Kennewick, WA Chiropractor, Dr. Eric Kurtz, Helps Locals Involved With Slip And Fall Injuries by AndrwKar69


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									Kennewick, WA Chiropractor, Dr. Eric Kurtz, Helps Locals Involved With
Slip And Fall Injuries

Kennewick, WA, 7-SEP-2011: Dr. Eric Kurtz, Kennewick Chiropractor, has
been recognized for his success in helping the locals of Kennewick find
relief from slip and fall injuries. The doctor uses techniques and
methods that allow an individual to function in their daily life while
their body heals and regenerates after an injury.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Kurtz stated, "I use a "whole body"
approach when addressing slip and fall injuries. This means that a person
who has been injured is provided with the immediate care they need to get
relief from the pain of the injury and the long-term assistance needed to
eliminate the possibility of further damage or injury in the future.
Through a comprehensive program that is designed for the individual, I
address the root cause of the pain as well as any other damage that has
occurred in the body."

An individual who comes to Dr. Kurtz after an injury receives a complete
examination, including x-rays to determine the areas of the body that
have been injured. The doctor also discusses past injuries, medical
history and lifestyle of the individual to determine any factors that may
be contributing to the pain.

After evaluating the data collected, Dr. Kurtz creates an individualized
plan that addresses the immediate pain. This is accomplished through the
use of low-force manipulation to realign the discs and relieve pressure
from the nerves that are being pinched. He also uses alternative therapy
such as deep tissue massage and hot/cold therapy to reduce inflammation
and swelling.

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by Dr. Eric
Kurtz, Kennewick Chiropractor, to relieve pain and help the body heal
after a slip and fall injury visit today.
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about this press release will find contact information below.

Dr. Eric Kurtz, DC

Columbia Basin Spinal Rehabilitation Institute

1721 W. Kennewick Avenue

Kennewick, WA 99336

Telephone: 509-582-3549


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