinor Sizelove Canedy, class of   Kathryn Gehlken Howe Endowed Memorial
  Scholarship.                                        1944, in honor of the emeritus drama                Scholarship. Established by Edna Gehlken,
Zeta Phi Scholarship. Established by Zeta Phi         chairman.                                           former chair of the Home Economics
   alumnae.                                         Leslie M. Burwell Endowed Memorial                    Department, in memory of her sister.
                                                       Scholarship. Established by Mrs. Leslie M.       James Earl Jewell Endowed Scholarship in
                                                       Burwell.                                           Technical Theatre.
                                                    William P. Christiansen Endowed Award.              Sharon Brookhart Krakora Endowed
                                                    Howard and Emma Churchill Endowed                     Scholarship. Established by a gift from her
                                                      Scholarship. Established by a bequest.              husband as a loving tribute to her lifetime
16                                                                      UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                Geraldine Scott Krause Endowed Scholarship.         Esther Myers Umhalt Class of 1918 Endowed             Evelyn Ashmore Heath Endowed Scholarship.
                     Established by this alumna of the class of        Scholarship. Established by a bequest.             P. Maddux Hogin Endowed Memorial
                     1936.                                          Stanley Volbrecht Endowed Scholarship.                   Scholarship. Established by a bequest from
                Allen and Helen Laursen Scholarship.                G. Warren and Ruby Zahn White Endowed                    Gwen Hogin in memory of her husband, a
                      Established by a stock gift.                     Memorial Scholarship. Established in                  1937 alumnus.
                F. Melvin and Verna Kopka Lawson Endowed               memory of Professor White, who taught              Gladys Thelma Ryan King Endowed
                      Scholarship.                                     mathematics and business courses at Pacific          Scholarship. Established by her bequest.
                Los Angeles Pacific Club Pantheon of the Arts          for 44 years. He retired in 1966.                  Barker-Knoles Endowed Scholarship.
                     Endowed Scholarship. Established by a gift     Margorie Webster Williams Endowed Art                 Virginia Short McLaughlin Endowed
                     from the Los Angeles Pacific Club.               Scholarship.                                           Scholarship.
                Bryon R. Meyer Endowed Theatre Scholarship          Paul Winters Endowed Forensics Scholarship.           Dr. Lawrence H. McQuerrey Endowed Memorial
                   honoring DeMarcus Brown ’23. He was a very         Established to honor Paul Winters on the               Scholarship. Established in memory of this
                   active and respected professor in the Theatre      occasion of his retirement in the Spring of 1989.      former music education professor and chair
                   Arts Dept. at UOP from 1924-1968.                                                                         of the department, with gifts from his family,
                                                                    Conservatory of Music
financial aid

                Charles B. Norman Endowed Economics                                                                          friends, colleagues and students.
                                                                    Marietta Atherton Endowed Scholarship.
                  Scholarship. Established in memory of Dr.                                                               Edna B. Meyerholz Endowed Scholarship.
                                                                      Established by a bequest from a University
                  Charles B. Norman, who taught economics at                                                                Established by the bequest of Mrs. Meyerholz,
                                                                      friend and Stockton patroness of the arts.
                  Pacific for 32 years.                                                                                     class of 1911.
                                                                    Allan Bacon Endowed Memorial Scholarship.
                Doris E. Osborn Endowed Scholarship.                                                                      Jules F. Moullet Endowed Memorial Scholarship.
                                                                       Established by Mrs. Allan Bacon and friends
                Irving Pasternak Endowed Memorial                      and former students of Professor Bacon. He            Established by an estate gift from Louis F.
                   Scholarship.                                        was a professor of organ from 1922 until he           Moullet.
                Ida R. Patton Endowed Memorial Scholarship.            retired in 1956.                                   The Naylor Family Endowed Scholarship.
                   Established through the Ida Patton Trust         Dr. J. Russell Bodley Endowed Scholarship.              Established by Victor and Polly Naylor.
                   Fund.                                               Established by former students and friends         Pooled Endowed Scholarship. Established and
                Margaret S. Payne Endowed Scholarship.                 and augmented by memorial gifts. Dr. Bodley          augmented by alumni, parents and friends of
                  Established by memorial gifts from her               was associated with Pacific for over 60 years        the Conservatory.
                  husband Dr. Herbert Reinelt & friends.               as a student, faculty, Dean of the
                                                                       Conservatory and Emeritus Dean. In 1986,           William H. and Pauline Crawford Ramsey
                Walter Arville Payne Endowed Memorial                  the American Cinema Awards Foundation                Endowed Scholarship.
                  Scholarship. Established by family, colleagues,      made a special gift to this fund in honor of       Elizabeth E. Rice Endowed Scholarship.
                  friends and former students in memory of a           actress Janet Leigh, one of his former                Established by Mrs. Marion V. Neufeld in
                  long-time member of the history department           students.                                             memory of her mother.
                                                                    Maynard A. Bostwick Endowed Scholarship.              Rosalie C. Rohr Scholarship. Established and
                Karma Cundell Schad Endowed Scholarship.              Established by an alumnus.                            funded annually by a distribution from her
                  Established in memory of a former art                                                                     estate.
                  student by her husband.                           Alix E. and Horace I. Brown Endowed
                                                                       Scholarship. Established in memory of these        Bernice L. Rose Endowed Scholarship.
                Arnold C. Scott Endowed Scholarship.                   music professors.                                    Established by a 1925 Conservatory alumna.
                   Established through his estate.
                                                                    Buck Family Young Musicians Endowed                   Margaret Michael Saladana Endowed
                Dr. Benjamin Smith Endowed Memorial                   Scholarship. Established by a gift from Mrs.          Scholarship.
                   Scholarship. Established by relatives and          Eva Buck.
                   friends in recognition of this former Lodi-                                                            Mildred Murphy Scott Endowed Scholarship.
                   Stockton minister who was the recipient of an    Roberta Burland Endowed Scholarship.                    Established by Oliver D. Scott in honor of
                   honorary degree from Pacific in 1937.            Ruth J. Camp Scholarship. Funded annually               his wife.
                Doenda Hammond Smith Endowed Scholarship.             from an outside endowment.                          Lawrence and Marilyn Short Endowed
                                                                    Chrissie W. Collins Endowed Vocal Scholarship.          Scholarship.
                Bud Stefan Endowed Memorial Scholarship.
                  Established by his friends, relatives and wife      Established by various family gifts.                John W. Sloss Endowed Conservatory
                  in his memory.                                    Elford-Roy Endowed Scholarship. Established by           Scholarship. Established by William and
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elford in honor of their          Joseph Sloss in memory of their father.
                Derek Forbes Stewart Endowed Memorial
                  Scholarship. Established by his family and           parents.                                           Faye Spanos Endowed Scholarship. Established
                  friends in commemoration of his life.             Calla Guild Music Endowed Scholarship.                  by her children and proceeds from the Faye
                                                                      Established by Ralph Guild to honor his               Spanos Concert Hall dedication benefit, in
                Dr. John Hadman Sticht Endowed Memorial Award.                                                              honor of the wife of Alex G. Spanos, Pacific
                                                                      wife, Calla.
                Doris Reyburn Lathy, Margaret Reyburn Collis                                                                alumnus and business leader.
                  and Adda Reyburn Thompson Endowed                 Wilhelmina Harbert Music Therapy Endowed
                                                                      Scholarship.                                        Dr. Lucas and Kathe Underwood Endowed
                  Scholarship.                                                                                               Scholarship.
                                                       C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                            17

Richard Van Alstyne Endowed Scholarship.           Clare Ann Christian Memorial Endowed               Gladys and John de Arrieta Endowed
Eva Varnum Endowed Scholarship.                       Scholarship. Established in the memory of         Scholarship. Established by an engineering
                                                      this 1967 alumna by her husband, family           graduate and his wife, both alumni, class of
Jack and Eleanor Vogel Endowed Scholarship.           and friends.                                      1940.
C. A. Webster Foundation Endowed Stringed          J. Marc and Ruth P. Jantzen Endowed                Robert H. and Margaret E. Edwards Endowed
   Instrument Scholarship.                            Scholarship. Established in honor of the          Scholarship. Established through their estate.
Judith and Walter Willmette Endowed                   retired dean of the School of Education.        Jack C. Goble Endowed Scholarship. Established
   Scholarship. Established by Judith and Walter   Barker-Knoles Endowed Scholarship.                    from memorial gifts.
                                                   Hilga G. Lister Endowed Scholarship.               Roy S. Hamma Family Endowed Scholarship.
Eberhardt School of Business                          Established by Dr. and Mrs. Cy Coleman in         Established by an estate gift in honor of his
Bank of America Foundation Endowed                    memory of her mother.                             four children.
  Scholarship.                                     Pedro and Edna Osuna Endowed Scholarship.          Robert L. Heyborne Endowed Scholarship.
Charles and Carolyn Bloom Endowed                    Established by Professor and Mrs. Osuna.           Established in memory of a former dean of
  Scholarship.                                     Alexandra Green Ottesen and Peter Ottesen            the School of Engineering from 1969-1990
                                                                                                        with memorial gifts from family, friends,

                                                                                                                                                         financial aid
Chambers Family Endowed Scholarship.                  Endowed Scholarship.
                                                                                                        alumni and faculty.
  Established by the Chambers Family               Glen Ainslee Payne Endowed Memorial
  Charitable Trust.                                   Scholarship. Established by the Walter A.       Robert C. Johanson Endowed Scholarship.
                                                      Payne family.                                     Established with memorial gifts from family
Credit Bureau of San Joaquin County Endowed                                                             and friends.
   Scholarship.                                    Marion Pease Endowed Scholarship. Established
                                                     by several local groups in honor of Pacific      Robert and Emily Lovell Endowed Scholarship.
Robert E. Ferguson Endowed Scholarship.
  Established in memory of alumnus and               emerita professor of education.                  Henderson E. McGee Endowed Fund.
  Regent Bob Ferguson.                             Phi Delta Kappa Endowed Scholarship.               Herman G. and Myrtle E. Nelson Endowed
Joseph Kaeslin Endowed Memorial Scholarship.       Willis N. and Viola Potter Endowed Scholarship.      Scholarship. Established through their estate.
George B. Lagorio Endowed Scholarship.             Janet Rose Baker Robinson Endowed                  Laurie Ann Pecoraro-Nemetz Endowed
                                                      Scholarship. Established by bequest from a        Scholarship. Established with memorial gifts.
Gregory A. and Amy Lonegran Mitchell Endowed
  Scholarship.                                        1936 School of Education graduate.              Teichart Foundation Endowed Scholarship.
Marian and George Malloy Endowed MBA               Victor Russell Robinson Endowed Scholarship.       Elsa and David Wheeler Endowed Scholarship.
  Scholarship.                                     Barbara Ratto Rosemond Endowed Memorial            School of International Studies
John and Rhonda Minges Endowed Scholarship.          Scholarship. Established from memorial gifts.
                                                                                                      Arthur J. Cullen Endowed Scholarship.
Pricewaterhouse Coopers.                           J. A. and Mary Thomason Endowed Scholarship.
                                                                                                      Rom Landau Endowed Scholarship. Established
                                                       Established by Mr. and Mrs. Thomason.
Jack and Eleanor Vogel Endowed Scholarships.                                                            by Professor Landau through life-time gifts
                                                   Bonnie Jean Thompson Endowed Scholarship.            and by his will.
Robert R. Winterberg Outstanding Senior Award.       Established by Mary Middleton Cunningham,
                                                                                                      George and Isabelle Wilson Endowed
Thomas W. Witter Endowed Scholarship.                class of 1957.
                                                                                                        Scholarship. Established by a gift from Mrs.
  Awarded to needy and deserving School of         Rebecca L. Troutner Memorial Endowed                 Isabelle Wilson.
  Business students.                                 Scholarship. Established by family, friends
                                                     and faculty in memory of a 1985 School of        Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and
Gladys L. Benerd School of Education
                                                     Education graduate, an elementary school         Health Sciences
William P. Bacon Endowed Scholarship.
                                                     teacher who died in an automobile accident.      Gregory Bard, M.D., Endowed Scholarship.
Benerd School of Education Pooled Endowed                                                               Established in his honor by his wife.
                                                   Milton M. Tyler Endowed Scholarship.
  Scholarships. Established and augmented by
                                                     Established in memory of the former special      Donald Y. Barker Endowed Scholarship.
  alumni, parents and friends of the School of
                                                     education professor by his family and friends.     Established in honor of a 32-year member of
                                                   Chuck Verduzco Endowed Memorial                      the School of Pharmacy’s faculty on his
Esther Berchtold Endowed Scholarship.                                                                   retirement by faculty, friends, family and
   Established by this alumna, class of 1926.                                                           former students.
                                                   Phyllis L. Vince Endowed Memorial Scholarship.
Melvin and Jayne Bernasconi Endowed                                                                   Ocea McMurray Brooksbank Endowed
                                                     Established by her husband, Mr. Robert Vince.
  Scholarship. Established by Mr. and Mrs.                                                              Scholarship.
  Bernasconi.                                      School of Engineering and Computer
                                                                                                      Charles T. Countryman Endowed Memorial
R. John, Jr. and Margaret Wenhold Charles          Science
                                                                                                        Scholarship. Established by his family and
   Endowed Scholarship. Established through        Charles and Carolyn Bloom Endowed                    friends in memory of this distinguished
   their estate.                                     Scholarship.                                       pharmacy graduate.
                                                   Chambers Family Endowed Scholarship.               Ray and Ruby Dami Endowed Scholarship.
                                                     Established by the Chambers Family                 Established through the bequest of Mrs.
                                                     Charitable Trust.                                  Ruby Dami.
18                                                                       UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                Mabel and Charles P. Dezzani Endowed                 University Library                                 Robert and Merle Carter Loan Fund.
                  Scholarship.                                       Gladys L. Benerd Student Employee Endowed          Established by two long-time friends of the
                Joseph S. Gee Endowed Scholarship.                     Scholarship.                                     University whose belief in Pacific and its
                                                                                                                        students motivated them to provide this
                Jay Patrick Gould Endowed Memorial                   Intercollegiate Athletics                          opportunity for worthy and needy young men
                   Scholarship. Established by friends and family.                                                      and women.
                                                                     Athletic Grants. Awarded to qualified student
                James C. King Endowed Scholarship.                      athletes according to the regulations of the    Lloyd Ivan Gerry Memorial Loan Fund.
                J. M. Long Foundation Endowed Scholarship.              National Collegiate Athletic Association
                                                                                                                        Established from the estate of Isa Spencer Gerry in
                Thomas J. and Muriel T. Long Endowed                                                                    memory of her husband. Available for needy and
                  Scholarships. Established by gifts from the        Chester Caddas Family Endowed Scholarship.         deserving students who are enrolled full-time.
                  co-founder of Long’s Drug Stores and                 Established by gifts from various donors.
                                                                                                                        Claude H. Hogan Revolving Loan Fund.
                  emeritus Regent of the University.                 Ellen L. Deering Endowed Athletic Scholarship.     Established to provide emergency loans,
                Charles Magnasco Endowed Memorial                       Established by bequest.                         supplemental loans and summer study loans for
                  Scholarship. Established by Andrew                 Jessie Murphy Grogan Endowed Memorial              non-traditional students.
                  Magnasco in memory of his brother.                    Softball Scholarship. Established in her
financial aid

                                                                                                                        Ralph M. Parsons Revolving Loan Fund.
                Marvin Malone Scholarship. Established with             memory by her family and friends.
                                                                                                                        Established by a gift from the Ralph M. Parsons
                  memorial gifts in memory of Marvin Malone.         Larry E. Heller Endowed Scholarship.               Foundation to assist sophomores, juniors, and
                Erin Michael McGreevy Endowed Memorial               Chris Kjeldsen Endowed Memorial Scholarship.       seniors who meet GPA and other eligibility
                   Pharmacy Scholarship. Established with a            Established in honor of an alumnus and           requirements. Preference is given to engineering
                   gift from the estate of his wife Lucille            long-time member of the University faculty.      and science majors.
                                                                     Justin and Shirley Marshall Endowed                Federal Perkins Loan.
                Virginia Puich Endowed Scholarship for                  Scholarship.                                    This federally sponsored program provides five
                   Academic and Clinical Excellence.                                                                    percent loans for students who demonstrate
                                                                     Tunney McClendon Endowed Memorial Tennis
                Rexall Pharmacy Endowed Scholarship.                   Scholarship. Established by her husband,         high financial need.
                Carl C. Riedesel Endowed Scholarship.                  Dwayne McClendon and her many friends in         Robert C. Powell Revolving Loan Program.
                                                                       loving memory of her life and love for the
                Emmons E. Roscoe Endowed Memorial                                                                       Established to assist students from middle
                                                                       game of tennis.
                  Scholarship. Established with memorial gifts                                                          income families.
                  from family and friends.                           Warren T. McNeil Endowed Memorial
                                                                       Scholarship.                                     Edna Ormsby Proctor Endowed Memorial
                Ivan W. and Helen T. Rowland Endowed                                                                    Loan Fund.
                   Scholarship. Established in their honor.          Myers’ Moose Men Endowed Scholarship.              Established by a gift from her estate to assist the
                                                                       Established through tribute gifts for Jack       University in training students for full-time
                Warren J. Schneider Endowed Memorial                   ‘Moose’ Meyers UOP football coach 1950-1961.
                  Scholarship.                                                                                          Christian service in the area of religious
                                                                     Jean Rule Sanders Endowed Women’s Tennis           education, preparing for directorships,
                Masao and Ayako Shinkai Endowed Memorial                Scholarship. Established by her daughters.      conference executive work, and other related
                  Scholarship. Established by Dr. John H.               Awarded to a female member of the team          professions.
                  Shinkai in memory of his parents.                     who has excelled in scholastic endeavors and
                                                                                                                        Health Professions Student Loan.
                Florence Scott Van Gilder “The Tolley Award”            has high moral character.
                   Endowed Award.                                                                                       The HPSL program, administered by the U.S.
                                                                     Doug Scovil Memorial Endowed Scholarship.          Department of Health and Human Services,
                Richard C. Vessey Endowed Memorial                     Established with memorial gifts.                 provides loans at five percent interest for eligible
                   Scholarship. Established by his family and        Tom Stubbs Endowed Baseball Scholarship.           students enrolled full-time in the University’s
                   augmented by gifts from his friends in              Established by gifts honoring him as baseball    professional pharmacy program.
                   memory of this 1975 School of Pharmacy              coach, assistant football coach, and professor
                   graduate.                                                                                            Federal Direct Stafford/Ford Loans and
                                                                       at UOP for 33 years.                             Federal Direct PLUS Loans.
                Walgreen Company Endowed Pharmacy                    Bert I. Van Gilder Memorial Endowed                Under this program the U.S. Department of
                  Scholarship. Awarded to needy and deserving          Scholarship. Established through a gift from     Education makes loans, through the University,
                  pharmacy students to assist in finishing their       Marian Schroven ’29 in memory of her             directly to students and parents. Students may
                  professional studies or participating in vital       husband.                                         be eligible for Stafford/Ford Loan funds and
                  research within the school.
                                                                                                                        parents of dependent students may apply for the
                Bryant Kerry Wong Endowed Memorial                   Student Loans                                      PLUS Loan. The University of the Pacific
                   Scholarship. Established in memory of Mr.                                                            Financial Aid Office determines eligibility and
                                                                     Information concerning loans may be obtained
                   and Mrs. Wong’s 4-year-old son who was                                                               provides application forms.
                                                                     in the Office of Financial Aid. Loan funds may
                   killed in an auto accident in 1965. Both
                                                                     be used to pay tuition, fees, room, board and      Methodist Student Loan Fund.
                   parents are pharmacists.
                                                                     other related educational expenses.                A limited number of students who are active
                                                                                                                        members of the United Methodist Church may
                                                                                                                        obtain loans from the Student Loan Fund
                                                          C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                   19

administered by the Board of Education of that        If a student is unable to enroll in a required       apply for admission to the university. Upon
church. Information may be obtained from the          class or is otherwise unable to graduate after       acceptance to the university, resident and
University of the Pacific Financial Aid Office.       four years due to reasons beyond his or her          transfer coursework will be evaluated and a
                                                      control, no additional tuition will be charged for   determination made as to applicability to
Emergency Loans.
                                                      courses to complete the degree.                      meeting degree requirements. Appeals to this
Loan monies provided through the generosity of                                                             policy should be directed to the Office of the
United California Bank, The Jones Foundation of       Student Programs of Study Loads
Los Angeles, and other interested benefactors and     Twelve units constitute a minimum full-time
friends of the University are available through       program of studies during a semester for the         Bachelor’s Degrees
the University Loan Fund to help Pacific students     regular undergraduate and first professional         To be eligible for graduation, candidates must
meet pressing obligations. Loans from this            level student and is the minimum required for        have:
source are limited to $150. Repayment in full is      participation in intercollegiate activities. If a    1. Completed the major requirements specified
expected within 90 days or by the end of the          student registers for less than 12 units or drops       by the school/college/department with a
semester, whichever comes first.                      below 12 units, financial aid may be reduced.           minimum grade point average of 2.0. At least
                                                      (Students who are less than half-time are not           16 units of the major requirements must be
Emergency Loan Funds for students from
                                                      eligible for financial aid.)                            completed at Pacific with a minimum grade
the Long School of Pharmacy and Health

                                                                                                                                                                 academic regulations
Sciences                                              The maximum study load during a semester for            point average of 2.0;
have been provided by the California Pharmacy         undergraduates without special permission is 18         Completed a minimum of 30 units in general
Foundation Trust Fund, Inc., the John W.              units and 19 units for first professional level         education including Mentor Seminars I, II
Dargavel Foundation, the Synergex Loan Fund,          students. Students who wish to enroll for units         and III and a path of six or nine courses as
the Pacific Pharmacy Associates Perpetuating          in excess of the maximum study load must                specified by the school or college (transfer
Loan Fund and the Long School of Pharmacy             petition their school or college for approval in        students should refer to the General
and Health Sciences Memorial Loan Fund.               advance. Approval is based to a great extent            Education section for GE requirements);
                                                      upon the student’s past academic record and
Frank Bollig, Claude L. Busick, Charles Fox,                                                               3. Met entrance skills requirements;
                                                      will result in additional tuition charges.
Edna E. Gleason, Fred C. Mahler, and Harold                                                                4. Achieved a grade point average of at least 2.0
McAnaw are individuals who have contributed           Minimum and maximum study loads for
                                                                                                              on all letter-graded work completed at the
to this Memorial Loan Fund.                           graduate students are defined in the Graduate
                                                                                                              University of the Pacific. On non-letter-graded
                                                      School Catalog.                                         work, the faculty will determine the
Academic Regulations                                  Limitations on Credits                                  equivalency;
(Stockton Campus)                                     The maximum number of units accepted from a          5. Fulfilled the minimum residence
                                                      community college is 70. However, no                    requirement of 32 out of the last 40 semester
General Academic Procedures
                                                      community college credit will be accepted after         units of registration with Pacific just prior to
Every student, in order to receive credit for         a student has completed 70 units from all               receiving the degree; and
coursework taken during a particular term,            institutions attended.
must be properly registered during that term. It                                                           6. Accumulated the appropriate number of units
is the student’s responsibility to comply with this   A total of no more than eight units in dance,           specified by the particular school or college.
regulation. The registration procedures are           physical education and theatre activity courses,
                                                                                                           Any candidate for a bachelor’s degree who has
indicated in the Schedule of Classes which is         club sports and intercollegiate athletic courses
                                                                                                           not completed work within seven years must
available from the Office of the Registrar prior      may be applied toward a degree.
                                                                                                           reapply and be subject to any new requirements
to the beginning of each term.                        A total of no more than 20 units may be applied      in effect at that time.
University of the Pacific’s Four-Year                 toward a degree from any or all of the following:
                                                      courses taken in accredited correspondence           Dual Major
                                                      schools, extension correspondence schools,           Students may obtain a baccalaureate degree
Pacific guarantees that students will graduate in                                                          with two majors by completing the requirements
four years, or five for Engineering and               extension courses, and/or courses taken by
                                                      examination. None of these credits, except           for both majors. A dual major may consist of
Pharmacy majors, if the following requirements                                                             two departmental majors, two interdepartmental
are met:                                              extension courses taken at the University, will be
                                                      accepted during the session in which the student     majors or two majors in different schools.
• Students select a major by the beginning of         is completing requirements for graduation in         Students must consult each school for specific
  their sophomore year;                               this University.                                     requirements. Multiple majors will be recorded
• Students regularly consult with faculty                                                                  on the student’s permanent record, but only one
                                                      A total of no more than 30 units of coursework       degree is awarded. The degree is issued by the
  advisers to assess graduation requirements in       in business administration may be applied
  their major;                                                                                             student’s declared school.
                                                      toward a degree, except in the case of students
• Students pass general education and major           majoring in business administration who may          Concurrent Bachelor’s Degrees
  courses with a C grade or better;                   apply up to 64 units of business courses toward      Concurrent Bachelor’s degrees are awarded
                                                      the degree.                                          under the following conditions:
• Students satisfactorily complete 32 units per
  year;                                               Unclassified Students                                1. Each degree is offered by a different school or
                                                      Unclassified students may complete up to 27             college.
• Students meet special requirements in
  specific Pharmacy and Bachelor of Fine Arts         units (to include completed courses and courses      2. The student completes the departmental
  majors.                                             in progress) prior to being required to formally        requirements for each major.
 20                                                                              UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                       3. The student completes the general education        courses must be made by special petition to the      1. Students can repeat a course for grade
                          requirements for each degree.                      student’s respective school/college. Requests to        replacement if they have received a C- or
                       4. The student completes a minimum of 32              add or drop courses after the term must be made         lower the first time they took the class.
                          credits at the University of the Pacific beyond    to the Academic Regulations Committee (ARC).         2. Any given course can be repeated one time
                          those required for the degree that has the         In either case, petitions are normally approved         only, whether for grade replacement or grade
                          highest credit requirement.                        only if it can be shown that the request is             averaging. Basic skills courses are exempt
                                                                             warranted due to some special situation or              from the one repeat rule.
                       Second Bachelor’s Degree                              hardship. Courses which a student is allowed to
                       If a student holds a baccalaureate degree from        drop after the deadline will appear on the           3. The last grade received is the grade that will
                       University of the Pacific and wishes to pursue a      student’s transcript with the notation “W” but          be calculated into the GPA.
                       second bachelor’s degree in a different specialty,    will not count in the units earned nor in the        4. Students may exercise their grade
                       a minimum of thirty two (32) semester units of        calculation of the grade point average.                 replacement rights up to a maximum of
                       work must be completed between receipt of the         Any petitions approved after the deadline dates         three times while enrolled in undergraduate
                       first and second degree. For some degrees more        will be subject to a clerical service fee. Tuition      degree programs at Pacific. Basic skills are
                       than 32 additional units may be needed. The           and fee refunds are based on the date you               exempt from the three times rule.
                       residence requirement (32 units of the last 40        complete paperwork with Student Academic             5. The current grade averaging policy remains
academic regulations

                       semester units of registration must be completed      Support Services.                                       unchanged for courses in which a student
                       at Pacific) applies for the second bachelor’s
                                                                             Course Audit
                                                                                                                                     has received a grade of C or above. However,
                                                                                                                                     grade averaging now is also available to
                                                                             Auditing of courses is an option that allows
                       Acquisition of Graduate Credit as an                                                                          students who have “used” their three grade
                                                                             exposure to a course with no course credit or
                       Undergraduate                                                                                                 replacements and wish to retake another
                                                                             grade given. To audit a course, approval must be
                       Undergraduate students seeking to open a                                                                      course or courses for which they have
                                                                             granted by both the instructor and the chair of
                       graduate transcript (i.e., earn graduate credit)                                                              received a grade of C- or below.
                                                                             the department in which the course is offered.
                       may do so if they apply and are accepted to the       Auditing is not available in participation courses   6. In any course or program where enrollment
                       Graduate School and meet all conditions of the        such as applied music, physical education, art          demand exceeds the resources to offer
                       Petition to Receive Graduate Credit as an             courses of an applied nature, etc. Students             sufficient openings or sections to meet that
                       Undergraduate. The application and petition           auditing a course must pay both an auditing fee         demand, the academic unit may give
                       must be approved before the last day to add           and any material or laboratory fees that are            registration priority to students taking the
                       classes of the last semester as an undergraduate.     required. Courses taken through auditing may            course for the first time.
                       Units cannot be retroactively transferred from        not subsequently be converted to course credit or
                       an undergraduate to a graduate program.                                                                    Grade Replacement Policy:
                                                                             grade. The student must indicate a desire to
                       Petitions may be picked up in the Research and                                                             The policy applies only to courses originally
                                                                             audit the course at the time of registration.
                       Graduate Studies Office.                                                                                   taken at Pacific and repeated at Pacific. The last
                                                                             Enrollment in Graduate Level Courses by              grade received is the grade that will be
                       Withdrawals                                           Undergraduates                                       calculated into the GPA although the transcript
                       An official withdrawal is normally granted to         Qualified undergraduate students may take            will include all courses and earned grades. The
                       students who complete the withdrawal petition         graduate classes (course numbers 200 or above)       student receives credit for the units of the course
                       properly and turn it in to the Office of Student      only under exceptional circumstances.                only once. Students may exercise their grade
                       Life prior to the last day for dropping classes for   Furthermore, undergraduates must have upper-         replacement rights up to a maximum of three
                       the term. Students who withdraw without filing        division standing, receive approval of an adviser,   times while at Pacific. Repeats of basic skills
                       such a petition may incur academic penalties. If      and have approval from the Dean of the               courses are not included in this maximum.
                       a student wishes to withdraw from a term after        Graduate School. No assurance of student
                       the deadline for dropping classes, the                                                                     Grade Averaging Policy:
                                                                             success is implied by permission of the faculty
                       withdrawal must be approved by the Academic           member/dean.                                         The repeat rule applies in cases where either the
                       Regulations Committee. If approved, the courses                                                            original course or the repeated course is taken at
                       the student was registered for will appear on that    Repetition of a Course/Grade Replacement             another institution. When such repeats occur,
                       student’s transcript with the notation “W” but        Policy:                                              both the original grade and repeat grade are
                       will not count in the units earned nor in             General Repeat Policy:                               averaged in the GPA although the student
                       calculation of the grade point average.                                                                    receives credit for the units of the course only
                                                                             New University-wide Grade Replacement Policy
                                                                                                                                  once. Grade averaging would also be available
                       Changes in the Study Program                          Changes have been made to the University grade       to students who have “used” their three grade
                       If the student desires to drop or add a course        replacement policy. Other aspects of University      replacements and wish to retake another course
                       after filing registration material, a drop/add        grading policies, including grade averaging,         or courses for which they would have received a
                       form must be completed, approved by the               that are not fully covered here, have not been       C- or below.
                       adviser and instructor, and processed in the          changed. Changes are effective immediately for
                       Office of the Registrar or by way of the Web.         all students who entered in the fall of 2003 (or     Credit by Examination
                       Deadlines for dropping or adding courses are          later). For all other current students the policy    An undergraduate student in good standing and
                       announced in the class schedule each term.            will be applied in the spring of 2006. Students      currently enrolled for four or more units may
                                                                             can petition for exceptions to this policy.          “challenge” by examination certain courses
                       After the deadline dates have passed (but prior to
                                                                                                                                  offered in the current term by the University.
                       the end of the term) requests to add or drop
                                                                                                                                  Departments have the right to designate which
                                                           C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                  21

of their courses are appropriate for credit by        Change of Major                                                 c. a time indicated for completion
examination. This policy is subject to the            A student who decides to change a major or to                      within but no later than the fol-
following restrictions:                               declare one must obtain the appropriate form                       lowing deadlines: for fall semes-
                                                                                                                         ter, by July 1 following; for spring
1. A student may challenge a course covering          from the office of the appropriate dean or from                    semester, by November 1 follow-
   material in which, because of independent          the Office of the Registrar. Requests for these                    ing; for summer term, by January
   study since high school graduation, or             changes are routinely approved and are needed                      1 following.
   because of work at another college or              to assure the assignment of an adviser.                            If work is not completed within
   university which was not accepted for transfer                                                                        these stipulated times, the
                                                      Class Attendance
   credit, the student feels prepared. It is the                                                                         instructor may wish to indicate a
                                                      Students are expected to attend classes regularly.                 grade in lieu of the F or NC which
   responsibility of the student to explain how       Specific attendance policies are, however,                         automatically would
   the material was mastered.                         determined by individual instructors who will                      be imposed with failure to com-
2. A student wishing to challenge a course            provide students with a written statement of                       plete the work. All incompletes
   should not expect the instructor of the course     such policies at the beginning of the semester.                    must be made up before gradua-
                                                                                                                         tion if the student intends to
   to provide assistance beyond an explanation        At the request of a student to the Office of                       complete the course.
   of the scope of the examination.                   Student Life, his/her instructors will be notified   N=         Deferred grading

                                                                                                                                                                 academic regulations
3. A student wishing to challenge a course may        of absences due to illness, University related       NC=        No credit recognition. Represents
   not attend the class meetings of the course.       activities, or other conditions beyond the control              unsatisfactory work under pass/no
4. A student may not receive credit by                of the student.                                                 credit option. Not assignable in the
                                                                                                                      Conservatory of Music.
   examination in the semester in which the           Grading Policies
                                                                                                           NG=        No Grade Received
   student intends to receive his or her
   baccalaureate degree.                              Symbols and Definitions                              P=         Passing work on the pass/no credit
                                                      Undergraduate and first professional level                      system. Approved only for certain
5. A student may not get credit by examination        students will be assigned grades in keeping with                courses and program of a college or
   for a course which the student has already                                                                         school.
                                                      the following provisions. (Grading policies for
   audited or failed with a grade of F or NC.         graduate students are defined in the Graduate        W=         Authorized withdrawal from courses
                                                                                                                      after the prescribed period. (Since
6. A student may not get credit by examination        School Catalog.)                                                2/1980)
   for a course in a structured sequence if the       A=          4.0        Outstanding work,
   student has received credit for a higher level                            highly meritorious            Pass/No Credit Grading System
   course in the sequence.                            A–          3.7                                      Depending upon the regulation of a particular
7. Credit earned by a challenge examination           B+          3.3                                      college or school, students may request to
   may not be used to meet the University             B=          3.0        Very good but not             receive pass or no credit grades rather than the
   residency requirement.                                                    outstanding                   traditional letter grades. This is available to
                                                      B–          2.7                                      encourage enrollments in courses outside the
A student wishing to pursue the credit by                                                                  student’s area of major or specialization and
examination option must:                              C+          2.3
                                                                                                           thus to help broaden the student’s general
                                                      C=          2.0        Satisfactory
1. obtain the appropriate form from the Office                                                             education.
                                                      C–          1.7
   of the Registrar;                                                                                       Normally this freedom is limited to one course per
                                                      D+          1.3
2. obtain approval from his or her adviser, the                                                            student per term and does not include courses
                                                      D=          1.0        Barely passing but
   instructor offering the course, and the dean                              counts toward graduation      within a student’s major field. Forms are available
   of the school or college offering the course,                                                           in the Office of the Registrar and must be
                                                      F=          0.0        Failure. Will count in the
   and                                                                       grade point average.          submitted prior to the deadline for adding classes.
3. pay the scheduled service fee.                                            Must be repeated with a
                                                                             satisfactory grade to         Scholastic Actions
Successful completion of the examination will                                receive credit toward
be recorded on the transcript with a grade of                                graduation. Also, an F is     Dean’s Honor Roll
pass and will be made a part of the student’s                                a default grade given         Each undergraduate student currently enrolled
academic record in the term in which the                                     when an instructor does       in the University of the Pacific who achieves a
examination is requested. Appropriate tuition                                not report a grade.           3.5 grade point average at the close of a term in
fees will be assessed.                                AU=          Audit                                   which twelve or more units of letter-graded (A
                                                      I=          Incomplete work due to extenuating       through F) work have been completed will be
Change of Degree Objective                                        and hardship circumstances which         declared as being on the Dean’s Honor Roll for
A student who has been admitted to one degree                     prevent the completion of the work       that term. A notation will be indicated on the
program and who later desires to change the                       assigned within the regular time of
                                                                                                           student’s academic record of this achievement.
objective to another degree or to another college                 the term. Each incomplete grade
                                                                  assigned must be accompanied with        Honors at Graduation
or school of the University must submit the
                                                                  a contract statement agreed to by
appropriate request to the Office of the Registrar.               both instructor and student as to:       The determination of Honors at Graduation will
                                                                                                           be made by each college or school in
                                                                  a. what work remains to be completed
                                                                                                           conjunction with the approval of the Committee
                                                                  b. how it is to be evaluated             on Academic Affairs.
22                                                                     UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

               Academic Standing                                   A student who has been disqualified may appeal        Official transcripts of credit earned at other
               At the end of each semester, a student’s            immediately for reconsideration and possible          institutions which have been presented for
               academic standing will be determined to be one      reinstatement on probation within the same            admission or evaluation of credit become the
               of the following: good standing, good standing      school or college or in another school or college     property of the University and are not reissued or
               with warning, probation, or subject to              of the University. A disqualified student who has     copied for distribution to other institutions.
               disqualification. The criteria for these academic   been out of the University for one semester or        Copies of transcripts of work completed at other
               standings are based upon a combination of           more may apply for readmission to the                 institutions must be obtained from the
               cumulative Pacific GPA and the term GPA and         University through the Admissions Office. If          originating institution.
               vary according to a student’s classification.       readmitted, such a student would enter on
                                                                                                                         Class Standing
               Unless admitted on probation, a student is in       probation and would need to make up the
               good standing during the first semester of          earlier deficiency in order to attain good            Undergraduate students will be designated
               attendance. Students who are subject to             academic standing.                                    freshmen, sophomores, juniors or seniors by the
               disqualification are reviewed by an appropriate                                                           number of units which have been completed
                                                                   Residence Requirement                                 toward graduation as follows:
               committee and are either disqualified from
               further enrollment at the University or are         The minimum residence requirement for a               1 - 27 1/2 units designates a freshman.
               allowed to continue for the next semester on        bachelor’s degree program is 32 out of the last
                                                                                                                         28 - 55 1/2 units designates a sophomore.
student life

               probation. Criteria for the different academic      40 units of registration in the University of the
               standings are outlined below:                       Pacific just prior to receiving the degree.           56 - 91 1/2 units designates a junior.
                                                                   Normally these 32 units must be taken on the
               Good Standing: A term GPA of 2.00 or higher                                                               92 - up units designates a senior.
                                                                   Stockton campus, but study in Pacific-affiliated
               and a cumulative Pacific GPA of 2.00 or higher.     programs elsewhere in the United States or
                                                                   abroad may count toward the residency                 Student Life
               Good Standing with Warning: A term GPA
               below 2.00 and a cumulative Pacific GPA of 2.00     requirement if the student has taken at least 32      In a student-centered learning environment,
               or higher.                                          units on the Stockton campus at the time of           much of a university student’s education can
                                                                   graduation. The school or college from which          take place outside the classroom. The Division
               Probation: After a semester in Good Standing.                                                             of Student Life at Pacific enhances all aspects of
                                                                   the student is to graduate may stipulate that the
               Freshmen through Juniors: a term GPA below                                                                a student’s overall personal growth and
                                                                   units in residence must include certain specific
               2.00 and a cumulative Pacific GPA below 2.00.                                                             educational experience. For this reason, the
                                                                   requirements in the major program and/or a
               After a semester in Good Standing with Warning                                                            University of the Pacific has made a
                                                                   certain minimum of units within the school or
               or Probation. Freshmen: a term GPA below 2.00                                                             commitment to the development of students –
                                                                   department of the major.
               and a cumulative Pacific GPA between 1.50 and                                                             their intellect, emotions, values, and purpose –
               1.99. Sophomores: a term GPA below 2.00 and a       Application for Graduation
                                                                                                                         in a holistic and cohesive manner that leads
               cumulative Pacific GPA between 1.80 and 1.99.       An application for graduation filed with the          them toward a more coherent view of knowledge
               Juniors: a term GPA below 2.00 and a                Office of the Registrar is an indication of an        and a more integrated life. The implementation
               cumulative Pacific GPA between 1.95 and 1.99.       intent to graduate at a specific time. It should      of this philosophy manifests itself in the
               All undergraduates: a term GPA of 2.00 or           be filed with the Office of the Registrar in the      multiple programs that are provided to assist
               higher and a cumulative Pacific GPA below           spring semester by any student expecting to           students in learning outside the classroom and
               2.00. A student on academic probation may not       fulfill degree requirements during the next           assist students in developing a sense of
               register for independent study.                     academic year. This allows time for a review of       belonging to the campus community and the
               Subject to Disqualification: After a semester in    studies completed and to enable the students to       City of Stockton.
               Good Standing. Seniors: a term GPA below 2.00       enroll for any requirements not yet completed.
               and a cumulative Pacific GPA below 2.00. After      Certification for actual graduation will be by the    Division of Student Life
               a semester in Good Standing with Warning or         adviser and the faculty of the college or school.
                                                                                                                         Student Life at Pacific is here for students from
               Probation. Freshmen: a term GPA below 2.00          Students may graduate at the end of the fall          the first time they arrive on campus for
               and a cumulative Pacific GPA below 1.50.            semester, end of the spring semester, or end of       orientation, to graduation, to becoming an
               Sophomores: a term GPA below 2.00 and a             the summer sessions, but graduation                   active alumnus. The vision of Student Life at
               cumulative Pacific GPA below 1.80. Juniors: a       ceremonies are held only once a year in May.          Pacific is to be nationally recognized as an
               term GPA below 2.00 and a cumulative Pacific
                                                                   Records and Transcripts                               exemplary Student Life program committed to
               GPA below 1.95. Seniors: a term GPA below 2.00
                                                                   An academic record for each student is                the development of a campus culture that values
               and a cumulative Pacific GPA below 2.00.
                                                                   maintained in the Office of the Registrar. This       Diversity, Integrity, Collaboration, Leadership,
               Disqualified: Each school determines whether a      official record is considered to be both private      Respect, and the connection of individuals to
               student subject to disqualification is              and confidential and is used in the conduct of        the Community. The mission of Student Life is
               disqualified. If not disqualified, a student        the student’s personal and academic affairs.          to provide exceptional service and support to
               subject to disqualification will be on probation                                                          Pacific students. Through innovative thinking
               for the following term. If disqualified a student   Upon written request by the student, an official      and dynamic programs, each Student Life staff
               will not be allowed to register for further study   transcript of his or her academic record is issued    member focuses on all aspects of a student’s
               at the University during a regular term while       to whomever he or she designates provided that        personal growth and educational experience.
               disqualified, but may attend the “open              all of the student’s financial obligations to the     These values transcend individual roles and
               enrollment” summer sessions.                        University are in order. A service fee of $4.00 per   departmental functions and unify the division.
                                                                   transcript is charged for processing the record.      The mission is fulfilled through:
                                                         C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                 23

• Sharing individual skills, passions,               Community partners. During the academic year          Housing
  differences and lives through the services and     Pacific students tutor youth, conduct on-campus       Central to student life at Pacific is the
  programs that we provide to each student;          enrichment programs. conduct blood drives,            University’s on-campus housing system. In
• Creating a living, learning, and working           and volunteer at many non-profits including           keeping with its educational goals, the
  environment that encourages students to            Children’s Home of Stockton, Delta Human              University considers the residential living
  reach their potential;                             Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, St. Mary’s         experience to be an important part of its
                                                     Interfaith and Community Services, Stockton           educational opportunities, and that such an
• Encouraging the expression, understanding          Arts Commission, Stockton Shelter for the             experience can contribute significantly to a
  of, and respect for differences within and         Homeless, the Women’s Center and many more.           student’s development and to the learning
  beyond our university community;                   The on-campus community services                      process. The University requires all students who
• Intentionally facilitating the inclusion of all    organizations include Alpha Chi Omega,                are of freshmen or sophomore class standing
  community members through active                   Anderson Y, and Circle K. Some of the campus          (earning less than 56 units) to live on campus.
  community building;                                community involvement events have included:           The only exceptions are for students who reside
                                                     students from the School of Education teaching        with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) at their
• Working towards social justice related to
                                                     youth to construct balloons and pin wheels            permanent address within the 50 miles of the
  policy and historic and emerging forms of
                                                     during the annual Balloon Fest, Physical              University, or who are over the age of 23

                                                                                                                                                                student life
                                                     Education students teaching swimming to the           (twenty-three). Additional information on this
• Modeling ethical decision making and               disabled; Conservatory of Music students using        policy is available in the Tiger Lore and from
  leadership;                                        their special talents as therapy for mental           the Housing Office.
• Collaborating with faculty, students, staff, and   patients; Spanish-speaking students teaching
                                                                                                           The residence system provides living
  community partners to provide learning             adult Mexican-Americans to speak and read
                                                                                                           accommodations in residence halls,
  experiences that extend beyond the                 English. In addition, Pharmacy students are
                                                                                                           fraternities, sororities and apartment facilities
  classroom;                                         actively involved in the community through the
                                                                                                           for approximately 2,200 students. All
                                                     Academy of Students of Pharmacy. Programs
• Celebrating our community                                                                                University-operated Greek houses, residence
                                                     sponsored by the students include the Aids
  accomplishments and;                                                                                     halls and apartments are staffed by
                                                     Awareness, Diabetes Education, the Drug
                                                                                                           professional and graduate student staff who are
• Being flexible, passionate, and fun.               Awareness Children’s Carnival and the
                                                                                                           responsible to Housing.
                                                     TJLSOPHS Immunization Certificate programs.
Parents and Family Resources                                                                               Each of the University’s residence halls are
                                                     The prominence of the Pharmacy students in
Parents and Family Resources is a program            these areas has manifested itself over the years      coeducational, where men and women reside
within Student Life and provides timely and          by the accumulation of awards and grants.             within the same facility. All students living in
helpful information to the families of Pacific                                                             the residence halls and some fraternities are
students. Parents and Family Weekend is              Community Involvement Program and                     required to purchase a meal plan.
scheduled during the fall semester. Parents and      Multicultural Affairs Office
                                                     The Community Involvement Program,                    Some residence halls are reserved for students
family members with questions about Pacific
                                                     established in 1969, is designed to serve the         interested in Thematic Living. Thematic Living
resources or programs may seek assistance
                                                     educational needs of local Stockton residents         options include the Academic Honors program,
through the staff of the Student Life Office at
                                                     who demonstrate a historically low family             Academic Humanities program, Intercultural
(209) 946-2365. Information on Parent &
                                                     income and have been involved in community            interests, Leadership Involvement and a Healthy
Family Weekend and other programs specifically
                                                     service. Current University of the Pacific students   Lifestyles/Substance-Free community. Most
for family members can also be accessed via the
                                                     do not qualify. The Community Involvement             University apartments are reserved for upper-
internet – just click “Parent” on the University’s
                                                     Program is only for new incoming and Delta            class students who have either a junior or senior
website www.pacific.edu. University calendar
                                                     College transfer students. Students in the            standing. The Tower View Apartments retain
information, campus news, and special event
                                                     Program must contribute a significant amount          priority for married students. Residence within
information can also be accessed through the
                                                     of time in the Stockton Community through             the fraternity and sorority system, with some
“Parent” page.
                                                     volunteering at various community service             exceptions, is limited to students who were
Community Services                                   agencies.                                             members of the organization the previous
Under the direction of the Office of Student Life,                                                         semester.
the Community Services program and the               Multicultural Affairs works with the University of
                                                     the Pacific campus and community to promote           Housing assignments to the residence halls and
Pacific’s REACH OUT program provides in-depth                                                              the apartments are made at the Office of
learning in Leadership, Advocacy, and Activism       cultural diversity across campus. The office
                                                     promotes programs, services, and activities to        University Housing. Students already enrolled
through service to the community. The REACH                                                                apply directly to the Office. Upon acceptance to
OUT program provides students with a directory       encourage cooperative relations among diverse
                                                     groups. The staff within the office advises the       the University an applicant will be sent a
of opportunities and other resources to                                                                    contract/application brochure for housing and
contribute through community service and             United Cultural Council (UCC) which is the
                                                     governing body of all cultural students’              dining services, along with more detailed
volunteer work with a diverse number of non-                                                               information. The housing and dining contracts
profit organizations. During orientation             organizations on campus and the Multicultural
                                                     Greek Council (MGC). Multicultural Affairs            are for the complete academic year including
“Welcome Weekend”, new students can choose                                                                 both the fall and spring semesters. The residence
to become involved in an “Opportunity for            office provides leadership opportunity for all
                                                     students through the Multicultural Leadership         halls and dining halls are not open during the
Involvement”. The students are able to visit and                                                           winter break recess period.
experience working with some of our                  Retreat, Celebrate Diversity month Calendar and
                                                     events, and a multitude of other components.
24                                                                      UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

               Dining Services                                      immunizations, routine physicals, and health          concerns. In addition, Counseling Services offers
               The Dining Service Program is provided by Bon        education are well-utilized preventative care         educational outreach programs to the university
               Appetit, the premier name in university dining.      services. Prescription medications are made           community.
               Menus are created by the on-site Executive Chef      available as indicated. Several categories of         The Counseling Services staff includes licensed
               with an emphasis on taste and quality using          medication are provided directly through the          psychologists, a marriage and family therapist,
               only the freshest ingredients. The program           Center, otherwise prescriptions are filled at local   and experienced pre-doctoral interns working
               requires students residing in the residence halls    pharmacies. Laboratory services include limited
               to participate, within the Quad Dining complex                                                             under licensed supervision. Counseling sessions
                                                                    in-house testing and full service processing          are confidential and free of charge.
               (all you can eat venue), in one of three meal        through local labs.
               plan options (19 Meal Plan, 14 Meal Plan or 10                                                             After-hours emergency crisis consultation is
               Meal Plan). The three options also provide a         Chronic health care is not routinely provided.        available by contacting the Department of
               specific cash amount for use at the Summit           However, students may be referred to local            Public Safety at (209) 946-3911, and requesting
               (food court) and the Redwood Room (lunch             specialists as the need arises. Hospitalization       university assistance. Students may call (209)
               restaurant-buffet style). In addition to the above   and emergency treatment for life-threatening          946-2225 for an appointment to see a counselor,
               meal plans, students residing in on-campus           conditions are not managed in the Center. In          or stop by the office Monday through Friday
               apartments and off-campus can participate in a       those circumstances care is referred to one of        8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
               5 Meal Plan. Students also have the option to        three local hospitals. Staff may arrange for
student life

               participate in the Express Plan (a pre-paid debit    ambulance transport as indicated.                     The Student Victim Advocate Program
               program). The Express may be used in any of                                                                The Student Victim Advocate Program is housed
                                                                    The Wellness Center fee pays for unlimited visits
               the three dining locations and at the Tiger                                                                within Counseling Services. The Student Victim
                                                                    to the Center. Further costs are generated with
               Grocery Store. Additional information on the                                                               Advocate provides free and confidential
               Dining Services Program is available from the        the purchase of medication, diagnostic testing,
                                                                    or referrals to off campus health care providers.     information, advocacy and support to students
               Housing Office.                                                                                            who may be victims or survivors of crime,
                                                                    Students can elect to pay costs at time of service,
               Cowell Wellness Center                               charge them to their student accounts, or bill        violence or abuse. This includes but is not
               Cowell Student Wellness Center houses health,        their health insurance plans.                         limited to battery, theft, assault, stalking, sexual
               counseling services and student victim advocate                                                            battery, rape (acquaintance/date/stranger),
                                                                    Health Insurance                                      attempted sexual assault, and sexual
               services. The facility is located north of the
               footbridge, at 1041 Brookside Road, in Stockton.     The University has a mandatory health insurance       harassment. The Student Victim Advocate can be
               Services are available to students who have paid     policy with a hard waiver. This requires all          reached on a 24 hour basis. The Student Victim
               the student health fee and are enrolled at any of    students to submit a copy of their health             Advocate is also available to speak to classes,
               Pacific’s campuses. Students are required to         insurance card to the Cowell Wellness Center          student groups and residential communities on
               submit documentation of an entrance physical,        prior to registering for classes. Students have the   topics such as: sexual assault awareness, healthy
               health insurance coverage, and meet the              option to enroll in the University of the Pacific     relationships, personal safety and self defense.
               immunization and TB clearance requirements.          student health insurance plan, select an outside
                                                                                                                          Career Services
                                                                    plan, or be covered under their families policy.
               Health Services                                                                                            The Career Resource Center (CRC), located in
                                                                    Counseling Services                                   Hand Hall, provides comprehensive career
               Routine health services are provided on an
               appointment basis, Monday through Friday             Counseling Services assists currently enrolled        services that facilitate goal setting, academic
               from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Center is closed on        Pacific students who may be experiencing              and non-academic internship search, graduate
               weekends and holidays. When services are             situational, psychological or interpersonal           and professional school admissions, and post
               unavailable, students may access a Nurse Advice      difficulties. The goal of Counseling Services is to   graduation employment efforts of students and
               Line to receive instructions or recommendations      enable students to benefit from, and maximize         alumni. Students, even as freshmen, are
               for treatment options. Students using the advice     their educational experience at Pacific. Located      encouraged to participate in CRC programs,
               line must be currently enrolled and provide their    in the Cowell Wellness Center, Counseling             services and events. Students at every class
               student identification numbers. Center staff will    Services offers individual and group counseling       standing will find opportunities to meet their
               provide follow-up as needed on the next              concerning a variety of issues. These include:        career needs through the CRC. The CRC
               operational day.                                     dating, family relationships, depression, anxiety,    provides services and events that assist students
                                                                    grieving, sexuality, self-esteem and self-image,      and alumni to develop the skills required to
               Health care providers consist of full time Nurse     eating disorders and body image, sexual abuse         obtain part-time, full time, work study, summer
               Practitioners and a Physician consultant. Other      or harassment, drug and alcohol concerns,             jobs or graduate school admission. The CRC
               staff members include an Executive Director,         roommate disputes, stress management,                 staff is available to support students and alumni
               Finance Officer, Medical Assistants, Insurance       assertiveness training, time management,              who are in all parts of the process of identifying
               Coordinator and administrative support. Health       decision making, goal setting, and values             activities and steps necessary to achieve
               care delivery and medical record management          clarification. Personality testing is available as    employment and academic goals. Emphasis is
               are protected by privacy and confidentiality         well as psychiatric consultation and limited          placed on students participating in active career
               regulations.                                         medical management of psychotropic                    exploration and skills building through
               Health services include the management of            medications. Assessments for learning                 internship opportunities and other experiential
               common health problems such as acute minor           disabilities and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity      learning opportunities.
               illnesses and injuries, and preventative care.       Disorder (ADHD) are offered at a reduced cost.        The CRC also sponsors and coordinates on-
               Routine gynecological care (Pap smears),             Counseling Services consults with other campus        campus recruitment events as well as career
               contraceptive maintenance, STD testing,              offices regarding mental health related               fairs, graduate and professional school days,
                                                         C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                      25

and etiquette dinners. These events bring over       exhibition program is closely correlated with the     Campus Safety
100 diverse companies and organizations to           Art Department’s academic goals and features          The University is serviced by the Department of
campus to interact with job seekers and career       guest artists’ lectures and demonstrations. The       Public Safety. The campus police are dedicated
explorers. Engineering firms, technology             Gallery is located in the Art Center.                 to the goal of maintaining the excellent
manufacturers, consulting firms,                                                                           academic environment that the University
pharmaceutical companies, consumer products                                                                provides. The department provides many
merchandisers, banks, financial services firms,      A Student Support Services (SSS) grant from the       services, which are designed to make the time
retailers, hospitals, government agencies, school    U.S. Department of Education provides funding         spent on campus a pleasant and rewarding
districts and non profit organizations actively      for 200 eligible students to participate in a         experience. Students are encouraged to avail
recruit Pacific students and alumni. The CRC         program designed to assist in retention and           themselves of these services. University of Public
also coordinates other various on campus             graduation and in the overall academic success        Safety programs include: date rape prevention,
recruiting related activities.                       of its students. SUCCESS is a federal TRIO            self protection, crime prevention, emergency
                                                     program designed to assist students in                phones, Ride Along Program, and special event
In addition, the CRC provides access to a variety    overcoming academic, social, cultural and other
of hard copy and electronic resources related to                                                           planning. The office also oversees the S.T.R.I.P.E
                                                     barriers to academic success. The following           program which is a safety escort service
career exploration and job search. Graduate          services are available to SUCCESS students:
study, work study, part-time, and full time                                                                managed by students. For any further

                                                                                                                                                                 activities and organizations
opportunities are easily accessed through            • One-on-one tutoring                                 information or questions that you may have,
postings in the office and on e-recruiting. E-       • Personal, financial and career counseling           phone Public Safety at (209) 946-2537 or visit
recruiting allows students to search for career,                                                           our web site link under Student Life at
                                                     • Assistance with financial aid matters               www.pacific.edu.
work study, internships, and workshop
opportunities twenty four hours a day, seven         • Workplace and graduate/professional school
days a week from the convenience of any                visits                                              Activities and Organizations
computer with Internet access. It also allows the    • Assistance in applying to                           While giving primary emphasis to the goal of
staff of the Center to efficiently match student       graduate/professional schools.                      academic excellence, the University recognizes
resumes with employer opportunities.                                                                       and encourages co-curricular activities through
                                                     Studies by the U.S. Department of Education
CRC is a comprehensive career center offering        document that students who receive all of the         academic, political, recognition, professional,
services for students and alumni seeking to          services of SUCCESS are more than twice as            and fraternal activities. There are a wide variety
establish and accomplish goals related to            likely to remain in college than students from        of religious, social, cultural, recreational,
employment, and post graduate education. The         similar backgrounds who do not receive services.      special interest and governance organizations.
CRC offers personalized counseling, job              For more information contact the SUCCESS              Student Government
searching strategies, posting mechanism, and a       Office at: Bannister Hall, first floor. Telephone:    The Associated Students is the student
range of other offerings to meet student and         (209) 946-2439; FAX: (209) 946-2984; e-mail:          government of the University of the Pacific
alumni career related needs.                         abautist@pacific.edu.                                 (ASUOP). ASUOP is completely operated and
McCaffrey Center                                     Religious Life                                        funded by the University of the Pacific students.
The Stanley E. McCaffrey Center, named after         The University offers students a variety of           The organization houses five different entities
Pacific’s 21st President, is considered the          opportunities to deepen knowledge and                 which are the ASUOP Government. Arts and
“student union” at the University. As the            understanding of their faith and to express           Entertainment, Retail, Communications and
“student union”, McCaffrey is the focal point for    commitment through community worship and              Productions ASUOP has a dual mission: 1) to
student activities. It’s a place to enjoy a meal,    service. Whether the student is a person of faith     serve as an official channel for the free
attend a lecture or meet with other students,        or is a person of no particular faith; whether        exchange of ideas and opinions among the
faculty and staff. Facilities at McCaffrey include   they consider themselves religious, spiritual or      administration, faculty, staff, and students; 2) to
a smart lecture hall/movie theatre, a lounge,        simply open to learning about what and how            provide services and student activities across
game rooms, University Bookstore, two separate       others believe, the University Chaplain’s Office is   campus that enrich the social, cultural, and
dining facilities, Tiger Grocery Store, Etc. Gift    committed to support and encourage the                educational aspects of university life.
Store and the offices of the ASUOP (Associated       students on their journey. Pacific has many           A fee of $75.00 per semester is automatically
Students of University of the Pacific).              active faith based groups and organizations           assessed to every undergraduate or professional
Activities at the Center are sponsored by ASUOP      including: Hillel (Jewish Students), Chi Alpha,       student registered with more than 8.5 units
Productions, ASUOP Arts & Entertainment,             Newman House, Intervarsity Christian                  determining them as an ASUOP member. This
                                                     Fellowship, Muslim Students Association,              fee income, combined with various revenue
Residence Hall Association and many other
                                                     Buddhist Students, Pacific Pagan Council,             sources, amounts to a total budget to fund the
groups. The activities within the center include:
                                                     Canterbury Club, Hindu students, Sikh students,       programs services, activities, and goals of the
casino nights, movie series, coffeehouses, lecture                                                         Associated Students. ASUOP has designated a
series and open mic nights. These activities and     Fellowship of Christian Athletes and more.
                                                                                                           large part of the budget to fund the unique
events add to the overall experience of Pacific      In greater Stockton itself, over 160 different        social and professional needs of Pacific students.
students.                                            churches, synagogues and other religious              The student leadership within each constituent
Art Gallery                                          organizations can be found. Many offer classes        school provides additional attention and
                                                     and activities especially oriented to the student.    personal service for those students.
The Richard H. Reynolds Art Gallery is a
professional art exhibition gallery featuring                                                              The success of ASUOP depends upon active
noted regional and national artists. The                                                                   student involvement. The University and the
 26                                                                                       UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                               Associated Students encourage student                 charge. Memberships to the Center are also              the International Spring Festival. Past major
                               involvement in campus governance and believe          available at a fee to other students, faculty, staff,   events include: CAKE: In Concert, Third Eye
                               that a sound administration calls for shared          and alumni.                                             Blind, Spike Lee, Reel Big Fish, Politically
                               responsibility among all members of the                                                                       Incorrect with Bill Maher, Save Ferris, Wayne
                               campus community. To get involved or for              Outdoor Connection
                                                                                                                                             Brady & Friends, Margaret Cho, David Sedaris,
                               further information, visit the ASUOP office           The Pacific Outdoor Connection is a brand new           and Terri McMillan.
                               located on the second level of the McCaffrey          Campus Recreation program. The program
                               Center, or call (209) 946-2233.                       hosts four components; an indoor climbing               Forensics
                                                                                     wall, outdoor adventure trips, outdoor                  Debate and other forms of competitive speaking
                               Intercollegiate Athletics                             equipment rentals, and a resource center with           are traditions at Pacific and are fields in which
                               The University is an NCAA Division I-AAA              guide books, magazines, and maps all                    the University has attained national recognition.
                               institution and a member of the Big West              conveniently located in one area. The overall           Forensics students at Pacific typically travel to
                               Conference. A broad range of intercollegiate          goal of the Pacific Outdoor Connection is to            tournaments throughout the academic year.
                               athletic opportunities are offered in both team       provide outdoor opportunities for the whole             They compete in Parliamentary Debate,
                               and individual sports. Men’s sports include           diverse campus community. We look forward to            Persuasive Speaking, Expository Speaking, After
                               baseball, basketball, golf, swimming, tennis,         seeing you on one of our trips, on the wall, or
                                                                                                                                             Dinner Speaking, Impromptu Speaking,
                               volleyball and water polo. Women’s sports             planning your own adventure at the resource
activities and organizations

