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The Magazine of the
International Police Association
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             IPA Founders

   Arthur Troop            Harold Litwin         Officer Reports
    1914-2000             IPA U.S. Section       President Bob Killen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
   IPA Founder                Founder            1st Vice President Kenn Morton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                                 2nd Vice President Steve Livingston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
        U.S. National Officers                    3rd Vice President Richard Resling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                                 Secretary General Richard Nevarez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
         President - Bob Killen                  Treasurer Kevin Gordon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
     Miami Gardens Police Department
     (Broward County Sheriff, Retired)
                                                 Students Awareness Campaign . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
                                                 R-61 Scholarship Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
                                                 Trinidad & Tobago Reception . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
    1st Vice President - Kenn Morton
                                                 Member Collection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
    California Highway Patrol, Retired
                                                 Executive Director Search . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
                                                 Police Week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
                                                 Atlasorbis Magazine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
  2nd Vice President - Steve Livingston
    Columbus, OH Police Department               Regular Features
                        Collectors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
                                                 Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
  3rd Vice President - Richard Resling           Pen Pals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
                        Hobbies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
                                                 Classified Advertising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
  Secretary General - Richard Nevarez            Travel Accommodations & Discounts . . . . . . . . . . . 32
  Los Angeles Police Department, Retired         Don’s RV Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33

      Treasurer - Kevin Gordon                                                  On the Cover
 Mascoutah, IL Police Department, Retired                                       The 2011 Celebration of the                                                  West will be held in conjunc-
                                                                                tion with the NDC in Phoenix,
        International Officers                                                   Arizona hosted by Region 25 in
         President - Michael Odysseos
    1st Vice President - Daniel Condaminas
  2nd Vice President - Julianna Papne Vegso
        3rd Vice President - Gal Sharon
 Secretary General - Georgios Katsaropoulos
Assistant Secretary General - Stephen Crockard
       Treasurer - Pierre-Martin Moulin                 IPA International Administration Center Website:
      Assistant Treasurer - Romain Miny
                                                                           U.S. IPA Website:

                                                                  USA IPA NEWS                    Summer 2011                3
                        Message from President Bob Killen
                                                                                        Appointed U.S. Positions
                       ASSOCIATE SECRETARY OPENINGS are avail-                                     Supply Officer
                    able for Brazil, Norway, Denmark and Moldova, a new                              Rich Kreuter
                    section and never has had an Associate Secretary.                   
                      The responsibility of an Associate Secretary is to co-             IPA Youth Exchange Officer &
                    ordinate between their assigned Country and the USA,          U.S. Section Youth School Exchange Program
                    making contacts there and staying in contact with their as-                  Barbara Piirinen
                    signed Country counterpart(s). The A/S will be required            
to assist USA members going to that country via their contacts; as well as             Regional Electronic Mail Network
assisting that country’s members who might request assistance in the USA.                        Tom Savoca
   It is recommended that they have a working knowledge of that Coun-              
try and although having the language skills as well in most beneficial, it                         Webmaster
is not necessary.                                                                                 Tom Savoca
   Please send your interest, along with background qualifications for the           
Country to the 1st Vice President, Kenn Morton at kennmorton@hotmail.                         Handbook Coordinator
com. Any questions on the position can also be sent to him. The deadline                         Steve Livingston
is set for July 15, 2011.                                                             
   And shortly afterwards the appointments will be made                                   International Commission for
                                                                                            External Relations (ERC)
                                                                                                     Tony Mok
                                                                                                    Hugh Brien
                                                                                               Blue Knights Liaison
                                                                                                     Pat Fox
                                                                                            NEC Recording Secretary
                                                                                               Diane MacGregor
                                                                                              Membership Secretary
                                                                                                Diane MacGregor
                                                                                        IPA USA News Managing Editor
                                                                                                   Jim Pola

                                                                                           IPA Member Nations
                                                                                  Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium,
                                                                                  Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia,
                                                                                  Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,
                                                                                  Finland, France, Gabon, Germany, Gibraltar, Great
                                                                                  Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland,
                                                                                  Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Latvia, Lesotho,
                                                                                  Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico,
                                                                                  Monaco, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Zealand,
                                                                                  Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania,
                                                                                  Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovakia,
                                                                                  Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Swaziland,
                                                                                  Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United States.

