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									Slogans on Save Electricity are a relatively new phenomena, mostly because the widely expressed idea
of energy conservation is also relatively new, propagated by conscientious citizens who develop and
support a green sensibility.

Save Electricity Slogans

Top Slogans on Save Electricity

“Save Home Energy” is probably one of the most famous slogans we possibly hear at home. There are
things you can do to save home energy through initiating little changes on how you use home energy.
Actually, you can design comprehensive energy utilization system at home in order to check on
electricity usage from time to time. You can make some divisions in your household and gauge on how
they are using energy. Here are some Slogans on Save Electricity :

Save electricity as it is very precious


Like Money saved is Money earned, Power Saved is Power Generated

We promise to protect. It’s your future; look after it. Pollution dilution! Switch it off and you’re a boff!

Save Energy for benefit of Self and Nation

For your better tomorrow, save energy today

Save Energy Save money

Energy is Monergy. Let us save it

Energy Saved Today is Asset for Future

If we don’t change, Tomorrow we will be literally ‘power’less

The electric bill won’t give you a fright if you remember to turn off the light

Keep the future bright, Turn off the light.

Nine Slogans on Save Electricity

Leaks make your future bleak
The less you burn, the more you earn

Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage

Life is energy. Energy is life

Energy = money conservation control ( a take on E=mc2)

“Let there be light”-for our grandchildren

Practice conservation for future generations

Save today survive tomorrow

Think globally act locally

With following easy guidelines on how to save home energy, you are not only saving energy but also
rescuing the environment from continuing damage caused by air pollution and other pollutants. The
power of change is within your hands. Protect your environment and save home energy.

These slogans coupled with remarkable characters (think Smokey the Bear and “only you can prevent
forest fires”) can make for memorable ad campaigns. Slogans on Save Electricity most often are
intended to arouse some type of call to action from the viewer.

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