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					                        Joining form
                                                     OFFICE USE ONLY
                                                Member number

Stitchlinks Limited are registered Z9211750under the Data Protection Act 1998.
Stitchlinks Limited will not disclose any of your details outside the company for
marketing purposes. We may from time to time make available offers from partner
companies above and beyond the Stitchlinks shop and monthly newsletter. If you do
not wish to receive this information please tick the appropriate boxes below.
No thank you, I do NOT wish to receive any offers of other companies’ relevant
products or services via:

       Post                            Telephone                       Email

You can change your details at any time by logging on to or by posting
the details to Stitchlinks Ltd, PO Box 3679, BATH. BA2 4WS. UK


I would like a membership at just £30 for the next 12 months
I would like an internet only membership at £15
I wiould like to pay £3 monthly

(IMPORTANT: If paying by credit or debit card please provide name and address as it appears
on the statement. If paying monthly, please also complete the attached standing order form)

     I enclose a cheque or Postal Order payable to Stitchlinks Limited
OR I would like to pay using the following card
     Mastercard                    Visa                      Other
     Switch                   Issue no                 Valid date                /
Card no:

Valid from                    /                   Valid to                       /
Security code

Delivery address for the Welcome Pack (if different from above):

                                                          Post Code


     Stitchlinks Ltd., PO Box 3679, BATH, BA2 4WS, UK        
                                                              Registered in England 5524334
                    Joining form
YES PLEASE, I want to be part of Stitchlinks.

Surname       ___________________ First name __________________________
Address       ________________________________________________________
County        ________________________________________________________
Post Code     ________________________________________________________
Country       ________________________________________________________
Telephone ________________________________________________(optional)
Email         ________________________________________________(optional)

        Please set up my FREE email address

Please send me my FREE Starter kit
      Cross Stitch      or                 Knitting        (Pick your favourite)

Please also send me my FREE beginner’s guide
      Cross Stitch       or         Knitting               (Pick your favourite)

        Please include me on the Stitchlinks Penpal list, which I
        understand will be published on the Members only section of the
        website and in newsletters

If there are any particular details that you would like to include in the
Penpals section, please let us know here.

Please use the space below to let us know about your favourite things
to knit or stitch and any suggestions you have for the Shop.

        I give permission for my name and address to be printed in the
        Penpals Section of the newsletters.

        I give permission for my email address to be printed in the
        members-only Penpals Section of the website.

    Stitchlinks Ltd., PO Box 3679, BATH, BA2 4WS, UK  
                                                       Registered in England 5524334