                                                                                                                                             Extemporaneous Speaking, Dramatic
                               include basketball, cross country, field hockey,      center with equipment rentals.
                                                                                                                                             Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Poetry
                               soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, volleyball        Theatre Arts                                            Interpretation, and Prose Interpretation.
                               and water polo. Notable among the facilities are      Highly rated among college production groups,           Students who attain exceptional records often
                               the 30,000-seat A. A. Stagg Memorial Stadium,         University Theatre contributes to the cultural          qualify for the National Parliamentary Debate
                               Pacific Aquatics Center with an Olympic-size          and entertainment life of the campus and                Association Tournament and the American
                               swimming pool, Bill Simoni Field (softball),          community by presenting a regular season of             Forensics Association National Individual Events
                               Hall Nelson Tennis Courts and the 6,000-seat          plays and dance concerts in the Long Theatre            Tournament.
                               Alex G. Spanos Center.                                and the DeMarcus Brown Studio Theatre. The
                               Campus Recreation                                     theatres are a laboratory for theatre arts majors
                                                                                                                                             The University Symphony Orchestra presents a
                               The Department of Campus Recreation offers            but are open to all others by tryout. Credits
                                                                                                                                             full series of symphony concerts each year. The
                               facilities and programs to improve the quality of     applicable to degree requirements may be
                                                                                                                                             Symphony also performs for opera, choral and
                               life for students, faculty, staff, and alumni.        earned by approved participation.
                                                                                                                                             commencement performances featuring student
                               Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are encouraged   KPAC (Pacific Student Radio)                            artists.
                               to take the time to explore the recreational          Students have the opportunity to participate in the
                               opportunities and participate in the programs.                                                                Bands
                                                                                     activities of KPAC, a student operated radio station.
                               The Department of Campus Recreation is                The station allows students to gain practical           The Symphonic Wind Ensemble presents an on-
                               comprised of the Main Gym, Baun Fitness               experiences and test classroom theory. KPAC             campus concert series and is the Conservatory of
                               Center, Hal Nelson Tennis Courts, Brookside and       utilizes a low-powered FM signal that broadcasts to     Music touring wind ensemble. The University
                               Zuckerman Fields, and Raney Recreation Area.          the Pacific and surrounding communities.                Concert Band presents on-campus and
                                                                                                                                             community concert series performing a variety
                               With more than 50 percent of Pacific’s student        ASUOP Productions                                       of concert band literature. The Pep Band
                               body annually participating in Campus                 ASUOP Productions is dedicated to the digital           performs at various University athletic events.
                               Recreation activities, the Department of Campus       preservation of student life at the University of       The Jazz Ensemble presents concerts, dances
                               Recreation has a strong following. Students will      the Pacific. A comprehensive program, it                and programs emphasizing music of the jazz
                               find diverse program offerings from Yoga,             includes digital still photography, digital video,      idiom. Students throughout the University are
                               informal basketball, competitive Intramural           editing, and media presentation production.             encouraged to audition for participation in all
                               Sports, and Sport Clubs. Students can connect         ASUOP Productions is an educational                     band ensembles.
                               with nature and the wilderness with Outdoor           environment in which students gain hands-on
                               Connection or utilize a full service Fitness          experience with state of the art equipment.             Choruses
                               Center open more hours than any other                                                                         The Pacific Singers presents an on-campus
                                                                                     ASUOP Arts & Entertainment (A&E)                        choral concert series and is the Conservatory of
                               building on campus.
                                                                                     ASUOP Arts & Entertainment entertains,                  Music touring choral ensemble. The University
                               Baun Fitness Center                                   enriches, and educates the University of the            Chorus presents an on-campus concert series
                               The Baun Fitness Center was completed in              Pacific and the City of Stockton with a variety of      performing a variety of choral literature. The
                               August of 2003. A signature feature of the 18,000     events. A&E comprises a talented event planning         Oriana Choir (Women’s Chorus) presents an on-
                               sq. ft. building is a 32-foot high rock climbing      staff whose mission is to further enhance the           campus concert series performing choral music
                               wall that can be viewed through the glass tower       social, cultural, and educational aspects of            for women’s voices. Students throughout the
                               entrance.                                             student life while expanding students’                  University are encouraged to audition for
                               The center includes areas for free and machine        knowledge and building leadership skills. With          participation in all choral ensembles.
                               weights, a variety of cardiovascular equipment,       an off-campus trips series that takes students all
                                                                                     over California, to an independent and foreign          Publications
                               two racquetball courts, group exercise rooms,
                                                                                     film series, A&E gives new perspective and new          The Pacifican is an independent weekly
                               outdoor rental equipment and locker rooms and
                                                                                     experiences to students at Pacific. A&E also            newspaper, published by the Pacifican
                               showers. All fee paying undergraduate Pacific
                                                                                     produces the annual Homecoming Festival and             Publication Board. It is financed by the ASUOP
                               students are eligible to use the facility free of
                                                        C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                           27

fee and advertising. Student managed, this          Phi Kappa Phi. Scholarship honor society for      Pacific American Marketing Association
publication serves as a laboratory for those          the upper tenth of each graduating class who    Pacific Humanities Center
interested in journalism.                             have distinguished themselves, and for
                                                      outstanding graduate students, alumni and       Pacific Model United Nations
The major publication of the University is the
Pacific Review and it is published three times a      faculty.                                        Pacific Music Management
year by the Office of Marketing and University      Pi Delta Phi. Theta Chi Chapter for honor         Pacific Music Therapy Association
Relations. Its purpose is to inform alumni,            students in French.
                                                                                                      Pacific Speech and Debate Society
parents, students and friends about the             Sigma Tau Delta. Phi Chi Chapter recognizes
University, its people and its events.                                                                Pacific Sport Management Group
                                                       and encourages outstanding achievement in
The Naranjado, Pacific’s yearbook, returned to         English language and literature.               Pacific Student Athlete Council
the campus in 2002 after a 10-year absence. The     Tau Beta Pi. Engineering Honor Society – all      Pacific Student Radio KPAC
book is published by the Naranjado Yearbook           engineering majors.
Club, an independent student organization.                                                            Pacific Pre-Med Club
Students gain experience in journalism,             National Professional Organizations               Professional Fraternity Council (PFC)
photography, graphic design and business as         Alpha Chi Sigma. Chapter for chemistry students   Public Relations Student Society of America

                                                                                                                                                     activities and organizations
they work to create a lasting record of the year.      who intend to make some phase of chemistry
                                                                                                      School of Education Student Association
Anderson Y Center                                      their life work.
                                                                                                      Society of Automotive Engineers
The Anderson Y Center has been affiliated with      Delta Sigma Pi. Lambda Mu Chapter for
the University since 1879. Named as one of the        business majors.                                Society of Hispanic Engineers
National “Points of Light” for building strong      Kappa Psi. Gamma Nu Chapter for male              Society of Women Engineers
community partnerships, the Anderson Y Center         pharmacy students.
continues to provide an arena for student                                                             Theta Alpha Phi (Theater)
development and community service programs.         Lambda Kappa Sigma. Alpha Xi Chapter for          General Fraternities
Recognized as a leader in innovative programs         female pharmacy students.
                                                                                                      National Panhellenic Council
on campus and in the community, the Center          Mu Phi Epsilon. Mu Eta Chapter for music
provides tutoring, mentor, enrichment,                major students.                                 Omega Delta Phi Club
outreach, training and development programs                                                           Omega Phi Alpha
                                                    Phi Alpha Delta. Largest legal fraternity
as well as numerous special events and projects.
                                                      composed of pre-law members.                    Phi Beta Sigma
The Program Director oversees the student
                                                    Phi Delta Chi. Alpha Psi Chapter for male         Phi Delta Theta
program managers and works closely with
                                                      pharmacy students.
campus and community volunteers, the board                                                            Phi Alpha Phi Club
of directors, and the Executive Director to         Rho Pi Phi. Pharmaceutical fraternity. Lambda
                                                                                                      Pi Kappa Alpha
provide continuity and professional resources to      Sigma Delta Chapter.
student-led programs.                                                                                 Sigma Chi
                                                    Sigma Alpha Iota. International female music
The Anderson Y Center receives support from            fraternity.                                    Theta Chi
Pacific’s Division of Student Life, ASUOP and       Academic Organizations                            General Sororities
numerous other organizations and individuals.
                                                    American Institute of Graphic Arts                Alpha Phi
National Honor Societies
                                                    American Society of Mechanical Engineers          Delta Delta Delta (Tau Kappa Kappa)
Alpha Lambda Delta. For freshmen with an
                                                    Associated Students of Civil Engineers            Delta Gamma (Epsilon Lambda Sigma)
   academic average of 3.50 or more.
                                                    Associated Students of Engineering Management     Delta Sigma Theta
Beta Beta Beta. Biology honor society for
   students with a Biological Sciences GPA of at    Association for Supervision and Curriculum        Kappa Alpha Theta (Alpha Theta Tau)
   least 3.0.                                          Development                                    Student Governance/Political
Beta Gamma Sigma. Honor society, recognizes         Association of Computing Machinery                Academy of Pharmacy Students (ASP)
   outstanding scholarly accomplishment of          Beta Alpha Psi
   those receiving their professional training in                                                     Associated Students of the University of the
   business and management.                         Conservatory Composers Club                          Pacific (ASUOP)
Eta Kappa Nu. For honor students in electrical      Eberhardt School of Business Association          Association of Engineering Students (ASE)
   engineering.                                     French Cultural Society                           College of the Pacific Student Association
Mortar Board. For seniors winning recognition       Institute of Electrical and Electronic              (COPA)
  for scholarship and campus leadership.               Engineering                                    Conservatory Student Senate
Order of Omega. For leaders who are members         National Society of Black Engineers               Greek Council
  of fraternities and sororities, maintaining a
                                                    Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.                  Multi Cultural Greek Council
  GPA of 3.0.
                                                    Pacific Adult Learners                            Multi Cultural Student Association
 28                                                                         UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                       Pacific College Republicans                      Fellowship of Christian Athletes                    over 100 corporations, government agencies,
                       Pacific Democrats                                Hillel Foundation                                   and non-profit organizations participate in this
                                                                                                                            exciting campus event.
                       Residence Hall Association (RHA)                 Hindu Students Association
                                                                                                                            Spring Career and Education Placement
                       Clubs and Organizations                          Interfaith Council                                  Fair
                       Cultural                                         Latter Day Saints Student Association               This Fair is designed to facilitate networking
                                                                        Lutheran Students Association                       between employers and students prior to the
                       African-American Student Union
                                                                                                                            spring on-campus recruiting events.
                       Cambodian Student Association                    Muslim Student Association                          Representatives from companies and non-profit
                       ELLAS (Estudiantes Liberes Latinos a la          Newman House                                        agencies attend the Fair to meet with students
                         Supercion)                                     Pacific Christian Fellowship/Intervarsity           who are seeking internships, part-time jobs, and
                                                                                                                            post-graduate placement. The Fair offers a
                       Hawaiian Club                                    Pagan Council                                       wonderful forum for students to learn more
                       Hmong Student Association                        Soka Gakkai Buddhist Students                       about the career opportunities that exist within
                       Japanese Culture Fans Association                                                                    each company or agency and how to apply for
                                                                        Special Interest                                    those they wish to pursue.
university standards

                       Karate Club                                      Alpha Phi Omega
                                                                                                                            Homecoming/Parents Weekend
                       Kilusan Pilipino                                 ASUOP Presents                                      An October weekend of excitement for students
                       Latin American Dance Club                        Celebrate Diversity                                 and their parents. A variety of activities take
                       Martial Arts Club                                                                                    place to celebrate Pacific and the culmination of
                                                                        Circle K International
                                                                                                                            Greek Week and RHA Spirit Week. The weekend
                       MCSA (Multicultural Student Association)         IMPACT                                              includes concerts, athletic and fine arts events,
                       M.E.Ch.A.                                        Moonlight Puppeteers                                and the Annual Homecoming Festival.
                       Middle Eastern Student Association               Pacific Admissions Welcoming Service                Founders Day
                       Milan                                            Pacific Gay/Straight Alliance                       An annual spring event that celebrates the
                                                                                                                            founding of the University by Methodist
                       Muslim Student Association                       Pacific Model United Nations                        missionaries and the heritage that came from
                       Naranjado Yearbook Club                          PALS (Pacific Adult Learners)                       them. Events include a chapel service for all
                       Pacific Korean Students Association                                                                  members of the University community and a
                                                                        Professional Fraternity Council
                                                                                                                            luncheon with speakers from the Heritage Society.
                       Pride Alliance                                   Student Health Advisory Committee
                                                                                                                            Holiday Festival of Lights
                       Rangzen-Pacific Tibet Alliance                   Students for Environmental Action                   An annual celebration, held in December,
                       UNIDOS                                           The Orange Army                                     incorporating various religious and cultural
                       United Cultural Council                          The Pacifican                                       traditions, including, Hanukkah, Christmas,
                                                                                                                            Ramadan, Winter Soltice and Kwanza.
                       Vietnamese Student Association                   Think Tank
                       Xi Chi Sigma                                                                                         Welcome Picnic
                                                                        Traditional Events at the University                A picnic is held during Welcome Weekend at the
                       Recreational                                     Celebrate Diversity                                 beginning of the fall semester. All students and
                       Badminton                                        A year-round educational campaign to promote        their relatives and friends are invited.
                       Men’s Soccer Club                                understanding and sensitivity toward diversity in   Student Activities Fair
                                                                        ability, age, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual   The Student Activities Fair is held annually on
                       Orange Army                                      orientation, size and socioeconomic class.          the third Thursday of the Fall Semester in the
                       Pacific Climbing Club                            Through cooperative leadership, students and        McCaffrey Center. The fair showcases student
                       Pacific Cycling                                  community organizations from diverse                organizations, together with local vendors and
                                                                        backgrounds build lasting alliances that service    artisans. Student organizations use the fair as
                       Pacific Men’s Lacrosse                           and empower each individual, the campus, and        an opportunity to inform new students about
                       Pacific Men’s and Women’s Crew                   the community. The year-long campaign               involvement opportunities. The fair also features
                                                                        culminates with an extended week of                 live music, games and giveaways.
                       Pacific Rugby Club
                                                                        programming in the spring.
                       Sports Club Council                                                                                  Women’s Week of Action
                                                                        Fall Career Fair and Graduate and
                       Women’s Soccer                                                                                       Generally in October, Women’s Week of Action is
                                                                        Professional Schools Day
                                                                                                                            a week of campus wide events which focuses on
                       Religious                                        The Fall Career Fair is for freshmen through        women’s health and safety.
                                                                        seniors as well as alumni. It offers an
                       Bishops Scholars
                                                                        opportunity for the student to explore career
                       Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship                   options as well as actively seek post-graduation
                       Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International   and internship opportunities. Each year, well
                                                          C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                    29

University Standards                                  units undergraduate, 8 units graduate) each           Student events that include alcoholic beverages
                                                      semester during which he/she holds office.            must be registered with the Office of Student
Academic Standards                                    He/she must successfully complete the above           Activities unless the event occurs in a private
Judicial Affairs                                      minimum units each semester in order to               living space and is limited to the contractees of
The Office of Judicial Affairs manages the student    continue in the position. Exceptions to this may      that particular living space.
judicial process for students on the Stockton         be made for seniors in the final semester prior to    The sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages
campus. Pacific has developed policies and            graduation.                                           on University premises for money, for token in
procedures to clarify the expectations and            A student must maintain a minimum of a 2.0            lieu of money, or by any other device which in
standards for students. Each student is responsible   cumulative GPA in all letter-graded coursework        fact constitutes sale is not permitted at any
for knowing and adhering to all University            attempted at the University of the Pacific. In        student event. Drunk and disorderly behavior is
policies and procedures. The policies are outlined    addition, specific policies of professional schools   prohibited. The distribution of alcohol through
specifically in the TIGER LORE Handbook and on        may stipulate that in order to hold student           communal containers is prohibited.
the web site at www.pacific.edu/studentlife/          office, a student must maintain a 2.0 GPA             This policy and the procedures that implement
judicialaffairs/policies.                             minimum in the required courses of the major          it apply only to the Stockton campus of the
                                                      program. Major leadership positions in ASUOP          University and to the students, student groups,
Honor Code
                                                      require a 2.5 GPA. Finally, a student may not be

                                                                                                                                                                  programs and services
All members of the University community are                                                                 and student events held on that campus and
                                                      on disciplinary probation during the period of        sponsored by a registered student organization.
entrusted with the responsibility of observing        time that he/she holds office. Except for any
high ethical conduct. Essential to the                professional school policy, exceptions to these       Drugs. The sale or distribution on or off
fundamental purpose of the University is the          standards may be considered by the Office of          University premises of drugs or other similar
commitment to the principles of truth and             Student Life.                                         substances designated as illegal by state or
honesty.                                                                                                    federal law and the possession and use of such
                                                      Campus Standards                                      drugs on University property is prohibited and
The Honor Code is designed so that
responsibility for upholding these principles lies    Rather than publish in this catalog a complete        may be considered sufficient cause for dismissal.
with the individual as well as the community.         and detailed code of the laws, rules and
                                                                                                            Dangerous Weapons. The possession of
The code fosters and advances an environment          regulations that students are required to follow,
                                                                                                            firearms of all descriptions, including, but not
of ethical conduct in the community of the            the University declares its intention to uphold all
                                                                                                            limited to, air-powered weapons, firecrackers
University, the foundation of which includes the      federal, state and municipal laws applicable and
                                                                                                            and any other exploding devices, and any
pursuit of academic honesty and personal              expects all students to abide by the Student Honor
                                                                                                            instruments that can be construed as dangerous
integrity. Members of the University community,       code. At the time of admission each student
                                                                                                            weapons are not permitted on University
including students, faculty, staff, administrators    agrees to follow such standards. Accordingly, any
                                                                                                            premises. The brandishment or use of such
and trustees, must not commit any intentional         conduct not consistent with responsible and/or
                                                                                                            weapons on University premises shall be
misrepresentation or deception in academic,           lawful behavior may be considered cause for the
                                                                                                            considered sufficient cause for immediate
professional or community matters. The code           University to take appropriate administrative,
                                                                                                            suspension pending an investigation.
expects community members to treat others             disciplinary or legal action.
                                                                                                            Residential students must arrange for off-
with civility, respect, and dignity. Through an       In addition, the University acknowledges and          campus storage of firearms intended for
atmosphere of mutual respect we enhance the           actively upholds the adult status of each student     hunting or target practice purposes.
value of our education and bring forth the            with all the rights pertaining thereto and, in
                                                                                                            Pets. No pet of any kind may be kept or
highest standard of academic and individual           accordance with that status, considers each
                                                                                                            maintained on University grounds, with the
excellence.                                           student responsible for his/her own actions.
                                                                                                            exception of aquarium fish and guide dogs.
Violating the Student Code of Conduct,                Basic University policies and regulations are         Animals for use in projects pertaining to
University Policies and/or Local, State or            published in the Tiger Lore and distributed           academic programs must be kept and
Federal Laws                                          annually to all students. Statements pertaining       maintained in the appropriate designated areas.
The violation of established policies or              to or clarification of student rights can be
                                                                                                            Automobiles and Parking. The University
procedures and/or local, state or federal laws        obtained through the Office of Student Life.
                                                                                                            policy for parking is regulated by the
may constitute a violation of the honor code.         There are, however, five University regulations       Department of Public Safety on the University
Such violations may include conduct that              which should be noted here. They are as follows:      campus. The Department of Public Safety has
occurs off-campus when students are                                                                         sworn peace officers regulating all traffic and
participating, attending or in some manner            Alcoholic Beverages. The University reminds
                                                      students that the California state law stipulates     parking laws. All citations, except parking, are
connected to a University related activity.                                                                 adjudicated through the Stockton Municipal
                                                      that only persons 21 years of age or older may
Academic Standards for Holding Student                possess and consume alcoholic beverages.              Court. Parking on the University premises is by
Office                                                Compliance with it is the student’s obligation.       permit only, and all vehicles are registered at the
In order to hold either an elected or appointed       Possession and consumption of alcoholic               University Finance Center. Parking violations
office in the Associated Students of the University   beverages is permitted on campus ONLY BY              are enforced throughout the year.
of the Pacific (ASUOP), the constituent schools,      THOSE OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE provided that
fraternal societies, residence halls or the           (a) it occurs in the privacy of the student’s own
editorial staff of The Pacifican, a student must      living space (as determined by contract) or (b)
be registered for a full-time course of study (12     at an activity which has been registered as a
                                                      “student event at which alcohol will be served.”
 30                                                                              UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                        University Programs and                              Childhood Language Disorders Center, provides      placement recommendations are made. The
                        Services                                             a program for children and adults who have         Center has classes in reading, writing,
                                                                             need for individual or group therapy for such      mathematics, and ESL. In addition, the Center
                        Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)                   problems as stuttering, cleft palate, aphasia,     administers the University’s Tutorial Program
                        Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps is          cerebral palsy, and speech and language            and its Office of Services for Students with
                        available to University of the Pacific students      disorders. The Center also provides                Disabilities. The Center’s programs are college-
                        through a program offered at California State        communication development, auditory training,      level and available to all students regularly
                        University, Sacramento. The CSUS Department          and speech reading therapy for hearing             enrolled in the University. Course descriptions
                        of Aerospace Studies offers two-, three-, and        impaired individuals. Comprehensive                can be found under the Gladys L. Benerd School
                        four-year programs leading to a commission in        audiological assessment is also available for      of Education section of this catalog. For more
                        the United States Air Force. All coursework (12      children and adults.                               information, call (209) 946-2458. An expanded
                        to 16 semester units) is completed on the CSUS                                                          description of the services as well as contact
                                                                             Experiential Learning at Pacific
                        campus. Military drill, physical fitness training,                                                      information can be found at
                        and lecture are normally offered during the          For decades universities have used experiential    www.pacific.edu/education/erc.
                        early morning hours Monday through Friday.           learning programs as a way to assist students in
                                                                             integrating their academic training with the       Office of Services for Students with
                        Field training is conducted during part of the
                                                                                                                                Disabilities in the Educational Resource
programs and services

                        summer at an active duty Air Force base,             practical side of the working world. These
                                                                             programs have allowed the students to gain         Center
                        normally between the student’s sophomore and
                        junior years.                                        hands-on experience in a relatively risk-free      The University of the Pacific is committed to
                                                                             environment while being supervised and             providing qualified students an equal
                        Upon completion of the program and all               mentored by their faculty and the work site        opportunity to obtain a college education
                        requirements for a Bachelor’s degree, cadets are     professional. As Pacific students prepare          regardless of disability. To reach that goal,
                        commissioned as second lieutenants in the Air        themselves for their own career journey, the       Pacific attempts to meet reasonable requests for
                        Force and serve a minimum of four years on           value of work experience in each student’s field   services and accommodations for students with
                        active duty. Graduates who are qualified and are     of interest has never been greater. Today’s        disabilities in accordance with Section 504 of
                        selected may enter pilot or navigator training       employers are more likely to hire students who     the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the
                        after graduation, or serve in a specialty            combine appropriate classroom training with        Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
                        consistent with their academic major, individual     meaningful experience in the working world.        To qualify for these services and
                        goals, and existing Air Force needs. Graduates                                                          accommodations, a student must first meet with
                        may request a delay of entry to active duty to       Cooperative education, internship, and
                                                                                                                                the Coordinator of the Office of Services for
                        continue their education or may apply for Air        professional training programs have long been
                                                                                                                                Students with Disabilities and provide recent
                        Force-sponsored graduate study to begin              a hallmark of academic distinctiveness at the
                                                                                                                                and specific evidence that documents a formal
                        immediately upon entry on active duty.               University of the Pacific. In 1999, Pacific’s      diagnosis of a physical, psychological, or
                                                                             Academic Council approved a revision to the        cognitive disability conducted by a qualified
                        Air Force ROTC offers 3-year and 2-year              experiential learning programs that will meet
                        scholarships to qualified students. Applications                                                        professional. Except under special
                                                                             the needs of the students far into the 21st        circumstances, students must update any
                        are accepted in any academic discipline;             century. In addition to traditional internship,
                        however, particular emphasis is usually given to                                                        documentation that is more than five years old
                                                                             cooperative education, and clinical programs,      if the disability is a learning disability and more
                        applicants in the fields of engineering, computer    Pacific has expanded offerings to include          than three years old if the disability is Attention
                        science, mathematics, and physics.                   fieldwork, service learning, research, practicum   Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD).
                        Due to firm scheduling requirements for the Air      and study abroad. Now there is virtually           All documentation must include information
                        Force ROTC program, students are encouraged          something for every major and every academic       regarding the assessments that were used, their
                        to work closely with their academic advisers in      program. There has never been a more               outcomes, and any specific recommendations
                        planning this academic program. Application to       appropriate or easier time to get involved in an   for services and accommodations that are
                        the Air Force ROTC program should normally be        experiential learning program.                     directly related to the diagnosis. Student records
                        no later than during the first semester of a                                                            are kept confidential.
                                                                             Pacific’s Career Resource Center urges all
                        student’s sophomore year. Juniors, seniors and       current and future students to consider adding     Pacific expects that students with a disability
                        graduate students may also apply under certain       an Experiential Learning Opportunity (ELO) to      will give sufficient notice of their need for
                        conditions. Contact the Unit Admissions Officer      their academic pursuits. For additional            accommodation (preferably prior to the start of
                        in the Aerospace Studies Department at CSUS,         information about ELO offerings, please contact    a semester), but the University will consider the
                        telephone (916) 278-7315, for information on         the Career Resource Center (CRC) office at         merits of each request at the time it is received.
                        the program or the entry process.                    (209) 946-2361.                                    Upon receiving a request for assistance and
                        Clinical Services                                                                                       appropriate documentation, the Coordinator of
                                                                             Educational Resource Center                        the Office of Services for Students with
                        The Testing Office in the Benerd School of           The Educational Resource Center, located in        Disabilities will review a student’s need for
                        Education is an officially designated national       Bannister Hall, conducts classes and individual    accommodation as it relates to the documented
                        testing center for the Graduate Record               and group programs for students who desire to      disability. Listed below are the kinds of
                        Examination and the Miller’s Analogies Test.         refine essential learning skills. All incoming     reasonable accommodations and services that
                        In the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences,       students are assessed for the general education    the University may provide, on a case-by-case
                        the Speech, Hearing and Language Center, in          foundation skills requirements and the             basis, to assure equal access to the University’s
                        cooperation with the Stockton Scottish Rite          appropriate Educational Resource Center course     academic programs:
                                                         C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                    31

• Academic adjustments and curricular                The honors curriculum consists of honors                Study Abroad
  modifications                                      general education courses, honors seminars, and         The University of the Pacific offers its students
• Assistive technology                               a senior project. Requirements and timing vary          the opportunity to study abroad for a semester
                                                     with a student’s choice of school and program.          (including summer) or an academic year in a
• Consultation with faculty and staff                Additionally, freshman honors students are              variety of programs around the globe. Students
• Registration assistance and classroom              required to attend eight events from our web-           are encouraged to consider this option that will
  rescheduling                                       based calendar of “colloquia.” Students who             enrich their lives, add an exciting dimension to
                                                     complete the program will receive appropriate           study at Pacific, and further career preparation
• Readers, scribes, note-taking, and library
                                                     annotation on their official transcripts.               in an increasingly interdependent world. These
                                                     Freshman honors students may elect to live in John      programs, are administered through IPS.
• Test proctoring services
                                                     Ballantyne House or Carter House. These adjacent        In addition to its own direct exchange and direct
• Transportation and mobility assistance             residence halls constitute an academic living           enrollment options, Study Abroad sponsors
The University does not provide or subsidize         community reserved for freshman honors students         programs through other universities and
personal care devices or services, such as           and a number of sophomore “peers” chosen to             consortia. Credit earned on Pacific Abroad is
ambulatory devices or assistance with bathing,       help freshmen make the adjustment to college life.      awarded through University of the Pacific. Costs
dressing, laundry, and other similar personal        The Honors Program Director, whose office is            for overseas study, tuition and room/board, if

                                                                                                                                                                 programs and services
needs. Referrals to area agencies, however, are      located in John Ballantyne 113, works with the          applicable, are approximately the same as an
available upon request.                              residential life staff to coordinate extra-curricular   equivalent period on campus. Most scholarships
                                                     programming. Honors Program residents                   and federal loans apply.
For additional information, please contact the       traditionally have taken leadership roles in campus
Coordinator of the Office of Services for Students                                                           Requirements for Study Abroad programs vary,
                                                     politics, social activities and scholarship.
with Disabilities in Room 101 of Bannister Hall,                                                             but viable options exist for nearly every major
(209) 946-2879, ssd@pacific.edu.                     For further information, e-mail the Honors Director,    on campus. Most students choose to participate
                                                     Gregg Camfield, at gcamfield@pacific.edu, or call       in their junior or senior years. However,
An expanded description of the services of the       (209) 946-2283. http://honors.pacific.edu.              interested students should investigate study
Office can be found at www.pacific.edu/
                                                     International Programs and Services (IPS)
                                                                                                             abroad choices as early as possible in their
                                                                                                             academic careers to insure eligibility. Many
                                                     Located in the Bechtel International Center
Tutorial Program                                                                                             programs require prerequisite courses (e.g., a
                                                     (BIC) on Baxter Mall, IPS offers comprehensive
Administered by the Educational Resource                                                                     certain level of language proficiency) and all
                                                     services for non-immigrant students coming to
Center, the University of the Pacific’s Tutorial                                                             require a minimum grade-point average. Group
                                                     the United States as well as for Pacific students
Program offers free one-on-one tutoring to all                                                               programs and individual exchanges are
                                                     wanting a study experience abroad. IPS serves as
enrolled students. This is a peer-tutoring                                                                   available. Additionally, some programs
                                                     a liaison between various University
program; tutors are those students who have                                                                  incorporate home stays with local families and
                                                     departments and offices, collaborating with
achieved success in their subject areas. Students                                                            some the opportunity for independent study
                                                     them to enhance international education across
interested in locating tutors should come to the                                                             and/or travel.
                                                     the campus.
Tutorial Program office, located in Bannister                                                                Many Study Abroad sites offer a broad liberal
Hall, first floor, for an appointment.               Bechtel International Center                            arts and sciences curriculum, although some
Tutoring/office hours are Monday through             The Bechtel International Center functions not          have a specific academic focus such as business,
Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Friday,         only as home to International Programs and              ecology, language immersion, studio arts or
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tutors in most subjects       Services, but also as a gathering place for all         music performance. Internships in government,
are available; however, students are urged to        Pacific students, especially multicultural and          business, law, public relations, etc., are also
contact the office early in the semester, so that    international students. BIC is open from 5-11           available at numerous sites. All Study Abroad
tutors can be sought. The Tutorial Program will      p.m., Monday through Thursday nights, when              programs offer students the challenges and
make every attempt to locate tutors; however,        classes are in session, and is used as a study          benefits of studying and immersing themselves
sometimes tutors may not be readily available in     center and for student group meetings. The              in a culture different from their own.
some subjects. Any student interested in             Center may be used by multicultural and
becoming a tutor is also welcome to contact the      international groups, both on and off campus,           A collaborative orientation course is offered by
office. For information or questions, call (209)     for a variety of functions.                             the School of International Studies (SIS) and
946-2437 or email at erctutorial@pacific.edu .                                                               IPS to prepare students for their experience
                                                     International Students and Scholars                     abroad. The course, INTL 151-Cross-Cultural
University Honors Program                            Services                                                Training I, is required for all students who wish
Pacific’s Honors Program supports excellence in      IPS offers a comprehensive package of services          to study abroad for a semester or longer. A
academic and co-curricular endeavors and             for all non-immigrant students attending                companion course, INTL 161-Cross-Cultural
encourages Pacific’s strongest students to take      Pacific. This includes, but is not limited to,          Training II, is required for all SIS majors
leadership and service roles during their            counseling about: immigration, financial, and           returning from a study abroad experience and is
undergraduate years and beyond. Participation        personal issues. The International Advisor also         highly recommended for all students who study
is by invitation. Freshmen students are invited      works with Pacific’s J-1 Exchange Visitor               abroad. This course helps students critically
based on high school performance. Factors            Program. This program serves both students and          evaluate their experience abroad. Both courses
considered include Advanced Placement courses,       scholars (visiting professors and researchers) in       are two-unit offerings.
general curriculum, SAT or ACT scores and GPA.       the J-1 visa category. For more information call        For more information on Study Abroad, please
Sophomore students are invited on the basis of       (209) 946-2247.                                         call (209) 946-2592, or visit www.pacific.edu/ips
freshman year grades.
 32                                                                             UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                     Library Services                                       Interlibrary Loan staff obtain books, journal         The Book Store offers a complete line of school
                     The University Library delivers its services from      articles, and documents not held by Pacific from      supplies. It also carries personal hygiene
                     two facilities. The main library, the William          all types of libraries and commercial                 supplies, art supplies, computer supplies,
                     Knox Holt Memorial Library, provides resources         information providers. Music/AV staff provide         electronics, an assortment of Pacific emblematic
                     in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences,         access to listening and viewing equipment for         clothing and gift items, magazines, greeting
                     music, business, education, natural and                sound and video recordings.                           cards, films, office products, and much more.
                     physical sciences, and engineering. The focus of                                                             Other services offered include a complete special
                                                                            Holt-Atherton Special Collections
                     the Health Sciences Branch is pharmacy and                                                                   order service for books, supply items and film
                                                                            The primary purpose of the University Library’s       processing.
                     physical therapy resources. These facilities offer
                                                                            Holt-Atherton Special Collections is to collect,
                     a variety of study settings, including carrels,
                                                                            maintain and provide access to the University’s
                     large tables, lounge areas, and group study                                                                  University Policy on
                                                                            collection of rare books, photographs, and
                     rooms. Independent of facilities, a rapidly
                                                                            manuscripts. Special Collections’ materials do        Disclosure of Student
                     increasing number of network-based library                                                                   Records
                                                                            not circulate.
                     resources are available throughout the campus,
                     around the clock.                                      The centerpiece of the book collection is the         Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
                                                                            45,000-volume Stuart Library of Western               (Buckley Amendment)
                     The Library is in the midst of a multi-phase
rights and privacy

                                                                            Americana. This library focuses on the Trans-         The University of the Pacific adheres to a policy
                     expansion and restructuring project aimed at           Mississippi West with special emphasis on             of compliance with the Family Educational
                     providing more networked group study rooms,            California and the San Joaquin Valley.                Rights and Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment).
                     better space for collaborative learning projects,
                                                                            There are over 300 manuscript collections.            As such, it is the policy of the university (1) to
                     new communication technologies, and
                                                                            Foremost among these is the John Muir Papers          permit students to inspect their education
                     increased access to networked information
                                                                            which contain Muir’s journals, sketchbooks,           records, (2) to limit disclosure to others of
                     resources and tools. The restructuring project
                                                                            correspondence and writings. An important             personally identifiable information from
                     also will improve the arrangement and housing
                                                                            addition is The Dave Brubeck Collection,              education records without students’ prior written
                     of the Library’s book and journal collections as
                                                                            containing musical manuscripts, recordings,           consent, and (3) to provide students the
                     well as numerous archival collections.                 business records, photographs, and newspaper          opportunity to seek correction of their education
                     Library faculty and staff members are regularly        clippings. Special Collections holds 70,000           records where appropriate.
                     singled out and recognized by students and             historic photographs pertaining chiefly to San
                                                                                                                                  I. Definitions
                     faculty for their commitment to service and            Joaquin County and the University of the
                     expertise in providing research assistance.            Pacific. There are also collections of 19th and         A. “Student” means an individual who is or
                     Librarians present dozens of classes and               early 20th century maps and newspapers.                    who has been in attendance at University
                     workshops each year designed to help students          Holt-Atherton maintains the University Archives            of the Pacific. It does not include any
                     and faculty use library resources and research         containing records of administration, faculty              applicant for admission to the university
                     tools effectively. Most of this instruction includes   and students from 1851 to the present.                     who does not matriculate, even if he or she
                     hands-on learning at computer workstations.                                                                       previously attended the university. (Please
                                                                            Pacific Alumni Association                                 note, however, that such an applicant
                     Information Commons                                    The Pacific Alumni Association (PAA) includes              would be considered a “student” with
                     An integration of computer lab and library             all alumni of the University of the Pacific. There         respect to his or her records relating to
                     reference services, the main library’s                 is no membership fee to belong and services are            that previous attendance.)
                     Information Commons currently provides more            available to all members. An elected Board of
                     than 55 ergonomic workstations, plus stations                                                                  B. “Education records” include those records
                                                                            Directors develops programs and benefits with the          that contain information directly related to
                     for laptops, that combine access to library            Office of Alumni Relations. Opportunities
                     databases and web-based resources with other                                                                      a student and that are maintained as
                                                                            provided to alumni through PAA include Pacific             official working files by the University. The
                     software tools for creating and presenting             Clubs, alumni reunions, special events,
                     academic work (word processing, spreadsheets,                                                                     following are not education records:
                                                                            communications, and a menu of alumni
                     e-mail, presentation software, etc.). The              benefits. The Pacific Alumni Association                   1. records about students made by
                     Commons is staffed with reference librarians,          encourages alumni to maintain their                           instructors, professors and
                     who assist with research and information               relationship with the University of the Pacific and           administrators for their own use and
                     questions, and student assistants, who provide         with one another. For more information visit the              not shown to others;
                     technical help with workstations and software          Pacific Alumni Web site www.pacificalumni.org              2. campus police records maintained
                     tools. The Rite-Aid Information Commons, in            or call (209) 946-2391.                                       solely for law enforcement purposes and
                     the Health Sciences Branch, provides 20                                                                              kept separate from the education
                     computer workstations.                                 University Book Store
                                                                                                                                          records described above;
                                                                            Students will find the University Book Store,
                     Library Website: http://library.pacific.edu            owned and operated by Barnes and Noble, an                 3. employment records, except where a
                     This website provides a portal to many crucial         excellent source for living and learning needs. It            currently enrolled student is employed
                     research tools: encyclopedias, PacifiCat (the          provides students with a wide range of products               as a result of his or her status as a
                     Library’s on-line catalog), periodical and other       and services for classroom and extracurricular                student;
                     specialized databases, on-line journals and            activities. In addition to required and                    4. records of a physician, psychologist, or
                     course materials, e-mail reference and                 recommended textbooks, a selection of over                    other recognized professional or
                     interlibrary loan requests.                            5,000 titles is maintained in both academic and               paraprofessional made or used only for
                                                                            general subject areas.
                                                            C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                               33

         treatment purposes and available only               5. Advisors                                          • Name
         to persons providing treatment.                         Letters of evaluation, personal                  • Address
      5. records that contain only information                   information sheet, transcript, test scores.      • Telephone listing
         relating to a person’s activities after that        6. Counseling Center
         person is no longer a student at the                                                                     • Electronic mail address
         university.                                             Biographical data, summaries of                  • Date and place of birth
                                                                 conversations with students, test results.
II. It is the policy of the University of the Pacific            (Where records are made and used only            • Photograph
    to permit students to inspect their education                for treatment purposes, they are not             • Major field of study
    records.                                                     education records and are not subject to
                                                                                                                  • Participation in officially recognized
   A. Right of Access                                            this policy)/Director.
                                                                                                                    activities and sports
      Each student has a right of access to his or           7. Financial Aid
                                                                                                                  • Weight and height of members of
      her education records, except confidential                 Financial aid applications, needs                  athletic teams
      letters of recommendation received prior to                analysis statements, awards made (no
      January 1, 1975, and financial records of                                                                   • Enrollment status (full-, part-time,
                                                                 student access to parents’ confidential
      the student’s parents.                                                                                        undergraduate, graduate)

                                                                                                                                                                rights and privacy
                                                                 statements)/Director of Financial Aid.
   B. Waiver                                                                                                      • Dates of attendance
                                                             8. Career and Internship Center
      A student may, by a signed writing, waive                                                                   • Degrees and awards received
                                                                 Recommendations, copies of academic
      his or her right of access to confidential                 records (unofficial)/ Director.                  • Most recent previous educational
      recommendations in three areas:                                                                               institution attended
      admission to any educational institution,              9. SUCCESS
      job placement, and receipt of honors and                                                                    • Grade level
                                                                 Records of academic progress,
      awards. The university will not require                    transcripts/Director.                         2. This information will be disclosed even
      such waivers as a condition for admission                                                                   in the absence of consent unless the
                                                            10. Business Services
      or receipt of any service or benefit. If the                                                                student files written notice requesting
      student chooses to waive his or her right of               All student accounts receivable, records         the University not to disclose any of the
      access, he or she will be notified, upon                   of students’ financial charges, and              categories within three weeks of the first
      written request, of the names of all persons               credits with the University/Bursar.              day of the semester in which the student
      making confidential recommendations.                 D. Procedure to be Followed                            begins each school year. This notice
      Such recommendations will be used only                                                                      must be filed annually within the above
      for the purpose for which they were                     Requests for access should be made in               allotted time to avoid automatic
      specifically intended. A waiver may be                  writing to the Office of the Registrar. The         disclosure of directory information. The
      revoked in writing at any time, and the                 University will comply with a request for           notice should be filed with the Office of
      revocation will apply to all subsequent                 access within a reasonable time, at least           the Registrar. See II.C.
      recommendations, but not to                             within 45 days. In the usual case,
                                                              arrangements will be made for the student        3. The University will give annual public
      recommendations received while the                                                                          notice to students of the categories of
      waiver was in effect.                                   to read his or her records in the presence
                                                              of a staff member. If facilities permit, a          information designated as directory
   C. Types of Education Records, Titles of                   student may ordinarily obtain copies of his         information.
      Records Custodians                                      or her records by paying reproduction            4. Directory information may appear in
      Please note that all requests for                       costs. The fee for copies is $.25 per page.         public documents and otherwise be
      access to records should be routed                      The University will not provide copies of           disclosed without student consent unless
      through the Office of the Registrar.                    any transcripts in the student’s records            the student objects as provided above.
                                                              other than the student’s current university
      1. Academic Records                                                                                      5. All requests for non-disclosure of
                                                              transcript. Official university transcripts
                                                                                                                  directory information will be
         All ongoing academic and biographical                (with university seal) will be provided at a
                                                                                                                  implemented as soon as publication
         records/Registrar.                                   higher charge.
                                                                                                                  schedules will reasonably allow.
      2. Departments                                    III.It is the policy of University of the Pacific to
                                                                                                               6. The University will use its best efforts to
         Miscellaneous records kept vary with the           limit disclosure of personally identifiable
                                                                                                                  maintain the confidentiality of those
         department/ Department Chairs.                     information from education records unless it
                                                                                                                  categories of directory information that
                                                            has the student’s prior written consent,
      3. Schools/Colleges                                                                                         a student properly requests not be
                                                            subject to the following limitations and
                                                                                                                  publicly disclosed. The University,
         Miscellaneous records/Deans.                       exclusions.
                                                                                                                  however, makes no representations,
      4. Residential Life                                  A. Directory Information                               warranties, or guarantees that directory
         Students’ housing records/Assistant                 1. The following categories of information           information designated for non-
         Dean of Students for Rental Life and                   have been designated directory                    disclosure will not appear in public
         Housing.                                               information:                                      documents.
 34                                                                      UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                     B. Prior Consent Not Required                        6. Accrediting organizations for purposes          records is inaccurate, misleading, or
                       Prior consent will not be required for                necessary to carry out their functions;         violative of privacy or other rights may
                       disclosure of education records to the             7. Parents of a student who is a dependent         submit a written request to the Office of
                       following parties:                                    for income tax purposes. (Note: The             the Registrar specifying the
                                                                             University may require documentation            document(s) being challenged and the
                       1. School officials of University of the                                                              basis for the complaint. The request will
                          Pacific who have been determined to                of dependent status such as copies of
                                                                             income tax forms.)                              be sent to the person responsible for any
                          have legitimate educational interests.                                                             amendments to the record in question.
                          a. “School officials” include                   8. Appropriate parties in connection with          Within a reasonable period of time of
                             instructional or administrative                 an emergency, where knowledge of the            receipt of the request, the University will
                             personnel who are or may be in a                information is necessary to protect the         decide whether to amend the records in
                             position to use the information in              health or safety of the student or other        accordance with the request. If the
                             furtherance of a legitimate                     individuals;                                    decision is to refuse to amend, the
                             objective;                                   9. In response to a court order or                 student will be so notified and will be
                                                                             subpoena, the University will make              advised of the right to a hearing. He or
                          b. “Legitimate educational interests”
                                                                             reasonable efforts to notify the student        she may then exercise that right by
                             include those interests directly
rights and privacy

                                                                             before complying with the court order.          written request to the Office of the
                             related to the academic
                             environment;                                 10.To an alleged victim of any crime of
                                                                             violence of the results of any                2. Right to a Hearing
                       2. Authorized representatives of the
                          Comptroller General of the U.S., the               institutional disciplinary proceeding           Upon request by a student, the
                          Secretary of Education, the Secretary of           against the alleged perpetrator of that         University will provide an opportunity
                          the Department of Health and Human                 crime with respect to that crime.               for a hearing to challenge the content
                          Services, the Director of the National        C. Prior Consent Required                            of the student’s records. A request for a
                          Institute of Education, the                                                                        hearing should be in writing and
                                                                           In all other cases, the University will not
                          Administrator of the Veterans’                                                                     submitted to the Office of the Registrar.
                                                                           release personally identifiable information
                          Administration, but only in connection                                                             Within a reasonable time of receipt of
                                                                           in education records or allow access to
                          with the audit or evaluation of federally                                                          the request, the student will be notified
                                                                           those records without prior consent of the
                          supported education programs, or in                                                                in writing of the date, place, and time
                                                                           student. Unless disclosure is to the student
                          connection with the enforcement of or                                                              reasonably in advance of the hearing.
                                                                           himself or herself, the consent must be
                          compliance with Federal legal                    written, signed, and dated, and must            3. Conduct of the Hearing
                          requirements relating to these                   specify the records to be disclosed, the
                          programs. Subject to controlling Federal                                                           The hearing will be conducted by a
                                                                           identity of the recipient, and the purpose of     university official who does not have a
                          law or prior consent, these officials will       disclosure. A copy of the record disclosed
                          protect information received so as not to                                                          direct interest in the outcome. The
                                                                           will be provided to the student upon              student will have a full and fair
                          permit personal identification of                request and at his or her expense.
                          students to outsiders and destroy such                                                             opportunity to present evidence relevant
                          information when it is no longer needed          The University will maintain with the             to the issues raised and may be assisted
                          for these purposes;                              student’s education records a record for          or represented by individuals of his or
                                                                           each request and each disclosure, except          her choice at his or her own expense,
                       3. Authorized persons and organizations             for the following:                                including an attorney.
                          that are given work in connection with
                          a student’s application for, or receipt of,     1. disclosures to the student himself or         4. Decision
                          financial aid, but only to the extent              herself;                                        Within a reasonable period of time after
                          necessary for such purposes as                  2. disclosures pursuant to the written             the conclusion of the hearing, the
                          determining eligibility, amount,                   consent of the student (the written             University will notify the student in
                          conditions, and enforcement of terms               consent itself will suffice as a record);       writing of its decision. The decision will
                          and conditions;                                                                                    be based solely upon evidence presented
                                                                          3. disclosures to instructional or
                       4. State and local officials to which such                                                            at the hearing and will include a
                                                                             administrative officials of the University.
                          information is specifically required to be                                                         summary of the evidence and the
                                                                          4. disclosures of directory information.           reasons for the decision. If the
                                                                             This record of disclosures may be               University decides that the information
                       5. Organizations conducting educational               inspected by the student, the official          is inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise
                          studies for the purpose of developing,             custodian of the records, and other             in violation of the privacy or other
                          validating, or administering predictive            university and governmental officials.          rights of the student, the University will
                          tests, administering student aid                                                                   amend the records accordingly.
                                                                        D. It is the policy of University of the Pacific
                          programs, and improving instruction.
                                                                           to provide students the opportunity to seek     5. Right to Place an Explanation in the
                          The studies shall be conducted so as not
                                                                           correction of their education records.             Records
                          to permit personal identification of
                          students to outsiders, and the                  1. Request to Correct Records                      If, as a result of the hearing, the
                          information will be destroyed when no              A student who believes that information         University decides that the information
                          longer needed for these purposes;                  contained in his or her education
                                              C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5       35

  is not inaccurate, misleading, or
  otherwise in violation of the student’s
  rights, the University will inform the
  student of the right to place in his or
  her record a statement commenting on
  the information and/or explaining any
  reasons for disagreeing with the
  University’s decision. Any such
  explanation will be kept as part of the
  student’s record as long as the contested
  portion of the record is kept and will be
  disclosed whenever the contested
  portion of the record is disclosed.
6. Right to File Complaint
  A student alleging university

                                                                                          rights and privacy
  noncompliance with the Family
  Educational Rights and Privacy Act may
  file a written complaint with the Family
  Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  Office (FERPA)
  Department of Education
  600 Independence Ave, S.W.
  Washington, D.C. 20202-4605.
 36                                                              UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                                                            general education program

                                                             The University General Education Program draws upon many traditions of learning. It prepares the
                                                             student for a lifetime of reflection and for the application of knowledge to everyday life. The broad
                                                             perspective it provides liberates the individual and energizes the citizen. Our goal is to present
                                                             students with an overview of the borders of knowledge and an exposure to the different ways critical
                                                             thought can be organized. Along the way, fundamental skills are evaluated and strengthened. The
                                                             course of study outlined below is required for all students pursuing a bachelor’s degree or a first
                                                             professional degree from the University. Depending on the specific degree sought, general education
                                                             courses compose between 27 and 36 percent of a student’s required coursework at Pacific.
general education

                                                             Mentor Seminars I and II                              environmental issues, and the role of
                                                             Seminar I (4 units)                                   government in the economy. Again an
                                                                                                                   interdisciplinary team of faculty interact with
                                                             Seminar II (3 units)
                                                                                                                   students in small seminar settings. After a
                                                             During the first semester of the freshman year,       preliminary examination of the topics chosen for
                                                             all students take Mentor Seminar I: Timeless          a particular semester, students will select one
                                                             Issues. The course explores such issues as:           problem for special attention and work with a
                                                             • Where do humans come from?                          group of students on an extended report
                                                                                                                   analyzing it. The goal is a document from each
                                                             • What is knowledge and its value?                    group that parallels a British “White Paper” or
                                                             • How do humans differ from one another?              report of a Congressional Committee. Students
                                                             • How should humans live?                             will be assisted with information retrieval and the
                                                                                                                   organization of data from a variety of sources.
                                                             • What is a good life?
                                                                                                                   Taken together, the Mentor Seminars in the
                                                             Mentor Seminar I is taught by an                      freshman year provide students with a strong
                                                             interdisciplinary team of faculty drawn from the      foundation for future study at the University.
                                                             humanities, social sciences, natural sciences,        Students experience a “living catalog” for the
                                                             fine arts and professional faculties. The course      disciplines and perspectives offered on the
                                                             focuses on the development of critical thinking       campus. They are exposed to significant ideas
                                                             and writing skills.                                   and provided the opportunity to discuss them
                                                             Students meet in small groups to discuss these        among themselves and with knowledgeable
                                                             topics and to write a series of essays. These         faculty. They sharpen their reading, writing,
                                                             groups are assigned so that students from the         discussion, speaking, and research skills. Mentor
                                                             University’s professional schools are mixed with      Seminars help to generate solidarity among the
                                                             those from the College of the Pacific to ensure a     freshman class, resulting in supportive peer
                                                             diversity of points of view. Students are assisted    relationships over the remaining years. Along
                                                             in their reflections by carefully selected readings   with providing a common educational
                    “Our most important task,                from original texts and a series of                   experience for all freshmen and accomplishing
                                                             lecture/presentations.                                the several goals described above, the Mentor
                    we think, is not to train for            In the second semester of the freshman year, all
                                                                                                                   Seminars also serve as introductions to broad
                                                                                                                   disciplinary groupings. Mentor Seminar I is an
                    a meal ticket the week                   students take Mentor Seminar II: Today’s
                                                                                                                   introduction to the humanities and Mentor
                                                             Decisions. Here the focus is on the development
                                                                                                                   Seminar II is an introduction to the social and
                    after graduation, but to                 of critical thinking and writing skills and the
                                                                                                                   behavioral sciences.
                                                             discussion of selected public policy decisions
                    educate for 50 years of                  which these students may face during their            All students who enter the University as
                                                             lifetime. Representative topics covered in the        freshmen must complete Mentor I and II. (A
                    self-fulfillment.”                       course include social and economic inequities,        freshman, in this context, is defined as a student
                        Harlan Cleveland, The Knowledge      race and gender issues, immigration concerns,         who has earned fewer than 16 units
                             Executive – Leadership in an    welfare complexities, matters of education, the       transferable, classroom college level work taken
                                      Information Society    causes and consequences of crime,                     after graduation from high school.) Students
                                                          C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                37

are not allowed to drop these courses for any         should be selected from each of the major           Fundamental Skills
reason, even if they plan to transfer to another      categories listed below (I, II or III). However,
                                                                                                         As part of the General Education Program, all
college or university. Freshmen entering in the       only one class can come from each subdivision
                                                                                                         students are required to be competent in three
spring semester begin the Mentor sequence the         (A, B or C) and of the two courses taken under
                                                                                                         fundamental skills at entrance: reading, writing
following fall. Students who would benefit from       the third category, one must be from the first
                                                                                                         and quantitative analysis. Students may
special attention to reading and writing skills       subdivision and the other from the second.
                                                                                                         demonstrate competence in these skills in one of
are deferred from the Mentor sequence until           Courses in the paths component of the General
                                                                                                         three ways: 1) completion of approved, college-
their sophomore year.                                 Education Program will normally have a value
                                                                                                         level courses at an accredited college or
                                                      of three or four units.
                                                                                                         university; 2) satisfactory performance on an
Mentor Seminar III (3 Units)                          There is an important exception in category IIC- approved, nationally administered examination;
“The college or university clearly has the            Practice and Perspective in the Visual and         or 3) satisfactory performance on examinations
opportunity to provide the capstone to                Performing Arts. In this area students may take given at Pacific during its student orientation or
character development in the schooling                three 1-unit courses in applied music or dance     shortly thereafter.
years. Among those pursuing undergrad-                to meet the requirement.
                                                                                                         Any student who does not pass one or more of
uate education are the future leaders of              For those enrolled in the College of the Pacific, these examinations must take course work to
every sector. Here is a key leverage point