                                                                                          Sections in Foundation: Macau SAR

                                                                                  IPA - Over 310,000 Members
                                                                                        in Over 50 Nations

4    USA IPA NEWS               Summer 2011
                       Message from 1st Vice President                                                  Message from 3rd Vice President
                               Kenn Morton                                                                     Richard Resling
                                 (California Highway Patrol, Ret.)
                                                                                                       I am writing my article for this issue
                       Summer has arrived here in Tucson, we                                       from sea while I am sailing on Semester at
                   had our first 100 degree day last week. I’m                                      Sea with 400 college students visiting ports
                   afraid it won’t be the last. The good news                                      in Central America. Trinidad was to be our
                   is my pool feels wonderful.                                                     first stop. I had been in contact with Region
                     I just returned from Washington, D.C. after                                   101 about a social visit. I was about to be
our NEC Meeting. We stayed in and toured the hotel where                        hosted beyond my expectations by a wonderful group of
the 50th Anniversary event will be held next year. It is a first                 members and Curtis Belford personally.
class hotel with a Metro station next door, and many dining                        I attended the NEC meeting at the Hyatt in Bethesda, MD
options nearby. Several of us loved a Indian Restaurant about                   on May 14 and 15. The hotel is to be the site of the 50th An-
a block away (we ate there twice). We are working on this                       niversary events in 2012. The hotel is the right sized facility
event and if anyone would like to help please let us know.                      and convenient to Metro heading into DC. It has adequate
    I hope to see many of you at this years NDC in Phoenix,                     rooms and meeting space. There are a number of good res-
hosted by Region 25. I have seen the hotel (it is beautiful)                    taurants within walking distance. There is a parking garage
and I know it will be a great event.                                            on site and we negotiated a reduced daily rate for the confer-
     For all you Associate Secretaries, don’t forget your end                   ence. We were fortunate to be able to visit the Law Enforce-
of year reports to me are coming due. Since last years NDC                      ment Memorial and observe some of the ceremonies. I had
was in the middle of the year, total al incoming and outgoing                   the solemn experience to look up the names of three Colo-
visitors since June 2010 until about October. My report is due                  rado Springs officers I had worked closely with. The Board
the end of this year.                                                           took turns staffing the IPA booth at ‘Tent City” and recruited
   I hope you all have a safe and happy summer. Those of you                    a few new members and circulated membership brochures.
still working be safe. Lastly, don’t forget to keep spreading                   It had been many years since I was in attendance at Police
the IPA message! We are still losing members so it is very                      Week and it was very impressive to see the hundreds of of-
important that everyone sign up some new members.                               ficers and ceremonies.
   As always if I can ever be of any help please let me know.                        Our NEC meetings went long and productive. There is
                                                                                always a large array of issues in our Section. We had a ho-
                                                                                tel tour and mapped out some facility issues for 2012. From
                                                                                Washington DC, I flew to Ft. Lauderdale to embark on the
                       Message from 2nd Vice President                          SAS ship and start my summer adventures.
                              Steve Livingston                                     I extend each of you best wishes for the summer and hope
                                                                                to meet many of you at the NDC in October. Region 25 is
                                                                                working hard to present a great program for the attendees.
                                                                                They need your support, so please make every effort to at-
                              (Not available at press time)                     tend and socialize with the delegates. An effective organiza-
                                                                                tion needs broad participation. Our Section is facing financial
                                                                                and retention issues that need everyone’s collective ideas to
                                                                                meet these challenges. Let’s make this a huge NDC like in
                                                                                the years past.

                                                                                                             IPA ACRONYMS
                                                                                  IPA – International, Sections (countries), Regions (areas inside the section).
  • Members are encouraged to submit articles for publication, but                PEB – Permanent Executive Bureau
    cannot be guaranteed that all articles will be published.                     IIC – International Internal Commision
  • Articles must be in the general interest of the IPA membership,               ICC – International Cultural Commision
    such as travel with an IPA theme, region activities, etc.                     IPC International Professional Commission
  • Articles should be 1-2 pages including photos. A Word document is             ISC – International Social Commission
    acceptable. Photos should be high resolution for best printing results.       ERC – International Commission for External Relations
  • It is the responsibility of the member submitting article to have it          IEC – International Executive Council, meets every year,
    formatted and ready to print, such as a Word document with                           on 3rd yr refered to World Congress WC. PEB elections occur at WC.
                                                                                  NDC – National Delegate Conference (National Delegate Council)
    photos inserted into text.Professional assistance is availalbe for a fee.
                                                                                  NEC – National Executive Council
  • Please contact the editor with questions                  IAC – International Administration Centre

