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Reasons to choose Bechtel brochure


									> High Speed 1
St Pancras Station, London
Completed 2007

Developing St Pancras Station involved
carefully turning one of the city’s oldest
landmarks into the major hub of the
UK’s first high speed rail link.

> 22,000 projects
> 140 countries
> 42,500 people
It's a big world
(come and see it)

We are a global business with a global project                           With Bechtel projects completed and ongoing in
portfolio. Bechtel offers many people the                                more than 140 countries and a sustained presence in all
opportunity to spend time working on different                           corners of the world, you could have the
continents with different cultures. A willingness to                     opportunity to travel extensively during your time
appreciate the traditions and customs of new places                      with us.
is vital for a career with us.

                                                                         For a full list of our projects and locations, visit
Across the world, Bechtel people are respected for             
their appreciation of the working practices and
cultural conventions of the people they work with.

The great variety of cultures that we work with is
reflected in our own staff. We value diverse
backgrounds, experiences, and views.

Above Left: Stephen Smith. Geographical Information Systems, Abu Dhabi
Center: Darby Kimball. Senior nuclear engineer, San Francisco
Right: Nisha Desai. Contracts specialist, Tube Lines, London
Shape the planet

Our values are integral to the way we do business:                                                   You’ll also help people develop new skills to work
                                                                                                     on our projects, improving sustainability in our
                                                                                                     business, and in the communities where we work.
  ethics – excellence – fair return – mutual respect
                safety – sustainability                                                              Bechtel has played a key role in developing the
                                                                                                     global landscape for more than 110 years. We
                                                                                                     need you to help us meet the challenges of the
Building projects that balance economic,                                                             next century and continue to protect and sustain
environmental, and community values is key to                                                        human and natural resources for future
Bechtel’s approach to sustainability.                                                                generations.

As a member of our team you’ll help us meet the                                                      We plan and act for the future – for the long term
need for clean energy sources, now and in the                                                        good of our company, our customers, and our
future.                                                                                              world. Join us.

Above Left: High-performance glazing systems serve 77 percent of occupied areas with natural light in Shanghai
Center: Fjardaal Aluminum Smelter where latest technologies assure minimum environmental impact
Right: Photovoltaic panels at Oberlin College's Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies
 > committed to renewable energy
 > innovative approaches to sustainability
 > improving standards of living and quality of life

> Plantronics Consulting
Shanghai, China
Completed 2006
Sustainability was a prime objective in designing a new Plantronics
facility in China. Rain water and snowmelt are collected in ponds for
later use in irrigation and fire protection.
LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design,
standard for ‘green’ building design) building and one of the first
buildings in China to be certified.
> Akshay Prabhakar
Read Akshay’s story at
E-mail Akshay at

“I could have taken an easy job, but I’d just be
bored. I need a challenge. I need to push my own
Hard work is good

We haven’t achieved our reputation by luck. It has                                                     If you don’t want to be stretched and tested in
taken us a lot of hard work. Time and again our                                                        your work, we’re not for you.
work has demonstrated that the only limits on
human achievement are those we place on
ourselves.                                                                                             But if you want your work to be more than just a
                                                                                                       job – to be something that motivates and inspires
                                                                                                       you, where you can see your efforts come to
A career at Bechtel means reaching beyond your                                                         fruition and your hard work rewarded – choose
limits to achieve what you never thought possible.                                                     Bechtel.

We seek individuals who are ready to meet these                                                        We can help you turn your dedication and energy
challenges and committed to ensuring the success                                                       into a rewarding and fulfilling career.
of their team.

Above Left: Nitrogen Tanks Utility Complex; Jamnagar Refinery, India

Center: As the sun sets over the desert sands of Dubai, the night shift begins work on the brightly illuminated modules of
the control riser platform that will sit offshore in the Bay of Bengal

Right: Checking scrambling codes at a Vodafone 3G site Sydney, Australia
> EG LNG Train 1
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Children at the Basile Orphanage where Bechtel employees at the EG
LNG Train 1 project site, and in Houston, helped raise more than $20,000
to purchase and deliver toys, food, and other much needed items.

                                 > getting involved in local communities
                                 > helping to change lives
                                 > making friends for life
Find more than
just a job

Although your work with us will require a lot from                                                   While our primary focus is delivering successful
you, we believe that you will achieve more if you                                                    projects, Bechtel believes that there is always time
have an active and enjoyable work/life balance.                                                      for a business to fulfill its corporate responsibility in
                                                                                                     the community and make a positive contribution
                                                                                                     to society.
Everyone needs time to pursue personal interests.
With opportunities for flexible work schedules –
you’ll have time for the things you love.                                                            It’s all a question of balance.

What’s more, we’ll help you find ways to expand
your interests, giving you opportunity to join
teams, volunteer for community projects, and
achieve things you never knew you could.

Left: Bechtel employees compete in the three-day BG U.S. Challenge in the Pocono Mountains raising over $58,000 for
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 2008

Center: Teams from Bechtel participate in the Anaconda Adventure Race in Western Australia raising funds for the Burnet
Foundation that helps find cures for common diseases, 2007

Right: A fun-filled day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom theme park for children from the Chornobyl area of the former Soviet Union
Launch your career

When we hire, we do it to make Bechtel stronger.                                                     Those who join Bechtel can expect the benefits of
Potential is everything. We’re looking for the next                                                  working and training with the world’s best.
wave of Bechtel people who can manage and
deliver projects like no one else in the market.
                                                                                                     And once we’ve made that investment in you, we
                                                                                                     want to keep you with us. You can expect high
We will devote time, energy, and expertise getting                                                   earning potential, the opportunity for fast-track
you to a position where you can make the                                                             career progression, and the continued support and
contribution that we believe you’re capable of.                                                      mentoring of your colleagues.

You can achieve big things and we’ll apply the full
range of our resources and experience to help you
fulfill your potential, including mentoring
programs, online and classroom training, and
tuition assistance.

Above Left: Students discuss the design of a metro station in Northern Virginia
Center: Early career conference participants at the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol building, Washington DC
Right: Members of the Bechtel chapter of NA-YGN (North American Young Generation in Nuclear)
“At Bechtel I get to work with such great engineers and to learn so much
from them. In the next five years, I want to get my masters in civil
engineering, and be a professional licensed engineer. I’m gaining the
leadership skills needed to lead a group of engineers in a project.”

> Melissa Sanchez
Read Melissa’s story at
E-mail Melissa at
Bechtel is the world's No. 1 choice for engineering, construction, and project management. In 2008, Bechtel
                       celebrates 110 years at the forefront of the engineering industry.

   Our diverse portfolio encompasses energy, infrastructure, communications, mining, oil and gas, and
           government services. We currently have projects in dozens of locations worldwide,
                                       from Alaska to Australia.

  Privately owned with major offices in Brisbane, Frederick, Houston, London, Montreal, New Delhi, San
Francisco, and Shanghai, we are a major presence throughout the world with more than 42,500 employees.

    Bechtel hires graduates for careers in the following fields: Construction, Contract Administration,
 Engineering, Environmental, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Procurement, Project
                     Controls, Quality Assurance, Safety & Health, Startup, and more.

                         To apply to Bechtel, visit
                          or e-mail your questions to


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