                                                                                                                                                               general education
                                                      nine courses are required, one from each           remedy the skill deficiency as follows:
for the moral quality of our or any mod-              subdivision listed below. The only exception to
ern society.’’                                                                                             • Any student not passing the quantitative
                                                      this rule is in category III where students may
                                                                                                              analysis (math) examination must
                                  W. Nicgorski,       take two courses under the first subdivision
                                                                                                              successfully complete MATH 5 (Intermediate
        “The College Experience and Character”        rather than one course each under the first and
                                                                                                              Algebra), Statistics, or an equivalent course
                                                      third subdivision. These regulations guarantee
During the senior year, students complete                                                                     from another accredited college or
                                                      that a student’s choices result in a path of
Mentor Seminar III: Ethical Applications of                                                                   university during the first full year of study
                                                      sufficient breadth. Students should check with
Knowledge. (At the present time, Mentor                                                                       including summer sessions.
                                                      their school or college dean’s office for path
Seminar III is not required for transfer students     requirements in addition to the University-wide      • Any student not passing the writing
unless their major requires the course.) This         requirements.                                           examination must successfully complete
course offers an overview of moral decision-                                                                  WRIT 21 (Writing for College) or an
making strategies. Students are asked to explore      The categories and subdivisions which organize
                                                                                                              equivalent course from another accredited
the biography of a moral leader of their choice       the courses offered to students who wish to
                                                                                                              college or university during the first full
to discover the strategies he or she used. Finally,   create their own path are as follows:
                                                                                                              year of study including summer sessions.
students write an autobiographical statement          I. The Individual and Society
assessing their own moral development and                                                                  • Any student not passing the reading
                                                          A. Individual and Interpersonal Behavior            examination must successfully complete
suggesting ways their character might mature
in the future. The goal of this final seminar is a        B. Society and Culture in the United States         READ 31 (Reading for College) during the
graduate who knows the extent of his or her                                                                   first full year of study including summer
                                                          C. Society and Cultures Outside the United          sessions.
accomplishments and who can move with                        States
confidence into a world where valuing and                                                                  • Successful completion of course work in
learning never stop. In some programs of study        II. Human Heritage                                      quantitative analysis, writing and reading
the Mentor Seminar III requirement may be met             A. Literature, Letters and Language                 requires a grade D or better. Course work
by a specially designed capstone course.                                                                      taken in quantitative analysis or writing at
                                                          B. Fundamental Human Concerns
                                                                                                              another college or university must be
The Path Requirement                                      C. Practice and Perspective in the Visual and       approved in advance.
6-9 Courses (3 or 4 Units                                    Performing Arts
                                                                                                           • Failure to make progress toward
Each)                                                 III. Natural World and Formal Systems of                remediation of a basic skill deficiency
                                                           Thought                                            during the first year of study will be grounds
General Education beyond the Mentor Seminars
provides students considerable choice, but                A. Life and Physical Laboratory Sciences            for being placed on academic probation.
within a framework that assures that the result           B. Formal Systems of Thought                        Failure to satisfy the basic skill
is the breadth necessary for students to meet the                                                             requirements by the end of four semesters of
                                                          C. Science, Technology and Society                  full-time study at the University will be
challenges that await them after graduation.
                                                      The titles of the courses themselves are listed by      grounds for academic disqualification.
Students construct for themselves, with the help
                                                      category and subdivision later in this section.      • Students with documented learning or
of their adviser, a personalized path comprised
of courses selected from a set of approved lists.     Students may request from their Unit                    physical disabilities which directly affect
The courses on these lists have been selected by      Coordinators of General Education Advanced              their mastery of these skills or students
faculty to illustrate a particular field of study     Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate           concurrently enrolled in an approved
and to indicate the way in which that field           (IB) credit (based on minimum scores of 4 in            English-as-a-Second-Language (ESP)
relates to other disciplines or perspectives.         AP and 5 in IB) for a maximum of two courses            Program of instruction in reading and
                                                      or 8 units total in the Path Requirements               writing may seek a written waiver of the
Students enrolled in schools or colleges other                                                                deadline for demonstrating competence.
                                                      (Categories I, II and III, with no more than 4
than the College of the Pacific are required to
                                                      units to be counted within a given category.
satisfactorily complete six courses. Two courses
 38                                                                           UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                     • The quantitative analysis (math), writing,         Transfer students who entered the University prior   POLS 41      U.S. Government and Politics
                       and reading requirements must be met               to the 1993-94 academic year and who desire an       SOCI 51      Introduction to Sociology
                       before a student graduates with a bachelor’s       evaluation of their records in regard to General     SOCI 61      Urban Society
                       degree or a first professional degree.             Education should contact the General Education       SOCI 102     Culture and Society
                                                                          Unit Coordinator of their school and college.        SOCI 104     Sociology of Sport
                    Requirements for Transfer                                                                                  SPTS 141     Sport in America
                    Students                                              Path Course Lists for
                                                                          General Education                                    I-C. Society and Cultures Outside the
                    All students entering the University of the                                                                United States
                    Pacific, including transfer students, must            The courses listed below are approved as counting    ANTH 53      Cultural Anthropology
                    complete an approved General Education                toward the breadth requirement in each of the
                                                                                                                               CHIN 23      Chinese Through Culture,
                    program before graduation. The University             nine areas of the program. One-unit dance                         3rd Semester
                    General Education program consists of                 courses must be completed for three successive
                                                                                                                               CHIN 25      Chinese Through Culture,
                    fundamental skills, path and Mentor Seminar           semesters in which the courses are offered.                       4th Semester
                    requirements.                                         Although not listed here, some “special topics’’
                                                                                                                               CLAS 51      Classical Mythology
                                                                          courses taught during a particular term may also
                    Fundamental Skills Requirements:                                                                           CLAS 100 History of Ancient Greece
                                                                          be approved for general education. Some
general education

                    Fundamental skills requirements for transfer          professional schools on campus have more             CLAS 102 History of Ancient Rome
                    students include reading, writing and                 restrictive requirements under which only some of    COMM 143 Intercultural Communication
                    quantitative analysis (math). All transfer            the courses listed in each area will count for       FREN 23      French Through Culture,
                    students take the fundamental skills reading test     students pursuing those professional programs.                    3rd Semester
                    upon entry to the University, regardless of if they                                                        FREN 25      French Through Culture,
                    took a class in reading while at their previous       The listing of general education courses being
                                                                                                                                            4th Semester
                    institution. Transfer students are exempted from      taught during a particular term, can be found
                                                                                                                               FREN 122 La Francophonic
                    taking the skills tests in writing and math if the    in each term’s Schedule of Classes.
                                                                                                                               GERM 23      German Through Culture,
                    completed transferable courses in these areas         I-A. Individual and Interpersonal Behavior                        3rd Semester
                    with passing grades (D or better). Placement          COMM 43 Introduction to Interpersonal                GERM 25      German Through Culture,
                    tests taken by transfer students at their previous                 Communication                                        4th Semester
                    institution will not replace Pacific’s tests.         CURR 115 Introduction to Language                    HIST 30      East Asian Civilization I
                    Path Requirements:                                    ECON 53      Introductory Microeconomics             HIST 31      East Asian Civilization II
                    Transfer students from California who have            ENGL 122 Literature and Psychology                   HIST 40      Latin American Civilization I
                    completed the IGETC General Education                 GEND 11      Introduction to Gender Studies          HIST 41      Latin American Civilization II
                    requirements at their previous institutions will      PSYC 29      Child Development                       HIST 61      A Global History of Food
                    have their transcripts and IGETC verification         PSYC 31      Introduction to Psychology              HIST 102     The Spanish Empire
                    documents for the path requirements examined          PSYC 66      Human Sexuality                         HIST 103     The Roots of Russian History
                    upon entry to the University. At most, these
                                                                          PSYC 110 Psychoactive Drugs and Behavior             HIST 105     History of Ancient Greece
                    students will have only two additional path
                    courses to complete.                                  PSYC 111 Abnormal Psychology                         HIST 106     History of Ancient Rome
                                                                          PSYC 131 Adolescence and Young                       HIST 111     Europe in Turmoil, 1900-1945
                    Transfer students who have not completed                           Adulthood                               HIST 113     Europe Since 1945
                    IGETC General Education requirements will             PSYC 133 Adulthood and Aging
                    have their transcripts and General Education                                                               HIST 115     History of Modern Russia
                                                                          SLPA 51      Introduction to Speech-Language         HIST 116     History of Soviet Foreign Policy
                    verification documents for path requirements                       Pathology
                    examined upon entry to the University. General                                                             HIST 120     Native American History
                                                                          SOCI 131     Deviant Behavior
                    Education courses taken by these students at                                                               HIST 129     The Roots of Russian History
                    their previous institutions which are of the same     SOCI 133     Criminology
                                                                                                                               HIST 132     History of American Immigration
                    quality and equivalency as courses offered at         I-B. Society and Culture in the United               HIST 141     Pre-Modern China to 1840
                    Pacific will be applied for path requirements at      States                                               HIST 142     Modern Chinese History
                    Pacific.                                              BUSI 53      Legal and Ethical Environment           HIST 150     Women in Latin America
                                                                                       of Business
                    Mentor Seminar Requirements:                                                                               HIST 151     History of Mexico
                                                                          COMM 31 Introduction to Mass
                    Transfer students who enter the University in                      Communication                           INTL 123     Literature Across Cultures
                    2004-05 are not required to take Mentor               ECON 51      Economic Principles and Problems        JAPN 23      Intermediate Japanese,
                    Seminar III (or its disciplinary equivalent)          ECON 55      Introductory Macroeconomics                          3rd Semester
                    unless their program at Pacific requires Mentor                                                            JAPN 25      Intermediate Japanese,
                                                                          ENGL 51      Major American Authors I
                    Seminar III.                                                                                                            4th Semester
                                                                          ENGL 53      Major American Authors II
                    Individual schools and colleges may impose                                                                 MHIS 6       Music of the
                                                                          HIST 61      U.S. History I
                    General Education graduation requirements,                                                                              World’s People
                                                                          HIST 63      U.S. History II
                    including skills requirements, beyond the                                                                  POLS 11      Introduction to Political Science
                                                                          HIST 133     Women in U.S. History
                    University’s General Education program.                                                                    POLS 51      International Politics
                                                                          HIST 134     African-American History
                                                                                                                               POLS 148     Politics of the Middle East
                                                     C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                        39

POLS 152     Politics of Asia                    II-B. Fundamental Human Concerns                 ARTH 120     Chinese Art History
RELI 35      Judaism                             CLAS 110 Greek Literature in Translation         ARTH 122     Japanese Art History
RELI 134     World Religions                     CLAS 112 Roman Literature in Translation         ARTH 124     Sex, Gender and the Arts
RELI 135     Asian Religious Traditions          CLAS 120 Sexuality in Greek Society              ARTH 130     Greek Art and Architecture
RUSS 23      Intermediate Russian,               CLAS 122 Sexuality in Roman Society              ARTH 132     Roman Art and Architecture
             3rd Semester                        ENGL 141 Topics in British Literature            ARTS 3       Visual Arts Exploration
RUSS 25      Intermediate Russian,                           pre-1800                             ARTS 5       Drawing
             4th Semester                        HIST 10     History of Western Civilization I    ARTS 7       Principles of 2-D Design
RUSS 73      Russian Culture and Civilization    HIST 11     History of Western Civilization II   ARTS 9       Principles of 3-D Design
SOCI 108     Food, Culture and Society           HIST 60     History of Medicine                  ARTS 11      Photography I
SPAN 23      Intermediate Spanish,               HIST 62     History of Warfare
             3rd Semester                                                                         ARTS 31      Design and Color
                                                 HIST 64     Peace and War: Honors                ARTS 35      Ceramics I
SPAN 25      Intermediate Spanish,
             4th Semester                        HIST 65     Women and War                        ARTS 37      Sculpture I
                                                 HIST 100    Renaissance and Reformation          ARTS 47      Computer Art Survey
II-A. Literature, Letters and Language           HIST 135    Women in Time and Place              ARTS 131     Visual Arts Education

                                                                                                                                                  general education
CHIN 11       First-Year Chinese, 1st Semester   PHIL 11     Introduction to Philosophy           CHIN 120     Asian Cinema
CHIN 11       First-Year Chinese, 2nd Semester   PHIL 21     Moral Problems                       CLAS 130     Greek Art and Architecture
COMM 27 Public Speaking                          PHIL 25     The Meaning of Life                  CLAS 132     Roman Art and Architecture
CURR 123 Syntax and Semantics                    PHIL 27     Fundamentals of Ethics               ENGL 31      Aesthetics of Film
ENGL 25       English 25                         PHIL 35     Environmental Ethics                 ENGL 121     Major Filmmakers
ENGL 41       Major British Authors I            PHIL 39     Dimensions of Freedom                ENGL 123     Film, Literature and the Arts
ENGL 43       Major British Authors II           PHIL 47     Philosopher in Depth                 FREN 120     La Cinema Francais/
ENGL 131 Shakespeare                             PHIL 53     Ancient and Medieval Philosophy                   French Cinema
FREN 11       First-Year French, 1st Semester    PHIL 55     History of Modern Philosophy         MCOM 2       Fundamental Structures
FREN 11       First-Year French, 2nd Semester    PHIL 101    Philosophers in Conflict             MHIS 5       Music Appreciation
FREN 51       French Literature in English       PHIL 106    Philosophy of Law                    MPER 66      Jazz Ensemble
GERM 11       First-Year German, 1st Semester    PHIL 124    Philosophy of Religion               MPER 70      University Symphony Orchestra
GERM 11       First-Year German, 2nd Semester    PHIL 135    Political Philosophy                 MPER 72      Symphonic Wind Ensemble
GERM 128 German Poetry                           PHIL 180    Metaphysics                          MPER 73      Concert Band
GREK 11       First-Year Ancient Greek,          PHIL 182    Theory of Knowledge                  MPER 82      The Oriana Choir
              1st Semester
                                                 RELI 23     Biblical Studies                     MPER 83      University Chorus
GREK 11       First-Year Ancient Greek,
              2nd Semester                       RELI 27     Life and Teaching of Jesus           MPER 84      Pacific Singers
GREK 23       Intermediate Greek, 3rd Semester   RELI 34     Introduction to Religion             RELI 171     Religion and Cinema
GREK 25       Intermediate Greek, 4th Semester   RELI 43     Social Ethics                        THEA 11      Introduction to Theatre
GREK 127 Advanced Greek                          RELI 44     Sex, Sin and Salvation               THEA 30      Puppetry & Mask Making
JAPN 11       First-Year Japanese, 1st           RELI 70     Religion and American Culture        THEA 51A     Ballet
              Semester                           RELI 130    The Christian Tradition              THEA 51B     Jazz
JAPN 11       First-Year Japanese,               RELI 142    Business Ethics                      THEA 51C     Modern Dance:
              2nd Semester                       RELI 145    Biomedical Ethics                    THEA 51D     Tap
LATN 11       First-Year Latin, 1st Semester     RELI 170    Religion and Modern Literature       THEA 71      Beginning Acting
LATN 11       First-Year Latin, 2nd Semester     RELI 172    Biblical Themes in Literature        THEA 75      Expressive Movement
LATN 23       Intermediate Latin, 3rd Semester
                                                 II-C. Practice and Perspective in the            III-A. Life and Physical Laboratory Science
LATN 25       Intermediate Latin, 4th Semester
                                                 Visual and Performing Arts                       BIOL 11       Human Anatomy and Physiology
LATN 127 Advanced Latin
                                                 ARTH 7       Survey of Western Art To 1400       BIOL 31       Animal Societies
LATN 151 Intensive Latin for Language
                                                 ARTH 9       Survey of Western Art After 1400    BIOL 41       Introduction to Biology
                                                 ARTH 108 Renaissance Art and Architecture        BIOL 51       Principles of Biology
RUSS 11       First-Year Russian, 1st Semester
                                                 ARTH 110 17th Century Art –                      BIOL 61       Principles of Biology
RUSS 11       First-Year Russian, 2nd Semester
                                                              Age of Rembrandt
SLPA 53       Beginning Sign Language I                                                           BIOL 74       Biology of Insects
                                                 ARTH 112 19th Century European Art
SPAN 11       First-Year Spanish, 1st Semester                                                    BIOL 79       California Flora
                                                 ARTH 114 20th Century European Art and
SPAN 11       First-Year Spanish, 2nd Semester                                                    CHEM 23       Elements of Chemistry
THEA 113 Theatre Heritage I                                                                       CHEM 25/27 General Chemistry
                                                 ARTH 116 Contemporary World Art
THEA 115 Theatre Heritage II                                                                      GEOS 51       Physical Geology
                                                 ARTH 118 Art in the United States 1865-
                                                              1945                                GEOS 53       Geologic Evolution of the Earth
 40                                                                 UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                    GEOS 55      Physical Geography
                    GEOS 57      Earth System Science
                    GEOS 61      Geology of California
                    PHYS 17      Concepts of Physics
                    PHYS 23/25   General Physics
                    PHYS 39      Physics of Music
                    PHYS 41      Astronomy
                    PHYS 53/55   Principles of Physics
                    III-B. Formal Systems of Thought
                    COMP 25      Computer/Information Processing
                    COMP 47      Discrete Mathematics for
                                 Computer Science
                    COMP 51      Computer Science I
                    ECON 61      Economic Statistics
general education

                    GEOS 102 Spatial Analysis & GIS
                    MATH 33      Elements of Calculus
                    MATH 35      Elementary Statistical Inference
                    MATH 37      Probability and Statistics
                    MATH 39      Probability with Applications
                                 to Statistics
                    MATH 41      Pre-Calculus
                    MATH 45      Introduction to Finite
                                 Mathematics and Calculus
                    MATH 51      Calculus I
                    MATH 53      Calculus II
                    MATH 55      Calculus III
                    MATH 72      Operations Research Models
                    PHIL 37      Introduction to Logic
                    PSYC 103 Experimental Research/Statistics
                    III-C. Science, Technology and Society
                    ANTH 112 Physical Anthropology
                    BIOL 35      Environment: Concepts and
                    COMP 41      Great Ideas in Computing
                    ENGR 10      Info Highway: Past to Present
                    ENGR 11      Technology and Society
                    GEOS 41      Environmental Geology
                    GESL 43      The Changing Environment
                    GEOS 45      Soil, Water and War
                    RELI 146     Technology, Ethics and Religion
                    SPTS 41      Heart, Exercise and Nutrition
                    SPTS 45      Science of Nutrition
                            C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                  41

                                            college of the pacific

Dean                    The College provides a classic liberal arts experience from inside a comprehensive university. Within a
Gary L. Miller          context of high academic expectations, the College offers students the opportunity to engage in
Associate Dean          exploration, inquiry, and discovery: exploration of the world around them and of themselves and the
Marisa J. Kelly         inquiry into philosophical, social, and natural phenomenon that leads to different types of
                        meaningful discovery.
Assistant Dean
Susan C. Giraldez       Students in the College study with internationally recognized faculty who are committed to
                        undergraduate teaching. Student learning takes place both in the classroom and outside it as
Department Telephone    students and faculty interact as scholars, mentors, and ultimately as friends. Our experiential
209.946.2141            learning guarantee allows students to have hands-on learning opportunities working one on one with
Website                 faculty on research projects or undertaking internships, overseas study, or voluntary service.

                                                                                                                                  college of the pacific
www.pacific.edu/cop/    Each academic department in COP is a unique but integral part of the College of the Pacific
Contents                Community, which in turn is an integral part of the University Community.
                        COP offers over 60 academic majors and minors and many pathways toward fulfilling careers and an
                        appreciation of the world around us. With the assistance of faculty advisers, students plan their
Biological Sciences
Chemistry               academic programs to include courses required by the majors and minors they have selected, general
Chemistry-Biology       education courses, and courses that satisfy the student’s individual interests.
Classics                The College also provides curriculum support for and joint degrees and interdisciplinary programs
Communication           with the eight other schools of the University.
Environmental Studies
Ethnic Studies
Film Studies            General Education                                    C. No more than three courses from a single
Geophysics              Requirements                                            department or other school or college may be
Geosciences                                                                     applied to meet the requirements of the
Graphic Design          College of the Pacific students participate in the      general education program.
History                 University General Education Program. The
                        curricular emphasis of the College of the Pacific    D. Units earned by correspondence or
Liberal Studies
                        is on the liberal arts, and participation in the        independent study may not count in general
Modern Languages        program is a vital part of the student’s academic       education.
Philosophy              program. Freshmen are required to take Mentor        E. Students with AP scores of 4 or above and IB
Physics                 Seminars I, II and III.                                 scores of 5 or above may request a maximum
Political Science       A. In addition to participation in three Mentor         of two courses/8 units credit over two
Psychology                                                                      different general education categories (I, II,
                           Seminars, College of the Pacific students are
Religious Studies                                                               III) from the College’s General Education
                           required to successfully complete nine
Social Sciences                                                                 Coordinator.
Sociology                  courses, three in each of the three main
Sport Sciences             categories of the University General              F. Coursework in independent or directed study,
Studio Art                 Education Program, totaling a minimum of             field experience or similar activities such as
Theatre Arts               30 units. Students must take three courses           internships, practicums and cooperative
                           listed under Category I-The Individual and           education cannot be used to meet general
The home of the arts       Society (one in each subcategory), and three         education requirements.
                           courses listed under Category II-Human
and sciences at the                                                          Information about the University General
                           Heritage (one in each subcategory). In
                                                                             Education Program as modified by the College
University of the          Category III-The Natural World and Formal
                                                                             of the Pacific may be obtained from the Dean of
                           Systems of Thought, students have the option
                                                                             the College. Students who are transferring into
Pacific, featuring 39      of taking one course from each of the three
                                                                             the College as internal transfers or from another
                           areas, or two courses from area A-Life and
undergraduate majors,      Physical Laboratory Sciences, and one course
                                                                             institution will have a general education
                                                                             analysis made of their transcripts at the time of
35 minors and              from area B-Formal Systems of Thought.
                                                                             matriculation into the College to determine
opportunities for       B. Mentor Seminars cannot be taken pass/no           what requirements remain to be completed.
                           credit.                                           Students completing the IGETC (CSU or UC)
interdisciplinary and                                                        General Education requirements at California
experiential study.                                                          Community Colleges will also have their
 42                                                                                 UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                         transcripts and GE Certification Documents             The Major Program                                    To add a minor, students must complete a
                         examined at the time of matriculation to assure                                                             Declaration of Minor form, available from the
                                                                                The College of the Pacific provides students with
                         that they meet the total 12 course/42 unit                                                                  chair of the appropriate department or the
                                                                                opportunities for specialized study in a major
                         minimum requirement covering all nine areas                                                                 College Dean’s Office.
                                                                                through an unusually varied and flexible
                         of the University General Education program (I-                                                             For a complete description of approved minors,
                                                                                arrangement of courses. The College has
                         A through III-C).                                                                                           see the appropriate department or program
                                                                                designed a wide variety of majors to respond to
                         Students pursuing a degree in another school of        the needs and career goals of students including     description in this catalog.
                         the University may elect to complete a major in        majors in a single subject such as chemistry,        Special On-Campus Minor Programs
                         the College of the Pacific without fulfilling the      history or mathematics and majors in pre-
                         General Education requirements of the College                                                               A Thematic Minor designed to fit student
                                                                                professional studies, such as pre-law. The
                         in addition to those of the school that is                                                                  interests is available to all students in the
                                                                                College of the Pacific also has cross-disciplinary
                         granting their degree.                                                                                      University under certain conditions. The student
                                                                                majors combining two areas of study, such as
                                                                                                                                     with a declared major and a minimum 2.65
                                                                                chemistry/biology. There are multi-disciplinary
                         College of the Pacific                                                                                      grade point average may select the Thematic
                                                                                majors which combine the resources of several
                                                                                                                                     Minor so long as it does not duplicate or closely
                         Language Requirement                                   departments, such as liberal studies.
                                                                                                                                     parallel an existing major or minor. At least one
college of the pacific

                         In order to promote an appreciation of diverse         A unique opportunity for students who have           year before graduation the student shall submit
                         cultures and to encourage greater                      special academic or career objectives not directly   to the Associate Dean of the College for approval
                         understanding of the English language, the             met by existing majors is the “self-designed’’       a proposal which will include both the rationale
                         College of the Pacific requires one year of            interdisciplinary major. In this program a           for the Thematic Minor and the specific courses
                         college instruction or equivalent training in a        student will work with several faculty members       for its completion. Two faculty members must
                         language other than English for all students           from two or more academic areas to construct a       act as sponsors for the minor. The Thematic
                         seeking a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree.              major organized around a particular theme or         Minor must contain at least 20 units, normally
                         Students who transfer to University of the Pacific     interdisciplinary course of study. All self-         five courses, of which not more than two may be
                         with sophomore standing or above, or who seek          designed majors must be approved by the              used to complete the General Education
                         a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree or a               Associate Dean of the College.                       requirement. No course may count for both the
                         Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree, are exempt      In addition, students may take advantage of the      student’s major and the Thematic Minor, and
                         from this requirement, but are encouraged to           courses and programs offered by the other            no more than two courses may be completed
                         cultivate their language skills.                       schools on the University campus. Students           outside the University. Some advanced courses
                         This requirement can be met entirely, or in part, by   working toward a teaching credential take            must be included.
                         completing coursework at the College, at approved      professional coursework in the Gladys L. Benerd
                         colleges and universities, or by examination. To       School of Education. There are several programs      Special Off-Campus Study
                         fulfill the requirement by completing coursework a     in the College which include coursework from         Programs
                         grade of C- or better must be obtained in each         the Eberhardt School of Business. Many students      College of the Pacific students have the
                         course. In addition to modern and ancient written      take elective coursework in the Conservatory of      opportunity to study abroad in their sophomore,
                         languages, students may elect to complete the          Music. In fact, a student may elect to take any      junior or senior years in more than 200
                         requirement in American Sign Language.                 undergraduate course in the University provided      locations. Some programs are for an academic
                         Computer languages cannot be substituted for the       that the course prerequisites are met.               year, some for only a semester. The countries
                         requirement. Individual departments may choose         The result of this diversity and openness of         include: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark,
                         to increase, but not to decrease, the level of         curricular offerings and programs is that students   Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary,
                         proficiency required.                                  receive the benefits normally associated with a      Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway,
                         While the University makes every effort to meet        large university while experiencing the close        Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the
                         student interests and needs, it does not               personal relationship between students and faculty   United Kingdom in Europe; China, Hong Kong,
                         guarantee that every student will be able to           which is a hallmark of the College of the Pacific.   India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Nepal,
                         fulfill this requirement by studying their first                                                            Philippines and Thailand in Asia; Australia and
                         choice of a language. The University also does         Minors                                               Fiji in the South Pacific; Cameroon, Egypt, Ivory
                         not guarantee that students studying languages                                                              Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal,
                                                                                Minors consist of a coherent set of related
                         other than those offered through the Pacific                                                                Tanzania, and Zimbabwe in Africa; Argentina,
                                                                                courses in a particular disciplinary or
                         Department of Modern Language and Literature                                                                Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica,
                                                                                interdisciplinary area. Programs include 20
                         will have access to the courses needed to                                                                   Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru
                                                                                units or more, and where possible, advanced
                         complete the requirement. In some cases, a                                                                  and Uruguay in the Americas. For information
                                                                                level courses. Ten units or more, depending on
                         student taking language courses not offered by                                                              about study abroad opportunities, contact the
                                                                                the specific program, must be taken at the
                         the Department of Modern Language and                                                                       Office of International Programs and Services in
                                                                                University of the Pacific. Courses that count
                         Literature may also need to pass an approved                                                                the Bechtel International Center.
                                                                                toward a minor cannot be taken on a “pass/no
                         competency examination in addition to their            credit’’ basis. Students must maintain a             The Washington Semester Program
                         course work. As with all subjects, students must       minimum GPA of 2.0 in a minor program.
                         get prior approval before taking course work                                                                This program is conducted by American
                                                                                Students may not take a major and a minor in         University in Washington, D.C., and is open to
                         outside of the University that they intend to use      the same discipline.
                         toward completion of their Pacific degree.                                                                  academically qualified juniors and seniors.
                                                                                                                                     Students live on campus in Washington, D.C.,
                                                        C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                           43

attend seminars with government officials and       Stockton area. At the University Center, students   Liberal Studies (B.A.)
take part in internships. Special topics include    living on or off campus are drawn together by       Mathematics (B.A., B.S.)
foreign policy, economic policy, justice and        special educational and entertainment               Philosophy (B.A.)
journalism. The Washington Center Internship        programs. Students living on or off campus may      Physics (B.A., B.S.)
allows students to work full-time in the nation’s   also come together in a great variety of
                                                                                                        Political Science (B.A.)
Capitol while receiving full credit toward          organizations such as Le Cercle Francais, the
graduation. The Washington Center coordinates       Pacific Model United Nations Association or the     Psychology (B.A., M.A.)
a program of work experience in a variety of        Public Relations Society of America.                Religious Studies (B.A.)
governmental, not-for-profit and private                                                                Self-Designed (see the Associate Dean of the
                                                    During the senior year, students have an
enterprises; these are supplemented with                                                                College)
                                                    opportunity to compete for student awards such
academic seminars and lectures. A full-time         as the Frederick J. and Marguerite C. Early         Social Sciences (B.A.)
student will also take an independent study         Undergraduate Science Research Award.               Sociology (B.A.)
supervised by a Pacific faculty member.                                                                 Spanish (B.A.)
The Sacramento Experience Internship                Student Government in COP                           Sport Sciences (B.A., M.A.)
Program                                             Students participate in determining the             Studio Art (B.F.A.)
Undergraduate students throughout the               academic and social policies of the College.        Theatre Arts (B.A.)

                                                                                                                                                       college of the pacific
University may apply for internship                 They are voting members of virtually all College
opportunities which are available in                standing committees where important questions       Minors Offered In and
government agencies and with lobbying               of policy are discussed.                            Through College of the
organizations located in Sacramento. Similar                                                            Pacific
experiences can be arranged with public             The College of the Pacific Association (COPA)
agencies having a local or regional focus.          provides students with an opportunity to become     Applied Mathematics
Placements are made individually in                 involved in College activities and service. COPA    Art History
accordance with student interests. Components       is organized to foster identity among College of    Biological Sciences
of the program are classroom study, research        the Pacific students, to enhance student-faculty
projects, an internship position, and workshops     relationships, to enable students to obtain a
                                                    better understanding of the College and             Chinese
allowing for interaction with leaders in the                                                            Classical Languages
public policy process. Credits are variable         University academic and administrative
                                                    operations, and to develop programs which           Classics
according to program requirements of each
student. More information is available at the       integrate academic and residential life. Its        Communication
Jacoby Center for Community and Regional            activities include the funding of student groups    Computer Science
Studies, located on the second floor of the         which benefit students and the appointment of       Economics
Wendell Phillips Center.                            representatives to College and University           English
                                                                                                        Film Studies
The College of the Pacific                                                                              French
                                                    Majors and Specialized
Student at University of the                                                                            Gender Studies
                                                    Programs Offered In and
Pacific                                                                                                 Geology
                                                    Through College of the
The cooperative relationship between the                                                                German
College of the Pacific and other schools and                                                            Greek
colleges on the Stockton campus offers the          Applied Mathematics (B.S.)                          History
College student opportunities for personal and      Art (B.A.)                                          Japanese
intellectual enrichment. Students from the          Biochemistry (B.S.)                                 Latin
College who meet the appropriate prerequisites      Biological Sciences (B.A., B.S., M.S.)              Mathematics
may take courses in any other unit on the           Chemistry (B.A., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.)
campus. Activities such as athletics, music,                                                            Modern Languages
                                                    Chemistry-Biology (B.S.)                            Philosophy
forensics and drama are University-wide and
                                                    Classics (B.A.)                                     Physics
bring students with various interests and
objectives together in common endeavors. The        Communication (B.A., M.A.)                          Political Science
University newspaper, The Pacifican, is student-    Economics (B.A., B.S.)                              Pre-Law
edited and -published.                              English (B.A.)                                      Psychology
Most students live on campus in residences          Environmental Studies (B.A.)                        Public Affairs
which are close to classrooms and laboratories.     French (B.A.)                                       Religious Studies
Students govern their own residence halls           Geology (B.A., B.S.)                                Sociology
through student house councils. Thus, all           Geophysics (B.S.)                                   Spanish
students are responsible for their own conduct      German (B.A.)                                       Sport Sciences
and have a voice in determining their standards     Graphic Design (B.F.A.)
of behavior. There are, however, a number of                                                            Studio Art
                                                    History (B.A.)                                      Theatre Arts
students in the College who are residents of the
                                                    Japanese (B.A.)                                     Thematic Minor
 44                                                                                UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                         General Academic                                      3. Each academic program adviser evaluates             In cooperation with the Office of the Dean,
                         Regulations                                              transfer courses to determine if they satisfy       departments may designate certain courses to
                                                                                  any of the major or minor course                    be graded only on the pass/no credit basis. In
                         Requirements for Graduation                              requirements. Transfer courses with content         such courses the nature of the learning does
                         1. To receive a baccalaureate degree in the              similar to courses required for major and           not provide an adequate basis for meaningful
                            College of the Pacific, students must complete        minor programs at the College of the Pacific        rank ordering of student performance and
                            at least 124 units with a minimum grade               may be applied with departmental approval.          under no circumstances shall the students’
                            point average of 2.0 in all college-level work        Some departments limit the number of                work be evaluated on a letter-graded system.
                            completed, all work completed at University           courses they will accept for the major or         2. Courses numbered 87/187 (Internship),
                            of the Pacific and all courses taken as part of       minor from other institutions.                       89/189 (Practicum) and 92/192 (Cooperative
                            the major program. The Bachelor of Fine Arts
                                                                               4. Transfer courses are given departmental              Education) must be graded on a pass/no
                            degree requires 136 units.
                                                                                  designations at the time of transfer. A              credit basis only. Courses numbered SPTS 11
                         2. In order to complete the requirements for a           maximum of 60 units (or 83 units for a               and SPTS 13 in the Department of Sport
                            baccalaureate degree, at least 32 of the last         B.F.A.) taken in one department will be              Sciences are deemed Physical Education
                            40 units must be earned at University of the          counted toward the 124 units (or 136 units           Activity and Intercollegiate Athletics classes
                            Pacific. To obtain a second baccalaureate             for a B.F.A.) required for graduation.               respectively, and are graded on a pass/no
college of the pacific

                            degree, the candidate must complete at least                                                               credit basis only. Fieldwork courses are
                            32 units at University of the Pacific after the    Academic Honors
                                                                                                                                       normally graded on a pass/no credit basis
                            awarding of the first degree.                      Honors at graduation are awarded upon the               also.
                         3. Students must complete a major program of          recommendation of the faculty to students
                                                                               achieving a grade point average, appropriately       3. The grade “P’’ is given for courses passed by
                            study prescribed by the College to fulfill the
                                                                               computed, of: cum laude, 3.50; magna cum                examination, by the College Level
                            requirements for a baccalaureate degree. For
                            courses in the major (including cognate            laude, 3.70; summa cum laude, 3.90. Each                Equivalency Program examinations or by
                            courses) students must achieve a grade point       semester students earning a grade point average         advanced placement.
                            average of 2.0 or better. Courses taken in the     of 3.50 or higher in 12 or more letter-graded        Course Numbering Policies and
                            major must be taken on a letter grade basis        units are named to the Dean’s list.                  Restrictions
                            with exceptions made for internships,
                            fieldwork, and practicums.                         Class Attendance                                     1. Courses numbered 1 to 199 are
                                                                               Students are expected to attend classes regularly.      undergraduate courses, certain of which may
                         4. Students must complete a minimum of 64             Specific attendance policies are, however,              be accepted toward graduate degrees when
                            units outside the discipline of their first        determined by individual instructors who will           taken in the graduate year. Courses
                            major, regardless of the department offering       provide students with a written statement of            numbered 1 to 99 are lower-level courses
                            the course or courses.                             such policies at the beginning of the semester. At      designed primarily for freshman/sophomore
                         5. Students must complete the University of the       the request of a student through the Student Life       students and/or for students with little or no
                            Pacific and College of the Pacific General         Office, his/her instructors will be notified of         prerequisite training. Courses numbered 100
                            Education Program to fulfill the                   absences due to illness, University related             to 199 are upper-level courses designed
                            requirements for a baccalaureate degree.           activities or other conditions beyond the control       primarily for junior/senior students and/or
                            Please refer to the University General             of the student.                                         for students with appropriate prerequisite
                            Education Program statement and the                                                                        training.
                                                                               Policies and Grading in the College of the
                            statement on College of the Pacific General                                                             2. Courses numbered 92/192 indicate
                            Education Modifications for the requirements                                                               cooperative education study and may be
                            of the program. Students are encouraged to         1. With few exceptions, courses taken in the            offered by departments or on a college-wide
                            consult with their advisers or the Office of the      major must be on a letter grade basis.               basis (ACC) without specific departmental
                            Dean if they have any questions or problems.          Students are permitted to take courses on a          designation. Courses carrying the 92/192
                                                                                  pass/no credit basis in general education or         designation indicate work experiences on a
                         Special Requirements for Transfer                        in electives in order to encourage enrollment
                         Students                                                                                                      full-time or parallel (part-time) basis, which
                                                                                  in courses outside their areas of                    are coordinated by the Office of Cooperative
                         1. All students must fulfill the requirements of         specialization. Normally this option is limited      Education and a faculty supervisor from an
                            the University of the Pacific and College of          to one course per student per semester.              appropriate department of the College.
                            the Pacific General Education Program.                Students electing this option in College of the      Students from other schools and colleges on
                            Courses taken at other institutions will be           Pacific courses must understand that a grade         the Stockton campus may also participate in
                            evaluated by the Office of the Dean to                of “pass’’ will be awarded for work evaluated        the Cooperative Education Program. Students
                            determine which will fulfill the General              at the level of C- or better and a grade of “no      who elect 92/192 normally are expected to
                            Education Program requirements. Only                  credit’’ will be awarded for work evaluated at       undertake at least two work experiences (the
                            courses carrying three or more semester               the level of D+ or below. The student must           equivalent of two semesters or six months in
                            units, or four or more quarter units, of credit       declare the intention to enroll in a course on       total) separated by at least one period of full-
                            will be accepted.                                     the pass/no credit basis with the instructor by      time academic study. Students may earn two
                         2. For College of the Pacific students, a                completing a form available from the Office          to four units of academic credit for each
                            minimum of 124 units are required for                 of the Registrar prior to the deadline               working period for a total of eight units.
                            graduation. (Certain major programs may               established for adding classes.                      Students on a part-time (parallel) basis are
                            require additional units.)
                                                          C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                             45

  encouraged to register for additional               6. No more than 20 units of Cooperative             Art
  coursework on campus providing that the                Education (92/192), Internship (87/187),
                                                                                                          Professors: D. Kasser (Chair), Schleier
  total combination of units does not exceed a           Practicum (89/189), Physical Education
  normal load. In the first of two work                  Activity (SPTS 11), Club Sports (SPTS 12),       Associate Professors: DeBoer, Flaherty, L. Kasser,
  experiences, students will enroll in 92, in the        Theatre Activity (THEA 5), Dance Team            Wenzel
  second, 192. Students may not exceed the 20-           (THEA 7) and Intercollegiate Athletics (SPTS     Assistant Professors: Burkett, Todd
  unit limitation stipulated in “F’’ below.              13) courses in any combination may be
                                                         applied to the units required for a              Visiting Lecturers: Cooperman, Holt, Kakuda,
3. Courses numbered 87/187 and 89/189                                                                     Wolfe
   indicate internship and practicum study               baccalaureate degree. See Communications
   when included in the course number of                 Department for further restrictions on           Department Phone: (209) 946-2241
   departments in the College of the Pacific.            Communication internships.                       Website: www1.pacific.edu/cop/art
   Courses numbered 87/187 designate work             7. Courses numbered 201 to 299 carry credits        The study of art involves learning about the
   experiences that usually are conducted off-           for graduate degrees.                            cultural and historical significance of the visual
   campus, primarily under the supervision of         8. Courses numbered above 300 are exclusively       arts and the development of visual literacy. This
   someone not holding a full-time                       for students admitted to a doctoral program.     involves a personal engagement in the creative
   appointment on the faculty of the College of

                                                        Courses numbered 193: Each department of          process and acquiring a more profound
   the Pacific. Courses numbered 89/189                                                                   understanding of human expression. The
   designate work experiences conducted usually         the College of the Pacific may offer, on
                                                        occasion, special topics courses (193). Some      department provides an undergraduate
   on campus, under the direct supervision of a                                                           curriculum that is appropriate for students that
   College of the Pacific faculty member.               departments also offer lower-level special
                                                        topics courses numbered 93 and/or graduate-       plan careers in the field of art and is responsive
   Courses numbered 87/187 and 89/189 may                                                                 to liberal arts students seeking to expand their
   be taken for two, three or four units of credit.     level courses numbered 293. The material of
                                                        the special topics courses may reflect the        knowledge and understanding of the visual arts.
   If a department’s 87/187 and/or 89/189
   courses carry alphabetic subscripts                  current research of the instructor or the needs   Degrees in Art and Graphic Design
   designating different categories of study            and interests of a group of students. Detailed    The department offers two coherent programs of
   experiences, then the 87/187 or 89/189               descriptions of these courses may be obtained     study. These programs lead to a Bachelor of Arts
   course may be repeated for credit as long as         from the chair of the department in which         degree in Art or Art History or a Bachelor of Fine
   the student does not repeat a category               the courses are offered or in a publication       Arts degree in Graphic Design or Studio Art.
   (subscript) or exceed the 20-unit limitation         prepared each semester by the Office of the       Admission into the BA or BFA degree programs
   (see “F’’ below). In some cases, the                 Dean.                                             requires the filing of a declaration of major
   department may indicate special restrictions.      9. The following sets of course numbers             form and consultation with a department
4. Courses numbered SPTS 11 in the                       designate a similar function in each             adviser.
   Department of Sport Sciences and THEA 5               department of the College of the Pacific: 191
                                                                                                          BA Degree in Art
   and 7 in the Theatre Arts Department are              and 291, independent study, undergraduate
                                                         and graduate; 195, 295 and 395, seminar,         The Bachelor’s degree is a liberal arts degree
   Activity courses. Courses numbered SPTS 12                                                             that expands perception and the many
   are Club Sports courses and courses                   undergraduate, graduate and doctoral; 197,
                                                         297 and 397, independent research,               directions an artist may take in her/his career. It
   numbered SPTS 13 are Intercollegiate                                                                   also enhances the inter-relationship of the study
   Athletics courses. Students will be able to           undergraduate, graduate and doctoral; 299,
                                                         master’s thesis; 399, doctoral dissertation.     of the visual arts with other academic
   apply no more than a total of eight units in                                                           disciplines. Majors in the BA degree program
   Activity, Club Sports and Intercollegiate             Courses numbered 191 or 197 may be offered
                                                         for two, three or four units of credit only.     must complete 124 units of course work from
   Athletics courses toward graduation. Only                                                              the three items below.
   four of the eight units can be in Club Sports      10. When two course numbers are separated by
   and only four of the eight units can be in            a comma, the first is a prerequisite to the      1. Successfully complete 42 or more units from
   Intercollegiate Athletics. A one-unit Activity        second; when they are separated by a                the General Education Program within the
   class can be repeated only once. No two-unit          semicolon, either course may be taken               College of the Pacific.
   Activity class may be repeated for credit. All        independently of the other. Course numbers       2. Successfully complete 24 - 26 units of selected
   Activity, Club Sports and Intercollegiate             separated by a hyphen indicate no credit is         University electives in an area other than art.
   Athletics classes will be evaluated on the            given until both courses have been completed     3. Successfully complete the art degree major
   pass/no credit basis.                                 in proper sequence. Course numbers                  requirements.
5. A total of no more than eight units of                separated by a slash or virgule indicate that
   extension credit offered by University of the         both courses are simultaneously offered by       Coursework for BA Degree in Art
                                                         the same instructor but are available for        (124 units)
   Pacific may be applied to the units required
   for a baccalaureate degree. Regularly                 upper and lower-division, or upper-division      The B.A. Degree in Art is a Liberal Arts degree.
   enrolled students (full- or part-time) may not        and graduate enrollment.                         The goal of this degree is to develop
   receive more than two units of extension           11. Normally, odd-numbered courses are offered      foundational skill sets in the two-dimensional
   credit in any given semester. Extension               every year; even-numbered courses are offered    and three-dimensional arts and the opportunity
   courses may not be repeated for credit.               every other year.                                to achieve advanced work in one media
                                                                                                          concentration and seminar experience. Students
                                                                                                          must complete a minimum of 58 units to meet
                                                                                                          the major degree requirements.
46                                                             UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

      Foundations Program: Year One/Level                  opportunities to develop advanced work in two       Concentration in Three-Dimensional
      One 20 units                                         specific fine arts disciplines. This degree is      Media: ARTS-133, Three Dimensional Studio I,
                                                           designed for students willing to engage in a        ARTS- 135, Three Dimensional Studio II, ARTS
      ARTH 07       Survey of World Art to 1400
                                                                                                               87- Internship in Three Dimensional Studio or
      ARTH 09       Survey of World Art after 1400         rigorous undergraduate program that provides        ARTS- 191, Independent Study: Three
      ARTS 05       Drawing                                preparation for the fine arts field at the          Dimensional Studio.
                                                           internship, graduate school or an entry -level      Elective units may be earned in any of the
      ARTS 07       Two-Dimensional Design and
                    Color                                  position. To complete a BFA degree in eight         courses listed above as well as in the
                                                           semesters a student should take 17 units each       following courses:
      ARTS 09       Three-Dimensional Design
                                                           semester to accrue 136 units from the three         ARTS 87, 187 Internship
      ARTS 11       Photography
                                                           items below.                                        ARTS 89, 189 Practicum
      Foundations Program: Year Two/Level                  1. Successfully complete 42 or more units from      ARTS 91       Computer Graphic Design I: Print
      Two plus 25 units                                       the General Education Program within the                       Media
      ARTS 21       Life Drawing                              College of the Pacific.                          ARTS 125 Painting III
      ARTS 23       Painting                                                                                   ARTS 127 Illustration
                                                           2. Successfully complete 11 or more units of
      ARTS 35       Ceramics                                  selected University electives in an area other   ARTS 131 Visual Arts in Education
      ARTS 37       Sculpture

                                                              than art.                                        ARTS 191 Independent Study
      ARTS 45       Digital Photography                                                                        Any two Art History Courses
                                                           3. Successfully complete of foundational major
      ARTS 47       Computer Art Survey                       coursework, two self-selected disciplinary       Graphic Design Degree Requirements
      ARTS 59       Printmaking                               concentrations and electives in art – not to     (136 units)
      ARTH          Contemporary Art History                  exceed 83 units.
                                                                                                               The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design is a
      Major Concentration/Elective: Year                   Coursework for BFA in Studio Art                    professional degree program that offers a
      Three/Level Three plus 9 units:                                                                          balance of theoretical and practical skills
                                                           Level One (Year one) 20 units                       complimented by the enriched experience of the
      Drawing Painting Concentration                       ARTH 7        Survey of World Art to 1400           liberal arts environment of Pacific. Successful
      ARTS 121 Life Drawing II                             ARTS 5        Drawing                               graduates will be prepared for internship,
      ARTS 57      Watercolor Painting                     ARTS 7        Principles of Two-Dimensional         graduate studies or entry -level positions in the
      Or                                                                 Design and Color                      field of Graphic Design. To complete a BFA
      Arts 113     Painting II                             ARTS 9        Principles of Three-Dimensional       degree in eight semesters a student should
                                                                         Design                                complete 17 – 18 Units per semester to accrue
      Printmaking Concentration
                                                           ARTS 11       Photography 1                         136 units from the three items below.
      ARTS 150 Relief Printmaking & Letter Press
      ARTS 151 Printmaking II                              Level Two (Year two, plus) 25 units                 1. Successfully complete 42 or more units from
                                                           ARTS 21       Life Drawing                             the General Education Program within the
      Photography Concentration
                                                           ARTS 23       Painting 1                               College of the Pacific.
      ARTS 141 Photography II
      ARTS 143 Photography III                             ARTS 35       Ceramics                              2. Successfully complete 11 or more units of
                                                           ARTS 37       Sculpture                                selected University electives in an area other
      Three-Dimensional Arts Concentration                                                                        than art.
                                                           ARTS 45       Digital Photography
      ARTS 133 Three-Dimensional Studio I
                                                           ARTS 47       Digital Media Survey                  3. Successfully complete of foundational major
      ARTS 135 Three-Dimensional Studio II                                                                        coursework, two self-selected disciplinary
                                                           ARTS 59       Printmaking 1
      Electives                                            ARTH 116      Contemporary Art History                 concentrations and electives in art - not to
      ARTS 87, 187 Internship                                                                                     exceed 83 units.
                                                           Level Three 38 units
      ARTS 89, 189 Practicum                                                                                   Coursework for BFA in Graphic Design
                                                           Students must select and fulfill the requirements
      ARTS 135      Three-Dimensional Studio II
                                                           of two discipline concentrations, and an            Freshman Year
      ARTS 127      Illustration
                                                           additional 9 units of art electives and ARTS-181,   ARTS 5        Drawing
      ARTS 131      Visual Arts in Education               183, 185.                                           ARTS 7        Principles of Two-Dimensional
      Any Art History Courses (ARTH)                       Concentration in Photography: ARTS- 141,                          Design and Color
      ARTS 75       Graphic Design I                       Photography II; ARTS- 143 Photography III;          ARTS 9        Principles of Three-Dimensional
                                                           ARTS- 87, Internship in Photography or ARTS-                      Design
      Senior Seminar: Year Four/Level Four 4 units         89 Practicum in Photography or ARTS- 191,
      ARTS 185      Studio Art Seminar III                 Independent Study: Photography.                     ARTH 9        Survey of World Art after 1400

      BFA in Studio Art (136 units)                        Concentration in Printmaking: ARTS-150,             Sophomore Year
                                                           Relief Printmaking and Letter Press; ARTS- 151,     ARTS 11       Photography I
      The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts is an       Printmaking II; ARTS- 153, Printmaking III.
      initial professional degree in the general fine                                                          ARTS 21       Life Drawing
                                                           Concentration in Drawing and Painting:
      arts. The goal of this degree is the development     ARTS-121, Life Drawing II; ARTS- 57,                ARTS 23       Painting I or ARTS- 57 Watercolor
      of skills, concepts and sensitivities essential to   Watercolor Painting; ARTS- 123, Painting II.                      Painting
      the professional artist. Based upon a thorough                                                           ARTS 45       Digital Photography or
      grounding in fundamental principles and                                                                  ARTS 47       Digital Media Survey
      techniques it provides students with
                                                             C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                 47

ARTS 75        Graphic Design I                          ARTH 108      Renaissance Art and                      ARTH 118      Art in the United States:
ARTS 91        Computer Graphic Design I                               Architecture                      (4)                  1865 – 1945                       (4)

ARTH 114       20th Century European Art
                                                         The examination of the art (painting, sculpture        This course will explore major painters, sculptors
                                                         and architecture of the 16th century in Italy and      and architects and film makers in the U.S. from
Junior Year                                              Northern Europe, focusing on the major artist of       1865 – 1945. Topics such as depictions of race
ARTS 77      Graphic Design 2                            the period including Leonardo, Michelangelo,           and immigration, the impact of technology upon
ARTS 79      Typography                                  Raphael, Bramante and Titian. The works of art         visual perception, art and politics and the impact
ARTS 95      Computer Graphic Design: Time-              will be discussed in the contexts of their artistic,   of gender upon art will be discussed. Expatriate
             Based Media                                 historical and cultural milieu.                        art, the Ash Can School, the Stieglitz Group, The
ARTS 103 Graphic Production                              ARTH 110      17th Century Art -
                                                                                                                New Deal art projects and other significant styles
ARTS 171 Graphic Design 3                                              Age of Rembrandt                  (4)    and trends will also be examined.
ARTS 101 Graphic Design History                          This course examines the art of the 17th Century,      ARTH 120      Chinese Art History               (4)
ARTS 127 Illustration                                    focusing on the masters, including Rembrandt,          Designed as an introduction to the arts of China,
Drawing Elective                                         Vermeer, Hals, Rubens, Valasquez, Caravaggio           from pottery of the Stone Age to paintings of the
                                                         and Bernini. The central concepts of the period        present day. Works of art are analyzed stylistically
Senior Year                                              will be introduced: the development of                 and their meaning examined within the original

ARTS 173 Graphic Design Seminar                          naturalism; new interest in space, time and light;     political and social setting. The enduring art
ARTS 175 Senior Graphic Design Seminar                   the relationship to tradition examined in the          tradition of China will be emphasized.
ARTS 116 Contemporary World Art                          context of the historical and cultural milieu of
                                                                                                                ARTH 122      Japanese Art History              (4)
ARTS 193 Special Topics Graphic Design                   the period.
                                                                                                                Designed as an introduction to the arts of Japan,
Experiential Learning Opportunity                        ARTH 112      19th Century European Art         (4)    from prehistoric Jomon pottery to present day
Studio Art Elective                                      Major artists and artistic movements of the period     Westernized painting. Works of art are analyzed
Studio Art Elective                                      will be explored including Neoclassicism,              for their style and their meaning and examined
                                                         Romanticism, Realism and Impressionism. We             within their original political and social setting.
Minor Degrees in Art and Art History
                                                         will analyze the effects of gender upon                Emphasis will be given to the Japanese art
The department of Art offers minor programs in           representation and artistic practice, the effects of   tradition of absorbing and adapting influences
Art History and the Studio Arts. Each minor              politics and class upon visual representation and      from abroad.
degree requires a minimum of 20 units. No                the impact of urbanization. Painting, sculpture,
more than 10 transfer units will count toward a                                                                 ARTH 124      Sex, Gender and the Arts          (4)
                                                         photography, and architecture will be considered.
minor degree. Students interested in working                                                                    We will explore the construction of masculinity
                                                         Art historical methods including formalism,
toward a minor degree should contact the Chair                                                                  and femininity in Western art from the
of the Department of Art.                                psychoanalysis, Marxism, and gender theory will
                                                                                                                Renaissance to the present. The art will be
                                                         be explored in our analyses.
Course Offerings
                                                                                                                analyzed in the contest of literary, philosophical,
                                                         ARTH 114      20th Century European Art and            medical and legal discourses. We will examine
* Some courses require a nominal laboratory fee.                       Film                          (4)        how gender is encoded in visual representation,
                                                         Major styles of the 20th century including             and often serves as prescriptions rather than
Art History
                                                         Fauvism, Cubism, Expressionism, Surrealism,            descriptions of human behavior.
ARTH 7         Survey of World Art to 1400         (4)   etc., and their appearance in the visual arts,
A basic art history course exploring the major                                                                  ARTH 130      Greek Art and Architecture        (4)
                                                         theater design, and film will be explored. We will
periods and movements in Western art up to 1400.         also evaluate how Western European artists             This course offers an introductory survey of the
A lecture course with visual support to document         borrowed imagery from other cultures and their         art and architecture of ancient Greece from the
the characteristics and styles of each period.           relationship to colonialist concerns. We will also     Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period. While
                                                         consider representations of the body and how this      exploring the stylistic development of Greek
ARTH 9         Survey of World Art After 1400 (4)                                                               sculpture, painting and architecture, we will
A continuation of ARTH 7, examining painting,            imagery relates to gender constructions. The
                                                         effects of urbanization upon the artistic              examine what this art can tell us about the
sculpture, architecture and the variety of artistic                                                             ancient Greeks and how extensively it has
directions from 1400 to the present. Areas to be         enterprise and the development of abstract and
                                                         non-objective art will also be considered. This        influenced our modern world. This course is
covered include Renaissance, Baroque,                                                                           offered in alternate years.
Neoclassicism,       Impressionism,        Abstract      course satisfies a requirement of the Film Studies
Expressionism, Pop Art and Conceptual Art.               minor.                                                 ARTH 132      Roman Art and Architecture        (4)
                                                         ARTH 116      Contemporary World Art-
                                                                                                                An introductory survey of the art and architecture
ARTH 106       Italian Renaissance Art             (4)                                                          of ancient Etruria and Rome from 600 B.C. to the
                                                                       1945 to present                   (4)
The artists of the Italian Renaissance, together with                                                           4th century A.D. We will explore the role of
                                                         This course will explore major artists, styles and
their patrons, conceived of themselves as living in a                                                           Roman art and architecture and its Etruscan
                                                         movements in world art from 1945 to the present.
very special time. This self-conscious revival of the                                                           influences in Roman life and history. Attention
                                                         Gestural abstraction, Pop, Photo Realism,
civilizations of classical antiquity is found in many                                                           will be given to examples of Roman influence
                                                         Happenings, Video, Performance, Conceptual
elements of society including art, literature and                                                               that surround us today. Offered in alternate years.
                                                         and Political art as well as film are a few of the
politics. This course will explore the painting,
                                                         tends that will be considered. Ever-expanding          ARTH 87, 187 Internship                       (2-4)
sculpture and architecture created in Italy from the
                                                         notions of what constitutes art in this pluralistic    Off-campus, non-classroom experiences/projects
13th to the 16th century in order to reveal the
                                                         era will be examined. This course satisfies a          related to art history.
motivations of Renaissance artists and patrons.
                                                         requirement of the Film Studies minor.
Artists discussed include Michelangelo, Leonardo da
Vinci, Botticelli, Giotto, Raphael and Titian.
48                                                               UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

      ARTH 89, 189 Practicum                       (2-4)    lecture/field demonstrations and completed in          development of skill with the media and the
      Off-campus, non-classroom experiences/projects        the field, studio and darkroom.                        creative exploration of visual ideas. Prerequisite:
      related to art history.                                                                                      ARTS 5.
                                                            ARTS 21       Life Drawing I                    (3)
      ARTH 191     Independent Study               (2-4)    The primary emphasis is placed on the                  ARTS 59       Printmaking I                       (3)
      Enrollment by permission of faculty. Unless           development of visual and perceptual skills            An exploratory course designed to introduce the
      indicated, independent study courses may be           relative to drawing the human body. Structural,        history, processes and techniques of basic relief
      counted only as electives.                            anatomical, formal and expressive factors of the       and intaglio printmaking. The aim is to facilitate
                                                            figure are covered in this course. Prerequisites:      and demystify the technical nature of the
      Studio Art
                                                            ARTS 5.                                                processes and focus on using the techniques for
      ARTS 3       Visual Arts Exploration           (4)                                                           artistic ends. Prerequisites: ARTS 5,7.
                                                            ARTS 23       Painting I                        (3)
      This course is designed as a studio-discussion
                                                            This course introduces the concepts, methods           Graphic Design
      experience with emphasis upon providing an
                                                            and materials of oil painting. Emphasis is on
      opportunity to understand the practical as well as                                                           ARTS 75       Graphic Design I                    (3)
                                                            development of personal imagery and parallel
      the theoretical aspects of the creative process.                                                             Designed as a beginning course introducing a
                                                            with development of skills and conceptual
      This course emphasizes a hands-on experience in                                                              broad and thorough exposure to the graphic
                                                            structures of painting. Prerequisites: ARTS 5
      two-dimensional and three-dimensional                                                                        design field. Prerequisite: ARTS 7.