                                                                                                  USA IPA NEWS                       Summer 2011                   5
                                      Welcome New Members
FIRST         LAST          REGION    FIRST       LAST             REGION   FIRST         LAST           REGION   FIRST      LAST            REGION
JOHN          McNAMARA      1         MICHAEL     GRAHAM           6        MOLLY         BARTLEY        18       XAVIER     GONZALEZ        43
ANTHONY       STEWART       1         NOELL       GRANT            6        BRENDAN       BARTLEY        18       DONNA      HANSEN          43
JAMIEL        AHAHERI       2         BRYAN       HAYES            6        HENRY         HANDY JR       18       FRANCIS    HONES IV        43
SEAN          AHEARN        2         BERNARD     HOENE            6        KASHIF        CHOWHAN        19       THOMAS     KNIGGE          43
JUDITH        ALMODOVAR     2         MICHAEL     McBRIDE          6        D. MICHAEL    COLLINS        19       DANIEL     MONTES          43
ASLYN         BECKLES       2         DAVID       O’CONNOR         6        MICHAEL       IMPARATO       19       GEORGE     RAMIREZ         43
DAVID         BLANCO        2         DAN         SHEA             6        DONALD        KIDD           19       WILLIAM    ROBERSON        43
MICHAEL       BURNS         2         ANTHONY     SOLIS            6        CHRISTOPHER   O’NEILL        19       GENE       SIEGRIST        43
MICHAEL       BURRUSS       2         KEVIN       BAKER            8        FRANK         STARNELLA      19       RICHARD    KEEBAUGH        44
BRIAN         CALTABIANO    2         CORNELL     GUIDRY           8        JERRY         LAURIEN        21       GABRIEL    MARTINEZ        44
JOSEPH        CANNON        2         LAWRENCE    LAYTON           8        SCOTT         CARLSON        22       JOSE       SCHNEIDER       44
EDDIE         COLLAZO       2         KEVIN       HART             9        MARY          KEYES          22       ANDREW     NISIVOCCIA      48
NATHAN        COLLINS       2         CRAIG       LEADER           9        LAIMUTIS      NARGELENAS     22       JOSEPH     RUTIGLIANO JR   48
DANIEL        COYLE         2         PAUL        LOZADA JR        9        MATTHEW       WEST           22       AURELIO    SILVA           48
KIMBERLY      DAVIS         2         BRUCE       RAYL II          9        BRIAN         QUICK          23       JOHN       TESAURO         48
ANDREW        DE STEFANO    2         LAURIE      TEAGUE           9        JOSEPH        TARGIA         23       MATTHEW    TESTA           48
SHERY         DMITRIY       2         LUIS        TORRES           9        JAMES         HINKLEY        24       JOSEPH     VITKOVSKY       48
TRACY         DONAHOO       2         PAUL        WALLACE          9        CHARLES       SAINT JR       24       JEREMY     SHEIN           49
CODY          DORAN         2         ANDREW      WHITE            9        JOHN          TUDBURY        24       JOHN       JOHNSON         56
JAMES         FOX           2         PATRICK     WYETH            9        RAY           BATTAGLINI     25       THOMAS     KNITTER         56
KEVIN         GALL          2         STUART      GREER            10       RONALD        KLOSE          25       FRANK      BRANDEBOURG     57
JONATHAN      GLAZER        2         BRIAN       O’REILLY         10       JOHN          ROBERTS        25       EUGENE     BERNHARD        61
NICHOLAS      HERNANDEZ     2         THOMAS      PERROTTI         10       LYLE          VIK            25       FRANK      SHANKWITZ       61
WILLIAM       HOARD         2         LAWRENCE    WLAZLO           10       RAYMOND       WHITMAN        25       ROCCO      DEL MONACO      62
BRIAN         ISAACS        2         RUSSELL     BERKE            11       PETER         BARONE         26       STACEY     FLYNN           62
ANDREW        KELLARD       2         LUIS        BLASCO           11       DONALD        BUKEWICZ       26       ALLEN      GENALDI         62
PATRICK       KELLY         2         RYAN        CLIFTON          11       ROBERT        HOWARD         26       IAN        GRIFFITHS       62
ROBERT        KENNY         2         LEONARD     DEL GATTO        11       WILLIAM       PEASE JR       26       RENE       NOBOA           62
RYAN          LOOMIS        2         ELAINE      DEL POZZO        11       JOHN          RAMMELSBURG    26       ALAN       ORQUIZA         62
FRANCISCO     MARTINEZ      2         PAUL        FERTIG           11       ANTHONY       STRACUZZI      26       DOUGLAS    SCHREIBER       62
