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Praise for Randy Hammon


									Praise for Randy Hammon
“With this book Randy Hammon has accomplished what many have
attempted, but few have achieved, and that is to lay out a clear, simple,
yet effective path to developing a retirement plan that will stand the test
of time. Anyone interested in building a retirement plan that will assure a
secure retirement should start by reading this book.”
                                                —Bob MacDonald
            Former Chairman and CEO, Allianz Life of North America

“When I first saw the title, The Safe Money System, I thought, ‘This might
be a little late.’ But when I read the book, I realized that it’s never too late
to plan for your financial future . . . Let Randy Hammon’s smart, safe
system be your guide.”
                                              —Ken Blanchard
Coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level

“It’s shocking how many poor investment decisions have been portrayed
as ‘financial wisdom’—and now those same investment gurus are asking
us to trust them again. Read this book. And then read it again. Because
the solution to your financial problem is discussed in thorough detail in
this book. Randy Hammon has mastered that solution for you.”
                                                    —Michael Gerber
             Author of the internationally best-selling E-Myth books

 “The Safe Money System is an absolute must for advisors who want to
retain their current clients while attracting prospects who will become
loyal, lifelong clients. In my 50 years as an agent, agency owner, and
company executive I have never seen a more comprehensive, classic
textbook on how risk-adverse clients can identify and avoid high-risk
investing while they accumulate substantial wealth. Randy Hammon’s
30-year experience in tax and retirement planning is the key to filling
seminars for you with high-value, qualified prospects. Your appointment
book will be bursting at the seams. You can count on it!”
                                                    —C. Mitchell Hart
                          President and CEO, Insurance Advocates, Inc.

“I entrusted my entire retirement nest egg to Randy Hammon in 2006.
I can’t express my gratitude for his wisdom in not losing any money
over the last four years in this economy—in fact, my account values
are up 20 percent over that time frame. Yes, I’m a believer in the Safe
Money System!”
                                                        —Bobbie Gee
                             NSA Hall of Fame Professional Speaker
           Author of Creating a Million Dollar Image for Your Business

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