                                                            Drawing I, ARTS 7 Principles of 2-D Design
      activities such as drawing, painting, printmaking
                                                            and Color.                                             ARTS 77, Graphic Design II                        (3)
      and sculpture.
                                                                                                                   Designed to further and expand the skills and
                                                            ARTS 35       Ceramics                          (3)
      ARTS 5       Drawing                           (3)                                                           knowledge incorporated in Graphic Design I.
                                                            An introduction to the ceramic process: clay,
      This course provides an opportunity for the                                                                  More advanced problems with the attendant
                                                            glaze and firing. Students will explore a variety of
      student to attain through intensive involvement a                                                            upgrading of professional competency and
                                                            problems using the potter’s wheel and hand-
      level of competence in drawing. Both visual and                                                              solutions. Prerequisites: ARTS 75.
                                                            building techniques to discover the expressive
      conceptual possibilities of drawing will be
                                                            potential of clay.                                     ARTS 79       Typography                          (3)
      addressed. Through a variety of materials and
                                                                                                                   Designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of
      exercises students will explore a range of            ARTS 37       Sculpture                         (3)
                                                                                                                   the art of typography. To extend the students
      expressive possibilities and learn from traditional   An introduction to the concepts and creative
                                                                                                                   knowledge of its use and application in graphic
      approaches.                                           methodologies of sculpture applied through a
                                                                                                                   design and its use of the creative, illustrative tool.
                                                            series of assignments. A variety of sculptural
      ARTS 7       Principles of 2-D Design and                                                                    Prerequisite: ARTS 7.
                   Color                             (3)    media will be explored (clay, wood, plaster,
      A foundation course focusing on the                   metal, etc.) Students will learn to use media and      ARTS 87, 187 Internship                         (2-4)
      understanding and creative use of the elements        appropriate tools necessary for the assigned           Off-campus, non-classroom experiences/projects
      and principles of design and practical color          projects. Prerequisites: ARTS 9 Principles of 3-D      related to visual arts.
      theory. It aims to build both a working and a         Design                                                 ARTS 89, 189 Practicum                          (2-4)
      conceptual understanding of the ways in which         ARTS 45       Digital Photography               (3)    On-campus, non-classroom experiences/projects
      an artist organizes or designs two-dimensional        This course provides a foundation for the              related to art history.
      visual artwork. Exercises in visual thinking and      historical, technical and aesthetics of digitally-     ARTS 91       Computer Graphic Design I:
      the use of traditional principles of composition      based photography through a series of applied                        Print Media                         (3)
      and two-dimensional media are emphasized.             assignments. Included are practical assignments        This course will explore computer-assisted
      ARTS 9       Principles of 3-D Design          (3)    for working with digital cameras, scanners and a       graphic design and publication. Students will be
      Through exercises, projects and lectures, this        selection of software for image-editing and            encouraged to examine and develop creative
      foundations level course will identify the            publishing that ranges from the traditional            solutions for problems in graphic design and
      principles that underlie the structure of three-      photographic darkroom, ink-jet printing and the        methods of publishing in print utilizing software
      dimensional design. Utilizing traditional and         World Wide Web.                                        applications pertinent to graphic design and
      non-traditional materials, students will learn the    ARTS 47       Digital Media Survey              (3)    contemporary publishing.
      technical skills, vocabulary and critical thinking    This course introduces students to the digital         ARTS 95       Computer Graphic Design II:
      required to interpret, analyze, evaluate and create   tools used by artists. In lecture/discussion the                     Time Based Media                    (3)
      in the three dimensional world.                       historical and theoretical aspects of the genre are    This course will examine and develop projects
      ARTS 11      Photography I                     (3)    explored. In the studio/lab the basics of several      using computer-generated imagery and time-
      This is an experiential course designed to provide    computer applications are taught (Mac                  based software applications. Applications include,
      an introduction to photography’s technological        Platform.) Aesthetic and conceptual concerns are       but are not limited to digital video editing,
      and aesthetic history providing practical             incorporated into the projects that teach students     interactive multi-media and the World Wide Web.
      experience in Black and White photography and         skill in the medium.                                   Prerequisite: ARTS 75.
      a working context for understanding 19th              ARTS 57       Watercolor Painting               (3)    ARTS 101      History of Graphic Design           (3)
      Century, Modern and Post-modern photographic          Through demonstrations, readings, discussions          This course is a survey of graphic
      theory and aesthetics. This course requires the       and studio work this course introduces students        communication introduced by formal analysis of
      completion of five assignments that incorporate       to the materials, techniques, traditions and           major works of graphic design and their impact
      reflective evaluations of the photographs that you    contemporary uses of transparent watercolor            upon and influence by, the major events of the
      make for the course and see daily. Each               painting. Aesthetic and conceptual concerns are        time. This course will survey the significant
      assignment is issued through introductory             incorporated into the projects that facilitate the     events in communication and graphic design
                                                           C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                      49

from Gutenberg to the present. This course will        ARTS 135     3-D Studio II                      (3)   ARTS 173        Graphic Design Seminar                 (3)
require the participation in lecture/presentation,     Open the advanced Studio Art major for the            Designed to provide a variety of in depth
research, writing and studio projects.                 development of a portfolio of three-dimensional       experiences for students who are pursuing the
                                                       artworks. Students will be encouraged to further      BFA degree in the area of graphic design. Open
ARTS 103      Graphic Production                (3)
                                                       define their artistic concepts, goals and             only to BFA majors in graphic design with junior
Presentation of the production methods of
                                                       intentions in addition to taking part in studio       standing.
printing, typesetting and photographic
                                                       management. Prerequisite: ARTS 133
technologies as they relate to the graphic                                                                   ARTS 175        Senior Graphic Design Seminar(4)
designer. An introduction to the basics of             ARTS 141     Photography II                     (3)   The culminating experience for all graphic
typography, graphic design and various                 This is an experiential course designed to provide    design majors. This course is designed as an
presentation techniques will be explored.              quality contact with professional resources           intensive investigation focused upon selected
Prerequisite: ARTS 7.                                  (human and material) and involve                      graphic design problems, professional portfolio
                                                       photographers in a selection of assignments           preparation and research of the graphic design
ARTS 121      Life Drawing II                   (3)
                                                       exemplary of the larger field of professional         field. Students will be encouraged to build up [on
This course is designed to provide the student an
                                                       photography. This class will undertake five           and further explore previous experiences and
opportunity to build upon the experiences gained
                                                       assignments that involve studio visits, extensive     areas of interest. Prerequisite: ARTS 173.
in Figure Drawing I. This course emphasizes
                                                       field work and in class activities that provide

personal expression and advanced drawing from                                                                ARTS 181        Studio Art Seminar I                   (3)
                                                       publication experience through the creation of        This is the first of three studio art seminars preparing
the nude figure. Prerequisite: ARTS 21.
                                                       press ready and web ready photographic                art students for graduate study or a professional art
ARTS 123      Painting II                       (3)    materials. Prerequisite: ARTS 11.                     career. The course provides a variety of experiences for
This is a studio course designed to build upon the
                                                       ARTS 143     Photography III                    (3)   the advanced studio art student. Intensive studio work
experiences gained in beginning drawing and
                                                       Designed to provide students with foundational        I several areas including readings/discussions, writing,
painting. Instruction will focus upon problem
                                                       work necessary for graduate studies in                critiques and field trips make up the
solving using traditional and contemporary
                                                       photography or entry level positions in the field.    conceptual/theoretical and studio components of the
media and solutions. Added emphasis will be
                                                       Emphasis will be placed upon studio                   course. Students learn about the professional practice
placed upon the development of personal style
                                                       management and portfolio development.                 of the artist and are guided through the development
and expression. Prerequisites: ARTS 5, ARTS 23.
                                                       Prerequisite: ARTS 141.                               of a professional portfolio and self-promotional
ARTS 125      Painting III                      (3)                                                          materials. Prerequisite: The completion of all Level
                                                       ARTS 150     Relief Printmaking and Letter
Open to the advanced painting student with the                      Press                         (3)        Two coursework.
added emphasis placed upon the student setting         This course is designed to examine traditional        ARTS 183        Studio Art Seminar II                  (3)
and accomplishing personal goals. Emphasis is          relief printing processes such as wood cut,           This is the second of three courses preparing
placed upon portfolio development and                  linoleum block, collograph and other forms of         Studio Art BFA candidates for graduate study or
exhibition. Prerequisites: ARTS 123.                   printmaking through a series of readings,             for a professional art career. The course provides
ARTS 127      Illustration I                    (3)    demonstrations and assignments. Special               a variety of experiences for the advanced studio
Designed to expose the student to illustration as      attention will be given to image composition,         art student including self-directed studio work,
applied to the commercial field. A variety of          effective use of value, texture and color.            intensive critique, theory readings/discussions,
media will be employed to render specific              Prerequisite: ARTS 5, ARTS 7.                         independent research and field trips.
assignments. Prerequisite: ARTS 21,23.                 ARTS 151     Printmaking II                     (3)   Prerequisites: Studio Art Seminar I ARTS 181.
ARTS 131      Visual Art in Education           (3)    An intermediate level course designed to select       ARTS 185        Studio Art Seminar III                 (4)
This course is designed to assist the student in       and focus upon one process introduced in              This is the capstone studio seminar course
developing an understanding of the visual arts         Printmaking I. The student is encouraged to           preparing BA and BFA candidates for graduate
and how they interface with children’s                 conduct historical, technical and aesthetic           study or for a professional art career. Intensive
development through age 14. Assignments,               research to provide rigor to their investigation      studio work in the student’s concentration,
readings and discussion related to concepts and        and completed work. Prerequisite: ARTS 150.           research, readings, writing, discussion/critiques
processes, aesthetic perception, creative              ARTS 153     Printmaking III                    (3)   and field trips define the activities undertaken
perception, visual arts heritage and aesthetic         This course is designed to provide foundational       through this course. Emphasis will be placed
valuing will be given. Junior standing is              work for students considering graduate studies in     upon refining a professional portfolio and self-
recommended.                                           print making and related processes. Emphasis          promotional materials and a senior exhibition.
ARTS 133      3-D Studio I                      (3)    will be placed upon working closely with faculty      Prerequisites: ARTS 183 Studio Art Seminar II.
Designed to afford students the opportunity to build   and studio management and portfolio                   ARTS 191        Independent Study                   (2-4)
on the principles introduced from ARTS 35 and          development. Prerequisites: ARTS 150,151,153.         Enrolled by permission of the faculty only. Unless
ARTS 37. Students will be challenged with              ARTS 171     Graphic Design III                 (3)   indicated, independent study courses may be
additional methods and materials applicable to 3-D     This course is designed as an intensive studio        counted only as electives.
studio practice. Students will explore contemporary    involvement. Full concentration is brought to         ARTS 193, Special Topics                            (3-4)
trends in art with an emphasis on the interaction      bear on the design processes, concepts and
between concept and technique. Prerequisite: ARTS                                                            The privilege is reserved to hold any student work in its
                                                       professional presentation of work. Prerequisite:      archives permanently. Student property left on the prem-
35, ARTS 37.                                           ARTS 77.                                              ises after the semester’s end will be subject to disposal.
 50                                                                               UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                      Biological Sciences                                   Three electives (numbered above BIOL 61, but        Mathematics
                                                                            not including BIOL 89, 93, 191 or 197; a            Two courses in mathematics (MATH 33 or
                      Professors: L. Christianson, Richmond (Chair),
                                                                            minimum of two of the electives must have a         higher; one course in statistics recommended;
                                                                            laboratory component).                              credit will not be given for both MATH 33 and
                      Associate Professors: Jongeward, Maxwell,                                                                 MATH 51, and only MATH 51 serves as the
                      Moore, Thomas, Vierra                                 Chemistry
                                                                                                                                prerequisite for MATH 53).
                                                                            25        General Chemistry
                      Assistant Professors: C.G. Anderson, Brunell, G.                                                          Chemistry-Biology Requirements
                                                                            27        General Chemistry
                      Lin Cereghino, J. Lin Cereghino, Wrischnik
                                                                                                                                The B.S. degree in Chemistry-Biology is a
                      Department Phone: (209) 946-2181                                                                          carefully structured interdisciplinary degree for
                                                                            23        General Physics
                      Website: www.pacific.edu/cop/biology                                                                      students with a strong background in science
                                                                            25        General Physics                           and mathematics involving both the
                      Degrees in Biological Sciences                        Mathematics                                         Departments of Biology and Chemistry. This
                      The Department of Biological Sciences provides        Two courses in Mathematics (MATH 33 or              major is especially recommended for students
                      curricula leading to a Bachelor of Science or a       higher; one course in statistics recommended;       with interests in medicine and/or graduate work
                      Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences. In           credit will not be given for both MATH 33 and       in cellular or molecular biology.
biological sciences

                      addition, the department cooperates with the          MATH 51, and only MATH 51 serves as the             Biological Sciences
                      Department of Chemistry in offering a Bachelor        prerequisite for MATH 53).
                      of Science degree in Chemistry/Biology.                                                                   51        Principles of Biology
                                                                            Two additional electives                            61        Principles of Biology
                      Career Opportunities                                                                                      101       Genetics
                                                                            Two additional electives in Biological Sciences
                      The program of studies is sufficiently flexible to    (restricted as above, and at least one of the two   175       Ecology, or
                      prepare students to pursue careers in cell and        must have a laboratory component) or Chemistry      179       Evolution
                      molecular biology, botany, microbiology,              (numbered CHEM 121 or higher, but not
                      physiology or zoology as graduate students.                                                               Plus three electives (numbered above BIOL 61,
                                                                            including CHEM 191 or CHEM 197), or one
                      Programs in the department also prepare                                                                   but not including BIOL 89, BIOL 93, BIOL 191
                                                                            course each in either Biological Sciences,
                      students for professional fields such as dentistry,                                                       or BIOL 197).
                                                                            Chemistry or Geology (not including GEOL 191).
                      medicine, pharmacy, medical technology,                                                                   Chemistry
                      nursing or physical therapy. No matter what           Bachelor of Science – Biology
                                                                            Requirements                                        25        General Chemistry
                      career objective, the student will be exposed to
                      the major areas of the biological sciences, and       The Bachelor of Science option is designed for      27        General Chemistry
                      thus will be able to make an intelligent choice       pre-professional students and others who require    121       Organic Chemistry
                      of specialization in post-baccalaureate study.        Organic Chemistry for post-baccalaureate study.     123       Organic Chemistry
                                                                                                                                169       Elements of Physical Chemistry, or
                      Preparation for admission to the under-graduate       Biological Sciences
                      program should include high school work in                                                                161       Physical Chemistry I
                                                                            51        Principles of Biology
                      algebra, geometry, trigonometry, biology,             61        Principles of Biology                     Plus two electives (numbered above CHEM 123,
                      chemistry and physics.                                101       Genetics                                  but not including CHEM 191 or CHEM 197).
                      Typical First-Year Program                            175       Ecology                                   Physics
                      Fall:                                                 179       Evolution                                 23        General Physics or 53
                               BIOL 51                                      Five electives (numbered above BIOL 61, but not     25        General Physics or 55
                               CHEM 25                                      including BIOL 89 or BIOL 93; four units of         Mathematics
                               Mentor Seminar I                             BIOL 197 may be included or four units of BIOL      51        Calculus I
                               General Education Course (I or II)           191, but the latter only with departmental
                                                                                                                                53        Calculus II
                      Spring:                                               approval; a minimum of three of the electives
                               BIOL 61                                      must have a laboratory component). The above        Teaching Credential Candidates
                               CHEM 27                                      classes must total 38 or more units.                Students wishing to pursue a State of California
                               Mentor Seminar II                            Chemistry                                           Single Subject Teaching Credential in Science,
                               General Education Course (I or II) or        25        General Chemistry
                                                                                                                                with a Biological Sciences Concentration, must
                               Math Course
                                                                                                                                complete a Bachelor of Science in Biological
                                                                            27        General Chemistry
                                                                                                                                Sciences with the restrictions and additions
                      Bachelor of Arts Requirements                         121       Organic Chemistry                         listed below. Students should consult with the
                      The Bachelor of Arts option permits flexibility in    123       Organic Chemistry                         department’s adviser for credentialing to
                      the selection of electives.                           Physics                                             carefully select their electives in Biological
                                                                            23        General Physics or 53                     Sciences. Note that Teaching Credential
                      Biological Sciences
                                                                                                                                Candidates must take three courses beyond the
                      51       Principles of Biology                        25        General Physics or 55
                                                                                                                                standard Bachelor of Science in Biology; two
                      61       Principles of Biology                                                                            courses in Geology and one in Astronomy.
                      101      Genetics
                      175      Ecology
                      179      Evolution
                                                       C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                    51

B.S. in Biology for Teaching Credential            Research Fellow. Students also are encouraged         BIOL 41.      Introduction to Biology           (4)
Candidates                                         to participate in Co-op/Internship experiences at     A lecture and laboratory introduction to the
                                                   dental offices, medical clinics, Micke Grove Zoo      concepts of biology. Physical structure,
Biological Sciences
                                                   and other work areas.                                 physiology, nutrition, reproduction, growth and
51        Principles of Biology
                                                                                                         behavior examined from the perspective of
61        Principles of Biology                    Minor in Biological Sciences                          adaptation and interaction with the
101       Genetics                                 A minor can be granted after the completion of        environment. Human, animal and plant systems
153       Cell Biology                             five courses and 20 units of course work in           will be covered. Recommended for non-majors.
175       Ecology                                  Biological Sciences including the following:          Course does not count toward a biology major.
179       Evolution
                                                   BIOL 51, 61 or the equivalent, three additional       No prerequisites.
                                                   courses in Biological Sciences chosen from
One course in Anatomy chosen from:                                                                       BIOL 45.      Basic Nutrition                   (4)
                                                   those designated to count toward a major. At
71        Human Anatomy                            least three of the above courses must be taken at     Aspects of nutrition relative to food components,
162       Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy           PACIFIC and all of the courses counted for the        nutritional practices, and the physiological,
                                                   minor must have the approval of the minor             metabolic use of food by the body. Brief survey of
165       Embryology and Development
                                                   adviser in the Department of Biological               availability, production of food and fads, fancies
One course in Physiology chosen from:                                                                    of human nutrition. Course does not count

                                                                                                                                                                biological sciences
                                                   Sciences. A student majoring in Biological
81        Human Physiology                         Sciences, Chemistry/Biology, Biochemistry,            toward a biology major. No prerequisites.
234       Comparative Physiology                   Medicinal Chemistry or in Liberal Studies with a      BIOL 51.      Principles of Biology             (4)
Two courses in Organismal Biology; one course      Biology concentration may not minor in                A lecture and laboratory introduction to plant
in Plants and one course in Animals chosen         Biological Sciences.                                  and animal diversity and development, and
from:                                                                                                    evolution. Preparation for continued studies in
                                                   Course Offerings
79        California Flora                                                                               biological science. Prerequisite: a passing score
130       Plant Kingdom
                                                   BIOL 11.     Human Anatomy                            on the University of the Pacific Basic Reading
                                                                and Physiology                     (4)   Test or completion of the recommended
          and                                      A lecture and laboratory introduction to the          reading course.
74        Biology of Insects                       structure and function of the various systems of
77        Marine Birds and Mammals                                                                       BIOL 61.      Principles of Biology             (4)
                                                   the human body. Intended primarily for non-
                                                   science majors; not open to biology majors. No        A lecture and laboratory introduction to
172       Vertebrate Biology
                                                   prerequisites.                                        vertebrate anatomy and physiology, cellular and
185       Comparative Animal Behavior
                                                                                                         molecular biology, cellular energetics, genetics
Chemistry                                          BIOL 22.     Human Biology and Medicine (4)           and ecology. Preparation for continued studies in
25        General Chemistry
                                                   Current topics in medicine along with biological      biological science. BIOL 51 recommended.
                                                   background material. Topics popularized by the
27        General Chemistry                                                                              BIOL 71.      Human Anatomy                     (4)
                                                   press will be emphasized. Examples include “test
121       Organic Chemistry                        tube’’ babies, cloning, AIDS and genetic              A study of the structure of the organ systems of
123       Organic Chemistry                        engineering. Recommended for non-biology              humans. Credit will not be given if a student has
                                                   majors; not open to biology majors. No                taken BIOL 111. Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61.
23        General Physics
                                                   prerequisites.                                        BIOL 74.      Biology of Insects                (4)
                                                   BIOL 31.     Animal Societies                   (4)
                                                                                                         A broad study of the structure and function of this
25        General Physics
                                                   Students conduct original research on animal          class of over 700,000 different species. It includes
41        Astronomy                                                                                      a study of their morphogenesis, reproduction,
                                                   behavior in a zoo, integrate their findings with
Mathematics                                        prior knowledge, and present their findings to        behavior and relation to humans. The laboratory
Two courses in Mathematics (MATH 33 or             others in oral and written reports. Lectures cover    work will include at least three field trips on
higher; one course in statistics recommended;      social systems, animal diversity, evolution and       Saturdays in addition to the preparation of 50-75
credit will not be given for both MATH 33 and      causation of behavior, and history of the study of    classified insects. Both anatomy and physiology
MATH 51, and only MATH 51 serves as the            animal behavior. Field trips required. This course    of insects will be covered in the two weekly
prerequisite for MATH 53).                         is recommended for non-biology majors at any          laboratories. No prerequisites.

Geology                                            level, not open to biology majors. Letter grades      BIOL 76.      Marine Biology                    (4)
                                                   only. No prerequisites.                               Introduction to general concepts of community
51        Physical Geology
                                                   BIOL 35.     Environment:
                                                                                                         ecology, taxonomy and phylogeny, anatomical
53        Geologic Evolution of the Earth                                                                and physiological adaptations of marine
                                                                Concepts and Issues                (4)
Experiential Learning Opportunities                Introduction to principles of ecology as they bear    organisms, and their interaction with the
Many students participate in undergraduate         on world environmental problems. Emphasis is          physical environment. Emphasis on natural
research (BIOL 197). Over a period of one or       on biological aspects of world problems and on        history and identification of marine organisms of
more semesters these students closely interact     the interrelationships between culture and            the Central California intertidal and sub-tidal
with faculty on research projects and get hands-   environment. Global dimension of population,          environment. Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61.
on experience with modern research                 resources, food, energy and environmental             BIOL 77.      Marine Birds and Mammals          (4)
instruments. Stipends are available to selected    impact are considered. Course does not count          An introduction to the ecology, behavior,
undergraduates for summer research. Awardees       toward a biology major. No prerequisites.             economic importance and conservation of
are given the title of Hornage Undergraduate                                                             cetaceans, pinnipeds, otters, sirenians, seabirds
    52                                                                           UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                      and shorebirds. Physical and biological               BIOL 122.     Principles of Immunology           (4)    in detail. When competence in specimen
                      oceanography are considered as they relate to         A study of the fundamental properties of antigens       processing is achieved, each student will perform
                      distribution and abundance of marine birds and        and antibodies, with an emphasis on the theories        an original experiment as a term project.
                      mammals. Prerequisite: junior standing. Open          of antibody production, tolerance, transplantation      Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61, CHEM 25, 27; BIOL
                      to non-majors as well as majors.                      immunity, autoimmunity and tumor                        101 recommended.
                                                                            immunology. Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61, 101.
                      BIOL 79.     California Flora                  (4)                                                            BIOL 157.     Topics in Biomedical Research (4)
                      The identification and classification of flowering    BIOL 128.     Animal Histology                   (4)    Basic research in the areas of cell biology,
                      plants, gymnosperms, ferns and fern allies as         A study of the tissues which comprise the organs        biochemistry, molecular biology and physiology
                      represented in Northern California. No                of the body. This course is limited to animal, and      will be examined in their applications to current
                      prerequisites.                                        specifically human, tissues. Thin sections of           problems in medicine. Topics covered will
                                                                            organs will be studied and their structure related      include genetic engineering, gene therapy,
                      BIOL 81.     Human Physiology                  (4)
                                                                            to function. Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61; 101            transplants and cloning. Prerequisites: BIOL 51,
                      A lecture- and lab-based review of the functions
                                                                            recommended.                                            61, 101, CHEM 121.
                      of the major organ systems of vertebrates with
                      emphasis on the human body. Lab exercises             BIOL 130.     Plant Kingdom                      (4)    BIOL 158.     Computerized Data Acquisition (4)
                      demonstrate basic physiological processes in the      Through lectures, laboratories and field trips,         A lecture and laboratory course training students in
biological sciences

                      human body and emphasize techniques of                students will be introduced to the morphology,          experimental design and protocol. Students will be
                      instrumental data acquisition and data                reproduction biology and environmental                  trained in the programming and use of the
                      presentation. Credit will not be given if a student   requirements of all major groups of plants.             computer data acquisition program LabVIEW, then
                      has already received credit for BIOL 82 or BIOL       Included will be material bearing on the                apply the program to an intensive, team-based
                      111. Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61; one semester of      evolutionary relationships within and between           research project studying amphibian reproductive
                      genetics suggested.                                   each major group. Individual projects are               behavior. The class will end with a symposium-
                                                                            required. Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61; 101               style presentation of each team’s experiments and
                      BIOL 82.     Human Physiology Non-Lab          (3)
                                                                            recommended.                                            results. Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61.
                      A lecture-based review of the functions of the
                      major organ systems of vertebrates with emphasis      BIOL 145.     Microbiology                       (4)    BIOL 159.     Molecular Biological
                      on the human body. Credit will not be given if a      The biology of microorganisms with emphasis on                        Techniques                        (4)
                      student has already received credit for BIOL 81 or    viruses, bacteria and fungi including techniques        An advanced laboratory course in the methods of
                      BIOL 111. Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61; one             of cultivation and identification. Prerequisites:       molecular biology, with emphasis on modern
                      semester of genetics suggested.                       BIOL 51, 61, CHEM 25, 27; BIOL 101                      techniques and their application in the
                                                                            recommended.                                            laboratory. Topics covered include gene cloning,
                      BIOL 89.     Lab Assistant in Biology     (2 or 4)
                                                                                                                                    protein expression systems, nucleic acid isolation
                      Students attend organizational meetings during        BIOL 147.     Medical Microbiology               (4)
                                                                            A survey of microorganisms implicated in                and purification, and basic methods of
                      which laboratory material is discussed and then
                                                                            human disease; emphasis on characteristics and          bioinformatics. Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61,
                      assist in the laboratory answering student
                                                                            properties of microorganisms, chiefly bacteria          101; CHEM 121.
                      questions, doing dissections, etc. Attendance at
                      class lectures is recommended and students are        and fungi, responsible for pathogenesis.                BIOL 162.     Comparative Vertebrate
                      expected to take lecture and laboratory               Laboratory includes methods of isolation,                             Anatomy                           (5)
                      examinations. Usually one laboratory meeting          characterization, and identification of bacteria        The evolution of vertebrate organ systems as
                      per week will earn two units credit; two laboratory   and fungi responsible for human disease.                revealed by comparative morphology. Prerequisites:
                      meetings per week will earn four units credit.        Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61, 101, 145; CHEM              BIOL 51, 61; 101 recommended.
                      Pass/no credit grading only.                          121 or permission of the instructor.                    BIOL 165.     Embryology and Development (4)
                      BIOL 93.     Special Topics               (3 or 4)    BIOL 151.     Parasitology                       (4)    A laboratory course that focuses on the events
                                                                            Principles of parasitism. Biology of animal parasites   that occur as a single-celled embryo develops into
                      BIOL 101.    Genetics                          (4)
                                                                            with special emphasis on the protozoa,                  an adult organism. Developmental processes will
                      Heritable variations and their relation to                                                                    be studied at the descriptive and mechanistic
                                                                            platyhelminths, nematodes, acanthocephala and
                      structure, behavior and function of genetic                                                                   levels, leading to an understanding of how and
                                                                            arthropods. Techniques of recovery of parasites from
                      material. A basic course for students                                                                         why complex structures are produced. Major
                                                                            various vertebrate hosts; staining, mounting and
                      concentrating on biological sciences, medical                                                                 emphases will be placed on animal embryology
                                                                            identification. Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61, 101.
                      sciences and liberal arts. Recommended for the                                                                (both vertebrate and invertebrate) leading to the
                      sophomore year. Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61.           BIOL 153.     Cell Biology                       (4)
                                                                                                                                    production of tissues, organs and organ systems.
                                                                            Cell structure and function with emphasis on the
                      BIOL 111.    Anatomy and Physiology            (4)                                                            Later developmental processes also will be
                                                                            dynamic nature of the cellular environment and
                      A lecture and laboratory course which covers the                                                              studied, as will sex determination. Additional
                                                                            the methodologies of cell biology. The
                      structure and function of the major physiological                                                             topics will include cancer and evolution as seen
                                                                            experimental basis of our present understanding
                      systems of the human body. Intended primarily                                                                 in the context of development. Prerequisites:
                                                                            of the cell is also stressed. Prerequisites: BIOL
                      for students in the Dental Hygiene program.                                                                   BIOL 51, 61, 101.
                                                                            51, 61, 101 and CHEM 25, 27. Organic
                      Students taking BIOL 111 will not receive credit                                                              BIOL 169.     Elements of Biochemistry          (4)
                                                                            chemistry is recommended.
                      for either BIOL 71 or BIOL 81. Prerequisites:                                                                 A non-lab course that surveys the field of
                      BIOL 51, 61.                                          BIOL 155.     Biological Electron Microscopy (4)
                                                                                                                                    biochemistry and is designed as a preparation for
                                                                            The processes and techniques involved in
                                                                                                                                    students who will attend a Pharmacy or Dental
                                                                            examining biological specimens with the
                                                                                                                                    School. Topics include nucleic acid and protein
                                                                            transmission electron microscope will be covered
                                                         C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                  53

structure and synthesis, intermediary                BIOL 191.    Independent Study              (2-4)     BIOL 291.    Independent Study              (2 or 4)
metabolism, enzyme action, and synthesis and         BIOL 193.    Special Topics              (3 or 4)     BIOL 293.    Special Topics                 (3 or 4)
degradation of important biological molecules.
The relationship of biochemistry, nutrition, and     BIOL 197.    Undergraduate Research         (2-4)     BIOL 295.    Graduate Seminar                   (4)
human disease will be discussed. This course         BIOL 222.    Immunology                         (4)   BIOL 297.    Graduate Research                (1-6)
does not count for the Biochemistry major.           Immunoglobin structure, function and                  BIOL 299.    Thesis                         (2 or 4)
Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61, 101; CHEM 123.           expression in animals. Mechanisms of humoral
                                                     immune response, cell-mediated immunity and
BIOL 172.    Vertebrate Biology               (4)                                                          Chemistry
Taxonomy, life history, ecology and evolutionary     complement system; autoimmune diseases;
                                                     tolerance induction; transplantations; cancer         Professors: Jones (Chair), Rodriguez, Samoshin,
histories of the vertebrates. Prerequisites: BIOL
                                                     immunity; vaccines; infectious disease; and           Spreer, Wedegaertner
51, 61; 101 recommended.
                                                     cytokines. Prerequisite: graduate standing.           Associate Professors: McCallum,
BIOL 175.    Ecology                          (3)
The structure and dynamics of populations,           BIOL 224.    Cancer Biology and DNA Repair(4)         Assistant Professors: Day, Hellmann-Blumberg,
biotic communities and ecosystems, with              The course will examine the morphological and         Franz, Harper, Ren
emphasis upon relationships of organisms to          molecular events that accompany the change of
                                                     a normal cell into a cancerous cell. Emphasis on      Department Phone: (209) 946-2271

their environments. Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61;
101 recommended.                                     the cell and molecular biology of genes that play     Website: http://chemistry.cop.pacific.edu
                                                     a role in this process. Lab will use molecular        Chemistry is the scientific study of the
BIOL 179.    Evolution                        (4)    techniques to analyze genes involved in
Lectures and readings on the mechanisms of                                                                 composition, properties and transformations of
                                                     carcinogenesis and DNA repair. Prerequisite:          matter. The emphasis in all courses offered by
evolutionary      change     in  organisms.          graduate standing.
Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61, 101.                                                                           the Department of Chemistry is the scientific
                                                     BIOL 234.    Comparative Physiology             (4)   approach to the solution of problems. A wide
BIOL 182.    Medical Endocrinology            (4)    A detailed review of organ function in diverse        variety of degree programs designed to meet a
This lecture and laboratory course presents the      groups of organisms. Emphasis on physiological        range of career goals are offered. The Bachelor
fundamentals and current topics in human             adaptation to the environment. Prerequisite:          of Science in Chemistry degree recipients who
endocrinology. The subject is examined from a        graduate standing.                                    complete the professional requirements will be
medical and clinical perspective. Lectures on                                                              certified by the American Chemical Society.
endocrine organs and hormones are presented          BIOL 244.    Developmental Biology              (4)
using a system-level approach (student               The genetic control of development and the            Degrees in Chemistry
presentations are included.) Discussions             physiological mechanisms involved in                  The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed to give
illustrate the molecular and cellular                fertilization and differentiation. Prerequisite:      the student a broad understanding of chemistry
mechanisms underlying normal and abnormal            graduate standing.                                    and to provide a preparation for careers in
endocrine function. Labs focus on endocrine          BIOL 247.    Medical Microbiology               (4)   medicine, dentistry and teaching. The candidate
diseases, their diagnosis, and treatment. Lab        Same as BIOL 147. Three additional hours per          for the B.A. degree must complete eight courses
exercises include histological studies of normal     week of seminar and/or special project.               in chemistry, two in physics and two in calculus.
and pathological endocrine organs, and               Prerequisite: graduate standing.                      The more rigorous Bachelor of Science degree
computer-based clinical exercises involving                                                                prepares students for a variety of options
                                                     BIOL 251.    Parasitology                       (4)
“virtual” patients. Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61,                                                            including advanced degree studies in chemistry
                                                     Same as BIOL 151. Special project required.
101; CHEM 25, 27; BIOL 71, 81                                                                              and biochemistry, professional schools of
                                                     Prerequisite: graduate standing.
recommended.                                                                                               medicine and dentistry, and careers in the
                                                     BIOL 253.    Cell Biology                       (4)
BIOL 185.    Comparative Animal Behavior (4)                                                               chemical industry. The Bachelor of Science
                                                     Same as BIOL 153. Special project required.           candidate must complete ten courses in
The ecology and evolution of animal behavior.
                                                     Prerequisite: graduate standing.                      chemistry, two in physics and four in
Laboratory involves a quantitative study of
animal behavior at Micke Grove Zoo.                  BIOL 255.    Biological Electron Microscopy (4)       mathematics.
Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61, or senior standing       Same as BIOL 155. The processes and techniques        Virtually all Bachelor of Science and many
in psychology; BIOL 101 recommended.                 involved in examining biological specimens with       Bachelor of Arts candidates choose undergraduate
                                                     the transmission electron microscope will be          research as one of their chemistry electives. In
BIOL 186.    Hormones and Behavior            (4)
                                                     covered in detail. When competence in specimen        this course the student has the opportunity to use
A lecture/discussion course focusing on the bi-
                                                     processing is achieved, each student will perform     the modern instrumentation available in the
directional interactions between an animal’s
                                                     an original experiment as a term project.             department and to work closely with faculty and
behaviors and its endocrine system. Topics
                                                     Prerequisite: graduate standing.                      graduate students on an original research project.
include: overview of the vertebrate endocrine
system, courtship and sex behaviors, parenting       BIOL 265.    Embryology and Development (4)           The graduate students are typically doing
behavior, pheromonal communication,                  Same as Biology 165. Special project required.        research projects as part of a Master of Science or
aggression and other social behaviors, learning      Prerequisite: graduate standing.                      a Ph.D. program.
and memory, hunger, stress, and biological           BIOL 279.    Evolution                          (4)   Minor in Chemistry
rhythms. The course will focus on vertebrates, but   Same as BIOL 179. Special project required.           The Department of Chemistry offers a minor in
invertebrate examples will be discussed.             Prerequisite: graduate standing.                      chemistry. The minor requires a minimum of
Prerequisites: BIOL 51, 61, 101
                                                                                                           23 units and five courses including CHEM 25,
 54                                                                          UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

            27, 121 and two courses selected from CHEM                  Degree Requirements                                            Degree Requirements
            123, 141, 151 and 161 or 169. Students                      Core Courses                                        Units      Courses
            interested in working toward the minor should               General Education                                       9      General Education                                       9
            contact the Chair of the Chemistry Department               University Electives                                  10       University Electives                                    3
            and file an application in the department office.             Non-major Requirements                              19            Non-major Requirements                            12
            Transfer Units                                              Chemistry                                               8      Chemistry                                              11
            The Chemistry Department will determine the                 Mathematics & Physics                                   4      Mathematics & Physics                                   6
            acceptability of courses taken at other                       Major Requirements                                  12            Major Requirements                                17
            institutions to satisfy departmental major and              Graduation Total*                                     31       Graduation Total*                                      29
            minor requirements. Transfer students are
                                                                        *Presumes courses of at least three units each.                *Presumes courses of at least three units each.
            required to take at least four of their major
            required courses in the COP Chemistry                       Major Requirements                       Units                 Major Requirements
            Department. Transfer students choosing a minor                                                                             Courses                                            Units
            in Chemistry must complete at least two of their            Chemistry
            courses in the COP Chemistry Department.                    Core Courses                                      24 plus      Chemistry
                                                                        169          Elements of Physical                              Core Courses                                      24 plus

            Typical First-Year Program                                                                                                 143          Instrumental Analysis
                                                                                     Chemistry                                    4
            Fall:         Chemistry 25                                                                                                              Laboratory                                4
                                                                                     Chemistry elective*                          4
                          Math 51                                                                                                      151          Biochemistry                              4
                                                                                     Chemistry elective*                          4
                          Biology 51 or Physics 23/53                                                                                  161          Physical Chemistry I                      4
                                                                                     Total                                       36
                          Mentor Seminar I                                                                                             163          Physical Chemistry II                     4
            Spring:       Chemistry 27                                  Physics                                                        167          Experimental Physical
                          Math 53                                       23               General Physics                          5                 Chemistry                                  4
                                                                                         and                                           171          Inorganic Chemistry                        4
                          Biology 61 or Physics 25/55
                                                                        25               General Physics                          5                 Total                                     48
                          Mentor Seminar II                                              or
            Note: Degree candidates in the B.S. Chemistry-Biology,      53               Principles of Physics                    5    Physics
            B.S. Chemistry (Emphasis in Medicinal Chemistry) or                          and                                           53              Principles of Physics                   5
            B.S. Biochemistry are advised to take Biology (51, 61) in
            their freshman year.                                        55               Principles of Physics                    5    55              Principles of Physics                   5
                                                                                         Total                                   10                    Total                                  10
            Chemistry Core Curriculum
                                                                        Mathematics                                                    Mathematics
            All majors in chemistry will complete a
            common core (except for the Chemistry-Biology               51          Calculus I                                    4    51          Calculus I                      4
            degree) of chemistry courses in addition to                 53          Calculus II                                   4    53          Calculus II                     4
            requirements specific to the individual majors                          Total                                         8    55          Calculus III                    4
            and degree.                                                 Major Total 54                                                 57          Ordinary Differential Equations 4
            Core Courses                                      Units     *The two chemistry electives provide flexibility in schedul-               Total                          16
            25         General Chemistry                          5     ing and a tailoring of the subject matter to fit individual    Major Total                                74
            27         General Chemistry                          5     student needs and interests.
                                                                                                                                       *Students in this program are strongly encouraged to
            121        Organic Chemistry                          5     Bachelor of Science                                            engage in undergraduate research as an elective.
            123        Organic Chemistry                          5                                                                    Chemistry-Biology
            141        Analytical Chemistry                       4                                                                    The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry-Biology is
                                                                        The B.S. in Chemistry degree is certified by the
                       Core Total                               24      American Chemical Society. The B.S. program                    an interdepartmental major jointly offered by
            Bachelor of Arts                                            has increased breadth and depth as well as                     the Chemistry and Biology Departments. The
                                                                        increased mathematical rigor compared to the                   degree is recommended for students with career
            The B.A. in Chemistry program is designed to
                                                                        B.A. degree. The program prepares students for                 interests in medicine, dentistry or advanced
            give students a broad understanding of
                                                                        advanced degree programs, for work in the                      degree work in cellular and molecular biology.
            chemistry and yet allow sufficient flexibility for
                                                                        chemical industry, and for the professional                    The B.S. Chemistry-Biology candidate acquires
            students to pursue a large number of courses in
                                                                        schools of dentistry and medicine. The student                 basic coursework in the natural sciences
            other science and non-science areas. This degree
                                                                        graduating with the certified B.S. degree is well              without, however, meeting the strict
            plan is chosen by many students as a
                                                                        prepared for a career in chemistry.                            requirements of either the B.S. Biology or the
            preparation for careers in dentistry and in
                                                                                                                                       B.S. Chemistry programs.
            medicine.                                                   The B.S. candidate must complete eleven
            The Bachelor of Arts degree candidate must                  courses in chemistry, two in physics and four in
            complete eight courses in chemistry, two in                 mathematics.
            physics and two in mathematics.
                                                                   C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                           55

Degree Requirements                                          Major Requirements                                          Requirements
Courses                                                      Courses                                           Units     Courses
General Education                                       9    Chemistry                                                   General Education                                       9
University Electives                                    3    Core Courses                          24 plus               Chemistry                                          7 or 9
   Non-major Requirements                              12    151          Biochemistry                    4              Pharmacy                                           5 or 3
Chemistry                                               7    153          Biochemistry                    3              Other Science & Math                                    8
Biology                                                 7    157          Biochemistry Laboratory         4              Major Requirements                                    20
Mathematics & Physics                                   4                 Elements of Physical Chemistry                 Graduation Total*                                     29
Major Requirements                                     18                 or                              4              *Presumes courses of at least three units each.
Graduation Total*                                      30    161          Chemistry Elective              4
                                                                                                                         Major Requirements
*Presumes courses of at least three units each.                           Total                          43
                                                                                                                         Courses                                            Units
Major Requirements                                           In addition, students are encouraged to complete at least
                                                             one other course in biology and at least one semester of    Chemistry
Courses                                             Units    research.                                                   Core Courses                                      24 plus
Chemistry                                                    Biological Sciences                                         169          Elements of Physical

Core Courses (less CHEM 141)       20 plus                   51              Principles of Biology                  4                 Chemistry OR                              4
169          Elements of Physical                                                                                        161          Chemistry Elective                        4
                                                             61              Principles of Biology                  4
             Chemistry or CHEM 161       4
                                                             101             Genetics                               4                 Total                                    32
             Elective                    4
             Elective                    4                   145             Microbiology                           4    Biological Sciences
             Total                      32                   153             Cell Biology                           4    51              Principles of Biology                  4
                                                                             Total                                 16    61              Principles of Biology                  4
Biological Sciences
51           Principles of Biology                      4    Mathematics                                                 71              Human Anatomy                          4
61           Principles of Biology                      4    51              Calculus I                             4    145             Microbiology                           4
101          Genetics                                   4    53              Calculus II                            4                    Total                                 16
175          Ecology                                    3                    Total                                  8    Mathematics
                                                             Physics                                                     51              Calculus I                             4
179          Evolution                              4 plus
                                                             23              General Physics                        5    53              Calculus II                            4
Three additional biology courses                        12
                                                                             and                                                         Total                                  8
             Total                                27 or 28
                                                             25              General Physics                        5
Mathematics                                                                  or
51              Calculus I                              4                                                                23              General Physics                        5
                                                             53              Principles of Physics                  5                    and
53              Calculus II                             4                    and
                                                                                                                         25              General Physics                        5
                Total                                   8    55              Principles of Physics                  5                    or
Physics                                                                      Total                                 10    53              Principles of Physics                  5
53          Principles of Physics or 23      5               Major Total                                           77                    and
55          Principles of Physics or 25      5                                                                           55              Principles of Physics                  5
                                                             Emphasis in Medicinal Chemistry
            Total                           10                                                                                           Total                                 10
                                                             The emphasis in Medicinal Chemistry is offered
Major Total                           77 or 78               by the College of the Pacific with the support of           School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Biochemistry                                                 the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and                   Successful completion of the first two years of
                                                             Health Sciences. The major is only open to                  the Pharm.D. program including:
The B.S. in Biochemistry is designed for students
with interests in careers in medicine, dentistry             students in the 3+3 Pre-Pharmacy Advantage                  PHAR 124 Integrated Pharm. Sciences             5
and graduate work in molecular and cellular                  Program or those in 2+3 who extend a year (see              PHAR 134 Mech of Drug Action I                  5
biology or biochemistry.                                     pre-pharm requirements). The COP courses are                               And
                                                             to be completed prior to entry into the Pharm.D.            PHAR 187 Drug Biotransformation                 3
Degree Requirements                                          program. The TJLSPHS courses may only be                                   Or
Courses                                                      completed as part of the Pharm. D. degree plan.             PCSP 211       Advanced Medicinal Chem-
General Education                                       9    Those completing the emphasis in medicinal
                                                                                                                                        Drug Design                      3
University Electives                                    4    chemistry are well prepared for advanced work
                                                                                                                         And six units of Med. Chem. research, normally
Non-major Requirements                                 13    in any area that deals with compounds of                    completed during the third year TJLS clerkship
Chemistry                                              10    biological activity, including careers in medical           (PHAR 175, elective rotation) as either PMED
Biology                                                 4    research, medical chemistry, toxicology,                    193 Undergraduate Independent Study
                                                             biochemistry and the pharmaceutical industry.               Laboratory or
Mathematics and Physics                                 4
                                                                                                                         CHEM 197 Independent Research                   6
Major Requirements                                     18
                                                                                                                         Or a combination of the two. This research may
Graduation Total*                                      29                                                                be done prior to entering the Pharm.D. program.
*Presumes an average of four units per course.                                                                           Major Total                                    85
56                                                                       UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

            Course Offerings                                        nomenclature, physical properties of compounds,        molecular spectra, statistical thermo-dynamics,
            Prerequisite Policy: Only courses passed with a         synthesis, stereochemistry, mechanisms and             transport theory of gases and ions, chemical
            grade of C- or better meet prerequisite                 spectroscopy. Three class periods and two three-       kinetics and activated complex theory. Three
            requirements.                                           hour laboratory periods a week are required.           class periods a week are required. Prerequisite:
                                                                    Prerequisite: grade of C- or better in CHEM 27         CHEM 161 or permission of the instructor.
            Definition of class period: Three lecture class         (or CHEM 121).
            periods per week means four contact hours.                                                                     CHEM 167. Experimental Physical
                                                                    CHEM 141. Analytical Chemistry                  (4)              Chemistry                            (4)
            Students are assessed laboratory use fees that          Introduces analytical methods including classical      A laboratory course designed to illustrate
            vary with the level of the laboratory class to          techniques, separations and selected instrumental      experimentally the theoretical principles and
            cover the cost of expendable materials,                 procedures. Prerequisite: CHEM 27.                     methods of thermodynamics, quantum chemistry
            chemicals, and other items required to operate                                                                 and kinetics. It provides a research orientation
            the laboratories.                                       CHEM 143. Instrumental Analysis Lab             (4)
                                                                                                                           through the preparation of research manuscripts
                                                                    Advanced analytical methodology involving
            CHEM 22.      Science: Controversy and                                                                         and oral presentations of results. Error analysis
                                                                    electronic instrumentation is offered with emphasis
                          Consensus                           (3)                                                          and statistical treatment of data are emphasized.
                                                                    on practical application and “hands-on’’
            The course examines the historical development                                                                 Prerequisite: CHEM 161 or 169.
                                                                    experience, but the theory of instrumental operation
            of several key ideas in science and addresses the

                                                                    is covered. Examples from spectrophotometry,           CHEM 169. Elements of Physical Chemistry(4)
            evidence for and against the views that ultimately                                                             Principles of thermodynamics, kinetics and
                                                                    chromatography and electrical methods of analysis
            prevailed as the modern scientific consensus. The                                                              spectroscopy including transport phenomena,
                                                                    are included. Prerequisite: CHEM 141.
            Copernican, Newtonian, and Darwinian scientific                                                                the thermodynamics of metabolism and
            revolutions, as well as the rise of the atomic          CHEM 151. Biochemistry I                        (4)
                                                                                                                           electrochemistry. The emphasis is on applications
            theory of chemical reactions and the Huttonian          Structure, function, physical and chemical
                                                                                                                           to biological systems. Three class periods a week
            view of the earth, are discussed in detail. The         properties, organization and transformation
                                                                                                                           are required. Recommended for pre-health
            history of science is traced from its roots in Greek    (metabolism) of the major classes of biological
                                                                                                                           science students. Prerequisites: MATH 51, CHEM
            and Arabic science to the rise of modern biology        molecule. The emphasis will be on protein
                                                                                                                           27, PHYS 53, 55 or 23, 25 or permission of the
            and chemistry in the late 19th century.                 structure and function and on carbohydrate
                                                                    metabolism. Lipids and nucleic acids will be
            CHEM 23.      Elements of Chemistry               (4)                                                          CHEM 171. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (4)
                                                                    discussed briefly. Prerequisites: CHEM 123 and
            A course designed for general interest in physical                                                             Ionic and covalent bonding: theory, energetics
                                                                    CHEM 169 or CHEM 161, or permission of the
            science and for preparation for further study in                                                               and reactivity; applications of acid-base concepts;
            chemistry. Three class periods and one three-                                                                  aqueous and nonaqueous electrode potentials;
            hour laboratory period a week are required.             CHEM 153. Biochemistry II                       (3)
                                                                                                                           coordination chemistry; theory, spectra,
                                                                    The chemical structure and transition of
            CHEM 25.      General Chemistry                   (5)                                                          structure, reaction mechanisms and kinetics;
                                                                    biological information. Structure, function and
            The important general principles, theories and                                                                 introduction to organometallic chemistry;
                                                                    metabolism of nucleic acids. Recombinant
            concepts of chemistry are studied. Three class                                                                 periodicity. Four hours of laboratory per week.
                                                                    DNA/molecular techniques. DNA transcription,
            periods and two three-hour laboratory periods a                                                                Prerequisite: CHEM 163 or permission of the
                                                                    translation, replication and repair. Other
            week are required. Prerequisite: high school                                                                   instructor.
                                                                    examples of biological information flow.
            algebra or the equivalent. High school                                                                         CHEM 191. Independent Study                  (2-4)
                                                                    Prerequisites: CHEM 151 or BIOL 169 or
            chemistry is recommended. Upon registration,
                                                                    permission of the instructor.                          CHEM 193. Special Topics                    (3, 4)
            continuance in Chem 25 requires an
            appropriate score on the American Chemical              CHEM 157. Biochemistry Laboratory               (4)    CHEM 197. Independent Research               (2-4)
            Society Diagnostic Examination or permission            Theory and practice of standard techniques for         Prerequisite: CHEM 25.
            of the instructor.                                      isolation and analysis of biological molecules.
                                                                                                                           CHEM 231. Advanced Synthesis Laboratory(4)
                                                                    Protein      purification,      chromatographic
            CHEM 27.      General Chemistry                   (5)
                                                                    techniques, electrophoresis, blotting, nucleic acid    Selected problems in synthesis. Prerequisite:
            This course covers the study of principles and                                                                 CHEM 123.
                                                                    techniques, use of relevant databases.
            modern applications of chemical equilibrium,
                                                                    Prerequisites: CHEM 141 and either CHEM 151            CHEM 232. Qualitative Organic Analysis         (4)
            chemical kinetics, thermodynamics and
                                                                    or BIOL 169.                                           One lecture period and two laboratory periods a
            electrochemical systems. Additional special topics
                                                                    CHEM 161. Physical Chemistry I                  (4)
                                                                                                                           week. Prerequisite: CHEM 123.
            might include: coordination compounds,
            nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry and                A classical course on equilibrium                      CHEM 233. Advanced Organic Chemistry           (4)
            biochemistry. Three class periods and two three-        thermodynamics including the laws of                   Synthetically useful organic reactions not
            hour laboratory periods a week are required.            thermodynamics, the Gibbs equations, the phase         normally covered in the introductory courses are
            Prerequisite: Chem 25                                   rule, solutions, chemical reactions, non-ideal         emphasized. The reactions are grouped
                                                                    systems, multi-component phase equilibrium             according to their mechanistic type and discussed
            CHEM 93.      Special Topics                 (3, 4)
                                                                    and equilibrium electrochemistry. Three class          in terms of their reaction mechanisms and
            CHEM 121, 123. Organic Chemistry             (5, 5)     periods a week are required. Prerequisites: CHEM       synthetic utility. Prerequisites: CHEM 123 and
            The fundamental principles of the chemistry of          27, MATH 51, 53, 55, PHYS 53, 55 or                    161 or 169.
            carbon compounds are systematically presented           permission of the instructor.                          CHEM 234. Selected Topics – Organic
            with an emphasis given to biologically important                                                                         Chemistry                            (4)
                                                                    CHEM 163. Physical Chemistry II                 (4)
            reactions and classes of compounds. The course                                                                 Topics presented at various times under this
                                                                    Quantum chemistry and applications, atomic
            includes functional group chemistry,                                                                           course description include: physical organic,
                                                                    spectra, bonding, symmetry and group theory,
                                                          C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                 57

natural products and structure elucidation,           CHEM 274. Selected Topics – Inorganic                 Career Opportunities
stereochemistry, heterocycles and carbohydrate                  Chemistry                             (4)   Classics is the prototypical interdisciplinary field
chemistry.                                            Topics presented at various times under this          and provides a broad liberal arts education that
                                                      course description include: mechanisms of             enhances critical thinking, communication
CHEM 243. Advanced Instrumental
          Analysis                             (4)    inorganic reactions, bonding theory, physical         skills, analytical skills and the ability to
Comprehensive investigation of absorption,            methods, nuclear chemistry and geochemistry.          synthesize information. Students of Classics go
emission, partition and electrical methods of         CHEM 291. Independent Study                 (2-4)     on to careers in law, medicine, business, politics,
chemical analysis. Theoretical basis and                                                                    arts, journalism, teaching, publishing, banking,
                                                      CHEM 293. Special Topics                   (3, 4)
practical experience are combined in a total                                                                government, religion, theology, history,
course. Some background in elementary optics          CHEM 295. Graduate Seminar                      (2)   archaeology, linguistics, English, and
and electronics useful but not required.              CHEM 297. Graduate Research                 (1-4)     Comparative Literature.
Permission of the instructor required.
                                                      CHEM 299. Thesis                            (1-4)     The Degree in Classical Studies
CHEM 245. Advanced Instrumental
                                                      CHEM 381. Apprentice Teaching               (1-4)
                                                                                                            Traditionally Classics has focused on intense
          Methods                              (4)
                                                                                                            study of the Greek and Latin languages. Indeed,
Team-taught course. Students select from a            CHEM 391. Independent Study                 (2-4)     the numerous benefits of studying these
number of instrumental projects, including:

                                                      CHEM 395. Seminar in the Teaching of                  languages include the ability to read seminal
FTNMR, GC-mass spectrometry, advanced
                                                                College Chemistry                     (2)   works of western literature in the original
electrochemical techniques, high pressure liquid
                                                                                                            languages, improved English vocabulary and
chromatography, photochemistry, fluorescence          CHEM 397. Graduate Research                 (1-6)
                                                                                                            mastery of both written and spoken English, and
and phosphorescence and radioimmunoassay.             CHEM 399. Dissertation                      (1-6)     a deeper understanding of the ways in which
Permission of the instructor required.
                                                                                                            our cultural ancestors thought and expressed
CHEM 251. Proteins and Nucleic Acids           (3)    Classics                                              themselves and their perceptions of the human
Chemical, physical and biological properties of                                                             condition. For these reasons, the department
the proteins and nucleic acids and their              Professor: Bowsky
                                                                                                            encourages students to undertake as much study
constituents; isolation, determination of             Associate Professors: Kraynak, Thomas (Chair)         of Greek and Latin as is practicable. The
composition, sequence, and structure;                 Department Phone: (209) 946-2498                      department recognizes, however, that most
correlation of structure and biological properties.
                                                      The Department of Classics offers students an         students do not have exposure to the ancient
Prerequisite: CHEM 151 or permission of the
instructor. (Cross-listed from School of              opportunity to study the cultures of Ancient          languages earlier in their education, and that
Pharmacy and Health Sciences.)                        Greece and Rome, and their lasting effects on         the majority discover a love of classical studies
                                                      the modern world. Courses in English and the          only late in their university career. Students are
CHEM 253. Biochemistry of Enzymes              (3)
                                                      Ancient Greek and Latin languages are relevant        also encouraged to spend a summer or semester
The study of biological catalysis, including                                                                in Italy or Greece, if that is possible.
isolation, characterization in terms of               for students who wish to acquire a broad,
composition and biological activity, of enzymes;      fundamental liberal arts education, while             First Year Program
mechanisms of biological catalysis; correlation of    deepening their knowledge of the Greco-Roman          There is no single, typical first-year program.
structure and activity. Prerequisite: CHEM 151 or     roots of Western civilization. Courses are also       Students should, however, begin their study of
permission of the instructor. (Cross-listed from      designed to be relevant for students preparing to     Greek and/or Latin as soon as possible by taking
School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.)              teach or to pursue graduate studies in Classics       GREK 11a or LATN 11a. Students who have had
                                                      or several other fields in the humanities.            previous study of that language should take a
CHEM 264. Selected Topics –
          Physical Chemistry                   (4)
                                                      Because the department is small, students             departmental placement test to determine the
Topics presented at various times under this course   receive personalized attention, and course            level at which they can continue their study of
description include: advanced thermodynamics,         offerings are often tailored to meet special          Greek or Latin.
statistical mechanics, physical chemistry of          interests.
                                                                                                            Academic Requirements
solutions, physical methods in chemistry,             Additionally, the department administers a
photoluminescence and molecular photochemistry,       Liberal Studies Major which is described in the       The Classical Studies Major
and advanced kinetics. Permission of the              section on cross-disciplinary majors.                 The Classical Studies Major consists of eleven
instructor required.                                                                                        courses (40 units minimum) and requires the
                                                      Mission                                               following core courses:
CHEM 265. Advanced Physical Chemistry (4)
                                                      The Classics department offers a varied and           GREK 11a and 11b or LATN 11a and 11b or
An advanced treatment of molecular structure,         rigorous program that provides students with a        LATN 151
spectroscopy and photochemistry. Prerequisite:        full, in-depth knowledge of the ancient Greek
CHEM 163 or equivalent, or permission of the                                                                CLAS 115 Topics in Mythology and Religion
                                                      and Roman worlds. Through the study of the            CLAS 197 Senior Research Project
instructor.                                           languages, history, literature, art, architecture
CHEM 271. Advanced Inorganic and                                                                            One course taken outside the department,
                                                      and society of ancient Greece and Rome,               selected from the following list of adjunct
          Bioinorganic Chemistry               (4)    students acquire background knowledge, critical       courses.
Review of basic concepts; descriptive transition      thinking and writing skills that prepare them for
metal chemistry; studies in main group and                                                                  Students will also complete at least four cours-
                                                      a variety of post-graduate careers, including         es from the following Classics in English cours-
coordination chemistry; inorganic chemistry in        graduate school.                                      es, completing the sequence of Greek and
biological systems; organometallic systems.                                                                 Roman studies in one of the fields.
Permission of the instructor required.
58                                                                            UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

           CLAS 100 or 102 (History)                                     CLAS 100.     History of Ancient Greece           (4)    CLAS 122.    Sexuality in Roman Society        (4)
           CLAS 110 or 112 (Literature in Translation)                   An introductory survey of the social, economic,          An introductory survey of the sexual attitudes and
           CLAS 120 or 122 (Sexuality)                                   political and military history of ancient Greece,        gender roles of women and men in ancient
           CLAS 130 or 132 (Art and Architecture)
                                                                         from the very first Greeks and the age of the            Roman society. We will focus on the
                                                                         Homeric heroes to the legacy of Alexander the            subordination, exploitation, and suppression of
           CLAS / GREK / LATN 191 (Independent Study)
                                                                         Great. We will focus on Greece and the Greeks as         male and female sexuality from the charter
           CLAS 193 (Special Topics)                                     the mainstream culture, with marginal groups -           society of Aeneas to the politics and economy of
           A maximum of two electives may be chosen                      such as women, slaves, non-citizens, and other           the Roman Republic, and the philosophies and
           from the approved list of electives. Courses                  ethnic groups - providing the context for the            religions of the Roman Empire. Offered in
           considered as possible adjunct courses reflect
           the interdisciplinary nature of Classics:                     development of an exclusively Greek cultural             alternate years.
                                                                         identity. Offered in alternate years.                    CLAS 130.    Greek Art and Architecture        (4)
           ARTH 7         Survey of Western Art to 1400
           CURR 115 Introduction to Language                             CLAS 102.     History of Ancient Rome             (4)    An introductory survey of the art and architecture
           ENGL 125 Critical Colloquium                                  An introductory survey of the social, economic,          of ancient Greece from the Bronze Age to the
                                                                         political and military history of ancient Rome,          Hellenistic period. While exploring the stylistic
           ENGL 181 English Language 1
                                                                         from the legendary founder hero Aeneas to the            development of Greek sculpture, painting and
           FREN 11b First Year French
                                                                         height of Rome under the emperors. We will               architecture, we will examine what this art can