CONOR         McDONALD      2         HECTOR      FUENTES          11       JAMES         GOURLIE        27       LE ROY     VAN DER HEYDE   62
PERRY         MONZIETTI     2         A. SCOTT    HARLE            11       RYAN          LESMEISTER     27       DANIEL     VEALE JR        62
CIRO          OTERO         2         DIANA       HEDRICK          11       JAMES “JIM”   COLLENTINE     29       AFEISHA    BETHELMY        101
JASEN         PEREZ         2         PAULA       JARRETT-RIVERA   11       PAUL          HOSKINS        29       DANIEL     BRANKER         101
CHRISTOPHER   PIZZO         2         ANDREW      KULL             11       KEN           HUTCHISON JR   29       CHRISEN    GOBIN           101
TOMASZ        PULAWSKI      2         NEIL        LAWRENCE         11       MARTIN        PILCHER        29       ENID       KINGSTON        101
NICHOLAS      SACCENTI      2         SCOTT       POPICK           11       DENNIS        SEXTON         29       JERRY      LONDON          101
NATE          SANDS         2         SHANE       SCHROEDER        11       RONNIE        PANE           29       KERRY      LUMPRESS        101
THEODORE      SARRICA       2         ROBERT      SNOW             11       ABU           BABA           30       TRICIA     QUAMMIE         101
SHAWN         SOLER         2         PAUL        SOSNICK          11       B.V. “PETE”   BAILEY JR      30       CYNTHIA    ROMEO-DICK      101
WILHELM       THOMAS        2         FRANCISCO   TEJEDA           11       CHRISTOPHER   CORDRAY        30       PATRICIA   WALKER          101
ERNESTO       TROCHE        2         THOMAS J    TRAINO           11       JOSEPH        EMMENTT III    30
DIMITRI       YANOVSKY      2         MICHAEL     TRAMONTANA       11       KENNETH       FLETCHER       30
IVAN          ZADOROZHNIY   2         JEROME      WILLIAMS         11       BERYL         HOLMES         30
MEGAN         HALLINEAN     3         ARAMA       YUVAL            11       FREDERICK     LOHMANN        30
MICHAEL       MADAUS        3         RALPH       ANDERSON JR      12       BRENDA        SIMONTON       30
ROBERT        ROSENBERGER   3         KEVIN       GRADY            12       J. SCOTT      BLAKELY        34
JAMES         ALFANO JR     4         DAVID       MELLEN           12       RICHARD       BOTTOMS        34
MATTHEW       BRADY         4         JOHN        QUINN            12       PATRICIA      HERRON         34
STEPHANIE     BYRD          4         DAVID       SULLIVAN         12       DAVID         LICHTENFELD    34
DUSTAN        DOBBS         4         JOSEPH      CAIAZZA          13       GREGORY       PENNELL        34
ROBERT        KAPUSNIK      4         GLEN        MOWREY           14       BRYAN         CARTER         34
APRIL         PADALIK       4         OLIVER      PEACOCK JR       14       LEWIS         ABRAMSON       35
TERRY         RICHARDS      4         SHARON      SMITH            14       GIAN          METTIFOGO      35
JOSEPH        SERIO         4         SCOTT       STANTON          14       DOUGLAS       SNELL          35
STEVEN        SMITH         4         JOSEPH      BROOKS           15       KATHERINE     INMAN          36
ERIC          SZWED         4         MICHAEL     FALES            15       JERREL        INMAN          36
PAUL          VITAIOLI      4         THOMAS      MURPHY           15       LISA          GANNON         37
WILLIAM       WHELEHAN      4         COLLEEN     MURPHY           15       WESLEY        GRANT          37
KRIS          BEHRMAN       5         VINCENT     O’SHAUGHNESSY    15       RIZAL         MORATA         37
GEORGE        HARTMAN       5         KURT        PASCHKE          15       BUD C.        SMITH          37
FRANK         RUVOLO        5         HENRY       WEISS            15       MARK          TOVES          37
JOEL          SCHOENFELD    5         MITCHELL    LOVETT           17       CHRISTOPHER   STAUP          40
ROBERT        STEINROEDER   5         JOHN        MACKEY           17       DOUGLAS       BROBERG        41
BIRGIT        ABENOJA       6         WILLIAM     PRINGLE          17       SCOTT         ANDRESS        43
DORI          ALBERS        6         RICHARD     REISLER          17       AJ            CASTANEDAS     43
DREW          BIRTNESS      6         JOSEPH      SANDOVAL JR      17       HARRIET       COLEMAN        43
WALTER        CHILDRESS     6         BLAKE       THOMAS           17       JOHN          DEEGAN         43
ROBERT        DOMINGUEZ     6         RICKY       VIGIL            17       IRIS          DEEGAN         43


