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									Earn Money Writing Blogs in Five Easy Steps
Blogging has been a favorite pastime among Internet enthusiasts. However, for someone who
has a home based business online, you'll know that having your own blog can enable you to
earn money writing blogs. Once you keep your blog updated regularly with useful and
interesting content based on your niche market it won't be long before you start earning more
than you've expected and gain more followers at the same time.

So how do you earn money writing blogs and make your blog more popular and profitable
online? Here are 5 easy steps you can do turn it into the next big thing:

1. One of the biggest mistakes bloggers commit is taking their readers and followers for
granted. Just because they're here today doesn't mean they'll stay forever especially if you're
no longer sensitive towards their needs. You should come up with a tactic that will encourage
your members and other online users to visit your blog regularly. For instance, you can ask
for their suggestions or create a questionnaire. Those who've shared their ideas or answered
the questionnaire can win a free gift through a raffle.

Getting your readers involved is one way to keep them coming back for more. Doing so
makes them feel important and appreciated by you. Always think out of the box when coming
up with ideas that are sure to help you gain followers in your blog.

2. Always have a catchy headline or title for your blog. Use strong words that can entice the
readers to read what you've written. Remember that many readers are very impatient and they
won't even take time to read a whole article just to know whether or not it's something worthy
of their time. Instead, they read headlines or titles first. So if you can use one that is eye
catching or thought provoking; it won't be hard to get them reading.

3. Another effective technique in blogging is to include the hottest topics of the day. Think of
controversial issues and voice out your opinion regarding the matter. Encourage your readers
to do the same thing to keep the conversation going in your blog. Everybody has something
to say and once you've given them the opportunity to express themselves you'll be earning
their loyalty. Plus it's fun to read what others also have to say and respond to their opinions.

4. People love freebies. You can provide them with free useful content based on your niche
regularly. Make sure that you put in vital and credible information in your blog to establish
trust and confidence among your readers. Bear in mind that people love to read blogs which
they know contain beneficial and legit information and written by a credible author they can
rely on. It's important to the success of your online home business that you establish a
wholesome relationship based on trust with people who are interested in your business. This
is also a fool proof way to generate sales and gain customers.

5. Keep your blog updated at all times. Blogging requires dedication and if you don't have it,
how else can you keep your readers interested in what you're writing? An updated blog gets a
lot of followers. The fact that you have something fresh to serve your readers everyday can
make them want to visit your blog regularly as well. However, you'll only be losing readers if
you don't add new content on your blog every now and then since they have nothing to look
forward to.
Share some new information in your blog every single day. Hot topics as well as useful ones
can be discussed on your blog and help you generate traffic to your site and at the same
increase your sales and your ability to earn money writing blogs.

Blogging proves to be very useful in boosting your home based business online. Many online
businesses started small and with the help of blogging they're now earning thousands each
day. You too can be one of them once you put your heart and mind in blogging. It won't be
long before your efforts get paid.

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