           GERM 11b First Year German                                    focus on Rome and the Romans as the                      tell us about the ancient Greeks and how
           SPAN 11b First Year Spanish                                   mainstream culture, with marginal groups -               extensively it has influenced our world. Offered in
           PHIL 53        History of Ancient and Medieval                such as women, slaves, non-citizens, and other           alternate years.
                          Philosophy                                     ethnic groups - providing the context for the            CLAS 132.    Roman Art and Architecture        (4)
           POLS 130       Western Political Theory                       development of an exclusively Roman cultural             An introductory survey of the art and architecture
           RELI 134       World Religions                                identity. Offered in alternate years.                    of ancient Etruria an Rome from 600 B.C. to the
           (other courses may also serve with departmental permission)   CLAS 110.     Greek Literature in Translation (4)        4th century A.D. We will explore the role of
           Additional course work in Greek or Latin may be               An introductory survey of the literature of ancient      Roman art and architecture and its Etruscan
           substituted for Classics in English courses or for            Greece, read in English translation. Works               influences in Roman life and history. Attention
           a second elective.                                            studied will be representative of the extraordinary      will be given to examples of Roman influence
                                                                         literary achievement of Greece in the genres of          that surround us today. Offered in alternate years.
           The Classical Studies Minor                                   epic, tragedy, comedy, history, philosophical            CLAS 191.    Independent Study               (2-4)
           The minor in Classical Studies requires the                   dialogue, and lyric poetry. Attention will be given
           following core courses:                                       to the perennial importance which the themes             CLAS 193.    Special Topics                    (4)
           A course in language (GREK 11a, LATN 11a,                     and questions raised have had for subsequent             Greek
           LATN 151)                                                     western literature. Offered in alternate years.
                                                                                                                                  GREK 11a. First-Year Ancient Greek,
           A course in Classical Mythology (CLAS 51 or                   CLAS 112.     Latin Literature in Translation (4)                  First Semester                       (4)
           CLAS 115)                                                     An introductory survey of the literature of ancient      Beginning training in the basic language skills of
           Students will also complete three courses from                Rome, read in English translation. Works studied         reading and writing, with attention to aspects of
           the list above of Classics in English courses, or             will include the genres of comedy, epic, rhetoric,       ancient Greek culture and the influence of
           may substitute courses in Greek and Latin.                    lyric poetry, history, the novel, and satire.            ancient Greek on English vocabulary. Offered
                                                                         Particular focus will be on these works’                 every fall.
           Course Offerings
                                                                         continued relevance and the extensive influence
                                                                                                                                  GREK 11b. First-Year Ancient Greek,
           Classics-in-English                                           which Rome had on later western thought and
                                                                                                                                            Second Semester                      (4)
                                                                         literature. Offered in alternate years.
           CLAS 31.        English Vocabulary Building            (4)                                                             Continued training in reading and writing skills,
           Analysis of the Latin and Greek element in                    CLAS 115.     Topics in Mythology                        study of ancient Greek culture and English
           modern English and study of the influence of                                and Religion                        (4)    vocabulary derived from Greek, with appropriate
           classical languages on English and modern                     In depth study of particular aspects of Greek and        readings from classical Greek authors. Offered
           European languages. May include a special unit                Roman mythology and religion. Students are               every spring.
           devoted to analysis of scientific and technical               expected to write about and discuss various
                                                                                                                                  GREK 23.     Intermediate Greek,
           English, with specific attention to the vocabulary            topics, relevant to the ways that mythology and
                                                                                                                                               Third Semester                    (4)
           of the life sciences and pharmacy.                            religion informed ancient life and/or has
                                                                                                                                  Selected readings with attention to grammar as
                                                                         continued to influence modern culture.
           CLAS 33.        Bioscientific Terminology              (4)                                                             needed. Students have the option of reading in
                                                                         Prerequisite: CLAS 51 or permission of the
           Analysis of the Latin and Greek element in                                                                             appropriate Classical authors such as Herodotus
           scientific English with special emphasis on the                                                                        or Plato, or in the Greek New Testament.
           vocabulary of pharmacy and the life sciences.                 CLAS 120.     Sexuality in Greek Society          (4)    Prerequisite: second semester Greek,
                                                                         An introductory survey of the sexual attitudes and       equivalent or permission.
           CLAS 51.        Classical Mythology                    (4)
                                                                         gender roles of women and men in ancient Greek
           An introductory survey of the Greek and Roman                                                                          GREK 25.     Intermediate Greek,
                                                                         society. We will focus on the suppression of female                   Fourth Semester                   (4)
           myths of major importance in Western literature,              sexuality and the channeling of male sexuality, in
           art and music. May focus upon Greek mythology                                                                          Selected readings with attention to grammar as
                                                                         the different places and times of ancient Greece, from   needed. Students have the option of reading in
           against the background of Roman, or Roman                     the Homeric heroes and their women to the heirs of
           mythology against the background of Greek.                                                                             appropriate Classical authors such as Homer or
                                                                         Alexander the Great. Offered in alternate years.
                                                         C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                59

the Greek dramatists, or in Koine Greek.             Communication                                        KPAC. KPAC is the student-operated carrier-
Prerequisite: third semester Greek, equivalent                                                            current radio station on campus. It is
                                                     Professors: Day, Hackley, Koper, Schamber
or permission.                                                                                            programmed by students. Supported by the sales
                                                     Associate Professors: Dong (Chair)                   of radio advertising, the station offers students
GREK 93.     Special Topics                   (4)
                                                     Assistant Professors: Batt, Hilton, Ray              experience in managing, announcing, and sales
GREK 127. Advanced Greek                      (4)                                                         of advertising time in a commercial radio
Readings suited to the abilities and interests of    Department Phone: (209) 946-2505                     environment.
the students. Attention to grammar and prose
                                                     Mission                                              The Pacifican. The Pacifican is a student-
composition as needed. May be taken more than
once with different content. Prerequisite: GREK      The mission of the Department of                     managed independent weekly newspaper. This
25 or equivalent.                                    Communication is to prepare students as leaders      publication serves as a laboratory for those
                                                     in their communities and careers by developing       interested in pursuing careers in journalism.
GREK 191. Independent Study                 (2-4)    their understanding of communication theory          PRSSA. The University of the Pacific boasts a
Latin                                                and research methodologies as well as their          chapter of the Public Relations Student Society
                                                     proficiency in oral, written and mediated            of America (PRSSA). Serious public relations
LATN 11a.    First-Year Latin,                       communication. Coursework is offered which
             First Semester                   (4)                                                         students meet monthly to hear professionals
                                                     leads to emphases in Communication Studies,

Beginning training in the basic language skills of                                                        invited from San Francisco and other major
                                                     Media Studies, or Public Relations, or               market areas to discuss contemporary public
reading and writing, with attention to aspects of    Organizational Communication. Each of these
Roman culture and the influence of Latin on                                                               relations topics. They also join together in teams
                                                     provides the student with a specific approach to     to compete in national case-study competition.
modern languages. Offered every fall.                communication processes and includes both            PACIFIC PRSSA teams have distinguished
LATN 11b.    First-Year Latin,                       theoretical and applied learning experiences.        themselves over the years by placing in national
             Second Semester                  (4)
                                                     Career Opportunities                                 competition.
Continuation of training in the basic reading and
writing skills; appropriate readings from Latin      Coursework in the Department of                      Internships and Practica
authors. Offered every spring.                       Communication provides preparation for careers       The department believes that practica and
                                                     in teaching, speech writing, law, labor relations,   internships are an important adjunct to
LATN 23.     Intermediate Latin,
                                                     personnel development, public relations,             learning. These experiences are available both
             Third Semester                   (4)
                                                     journalism, broadcasting, media management,          on and off campus in the areas of radio,
Selected readings from prose authors. Attention
                                                     international relations, and many other              television, public relations, journalism,
to grammar as needed; simple composition
                                                     professional areas.                                  organizational communication, and forensics.
exercises. Prerequisite: second semester Latin,
equivalent or permission.                            Communication Major                                  Internships and practica are available to
                                                     The major in communication is designed to            students who meet the prerequisites. Internships
LATN 25.     Intermediate Latin,
             Fourth Semester                  (4)    allow students to pursue an in-depth learning        and practica are taken on a pass/no credit
Selected readings from Vergil’s Aeneid or other      experience in their chosen area of emphasis,         grading basis.
authors suited to the needs and interests of the     while at the same time assuring that each            Internship and Practica Requirements
students. Attention to grammar as needed.            student has experienced the discipline from each     Students taking an internship or a practica
Prerequisite: third semester Latin, equivalent       of its perspectives and has been given a solid       through the department must satisfy the
or permission.                                       background in communication theory and               following requirements: (1) Students must have
                                                     research. Fundamental skills-building courses        an overall cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above in
LATN 93.     Special Topics                   (4)
                                                     are built into the major program so that             order to register for an internship, Comm
LATN 127.    Advanced Latin                   (4)    students work toward the improvement of their        87/187, to count toward the major; otherwise,
Readings suited to the abilities and interests of    communication competencies while increasing          (2) students with a minimum overall
the students. Attention to grammar as needed;        their knowledge of the discipline. Many              cumulative GPA of 2.0, may be placed in
practice in prose composition. May be taken          Communication majors supplement their                practicum, Comm 89, to serve in an on-campus
more than once with different content.               academic course work with internships and            setting; (3) students should complete the lower
Prerequisite: LATN 25 or equivalent.                 practica, lending a substantial experiential         core courses as well as appropriate emphasis
LATN 151.    Intensive Latin for                     component to the curriculum.                         area courses as prescribed by the Faculty
             Language Students                (4)                                                         Supervisor, before the Internship or Practica is
                                                     Experiential Learning Opportunities
A comparative study of Latin and its relationship                                                         undertaken (exceptions must be approved by the
                                                     Pacific Speech and Debate Society. For over
to modern European languages. Reading of                                                                  Faculty Supervisor); (4) undergraduate students
                                                     seven decades, Pacific has competed with
selected texts. Prerequisite: permission of the                                                           may complete a total of 16 units through Comm
                                                     distinction in intercollegiate speech and debate.
instructor.                                                                                               87/187 (Internships) and/or Practica, Comm 89.
                                                     The Pacific teams are regulars in national
LATN 191.    Independent Study              (2-4)    championship competition and have compiled           Independent Study and Independent
                                                     enviable records at both the regional and            Research Requirements
                                                     national levels. The Communication                   Students enrolling in independent study and/or
                                                     Department offers forensics scholarships to          independent research through the department
                                                     students who have demonstrated a high level of       must satisfy the following requirements: (1) The
                                                     performance proficiency and require financial        student must have a department GPA of 3.0 or
                                                     assistance.                                          higher and the permission of the instructor. (2)
60                                                                                UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                The student must have completed all category II              Communication Studies Emphasis                     application of creative solutions to public
                courses for the particular emphasis area of the              An emphasis in Communication Studies               relations problems.
                major.                                                       provides a broad theory-based examination of       1. Core Courses
                                                                             human communication. Students are prepared
                Academic Requirements                                                                                           2. All of the following:
                                                                             for a wide-range of post-graduate endeavors,
                To major in communication, students must                     including law school, graduate school, human          COMM 135 Principles of Public Relations
                complete the minimum requirements for one of                 resource management, business, counseling,
                the area emphases in the department.                                                                               COMM 137 Public Relations Case Studies
                                                                             and other careers which benefit from insight
                Communication courses in which grades are                    into human behavior.                                  COMM 140 Writing for Public Relations
                received which are below C- are not accepted
                toward completion of the major.                              1. Core Courses                                       COMM 152 Public Relations Administration
                                                                             2. All of the following:                           3. 8 additional elective COMM units.
                Core Curriculum
                Each emphasis area of the department requires                   COMM 143 Intercultural Communication            Organizational Communication Emphasis
                the completion of eight courses, which                          COMM 147 Nonverbal Communication                This emphasis area is designed for students who
                constitute the core of the major. The core                                                                      seek careers in organizations. Courses in
                consists of four lower-level and four upper-level               COMM 149 Organizational Communication           organizational communication examine

                courses as follows:                                             COMM 155 Persuasion                             organizational structure and communication
                                                                             3. 8 additional elective COMM units.               from a variety of theoretical perspectives. Special
                Lower Core Course (4 courses, 12 units)
                                                                                                                                attention is given to the function of
                COMM 27         Public Speaking                              Media Studies Emphasis                             communication within organizations, conflict
                COMM 31         Introduction to Mass                         Students choosing this emphasis area receive       management, decision making, the dynamics of
                                Communication                                                                                   group interaction and new media.
                                                                             instruction on the nature and use of broadcast
                COMM 43         Introduction to Interpersonal                and print media, as well as mass
                                Communication                                                                                   1. Core Courses
                                                                             communication in general. Coursework in
                COMM 50         Introduction to Communication                broadcasting focuses on functional, operational,   2. All of the following:
                                                                             and theoretical aspects. Coursework in print          COMM 135 Principles of PR
                Note: Students must earn a 2.5 Grade Point Average in        focuses on news writing, reporting, and editing.
                the four lower core courses in order to meet the prerequi-                                                         COMM 146 Communication and Conflict
                sites for COMM 160- Communication Research Methods.
                                                                             Students choosing the Media Studies Emphasis
                                                                             must complete at least one of the following           COMM 148 Decision-Making
                Upper Core Courses (4 courses, 12 units)                     sequences:                                            COMM 149 Organizational Communication
                COMM 114/ 214 Argumentation and Advocacy
                                                                             Broadcast Sequence                                 3. 8 additional elective COMM units
                COMM 160/260 Communication Research
                              Methods                                        1. Core Courses                                    Communication Minor
                COMM 150      Ethical Issues in                              2. All of the following:                           A minor in Communication requires 4 lower-
                              Communication                                                                                     core courses, 2 upper-core courses, and 1 elective
                                                                                COMM 131 Media Production
                COMM 145/245 Human Communication                                                                                course (4 units) as specified below. The minor
                              Theory or                                         COMM 132 Broadcast Writing                      requires that students maintain a 2.0 GPA.
                COMM 116/216 Rhetorical Theory and                              COMM 138 Media Law and Ethics                   Communication course grades below C- do not
                              Criticism                                                                                         count toward the minor.
                                                                                COMM 139 Theory of Mass Communication
                Typical First-Year Program                                                                                      1. Lower Core Courses (4 courses, 12 units)
                                                                             3. 8 additional elective COMM units.
                Fall:                                                                                                              COMM 27 Public Speaking
                                                                             Print Sequence
                Lower Core COMM Course                                                                                             COMM 31 Introduction to Mass
                COMM 43 Introduction to Interpersonal                        1. Core Courses                                       Communication
                              Communication                                  2. All of the following                               COMM 43 Introduction to Interpersonal
                General Education
                                                                                COMM 121 Basic News Writing                        Communication
                General Education
                                                                                COMM 122 Advanced News Writing and                 COMM 50 Introduction to Communication
                Mentor I
                                                                                Editing                                            Technologies
                Elective (one or more units)
                                                                                COMM 138 Media Law and Ethics                   Note: Students must earn a 2.5 Grade Point Average in
                Spring:                                                                                                         the four lower core courses in order to meet the prerequi-
                Lower Core COMM Course                                          COMM 139 Theory of Mass Communication           sites for COMM 160- Communication Research Methods.

                Lower Core COMM Course                                       3. 8 additional elective COMM units.               2. Upper-Core Courses (8 units)
                General Education                                                                                                  COMM 116 Rhetorical Theory and Criticism,
                                                                             Public Relations Emphasis
                General Education                                                                                                  or
                                                                             The Public Relations emphasis explores the role
                Mentor II
                                                                             of internal and external communication in             Must take one of the following:
                Elective (one or more units)                                 reputation management. Students are provided
                                                                                                                                   COMM 145 Human Communication Theory
                                                                             with a broad background in both theoretical
                                                                             and applied areas of communication to permit          COMM 160 Communication Research
                                                           C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                  61

3. Elective Units (4 units)                            COMM 87a, 187a Newspaper Internship         (2-4)    COMM 89c, 189c. Public Relations
                                                       Supervised experience in news writing or editing                     Practicum                     (1-4)
  Take 4 additional elective COMM units.                                                                    Supervised experience in public relations within
                                                       in a work setting in the commercial press. Job
Total units for Minor: 24                              conditions will be contracted on an individual       the University. Prerequisite: COMM 135 or
                                                       basis and will be determined by the instructor       permission of the instructor.
Course Offerings
                                                       and the newspaper editor. Prerequisite: see          COMM 89d, 189d. Forensics Practicum           (1-4)
COMM 27.      Public Speaking                   (3)    department internship requirements.                  Supervised activities in forensics including
A study of the basic principles of public speaking.
                                                       COMM 87b, 187b. Broadcast Internship        (2-4)    participating in individual events, Readers
This course is one of the four lower core courses
                                                       Supervised experience at an off-campus radio or      Theatre and debate in tournaments throughout
for the communication major.
                                                       television station. Job conditions will be           the nation. Prerequisite: COMM 27 or
COMM 31.      Introduction to Mass                     contracted on an individual basis and will be        permission of the instructor.
              Communication                     (3)
                                                       determined by the instructor and the station         COMM 89f, 189f. Organizational
A survey of the growth and development of mass         manager. Prerequisite: see department                                Communication
communications in America (newspaper, radio,           internship requirements.                                             Practicum                     (1-4)
television, magazines, public relations) from a                                                             Supervised experience with an on-campus
historical and descriptive perspective. Principles     COMM 87c, 187c. Public Relations
                                                                       Internship                  (2-4)    department or service. Students will apply

of the mass communication process. This course                                                              organizational communication theory and skills
is one of the four lower core courses for the          Supervised experience in an off-campus work
                                                       setting. Students will work in publicity,            while working with various departments within
communication major.                                                                                        campus operations, such as HR, admissions,
                                                       promotion, advertising, or some other aspect of
COMM 43.      Introduction to Interpersonal            public relations work. Prerequisite: see             marketing, etc. Prerequisite: COMM 149 or
              Communication                     (3)                                                         permission of instructor.
                                                       department internship requirements.
Introduction to the study of human interaction
                                                       COMM 87f, 187f. Organizational                       COMM 114/214. Argumentation and
that occurs in relatively informal, everyday social                                                                      Advocacy (4)
contexts. Using models, theories, and skills of                                                             This course introduces students to the theory and
                                                                       Internship                  (2-4)
communication as takeoff points, the course                                                                 practice of argumentation, which is a method of
                                                       Supervised experience in an off-campus work
introduces students to dimensions related to                                                                decision-making emphasizing reason giving and
                                                       setting. Students will apply communication
trust, openness, feedback, listening, perception,                                                           evidence. The course includes instruction in
                                                       theory and skills while working in areas of
language, nonverbal communication, and                                                                      debating, research, and critical writing, as well as
                                                       organizational functioning such as sales, the
communication competence. Focus is to develop                                                               advanced topics in the study of public deliberation.
                                                       training and selection of personnel, employee
an increasing student awareness of the                                                                      Prerequisites: COMM 27, COMM 50.
                                                       relations, information systems, etc. Prerequisite:
complexities of interpersonal relationships. This
                                                       see department internship requirements.              COMM 116/216. Rhetorical Theory and
course is one of the four lower core courses for the
                                                       COMM 89, 189. Practicum                     (1-4)                 Criticism                          (4)
communication major.
                                                       Non-classroom experience in activities related to    This course strives to help students derive insight
COMM 50.      Introduction to Communication                                                                 into how symbolic processes affect human
              Technologies                  (3)
                                                       the curriculum under conditions determined by
                                                       the appropriate faculty member. Students will        awareness, beliefs, values, and actions. The
This course provides an introduction to the                                                                 course treats criticism and analysis as methods of
nature, design, and use of communication               register for one of the courses listed below.
                                                       Courses numbered 189 are similar contexts with       inquiry into the nature, character, and effects of
technologies, including networks, email, web                                                                human communication. It addresses various
pages, presentation tools, and groupware. Social       a more advanced level of performance and
                                                       learning expectations compared to courses            methods of rhetorical criticism in terms of their
impacts and diffusion of new technologies is                                                                central units of analysis and typical intellectual
discussed. Students learn production skills that       numbered 89. COMM 89 is the prerequisite for
                                                       COMM 189.                                            concerns. Prerequisite: COMM 160 or
will be useful in upper division communication                                                              permission of the instructor.
courses, and that will facilitate the department’s     COMM 89a, 189a. Print Practicum             (1-4)
portfolio assessment program. This course is one       Supervised experience in news writing or editing     COMM 121. Basic News Writing                    (4)
of the four lower core courses for the                 on the student newspaper, The Pacifican.             Study and practice in the fundamentals of news
communication major.                                   Assignment conditions to be determined by the        writing with emphasis on news style, leads, story
                                                       instructor after consulting with The Pacifican       structure, and legal and ethical aspects of
COMM 87, 187. Internship                      (2-4)
                                                       editor. Supervised experience can also be            journalism. This course involves in-class writing
Experiences in a work setting, to be contracted on                                                          exercises and writing assignments of actual news
an individual basis. Internships are awarded on a      acquired for work on a student magazine.
                                                       Prerequisites: grade of “B’’ or better in COMM       events. Prerequisite: basic writing and typing
competitive basis and are limited to the number                                                             skills; COMM 31 or permission of the
of placements available. COMM 187 represents           121 or permission of the instructor.
advanced internship work involving increased           COMM 89b, 189b. Broadcast Practicum         (1-4)
independence        and       responsibility;      a   Supervised experience at the University public       COMM 122. Advanced News Writing and
                                                                                                                      Editing                               (4)
corresponding COMM 87 course or equivalent is          radio station, KUOP-FM, or the student-operated,
a prerequisite. Students may not accumulate for        carrier-current station, KPAC. Students will work    In addition to developing advanced news writing,
credit more than eight units in any specific           in news, production, development and other           feature writing, and reporting skills, this course
internship (a total of four in a COMM 87 course        areas. Prerequisites: coursework appropriate to      focuses on copy editing, proofreading, headline
and a total of four in a COMM 187 course).             assignment; permission of the instructor.            writing, and makeup and layout for newspapers,
Students will register for one of the courses listed                                                        magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, and
below. Pass/no credit grading only.                                                                         brochures.
62                                                                          UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                COMM 131. Media Production                      (4)    COMM 140. Writing for Public Relations          (4)    Prerequisite: COMM 43, 141 or permission of
                This course covers practical and theoretical           Theory and practice in public relations writing in     the instructor.
                application of audio and video production              the context of publicity. Students will learn to
                                                                                                                              COMM 149/249. Introduction to Organizational
                techniques. Emphasis on aesthetic qualities of         write news releases, backgrounds, business letters                   Communication              (4)
                sight and sound productions. Some work in              and feature stories. Prerequisite: COMM 135.           This course takes both a theoretical and an
                student media facilities involved. Prerequisite:       COMM 141/241. Group Dynamics                    (4)    applied approach in introducing the student to
                COMM 31 or permission of the instructor. Lab           A study of the process of human interaction            the role of communication in various aspects of
                fee required.                                          occurring within the context of the small group.       organizational functioning, such as motivation,
                COMM 132. Broadcast Writing                     (4)    Prerequisite: COMM 43 or permission of the             leadership,      decision-making,      conflict
                Examination and production of broadcast                instructor. Not recommended for freshmen.              management, message management, etc.
                writing techniques. Emphasis on writing news,          COMM 143. Intercultural Communication           (4)
                                                                                                                              Prerequisite: COMM 43, 27 or permission of the
                information, and entertainment messages for the        Analysis of the major variables affecting              instructor.
                broadcasting industries. Some work in student          interpersonal communication between persons of         COMM 150. Ethical Issues in Communication
                media facilities involved. Prerequisite: COMM          differing cultural backgrounds. Prerequisite:                    (Mentor III)                  (4)
                31. Lab fee required.                                  COMM 43 or permission of the instructor.               This course is a senior-level seminar devoted to
                                                                                                                              situating what students have learned in the

                COMM 135. Principles of Public Relations (4)
                                                                       COMM 144/244. Advanced Interpersonal
                Principles and methods of public relations will be                   Communication                     (4)
                                                                                                                              Communication Major within a broader social
                discussed and analyzed. Study of the mass media        This course focuses on current theoretical issues      and ethical context, and preparing students to
                as publicity channels will acquaint the students       in interpersonal communication. Topics of              move forward with confidence into a world where
                with the nature of the media, its limitations, and     interest include: communicator competence,             valuing and learning never stop. Topics include
                uses. Case studies involve students in practical       individual differences in communication                the role of communication in sustaining
                application of public relations activities.            behavior, social power, emotion, interpersonal         community,        standards      for     ethical
                Prerequisite: COMM 31.                                 influence, and relationship development in both        communication, communication’s role in moral
                                                                       personal and professional contexts. Prerequisite:      decision making, and other topics of interest to
                COMM 136/236. Broadcast Administration
                              and Promotions           (4)             COMM 43.                                               the students and the instructor. Prerequisites:
                An examination of the theoretical and practical                                                               Senior standing and COMM 160.
                                                                       COMM 145/245. Human Communication
                issues involved in the operation of a radio, TV, or                  Theory                            (4)    COMM 152/252. Public Relations
                broadcast-related facility. Emphasis on the                                                                                 Administration                 (4)
                                                                       A study of contemporary social-psychological
                strategies involved in successful programming          theory of human interaction. Prerequisite:             Theoretically grounded, the course focuses on
                and promotion to the mass audience.                    COMM 160 or permission of instructor.                  how public relations managers can effect
                Prerequisite: COMM 31.                                                                                        change. Communication strategies for effective
                                                                       COMM 146/246. Communication and                        leadership and motivation of public relations
                COMM 137/237. Public Relations Case                                  Conflict                          (4)
                              Studies and Problems              (4)
                                                                                                                              professionals are emphasized. The course will
                                                                       This course is offered to introduce students to        enhance critical skills of management for the
                Advanced course in public relations. The course        some of the major elements involved in the
                will engage students in case study research and                                                               understanding of public relations research,
                                                                       everyday social conflicts people experience. The       action/planning,       communication      and
                application of public relations principles. Written    purpose of the course is to provide awareness and
                and oral presentations; adherence to professional                                                             evaluation. Prerequisites: COMM 135, 137
                                                                       practice in the identification of potential conflict   (may be taken concurrently), and senior
                standards of excellence. Prerequisite: COMM 135.       situations and the various means by which              standing.
                COMM 138/238. Media Law and Ethics              (4)    resolution may be accomplished. Prerequisite:
                                                                       COMM 43 or permission of the instructor.               COMM 155/255. Persuasion                     (4)
                A study of law and ethics as they relate to mass
                communication. Legal topics include the First                                                                 A study of the principles and methods of
                                                                       COMM 147/247. Nonverbal Communication(4)               influencing behavior. Prerequisite: COMM 27 or
                Amendment, libel, copyright, invasion of privacy,      The course examines major dimensions of
                and regulations of government agencies such as                                                                permission of the instructor.
                                                                       nonverbal behavior exhibited by human beings
                the FCC. Criteria for evaluating ethical behavior      in everyday social interactional contexts. Special     COMM 160/260. Communication Research
                are considered as well as the relation of ethics to                                                                         Methods                (4)
                                                                       emphasis is given to such areas as human
                professional codes. Prerequisite: COMM 31 or           territoriality, proxemics, kinesics and                A study of research methods appropriate for
                permission of the instructor.                          paralinguistics. Prerequisite: COMM 43 or              examining communication-related problems.
                                                                       permission of the instructor.                          Topics for the course include historical-critical
                COMM 139/239. Theory of Mass
                              Communication                     (4)
                                                                                                                              methods, descriptive methods, experimental
                                                                       COMM 148/248. Decision-Making                   (4)    methods, statistical models for data analysis and
                An overview of major theories and research in mass     A study of decision-making theory applied to
                communication. Application of theories that explain                                                           research reporting and writing. Prerequisites:
                                                                       individuals and organizations as well as               COMM 27, 31, 43 and 50 with a GPA of 2.5 or
                and predict communication effects of political         opportunities to develop practical means for
                campaigns, advertising, entertainment, and                                                                    better, or permission of the instructor.
                                                                       improving the quality of decisions made by             Recommended for sophomores.
                information. Theoretical areas to be covered include   individuals and groups. The course provides a
                socialization, information, diffusion, advertising,    comprehensive theory of how people cope with           COMM 191/291. Independent Study            (2-4)
                persuasion, and uses and gratification’s research.     decisional conflicts concerning management of          COMM 193/293. Special Topics                 (4)
                The state, function, and form of theory in mass        organizations, career choice, marriage, divorce,
                communication will be discussed. Prerequisite:                                                                COMM 197. Independent Research             (2-4)
                                                                       and a variety of other significant choices.
                COMM 160 or permission of the instructor.
                                                           C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                             63

COMM 287. Graduate Internship             (2 or 4)     which a student pursuing either the B.A. or B.S.         Two (2) upper-division international elec-
                                                       who is interested in an international career may         tive courses to be chosen from:
COMM 289. Graduate Practicum              (2 or 4)
                                                       obtain a certified concentration in French,              BUSI 106 International Business
COMM 295. Graduate Seminar                       (4)   German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese or Russian.           BUSI 163 International Financial
COMM 297. Graduate Research                    (1-4)   The language concentration requires five                              Management
                                                       courses, three of which must be taken on this            BUSI 168 Multinational Strategic
COMM 299. Thesis                          (2 or 4)
                                                       campus. For information, see the chairperson of                       Management
                                                       Economics or Modern Language and Literature.             ECON 127 Comparative Economic
Economics                                                                                                                    Systems
                                                       Once a student has registered as a major in the
Professor: Flynn                                                                                                ECON 128 World Population and
                                                       Economics Department, any economics course
Associate Professors: Dennis, Herrin, Keefe,                                                                                 Economics
                                                       to be taken elsewhere for application to the
Meyer (Acting Chair), Ordovensky Staniec,              major must normally have the prior approval of           INTL 166 Global Environmental Policy
Warner                                                 the Economics faculty.                                   POLS 164 International Political
Assistant Professor: King                              Degree Requirements:                                     Or others as approved by Economics
Department Phone: (209) 946-2258                       1. All Economics majors must take the                    Department faculty advisors

Website: www1.pacific.edu/cop/economics                   following:                                            Four (4) semesters of one (1) non-English
                                                                                                                language (or proven competence at the
The study of Economics examines how societies            Economics Core Courses:                                4th semester level)
choose to use their limited resources to produce         ECON 53 Introductory Microeconomics               3. The Bachelor of Science in Economics can be
goods and services; it is also concerned with the        ECON 55 Introductory Macroeconomics                  earned by following one of three different
mechanisms through which societies decide to             ECON 61 Economic Statistics (or MATH 37              tracks - the Social Science Track, the Applied
distribute products to its members. Economics,                    or MATH 39)                                 Economics Track (designed for students
therefore, by necessity studies interactions             ECON 101 Intermediate Microeconomic                  interested in Business), or the Mathematical
among house-holds, firms and governmental                         Theory                                      Economics Track (designed for students
institutions. Economic policy decisions                  ECON 103 Intermediate Macroeconomic                  interested in Math or in graduate study in
ultimately rest upon economic theory, so                          Theory                                      Economics).
considerable care is taken to explain the basic
theories which render economics a scientific           2. The Bachelor of Arts in Economics is offered         In addition to the Economics core, the three
discipline.                                               as a general social science degree, with a           B.S. tracks require the following additional
                                                          specialized Political Economy Track, or with         courses:
Mission                                                   a specialized International Track. In addition
                                                          to the Economics core courses, these three         a. Bachelor of Science – Social Science Track
The mission of the Economics Department is
twofold. First, students from all majors are              tracks require the following courses:                 ECON 111 History of Economic Thought
taught how to conceptualize their own roles in                                                                  ECON 190 Econometrics
                                                         a. Bachelor of Arts – General Social Science
society, whether acting as individuals, members                                                                 MATH 33 Calculus (or the entire MATH
of private-sector firms or as public servants in                                                                           51, 53, 55 Calculus
                                                            ECON 111 History of Economic Thought                           sequence)
the government sector. Second, economics
                                                            ECON 161 Computer Applications in                   Six Economics electives numbered 71 or
majors and minors learn how to apply higher-                             Economics
level theoretical and technical skills (e.g.                                                                    higher
                                                            Four (4) Economics electives numbered 71
statistics and computers) to any number of                  or higher
                                                                                                             b. Bachelor of Science – Applied Economics
specialized areas within the broad reach of the                                                                 Track
discipline.                                              b. Bachelor of Arts – Political Economy                ECON 190 Econometrics (or ECON 161-
                                                            Track:                                                           Computer Applications)
Degrees in Economics                                        ECON 111 History of Economic Thought                MATH 33 Calculus (or MATH 45-Finite
The Economics Department offers both a                      ECON 171 Political Economy                                       Math and Calculus)
Bachelor of Arts program and a Bachelor of                                                                      BUSI 31      Financial Accounting
                                                            POLS 11 Intro. to Political Science
Science program. The B.A. is suggested for
                                                            POLS 132 Modern Political Theory                    BUSI 53      Legal and Ethical
students interested in a broad liberal arts                                                                                  Environment of Business
economics background in preparation for a                   Two (2) Economics electives numbered 71
                                                            or higher                                           Four (4) Economics electives numbered 71
wide range of careers with possibilities of                                                                     or higher
developing double majors. The B.S. in                       Two (2) approved Political Science electives
                                                                                                                One approved Business elective
Economics is suggested for those majors                  c. Bachelor of Arts – International Track:
considering graduate study in economics or                                                                      Students completing a concentration in
                                                            ECON 111     History of Economic Thought            Finance in the Eberhardt School of
business administration, or professional careers            ECON 121     International Trade                    Business need only complete three
in economics, law, business or the financial                                                                    Economics electives in the Applied
                                                            ECON 123     International Finance
industries. The department also offers a minor                                                                  Economics Track.
                                                            ECON 125     Economic Development
in Economics.
                                                            ECON 161     Computer Applications in            c. Bachelor of Science – Mathematical
The Department of Economics, in conjunction                              Economics                              Economics Track:
with the Department of Modern Language and                                                                      ECON 160 Mathematical Economics
Literature, offers a cross-disciplinary program in                                                              ECON 190 Econometrics
64                                                                    UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                 MATH 51, 53 and 55 Calculus I, II and III       ECON 55.      Introductory Macroeconomics:             ECON 103. Intermediate Macroeconomic
                 MATH 72 Operations Research                                   Theory and Policy            (4)                   Analysis                   (4)
                             Methods (or MATH 74-                A study of the national economy. Special emphasis      Study of the measurement of the level of economic
                             Discrete and Combinatorial          is placed on policies designed to meet the national    activity; the determinants of national income,
                             Mathematics)                        goals of full employment, stable prices and            employment and the price level; use and appraisal of
                 MATH 141 Linear Algebra (or MATH 145            economic growth. The course examines the               economic data in the context of a dynamic market
                             Applied Linear Algebra)             spending and saving behavior of households and         economy. Stabilization problems and the relevance
                 Two (2) Economics electives numbered 71         business, government spending and taxing policies,     of fiscal, monetary and income policy. Prerequisites:
                 or higher                                       and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies.           ECON 53 and 55.
                 One approved Math elective                      Prerequisites: Algebra skills as evidenced by a        ECON 111. History of Economic Thought            (4)
              d. First-Year Program                              passing score on the General Education                 The rise and fall of schools of economic thought
                                                                 quantitative skills examination MATH 5. ECON           around the world, as well as specific ideas,
                 In addition to Mentor Seminars I and II         53 is recommended first for students planning to
                 and other general education courses,                                                                   theories, doctrines, applications and policies. The
                                                                 take both ECON 53 and 55.                              course will connect the history of economic
                 students majoring in Economics should
                 complete ECON 53-Introductory                   ECON 61.      Economic Statistics               (4)    thought with the history of the underlying
                 Microeconomics during the fall semester         An introduction to probability and statistics for      economies. We will examine the effects of

                 and ECON 55-Introductory                        students wishing to pursue business/commerce           economic evolution, economic revolution and
                 Macroeconomics during the spring                careers or graduate studies in the social sciences.    changes in technology resources, as well as
                 semester of the freshman year.                  Descriptive statistical tools and probability theory   contemporary political, social and religious
                                                                 are developed and used as the foundation for the       developments. Expect lively discussions,
            4. The Minor in Economics requires six courses,      study of statistical inference. Emphasis is placed     particularly of the political influences affecting
               at least 10 units of which must be taken at       on the intuitive understanding of statistical          individual economists and the implications of
               Pacific. The minor requires:                      concepts and their application to problem-             their work. We will read works about and by
                 ECON 53 Intro. to Microeconomics                solving and data analysis relevant to economics        Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Thomas Malthus,
                 ECON 55 Intro. to Macroeconomics                and business. Topics include probability density       John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx, modern
                 Four economics electives numbered 61 or         functions, sampling distributions, and the             microeconomists, Veblen, Keynes, and others.
                 higher (ECON 101 is strongly recommend-         Central Limit Theorem. Estimation methods              Prerequisite: ECON 53 and 55 or permission of
                 ed as it is a prerequisite to several upper-    include confidence intervals, hypothesis testing,      the instructor.
                 division courses.) BUSI 31 and BUSI 33          analysis of variance, and simple linear
                 together can substitute for one of the                                                                 ECON 118. Globalization History:
                                                                 regression. Prerequisite: passing score on the                   Economic, Environmental,
                 economics electives.
                                                                 General Education quantitative skills                            and Demographic Interactions (4)
            Course Offerings                                     examination or MATH 5.                                 ‘Globalization’ is conveniently considered a
            ECON 51.     Economic Principles and                 ECON 71.      Global Economic Issues            (4)    recent, even post –World War II, phenomenon.
                         Problems                         (3)    An introduction to all aspects of the global           This conventional notion is challenged in this
            A general introduction to the nature, significance   economy. Consideration of how the U.S. economy         course, where we analyze new research that states
            and scope of economics. The principles of            is linked to the rest of the world and how the         that deep worldwide connections have existed for
            economic analysis are developed and used to          world’s economic problems affect the well-being        many centuries. The course is divided into three
            examine a wide variety of current and/or             of every U.S. citizen. Reviews economic principles     sections. Part I examines geographical and
            controversial economic issues. This course is        in covering the basics of international trade,         environmental factors that determined living
            ideal for students who are unlikely to take          international finance, economic development of         standards in specific regions throughout the
            another economics course; however, for students      the poor countries, world population problems,         world during the past 13,000 years. Part II
            choosing to major or minor in economics after        international environmental economics, and a           focuses on the birth of global trade beginning in
            taking this course, ECON 51 may substitute for       brief comparison of the U.S. economic system           the 16th century. Dynamics within China played
            the ECON 55 requirement. Students can receive        with that of Japan and that of China.                  a crucial role, while Europeans were middlemen
            departmental credit for ECON 51 only if it is        Prerequisites: ECON 53 and 55 (or 51).                 (rather than prime movers) in this process. In
            taken prior to both ECON 53 and ECON 55.             (ECON 71 cannot be taken for credit if the             Part III of the course, the Industrial revolution in
                                                                 student has taken or is concurrently enrolled          Europe is compared with industrial condition
            ECON 53.     Introductory Microeconomics (4)
                                                                 in ECON 121 or 123. ECON 71 is also listed as          within China, Japan, and elsewhere
            A study of the economic decisions of individuals
                                                                 an SIS course.)                                        simultaneously. A debate is discussed concerning
            and firms. Evaluates efficiency and equity in
                                                                                                                        whether industrialization occurred first in
            individual choice processes. Examines                ECON 101. Intermediate Microeconomic
                                                                                                                        northwest Europe because of internal conditions
            economics of monopoly and competition as well                  Analysis                              (4)
                                                                                                                        within a European core, versus a view that
            as economics of pollution and governmental           The behavior of individuals and firms in a
                                                                                                                        environmental constraints at a global level
            regulation. Prerequisite: Algebra skills, as         market economy. Price theory, distribution and
                                                                                                                        played a key role in determining why
            evidenced by a passing score on the General          welfare economics. The course provides a
                                                                                                                        industrialization first appeared within northwest
            Education quantitative skills examination or         rigorous development of the tools that
                                                                                                                        Europe. Prerequisites: ECON 53 and 55, or
            MATH 5.                                              economists have utilized for studying the
                                                                                                                        permission of the instructor.
                                                                 allocation of resources. Prerequisite: ECON 53.
                                                           C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                     65

ECON 121. International Trade                   (4)    ECON 131. Public Finance                         (4)    ECON 160. Mathematical Economics                 (4)
A study of the economic theory surrounding the         Study of the role of the government in the              A mathematical analysis of neoclassical theories
exchange of goods and services between countries       economy. Uses the tools of economic analysis to         of production and consumption. Differential
and the application of this theory to current          examine how government policies affect not only         calculus and linear algebra applied to
international issues. Topics include the               the efficiency with which the economy operates          unconstrained and constrained extrema,
determination of world trade patterns, the effects     but also the welfare of its citizens. Covers both the   including the envelope properties of optimization
of changing trade patterns on income                   expenditure and the taxation sides of government        problems. Primary emphasis is placed on the
distribution within a country; the pros and cons       activity, examines public choice questions of           application of mathematics to economic theory.
of trade barriers; trade concerns of developing        policy selection and implementation and,                Topics include competitive and noncompetitive
countries; and the effects of international trade      throughout the course, considers the equity             firms and industries, Cobb-Douglas and CES
on the world’s natural environment.                    implications of government actions. Primary             production functions, the Slutsky equation and
Prerequisites: ECON 53 and 55. (Course also            focus is on government at the national level;           applications of homogeneous functions to
listed among SIS courses).                             however, significant attention is paid to issues        economics. Prerequisites: ECON 101, 103 and
ECON 123. International Finance                 (4)
                                                       relevant or specific to state and local                 MATH 33, or permission of the instructor.
A study of the financial side of international         governments. Prerequisites: ECON 53 and                 ECON 161. Computer Application in
economics. Topics include balance of payments          either ECON 55 or ECON 51; ECON 101 is                            Economics                              (4)

accounts and the foreign exchange market;              recommended.                                            A quantitative analysis of a variety of micro- and
exchange rate determination and the macro              ECON 141. Money and Banking                      (4)    macroeconomic problems by means of the
economy; the international debt crisis and             The nature of money and credit and their roles in       computer. The emphasis is upon the application of
capital flight; and the history of international       directing the economic activity of a nation. The        economic and statistical models, e.g., input-
monetary systems. Prerequisites: ECON 53 and           development and operation of the central bank           output, linear programming and linear regression.
55. (Course also listed among SIS courses.)            and monetary institutions of the United States;         These models and their computer analogues are
                                                       problems of achieving full employment and price         used to evaluate economic changes due to such
ECON 125. Economic Development                  (4)
                                                       stability through monetary policy. Prerequisites:       phenomena as the energy, pollution, defense
Examines the plight of the world’s poor countries.
                                                       ECON 53 and 55, or permission of the                    spending and inflation/unemployment problems.
Discussion of the extent of world poverty. Review of
                                                       instructor.                                             Prerequisites: ECON 53, 55; MATH 37, its
the evolution of ideas on the topic of economic
                                                                                                               equivalent or permission of instructor; some
development over the past three decades. Course        ECON 151. Urban Economics                        (4)
                                                                                                               familiarity with computer programming
considers the following types of questions: What are   An economic analysis of the evolution, growth, and
the causes of development and/or                       decline of urban areas and the location choice
underdevelopment? Are Third World countries            decisions of households and firms within urban          ECON 171. Political Economy                      (4)
merely at a primitive stage of development             areas. Attention then focuses on normative analyses     This course begins with an examination of the
analogous to European countries prior to the           of urban policy issues such as housing, poverty,        ideology which underlies Neoclassical Economics.
Industrial Revolution? What are the roles of           crime and pollution. Prerequisite: ECON 53.             Once the world view of economics is understood, we
climate, the legal system, education, health and                                                               explore three specific “social/economic/political”
                                                       ECON 154. Industrial Organization
sanitation, natural resources, technology,                       and Policy                             (4)
                                                                                                               issues wherein ideology plays a decisive role in
multinational corporations, religious beliefs and so   The history, structure, conduct, and performance        current debates. We look, first, at the topic of
on? Are rich countries making a meaningful effort      of industry as well as currently proposed industrial    “Income Distribution, Poverty and Welfare in the
to aid poor countries? Can we, or even should we,      policy will be examined. After studying the             U.S.” (including such diverse issues as human
help? Should emphasis be placed on the                 evolution of modern U.S. industries and firms;          capital theory, minimum wage and foreign
agricultural or industrial sector? Prerequisites:      monopoly, oligopoly, and competitive structures;        competition). Next, we turn to the topic of “Women
ECON 53 and 55 or permission of the instructor.        and anti competitive conduct among firms, the           in the Workforce,” (including the issues of
(Course also listed among SIS courses.)                course will analyze government regulation of            comparable worth, the feminization of poverty and
                                                       business, especially antitrust and price regulation     affirmative action). Last, we explore the subject of
ECON 128. World Population
          and Economics                         (4)    policies, as well as recent trends to deregulation      “Environmental Economics,” focusing here on the
A study of the interactions between a society’s        and reindustrialization. Prerequisite: ECON 53;         equity/efficiency issues surrounding the
population and its economy. Analysis of how the        ECON 101 recommended.                                   economists’ perspective of the crises and the
economic well-being of society affects fertility,                                                              solutions they offer for this critical world problem.
                                                       ECON 157. Environmental and Natural                     Prerequisites: ECON 53 or 51.
mortality and migration, and how they in turn                    Resource Economics                     (4)
affect the structure of the economy. A look at         The application of economic theory to natural           ECON 180. Labor Economics                        (4)
Malthusian and neo-Malthusian theories of              resource      and     environmental      issues.        Examination of labor’s role in the market system
population growth, the theory of the demographic       Microeconomic principles are used to suggest            and the response of labor and government to
transition, and Marxist views on population            what a proper balance between human activity            market failures. Microeconomic analysis of labor
growth. Analysis of overpopulation, food               and environmental preservation might be and to          supply and demand, wage and employment
production, pollution and the economic                 critically analyze current environmental policy.        determination, and the effects of discrimination.
development of poor countries. Emphasis on             Both domestic and global issues are addressed.          Development of the labor movement from a
feedback effects in the population system and in the   Topics include resource scarcity, sustainability        chronological and theoretical perspective with
economic system. Prerequisite: ECON 53 or ECON         and sustainable development, water                      emphasis on the collective bargaining process.
55. (ECON 128 is also listed as an SIS course.)        conservation, mobile- and stationary-source air         Influence of public policy on labor relations and
                                                       pollution, global warming, and toxic substances.        labor market functioning. Prerequisite: ECON
                                                       Prerequisite: ECON 53.                                  53. (Course also listed under Gender Studies.)
66                                                                   UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

          ECON 190. Econometrics                          (4)   Requirements for a Major in English                     Course Offerings
          A study of the methods used to test economic          Candidates for the B.A. degree with a major in          ENGL 25.      English 25                          (4)
          theory with real-world data. The course presents      English must complete a minimum of 11                   English 25 provides an introduction to the
          the theory underlying common econometric              courses (at least 40 units), including a four-          discipline of English studies. Students are
          methods and gives students experience in              course lower-division core:                             expected to write about and discuss various topics
          applying these analytical tools to data from a                                                                that arise in the study of literary works.
          variety of sources. Students learn to develop         1. ENGL 25 any section of English 25
                                                                                                                        Prerequisites: passing scores on the General
          testable hypotheses based on economic theories        2. ENGL 41 British Literature before 1800               Education writing skills and reading
          they have learned in earlier courses and to make                                                              examinations. Multiple and varied sections
                                                                3-4. Two of the following survey courses:
          reliable statistical inferences about these                                                                   are listed by thematic focus title each semester.
          hypotheses. Students will gain a working,                   ENGL 43 British Literature after 1800
          applicable knowledge of the skills and software             ENGL 51 American Literature before                ENGL 31.      Aesthetics of Film                  (4)
          used by many professional economists and                            1865                                      An introduction to the principles of artistic
          sought by many employers. Prerequisites: ECON               ENGL 53 American Literature after 1865            expressiveness of films; lighting, color, camera,
          53, ECON 55 (or ECON 51) and ECON 61 (or              The upper-division requirement consists of:             composition, space, movement, image, setting and
          MATH 37 or MATH 39).                                                                                          sound. Attention is also given to narrative techniques
                                                                5. A course in critical theory, either

                                                                                                                        and editing styles. Explores such theories as realism,
          ECON 191. Independent Study                  (2-4)
                                                                   ENGL 125 Critical Colloquium or                      formalism, surrealism, Marxism, psychoanalysis
          ECON 193. Special Topics                        (4)                                                           and gender theory. Both American and foreign films
                                                                   ENGL 127 Contemporary Critical Issues
                                                                                                                        are viewed and discussed.
          English                                               6-11. Six electives: at least five of these electives
                                                                                                                        ENGL 41.      British Literature before 1800 (4)
                                                                      must be upper-division courses; ENGL 31
          Professors: Borden (Chair), Camfield, Cox,                                                                    A study of major authors, works and traditions
                                                                      Aesthetics of Film or a fourth lower-
          Schedler                                                                                                      from Beowulf through the Pearl Poet, Chaucer,
                                                                      division survey course is acceptable as
          Associate Professors: Lehmann, Norton, Tedards,                                                               Spenser, Shakespeare, Donne, Milton, Dryden,
                                                                      the sixth elective.
          Zhou                                                                                                          Pope, Swift and others, to Johnson. Balanced
                                                                First-Year Program                                      concern for particular works, for historical
          Assistant Professors: Dobbs, Smith, Sonstroem         Students majoring in English should complete            continuity, for distinctive features of movements
          Department Phone: (209) 946-2121                      ENGL 25 and at least one additional course              and periods such as the Renaissance and the
                                                                from the lower-division core during the                 Augustan period, and for the expanding
          Website: englishweb.pacific.edu
                                                                freshman year. In the sophomore year they               definition of English literature.
          The undergraduate major in English prepares           should complete the remaining two courses in            ENGL 43.      British Literature after 1800       (4)
          students for careers that put a premium on            the lower-division core.                                Begins with Blake and ends with Pinter, and
          critical thinking and literacy. While many
                                                                Requirements for a Minor in English                     includes such authors as Wordsworth, Byron,
          majors become teachers, many more enter
                                                                Candidates for the minor in English who are             Keats, Tennyson, Browning and Hardy, Yeats,
          business, government service, law, medicine or
                                                                taking a major in another academic discipline           Thomas, Joyce, Eliot, Lawrence, and Lessing. The
          other professions after further schooling.
                                                                must complete a minimum of six courses (22              approach is historical, with a focus on the
          Degrees in English                                    units) in English, including the following:             distinctive qualities of the Romantic, Victorian,
          Undergraduate majors may focus their elective                                                                 Modern and Contemporary traditions. Connects
                                                                ENGL 25 and two of the following five courses:
          courses to emphasize writing, literature,                                                                     with ENGL 41, but that course is not a
                                                                ENGL 41      British Literature before 1800             prerequisite.
          language, or film studies. The department offers
                                                                ENGL 43      British Literature after 1800
          a minor in English for students committed to a                                                                ENGL 51.      American Literature
          different academic major; it also provides            ENGL 51      American Literature before 1865
                                                                                                                                      before 1865                         (4)
          courses required for certification in elementary      ENGL 53      American Literature after 1865             A survey of principal American writers through
          and secondary teaching.                               ENGL 31      Aesthetics of Film                         the middle of the 19th century, including poetry,
          English courses are offered in the following          and three or more upper-division electives.             prose and at least one longer work of prose.
          areas: British and American literature; writing;                                                              Writers that may be treated include Hawthorne,
                                                                Requirements for Single and Multiple
          criticism of literature and allied arts (including    Subject Credentials in English
                                                                                                                        Poe, Melville, Douglass, Stowe, Bradstreet,
          film); English language. Upper-division courses                                                               Jefferson and Dickinson. Emphasis will be placed
                                                                Candidates for the Single-Subject Credential
          (those numbered 100 or above) are more                                                                        on the thought, aesthetics, and cultural impact of
                                                                (grades 7-12) or Multiple-Subject Credential
          specialized or applied than lower-division            (grades K-6) must complete approved subject             these and other writers.
          courses and often presume prior training in the       matter programs in English in addition to               ENGL 53.      American Literature after 1865 (4)
          subject.                                              completing requirements through the Benerd              The second half of the American literature survey,
          Please refer to the Web site (englishweb.uop.         School of Education. Currently, the single-             beginning with the Realists (writers such as
          edu) for up-to-date course listings.                  subject program in English requires a                   James, Twain, Crane and Chopin) and moving
                                                                minimum of 12 courses (45 units) and the                into the 20th century with such authors as H.D.,
                                                                multiple-subject program with concentrations            Pound, Stevens, Eliot, Frost, Hemingway,
                                                                in literature or language arts requires a               Cummings, Faulkner, Williams and Hughes.
                                                                minimum of 4 courses (15 units). See the                Contemporary writers will include O’Hara,
                                                                English Department Credential Advisor for               Ginsberg, O’Connor, Snyder, Morrison, Li-Young
                                                                further information.                                    Lee, and Alice Walker.
                                                          C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                67

ENGL 87/187.      Internship              (2-4/2-4)   ENGL 111.    Creative Writing: Fiction and            feminist and deconstructionist in representative
Supervised experience in an off-campus work                        Drama                              (4)   perspectives offered by designated English
setting drawing on skills particular to English       Emphasizes steady, productive writing of stories      Department members and guest lecturers.
studies, such as writing, editing, analyzing of       and plays. Practical advice is offered in fictional
                                                                                                            ENGL 127.    Contemporary Critical Issues      (4)
texts, etc. Internships are limited to the number     and dramatic techniques, and in ways to improve
                                                      writing, especially through revision. Student         Examines major aspects of literary theory from
of placements available. ENGL 187 represents
                                                      manuscripts are submitted regularly for response      structuralism to post-structuralism. Focuses on
advanced internship work involving increased
                                                      and verbal-written criticism by peers and by          the interplay between and among such
independence and responsibility.
                                                      instructor in a workshop setting.                     movements as deconstruction, post-colonialism,
ENGL 101.    Integrative Tutorial               (1)                                                         the new historicism, phenomenology and
Integrative Tutorial (1 unit/semester, with the       ENGL 113.    Creative Writing: Poetry           (4)   psychoanalysis. The course also discusses how
expectation that a student will take it at least      For students who want to write poetry and need        contemporary theory has impacted such topics as
three and as many as six consecutive semesters).      the discipline and guidance of a class. Focuses on    gender, canon, reader-response and post-
Designed to help students draw their studies          careful analyses of poems submitted by students,      modernism.
together, the integrative tutorial is a form of       interspersed with poems written by published
                                                                                                            ENGL 129.    Topics in Critical Theory         (4)
independent study in which a faculty member           poets. The goals: to find one’s unique voice, to
                                                      enlarge one’s skills and visions, to encourage        Offers advanced study of one or more critical
helps a student see the connections between