6     USA IPA NEWS                   Summer 2011
Tell Us Your Story                                                                      Message from Secretary General
                                                                                              Richard Nevarez
   It has been said that the only difference between fairy tales
and war stories is fairy tales start “once upon a time” and war                             First I would like to send my thoughts
stories start “this is no BS guys”. While I enjoy that, I know                           and prayers to those of you living in the
it isn’t quite accurate. All of us have stories to tell from our                         parts of the country having such disastrous
time as coppers. I’ve heard wonderful stories from other IPA                             weather conditions. I hope you all stay safe.
members over the years. Stories from around the country and                                 Your National Board met in May at the
from times past. It occurred to me that as IPA US historian, it                          hotel we will use for the NEC/NDC in 2012.
would be nice to get some of these stories on paper to share.        We timed this meeting in Washington D.C. so that we could
So what’s your story? What is your favorite police anecdote          attend the National Police Memorial and put up a recruitment
or short tale? Maybe it involves the way it used to be done          booth at the FOP’s tent city.
back when, or the old style equipment that was used. How               This was my first time attending the National Police Memo-
the job was done decades back versus now can be a night and          rial and it was a very moving experience. I was able to locate
day difference (such as having to buy your own bullets as            the name of my first partner (Oscar Bryant, LAPD) who was
some have told me). The officers of today love to hear how it         killed in 1968 while attempting to arrest four thieves who
was. Maybe it’s about running into a celebrity (one member           were robbing a clothing store. If you have never been to the
told me about meeting my hero Don Knotts) or just some-              National Police Memorial you need to add it to your list of
thing funny about human nature. Maybe it’s about someone             places to visit----you won’t regret it!
you met in the IPA or how the IPA started in your area.                 Our next NEC/NDC is being hosted by Region 25 in Phoe-
    Please consider sharing your story. Your fellow officers,         nix, Arizona. The committee planning this event has spent
active and retired, would love to hear them. Send it to me           a lot of time and energy to ensure that it will be a success.
in the mail or by email or digital recording or even record it       They are making every effort to bring the “fun” back to the
on a cassette and send it my way! Whatever works for you!            NDC’s as we used to enjoy them, bringing our spouses and
I’m not really sure how these will be put together yet but I’m       meeting up with friends. Registration forms can be obtained
working on it!                                                       from their website . All the Re-
    Send to Kevin Gordon, 505 N. 10th Street, Mascoutah, IL          gion Presidents need to start planning for this conference. I
62258. Fax to 618-566-8844, email to               will be asking you for the name of the Delegate that will be
. You can even call with your story and if we don’t connect,         attending from your Region. I hope to see a 100% participa-
leave a message and I’ll call back.                                  tion at this NDC, we need to show our support to the Region
                                                                     putting on this event.
                                                                        For those officer members who are still working those long
Region 57 Looking for Parade Unit                                    hours with so little rewards, I want to remind you to apply
                                                                     for the Arthur Troop Scholarship and the Harold Litwin Sr.
   Region 57 is looking for a unit that can be used in a variety     Scholarship. The Arthur Troop Scholarship is awarded by the
of area parades and special events in an effort to generate          International Board and it is for Law Enforcement training
membership. Almost every town in our region has an annual            anywhere in the world. The Harold Litwin Sr. Scholarship is
homecoming/parade event and we’d like to increase our vis-           for one of our U.S. working members to attend a class at the
ibility.                                                             International Conference Center “IBZ Schloss Gimborn’ in
    The ultimate would be a 60s era black and white squad,           Cologne Germany. You can get more information about these
something like a Mayberry Squad. But the expense of that             two scholarships by visiting our national website. Please be
may be too much for us. We are also considering a golf cart/         aware that these are two separate scholarships and you may
ATV setup to look like a squad, or a trailer to tow that is          apply for both. The final filing date is August 1, 2011 for the
designed with IPA graphics etc. We are asking our members            scholarships that will be awarded for classes in 2012.
to contact us if they find something that would work for this            As we approach the summer months many of you will be
purpose.                                                             traveling and enjoying well deserved vacations. I want to re-
   Certainly the cost will be a factor as will the location of the   mind you that IPA is not just for traveling internationally. The
item and how far we have to go to pick it up. Right now we           U.S. Section of IPA has over 7000 members in almost every
are in the exploring stage to see what is available. Your help       State in this Country. It might be fun visiting with friends
is appreciated.                                                      in the IPA from another Region. Remember to plan to visit
   Please contact Kev-                                               Phoenix in October for the NDC. I look forward to seeing
in at 618-960-6972 or                                                you there.