                                                      discipline and editing.                               approaches to literature, such as psychoanalysis
courses she/he has taken to fill in gaps that
                                                                                                            and deconstruction; courses may also approach a
would otherwise go unaddressed in course work.        ENGL 121.    Major Filmmakers                   (4)   thematically organized body of literature by way
Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.           Focus is on the work of such major directors as       of a number of critical theories. Possible courses
ENGL 103.    Writing in the Disciplines         (4)   Coppola, Fassbinder, Scorses, Fellini, Kubrick,       include: Marx, Freud, and the 20th Century
Covers the elements of effective writing in any       Bergman, Hitchcock, Antonioni, Losey, Bertolucci      Novel; Feminist Theory; The Revenge Tragedy;
academic discipline and provides opportunities to     and Truffaut. The course also considers major         Postcolonial Literature.
write discipline-specific assignments in the          schools of cinema: French New Wave, Italian
                                                                                                            ENGL 131.    Shakespeare                       (4)
humanities, social sciences, and sciences. The        Neo-Realism, New German Cinema and
                                                      narrative genres such as the psychological            Eight to ten of Shakespeare’s plays, studied from
goal is to prepare students to enter into these
                                                      thriller, chamber film and epic. Emphasis is          a variety of critical perspectives, such as the
communities of writing with greater
                                                      placed on critical analysis and interpretation of     historical, psychological, philosophical,
understanding and confidence, both as readers of
                                                      the individual director’s styles and themes.          formalist, cultural and theatrical approaches.
selected texts in academic disciplines and as
                                                                                                            Selections from each major genre (comedy,
writers in discipline-based courses within the        ENGL 122.    Literature and Psychology          (4)   tragedy, history). Specific plays vary from term to
university.                                           A study of psychoanalytical methods in the            term; the reading list may include such works as
ENGL 105.    Technical Writing                  (4)   interpretation of literary texts through a close      Twelfth Night, The Tempest, King Lear, Macbeth,
Study of the process of preparing the documents       investigation of language, narrative, structure,      Richard II, Henry IV (Parts One and Two) and
most frequently used in professional settings:        symbol and archetypal patterns. Considers such        Henry VIII.
memos, letters, instructions, proposals, and          phenomena as family romance, primal scene,
                                                                                                            ENGL 133.    Major British Authors             (4)
reports. While the emphasis is on professional        return of the repressed, and the schizophrenic
                                                      experience as related film, to the literary work      Advanced, in-depth analysis of an individual
writing in science and engineering fields, the                                                              author (or pair of authors). Topics likely to be
principles apply to other fields as well.             and the creative process.
                                                                                                            covered include the range of the author’s work,
ENGL 107.    Seminar in Writing                 (4)   ENGL 123.    Film, Literature, and the Arts (4)       cultural context, significant literary influences,
An upper-division seminar in the writing of non-      Investigates the theory, practice and critical        impact on other authors, and major scholarship
fiction prose, emphasizing such familiar forms        methods underlying aesthetic form in the arts,        written about the author. Students will conduct
as the essay, biography, autobiography,               including film, literature, painting and              directed research. By semester the course varies to
professional and academic articles and free-lance     sculpture. Corollary illustrations are drawn from     focus on authors such as Chaucer, Milton,
writing. These and other sub-genres of non-           music and architecture. This comparative course       Austen, G. Eliot, Hardy, Forster, Joyce, Woolf, and
fiction will be the focus for this collaborative,     attempts to examine the underlying styles and         Murdoch/Byatt. May be repeated once for credit
seminar-style course intended for apprentice          structures among the arts.                            with a different focus.
writers interested in polishing and publishing        ENGL 124.    Film History                       (4)   ENGL 135.    Major American Authors            (4)
their work.                                           Comprehensive look at the history of cinema,          Advanced, in-depth analysis of an individual
                                                      from its beginnings in Europe and America,            author (or pair of authors) including aesthetic
ENGL 109.    Writing in the Workplace           (4)
                                                      through the emergence of national cinematic           qualities of the work throughout the author’s
Advanced practical writing course on how to
                                                      traditions and the classical period tied to the       career, historical and cultural contexts shaping
produce clear, concise, and persuasive documents                                                            the work, literary influences on the author’s
for a variety of readers and in a variety of          Hollywood studio system, and concluding with
                                                                                                            writing and thought, influence on other writers,
contexts. Proofreading and revision skills are        current transnational developments. Screening
                                                                                                            and major scholarship about the work. Students
emphasized, and assignments cover the most            and analysis of significant American and              will conduct directed research. By semester the
commonly used forms in professional writing,          international films.                                  focus of the course changes to include authors
such as letters, memos, and proposals. Course         ENGL 125.    Critical Colloquium                (4)   such as Twain, Dickinson & Whitman, Ellison &
includes one service learning project, which gives    A study of the theory and practice of the major       Wright, Faulkner & Morrison, Frost & Stevens,
students the opportunity to apply their skills        modes of interpreting and criticizing literature,     Kingston & Tan, Melville, Steinbeck & Dos
outside of the classroom.                             including but not limited to formalist,               Passos. May be repeated once for credit with a
                                                      psychoanalytic, structuralistic, gender and           different focus.
68                                                                           UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                 ENGL 141.     Topics in British Literature             ENGL 161.       Topics in American Ethnic                     ENGL 191.      Independent Study                 (2-4)
                               Pre-1800                          (4)                    Literature                             (4)    Student-initiated projects involving subjects not
                 Study of a single literary period designed to          Studies of contributors to American Literature                addressed by current course offerings. In
                 strengthen students’ critical reading and writing      within the context of their shared ethnicity. Topics          consultation with a faculty director, the student
                 skills as well as examine questions of literary        change. Possible offerings include American                   shall submit in writing a proposal which defines
                 themes, cultural and intellectual context,             Immigrant Literature, African-American Poetry,                the specific subject matter, the goals, the means of
                 national identity, ethnicity, class, and/or gender.    Black Women Writers, Blues, Jazz and Literature,              accomplishing the goals and the grounds for
                 Students will conduct directed research. Topics        and Chicano/a Literature. May be repeated once for            evaluating the student’s work. The proposal must
                 vary with titles such as The Age of Beowulf, The       credit with a different focus.                                receive the approval of the director of the project
                 Medieval Mind, English Renaissance, Women              ENGL 163.       Topics in Transnational                       prior to registration, and responsibility for fulfilling
                 Writers before Austen, and The Age of Unreason:                        Literatures                            (4)    the terms of the proposal lies with the student.
                 18th Century Literature. May be repeated once for      Comparative analysis of literature from two or                ENGL 193.      Special Topics                       (4)
                 credit with a different focus.                         more national traditions, including works from                Additional courses not covered by regular
                 ENGL 143.     Topics in British Literature             several historical periods or a single period, with           offerings.
                               After 1800                        (4)    an emphasis on genre, style, cultural milieus,
                                                                                                                                      ENGL 197.      Undergraduate Research            (2-4)
                 Study of key literary movements, genre and             and critical affinities between texts. Topics
ethnic studies

                 aesthetic developments, historical and social          change. Possible offerings include Masterpieces               Provides opportunity for qualified students to
                 contexts, and thematic concentrations from             of World Literature, Romanticisms, International              complete a supervised original research project.
                 Romanticism to the Victorian Age to Modernism          Modernism, Postcolonial Literature, Literature                Students are encouraged to travel to collections
                 and the Post World War II era. Students will           and Film of the Pacific Rim, and Modernist                    and use unique materials and resources in
                 conduct directed research. Topics change.              Poetry. May be repeated once for credit with a                developing an original paper or other public
                 Representative titles include the Victorian Novel,     different focus.                                              presentation of their findings.
                 British Lyric poetry, and Modern and                   ENGL 171.       Topics in Genre                        (4)
                 Contemporary British Literature. May be repeated                                                                     Ethnic Studies Program
                                                                        Study of the stylistic and formal elements of a
                 once for credit with a different focus.                particular genre. Critical emphases may include               The Ethnic Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary
                 ENGL 151.     Topics in American Literature            how formal strategies define and condition response           program. It offers a number of courses on issues
                               before 1865                   (4)        to content, style affects point of view, historical, social   of race and ethnicity, including an introductory
                 Study of significant literary periods or               and literary contexts influence stylistic conventions,        course. It also coordinates courses taught in
                 movements in America before 1865. Topics               one author’s style may influence another,                     various academic departments. The focus of the
                 change while the course examines the signature         experimentation affects the evolution of a form, and          program is on African America, Asian/Pacific
                 features of a specific period or movement: its         how scholars conceptualize genre studies. Topics              America, Latino America, and Native America,
                 aesthetic and thematic concerns, as well as the        change. Offerings may include Drama, Gothicism,               with special attention to racialized groups’
                 political, economic, intellectual, and cultural        Literary Nonfiction, The Novel, Poetry and Poetics,           experiences in the formation of the U.S. nation-
                 contexts shaping and shaped by the literature in       The Short Story, Satire/Humor, and Travel                     state and to their roles in the development of
                 question. Possible titles include The American         Literature. May be repeated once for credit with a            democracy and equality in the United States.
                 Renaissance, The Birth of the American Short           different focus.                                              The Ethnic Studies Minor broadens a student’s
                 Story, Early American Humor, The Politics of                                                                         major field of study. It also lays a foundation for
                                                                        ENGL 181.       English Language I                     (4)
                 Home Life, and Slavery and The American                                                                              graduate studies for students who want to
                                                                        Studies the nature and use of English as a
                 Imagination. May be repeated once for credit                                                                         further pursue their education. The minor
                                                                        language.         Considers       word-formation
                 with a different focus.                                                                                              enhances students’ employment opportunities in
                                                                        (morphology) and phrase and clause structure
                 ENGL 153.     Topics in American Literature            (syntax) in relation to meaning (semantics).                  law, education, business, medicine, government,
                               after 1865                    (4)        Also considers English in customary use                       communication, and social services.
                 In-depth analysis of significant literary periods or   (pragmatics) and the structure of texts. The                  Goals and Objectives
                 movements in America after 1865. Topics change         course is intended for prospective teachers,
                 while the course examines the signature features       writers, lawyers and other professionals who work             The Ethnic Studies Program’s Goals and
                 of a specific period or movement: its aesthetic        with language.                                                Objectives consist of the following: 1) to provide
                 and thematic concerns, as well as the political,                                                                     an opportunity for all students to gain a deeper
                                                                        ENGL 182.       English Language II                    (4)    understanding of the relationship between social
                 economic, intellectual, and cultural contexts
                 shaping and shaped by the literature in question.      Studies the linguistic and stylistic properties of            structure and the experience of racial and ethnic
                 Possible titles include American Realism,              texts. Continues study of pragmatics and text                 difference; 2) to examine the problems of racial
                 American Modernism, Modern American Novel,             structure begun in ENGL 181 English Language                  and ethnic inequality as a means of promoting
                 American Nature Writing, Literature of the             I and proceeds to stylistics, poetics, and linguistic         the pursuit of social justice; 3) to investigate the
                 American South, Literature of California,              register. Considers English phonology and                     intricate relationships among race, class,
                 Contemporary American Fiction, and                     orthography in connection with the study of texts             gender, and culture historically and in
                 Contemporary American Poetry. May be repeated          in historical (Old, Middle, and Early Modern)                 contemporary society; 4) to facilitate the
                 once for credit with a different focus.                English and regional English. Intended for                    incorporation of scholarship on under-
                                                                        English majors and others who will use linguistic             represented racial and ethnic groups into the
                                                                        knowledge in the analysis and production of                   university curriculum; 5) to equip students with
                                                                        texts. Prerequisite: ENGL 181.                                historical and theoretical frameworks that will
                                                                                                                                      enable them to engage in their respective areas
                                                         C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                       69

of study, and to better prepare them for their      Ethnic Studies                                                Category III: Independent/Exit Projects
leadership roles in a pluralistic society; and 6)   ETHN 97:         Prejudice and Racism                         Required: one course under this category. Each
to foster ties among racial and ethnic              ETHN 142:        Implementation for Social Change             course in this category has a prerequisite of
communities, including students of various          ETHN 146:        Cultural Contributions of African-           ETHN 11 and at least one course from Category
racial and ethnic backgrounds on campus and                          Americans                                    I and one course from Category II. In
in the larger communities.                          ETHN 164:        Ghetto Life                                  completing an independent research or service-
                                                    ETHN 51:         Introduction to Black Studies                learning project, the student is expected to
Requirements for the Minor
                                                                                                                  integrate and apply the skills, knowledge,
The student wishing to complete a minor in          ETHN 193:        Special Topics on Issues of Race
                                                                     and Ethnicity                                theories, and perspectives he or she has learned
Ethnic Studies must take a minimum of six                                                                         within the program.
courses, including the core course, ETHN 11:        (This course may count for Category II if the special topic
                                                    is on more than one racial/ethnic minority group.)
Introduction to Ethnic Studies, at least two                                                                      Film Studies
courses from Category I, two courses from           History
Category II, and one course from Category III.                                                                    Professors: Borden (Chair), Schleier
                                                    HIST 80:         Native American History
It is advisable that the student minoring in        HIST 184:        African American History (UD)                Associate Professors: Golsan, Lehmann
Ethnic Studies take ETHN 11 as early as possible                                                                  Assistant Professors: Lu

                                                                                                                                                                       flim studies
                                                    Category II: Comparative Studies of
at its next offering. The student must complete                                                                   Adjunct: Cook
                                                    Multiracial and Multiethnic Groups and
ETHN 11 before a second course from Category I      Interracial relationships
or Category II can count toward the minor and                                                                     Department Phone: (209) 946-2909
                                                    Required: two courses from the following in
before taking any course from Category III.                                                                       The program deals with film in the context of
                                                    more than one discipline.
The student minoring in Ethnic Studies cannot                                                                     the liberal arts, with focus on the medium as an
take courses from Category III unless he or she     Economics                                                     art form. It examines film as a “text” which can
has completed ETHN 11 and at least one course       ECON 180:        Labor Economics (UD prerequi-                be studied through diverse critical and
                                                                     site: ECON 51)                               theoretical perspectives, including such
from each of the other two categories. Students
who chose to take ETHN 189: Undergraduate           Education                                                     approaches as Formalism, Neo-Historicism,
Research Project from Category III must have a                                                                    psychoanalysis, gender theory, auteur theory and
                                                    CURR 129/229: Introduction to Bilingual
grade point average of at least 2.5.                               Education (UD)                                 genre theory. Film is analyzed both from its
                                                                                                                  technical aspects and its function as a cultural
The student must complete at least three upper-     EDAM 130/230: Cultural Basis of Conflict in
                                                                   Education (UD)                                 referent. It accommodates both high art and
division courses, in more than one discipline.                                                                    popular culture, both an international discourse
The total credits/units for the minor must be at    English                                                       and an individual auteurism.
least 20. No more than two courses from Ethnic      ENGL 25:         American Families
Studies can be double-counted toward fulfilling                                                                   Students can take film courses to enhance their
                                                    ENGL 25:         Gender, “Race,” and                          liberal education through cultivation of critical
the requirements for both the Ethnic Studies                         Representation in Film and
Minor and another minor or major in a                                                                             and aesthetic knowledge, or they may use their
different discipline.                                                                                             studies to enter a variety of professions. These
                                                    ENGL 25:         Multiethnic American Literature
                                                                                                                  include: teaching, filmmaking, writing, work in
Core Course                                         Ethnic Studies                                                the film/television industry, advertising,
ETHN 11: Introduction to Ethnic Studies.            ETHN 193:        Special Topics on Issues of Race             computer software, graphic design,
Required for the student minoring in Ethnic                          and Ethnicity                                entertainment law, production finance.
Studies.                                            This course may count for Category I when the special
                                                                                                                  Graduate programs in film, film and literature,
This is a foundational course which will provide    topic is on a particular racial minority group.               and interdisciplinary studies are available. Also,
students with critical race theories and                                                                          students may go on to technical training in
                                                    History                                                       editing, cinematography, directing and
historical-sociological perspectives on the
                                                    HIST 121:        Colonial America (UD)                        screenwriting.
formation of racial and ethnic relations in the
United States.                                      HIST 124:        History of the American West
                                                                     (UD)                                         Degrees in Film
Category I: In-depth Study of Racial                HIST 132:        History of American Immigration              The Major: A self-designed major is possible
Minority Groups in the U.S.                                          from 1800 to 1990s (UD)                      with the assistance of a faculty adviser.
Required: two courses from the following in         HIST 173:        The History of California (UD)               The Minor: A minimum of five courses (or 18
more than one discipline. Upper-division courses    Sociology                                                     units) including the required core course ENGL
are indicated by “UD.”                              SOCI 108:        Food, Culture, and Society (UD)              31-Aesthetics of Film.
English                                             SOCI 104:        Sociology of Sport (UD)                      Regular Offerings
ENGL 25:   Black Women Writers                      Speech, Language Pathology, School of                         ARTH 114 20th Century European Art
ENGL 25:   Space, Place, and Identity:              Pharmacy and Health Sciences                                  ARTH 116 Contemporary World Art
           Asian/Pacific American Literature
                                                    SLPA 143:        Multicultural Populations (UD)               ARTH 118 Art in the United States:
ENGL 161A: Blues, Jazz, and Literature (UD)                                                                                   1865-1945
ENGL 161B/SPAN 124: Hispanic Writers in the         Sport Sciences
                                                                                                                  CHIN 193    Special Topics: China Through
                      U.S. (UD)                     SPTS 141:        Sport in America (UD)                                    Film and Literature
ENGL 161C: Contemporary Asian American
           Literature (UD)
70                                                                          UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

               ENGL 31        Aesthetics of Film                       use of new materials and media, the impact of            ENGL 121.    Major Filmmakers                  (4)
               ENGL 121       Major Filmmakers                         popular culture and technology, the effects of           Focus is on the work of such major directors as
               ENGL 122       Literature and Psychology                censorship, and the relationship between art and         Coppola, Fassbinder, Scorsese, Fellini, Kubrick,
               ENGL 123       Film, Literature and the Arts            gender issues will be discussed. We will explore         Bergman, Hitchcock, Antonioni, Losey, Bertolucci
                                                                       art in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Africa, Australia,       and Truffaut. The course also considers major
               ENGL 124       Film History
                                                                       the Middle East, among others. This course               schools of cinema: French New Wave, Italian
               ENGL 127       Contemporary Critical Issues                                                                      Neo-Realism, New German Cinema, and
                              (when taught by film faculty)
                                                                       satisfies the requirements for the Art History
                                                                       major and minor, the Film Studies major (self-           narrative genres such as the psychological
               ENGL 131       Shakespeare                                                                                       thriller, chamber film and epic. Emphasis is
                                                                       designed) and minor, and the Gender Studies
               ENGL 191       Independent Study                        major (self-designed) and minor. There are no            placed on critical analysis and interpretation of
               ENGL 193       Special Topics such as: Alfred           prerequisites, although ARTH 07, ARTH 09, or             the individual director’s styles and themes.
                              Hitchcock, Woody Allen, Film             ARTH 114 is helpful.
                              Noir, Contemporary World                                                                          ENGL 122.    Literature and Psychology         (4)
                              Cinema, Contemporary American            ARTH 118. Art in the United States:                      A study of psychoanalytical methods in the
                              Cinema                                             1865-1945                               (4)    interpretation of literary texts through a close
               FREN 120       French Cinema                            This course will explore major painters,                 investigation of language, narrative, structure,
               RELI 171       Religion and Cinema                      sculptors, architects, and film makers in the U.S.,      symbol and archetypal patterns. Considers such
film studies

                                                                       1865-1945. Topics such as depictions of race and         phenomena as family romance, primal scene,
               One course toward the minor may be chosen               immigration, the impact of technology upon               return of the repressed, and the schizophrenic
               from among the following pool of adjunct                visual representation, art and politics, and the         experience as related film to the literary work and
               offerings.                                              impact of gender on art will be discussed.               the creative process.
               ARTS 11        Photography I                            Expatriate art, the Ash Can School, the Stieglitz        ENGL 123.    Film, Literature and the Arts     (4)
               ARTS 141       Photography II                           Group, the New Deal art projects and other               Investigates the theory, practice and critical
               ARTS 143       Photography III                          significant styles will also be examined.                methods underlying aesthetic form in the arts,
               COMM 131       Media Production                         ARTS 141.     Photography II                      (3)    including film, literature, painting and
               Course Offerings                                        This is a highly experiential course designed to         sculpture. Corollary illustrations are drawn from
                                                                       provide direct, high quality contact with                music and architecture. This comparative course
               ARTS 11.      Photography I                      (3)
                                                                       professional resources (human and material)              attempts to examine the underlying styles and
               This course is an introduction to photography’s         and involve photographers in a selection of              structures among the arts.
               aesthetic and technological history. It is a Black      assignments exemplary of the larger field of
               and White photography course composed of three                                                                   ENGL 124.    Film History                      (4)
                                                                       professional photography. This class will                Comprehensive look at the history of cinema,
               units of study (5 assignments) that develop skills      undertake four assignments that involve studio
               and understandings with cameras and                                                                              from its beginnings in Europe and America,
                                                                       visits, extensive fieldwork and in-class activities      through the emergence of national cinematic
               photographic materials within the context               that provide publication experience through the
               modern and post-modern photographic theory                                                                       traditions and the classical period tied to the
                                                                       creation of press-ready and web-ready                    Hollywood studio system, and concluding with
               and aesthetics. Each assignment is issued through       photographic materials. Prerequisite: ARTS 11.
               introductory lecture/field demonstrations and                                                                    current transitional developments. Screening
               completed by the students in the field, studio and      ARTS 143.     Photography III                     (3)    and analysis of significant American and
               darkroom.                                               Designed to provide students with the                    international films.
                                                                       foundational work necessary for graduate work            ENGL 127.    Contemporary Critical Issues      (4)
               ARTH 114. 20th Century European Art              (4)
                                                                       in photography or entry level positions. Emphasis        Examines major aspects of literary theory from
               Major styles of the 20th century, including Fauvism,    upon studio management and portfolio
               Cubism, Expressionism, Surrealism, etc., and their                                                               structuralism to post-structuralism. Focuses on
                                                                       development. Prerequisites: ARTS 63 and 65.              the interplay between and among such
               appearance in the visual arts, theater design, and
               film will be explored. We will also evaluate how        CHIN 193.     Special Topics                      (4)    movements as deconstruction, post-colonialism,
               Western European artists borrowed imagery from          COMM 131. Media Production                        (4)
                                                                                                                                the new historicism, phenomenology and
               other cultures and their relationship to colonialist    This course covers practical and theoretical             psychoanalysis. The course also discusses how
               concerns. We will also consider representations of      application of audio and video production                contemporary theory has impacted such topics as
               the body and how this imagery relates to gender         techniques. Emphasis on aesthetic qualities of           gender, canon, reader-response and post-
               constructions. The effects of urbanization upon the     sight and sound productions. Some work in                modernism.
               artistic enterprise and the development of abstract     student media facilities involved. Prerequisite:         ENGL 131.    Shakespeare                       (4)
               and non-objective art will also be considered. This     COMM 31 or permission of the instructor. Lab             Eight to ten of Shakespeare’s plays on film,
               course satisfies a requirement of Film Studies minor.   fee required.                                            studied from a variety of critical perspectives,
               ARTH 116. Contemporary World Art                 (4)    ENGL 31.      Aesthetics of Film                  (4)
                                                                                                                                such as the historical, psychological,
               This course will explore major artists, styles, and     An introduction to the principles of artistic            philosophical, formalist, cultural and theatrical
               movements in world art from 1945 until the              expressiveness of films: lighting, color, camera,        approaches. Selections from each major genre
               present. These include Abstract Expressionism,          composition, space, movement, image, setting and         (comedy, tragedy, history). Specific works vary
               Pop, Land Art, Installation, Video, Performance,        sound. Attention is also given to narrative techniques   from term to term; the list may include such
               Feminist, Post Colonial, among others. At least         and editing styles. Explores such theories as realism,   works as Twelfth Night, The Tempest, King Lear,
               five films will be shown that coincide with the         formalism, surrealism, Marxism, psychoanalysis           Macbeth, Richard II, Henry IV (Parts One and
               aforementioned developments. Topics such as the         and gender theory. Both American and foreign films       Two) and Henry VIII from directors such as
                                                                       are viewed and discussed.                                Branagh, Welles, and Kurosarva.
                                                              C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                          71

ENGL 191.     Independent Study              (2-4)    or professional employment in geology. The                  BIOL 61-Principles of Biology (4)
Student-initiated projects involving subjects not     Bachelor of Science-Geoscience Teaching Track               General Education Course
addressed by current course offerings. In             covers subject areas required of students seeking
consultation with a faculty director, the student     the California Single-Subject Teaching              B.S. in Geophysics:
shall submit in writing a proposal which defines      Credential in Science. The Bachelor of Science      Fall:
the specific subject matter, the goals, the means     in Solid Earth Geophysics prepares the student           GEOS 51-Physical Geology (4)
of accomplishing the goals and the grounds for        for graduate study in geophysics or a career in          Mentor Seminar I (3)
evaluating the student’s work. The proposal must      exploration geophysics.                                  MATH 51-Calculus I (4)
receive the approval of the director of the project                                                            CHEM 25-General Chemistry (5)
                                                      Students seeking a minor in geology must
prior to registration, and responsibility for                                                             Spring:
                                                      complete a minimum of 20 units of coursework
fulfilling the terms of the proposal lies with the
                                                      in the geosciences including an introductory             Mentor Seminar II (3)
                                                      laboratory course GEOS 51, GEOS 53, GEOS 55,             MATH 53-Calculus II (4)
ENGL 193.     Special Topics                   (4)    GEOS 57 or GEOS 61 and at least three courses            CHEM 27-General Chemistry (5)
Additional courses not covered by regular             numbered GEOS 100 or higher.                             General Education Course
                                                      Typical First-year Program
                                                                                                          Academic Requirements

FREN 120.     Le Cinéma Français/French
              Cinema                           (4)    B.A. in Geology:                                    B.A. in Geology (124 units)
A study of the development of French cinema           Fall:
through the analysis of themes, styles, and                                                               1. Successful completion of the General
                                                           GEOS 51-Physical Geology (4)
cinematic techniques. In French. Films with                                                                  Education Program of the College of the
                                                           Mentor Seminar I (4)
English subtitles. Offered occasionally in English                                                           Pacific - at least 42 units.
                                                           General Education Courses
with no prerequisite. Prerequisite for French                                                             2. Successful completion of major courses
version only; four semesters of college French                                                               following the formula in this list:
                                                           CHEM 23-Elements of Chemistry (4) or
or equivalent.                                                                                               GEOS 51  Physical Geology or
                                                           CHEM 25-General Chemistry (5)
RELI 71.      Religion and Cinema              (4)         GEOS 53-Geologic Evolution of                     GEOS 53  Geologic Evolution of the Earth or
A study of the way religious ideas, institutions           the Earth (4)                                     GEOS 61  Geology of California
and figures are presented on film. The course              Mentor Seminar II (3)                             GEOS 100 Mineralogy
involves screening and analyzing a variety of              General Education Courses                         GEOS 110 Igneous and Metamorphic
films. The scope of the course will be                                                                                Petrology
international and intercultural, but the majority     B.S. in Geology:                                       GEOS 112 Sedimentary Petrology
of the images will inevitably be Biblical and         Fall:
                                                                                                             GEOS 114 Structural Geology
Western. The course intends to demonstrate the             GEOS 51-Physical Geology (4)
                                                                                                             GEOS 161 Geologic Field Methods
power of cinematic images to define, enrich and            Mentor Seminar I (4)
sometimes pervert the religious sensibility.                                                                 One course in paleontology or stratigraphy
                                                           MATH 51-Calculus I (4)
                                                                                                             (GEOS 53 or GEOS 120 or GEOS 193-
                                                           or CHEM 25-General Chemistry (5)
Geosciences                                                                                                  Stratigraphy of North America)
                                                           General Education Course
Professors: Kramer, Pearson                           Spring:
                                                                                                             One course in applied geology (GEOS 142,
                                                                                                             GEOS 144, GEOS 145, GEOS 148)
Associate Professor: Fox (Chair)                           GEOS 53-Geologic Evolution
                                                           of the Earth (4)                                 CHEM 23 Elements of Chemistry or
Assistant Professor: Williamson                                                                             CHEM 25 General Chemistry
                                                           Mentor Seminar II (3)
Department Phone: (209) 946-2482                           MATH 53-Calculus II (4) or                     One computer course (may be met by GEOS
                                                                                                          102-Spatial Analysis)
Website: www1.pacific.edu/cop/geology                      CHEM 27-General Chemistry (5)
                                                           General Education Course                       3. Balance of courses to complete 124 units can
“Civilization exists by geological con-                                                                      be electives, general education courses or
sent, subject to change without notice.”              B.S. in Geology - Geoscience Teaching                  major courses.
– Will Durant                                         Track:
                                                                                                          B.S. in Geology (124 units)
Degrees in Geosciences
Four degree programs are offered through the                      GEOS 51-Physical Geology (4)            1. Successful completion of the General
department: the Bachelor of Arts in Geology, the                  Mentor Seminar I (4)                       Education Program of the College of the
Bachelor of Science in Geology, the Bachelor of                   CHEM 25-General Chemistry (5) or
                                                                                                             Pacific – at least 42 units.
Science in Geology-Geoscience Teaching Track,                       BIOL 51-Principles of Biology (4)     2. Successful completion of major courses
and the Bachelor of Science in Solid Earth                        General Education Course                   following the formula in this list:
Geophysics.                                           Spring:                                                GEOS 51      Physical Geology or
The Bachelor of Arts in Geology is for liberal arts        GEOS 53-Geologic Evolution                        GEOS 53      Geologic Evolution of the Earth or
students with a strong interest in the                     of the Earth (4)                                  GEOS 61      Geology of California.
environment, but who do not desire to pursue               Mentor Seminar II (3)                             GEOS 100     Mineralogy
geology as a career. The Bachelor of Science in            CHEM 27-General Chemistry (5)or                   GEOS 110     Igneous and Metamorphic
Geology prepares the student for graduate study                                                                           Petrology
72                                                                  UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                GEOS 112   Sedimentary Petrology                  Area I: Physics (six courses)                       GEOS 51.      Physical Geology                  (4)
                GEOS 114   Structural Geology                     PHYS 53, 55 Principles of Physics                   Nature and origin of the earth materials, the
                GEOS 134   Optical Mineralogy                     PHYS 57 Modern Physics                              processes and forces which create and change the
                GEOS 136   Petrography                            PHYS 101 Electricity and Magnetism
                                                                                                                      surface morphology of the earth and the nature
                                                                                                                      and origin of the earth’s structures. A study of
                GEOS 161   Geologic Field Methods                 PHYS 161 Thermal Physics
                                                                                                                      earth resources and human interactions with the
                One course in stratigraphy or paleontology        PHYS 181 Theoretical Mechanics                      environment. The course includes laboratory and
                (GEOS 120 or GEOS 193-Stratigraphy of             Area II: Geosciences (five courses)                 field work.
                North America)                                    GEOS 51 Physical Geology
                                                                                                                      GEOS 53.      Geologic Evolution of the Earth (4)
                Two courses in applied geology (GEOS 142,         GEOS 100 Mineralogy                                 An introduction to the geologic history of the
                GEOS 144, GEOS 145, GEOS 148)                     GEOS 110 Igneous and Metamorphic                    earth as interpreted through analysis of the
                                                                              Petrology or
                One additional elective course in geology.                                                            stratigraphic and fossil record, structural
                                                                  GEOS 112 Sedimentary Petrology                      relationships and isotopic dating techniques.
                CHEM 25,27 General Chemistry
                                                                  GEOS 114 Structural Geology                         Particular emphasis is placed on the geologic
                PHYS 23,25 General Physics or
                PHYS 53,55 Principles of Physics
                                                                  GEOS 161 Geologic Field Methods                     evolution of North America. The course includes
                                                                  (Advise taking GEOS 193-Geophysics when             laboratory and field work.

                MATH 51,53 Calculus I & II
                                                                                                                      GEOS 55.      Physical Geography                (4)
                One statistics course or computer course.         Area III: Additional required coursework            An overview of the interactions of earth’s
                (May be met by GEOS 102-Spatial Analysis)         MATH 51 Calculus I                                  atmosphere, organisms, rocks and soil. The
              3. Balance of courses to complete 124 units can     MATH 53 Calculus II                                 emphasis is on climate, energy and nutrient
                 be electives or general education courses.       MATH 55 Calculus III                                cycles, and landform evolution. The course
              B.S. in Geology - Geoscience Teaching               MATH 57 Ordinary Differential Equations             includes laboratory and field work.
              Track (124 units)                                   MATH 37 Probability and Statistics                  GEOS 57.      Earth System Science              (4)
              1. Successful completion of the General             CHEM 25,27 General Chemistry                        An introduction to the study of the Earth using a
                 Education Program of the College of the          CIVL 130 Fluid Mechanics                            systems approach. The focus will be on the
                 Pacific – at least 42 units.                                                                         subsystems (geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere,
                                                                  One computer course (May be met by GEOS
                                                                                                                      biosphere) and the dynamic interactions between
              2. Successful completion of major courses           102-Spatial Analysis)
                                                                                                                      them. The approach will be to develop an
                 following the formula in this list:            3. Balance of courses to complete 124 units can       understanding of the balance that exists in the
                GEOS 51 Physical Geology                           be electives or general education courses.         global environment as a result of the interactions
                GEOS 53 Geologic Evolution of the Earth
                                                                Course Offerings
                                                                                                                      between the systems. The course begins with a
                GEOS 100 Mineralogy                                                                                   study of the Earth relative to the rest of the solar
                                                                GEOS 41.     Environmental Geology             (4)    system, continues to a study of the various Earth
                GEOS 110 Igneous and Metamorphic
                   Petrology                                    A study of the interaction between humans and         systems and processes (plate tectonics,
                GEOS 112 Sedimentary Petrology                  the physical environment. Analysis of the             earthquakes, weather, oceans, etc.), and end with
                                                                physical constraints placed on human activities       a study of global climate change. The course
                GEOS 114 Structural Geology
                                                                by geological processes and the effects that          involves laboratory and field work.
                GEOS 120 Paleontology
                                                                human activities have on the environment. The
                GEOS 144 Geomorphology                                                                                GEOS 61.      Geology of California             (4)
                                                                course includes fieldwork.
                GEOS 161 Geologic Field Methods                                                                       A field-oriented study of the mountain belts and
                                                                GEOS 43.     The Changing Environment          (3)    basins of California. A study of landform
                BIOL 51,61 Principles of Biology
                                                                Interdisciplinary and field-oriented introduction     evolution, processes of mountain building,
                CHEM 25,27 General Chemistry                    to environmental studies. Study of natural and        geologic hazards, origins of rocks plus
                PHYS 23,25 General Physics or                   human induced changes in the atmosphere,              biogeography and climate changes in California.
                   PHYS 53, 55 Principles of Physics            biogeography and landforms. The course                The course includes laboratory and field work.
                PHYS 41 Astronomy                               includes field work.
                                                                                                                      GEOS 93.      Special Topics in
                Two courses in mathematics (MATH 37 or
                                                                GEOS 45.     Soil, Water, and War              (4)                  Geosciences                     (3-4)
                                                                This course links limited natural resources and
                One computer course                                                                                   GEOS 100. Mineralogy                            (4)
                                                                historic human conflict. Historical topics that
                (May be met by GEOS 102-Spatial Analysis)                                                             A study of crystal morphology and identification
                                                                will drive discussion include agriculture and
              3. Balance of courses to complete 124 units can                                                         of the most common minerals. The course
                                                                civilization in the Middle East and Africa and
                 be electives or general education courses.                                                           includes laboratory work. Prerequisites: CHEM
                                                                resource use in California. Analysis of these
                                                                                                                      23 or 25 (may be taken concurrently) and
              B.S. in Geophysics (124 units)                    historical conflicts will allow us to achieve the
                                                                                                                      GEOS 51, or permission of the instructor.
                                                                learning objectives of understanding: a) water
              1. Successful completion of the General           resources; b) soil formation and sustainability; c)   GEOS 102. Spatial Analysis and GIS              (4)
                 Education Program of the College of the        the link between the natural environment and          This general education course familiarizes the
                 Pacific – at least 42 units.                   natural resources.                                    student with methods of spatial analysis. The
              2. Successful completion of major courses                                                               learning objectives include: Identifying and
                 following the formula in this list:                                                                  describing georeferenced data (i.e. linked to a
                                                                                                                      specific location); describing the variability of
                                                            C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                 73

georeferenced data; observing, designing, and           GEOS 142. Geochemistry                          (4)   research projects, we instill in our students
performing spatial data research; comparing             The application of chemical principles to the         human values, critical thinking skills and an
maps at different scales and in different               study of geological processes. This course            appreciation for the complexities of issues that
projections; using spatial data to answer               involves laboratory work. Prerequisites: GEOS 51      have been of perennial importance. As
questions and make management decisions;                and CHEM 23 or 25, or permission of the               professional historians we have been
using methods of spatial data collection and            instructor.                                           particularly successful in disseminating these
analysis, including geographic information              GEOS 144. Geomorphology                         (4)   values to a broader audience, by lecturing
systems (GIS), geographic positioning systems           Comprehensive treatment of the principles of          publicly and publishing works for both
(GPS) and surveying equipment.                          landscape development, analysis of topographic        academic and popular audiences.
GEOS 105. Field Studies                        (1-2)    maps and interpretation of aerial photographs.        Degrees in History
Field study of geological phenomena in western          The course includes laboratory and field work.        The Department of History offers a Bachelor of
North America. Involves minimum of three                Prerequisite: GEOS 51 or permission of the            Arts degree with a major in History as well as a
continuous days on a department-supervised              instructor.                                           minor program. History is a field that makes an
field trip. Students can repeat this course for up to   GEOS 145. Engineering Geology                   (4)   excellent double major with a number of other
4 units of credit. Prerequisites: an introductory       An introduction to the study of applied geology in    majors and programs, and departmental
course in geosciences and permission of the

                                                        which geologic principles, data and techniques        advisers will be pleased to consult with interested
instructor.                                             are applied to civil engineering problems. The        students in this regard.
GEOS 110. Igneous and Metamorphic                       course includes laboratory and field work.
                                                                                                              Recommended Progression of Study
          Petrology                              (4)    Prerequisite: GEOS 51 or GEOS 61 or CIVL 140.
A study of the characteristics, occurrence, origin                                                            Students should begin with foundation courses,
                                                        GEOS 148. Hydrogeology                          (4)   proceed to globally-oriented courses and upper-
and classification of igneous and metamorphic           A study of the different processes of water
rocks. The course includes laboratory and field                                                               level courses, and end with the capstone and
                                                        movement, including analysis of the importance        Special Studies courses.
work. Prerequisite: GEOS 100 or permission of           of water in earth systems, the interactions of
the instructor.                                         surface and subsurface water systems, and water       Academic Requirements
GEOS 112. Sedimentary Petrology                  (4)    as a human resource. Laboratory exercises and         The following requirements pertain to all
A study of the characteristics, occurrence, origin      field work involve methodologies and principles       incoming freshmen, transfers and those students
and classification of sedimentary rocks with an         used in research and practical applications.          who have declared a history major as of
emphasis on the materials and processes of              Prerequisites: introductory geology course with       September 2003 and thereafter. Those who have
sedimentation. The course includes laboratory           lab, Math 41 and an appropriate score on the          declared the major prior to this date will be
and field work. Prerequisite: GEOS 100 or               intermediate algebra placement test, CHEM 25          expected to meet requirements detailed in
permission of the instructor.                           (CHEM 27 recommended), or permission of               earlier catalogs, but may plan their courses
GEOS 114. Structural Geology                     (4)
                                                        the instructor.                                       following the new guidelines if they so choose.
Geologic structures and their origin. Tectonics,                                                              Such individuals are strongly encouraged to
                                                        GEOS 161. Geologic Field Methods                (4)
folding, faulting and processes of mountain                                                                   enroll in the capstone seminar in their senior
                                                        Introduction to the methods of field geology.
building and plate motion. The course includes                                                                year. It is required for all others.
                                                        Prerequisite: GEOS 51, 110, 114 or permission of
laboratory and field work. Prerequisite: GEOS 51        the instructor.                                       Major requirements: History majors must take
or permission of the instructor.                                                                              two courses at the foundation level in sequence,
                                                        GEOS 187. Internship in Geosciences
                                                                                                              one globally-oriented course and one course in
GEOS 120. Paleontology                           (4)
                                                        GEOS 191. Independent Study                 (2-4)     each of the regional/temporal categories
A study of the description, identification, uses,
                                                        GEOS 193. Special Topics                        (4)   specified below. In the junior or senior year all
principles, interpretation and methods of study of
                                                                                                              majors must enroll in the capstone seminar.
major groups of fossils; invertebrate and               GEOS 197. Undergraduate Research            (2-4)
                                                                                                              Special topics courses may be counted within
vertebrate animals, plants and single-celled
                                                                                                              any category as appropriate. Internships may
organisms. The course includes laboratory work.         History                                               not. Majors are required to take 10 four unit
Prerequisite: GEOS 53, or permission of the
                                                        Associate Professors: Albala (Chair), Brennan,        courses in total for the degree of Bachelor of Arts.
                                                        Pasztor, Swagerty
GEOS 134. Optical Mineralogy                     (1)                                                          Minor in History
A lab-oriented study of the optical methods of          Assistant Professors: Cox, Gerhard, Rohlf, Sparks     History minors take six courses for a minimum
mineral identification using a polarizing               Department Phone: (209) 946-2145                      of 21 units, 10 of which must be taken at
microscope. Prerequisite: GEOS 100 (may be                                                                    Pacific: two European, two United States, one
                                                        Website: www1.pacific.edu/history
taken concurrently) or permission of the                                                                      “Other’’ or Non-Western, one elective from
instructor.                                             The History Department is comprised of a team         courses to be approved by the department. Four
                                                        of internationally recognized scholars                of the six courses must be at the 100-level.
GEOS 136. Petrography                            (4)
                                                        committed to providing students with knowledge
Identification, classification, and interpretation      and skills necessary for success in many              Teaching Credential Track
of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks          professions. We believe that the study of history     Teaching credential candidates wishing to
using the petrographic microscope. The course           is exciting, vibrant and vitally relevant to          qualify to teach history at the secondary level
includes laboratory work. Prerequisites: GEOS           understanding the world in which we live.             should complete the Single Subject Credential in
110 and 134, or permission of the instructor.           Through intense classroom contact, innovative         the Social Sciences. Information on specific
                                                        pedagogical methods and extensive student             course requirements may be obtained from the
74                                                                      UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

          department chair. For other credential                    HIST 40.     Latin American Civilization I     (4)    modern medicine in the 19th and 20th centuries.
          requirements, students should consult the                 Latin American history from the conquest period       Particular emphasis will be placed on the
          teacher credential guidelines in the School of            of the sixteenth century to the wars of               subfields of physiology, nutrition and herbal lore;
          Education listings.                                       independence in the nineteenth century.               in the second half of the course on anatomy,
                                                                    Examines the Indian heritage of Latin America,        pathology and surgery. Biology, Premed, and
          Course Offerings                                          with special attention to Maya, Inca, and Aztec       Pharmacy students are encouraged to enroll, as
          Foundation Courses                                        cultures, and it traces the process by which both     well as non-science majors. No prerequisites or
          Foundation courses are designed to acquaint               Spain and Portugal established colonies in the        specialized knowledge required.
          students with the basic tools necessary for               region that stretched from California to
                                                                                                                          HIST 61.      A Global History of Food           (4)
          historical inquiry at the college level: critical         Argentina. Specific topics include colonial,
                                                                                                                          Description: The scope of the course will be
          reading and interpretive skills, research                 political and economic systems, Indian
                                                                                                                          global, covering civilizations of Asia, America,
          methods, and an appreciation for the                      resistance and rebellion, the Catholic Church,
                                                                                                                          Africa, and Europe and how cultures of these
          complexities of constructing a well-reasoned              and women’s roles.
                                                                                                                          domesticated unique staples, which literally
          historical argument. Majors are required to               HIST 41.     Latin American Civilization II    (4)    enabled these civilizations to expand and
          complete 2 foundation courses, in sequence, in            Latin American history from the 19th c. to the        flourish. The course will cover history of the
          their freshman year or within a year of transfer          present. Examines numerous challenges faced by        interaction of humans with food resources from

          or declaration of major if comparable courses             Latin American countries in the aftermath of          earliest hunting and gathering societies to the
          have not been taken at another institution.               independence, and traces the major political,         present. The major theme of the course will be
          HIST 10.       Western Civilization I              (4)    economic, and social developments that have           the process of globalization, imperialism and the
          An introductory analysis of the institutions and          shaped the Latin America of today. Examines           growth of capitalist enterprise and the cost of
          ideas which have shaped and influenced                    Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia and          indigenous cultures and traditional farming
          European history and the rise of the West from            Cuba. Specific topics include: the quest for          practices and how these processes were shaped by
          ancient Greece to the middle of the 17th century.         economic independence, popular rebellion and          trade in food.
                                                                    revolution, the role of race and ethnicity, the
          HIST 11.       Western Civilization II             (4)                                                          HIST 62.      History of Warfare                 (4)
                                                                    changing roles of women, and the relationship of
          Political, cultural and intellectual history of western                                                         Taking a global approach, this course will
                                                                    the US to Latin America.
          civilization from the mid-17th century to the present.                                                          examine the history of warfare from ancient
          Emphasis is placed upon those ideas, movements            Globally-Oriented Courses                             times through the present. It will look at how
          and persons that have had the greatest impact upon                                                              warfare was shaped, and shaped by, social,
                                                                    HIST 50.     World History I                   (4)
          the modern World. History 10 not required, but                                                                  political and technological changes. After briefly
                                                                    A broad survey of ancient civilizations (i.e.
          majors must take both in sequence.                                                                              looking at warfare in ancient, traditional and
                                                                    Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Hebrew, Greek, Indian,
                                                                                                                          medieval societies, the class will turn to the era of
          HIST 20.       United States History I             (4)    Chinese, Roman), social and economic structures
                                                                                                                          modern war beginning in the seventeenth
          A broad survey of Us History from European                and patterns of trade, cultural and religious
                                                                                                                          century. From then on, technological and social
          Exploration and settlement through the Civil War          traditions and intellectual contributions. Second
                                                                                                                          changes transformed the conduct of war in many
          and Reconstruction.                                       half covers the development of medieval and early
                                                                                                                          parts of the world. We shall trace the 19th century
                                                                    modern civilizations to the 1500s. Particular
          HIST 21.       United States History II            (4)                                                          rise of total war and its 20th and 21st century
                                                                    emphasis will be placed on the decline of the Roman
          A broad survey of United States history form the                                                                variants. The course will end with a
                                                                    Empire, the role and impact of Christianity and
          Civil War to the present.                                                                                       consideration of two recent transformations,
                                                                    Islam, the European Expansion and global markets,
                                                                                                                          nuclear capability and terrorism. In class
          HIST 30.       East Asian Civilization I           (4)    and the European Scientific Revolution.
          A broad overview of the rich histories and cultures                                                             assignments, students will have an opportunity to
                                                                    HIST 51.     World History II                  (4)    pursue their own interests on a variety of military
          of East Asia. We will study the timeless writings of
                                                                    A survey of World civilization from 1500 to the       related themes, events, or issues.
          Confucius, take a dusty journey down the Silk
                                                                    present. Focuses on patterns of colonization,
          Road and follow Prince Genji’s adventured in                                                                    HIST 63.      Environmental History              (4)
                                                                    globalization and the impact of such forces as
          medieval Japan. Focuses primarily on China and                                                                  Topical survey of historical roots of
                                                                    science and technology, consumerism, and
          Japan, but also nomadic peoples such as                                                                         environmental crises in contemporary North
                                                                    intellectual movements on world history. Other
          Tibetans, Mongols and others in Southeast Asia.                                                                 America beginning with Western concepts of
                                                                    topics include war, the impact of religious
          Students will discover that East Asian civilizations                                                            natural history. Main focus: three centuries of
                                                                    movements and the environmental impact of
          were at the center of world history in terms of                                                                 changing American attitudes, policies and
          technology, wealth, cultural sophistication,                                                                    activities that led to the rise of the Conservation
          political organization and quality of life.               HIST 60.     A History of Medicine             (4)    Movement by the late nineteenth century.
                                                                    Description: This course will begin by objectively    Tensions between users and preservers, and the
          HIST 31.       East Asian Civilization II          (4)
                                                                    examining ancient medical systems across the          development of an ecological school of
          Survey of East Asian Civilizations from the 19th c. to
                                                                    globe: Chinese, Ayurvedic, Native American, and       environmentalism since the 1940s.
          the present. Covers China and Japan as well as
                                                                    will come to focus on the Greek tradition in the
          Korea, Singapore and Vietnam. Focuses on East                                                                   HIST 64.      Peace and War – Honors             (4)
                                                                    West. We will also discuss the transmission of
          Asian transformation from traditional societies to                                                              This course explores the causes, consequences,
                                                                    medical knowledge through Arab, Jewish and
          modern ones as a result of confrontation with the                                                               and nature of both war and peace. It takes a
                                                                    medieval Christian authorities, and the impact of
          West by examining their political, economic and                                                                 historical and global approach to by examining
                                                                    the discovery of the New World. The second half
          cultural histories and traditions, providing a model                                                            these themes across time and within various
                                                                    of the course will trace the influence of the
          of modernization different from that of the West.                                                               cultures. It also explores alternatives to war and
                                                                    scientific revolution and the development of
                                                          C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                  75

encourages students to consider what might be         HIST 104.     The European Age 1815-1914 (4)           emergence as a super power in the 20th century.
required to create a peaceful world.                  A study of Europe following the French                 Among the questions that will b considered are
                                                      Revolution and Napoleonic Era and the dynamic          those pertaining to the modernization of a
HIST 65.     Women and War                     (4)
                                                      new forces which transformed European                  backward country and the circumstances
This course takes an international approach to
                                                      societies: nationalism, liberalism, socialism,         surrounding the attempt; the coming of the
studying the history of women and war. Our
                                                      industrialism, imperialism and their impact            Russian Revolution in 1917 and the proposition
objective will be to better understand how
                                                      upon culture and intellectual life.                    of the Bolshevik victors that their answer to
women’s experience during war has changed
over time and differed for women in a variety of      HIST 105.     Ancient Greece                           Russian and world problems was the only correct
countries. We will begin by studying the                            (Classics Dept.)                  (4)    answer; the issue of whether or not Soviet history
mythology of women and war, connecting                                                                       provided validity to the Marxist-Leninist dream
                                                      HIST 106.     Ancient Rome
ancient Greek war goddess Athena with present-                      (Classics Dept.)                  (4)
                                                                                                             for a revolutionary society; and finally, the events
day Hollywood depictions of women warriors.                                                                  and circumstances that led up to the collapse of
Lectures will then focus on the theories              20th Century Europe                                    the Soviet Union that has changed the world.
positioning women in war history, and will            HIST 110.     French and Russian                       HIST 116.     History of Soviet
proceed with a survey of women’s participation in                   Revolutions                       (4)                  Foreign Policy                    (4)
several modern wars, comparing women’s                Revolution is one of the most extreme examples         An examination of the foundations and historical

experience in the U.S. with women in other parts      of conflict in a changing society. What causes         development of Soviet foreign policy from 1917 to
of the world. Finally, the course will end with an    revolutions to occur? Do revolutions tend to           the collapse of the Soviet Union. It will attempt to
in-depth discussion of several key themes in the      follow a similar course and process of                 discover how the Soviets came to view the outside
histories of women and war: domestic ideology,        development? Are revolutions likely to solve           world and why; how much changed in the way
prostitution, nursing, soldiering, war work, and      problems and conflicts that produce them? These        Soviet Russia sought to relate to the world, and
protest/peace politics.                               are some of the questions to be faced in this study    how much did not change over the years.
                                                      of two major European revolutions: the Great
Upper Level Courses                                                                                          Early North America
                                                      French Revolution of 1789 and the Russian
Pre-Modern Europe or Classical                        Revolution of 1917.                                    HIST 120.     Native American History           (4)

                                                      HIST 111.     Europe in Turmoil 1900-1945       (4)
                                                                                                             Taking an international interdisciplinary
HIST 100.    Renaissance and Reformation (4)                                                                 approach, this course will examine the history of
An in depth examination of the cultural,              Explores the political, social and economic
                                                      history of Europe in the turbulent years between       native peoples of different regions of North
intellectual and artistic forces which shaped                                                                America from contact to the present. This course
Europe from 1300-1600. The first half of the          1900 and 1945. These years were marked by two
                                                      world wars, revolutions and genocide. The course       will examine how environmental change,
course focuses on Renaissance Italy, the second                                                              disease, and biological vulnerability interacted
on the various Reformations: German, Swiss,           looks at the causes of World War I, Europe
                                                      between the wars and the ordeal of World War II.       with racial ideologies, economic, and social
English, Radical and Catholic.                                                                               factors to facilitate European conquest. While
HIST 101.    Tudor and Stuart England          (4)    HIST 112.     The Holocaust                     (4)    this course is primarily concerned with the
A multi-disciplinary approach to the history of       Looks at the emergence of Nazism, the role of          United States, considering the whole of North
England from 1485-1688 which examines the             perpetrators, the attitudes of bystanders and the      America will enable students to see the
social, economic, political and religious forces      experiences of the victims. We will also look at the   similarities and differences between Indian
which shaped this brilliant and barbaric era.         legacies of the Holocaust and how the events are       experiences in a variety of regions.
Focuses on the personalities, noble and base,         remembered today.
                                                                                                             HIST 121.     Colonial America                  (4)
which have shaped English history from 1487-          HIST 113.     Europe Since 1945                 (4)    A study of the settlement of the English colonies
1688. Traces the development of institutions          This course will examine the emergence of              in North America and their political, economic,
(Crown Parliament, Church) and longtime               Europe out of the rubble, the new postwar order,       religious, and social development to the mid-
trends in society and economy, intellectual and       the split of Europe during the Cold War, and the       18th century.
cultural history.                                     political, economic and social changes in
                                                                                                             HIST 122.     Revolution and the New Nation (4)
HIST 102.    The Spanish Empire                (4)    modern Europe. We will look at the division of
                                                      Germany, the break-up of European empires and          A study of the period from 1763 to the 1790s
Covers the late Middle Ages to the 18th century. An                                                          emphasizing the origins and course of the
attempt to objectively assess the emergence of the    the end of colonialism, the establishment of the
                                                      European union, and at the students’ and the           Revolution, its impact on society, government
first world empire, its triumphs and tragedies,                                                              under the Articles of Confederation, and the writing
and its motivations for conquest: glory, greed and    women’s movement.
                                                                                                             of and ratification of the Constitution of 1787.
God. Social and economic forces will be               HIST 114.     Modern Germany                    (4)
examined as well as disease, warfare, slavery and                                                            HIST 123.     Civil War Era                     (4)
                                                      An examination of selected political, social and
statecraft in Spanish possession throughout           intellectual issues and institutions which shaped      This course will begin with an analysis of events
Europe, the Americas, and Asia.                       the development of Germany in the later 19th and       and factors leading up to the Civil War. It will
                                                      20th centuries, including nationalism, the             then analyze in depth the war years covering the
HIST 103.    Roots of Russian History          (4)                                                           development of technology, leadership, military
A study of the political, economic, social and        Empire, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich,
                                                      the divided Germanies and reunification.               medicine, and the social experience of war for
cultural forces that went into the formation of the                                                          men and women, free and slave. An analysis of
Russian nation state. Particular attention is paid    HIST 115.     Modern Russia                     (4)    the immediate post-war years of Reconstruction
to the roots and development of the autocratic        This course will center upon the status of Russia      will conclude our course.
state and polarized society of noble and serf.        as a world power in the late 19th century and its
  76                                                                                                          UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                                                   HIST 124.    History of the American West (4)         Asia                                                    indigenous peoples and women in Mexico, and it
                                                   A study of the causes and consequences of             HIST 140.     Southeast Asia and the West        (4)    explores the role of the United States in Mexico’s
                                                   America’s westward expansion and settlement           A history of the states of Southeast Asia from the      development. Latin American History I and II can
                                                   Spanish and French beginnings to modern times,        time of earliest contact with the West until the        also satisfy this requirement
                                                   with emphasis on the people, the myths, and the       present day, with focus on the growth of                HIST 160     The Capstone
                                                   technologies that have shaped western                 contemporary problems in the relationship. The                       (Pacific History Seminar)        (4)
                                                   development and culture.                              course will analyze the impact of the West on an        The Pacific History Seminar is offered annually
                                                   United States                                         important region of today’s Third World and             to all junior or senior history majors as a
                                                                                                         trace the course of imperialist encroachment,           capstone experience. Focus will depend on
                                                   HIST 130.    History of California             (4)
                                                                                                         liberation to nationhood and the internal and           professor teaching the course, but will include
                                                   A survey of the major themes, forces, and                                                                     historiography, archival research techniques,
                                                                                                         external problems attending modernization.
                                                   personalities in the development of California                                                                interpretation of primary documents and both
                                                   from the beginnings of Spanish exploration and        HIST 141.     Pre-Modern China to 1840           (4)
                                                                                                                                                                 written and oral expression of research.
                                                   settlement through the 1990s.                         The course surveys a general history of pre-
                                                                                                                                                                 Application of skills learned to history and other
                                                                                                         modern china, from the founding of her ancient
                                                   HIST 131.    John Muir and the Environment(4)                                                                 professions is stressed.
                                                                                                         civilization until her final decline (1840) as the
                                                   John Muir, a watershed figure in American
jacoby center for community and regional studies

                                                                                                         world’s oldest continuous traditional culture.          Special Study Courses
                                                   history, was a prime movers in the growth and                                                                 These courses can satisfy the major requirement
                                                                                                         Students will discover the dynamic basis for a
                                                   development of environmental consciousness.                                                                   for any upper level course depending on the
                                                                                                         civilized alternative to the western tradition.
                                                   This course will address modern environmental                                                                 topic. The section number of each special study
                                                   issues from a broad historical perspective, and       HIST 142.     Modern Chinese History             (4)
                                                                                                                                                                 course (II – VIII) designates in which category
                                                   assesses Muir’s role as naturalist, writer, chief     A political, social, and cultural history of China
                                                                                                                                                                 the course can be used as a substitute.
                                                   spokesman for wilderness values and precursor of      from the opium war (1840) to the present day. We
                                                                                                                                                                 Independent study courses and internships
                                                   modern environmental movement.                        will examine selected political, social, cultural
                                                                                                                                                                 should be arranged with professors on an
                                                                                                         issues and institutions which have shaped and
                                                   HIST 132.    History of American                                                                              individual basis. Special Topics courses will be
                                                                Immigration                       (4)
                                                                                                         influenced Chinese historical development. Time
                                                                                                                                                                 announced in the course bulletin for each
                                                   An examination of immigration from 1800 to the        will be devoted to the major historical periods, with
                                                   1990s, focusing on the U. S. as a nation of           emphasis on contemporary China. Students will see
                                                                                                         that China has been experiencing, in different ways,    HIST 187.    Internship (Experiential Learning
                                                   immigrants. Causes of emigration will be                                                                                   Opportunity) (This may not be
                                                   considered, with a focus on the European              many similar cultural problems, conflicts and
                                                                                                                                                                              substituted for an upper level
                                                   context. The course will also examine the draw of     dilemmas throughout her modern times.                                course)                          (4)
                                                   the U. S. as a place of settlement, focusing on the   HIST 143.     Modernization of Japan             (4)
                                                                                                                                                                 HIST 191.    Independent Study (Reading
                                                   experience, adjustment, and acculturation of          A general history of Japan from the point of                         Tutorial or Research Tutorial –
                                                   American immigrants, especially in California.        renewed contact with the West (1853) until the                       Experiential Learning
                                                                                                         present day, with emphasis on political change                       Opportunity                     (4)
                                                   HIST 133.    Women in United States
                                                                History                           (4)
                                                                                                         and growth.                                             HIST 193.    Special Topics (Lecture Course or
                                                   The purpose of this course is to examine the                                                                               Research Seminar - ELO)        (4)
                                                                                                         Latin America
                                                   history of women in the United States. Focusing       HIST 150.     Women in Latin America             (4)
                                                   on women’s lives as they experienced them, the                                                                Jacoby Center for
                                                                                                         This interdisciplinary course explores the various
                                                   course will provide students with insight into the    roles that women have played throughout Latin
                                                                                                                                                                 Community and Regional
                                                   day-to-day lives of American women from               America’s history, as well as the institutions and      Studies
                                                   colonial times to present. It is organized around     ideas that have expanded and limited their              Director: Robert Bendetti
                                                   four key themes: family, work, health, and            options. Through the use of art, literature, and        Department Phone: (209) 946-7444
                                                   community, and will consider how women’s              religious forms, it examines cultural attitudes
                                                   experiences in these areas changed over time.                                                                 Website: www3.pacific.edu/cop/jacobycenter
                                                                                                         that have affected Latin American women since
                                                   HIST 134.    African-American History          (4)    pre-Columbian times. Topics include: Indian             The Harold S. Jacoby Center for Community and
                                                   The course will examine the social, economic,         women and the conquest of Latin America, the            Regional Studies encourages students to engage
                                                   cultural, and political history of African-           Virgin Mary in Latin America, and Women and             in civic life and leadership development through
                                                   Americans from the development of slavery in          Revolution.                                             varying curricular and co-curricular options
                                                   colonial times, Civil War and Reconstruction, the                                                             including opportunities for learning which
                                                                                                         HIST 151.     History of Mexico                  (4)
                                                   Great Migration to the North and West, through                                                                introduce students to urban life and public
                                                                                                         This course examines the dynamic and often-
                                                   World War II and the civil rights era.                                                                        issues through community service.
                                                                                                         troubled history of Mexico from the Pre-
                                                   HIST 135.    Women in Time and Place           (4)    Columbian era to the present. It includes               Jacoby Center cooperates with the Governmental
                                                   The course will focus on several contemporary         explorations of the Maya, Aztecs and other pre-         Affairs Program of the Mcgeorge School of Law
                                                   “women’s issues” which will be examined in            Columbian peoples, the era of Spanish colonial          and the Washington Center in Washington, DC,
                                                   historical and international perspective. This        rule, the independence period, and the Mexican          to provide off-campus semester long study and
                                                   course involves an examination of the roles and       Revolution. Mexico’s struggle to develop a              experiential learning opportunities for UOP
                                                   experiences of women in different cultures and in     democratic political system and to break away           undergraduates. Minor programs in the Helping
                                                   various historical periods up to the present day.     from one-party rule is also examined. Finally,          Professions and Public Affairs are also offered
                                                                                                         this course considers the continuing role of            through the Center.
                                                         C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                     77

The Helping Professions Minor exposes students       Electives (to total 14-16 units):                  SPTS 179 Introduction to Research
to interdisciplinary knowledge, theory and           SPED 123      The Exceptional Child                ECON 61 Economic Statistics
practice related to the full range of health,        SPED 166      Building Family-Professional
social and education services for individuals and                  Partnerships                         ECON 161 Computer Applications in Economics
their families. The minor enables students to        EPSY 121      Learner-Centered Concerns            ECON 190 Econometrics
explore career interests in one of the               SLPA 51       Introduction to Speech-Language      Electives (two from the following):
contributing professions and the collaboration                     Pathology
and connections between that profession and                                                             SPTS 141      Sport in America
                                                     SLPA 127      Audiology
other helping professions. Jacoby Center is                                                             ETHN 164      Ghetto Life
                                                     ENGR 11       Technology and Society
particularly committed to nonprofit and                                                                 COMM 143      Intercultural Communication
                                                     MTHR 11       Introduction to Creative Art
governmental organizations, and most health,                                                            HIST 176      History of American Immigration
social and education services are provided                                                              SOCI 181      Delivery of Social Services
                                                     MTHR 18       Basic Skills in Music Education
through governmental and/or non-profit                             for Special Education                POLS 118      The Policy Process
agencies.                                                                                               ECON 131      Public Finance
                                                     SPTS 153      Adapted Physical Education
The Center also offers a minor in Public Affairs     SPTS 155      Motor Learning                       ECON 151      Urban Economics
which enables students to integrate studies in                                                          ECON 193      Economics of Sin