                                                                                   USA IPA NEWS               Summer 2011           7
                  Message from National Treasurer
                           Kevin Gordon
                      Several things to present in this report.   Registration forms for the 2011 Celebration of the West /
                   I have created new flyers in an attempt         NDC are online on our home page, Come
                   to gain some corporate donations for our       join us!
                   scholarships. These flyers will be passed           In my continuing effort to get the IPA established at vari-
                   out to vendors at national conferences.        ous national conferences, several have been set up this year.
                   The information is also online as well as      Because the standard booth space fee is too high to justify
a Paypal account has been set up to permit online donations.      for a not-for-profit, we trade booth space for ad space in our
All donations to the scholarship fund are deductible. Visit       national magazine. I’ve been able to set up a booth at the In- for more information.                ternational Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Asso-
   At the recent NEC meeting it was decided that life mem-        ciation (thanks Region 4 for staffing this), the FOP National
bers would no longer be sent annual renewal cards since they      Conference in Salt Lake City in August, the International As-
all should have a permanent life member card. The concern         sociation of Emergency Managers conference in Las Vegas
was the possibility that some life members from a long time       in November, the National Sheriff’s Association in St. Louis
back who may not still have their “hard” card. That will be       in June and the Midwest Police and Security Exposition in
addressed as needed.                                              August in Peoria (IL). We have also asked for booth space
   Delinquent billing was sent out in April, as is the norm. It   at the annual conference for the American Society for Indus-
appears as if about 60 members who had already paid were          trial Security (ASIS), I am waiting to hear from them. I also
sent delinquent notices due to a coding error. Our apologies      tried to set up the same with the International Association
to those folks. The problem has been addressed and fixed.          of Chiefs of Police but was told they do not permit such an
I had new promotional posters designed which are now on           arrangement. If you know of a conference in your area or
the website in PDF format. The PDF is actually 3 versions of      state that we might consider setting up a booth, please con-
the same poster in different background colors: red, blue and     tact me. I’m especially interested in FOP Conferences, State
black. These are 8.5 x 11 and are designed to be printed for      Chief of Police groups and any organization who primary
membership drives and for placement on agency billboards.         membership consists of sworn officers. We hope local region
We hope regions and members will download them and see            members will help in volunteering to staff these booths.
that they are posted. The posters are on the National site,            At the recent NEC we reviewed the IPA News. Region
which as a reminder is Simply click on           57’s travel raffle is delivered by mail to every US member
the “forms’ on the menu bar or go direct at www.ipa-usa.          and the response is impressive. Because of its success, at the
org/forms.html.                                                   last NEC I suggested we consider doing some national mail-
  All forms can be found on this same page under the follow-      ings for special events such as NDC and region events. At
ing categories: Scholarships - Awards - Contests, IPA Logo        the recent NEC it was decided to try sending out a 4-8-page
Supplies Order Forms, Region Administrative Forms, Mem-           newsletter to each member every other month. In addition
bership/Recruitment Forms, and Other. The other category          to these 6 annual mailings, each member would receive an
includes the US Region map, travel forms and the Line of          annual magazine, similar to the magazine mailed presently.
Duty Memorial Book and Line of Duty Summary Page. The             This will be discussed further at the October NDC in Phoenix
Summary Page has a picture and basic information about the        in order to seek direction from the delegates.
12 IPA members who have been killed in the line of duty. The          And last, as many of you know it is my intent to run for
Memorial Book contains the same information in an expand-         President next year. I have said for several years that I in-
ed version including the information from the Officer Down         tended to submit my name for President sometime in the fu-
Memorial Page and a digital version of the agency patch.          ture. After what will be 9 years as Treasurer, it is time.
   At the May NEC meeting, the board agreed with my rec-
ommendation on how we reimburse NEC members who
attend the IEC. The new policy requires a board member             The Badge of Life Police Suicide Prevention
who wishes to attend the IEC meeting, to pay for his/her own
transportation, as we simply do not have the money. At the          The Badge of Life is a nonprofit, charitable,
same meeting I requested we hold off on my requests for a           non-political, non-religious organization. All our
                                                                    services are free.
Membership Committee and a Foundation / Grants / Fund-
                                                                    Our mental health programs are nothing new in
raising Committee. I’m working on a few other related areas         the world of mental health--they simply aren’t
and will bring this up at a future time.                            being practiced by law enforcement..
   Region 8 President Mel Desemone and I met with Webster          
University in St. Louis concerning an IPA Awareness Cam-
paign. There is more information in a separate article in this
issue. Thanks to Mel for all his work on this project.                A Psychological Survival Plan for Police Officers

8    USA IPA NEWS              Summer 2011
Webster University Students
Develop Awareness Campaign
By Kevin Gordon
   The Public Relations program of the St. Louis based Web-
ster University School of Communications is headed by As-
sociate Professor Gary Ford. The capstone class for seniors
in the program is the Public Relations Campaign. The stu-
dents are broken in to teams and each team is assigned to
work with a “client” to develop a Public Relations Campaign
for their respective business. This is a very popular program
for clients and as only a few clients are chosen each year, the
waiting list is long. After all, it’s a professional report that    Students post with Associate Professor Ford after presentation. From left:
cost the client nothing!                                            Professor Ford, Molly Sellman, Emily Hertlein, Acenna Martin. Not pres-
   Region 8 President Mel Desemone has been speaking with           ent: Danielle Behrens.
Professor Ford for about 2 years to have IPA chosen as a cli-
ent. Thanks to Mel’s efforts, the IPA, which had been on a
waiting list, was chosen as one of 4 clients for 2011.
  Five students were assigned to the IPA team: Domenic Sita,
Acenna Martin, Molly Sellman, Emily Hertlein and Danielle
Behrens. The team met with Mel and myself in mid March.
At that meeting we generally explained who and what the IPA
was and that our primary goal was to increase the awareness
of the IPA and at the same time increase the membership.
   The students worked on this project for six weeks and then
all teams for 2011 met with the clients and provided a final         Students give final presentation. From left: Molly Sellman, Domenic Sita,
                                             continued on page 10   Acenna Martin, Emily Hertlein and Danielle Behrens.
R-61 Celebrates Graduation of
Two Scholarship Winners
   The Northern Arizona University graduations of two Region 61 scholar-
ship winners were celebrated by families, friends and R-61 members on
May 21st in Payson, AZ.
    Miss Katherine Dyer, the recipient of R-61’s 2007 (and the region’s
first) award, earned a bachelor of science degree in biology and a minor
                                                                                                                                          R-61 president Arthur “Frank” Mulkern presenting a bouquet of roses to Katherine Dyer
in chemistry with a 4.0 GPA High academic achievement warranted her
investiture into the Tri Beta National Biological Honor Society, the Order
of Omega Honor Society and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.
During the summer of 2010 Katherine served as a research intern at Mari-
copa (county) Medical Center’s Burn, Surgery and Trauma Department
and has been informed of the publication of her research study while there.
The Burn, Surgery and Trauma Department has currently employed Kath-
erine while awaiting her acceptance into medical school. Katherine is the
daughter of IPA member Allen Dyer and R-61 vice-president, Michelle
Dyer. Both Mr. and Mrs. Dyer are retired from the City of Phoenix(AZ)
Police Dept. and the Payson(AZ) Police Dept.                                                                                              The Dyer family; R-61 VP Michelle, son Bradley, graduate Katherine and Allen Dyer