                                                                                                                                                            jacoby center for community and regional studies
                                                     SOCI 61       Urban Society
public issues with disciplinary study in a variety
                                                     SOCI 81       Introduction to Social Services      Experiential/Independent Learning (one
of majors. This cross-disciplinary minor is
                                                     SOCI 125      Health and Illness                   from the following):
designed to prepare students for advanced study
and professional careers in fields such as           SOCI 181      Delivery of Social Services          JCTR 187     Community Affairs Internship
government and public policy, education, social      PSYC 53       Behavior Change I                    JCTR 197     Community Independent
work, planning, and non-profit organization.         PSYC 111      Abnormal Psychology                               Research
                                                     PSYC 154      Child Mental Health                  JCTR 191     Independent Study
Students in both minor programs are
encouraged to participate in the Sacramento          PSYC 155      Marital and Family Therapy           The experiential/independent learning options
Experience and Washington Center internship          PSYC 156      Behavioral Medicine/Health           (JCTR 87, 187, 191, 197) are available to any
and study programs. Students make application                                                           qualified student and may be repeated for credit.
                                                     Psychology                                         They need not be taken only to complete minor
to these unique study opportunities through the
                                                     PSYC 133      Adulthood and Aging                  requirements. Jacoby Center also sponsors
Jacoby Center to study and intern for a full
                                                     RELI 145      Biomedical Ethics                    periodic Special Topics study options depending
semester either in Sacramento or Washington,
                                                                                                        on current Center service or research projects
D.C. Through these and other programs Jacoby         Public Affairs Minor                               which may also meet Helping Professions or
Center provides numerous options for                 Students complete six courses (24 units) to        Public Affairs minor requirements. Although not
involvement in policy level activities with          complete the Public Affairs Minor. Up to 8 units   required for students who seek to participate,
government, non-profit, and cultural                 may be transferred from other institutions.        these minors provide excellent preparation for
organization at all levels.                          Students may count the research methods            the Sacramento Experience and/or Washington
Helping Professions Minor                            course and one additional course toward major      Center programs. Students are encouraged to
                                                     requirements as well as the minor. Students        apply to these programs and may substitute the
Students enroll in Introduction to the Helping
                                                     pursuing the minor must be aware that some         internships and seminars in these programs for
Professions (JCTR 75), the Service Learning                                                             elective and experiential learning requirements
Practicum (JCTR 87), and additional electives to     courses may have prerequisites. With planning,
                                                     prerequisites can usually be met through           in the minors.
total 20 units to complete the Helping
Professions Minor. Courses must be chosen in         general education or the major. Internship and     Sacramento Experience
consultation with the student’s minor advisor        Independent Research options (JCTR 187, 197)       Students apply to this program and upon
who will be assigned by the Pre-Health Science       meet University experiential learning goals.       acceptance enroll in a combination of JCTR
Advisor. There may be no more than two courses       With permission of the Director, students may      185, 187 and 191 depending on the internship
taken from each department. Students electing a      substitute appropriate departmental upper          assignment and advising by the Jacoby Center
major in one of the contributing programs may        division elective, internship/fieldwork,           Executive Director. Students ordinarily combine
count up to 8 units from the appropriate minor       independent study, or research courses for the     study and internship activities in Sacramento
courses listed above toward their major              relevant minor options shown above.                with other courses on the Stockton campus.
requirements. Additionally, the Service Learning     Introduction to the field (two from the            Washington Center
Practicum provides an exploratory opportunity        following):
for the general student to gain familiarity with                                                        Students work with a faculty advisor in Jacoby
                                                     SOCI 61       Urban Society                        Center to submit an application to the
urban life and community issues through direct
                                                     POLS 104      Urban Government                     Washington Center in Washington, D.C. Upon
involvement and may be repeated for credit.
                                                     POLS 106      California Government and            acceptance to this full semester, off campus
Introduction to the field (required):                              Politics                             study program they enroll in
JCTR 75    Introduction to the Helping               Methods (one from the following):                  WASH 185      Washington Center Seminar
                                                                                                        WASH 187      Washington Center Internship
JCTR 87a/b Service Learning Practicum                COMM 160Communication Research Methods
                                                                                                        JCTR 185      Community Affairs Internship
                                                     POLS 133 Quantitative Methods
                                                                                                        Jacoby Center is located in room 242, Wendell
                                                     SOCI 173 Social Research Methods
78                                                                     UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

              Mathematics                                          The Department of Mathematics also provides         Preparation for the Major
                                                                   courses offering opportunities for students from    The first course in all Mathematics majors is
              Professors: D. Christianson (Chair),
                                                                   other disciplines and professional programs to      Calculus I, II or III depending on the student’s
              Whittington, Zimmermann
                                                                   develop the quantitative skills necessary for       high school preparation in mathematics. Majors
              Associate Professors: Merz, Parker                   success in their chosen field.                      with AP A/B credit should start in Calculus II
              Assistant Professors: Bhattacharyya, Goff,                                                               and are admitted to the honors section of
                                                                   Preparation for Studying Mathematics
              Langley                                                                                                  Calculus II whether they are in the honors
                                                                   Since many degree programs within the               program or not. Majors with AP B/C credit
              Lecturers: Rosasco, Wu                               University require courses in mathematics,          should start in Calculus III. Students who are
              Department Phone: (209) 946-2347                     students are encouraged to complete four years      not able to start in Calculus I because of
                                                                   of high school mathematics. In general this         deficiencies in their algebra or Trig skills will
              Website: www1.pacific.edu/cop/math                   would include two years of algebra, a year of       start in MATH 41, Pre-calculus. Students who
              The Mathematics Department shares the                geometry and a year of Math Analysis that           place lower than MATH 41 should discuss with
              University mission of providing a superior,          includes Trigonometry. Four years of IMP or         their adviser how much extra time will be
              student-centered education. Education in             CPM mathematics are usually equivalent to           required to complete their degree program
              mathematics assists students in developing, to       these traditional courses. Students with            because of the required developmental work.

              their fullest potential, their mathematical          Advanced Placement AB credit start college          Mathematics majors should be proficient with
              reasoning, communication and problem solving         mathematics in Calculus II while students with      graphing calculators and should consider
              skills. Students who choose to major in              AP BC credit start in Calculus III. AP credit in    taking elective courses that use quantitative
              mathematics will be provided opportunities to        Statistics is equivalent to MATH 35 and is          skills in areas such as business, economics,
              develop strong problem solving skills using          accepted as meeting a beginning course in           computer science, science and engineering.
              quantitative methods and appropriate                 Statistics in most majors. If students wish to      Mathematics majors may also choose to meet
              technology. They will understand the strengths,      repeat a course for which they have AP credit,      their Mentor Seminar III requirement by taking
              limitations and wide applicability of                such as Calculus I, II or Statistics, they must     MATH 164, Topics in the History of Mathematics.
              mathematical modeling in a variety of                register as an auditor.
              disciplines. Students will develop an                                                                    Typical First-year Program B.A or B.S. in
                                                                   All students are tested for quantitative skills
              appreciation for the discipline and esthetics of                                                         Mathematics
                                                                   during student orientation sessions. A
              mathematics, effectiveness in problem solving,                                                           Fall:
                                                                   quantitative basic skills requirement is part of
              and an appropriate understanding of theory.          the general education program and requires                MATH 51,53 or 55 (Calculus I, II
              Graduates who major in mathematics will be                                                                     or III) depending on placement and AP
                                                                   passing an Intermediate Algebra or higher level
              prepared for the many careers in which                                                                         credit
                                                                   test during orientation or completing a college
              mathematics plays an important role, for                                                                       MENT 1- Mentor Seminar I
                                                                   level Statistics or Intermediate Algebra course.
              further study in Mathematics at the graduate         In order to enroll in mathematics department              General Education (two courses)
              level, or for careers in teaching mathematics.       courses numbered 33,35,41,45,51, or 161,            Spring:
              Degrees in Mathematics                               students must take and pass a mathematics                 MATH 53 or 55 or first elective
                                                                   placement examination appropriate to the                  mathematics course
              The Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, the
                                                                   course prerequisite. Some courses in Economics,           MENT 2- Mentor Seminar II
              Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and the
              Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics are       Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science,                     General Education (two courses)
              the degrees that are offered. Minors in              Psychology, the Mathematics Resource Center
                                                                                                                       Academic Requirements–Bachelor of Arts
              Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and                and Political Science also have mathematics
                                                                                                                       in Mathematics
              Statistics are also offered.                         placement requirements. Students will choose
                                                                   the test level to be taken in consultation with     This degree provides a major in mathematics as
              Students preparing for careers in mathematics,       their faculty adviser. All freshmen are tested.     a component of a liberal education or as a
              mathematics teaching, or for graduate study in       These tests include placement tests in Calculus     second major. Requirements: (10 courses,
              mathematics should elect the Bachelor of             for students who have had Calculus but do not       minimum 36 units)
              Science degree. Students interested in applied       have AP credit or do not know their AP score.       Core Curriculum (7 courses)
              areas or majoring in a discipline which uses         The Calculus test is for placement only and does    MATH 51,53,55-Calculus I, II, III (12 units) AP
              mathematics should elect the Bachelor of             not award credits. Subject material for the             credits may be accepted for MATH 51 (AB
              Science in Applied Mathematics. Students             examinations and sample questions are                   test) and MATH 53 (BC test) as part of the
              interested in mathematics primarily as a             available from the Student Advising Center and          major
              component of a liberal education or as a second      are sent to all students participating in student   MATH 49 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
              major may elect the Bachelor of Arts degree.         orientation.                                            (4 units)
              Minors in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics                                                               MATH 141 Linear Algebra or MATH 145
              and Statistics are available to students who wish    For students needing additional preparation
                                                                                                                           Applied Linear Algebra (4 units)
              to add this component to their college               before entering introductory college
                                                                                                                       MATH 131 or MATH 37 or 39
              experience. Students who choose to double            mathematics courses, the Mathematics Resource
                                                                                                                           Probability/Statistics (4 units)
              major or minor in mathematics or who choose          Center in the Benerd School of Education offers
                                                                                                                       MATH 143 Abstract Algebra I or MATH 155
              to study mathematics as part of their liberal arts   developmental skill courses in the areas of basic
                                                                                                                           Real Analysis I
              education will learn the major methods,              mathematics and algebra.
                                                                                                                       Electives (3 courses, minimum 3 units each
              applicability, and spirit of the mathematical                                                                course)
                                                        C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                79

Electives must be approved by a mathematics         Bachelor of Science in Applied                        B. Three Mathematically oriented courses from
    adviser. Students may meet their Mentor         Mathematics                                              one of the several mathematical sciences, as
    Seminar III requirement by taking MATH          This degree is recommended for students                  described in (A), plus one free mathematics
    164, Topics in the History of Mathematics,
                                                    interested in mathematics and its applications           elective, chosen with the consent of the
    as a major elective.
                                                    in the physical sciences, engineering,                   adviser from mathematics courses 49 or
Bachelor of Science Mathematics                     economics, management science, statistics or             higher with the exception of 161,162, 166,
This degree prepares students for careers as        operations research or for students in applied           187, 197.
mathematicians, applied mathematicians, or          fields who would like to add a second major in
                                                                                                          Cross-Disciplinary or Self-Designed Major
mathematics teachers or for graduate study in       mathematics. 13 courses, 46-52 units.
mathematics or a mathematical science.                                                                    Students may design a cross-disciplinary or self-
                                                    Core (5 courses, 20 units)                            designed major with the assistance of a
Mathematics majors are encouraged to minor
                                                    MATH 51,53,55 Calculus I, II, III (12 units)          mathematics adviser. Some possible
or take courses in other Departments or Schools                 AP credits may be
which use mathematics such as: Computer                                                                   combinations are Mathematics/Physics or
                                                                accepted for Math 51 (AB test)            Mathematics/Economics. These programs
Science, Engineering, Business, Physics,                        and Math 53
Chemistry, Biology or Economics.                                (BC test) as part of the major
                                                                                                          require approval of the Dean of the College.
(13 courses, 47-51 units.)                          MATH 57     Applied Differential                      Minors

                                                                Equations I (4 units) or Math 49          The study of mathematics is a process that
Core Curriculum (7 courses –28 units)                           Introduction to Abstract
MATH 51,53,55-Calculus I, II, III (12 units) AP                                                           develops important modes of critical thinking.
               credits may be accepted for                                                                Because quantitative problem solving is a
                                                    MATH 145 Applied Linear Algebra (4 units)
               MATH 51 (AB test) and Math 53                                                              desirable skill, a minor in mathematics can be a
               (BC test) as part of the major.      Electives (4 courses 14-16 units,                     beneficial addition to the program of any
MATH 49        Intro to Abstract Math (4 units)     minimum of 3 units, each course)                      student at Pacific irrespective of his/her major.
MATH 141 Linear Algebra (4 units)                   With the consultation of a major adviser, the         Mathematics minors may also benefit students
MATH 143 Abstract Algebra I (4 units)               student will select 4 electives chosen from the       planning on further graduate education in
                                                    following:                                            related areas. Minors in mathematics are
MATH 155 Real Analysis I (4 units)
                                                    MATH 39       Probability with Applications to        designed to offer a measure of breadth and some
Electives (6 courses, minimum of 3 units each
                                                                  Statistics                              depth in the student’s mathematical experience.
                                                    MATH 72       Operations Research or Math 74          Only courses passed with a C- or better grade
Electives should be selected in consultation
                                                                  Discrete and Combinatorial              can be used to meet the minor requirements. A
      with a faculty adviser. Students must take
      at least three 100 level courses excluding                  Mathematics                             minimum of 12 of the minor units must be
      MATH 161, 162 and 166.                        MATH 110      Numerical Analysis                      completed at Pacific. Students planning to
                                                    MATH 130      Topics in Applied Statistics            minor in mathematics should contact the chair
Mathematics Teaching Credential                                                                           of the Mathematics Department to be assigned a
                                                    MATH 131      Probability and Mathematical
In order to meet California State secondary                                                               minor adviser.
                                                                  Statistics I
teaching credential requirements, the following
                                                    MATH 132      Probability and Mathematical            Mathematics Minor Requirements:
courses are required for teacher preparation.
                                                                  Statistics II
Students must also take CURR 87, Fieldwork,                                                               Analysis: MATH 51 and 53 (8 units) AP credits
                                                    MATH 152      Applied Analysis
from the School of Education. This plan                                                                   may be accepted for MATH 51(AB test) and
requires 14 courses, with a minimum of 46           MATH 157      Applied Differential Equations II       MATH 53 (BC test) as part of the minor.
units. Contact the Mathematics Credential           MATH 174      Graph Theory
                                                                                                          Algebra/Logic: MATH 49 and MATH 141 (8
Coordinator, Dr. Dennis Parker, for additional      MATH 193      Special Topics (subject to the
                                                                  approval of the advisor)                units)
credential requirements. Besides the core courses
the student must take:                              Only one elective may be chosen from the              Electives: Students with the approval of their
MATH 72       Operations Research (4 units)         following experiences: Independent Study,             minor adviser select two additional courses. One
MATH 131      Probability and Mathematical          Undergraduate Research, Internship, or                from MATH 37,39, 55, 57, 72, 74 and one from
              Statistics I (4 units)                Practicum offered through the Mathematics             MATH 131, 143, 152, 154, 155, 164, 168, 174 for
MATH 164      Topics in the History of              Department, subject to approval by adviser.           a total of 8 units.
              Mathematics                                                                                 Statistics Minor Requirements:
              (Mentor III) (3 units)                Mathematical Sciences: Four courses
MATH 166      Math Concepts in Secondary
                                                    (12-16 units)                                         Analysis: MATH 51 and 53 (8 units) AP credits
              Education (3 units)                   Choose either A or B                                  may be accepted for MATH 51(AB test) and
MATH 168      Modern Geometries (4 units)                                                                 MATH 53 (BC test) as part of the minor.
                                                    A. Four mathematically oriented courses from
COMP 51       Intro to Computer Science                one or several of the mathematical sciences        Statistics: (11 units)Two courses: MATH 35 or
              (3 units)                                (e.g. Physics, Chemistry, Engineering,             37, MATH 130, MATH 131
Graduate Preparation
                                                       Computer Science, Economics, Management            Electives: Students with the approval of their
                                                       Sciences or other fields), chosen from a list of   minor adviser select two additional courses
Students planning to attend graduate school in
                                                       approved courses available in the                  relevant to statistics (at least 3 units each) For
Mathematics are recommended to take both of
                                                       mathematics department. In most cases, this        example: MATH 132, Probability and Statistics
the following electives:
                                                       requirement would be fulfilled by courses          II, MATH 141 or 145, Linear Algebra, a
MATH 144      Abstract Algebra II                      required for the degree programs mentioned,        Statistical Consulting Practicum or course in
MATH 156      Real Analysis II                         with suitable electives.
80                                                                          UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

              another department that uses statistical                 MATH 39.      Probability with Applications to           MATH 55.     Calculus III                    (4)
              techniques such as EXON 190, Econometrics.                             Statistics                       (4)       An introduction to multivariable calculus. Topics
                                                                       Probability concepts in discrete and continuous          covered include vector geometry of the plane and
              Applied Mathematics Minor Requirements                   spaces will be explored in some depth as well as         Euclidean 3-space; differential calculus of real-
              Analysis: MATH 51 and 53 (8 units) AP credits            important probability models (e.g., binomial,            valued functions of several variables, including
              may be accepted for MATH 51 (AB test) and                Poisson, exponential, normal, etc.),                     partial derivatives, gradient, max-min theory,
              MATH 53 (BC test) as part of the minor.                  mathematical expectation and generating                  quadric surfaces, multiple integrals.
                                                                       functions. Applications to statistical inference         Prerequisite: MATH 53 or AP B/C credit.
              Algebra: MATH 145 (4 units)
                                                                       including maximum likelihood, moment and
                                                                                                                                MATH 57.     Applied Differential Equations I:
              Statistics: MATH 37 or MATH 39 or MATH 131               least squares estimation, confidence intervals                        ODES                            (4)
              (4 units)                                                and hypothesis testing will be covered. Credit will      Ordinary differential equations, first-order
              Discrete Mathematics: MATH 74 or MATH 174                not be given for both Math 39 and Math 131.              equations, separable and linear equations.
              (4 units)                                                Prerequisite: MATH 53.                                   Direction fields. Second order linear equations
              Electives: Students with the approval of their           MATH 41.      Pre-calculus                        (4)    with constant coefficients. Method of
              minor adviser select two additional applied              The algebraic and trigonometric concepts which are       undetermined coefficients. Laplace Transforms.
              mathematics courses for a total of 7-8 units.            necessary preparation for Calculus I. Topics include     Unit impulse response and convolutions.

                                                                       the real number system, algebraic, trigonometric         Homogeneous systems of first order linear
              Course Offerings                                         exponential and logarithmic functions. Emphasis is       equations. Matrix algebra determinants,
              Only courses passed with a grade of “C-” or              on the function concept; graphing functions; solving     eigenvalues, eigenvectors. Existence and
              better meet prerequisite requirements for all            equations, inequalities and linear systems; and          uniqueness theorems. Use of calculators or
              Mathematics Department courses.                          applied problems. Credit for this course will not be     computers to display solutions. Applications.
                                                                       given if a student has AP Calculus credit.               Prerequisite: MATH 55 or permission of the
              MATH 33.      Elements of Calculus                (4)
                                                                       Prerequisites: an appropriate score on the               instructor.
              Polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic
                                                                       Intermediate Algebra placement test.                     MATH 72.     Operations Research Models      (4)
              functions. Differentiation. Integration. Maxima/minima
              of functions of several variables. Elementary            MATH 45.      Introduction to Finite                     Operations Research (OR) is concerned with
              differential equations. Applications to natural                        Mathematics and Calculus            (4)    scientific design and operation of systems which
              sciences, social sciences and other fields. Credit       Systems of equations. Elements of matrix algebra.        involve the allocation of scarce resources. This
              will not be given for this course if a student has       Elementary linear programming. Introduction to           course will survey some of the quantitative
              received credit for MATH 51 or AP credit in              calculus. Applications to problems in economics,         techniques used in OR. Linear Programs will be
              Calculus. Prerequisites: two years of high school        management and other fields. Prerequisites: two          solved using graphical techniques and the
              algebra and an appropriate score on the                  years of high school algebra and an appropriate          simplex algorithm. Among the other models
              Intermediate Algebra placement test.                     score on the Intermediate Algebra placement test.        studied will be the transportation, assignment,
                                                                       MATH 49.      Introduction to Abstract                   matching, and knapsack problems. Prerequisite:
              MATH 35.      Elementary Statistical
                            Inference                           (4)                  Mathematics                         (4)    MATH 33 or MATH 45 or MATH 51 or AP credit
              Emphasis is on the applications and limitations          An introduction to the spirit and rigor of               in Calculus.
              of statistical methods of inference, especially in       mathematics. Course content may vary with                MATH 74.     Discrete and Combinatorial
              the social and behavioral sciences. Topics               instructor, but the objective is to develop the skills                Mathematics                     (4)
              include: estimation and test of hypothesis               required to read and write mathematics and               The fundamental principles of discrete and
              concerning a single group, One-way Analysis of           prove theorems. Concepts: elementary logic, sets         combinatorial mathematics. Topics include the
              Variance and analysis of categorical data. Use of        and functions, cardinality, direct and indirect          fundamental principles of counting, the
              statistical computer programs. Credit will not be        proofs, mathematical induction. Prerequisite:            Binomial Theorem, generating functions,
              given for this course if a student has received          MATH 53 or permission of the instructor.                 recurrence relations and introductory graph
              credit for MATH 37 or has AP credit in Statistics.       MATH 51.      Calculus I                          (4)    theory, including trees and connectivity.
              Prerequisite: MATH 3 or an appropriate score             Differential calculus of algebraic and elementary        Prerequisite: MATH 33 or 45 or MATH 51 or AP
              on the Elementary Algebra placement test or              transcendental functions. Anti-derivatives,              credit in Calculus.
              permission of the instructor.                            introductory definite integrals, and the                 MATH 89a, 189a. Statistical Consulting
                                                                       Fundamental Theory of Calculus. Applications,                            Practicum                    (2)
              MATH 37.      Introduction to Statistics and
                            Probability                         (4)
                                                                       including the first and second derivative tests and      While working under close faculty supervision,
              Elements of descriptive statistics: graphs, tables,      optimization. Students earning AP A/B Calculus           students will gain valuable practical experience
                                                                       credit will not receive credit for MATH 51.              in applying statistical methods to problems
              measures of central tendency and dispersion.
                                                                       Prerequisites: MATH 41 or four years of high             presented by University researchers, business and
              Probability models including binomial and normal.
                                                                       school mathematics including Trigonometry                industry. Students enrolled in MATH 189a will
              Introduction to estimation, hypothesis testing and       and an appropriate score on the placement test
              analysis of variance. Linear and multiple regression                                                              ordinarily participate in more sophisticated
                                                                       for Calculus I.
              and correlation. Use of statistical computer                                                                      projects and take a more responsible role than
              programs. The course is not recommended for first        MATH 53.      Calculus II                         (4)    students in MATH 89a. Pass/No credit.
              semester freshmen. Credit will not be given for this     Techniques and applications of integration.              Prerequisites: for MATH 89a, concurrent
              course if a student has received credit for MATH 35 or   Sequences and series. Convergence of series.             enrollment in MATH 130 or permission of the
              has AP credit in Statistics. Prerequisite: MATH 33 or    Taylor Polynomials. Students earning AP B/C              instructor; for MATH 189a, 89a and
              MATH 45 or MATH 51 or AP credit in Calculus, or          Calculus credit will not receive credit for MATH         permission of the instructor.
              permission of the instructor.                            53. Prerequisite: MATH 51 or AP A/B credit.
                                                           C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                 81

MATH 110. Numerical Analysis                    (4)    MATH 143. Abstract Algebra I                    (4)   MATH 157. Applied Differential Equations II:
Numerical analysis deals with approximation of         An introduction to groups, rings and fields, with               PDEs                            (4)
solutions to problems arising from the use of          an emphasis on number theory and group                Partial differential equations. Derivation and
mathematics. The course begins with a necessary        theory: including, finite groups, permutation         solutions of the Wave, Heat and Potential
but brief discussion of floating point arithmetic,     groups, cyclic groups, factor groups,                 equations in two and three dimensions. Fourier
and then proceeds to discuss the computer              homomorphisms, and the isomorphic theorem.            series methods, Bessel functions and Legendre
solution of linear algebraic systems by                The course concludes with an introduction to          polynomials. Orthogonal functions. Additional
elimination and iterative methods, the algebraic       polynomial rings. Prerequisite: MATH 49 or            topics may include Fourier integral transform
eigenvalue problem, interpolation, numerical           permission of instructor.                             methods, the Fast Fourier Transform and Sturm-
integration, including a discussion of adaptive                                                              Liouville theory. Computer exercises using
                                                       MATH 144. Abstract Algebra II                   (4)
quadrature, the computation of roots of                                                                      MATLAB. Prerequisite: MATH 57.
                                                       This course is a continuation of MATH 143; it
nonlinear equations and the numerical solution         emphasizes field theory and the application of        MATH 161. Elementary Concepts of
of initial value problems in ordinary differential     groups to geometry and field extensions.                        Mathematics I                        (4)
equations. Prerequisite: MATH 55.                      Algebraic and separable field extensions,             Concepts of arithmetic and geometry underlying
MATH 130. Topics in Applied Statistics          (3)    dimension, splitting fields, Galois theory,           elementary school programs in mathematics.
This course covers topics in applied statistics not    solvability by radicals, geometric constructions.     Laboratory materials will be used to reinforce

normally covered in an introductory course,            Prerequisite: MATH 143 or permission of               understanding of concepts. Prerequisite: MATH
including multiple regression and correlation,         instructor.                                           3, or appropriate score on placement test. Not
analysis of variance of one- and two-way designs;                                                            open to freshman. This course does not count
                                                       MATH 145. Applied Linear Algebra                (4)
other topics selected from non-parametric                                                                    as an elective for a B.S. degree.
                                                       Matrix algebra. Systems of linear equations.
methods, time series analysis, discriminant            Euclidean spaces and subspaces. Bases and             MATH 162. Elementary Concepts of
analysis, factor analysis, depending upon student      dimension. Determinants. Linear transformations,                Mathematics II                       (4)
interest. Extensive use of packaged computer           coordinates and coordinate transformations.           Development of arithmetic and geometric
programs. Prerequisite: an introductory course         Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Diagonalization.        concepts within a classroom setting. The course
in statistics.                                         Symmetric, orthogonal and other special               includes     related      topics    such     as
MATH 131. Probability and Mathematical                 matrices. Linear models and applications from the     diagnostic/prescriptive techniques, the use of
          Statistics I                 (4)             physical sciences, economics and other fields. Use    calculators and computers, approaches to a K-8
Counting techniques; discrete and continuous           of calculators or computer software. Prerequisite:    math curriculum and current trends within
random variables; distribution functions; special      MATH53 or AP B/C credit.                              mathematics education. The course will include
probability densities such as Binomial,                                                                      field experiences, seminar discussions and
                                                       MATH 152. Applied Analysis                      (4)   laboratory workshops. Prerequisite: MATH 161,
Hpergeometric, Geometric, Negative Binomial,
                                                       Vector fields. Gradient, divergence and curl. Line    or permission of the instructor.
Poisson, Uniform, Gamma, Exponential,
                                                       and surface integrals. Cylindrical and spherical
Weibull, and Normal; joint distributions;                                                                    MATH 164. Topics in the History of
                                                       coordinates. Integral Theorems. Algebra of
marginal and conditional distributions;                                                                                Mathematics                          (3)
                                                       complex numbers. The complex plane. Euler’s
mathematical expectations, moment generating                                                                 Topics in mathematics will be studied from a
                                                       Formula. Functions of a complex variable.
functions; functions of random variables;                                                                    historical perspective. Topics will be chosen from:
                                                       Analytic functions. Contour integrals. Cauchy
sampling distribution of the mean; Central Limit                                                             numeration systems; mathematics of the ancient
                                                       Integral Theorem. Applications from physics and
Theorem. Credit will not be given for both Math                                                              world, especially Greece; Chinese, Hindu and
                                                       engineering. Prerequisite: MATH 55.
39 and Math 131. Prerequisite: MATH 53 or AP                                                                 Arabic mathematics; the development of analytic
B/C credit.                                            MATH 154. Topology                              (4)   geometry and calculus; and modern axiomatic
                                                       An introduction to general topology and its           mathematics. Students will solve problems using
MATH 132. Probability and Mathematical
          Statistics II                (4)
                                                       relation to manifold theory. Topics include metric    historical and modern methods. Students will
Sampling distributions such as Chi-square, t and F;    spaces, general spaces, continuous functions,         study the ethical practice of mathematics, will
estimation methods such as methods of moments,         homeomorphisms, the separation axioms,                write an autobiography, and read and report on
maximum likelihood, least squares; properties of       connectedness, compactness, and product spaces.       the biography of a mathematician. This course
estimators such as unbiasedness, consistency,          Prerequisite: MATH 49 or permission of                meets the Mentor III requirement. Prerequisites:
sufficiency; tests of hypothesis concerning means,     instructor.                                           Calculus II, MATH 49 and junior standing or
difference between means, variances, proportions;      MATH 155. Real Analysis I                       (4)   permission of the instructor.
one and two-way analysis of variance. Prerequisite:    Properties of the real numbers. Sequences and         MATH 166. Mathematical Concepts for
MATH 131 and MATH 55.                                  series of real numbers. Limits, continuity and                  Secondary Education                  (3)

MATH 141. Linear Algebra                        (4)
                                                       differentiability of real functions. Prerequisites:   An in-depth coverage of the secondary
This is a first course in linear algebra emphasizing   MATH 49 and 55.                                       mathematics curriculum. The course includes
theory and proof. Topics covered include systems of    MATH 156. Real Analysis II                      (4)
                                                                                                             related topics such as problem solving,
linear equations, vector spaces, subspaces, linear     Integration, series of real numbers, sequences        recreational mathematics, approaches to a 7-12
independence, bases, dimension, linear                 and series of functions, and other topics in          math curriculum, and current trends within
transformations,         matrices,     determinants,   analysis. Prerequisite: MATH 155.                     mathematics education. Recommended for
eigenvalues, and eigenvectors. Computational                                                                 prospective high school mathematics teachers.
techniques will be included. Prerequisite: MATH 49.                                                          Prerequisites: MATH 53 and EPSY 121. This
                                                                                                             course counts as an elective for a B.S. degree
                                                                                                             only for single subject credential candidates.
 82                                                                                              UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                                  MATH 168. Modern Geometries                        (4)    Classes, particularly at the intermediate and          While the University makes every effort to meet
                                  Selected topics from Euclidean, non-Euclidean             upper-division level, are small and provide            student interests and needs, it does not
                                  and transformational geometry. Both analytic              opportunity for a great deal of individualized         guarantee that every student will be able to
                                  and synthetic methods. History of the                     attention.                                             fulfill this requirement by studying their first
                                  development of geometries and axiomatic                                                                          choice of language. The University also does not
                                                                                            The University has chapters of three national
                                  systems. Laboratory materials and computer                                                                       guarantee that students studying languages
                                                                                            honor societies for outstanding work in a
                                  packages used to reinforce understanding of the                                                                  other than those offered through the Pacific
                                                                                            language, literature and culture: Pi Delta Phi
                                  concepts. Required for high school teacher                                                                       Department of Modern Language and Literature
                                                                                            for French; Delta Phi Alpha for German; and
                                  candidates. Prerequisite: MATH 49 or                                                                             will have access to the courses needed to
                                                                                            Sigma Delta Pi for Spanish. The Jan Good Award
                                  permission of the instructor.                                                                                    complete the requirement. In some cases, a
                                                                                            is presented to winners of an annually posted
                                  MATH 174. Graph Theory                             (4)    essay contest in French or Spanish. The MLL            student taking language courses not offered by
                                  An in-depth consideration of discrete structures          Annual Awards night celebrates achievement in          the Department of Modern Language and
                                  and their applications. Topics include connectivity,      all languages.                                         Literature may also need to pass an approved
                                  Eulerian and Hamiltonian paths, circuits, trees,                                                                 competency examination in addition to their
                                  Ramsey theory, digraphs and tournaments,                  Academic Requirements                                  course work. As with all subjects, students must
                                  planarity, graph coloring, and matching and               The list below which deals with degree                 get prior approval before taking course work
modern languages and literature

                                  covering problems. Applications of graph theory to        requirements illustrates the portion of a              outside of the University that they intend to use
                                  fields such as computer science, engineering,             student’s program which is devoted to the              toward completion of their Pacific degree.
                                  mathematics, operations research, social sciences,        courses needed to complete the major, as
                                                                                                                                                   Course Offerings by Language
                                  and biology are considered. Prerequisites: MATH           compared with the portion devoted to non-
                                  51, or MATH 74 or COMP 47.                                major course work (i.e., general education and         Beginning and intermediate level courses in any
                                                                                            electives). Since some courses required by the         of the Modern Languages are specifically
                                  MATH 93.      Special Topics             (3 or 4 units)                                                          designed for the language-learner to develop
                                                                                            major may ‘’double-count’’ as general
                                  MATH 187. Internship in                                   education courses, the actual number of G.E.           proficiency in that language. Therefore, these
                                            Mathematics                      (2-4 units)    courses taken outside the major may be less            courses are not open to native speakers of that
                                  MATH 191. Independent Study                (2-4 units)    than the 12 required for College of the Pacific        language. Final determination of placement in
                                  Student-initiated projects covering topics not            students. The flexibility gained by this “double-      these courses will be made by the instructor.
                                  available in regularly scheduled courses. A               counting’’ is reflected in a slight increase in        Chinese
                                  written proposal outlining the project and norms          electives. The section below already reflects any
                                                                                                                                                   11a           First-Year Chinese
                                  for evaluation must be approved by the                    adjustments. Please refer to the separate
                                                                                            University General Education Program sheet for         11b           First-Year Chinese
                                  department chairperson.
                                                                                            specific details regarding G.E.                        23            Chinese through Culture,
                                  MATH 193. Special Topics                   (3-4 units)                                                                         3rd semester
                                                                                            College of the Pacific Language                        25            Chinese through Culture,
                                  MATH 197. Undergraduate Research
                                                                                            Requirement                                                          4th semester
                                            in Mathematics       (2-4 units)
                                                                                            In order to promote an appreciation of diverse         102           Classics of Asian Civilization
                                  Modern Language and                                       cultures and to encourage greater                      120           Asian Cinemas
                                  Literature                                                understanding of the English language, the             HIST 141      Pre-Modern China to 1800
                                                                                            College of the Pacific requires one year of            HIST 142      Modern Chinese History
                                  Professors: A. Giraldez, Sharp                            college instruction or equivalent training in a        191           Independent Study
                                  Associate Professors: Golsan (Chair), S. Giraldez,        language other than English for all students
                                                                                                                                                   193           Special Topics
                                  J. Lu                                                     seeking a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree.
                                                                                            Students who transfer to University of the             French
                                  Assistant Professors: Cipris, Ippolito
                                                                                            Pacific with sophomore standing or above, or           11a           First-Year French
                                  Instructors: Casillas, Savelieva                          who seek a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree or        11b           First-Year French
                                  Department Phone: (209) 946-2291                          a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree, are            23           French through Culture,
                                                                                            exempt from this requirement. But are                                3rd semester
                                  The Department of Modern Language and                     encouraged to cultivate their language skills.
                                  Literature offers language, literature and                                                                       25            French through Culture,
                                  cultural history courses in Chinese, French,              This requirement can be met entirely, or in part, by                 4th semester
                                  German, Japanese and Spanish, as well as in               completing coursework at the College, at approved       29           Spoken & Written French
                                  Portuguese on demand. Programs are offered                colleges and universities, or by examination. To        51           French Literature in English
                                  leading to a major or minor in French, German,            fulfill the requirement by completing coursework, a    93            Special Topics
                                  Japanese or Spanish language and literature               grade of C- or better must be obtained in each         107           Introduction to French of
                                  and a minor in Chinese. Cross-disciplinary                course. In addition to modern and ancient written                    Business & Economics
                                  degree programs with the Department of                    languages, students may elect to complete the          110           Grammaire, Composition et
                                  Economics, the School of International Studies,           requirement in American Sign Language.                               Discussion
                                  the School of Engineering and the Eberhardt               Computer languages cannot be substituted for the       112           Civilisation Française A
                                  School of Business are also offered. Some                 requirement. Individual departments may choose
                                                                                                                                                   114           Civilisation Française B
                                  literature, civilization, film and interdisciplinary      to increase, but not to decrease, the level of
                                                                                                                                                   116           Littérature Française A
                                  courses are taught in English translation.                proficiency required.
                                                     C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                       83

118        Littérature Française B             Russian                                              The number of advanced courses which
120        Le Cinema Français/                 11a            First-Year Russian, 1st semester      constitutes the major is kept intentionally
           French Cinema                       11b            First-Year Russian, 2nd semester      moderate so that a student has the opportunity
122        La Francophonie                      23            Russian through Culture,              to begin a language in college. Similarly an
124        Individu et Société                                3rd semester                          advanced student will be strongly encouraged to
126        Penseurs et Philosophes             25             Russian through Culture,              do coursework beyond the minimum courses.
128        Images et Voix de Femmes                           4th semester                          The extra coursework that students will need for
                                               73             Russian Culture and                   the acquisition of language skills before they
191        Etudes Indépendantes
                                                              Civilization (Spring)                 can begin the major will increase the number of
193        Etudes Spécialisées                                                                      major courses which form the total degree,
                                               191            Independent Study
German                                         193            Special Topics (usually a litera-
                                                                                                    while reducing the number of University
11a        First-Year German                                  ture course, or film course such      electives.
11b        First-Year German                                  as 19th Century Russian               Students majoring or minoring in a language
                                                              Literature, 20th Century Russian      who study abroad for one semester may count
 23        German through Culture,                            Literature, Tolstoy or Dostoevsky,
           3rd semester                                       contemporary Russian Film)            up to 8 units of appropriate courses from an
25         German through Culture,                                                                  approved program toward the major or minor.

                                                                                                                                                              modern languages and literature
           4th semester                        Spanish                                              Majors studying two or more semesters abroad
93         Special Topics                      11a            First-Year Spanish 1st semester       may count up to 12 units of appropriate
104        German Culture & Society I          11b            First-Year Spanish 2nd semester       coursework. Students may petition the
106        German Culture & Society II         21a            Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1        department to count additional units from
                                               21b            Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2        abroad. These petitions will be considered on a
108        Introduction to German for
           Business and Economics                                                                   case-by-case basis. All majors and minors must
                                               23             Spanish through Culture,
                                                              3rd semester                          enroll in at least one advanced course in the
111        Spoken and Written German
                                                                                                    target language upon return to meet the major
124        German Writers of the               25             Spanish through Culture,
                                                              4th semester                          or minor requirements.
           Nineteenth Century
128        German Poetry                       27             Conversación                          All majors are required to maintain a portfolio
132        Goethe & Schiller                   93             Special Topics                        of their work and participate in the exit
                                               101            Composición Avanzada                  evaluation in their final semester.
134        Modern German Prose
136        Modern German Drama                 103            Introducción a la literatura          Requirements for the Major
191        Independent Study                                  hispánica
                                               110            Civilización hispanoamericana         French
193        Special Topics                                                                           The curriculum in French includes beginning
                                               112            Civilización española
Japanese                                                                                            video-based language classes, intermediate
                                               120            Narrativa hispánica                   courses focusing on culture and language,
11a        First-Year Japanese                 122            Literatura mexicana                   advanced language and composition courses,
11b        First-Year Japanese                 124            Escritores hispanos en los            surveys of literature and civilization, theme-
 23        Japanese through Culture,                          Estados Unidos                        based advanced courses covering French and
           3rd semester                        126            Poesía hispánica                      Francophone literatures and cinema, and other
25         Japanese through Culture,           128            Teatro hispánico                      more specialized courses, such as the French of
           4th semester                                                                             Business and Economics. All courses in French
                                               133            Don Quijote
93         Special Topics                                                                           unless otherwise specified.
                                               135            Literatura española del siglo XX
125        Advanced Japanese I                                                                      The B.A. in French has two tracks, 1) the Language
                                               140            Traducción
126        Advanced Japanese II                                                                     and Literature track which requires completion of
                                               141            Sintaxis, semántica, morfología
128        Advanced Writing and                                                                     six French courses above the intermediate level,
           Conversational Japanese             143            Fonética y fonología                  providing background in French civilization, French
140        Modern Business Japanese            191            Independent Study                     and Francophone literatures and/or film; and 2) the
170        Japanese Literature in              193            Special Topics                        French Studies track which requires five French
           Translation                                                                              courses beyond the intermediate level plus three
                                               Descriptions of Major Programs                       approved related courses in complementary fields.
172        Japanese Culture and Civilization   The major requirements for all four majors
176        Meiji Literature                    within the Modern Language and Literature            Degree Requirement Courses
180        Modern Japanese Fiction             Department have been designed so that students       General Education*                                    8
191        Independent Study                   with no prior training or those with advanced        University Electives                              12-16
193        Special Topics                      training are equally well served. The major             Non-major Requirements                         20-24
                                               requirements which are listed separately under
                                                                                                    Basic Language Courses                              0-4
Portuguese                                     each language are the requirements which
                                               begin after the student has acquired a strong        French-Major                                          6
PORT 124 Intensive Portuguese
                                               intermediate proficiency in the language and            Major Requirements                              6-10
PORT 126 Reading and Discussion on
           Luso-Brazilian Culture              culture. Thus the primary requirement of any         Graduation Total**                                   30
                                               major is the acquisition of the equivalent of four   *See Degree Requirements paragraph.
                                               college semesters of a particular language.          **Presumes an average of four units per course.
 84                                                                                          UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                                  Major Requirements for French                         French-speaking country and in a program in                 courses are HIST 114-Modern Germany; HIST
                                  Language and Literature Track Units                   the target language is strongly urged for both              112-History of the Holocaust; GEOG 116-Western
                                  One course in Advanced Language such as:              tracks.                                                     Europe; HIST 104-The European Age; HIST 111-
                                  110           Grammaire, Composition et                                                                           Europe in Turmoil; HIST 113-Europe Since 1945;
                                                Discussion                     4                                                                    ARTH 114-20th Century European Art and Film.
                                                or                                      The curriculum in German includes                           Other courses may be negotiable with the
                                  107           French of Business
                                                                                        beginning and intermediate language classes,                German Studies faculty adviser. Two of these
                                                & Economics                    4        advanced language courses, surveys of German                courses may be completed in a study abroad
                                  Plus five additional advanced courses, to
                                                                                        culture and literature, period literature courses           program which conducts its course-work in
                                  include one course A and one course B of the          as well as an Introduction to German for                    German. At least one semester of study abroad in
                                  following series:                                     Business and Economics. All courses are                     a German-speaking country and in a program
                                  116           Littérature Française A        4        taught in German. The B.A. in German has                    which conducts its course-work in German is
                                  112           Civilisation Française A       4
                                                                                        two tracks, 1) the Language and Literature                  strongly urged for both tracks. Double majors in
                                                                                        track which requires completion of six                      German Language and Literature and in German
                                  118           Littérature Française B        4
                                                                                        German courses above the intermediate level,                Studies are not permitted.
                                  114           Civilisation Française B       4        and 2) the German Studies track which
                                  And/or however many of the following to bring                                                                     Japanese
modern languages and literature

                                                                                        requires five advanced German courses plus
                                  number to five:                                       three related courses taught in English.                    The curriculum in Japanese includes beginning
                                  120           Le Cinéma Français/                                                                                 and intermediate language classes, advanced
                                                French Cinema                  4        At least three advanced courses must be
                                                                                        completed in the German section of the                      language courses, surveys of Japanese culture
                                  122           La Francophonie                4                                                                    and literature, period literature courses and a
                                                                                        Department of Modern Language and Literature.
                                  124           Individu et Société            4                                                                    course in Modern Business Japanese. Some
                                                                                        Demonstrated oral proficiency at the ACTFL
                                  126           Penseurs et Philosophes        4
                                                                                        advanced level is expected at the time of                   survey-type courses are given in English for a
                                  128           Images et Voix de Femmes       4        graduation.                                                 general audience. Most courses are taught in
                                  191           Etudes Indépendantes         2-4                                                                    Japanese. At least three advanced courses must
                                                                                        Degree Requirement                              Units
                                  193           Etudes Spécialisées            4                                                                    be completed in the Japanese section of the
                                                                                        General Education*                                  8       Department of Modern Language and Literature.
                                  Major Total                                 24        University Electives                            12-16
                                                                                                                                                    The B.A. in Japanese has two tracks, 1) the
                                  Approved equivalents of major requirements are          Non-major Requirements                        20-24
                                                                                                                                                    Language and Literature track, which requires
                                  acceptable, but at least three (3) advanced           Basic German Courses                              0-4
                                                                                                                                                    completion of six Japanese courses above the
                                  courses must be completed in the French section       German-Advanced                                     6       intermediate level and 2) the Japanese Studies
                                  of the Department of Modern Language and                Major Requirements                             6-10       track which requires five advanced Japanese
                                  Literature. Demonstrated oral proficiency at the
                                                                                        Graduation Total**                                 30       courses plus three related courses taught in
                                  ACTFL advanced level is expected at the time of
                                                                                        *See Degree Requirements paragraph. Total may vary          English. Demonstrated oral proficiency in
                                                                                        depending on level of basic preparation and elective        Japanese at the ACTFL advanced level is expected
                                  French Studies Track                                  choice.                                                     at the time of graduation.
                                                                                        **Presumes an average of four units per course.
                                  Requirements for the French Studies track are                                                                     Among the six advanced courses required for the
                                  five courses in French beyond FREN 25-                Major Requirements for German                               major, no more than two approved courses in
                                  Intermediate French, fourth semester. Students        Language and Literature Track                               which the Japanese language is not a major
                                  may take French 51 or French 120 in English           104           German Culture & Society I                4   element in instruction will be accepted.
                                  when offered to count for one of the five.            106           German Culture & Society II               4
                                  Assignments may be completed in French as an                                                                      Degree Requirements Courses
                                                                                        111           Spoken & Written German                   4
                                  option, or at the discretion of the instructor. Two                                                               General Education*                                  8
                                                                                        Plus three additional advanced courses in
                                  of the advanced courses may be completed in a         German Language or Literature:                              University Electives                            12-16
                                  study abroad program. Three related courses in                                                                      Non-major Requirements                        20-24
                                                                                                      Advanced German Elective                  4
                                  other departments are an additional                                                                               Basic Japanese Courses                            0-4
                                  requirement. Among the options for related                          Advanced German Elective                  4
                                                                                                      Advanced German Elective                  4   Japanese-Advanced                                   6
                                  courses are: ARTH 112-19th Century European
                                                                                        Total                                                  24   Non-Japanese/Language                               1
                                  Art; ARTH 114-20th Century European Art and
                                  Film; HIST 104-The European Age; HIST 111-                                                                          Major Requirements                             7-11
                                                                                        German Studies Track                                        Graduation Total**                                 31
                                  Europe in Turmoil; HIST 113-Europe since
                                                                                        Requirements for the German Studies major are
                                  1945; HIST 110-French and Russian                                                                                 *See Degree Requirements paragraph. Total may vary
                                                                                        five advanced courses in German beyond GERM                 depending upon entering level of preparation and elec-
                                  Revolutions; HIST 180-European Socialist
                                                                                        25- Intermediate German, fourth semester.                   tive choice.
                                  Tradition; POLS 141-Comparative Politics of
                                                                                        These five courses should include GERM 111-                 **Presumes an average of four units per course.
                                  Western Europe; POLS 168-Comparative Foreign
                                                                                        Spoken and Written German, GERM 106-
                                  Policy; ECON 121-International Trade
                                                                                        German Culture and Society II and three more
                                  (prerequisites: ECON 53, 55). Other courses may
                                                                                        courses in recent literature or in German for
                                  be negotiable with the French Studies faculty
                                                                                        Business and Economics. Three related courses
                                  adviser and be pre-approved for credit in the
                                                                                        in other departments are an additional
                                  major. At least one semester of study abroad in a
                                                                                        requirement. Among the options for related
                                                                  C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                            85

Major Requirements for Japanese                              Students seeking a teaching credential must                   Plus one of the following courses in Hispanic
Language and Literature Track                                complete the Spanish Pedagogy Track in                        Literature in North America:
JAPN 125       Advanced Japanese I                       4   addition to courses required by the School of                 SPAN 122 Literatura mexicana                     4
               or                                            Education.                                                    SPAN 124 Escritores hispanos en los
JAPN 126 Advanced Japanese II                            4                                                                                Estados Unidos
                                                             Degree Requirements
Plus one comprehensive survey course:                                                                                      Plus one of the following experiential learning
                                                             General Education*                                   8
JAPN 170 Japanese Literature in                                                                                            courses:
                                                             University Electives                             11-15
               Translation                               4                                                                 LANG 87 Internship in Applied Language           2
               or                                            Non-major Requirements                           19-23
                                                                                                                           LANG 89 Practicum                                2
JAPN 172 Japanese Culture &                                  Basic Spanish Courses                              0-4
                                                                                                                           Plus additional upper division elective courses
               Civilization                              4   Spanish-Advanced                                   8-9        to bring total to 38 units. Plus presentation of
Plus four additional advanced Japanese                       Major Requirements                                8-13        Professional Portfolio during the semester prior
courses:***                                                  Graduation Total**                                  31        to graduation. Plus Exit Examination during
Advanced Japanese Elective                            4                                                                    semester prior to graduation.
                                                             *See Degree Requirements paragraph. Total may vary
Advanced Japanese Elective                            4      depending on entering level of preparation and elective       Total                                          38
Advanced Japanese Elective                            4      choice.

                                                                                                                                                                                modern languages and literature
                                                             **Presumes an average of four units per course.               Requirements for the Minor
Advanced Japanese Elective                            4
                                                                                                                           a. Minor in Modern Languages:
Total                                                24      Hispanic Language and Literature Track
Plus one course in:                                          Major Requirements                                              1) Five courses (20 units), including at least
                                                             The student should complete a minimum of 32                        three in the Modern Language and
Linguistics or Ancient or
                                                             units beyond the intermediate level (Spanish 25,                   Literature Department, as specified below:
Modern Language other than Japanese                   4
                                                             Spanish 21b). Sixteen of the 32 units must be                      completion of fourth semester college-level
Total                                                 4                                                                         courses in five of the following languages -
                                                             completed in the Modern Language and
Major Total                                          28      Literature Department on this campus.                              French, German, Japanese, Spanish,
***These remaining courses to be selected in consulta-       SPAN 101      Composición                       4                  Chinese. Proficiency examination may be
tion with the major adviser.                                                                                                    substituted for one or more of these
                                                             SPAN 103      Introducción a la literatura
Japanese Studies Track                                                     hispánica                         4                  courses. Completion in the Modern
                                                             SPAN 133 Don Quijote                            4
                                                                                                                                Language and Literature Department of
Required courses for the major in Japanese
                                                                                                                                two advanced courses in the principal
Studies are five advanced Japanese language                  SPAN 135 Literatura hispanoamericana
                                                                           del siglo XX                      4
                                                                                                                                language (the language chosen among
courses plus three related courses in other
                                                                                                                                the five).
departments selected from such courses as ARTH               SPAN 141 Sintaxis, semántica y morfología4
122-Japanese Art History; HIST 30 and HIST 31-               Plus one of the following courses in Hispanic                   2) Japanese and Chinese administers its own
East Asian Civilizations I and II; HIST 143-                 civilization:                                                      test for demonstrated oral proficiency.
Modernization of Japan; JAPN 170-Japanese                    SPAN 110 Civilización hispanoamericana 4                      b. Minor in Chinese Studies:
Literature in Translation; JAPN 172-Japanese                 SPAN 112 Civilización española                  4
Culture and Civilization; POLS 152-Politics of                                                                               Six courses (a minimum of 24 units) to
                                                             Plus additional upper division elective courses                 include CHIN 11a, 11b, 23, and 25. In
Asia; ANTH 120-Japanese Culture and Society.                               to bring total to 32 units.
Other courses in related fields may be negotiable                                                                            addition, two advanced courses in the Modern
                                                             Total                                         32                Language and Literature Department, or
with the Japanese Studies faculty adviser. Oral
proficiency in Japanese at the ‘’Intermediate                Spanish Pedagogy Track                                          other approved department, one of which
High’’ level is expected at the time of                      Major Requirements                                              must be in the Chinese language. Or: CHIN
graduation. At least one semester of study                   The student should complete a minimum of 38                     11a, 11b, and 23, plus completion of an
abroad in Japan in a program which conducts                  units beyond the intermediate level (Spanish 25,                approved semester (minimum 15 units) or
coursework in Japanese is strongly urged.                    Spanish 21b). Twenty of the 38 units must be                    year-long program in China or Taiwan.
                                                             completed in the Modern Languages and                           Students who acquired competency in
                                                             Literature Department on this campus.                           Chinese prior to University study may be
The curriculum in Spanish includes beginning,                                                                                exempted by the Modern Language and
                                                             SPAN 101      Composición                                 4
intermediate and advanced level classes for both                                                                             Literature Department from a maximum of 8
                                                             SPAN 103      Introducción a la literatura                      units.
native and non-native speakers of Spanish.                                 hispánica                                   4
Spanish linguistics, Hispanic literature and                                                                               c. Minor in French:
                                                             SPAN 133 Don Quijote                                      4
civilization courses are complemented by
Experiential Learning opportunities. All courses             SPAN 135 Literatura hispanoamericana                            Six courses (24 units), in French including:
                                                                           del siglo XX                                4     FREN 11a, 11b, 23, 25 (or equivalents) plus
are given entirely in Spanish.
                                                             SPAN 141 Sintaxis, semántica y                                  two approved advanced courses. At least one
The B.A. in Spanish has two tracks: 1) The                                 morfología                                  4     of the advanced courses must be taken in the
Hispanic Language and Literature Track which                 SPAN 143 Fonetica y fonología                             4     Department of Modern Language and
requires completion of eight classes (32 units)              Plus one of the following courses in Hispanic                   Literature at Pacific. Students who acquire
beyond intermediate level. 2) The Spanish                    civilization:                                                   competency in French elsewhere may be
Pedagogy Track which requires nine classes plus              SPAN 110 Civilización hispanoamericana                    4     exempt from a maximum of eight units of
one experiential learning course (38 units).                                                                                 the requirement. Students are encouraged to
                                                             SPAN 112 Civilización española                            4
 86                                                                                     UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                                    study abroad in a French-speaking country         units of Russian language HIST 110-French          the advanced courses may be completed in a
                                    and/or participate in a summer work               and Russian Revolutions. HIST 116-History of       study abroad program. Three related courses
                                    program or internship there.                      Soviet Foreign Policy. ECON 127-Comparative        in other departments are an additional
                                  d. Minor in German:                                 Economic Systems, or an alternative course         requirement. Among the options for related
                                                                                      selected from those listed above, or a summer      courses are: ARTH 112-l9th Century
                                    Six courses (24 units), in German including:      of semester of study in Russia on a program        European Art; ARTH 114-20th Century
                                    GER 11a, 11b, 23, 25 (or equivalents) plus        approved by the Office of International            European Art and Film; HIST 104-The
                                    two approved advanced courses. At least one       Programs or by the minor advisor. A                European Age; HIST 111-Europe in Turmoil;
                                    of the advanced courses must be taken in the      minimum of 12 units must be completed at           HIST 113-Europe Since 1945; HIST 110-
                                    Department of Modern Language and                 the University of the Pacific.                     French and Russian Revolutions; POLS 141-
                                    Literature at Pacific.. Students who acquire                                                         Comparative Politics of Western Europe;
                                    competency in German elsewhere may be           Cross-Disciplinary Study
                                                                                                                                         POLS 168-Comparative Foreign Policy; ECON
                                    exempt from a maximum of eight units of         a. A program in Economics-Modern Languages           121-International Trade (prerequisites: ECON
                                    the requirement. Students are encouraged to        provides preparation for graduate study and       53, 55). Other courses may be negotiable
                                    study abroad in a German-speaking country          careers in international business, economics,     with the French Studies faculty adviser. Two
                                    and/or participate in a summer work                international management, international           of these courses may be completed in a study
modern languages and literature

                                    program or internship there.                       studies, government, foreign languages and        abroad program which conducts its
                                  e. Minor in Japanese Studies:                        literatures. Students unable to complete a        coursework in French. These courses should
                                                                                       double major in economics and a foreign           be pre-approved for credit in the major. At
                                    Six courses (a minimum of 24 units) to             language may major in economics and               least one semester of study abroad in a
                                    include: JAPN 11a, 11b, 23, and 25. In             develop a certified concentration in French,      French-speaking country and in a program
                                    addition, two approved advanced courses of         German, Japanese or Spanish, or major in          in the target language is strongly urged. A
                                    which at least one must be in the Japanese         one of these languages while completing a         student may not major in both French and
                                    language. Demonstrated proficiency at the          certified concentration in economics. The         French Studies.
                                    intermediate level. At least three of the six      concentration in economics consists of five
                                    required courses, including the two advanced                                                       e. German Studies. Requirements for the
                                                                                       specified courses (ECON 53, 55, 121, 124, 127
                                    courses, must be taken in the Department of                                                           German Studies track of the German major
                                                                                       or substitute courses approved by the
                                    Modern Language and Literature. Students                                                              are five advanced courses in German beyond
                                                                                       Economics Department). The concentration
                                    who acquire competency in Japanese prior to                                                           GERM 23-Intermediate German, third
                                                                                       in French, German, Japanese or Spanish
                                    University studies may be exempted from a                                                             semester. These five courses should include
                                                                                       requires five courses or their equivalents, a
                                    maximum of eight units of the requirement.                                                            GERM 111-Spoken and Written German,
                                                                                       minimum of one being at the advanced level.
                                    (Japanese administers its own test for                                                                GERM 106-German Culture and Society II
                                                                                       The last three courses of the concentration
                                    demonstrated oral proficiency on the                                                                  and three more courses in recent literature or
                                                                                       must be completed in this department. For
                                    intermediate level.)                                                                                  in German for Business and Economics.
                                                                                       information see K. Golsan, Modern Language
                                                                                                                                          Three related courses in other departments
                                  f. Minor in Spanish:                                 and Literature, or the chairperson of the
                                                                                                                                          are an additional requirement. Among the
                                    Twenty units beyond SPAN 21a or Spanish 23.        Economics Department.
                                                                                                                                          options for related courses are HIST 114-
                                    Twelve of the twenty units must be studied in   b. Combination of a Bachelor of Arts (Language        Modern Germany; HIST 112-History of the
                                    the Department of Modern Language and              and Literature) and Master of Business             Holocaust; HIST 104-The European Age;
                                    Literature and include the following courses       Administration. A joint program of the             HIST 111-Europe in Turmoil; HIST 115-
                                    or their equivalent: SPAN 101, SPAN 103,           College of the Pacific and the Eberhardt           Europe Since 1945; ARTH 114-20th Century
                                    either SPAN 110 or SPAN 112, SPAN 141, and         School of Business. Students earn a B.A. in        European Art and Film. Other courses may be
                                    one elective course that can be fulfilled by       French, German, Japanese or Spanish in four        negotiable with the German Studies faculty
                                    SPAN 25 or 21b or any upper division               years while completing a minor in                  adviser. Two of these courses may be
                                    Spanish course. Students must demonstrate          management and the first year of the MBA           completed in a study abroad program which
                                    oral proficiency at the intermediate level         program. Students who meet performance             conducts its coursework in German. At least
                                    before a minor will be granted.                    requirements are guaranteed admission to           one semester of study abroad in a German-
                                  g. Minor in Russian Area Studies:                    the MBA program and can complete the MBA           speaking country and in a program which
                                                                                       in one additional year.                            conducts its coursework in German is
                                    Completion of six courses (24 units) as                                                               strongly urged.
                                    follows: Two courses (8 units) of Russian       c. Combination of a Bachelor of Arts (Language
                                    language. RUSS 73-Russian Culture and              and Literature) and Bachelor of Science         f. Japanese Studies. Required courses for the
                                    Civilization or RUSS 193-Contemporary              (Engineering). In five years, students earn a      Japanese Studies track of the Japanese major
                                    Russian Film (at the discretion of the minor       B.A. in French, German, Japanese or Spanish        are five advanced Japanese language courses
                                    advisor, students may substitute an approved       and a B.S. in Civil, Electrical, or                plus three related courses in other
                                    Special Topics course in the departments of        Management Engineering. Consult Modern             departments selected from such courses as
                                    Modern Language and Literature and/or              Language faculty for details.                      ARTH 122-Japanese Art History; HIST 30 and
                                    English for RUSS 73). HIST 103-Roots of         d. French Studies. Requirements for the French        HIST 31-East Asian Civilizations I and II;
                                    Russian History or HIST 115-History of             Studies track of the French major are five         HIST 143-Modernization of Japan; JAPN 170-
                                    Modern Russia. ECON 71-Global Economic             courses in French beyond FREN 25-                  Japanese Literature in Translation; JAPN 172-
                                    Issues. One of the following four additional       Intermediate French, fourth semester. Two of       Japanese Culture and Civilization; POLS 152-
                                                                                                                                          Politics of Asia; ANTH 120-Japanese Culture
                                                           C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                       87

  and Society (other courses in related fields         Chinese                                                CHIN 191.    Independent Study
  may be negotiable with the Japanese Studies          CHIN 11a.     First-Year Chinese,                      CHIN 193.    Special Topics                    (4)
  faculty adviser). Oral proficiency in Japanese                     First Semester                    (4)
  at the level of intermediate high is expected        Beginning training in the basic language skills of     French
  at the time of graduation. At least one              understanding, speaking, reading and writing at        FREN 11a.    First-Year French,
  semester of study abroad in Japan in a               the first semester level. Cultural approach.                        First Semester                    (4)
  program which conducts coursework in                 Laboratory.                                            Beginning training in the basic language skills of
  Japanese is strongly urged.                                                                                 understanding, speaking, reading and writing at
                                                       CHIN 11b.     First-Year Chinese,
                                                                     Second Semester                   (4)
                                                                                                              the first semester level. Video-based
Course Offerings
                                                       Training in the basic language skills of               communicative and cultural approach. Students
Unless otherwise specified in this listing all                                                                with previous experience in French will be
coursework is done in the foreign language.            understanding, speaking, reading and writing at
                                                       the second semester level. Cultural approach.          initially placed in accordance with their
Language courses 11A through 25 must be                Laboratory. Prerequisite: first semester Chinese,      linguistic proficiency. Placement is subject to
taken in sequence                                      equivalent or permission of the instructor.            continuing re-evaluation.
General                                                                                                       FREN 11b.    First-Year French,
                                                       CHIN 23.      Chinese Through Culture,
                                                                                                                           Second Semester                   (4)

                                                                                                                                                                    modern languages and literature
LANG 30.     Introduction to Formal Analysis                         Third Semester                    (4)
                                                       Chinese culture and society through readings,          Training in the basic language skills of
             of Language                     (4)
                                                       videos, conversations on daily life and cultural       understanding, speaking, reading and writing at
In this course students will learn the basic
                                                       behaviors in China. Emphasis on developing             the second semester level. Video-based
principles and structures of language. The focus
                                                       critical thinking as well as 4-skills proficiency in   communicative and cultural approach.
is on the procedures which linguists use to
                                                       Chinese language at the intermediate level.            Placement is subject to continuing re-evaluation.
discover the underlying structure and forms in
                                                       Prerequisite: second semester Chinese,                 Prerequisite: first semester French, equivalent
language. Students will examine and practice
                                                       equivalent or permission of the instructor.            or permission of the instructor.
these procedures. Their ability to analyze and
solve problems will be enhanced. The target                                                                   FREN 23.     French Through Culture,
                                                       CHIN 25.      Chinese Through Culture,
language is English, although other languages                                                                              Third Semester                    (4)
                                                                     Fourth Semester                   (4)
might be used to clarify language structures           A continuation of cultural themes begun in CHIN        Culture and civilization through study of French
where necessary.                                       23. Chinese culture and society through readings,      daily life situations and customs, with discussion
                                                       videos, conversations on daily life and cultural       of reading material and exploration of French-
FREN 51.     French Literature in English        (4)
                                                       behaviors in Greater China (China, Taiwan and          language web sites. Integrated acquisition and
See description under French.                                                                                 review of grammar as a functioning language-
                                                       Hong Kong). Continued emphasis on developing
LANG 87.     Internship in Applied Language(2)
                                                       critical thinking as well as 4-skills proficiency in   system. Prerequisite: second semester French,
This course provides opportunities to use French,      Chinese language at the intermediate level.            equivalent or permission of the instructor.
Japanese or Spanish under supervised conditions        Prerequisite: third semester Chinese,                  FREN 25.     French Through Culture, Fourth
in area schools or businesses. Registration is         equivalent or permission of the instructor.                         Semester                       (4)
subject to departmental approval and is                                                                       Continuation and expansion of cultural themes
ordinarily limited to advanced students who are        CHIN 102.     Classics of Asian Civilization    (4)
                                                                                                              begun in FREN 23, to include history and
registered in another course in the same               A survey of some of the major literary, religious,
                                                                                                              memory, national identity and diversity,
language. Credit may not be counted for the            and philosophical texts that constitute the “Great
                                                                                                              “francophonie”, current issues and events in the
major. May be repeated once. Pass/No credit            Traditions’’ of Asian civilization. The course
                                                                                                              French-speaking world. Reading selections,
grading only.                                          treats India, China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam,
                                                                                                              discussion, exploration of French-expression web
                                                       with primary emphasis on China.
LANG 89.     Practicum                           (2)                                                          sites, with emphasis on the press. Continuation of
This course is designed to give the student            CHIN 120.     Asian Cinemas                     (4)    integrated acquisition and review of grammar as
opportunity to work with language in practical         How do contemporary films from China, Hong             a functioning language-system. Prerequisite:
situations under supervised conditions.                Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and India          intermediate French, 3rd semester, equivalent
Practicum courses may not be counted among             represent their people, re-imagine their cultural      or permission of the instructor.
the six courses required for the major. Permission     identities, and negotiate the local and global,
                                                                                                              FREN 29.     Spoken and Written French         (4)
of the instructor is required for registration.        tradition and modernity? This course is an
                                                                                                              Conversation. Composition exercises. An
Registration is ordinarily limited to advanced         introduction of Asian cinematic narratives. The
                                                                                                              advanced intermediate level course designed to
students who are registered in another course in       focus will be on trying to map the overall picture
                                                                                                              be taken immediately before or after French 25 or
the same language. Pass/No credit grading only.        of each cinema, and then examine their major
                                                       films. Possible topics include cinematic history of
JAPN 170.    Japanese Literature in                                                                           FREN 51.     French Literature in English      (4)
                                                       each country; relationships to literary and
             Translation                         (4)
                                                       cultural discourses; different film genres; major      A study of selected themes, periods or forms in
See description under Japanese.                                                                               French literature. Readings, discussions, lectures,
                                                       directors, and various thematic concerns. The
JAPN 172.    Japanese Culture and                      aims of this course are to expand your knowledge       exams in English. Applicable to French Studies
             Civilization                        (4)   of both the broad cinematic and socio-historical       major. No prerequisite.
See description under Japanese.                        contexts of Asian cinemas, as well as to enhance       FREN 93.     Special Topics                    (4)
                                                       your critical thinking. Lectures and readings in
                                                       English, all films have English subtitles; no prior
                                                       background is required.
 88                                                                                        UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                                  FREN 107.    Introduction to French of               cultural, geographical and historical context         GERM 23.     German Through Culture,
                                               Business and Economics           (4)    with an emphasis on the issues of language, race,                  Third Semester                  (4)
                                  This course will provide: 1) an opportunity to       gender, power, and cultural identity. In French.      Culture and civilization of the German-speaking
                                  acquire and to discuss, in French, background on     Offered occasionally in English as FREN 51.           countries through readings, conversations, and
                                  contemporary French life and the economic            Prerequisite: four semesters of college French        videos about daily life and customs in Germany,
                                  systems which serve it; 2) workshop opportunities    or equivalent. May be repeated with permission        Austria and Switzerland as well as exploration of
                                  to solve practical problems of commerce through      of the instructor.                                    German-language web sites. Integrated review of
                                  business correspondence, oral interviews, etc., in                                                         German as a functioning language-system.
                                                                                       FREN 124.    Individu et Société               (4)
                                  French. Students will gain introductory                                                                    Prerequisite: second semester German,
                                  knowledge about France and its economy,              An exploration of the construction of the self and    equivalent or permission of the instructor.
                                  acquiring at the same time active and passive        its relation to the social in various epochs in
                                                                                       French culture. Focus on universality and             GERM 25.     German Through Culture,
                                  abilities in the practical uses of French for                                                                           Fourth Semester                 (4)
                                  commercial, business and academic purposes. At       difference, the autobiographical project, social
                                                                                       determinism, exclusion and revolt. In French.         A continuation of the cultural themes begun in
                                  the conclusion of the course, students may seek                                                            GERM 23. Culture and civilization of the
                                  certification through the exams of the Certificat    Prerequisite: four semesters of college French
                                                                                       or equivalent. Offered occasionally in English as     German-speaking countries through readings,
                                  Pratique de Français Economique et Commercial                                                              conversations, and videos about daily life and
                                                                                       FREN 51. May be repeated with permission of the
modern languages and literature

                                  of the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de                                                               customs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as
                                  Paris (optional). Prerequisite: four semesters of    instructor.
                                                                                                                                             well as exploration of German-language web
                                  college French, equivalent or permission of the      FREN 126.    Penseurs et Philosophes           (4)    sites. Continuation of the integrated review of
                                  instructor.                                          The French moralists, essayists and philosophers      German as a functioning language-system.
                                  FREN 110.    Grammaire, Composition et
                                                                                       from the Renaissance to the present. A history of     Prerequisite: intermediate German, third
                                               Discussion                       (4)    French thought and its preferred fields of            semester, equivalent or permission of the
                                  Essential principles of syntax; Composition; oral    speculation. Selected readings from Montaigne,        instructor.
                                  presentations. Prerequisite: four semesters of       Descartes, Pascal, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Diderot,
                                                                                                                                             GERM 93.     Special Topics                  (4)
                                  college French or equivalent.                        Rousseau, Sartre, Camus, Foucault and others.
                                                                                       In French. Prerequisite: four semesters of            GERM 104. German Culture and Society I (4)
                                  FREN 112.    Civilisation Française A         (4)
                                                                                       college French or equivalent.                         A survey of major cultural and artistic
                                  A survey of the culture and civilization of France                                                         developments in Germany from the Roman times
                                  from the Middle Ages through the 17th century.       FREN 128.    Images et Voix de Femmes          (4)
                                                                                       Images and voices of women from courtly love to       to Bismarck with emphasis on the period from
                                  Prerequisite: four semesters of college French,                                                            the Enlightenment to 1871. Readings,
                                  equivalent or permission of the instructor.          the present. An analysis of “la condition
                                                                                       feminine” in the French literary and cultural         discussions and lectures on philosophy, art,
                                  FREN 114.    Civilisation Française B         (4)
                                                                                       context. In French. Prerequisite: four semesters      literature, music, politics and religion.
                                  A survey of the culture and civilization of France   of college French or equivalent. Offered              Prerequisite: four semesters of college German,
                                  from the 18th century to the present.                occasionally in English as FREN 51. May be            equivalent or permission of the instructor.
                                  Prerequisite: four semesters of college French,      repeated with permission of the instructor.           GERM 106. German Culture and Society II (4)
                                  equivalent or permission of the instructor.                                                                A study of the major cultural, artistic and
                                                                                       FREN 191.    Etudes Indépendantes            (2-4)
                                  FREN 116.    Littérature Française A          (4)
                                                                                       Ordinarily limited to majors in their senior year.    political forces of the past 150 years that have
                                  An introductory study of French literature from                                                            shaped the German mind of today. Figures such
                                  the Middle Ages through the 18th century.            FREN 193.    Etudes Spécialisées               (4)    as Nietzsche, Freud, Schönberg, Thomas and
                                  Prerequisite: four semesters of college French,      Prerequisite: four semesters of college French        Heinrich Mann, Goebbels, Heinrich Böll along
                                  equivalent or permission of the instructor.          or equivalent.                                        with topics such as Expressionism, Dada, New
                                  FREN 118.    Littérature Française B          (4)    German                                                Objectivity, the Third Reich, the postwar
                                  An introductory study of French literature of the                                                          experience form the subject matter of the course.
                                                                                       GERM 11a. First-Year German,                          Prerequisite: four semesters of college German,
                                  19th and 20th centuries. Prerequisite: four                    First Semester                       (4)
                                  semesters of college French, equivalent or                                                                 equivalent or permission of the instructor.
                                                                                       Beginning training in the basic language skills of
                                  permission of the instructor.                        understanding, speaking, reading and writing at       GERM 108. Introduction to German for
                                                                                       the first semester level. Cultural approach.                    Business and Economics             (4)
                                  FREN 120.    Le Cinéma Français/
                                               French Cinema in English         (4)    Laboratory. Students with previous experience in      An introduction to the vocabulary and practices
                                  A study of the development of French cinema          German will be initially placed in sections in        of the German-speaking business community
                                  through the analysis of themes, styles, and          accordance with their linguistic proficiency.         and economic environment. Students will gain
                                  cinematic techniques. In French. Films with          Placement is subject to continuing reevaluation.      an overview of these facets of the German culture
                                  English subtitles. Offered occasionally in English                                                         while practicing and extending their language
                                                                                       GERM 11b. First-Year German,                          skills through readings, audiovisual materials
                                  with no prerequisite. Prerequisite for French                  Second Semester                      (4)
                                  version only: four semesters of college French                                                             and through oral and written reports that focus
                                                                                       Training in the basic language skills of
                                  or equivalent.                                                                                             on topics such as economic geography,
                                                                                       understanding, speaking, reading and writing at the
                                                                                                                                             production, trade and services. Prerequisite:
                                  FREN 122.    La Francophonie                  (4)    second semester level. Cultural approach.
                                                                                                                                             GERM 25, equivalent or permission of the
                                  Studies in francophonic literary and                 Laboratory. Placement is subject to continuing
                                  cinematographic productions from Africa, the         reevaluation. Prerequisite: first semester German,
                                  Antilles and/or Canada. Works analyzed in their      equivalent or permission of the instructor.
                                                              C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                        89

GERM 111. Spoken and Written German                (4)    JAPN 11b.    First-Year Japanese, Second              role-playing, the students will be encouraged to
Intensive practice in composition and                                  Semester                           (4)   distinguish and utilize the different levels of
conversation with an emphasis on topics current           Training in the basic language skills of              Japanese according to the change of social
in German-speaking countries after World War              understanding, speaking, reading and writing at       situations and participants involved. The
II. Pre-requisite: four semesters of college              the second semester level. Cultural approach.         classroom materials will consist mainly of
German, equivalent or permission. Course                  Laboratory. Placement is subject to continuing        materials in Japanese related directly to business
may be repeated for credit at the discretion of           reevaluation. Prerequisite: first semester            and industry in Japan. The historical and
the instructor.                                           Japanese, equivalent or permission of the             cultural background will be incorporated to
                                                          instructor.                                           promote the proper understanding and usage of
GERM 124. German Writers of the 19th
          Century                                  (4)    JAPN 23.     Japanese through Culture, Third          Japanese in the world of business. Prerequisite:
This course focuses on developments in the                             Semester                      (4)        four semesters of college Japanese, equivalent
drama and the Novelle in the work of such writers         Instruction in the intermediate language skills,      or permission of the instructor.
as Büchner, Kleist, Tieck, Mörike, Hoffmann,              including writing and conversation: emphasis on       JAPN 170.     Japanese Literature
Eichendorff, Grabbe, Keller, Stifter and Storm.           reading and translating from Japanese into                          in Translation                     (4)
Prerequisite: four semesters of college German,           English. In addition to an assigned text,             A survey of Japanese literature from the 8th
equivalent or permission of the instructor.               materials from other Japanese sources such as         century to the present. The unique body of prose,

                                                                                                                                                                        modern languages and literature
                                                          current magazines and newspapers will be              poetry and drama that developed during this
GERM 128. German Poetry                            (4)
                                                          included. Laboratory. Prerequisite: second            thousand-year epoch - mostly in relative
Traditions and innovation in German lyric poetry
                                                          semester Japanese, equivalent or permission of        isolation from the rest of the world - represents a
seen against the backdrop of sociocultural
                                                          the instructor.                                       brilliant literary heritage rarely matched
patterns of selected periods from the Middle Ages
to the present. Prerequisite: four semesters of           JAPN 25.     Japanese Through Culture, Fourth         anywhere in the world. Taught in English.
college German, equivalent or permission of                            Semester                     (4)
                                                                                                                JAPN 172.     Japanese Culture
the instructor.                                           Continued language training at the advanced                         and Civilization                   (4)
                                                          intermediate level. In addition to a standard         A survey of the basic features of Japanese culture
GERM 132. Goethe and Schiller                      (4)
                                                          reader, materials from other Japanese sources         and civilization as seen through literature and
This course will focus on these two great figures         will be introduced. Prerequisite: third semester
as the culmination of cultural developments in                                                                  the other creative arts from the earliest times to
                                                          Japanese, equivalent or permission of the             the present. Taught in English.
the eighteenth century from the Enlightenment             instructor.
to Romanticism. Prerequisite: four semesters of                                                                 JAPN 174.     Modern Japanese Theatre            (4)
college German, equivalent or permission of               JAPN 93.     Special Topics                     (4)   A survey of modern Japanese theatre, focusing
the instructor.                                           JAPN 125.    Advanced Japanese I                (4)   especially on the years after 1945 when it
GERM 134. Modern German Prose                      (4)    Selective reading in Japanese of contemporary         gradually developed into one of the world’s truly
Revolving around particular themes such as                literary works in prose, poetry and drama.            dynamic and original forms of contemporary
experiment and tradition, protest and prophesy in         Translation projects. Continued training in           performing art. We shall examine closely some of
the novel, this course will study the great prose works   writing and conversation at the advanced level.       the major plays from the postwar period in order
of some of the following writers: Kafka, Thomas           Prerequisites: JAPN 25 or equivalent;                 to appreciate more fully the style and content
Mann, Musil, Hesse, Grass, Broch and Böll.                permission of the instructor. (JAPN 125 or 126        identified with this new theatre movement, which
                                                          may be taken independently.)                          started in the late 19th century as a reaction to
GERM 136. Modern German Drama                      (4)                                                          the prevailing theatrical tradition of Japan.
A study of the major currents and writers in 20th         JAPN 126.    Advanced Japanese II               (4)
                                                                                                                Readings will be done in Japanese. Prerequisites:
Century German theater, such as Naturalism,               Selective reading and discussion in Japanese of
                                                                                                                either JAPN 125, 126 or equivalent;
Expressionism, Epic Theatre, Theater of the               contemporary literary works in prose, poetry and
                                                                                                                permission of the instructor.
Absurd, Hauptmann, Brecht, Weiss and Handke.              drama. Translation projects. Continued training
                                                          in writing and conversation. Prerequisites: JAPN      JAPN 176.     Meiji Literature                   (4)
Prerequisite: four semesters of college German,
equivalent or permission of the instructor.               25 or equivalent; permission of the instructor.       A survey of the main developments in Japanese
                                                          (JAPN 125 or 126 may be taken independently.)         literature during the Meiji period (1868-1911):
GERM 191. Independent Study                      (2-4)                                                          the study of its major authors and their
Ordinarily limited to majors in their senior year.        JAPN 128.    Advanced Writing and
                                                                       Conversational Japanese            (4)
                                                                                                                representative works in prose, poetry and drama.
GERM 193. Special Topics                           (4)    Concentrated study in composition and spoken          An important theme of this course will be
                                                          Japanese based on reading materials selected          tradition versus change in Japan - a once feudal
Japanese                                                                                                        society rapidly turning into a modern, industrial
                                                          from current magazines and newspapers.
JAPN 11a.      First-Year Japanese, First                 Prerequisites: either JAPN 125, 126 or                nation - and how this fascinating process is
               Semester                            (4)
                                                          equivalent; permission of the instructor.             reflected in the literature of the times. Readings
Beginning training in the basic language skills of                                                              will be in Japanese. Prerequisites: either JAPN
understanding, speaking, reading and writing at           JAPN 140.    Modern Business Japanese           (4)   125, 126 or equivalent; permission of the
the first semester level. Cultural approach.              In this course the students will become familiar      instructor.
Laboratory. Students with previous experience in          with some of the basic, standardized forms of
                                                                                                                JAPN 180.     Modern Japanese Fiction            (4)
Japanese will be initially placed in accordance           correspondence used in the daily conduct of
                                                          Japanese business. They will learn useful terms       A study of Japanese fiction as a literary genre after
with their linguistic proficiency. Placement is                                                                 1867 and up to the present. This course will
subject to continuing reevaluation.                       and expressions in business which may also have
                                                          wider application outside of this area. Through       examine representative works by Natsume Soseki
                                                                                                                and Mori Ogai, the greatest figures among the
 90                                                                                         UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                                  early modern novelists, and will also deal with       Kievan state to the 20th century. Readings,          SPAN 25.      Spanish Through Culture,
                                  several leading authors of the post-war period        lectures, discussions and student presentations                    Fourth Semester                   (4)
                                  including Mishima Yukio and Abe Kobo.                 on Russian literature and art. A survey of major     A continuation of the cultural themes begun in
                                  Readings will be in Japanese. Prerequisites: JAPN     literary works of the Golden Age of Russian          SPAN 23. Culture and civilization of the Hispanic
                                  125, 126 or equivalent; permission of the             literature. Extensive use of audiovisual aids.       world through readings, videos and
                                  instructor.                                           Taught in English.                                   conversations on daily life and culture in the
                                                                                                                                             Hispanic world. Continued review of Spanish
                                  JAPN 191.    Independent Study               (2-4)    RUSS 191. Independent Study                 (2-4)
                                                                                                                                             language as a functioning system. Prerequisite:
                                  Ordinarily limited to majors in their senior year.    May be used for advanced work in Russian             intermediate Spanish, third semester,
                                  JAPN 193.    Special Topics                    (4)
                                                                                        reading, composition and conversation, or for        equivalent or permission of the instructor.
                                  Prerequisite: four semesters of college Japanese or   work on other topics.
                                                                                                                                             SPAN 27.      Conversación                      (2)
                                  equivalent.                                           RUSS 193. Special Topics                      (4)
                                                                                                                                             May be repeated once for credit. An advanced
                                  Portuguese                                            Spanish                                              intermediate (fourth semester) level course to
                                                                                                                                             develop social skills in an Hispanic context.
                                  PORT 124. Intensive Portuguese                 (4)    SPAN 11a. First-Year Spanish,
                                                                                                  First Semester                      (4)
                                                                                                                                             Emphasis is directed to the practical
                                  The principal elements of grammar;
                                                                                        Beginning training in the basic language skills of   interpersonal skills important to every day living
modern languages and literature

                                  intermediate level reading. Prerequisite: the
                                                                                        understanding, speaking, reading and writing at      as well as those cultural manifestations inherent
                                  equivalent of two years of college Spanish or
                                                                                        the first semester level. Communicative              in speaking Spanish among native speakers.
                                  special permission.
                                                                                        approach. Laboratory. Students with previous         Pass/No credit only. Prerequisite: SPAN 23 or
                                  PORT 126. Reading and Discussion on
                                                                                        experience in Spanish will be initially placed in    permission of the instructor.
                                            Luso-Brazilian Culture               (4)
                                  Major or exclusive emphasis on Brazilian              classes in accordance with their linguistic          SPAN 101. Composición avanzada                  (4)

                                  literature. Prerequisite: PORT 124 or                 proficiency. Placement is subject to continuing      Designed to prepare students for formal writing
                                  equivalent.                                           reevaluation.                                        in Spanish in academic and professional
                                                                                        SPAN 11b. First-Year Spanish,
                                                                                                                                             contexts. Includes grammar review and
                                  Russian                                                         Second Semester                     (4)    vocabulary building. Prerequisite: Spanish 25
                                  RUSS 11a. First-Year Russian,                         Training in the basic language skills of             or Spanish 21b or equivalent or permission of
                                            First Semester                       (4)    understanding, speaking, reading and writing at      instructor.
                                  Beginning training in the basic language skills of    the second semester level. Communicative             SPAN 103. Introducción a la literatura
                                  understanding, speaking, reading and writing at       approach. Laboratory. Placement is subject to                  hispánica                             (4)
                                  the first semester level. Cultural approach.          continuing reevaluation. Prerequisite: first         A systematic survey of Hispanic literature.
                                  Laboratory.                                           semester Spanish, equivalent or permission of        Addresses such topics as the function of literature,
                                  RUSS 11b. First-Year Russian,                         the instructor.                                      the analysis and interpretation of texts, literary
                                            Second Semester                      (4)    SPAN 21a. Spanish for Heritage Speakers,
                                                                                                                                             periods, movements and trends. Prerequisite:
                                  Training in the basic language skills of                        First Semester                 (4)         Spanish 21b, 25 or equivalent or permission of
                                  understanding, speaking, reading and writing at       Beginning study of the formal use of Spanish by      instructor.
                                  the second semester level. Cultural approach.         heritage speakers. Emphasizes skills in              SPAN 110. Civilización hispanoamericana (4)
                                  Laboratory. Prerequisite: first semester Russian,     composition, advanced reading comprehension,         A systematic survey of Hispanic-American
                                  equivalent or permission of the instructor.           standards versus vernacular usages, and cross        civilization from pre-Columbian times to the
                                  RUSS 23.     Russian Through Culture, Third           language interference. Prerequisite: Native          modern era. Special attention is paid to the Incas,
                                               Semester                       (4)       speaking ability in Spanish.                         Aztecs and Mayans. May include national and
                                  Russian culture through readings, conversations,      SPAN 21b. Spanish for Heritage Speakers,             regional historic, political, economic and
                                  videos and discussions on daily life and culture of             Second Semester                (4)         cultural developments and their impact on
                                  Russia and former Soviet Republics. Review of         Emphasizes skills in composition, advanced           Hispanic life. Prerequisite: Spanish 21b, 25 or
                                  Russian language as a functioning system.             reading comprehension, standards versus              permission of instructor.
                                  Prerequisite: second semester Russian,                vernacular usages, and cross language                SPAN 112. Civilización espanola                 (4)
                                  equivalent or permission of the instructor.           interference. Prerequisite: Spanish for Heritage     A systematic survey of Hispanic literature. An
                                  RUSS 25.     Russian Through Culture, Fourth          Speakers First Semester, equivalent or               overview of Spanish Peninsular culture and
                                               Semester                      (4)        permission of instructor.                            history through literature and art. Representative
                                  A continuation of the cultural themes begun in        SPAN 23.     Spanish Through Culture,                works from the Middle Ages to the contemporary
                                  RUSS 23. Russian culture through readings and                      Third Semester                   (4)    period are studied in the context of intellectual
                                  discussions on daily life in Russia and former        Culture and civilization of the Hispanic world       history and local and international historic
                                  Soviet Republics. Continued review of Russian         through readings, videos and conversations on        developments. Prerequisite: Spanish 21b, 25 or
                                  language as a functioning system. Prerequisite:       daily life and culture in the Hispanic world.        permission of instructor.
                                  third semester Russian, equivalent or                 Rapid review of Spanish language as a                SPAN 120. Narrativa hispánica                   (4)
                                  permission of the instructor.                         functioning system. Prerequisite: second             An overview of the novel and short story with an
                                  RUSS 73.     Russian Culture                          semester Spanish, equivalent or permission of        in-depth study of the landmark works of the most
                                               and Civilization                  (4)    the instructor.                                      prominent authors of the Hispanic world. May be
                                  A survey of major cultural and artistic                                                                    repeated with permission of instructor.
                                  developments in Russia from the founding of the                                                            Prerequisite: Spanish 103 or permission of
                                                           C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                91

SPAN 122. Literatura mexicana                   (4)    complete system. Designed to facilitate the           and reflection, for exchange and debate of ideas,
Reading and analysis of Mexican literature.            understanding and teaching of Spanish.                for life-long learning and for dealing with
Special emphasis on cultural and societal              Prerequisite: Spanish 101 or permission of            problems for which there are no easy answers. It
aspects. Prerequisite: Spanish 103 or                  instructor. This course requires a high level of      also helps to prepare one for the tasks of
permission of instructor.                              proficiency in Spanish. Not recommended for           citizenship. Participation in political and
SPAN 124. Escritores hispanos en los                   freshmen.                                             community affairs today is all too often
          Estados Unidos                        (4)    SPAN 143. Fonética y fonología                  (4)
                                                                                                             insufficiently informed, manipulable and
Systematic survey of U.S. Latino literature. This      An overview of phonetics and phonology within         vulnerable to demagoguery. A good
course could provide an overall view of Hispanic       the context of Spanish linguistics. Focus on the      philosophical education enhances the capacity
literature or emphasize the literature of one of its   study of the sound system of the Spanish              to participate responsibly and intelligently in
major groups: Chicanos, Cubanos o                      language, the mechanics of sound production,          public life.
Puertorriqueños. May be repeated with                  the manner in which the language has organized        Students choose the Bachelor of Arts degree in
permission of instructor. Prerequisite: Spanish        these sounds into a system of logical                 philosophy for various reasons. Most enjoy the
103 or permission of instructor.                       relationships, and the way geographical, social       intellectually provocative and challenging
SPAN 126. Poesía hispánica                      (4)    and ethnic variations are made manifest through       nature of philosophical thinking that opens
A study of the primary poetic movements of the         that system. Prerequisite: Spanish 141. Not           their minds and has relevance for their personal

Spanish-speaking world with an in-depth study          recommended for freshmen.                             lives. Some study philosophy in order to go to
of the landmark works of the most important            SPAN 191. Independent Study                  (2-4)
                                                                                                             graduate school and eventually teach
authors. Writers, periods and regional focus will                                                            philosophy or to enter other professional fields,
                                                       SPAN 193. Special Topics                  (3 or 4)    such as law. And others take philosophy as a
vary. Prerequisite: Spanish 103 or permission
of instructor.                                                                                               second major since it is a good complement to
                                                       Philosophy                                            virtually any other major. In all cases, the study
SPAN 128. Teatro hispánico                      (4)
                                                       Professors: Heffernan, Hewitt                         of philosophy is personally enriching and
A study of the works of major playwrights of the                                                             develops skills that are transferable to a variety
Spanish-speaking world. Writers, periods and           Associate Professors: Matz (Chair)                    of occupations.
regional focus will vary. Prerequisite: Spanish        Assistant Professors: Wittrup
103 or permission of instructor.                                                                             The Department of Philosophy offers different
                                                       Department Phone: (209) 946-2281                      kinds of courses. Historical courses survey the
SPAN 133. Don Quijote                           (4)
                                                       Website: www1.pacific.edu/cop/philosophy              major philosophers and periods in the history of
An in-depth study of the major themes of                                                                     philosophy. Specialized courses focus more
Cervantes’ masterpiece. Includes a consideration       The study of philosophy is at the core of a           narrowly on topics such as applied ethics,
of historical, intellectual and literary contexts.     liberal arts education. The ideal of a liberal arts   religion, the meaning of life, politics, or the
Explores the relationship of this work to the          education is not simply to prepare students for a     thought of one philosopher. Systematic courses
ideological currents of late sixteenth-and early       specific career but to prepare them for a             are advanced and deal with problems that arise
seventeenth-century Europe. Prerequisites:             meaningful personal life and for intelligent          in relation to all human activities, such as the
Spanish 101 and Spanish 103 or permission of           participation in their communities. There are         activity of knowing (epistemology), the nature
instructor. Not recommended for freshmen.              issues that all human beings confront regardless      of reality (metaphysics), and the experience of
SPAN 135. Literatura hispanoamericana del              of what career they choose or community they          value (metaethics). The departmental offerings
          siglo XX                                     live in, such as the nature and limits of             are grouped as follows:
                                        (4)            knowledge, the principles of right and wrong,
An analytical study of the works of major              the meaning of life, the truth of religious           A. Introductory Course: Introduction to
authors. Magic realism will be an important            claims, and the nature of reality. Philosophers          Philosophy
focus in the overview of literary trends in            raise critical questions about these issues, and      B. Formal Reasoning Course: Introduction to
Twentieth        Century     Hispanoamerica.           some attempt to construct comprehensive                  Logic
Prerequisites: Spanish 101 and Spanish 103 or          systems that explain how all human activities fit     C. Historical Courses: History of Ancient and
permission of instructor.                              together in a unified way. Moreover, through the         Medieval Philosophy; History of Modern
SPAN 140. Traducción                            (4)
                                                       exposure to some of the great minds in human             Philosophy
Outline of basic written translation techniques.       history and the discussion of their ideas with
                                                       their professors and peers, students develop the      D. Specialized Courses: Moral Problems;
Translation exercises and assignments. Special                                                                  Fundamentals of Ethics; The Meaning of Life;
attention given to vocabulary and sentence             reading, writing, and critical thinking skills that
                                                       are essential to a human being. In the words of          Environmental Ethics; Dimensions of
structure. Designed to train students to interpret                                                              Freedom; Philosopher in Depth; Philosophers
content and express it in the appropriate written      the American Philosophical Association,
                                                                                                                in Conflict; Philosophy of Law; Philosophy of
form. Prerequisite: Spanish 101 or permission          the study of philosophy serves to develop                Religion; Political Philosophy; Special Topics
of instructor.                                         intellectual abilities important for life as a
                                                       whole, beyond the knowledge and skills required       E. Systematic Courses: Metaphysics; Theory of
SPAN 141. Sintaxis, semántica y
                                                       for any particular profession. Properly pursued,         Knowledge; Good, Evil and Reason:
          morfología                            (4)
                                                       it enhances analytical, critical and interpretive        Metaethics
An overview of syntaxes, semantics and
morphology within the context of Spanish               capacities that are applicable to any subject
linguistics. Focus on pedagogical descriptions         matter, and in any human context. It cultivates
that explain the structure of language as a            the capacities and appetite for self-expression
92                                                                      UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

             Major Requirements                                    PHIL 27.      Fundamentals of Ethics            (4)    PHIL 93.      Special Topics                     (4)
             Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree in         An inquiry into the assumptions, arguments and         PHIL 101.     Philosophers in Conflict           (4)
             philosophy must complete at least nine courses        implications of moral judgments and value              The purpose of this course is to examine two
             selected in consultation with their departmental      systems.                                               philosophers who construct influential yet
             advisor. Students are required to take                PHIL 35.      Environmental Ethics              (4)    opposing views regarding the nature of
             Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to           An investigation of various environmental              knowledge, metaphysics, ethics and/or religion.
             Logic, both historical courses, three specialized     problems and the ethical attitudes and principles      Examples of philosophers in conflict are Kant
             courses of their choice, and two systematic           required to address them properly.                     and Mill or Aristotle and Hobbes.
             courses of their choice. Six of these courses must
                                                                   PHIL 37.      Introduction to Logic             (4)    PHIL 106.     Philosophy of Law                  (4)
             be completed at the University of the Pacific.
             Students must notify a member of the                  An introduction to the basic techniques of             An analysis of the nature of law, legal reasoning,
             department about their intention to major in          formal, especially symbolic, logic as a tool used      legal ethics and the roles of legislators, lawyers
             philosophy so that a major plan can be created.       in the analysis of ordinary language and               and judges in the pursuit of justice.
                                                                   arguments.                                             PHIL 124.     Philosophy of Religion             (4)
             Minor Requirements
                                                                   PHIL 39.      Dimensions of Freedom             (4)    Through classical and contemporary
             Students seeking a minor in Philosophy must           Examination of arguments for and against               philosophical writings, students will examine

             complete five courses for a minimum of 18             freedom of the will and consideration of the           arguments that support belief in God (mystical,
             units. One of these courses must be Introduction      meaning of being free in relation to some              cosmological, teleological, moral); whether
             to Philosophy (PHIL 11). The other courses are        dimensions of human life, e.g., our relations to       morality depends on religious belief; the
             chosen by the student in consultation with a          nature, society and God.                               relationship between reason and faith; the
             departmental advisor. At least three of the                                                                  problem of evil; the possibility of miracles and an
             courses must be completed at the University of        PHIL 47.      Philosopher in Depth              (4)
                                                                   An in-depth investigation of the views of a single     afterlife; the nature of “secular” religions; and
             the Pacific. The department reserves the right to                                                            the relationship between science and religious
             judge the acceptability of any transfer units         philosopher on epistemology, ethics, and
                                                                   metaphysics with special attention to how those        belief. A previous course in philosophy is highly
             toward the minor.                                                                                            recommended.
                                                                   views cohere (or fail to) into a single world view.
             Typical First Year Program                            Selected philosophers might include Plato,             PHIL 135.     Political Philosophy               (4)
             During the freshman year a student interested in      Aristotle, Hume, Kant, Hegel or J.S. Mill. Course      An evaluation of bases of political power, forms of
             pursuing the philosophy major may take any            may be repeated with a different focus.                government and legal and judiciary systems.
             course in the department that is open to
                                                                   PHIL 53.      Ancient & Medieval Philosophy(4)         PHIL 180.     Metaphysics                        (4)
             freshmen, but he or she is especially encouraged
                                                                   A survey of significant and historically influential   An in-depth examination of various metaphysical
             to choose one or more courses from the
                                                                   philosophers from the ancient and medieval periods,    problems that cannot be answered by sense-
             following: either PHIL 11-Introduction to
                                                                   with particular emphasis on the thought of Socrates,   experience and experimental methods alone, such
             Philosophy, PHIL 27-Fundamentals of Ethics,
                                                                   Plato, Aristotle, the Hellenistic philosophers         as whether human beings are free, the nature of
             PHIL 53 History of Ancient and Modern
                                                                   (Epicureans, Stoics, Skeptics), Augustine, and         personal identity, the relationship between
             Philosophy, PHIL 37-Introduction to Logic, PHIL
                                                                   Aquinas. Some of the topics to be investigated are:    consciousness and the body, the existence of God, the
             47-Philosopher in Depth.
                                                                   what is happiness? What is the origin and nature of    possibility of an afterlife, and the meaning of life.
             Course Offerings                                      justice and virtue? Why be moral? What are the aims    PHIL 182.     Theory of Knowledge                (4)
                                                                   of government and law? What is the difference          A study of the major issues of the scope and limits
             PHIL 11.     Introduction to Philosophy        (4)
                                                                   between knowledge and opinion? What is the nature      of human knowledge as they emerge in the
             An overview of issues addressed by philosophers
                                                                   of things? Does a divine being exist and what is its   writings of key figures in the history of
             and the problems that recur in philosophical
                                                                   nature? What is the relationship between religious     philosophy. At least one previous course in
             speculation in the Western world.
                                                                   faith and reason?                                      philosophy or permission of the instructor is
             PHIL 21.     Moral Problems                    (4)
                                                                   PHIL 55.      History of Modern Philosophy (4)         required.
             A moral problem is a result of rational differences
                                                                   A survey of some of the most significant
             of opinion about what is right or wrong. Through                                                             PHIL 184.     Good, Evil, and Reason:
                                                                   philosophers beginning with the Reformation in                       Metaethics                         (4)
             philosophical writings and landmark U.S.
                                                                   the 16th century until the present day.                A discussion of the questions: Are laws of morality
             Supreme Court decisions, students will come to
                                                                   Philosophers studied typically include Descartes,      a fact about the world like the laws of physics? Are
             understand the moral and legal complexities of
                                                                   Locke, Hume, Kant, Mill, Marx, Nietzsche, James,       human beings capable of morality?
             controversial moral problems, such as the moral
                                                                   Ayer, Wittgenstein, Sartre, and Popper. Some of the
             standing of animals, abortion, doctor-assisted                                                               PHIL 191.     Independent Study                (2-4)
                                                                   topics are: what are the foundations and limits of
             suicide, capital punishment, civil disobedience,                                                             Permission of the instructor required.
                                                                   knowledge? Can humans know anything with
             affirmative action, sexual morality, pornography,
                                                                   certainty? Does God exist? What is the origin and      PHIL 193.     Special Topics                     (4)
             the limits of free speech, and hunger and poverty.
                                                                   nature of morality? What is the moral basis of
             PHIL 25.     The Meaning of Life               (4)    government and law? What are the limits of
             An investigation of views of the meaning of life      political and social power over individuals? What
             ranging from ancient to contemporary                  gives life meaning? A previous course in
             philosophers.                                         Philosophy 53 is recommended but not necessary.
                                                           C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                         93

Physics                                                Academic Requirements                                 Mathematics
                                                       The College of the Pacific requires three Mentor      MATH 51         Calculus I                                 4
Associate Professors: Granik, Hetrick (Chair)
                                                       Seminar classes plus nine General Education           MATH 53         Calculus II                                4
Assistant Professors: Alward, Harlow, Krysac           (G.E.) courses from a list of categories. Courses     MATH 55         Calculus III                               4
Adjunct Professor: Ninov                               required for the Physics, Mathematics, and            MATH 57         Ordinary Differential
                                                       Engineering majors automatically satisfy all                          Equations                              4
Department Phone: (209) 946-2220                       three subdivisions of the G.E. category III,          Total                                                 16
Website: www1.pacific.edu/cop/physics                  “Natural World and Formal Systems of
                                                       Thought.” Therefore, only six G.E. electives          Chemistry
Matter, energy, space and time obey a few
general but precise laws, which are fundamental        must be taken by students completing any of the       CHEM 25         General Chemistry                      5
to the structure and behavior we see in our            Physics degrees, including the Physics Minor.         CHEM 27         General Chemistry                      5
universe. The evolving understanding of this           Bachelor of Science - Physics                         Total                                                 10
over the centuries has changed our minds, our          The Bachelor of Science in Physics degree             Engineering
lives, and our world profoundly.                       program is the standard preparation for               Electronics Course**                                   4
The faculty and facilities of the Physics              professional careers in physics and related           Total                                                  4

Department help students understand and                physical sciences. Graduates may enter
                                                                                                             Major Total*                                          77
explore these natural relationships, their             industrial and government positions directly at
meaning, interconnectedness, and their use. The        the B.S. level or may proceed to graduate study       *An upper level vector calculus or complex analysis
                                                                                                             course is recommended, such as MATH 152.
study of physics includes mastering very broad         in preparation for higher level research              **The specific electronics course will vary according to
fundamentals which apply to everything from            positions. The B.S. degree requires students to       the student’s background. Students with no electronics
atoms to galaxies, as well as specific studies in      complete twelve courses in physics, four courses      background will take ENGR 79-Electrical Science. More
                                                       in Mathematics, two in Chemistry and one              advanced students are encouraged to take ELEC 131-
topical specializations such as optics, quantum                                                              Electronic Circuits I.
mechanics, and astrophysics. Students are also         course in electronics in the School of
encouraged to participate in undergraduate             Engineering.                                          Bachelor of Science – Engineering
research projects both here at Pacific and at          Degree Requirements          Courses        Units     Physics
other institutions during the summer break.            Physics                      12               47      The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics
                                                       Mathematics                  4                16      is offered in cooperation with the School of
Degrees in Physics
                                                                                                             Engineering. The proportions of courses taken
The degree programs in Physics prepare students to     Chemistry                    2                10
                                                                                                             in these two areas are roughly equal. This is a
think deeply through questions, to find and            Engineering                  1                  4
                                                                                                             double-major, since it satisfies the requirements
connect abstract relationships to new situations,      General Education                                     for both a degree in Engineering Physics
and to be academically confident and broadly           Electives                    6                   18
                                                                                                             awarded by the School of Engineering, and a
knowledgeable scientists and teachers. Bachelor of     Mentor Seminars              3                   10   degree in Engineering Physics awarded by the
Science degrees are offered in Physics, Engineering    Total                        28                 105   College of the Pacific.
Physics and Geophysics. A Bachelor of Arts degree is
                                                       College of the Pacific students need 124 units to     Today’s engineer must be able to understand
also offered in Physics, which is combined with the
                                                       graduate, meaning another 19 units of                 and apply new and changing technologies
credential program for secondary school teaching.
                                                       university electives in addition to these             which arise from advancements in fundamental
The department also offers a Physics Minor,
                                                       requirements must be taken. A maximum of 13           science. Techniques and ideas learned at the
intended for students majoring in other disciplines,
                                                       of these units needed to graduate may be taken        University may change completely within three
who have a strong interest in Physics and the
                                                       in Physics, due to the 64 unit rule of the College    years of graduation. Pacific engineering physics
underlying principles of science.
                                                       of the Pacific: “Students must complete a             graduates have a firm understanding of the
Facilities                                             minimum of 64 units outside the department of         fundamental physics upon which modern
The offices, laboratories and classrooms of the        their first major”.                                   scientific advancements are based. He or she is
Physics Department occupy Olson Hall. Lab              Major Requirements                                    able to use advanced mathematical methods
space is plentiful and labs are equipped with                                                                and problem solving techniques to relate new
modern facilities for courses in Optics, Physics,      Physics                                               ideas and scientific developments to practical
Solid State Physics, Advanced Physics Lab, as                                                      Units     problems in engineering. By acquiring skills
well as for the Introductory Physics, Music, and       PHYS 27      Computing for Physicists           1     applicable for lifelong learning, the Pacific
Astronomy courses. There are also several              PHYS 53      Principles of Physics I            5     engineering physics graduate is well prepared
research laboratories. The department has two          PHYS 55      Principles of Physics II           5     for a competitive career.
computer labs with PCs, and a unix (SunRay)            PHYS 57      Modern Physics                     4     Students who major in Engineering Physics are
computer lab .                                         PHYS 101 Electricity and Magnetism              4     subject to all of the requirements for an
Recommended High School Preparation                    PHYS 102 Electrodynamics                        4     engineering major. Among these requirements is
                                                       PHYS 151 Advanced Physics Lab                   4     a work experience component called the
Physics majors should study enough
                                                       PHYS 181 Classical Mechanics                    4     Cooperative Education Program. Students must
mathematics in high school so that they are
                                                       PHYS 183 Quantum Mechanics                      4     complete 50 units of full-time work experience
prepared to study calculus in their first semester                                                           in order to graduate. Students fulfill this
at Pacific. They should also take high school          PHYS 197 Undergraduate Research                 4
                                                                                                             requirement in two six-month periods and are
physics and chemistry. Some experience with            plus two upper division physics electives
                                                                                                             placed in these positions by the School of
computer programming is also very useful.              Total                                           47    Engineering. This major is a five-year program.
94                                                                 UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

          Degree Requirements        Courses          Units   English                                                 Chemistry
          Physics                    7                  30    ENGL 105 Technical Writing                          4   CHEM 25       General Chemistry                 5
          Engineering                16                 86    Total                                               4   CHEM 27       General Chemistry                 5
          Mathematics                5                  20    Major Total                                       149   Total                                          10
          Chemistry                  1                    5
                                                              Bachelor of Science - Geophysics                        Engineering
          Computer Science           1                    4
                                                              The Bachelor of Science degree in Geophysics is         CIVL 130      Fluid Mechanics                   4
          English                    1                    4   awarded for completion of an interdepartmental          Total                                           4
          General Education          6                  18    program offered by the Department of Physics
          Mentor Seminars            3                  10    and the Department of Geosciences. This major           Computer Science
          Total                      40                177    prepares students for graduate studies in               Computer Programming Course                     3
                                                              geophysics or for a career in exploration               Total                                           3
          Major Requirements                                  geophysics. The major consists of six courses in        Major Total                                    83
          Physics                                             physics, five in geology, five in mathematics, two
                                                              in chemistry, a computer programming course             Bachelor of Arts - Physics
          PHYS 53       Principles of Physics I          5
                                                              and Fluid Mechanics (offered through the                The Bachelor of Arts degree program requires
          PHYS 55       Principles of Physics II         5    School of Engineering).                                 fewer advanced courses in Physics and

          PHYS 57       Modern Physics                   4                                                            Mathematics than are required for the three
                                                              Degree Requirements
          PHYS 101 Electricity and Magnetism             4                                                            Bachelor of Science programs. Students
                                                              General Education*                                 9
          PHYS 161 Thermal Physics                       4                                                            complete six courses in Physics and four in
                                                              University Electives                               3    Mathematics, which allows time for a student to
          Upper-division physics electives               8
                                                              Non-major Requirements                            12    develop greater breadth in other areas as is
          Total                                         30
                                                              Physics                                            6    appropriate for a high school physical science
          Engineering                                         Geology                                            5    teaching credential. Thus, this degree is at
          ELEC 79       Electrical Circuits              3    Mathematics                                        5    present limited to students in the secondary
          ELEC 79L      Electrical Circuits Lab          1    Chemistry                                          2    school teaching track. (Students interested in
          ELEC 121      Systems                          3    Engineering/Other Science                          2
                                                                                                                      teaching credential programs with a physics or
          ELEC 131      Electronic Circuits              3                                                            physical sciences emphasis can obtain the
                                                              Major Requirements                                20
          ELEC 131L Electronic Circuits Lab              1                                                            Teaching Credential Major sheet from the Office
                                                              Graduation Total**                                32    of Admissions.)
          ELEC 195      Senior Project I                 2
                                                              *See Degree Requirements paragraph.                     Degree Requirements         Courses         Units
          ELEC 196      Senior Project II                2    **Presumes an average of four units per course.
                                                                                                                      Physics                     7                 27
          ENGR 5        Introduction to Engineering      2
                                                              Major Requirements                                      Mathematics                 4                 16
          ENGR 45       Materials Science                4
                                                              Physics                                                 General Education
          ENGR 120 Mechanics                             3                                                            Electives                   6                  18
          ENGR 130 Fluid Mechanics                       4    PHYS 53        Principles of Physics I             5
                                                                                                                      Mentor Seminars             3                  10
          ENGR 181 Professional Practice I              18    PHYS 55        Principles of Physics II            5
                                                                                                                      School of Education
          ENGR 182 Professional Practice II             14    PHYS 57        Modern Physics                      4    Credential Requirements     9                 35
          ENGR 183 Professional Practice III            18    PHYS 101       Electricity and Magnetism           4    Graduation Total**          29               106
          Upper-division engineering electives           8    PHYS 161       Thermal Physics                     4
                                                              PHYS 181       Classical Mechanics                 4    Requirements
          Total                                         86
                                                              Total                                             26    College of the Pacific students need 124 units to
          Mathematics                                                                                                 graduate, meaning another 54 units of
          MATH 39      Probability and Statistics        4    Geology                                                 university electives in addition to these
          MATH 51      Calculus I                        4    GEOS 051       Physical Geology                    4    requirements must be taken.
          MATH 53      Calculus II                       4    GEOS 100       Mineralogy                          4
                                                                                                                      Major Requirements
          MATH 55      Calculus III                      4    GEOS 110       Igneous and Metamorphic
                                                                             Petrology or GEOS 112                    Physics
          MATH 57      Ordinary Differential
                                                                             Sedimentary Petrology               4    PHYS 27 Intro Comp. For Physicists              1
                       Equations                         4
                                                              GEOS 114       Structural Geology                  4    PHYS 53      Principles of Physics              5
          Total                                         20
                                                              GEOS 161       Geologic Field Methods              4    PHYS 55      Principles of Physics              5
          Chemistry                                           Total                                             20    PHYS 57      Modern Physics                     4
          CHEM 25      General Chemistry                 5
                                                              Mathematics                                             PHYS 181 Classical Mechanics                    4
          Total                                          5
                                                              MATH 37        Probability and Statistics          4    Plus two upper division physics electives       8
          Computer Science                                    MATH 51        Calculus I                          4    Total        27
          COMP 51      Introduction to                        MATH 53        Calculus II                         4
                       Computer Science                  4
                                                              MATH 55        Calculus III                        4
          Total                                          4
                                                              MATH 57        Ordinary Differential
                                                                             Equations                           4
                                                              Total                                             20
                                                             C O U R S E C ATA L O G 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 5                                                                95

Mathematics                                          B.S. in Geophysics                                        PHYS 41.     Astronomy                         (4)
MATH 51       Calculus I                         4   Fall:                                                     A broad overview of modern astronomy, with
MATH 53       Calculus II                        4          Physical Geology, Calculus I,                      emphasis on conceptual understanding. Topics
                                                            Mentor Seminar I, elective                         include constellations, motions of stars and
MATH 55       Calculus III                       4
                                                     Spring:                                                   planets, the solar system, stellar evolution,
MATH 57       Ordinary Differential Equations    4
                                                                                                               pulsars, black holes, quasars, galaxies and
Total                                           16          Principles of Physics I, Calculus II,
                                                            Mentor Seminar II, elective                        cosmology. The course includes some outdoor
Major Total                                     42                                                             observing activities and laboratory work.
                                                     B.A. in Physics                                           Prerequisite: High school level ability in
The Physics Minor
                                                     Fall:                                                     algebra and geometry.
A minor in Physics provides the student of any
                                                            Calculus I, General Chemistry,
discipline with a very strong understanding of                                                                 PHYS 53.     Principles of Physics I           (5)
                                                            Astronomy, Mentor Seminar I
the foundations of science and the workings of                                                                 Kinematics, dynamics, oscillations, wave motion
                                                     Spring:                                                   and fluids. Laboratory. Prerequisite: MATH 51.
the physical world. The study of physics teaches
abstract problem solving skills which are both of           Principles of Physics I, Calculus II,              Co-requisite: MATH 53. High school physics or
                                                            General Chemistry, Principles of                   PHYS 17 are recommended.
great benefit to the student, and impressive to             Physics, Mentor Seminar II
prospective employers.

                                                                                                               PHYS 55.     Principles of Physics II          (5)
                                                     Course Offerings                                          Thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, light
The Minor requires students to complete five
courses in Physics: PHYS 53, 55, 57 and two          PHYS 17.         Concepts of Physics                (4)   and optics, atomic and nuclear physics, particle
upper division electives. Note that these courses    This course is a descriptive, general education           physics     and     cosmology.     Laboratory.
have Calculus prerequisites.                         course for students who have not had high school          Prerequisites: PHYS 53 and MATH 53. Co-
                                                     physics. Topics include motion, heat, energy,             requisite: MATH 55
Minor Requirements
                                                     light, sound and other wave phenomena,                    PHYS 57.     Modern Physics                    (4)
Physics                                              electricity and magnetism, and atomic structure.          Special relativity; quantization; wave/particle
                                             Units   Practical applications are emphasized. The                duality and the uncertainty principle; solution
PHYS 53      Principles of Physics               5   course includes laboratory work. Prerequisite:            and interpretation of simple Schroedinger
PHYS 55      Principles of Physics               5
                                                     High school level in algebra and geometry.                equations; atomic structure; introduction to
PHYS 57      Modern Physics                      4   PHYS 23.         General Physics I                  (5)   nuclear and elementary particle physics.
Plus two upper-level Physics electives           8   The physics of mechanics and motion. The                  Laboratory. Prerequisite: PHYS 55 and MATH
                                                     course includes laboratory work. Prerequisite:            55. Corequisite: MATH 57.
Minor Total                                    22
                                                     MATH 33 or MATH 41 or MATH 51 or higher.                  PHYS 101. Electricity and Magnetism            (4)
Typical First-Year Program
                                                     PHYS 25.         General Physics II                 (5)   Theory of electrostatic and electromagnetic fields
Students planning to major in physics should         An overview of Thermal Physics, Acoustics,                and their interaction with matter. Practical
contact the chairman of the Physics                  Electricity and Magnetism, Quantum Mechanics              applications. Development of Maxwell’s
Department. An adviser from the department           and Relativity. The course includes laboratory            equations. Prerequisites: PHYS 55, MATH 55.
will be assigned, who should be consulted before     work. Prerequisite: PHYS 23.                              Co-requisite: MATH 57
registering for the first semester. Some typical
freshman year programs are listed below:             PHYS 27.         Introduction to Computing for            PHYS 102. Electrodynamics                      (4)
                                                                      Physicists                    (1)        Maxwell’s     equations.      Propagation        of
B.S. in Physics                                      This course meets weekly and provides students            electromagnetic radiation. Transmission lines,
Fall:                                                with an introduction to the department’s                  wave guides, antennas. Applications. Prerequisites:
        Into. Comp. Phys.                            computer facilities and their use. After an               PHYS 57, PHYS 101 AND MATH 57.
        Calculus I, General Chemistry I,             introduction to unix, students learn basic
                                                                                                               PHYS 105. Optics                               (4)
        Mentor Seminar I,                            programming in C++. The course then covers
        elective for general education                                                                         A modern introduction to optics. Topics include
                                                     scientific software and libraries for data analysis
        category I or II                                                                                       Geometrical Optics, Optical Instrumentation, the
                                                     and visualization.
Spring:                                                                                                        Wave Nature of Light, Polarization, Diffraction,
       Principles of Physics, Calculus II,
                                                     PHYS 39.         Physics of Music                   (4)   Lasers and Fiber-Optics. The objective is to
       General Chemistry II, Mentor                  A liberal arts lab-science course designed to             combine a firm theoretical foundation with
       Seminar II                                    enhance students’ enjoyment and appreciation of           hands-on experience in the laboratory to gain a
                                                     music by developing an understanding of the               basic understanding of Modern Optics and how to
B.S. in Engineering Physics                          basic physics which is involved. Major topics             apply it in today’s world. Prerequisite: PHYS 55
Fall:                                                include: the physics of motion, vibration, waves          and MATH 55.
       Calculus I, General Chemistry,                and sound; some aspects of hearing, harmony
                                                                                                               PHYS 141. Astrophysics                         (4)
       Introduction to Engineering,                  and musical scales; the physical behavior of the
       Mentor Seminar I                                                                                        Introduction to the physics of stars, galaxies and
                                                     various families of musical instruments;
Spring:                                                                                                        the universe. Topics include: observational
                                                     electronic sound systems; architectural acoustics.
                                                                                                               properties of stars, stellar structure, star
       Principles of Physics, Calculus II,           Prerequisite: High school level ability in
       Introduction to Computer Science,                                                                       formation, stellar evolution, close binary stars,
                                                     algebra and geometry.
       Mentor Seminar II                                                                                       white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes,
                                                                                                               observational properties of galaxies, galactic
                                                                                                               dynamics, interstellar and intergalactic medium,
 96                                                                            UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC

                    expansion of the universe and cosmology.               another, why some nations succeed and others        Pacific students who qualify may take a semester
                    Prerequisites: PHYS 55 and MATH 55.                    fail. They study voting and revolutions, the        devoted to the study of the United Nations
                    PHYS 151. Advanced Physics Laboratory (4)
                                                                           Supreme Court and the United Nations, the idea      through a cooperative arrangement with Drew
                    Experimental studies in modern physics,                of justice and the nature of power, India and       University. In this program students spend two
                    especially ones which require the design,              San Francisco, environmental policy, criminal       days a week at U.N. Headquarters in New York for
                    construction and use of special apparatus.             law and gender roles - all in the pursuit of        seminars, observations, and research.
                    Prerequisite: PHYS 57.                                 clearer knowledge about the characteristic ways
                                                                                                                               Typical First-Year Program
                                                                           humans interact in the public sphere.
                    PHYS 161. Thermal Physics                        (4)                                                       A recommended pattern of courses for Political
                    The general laws of thermodynamics with                Students majoring in Political Science ought to     Science majors in their first year would include
                    applications to heat engines and thermal               gain from it a well-grounded liberal education      POLS 11-Intro. to Political Science and INTL
                    properties of solids. Introductory statistical         focused on the knowledge and skills necessary to    77-Contemporary World I in the fall semester,
                    mechanics with applications to molecules, solids,      understand the public realities of their world.     and POLS 41-U.S. Government and Politics in
                    thermoelectric phenomena and radiation.                They will have looked in depth at the               the spring. ECON 55-Intro. Macroeconomics
                    Prerequisites: PHYS 55, MATH 55.                       fundamental concepts and values that underlie       should be taken either in the spring semester of
                                                                           human decision-making, have examined the