    Miss Christine Solymossy, a recipient of R-61’s scholarship in 2010,
earned her bachelor of arts degree in anthropology with a 4.0 GPA. Chris-
tine, who was inducted into the Golden Key Honor Society and the Honor
Society of Phi Kappa Phi is additionally a 2009 graduate of Gila Commu-
nity College, Payson, AZ with a dual associate of arts degree in anthropol-
ogy and foreign languages. Her next goal is a master’s degree in informa-
tion sciences and will be pursued at Pittsburgh(PA) School of Information
Sciences this fall. IPA member and secretary of R-61, Sharon Benson, is
Christine’s proud mother. Sharon is retired from the Natrona County (WY)
Sheriff’s Department.                                                                                                                     R-61 secretary Sharon Benson, president Arthur “Frank” Mulkern, and graduate Chris-
                                                                                                                                          tine Solymossy, holding her bouquet

Webster University... continued from page 9
report which included both an oral presentation by the team
and a written, very professional report. This allowed us to not
only hear our team’s report, but to hear the final reports for the
other groups. The class, the students and the entire process
were very impressive. The students were very professional
and will no doubt be successful in their chosen fields.
   The results will be provided to regions at the next NDC.
There was no charge for this project and in thanks we pre-
sented each student with a t-shirt, patch, lapel pin and a vari-
ety of unit coins. It was a great pleasure working with them.
Mel and I would both like to thank Domenic, Acenna, Molly,
Emily and Danielle and we wish them well in the careers.

From left: Acenna Martin, Molly Sellman, Danielle Behrens, Emily Hertlein and Domenic Sita listen to background
information about the IPA                                                                                         Students give a final presentation

10          USA IPA NEWS                                 Summer 2011
Trinidad & Tobago’s 2010 Annual                                  A Member’s Collection
Awards and Cocktail Reception                                    by Kevin Gordon

                                                                    When Arthur Troop coined the motto of the IPA, “Service
   The Trinidad and Tobago Foreign Associate Region of the       Through Friendship”, I have no doubt he had in mind folks like
United States Section held their 2010 Annual Awards and          Baltimore member Carroll “Mac” McCluskey. I met Mac years
Cocktail Reception on Sunday April 10, 2011 at the Parrot,       ago at a NDC. Mac goes to almost every national conference
City of Grand Bazaar, Valsayn from 3pm to 9pm.                   and only missed 2 that I know of over the last couple decades.
   The event was attended by many of our members (includ-        Mac even drove, yes, drove to the NDC in Anchorage in 1993.
ing Honorary Members) and their spouses. The Trinidad and           Over the years, Mac has hosted around 50 IPA members
Tobago Foreign Associate Region has approximately sixty          from 10 countries. Mac had invited me many times but life
(60) active members comprising serving and or retired of-        always got in the way. Recently, on the way to the NEC meet-
ficers from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, Special       ing in Washington DC, I decided to stop in and visit.
Reserve Police including Transit Police and Immigration De-          Mac has been a member for 32 years and has been col-
tention Officers, Municipal Police Services, and the Customs      lecting police patches, uniforms and other memorabilia since
and Excise Division.                                             1979. I’ve often heard of his collection, but wasn’t prepared
   Also attending the event was the Minister in the Ministry     for what I found. His guest bedroom would be better de-
of National Security, the Honourable Subhas Panday and Mrs.      scribed as the police station. It has hundreds of hats, model
Panday as well as the Director of the Office of Law Enforcement   police cars, patches, and assorted other police items. There are
Policy in the Ministry of National Security, Mr. Keith Renaud.
  As usual, the highlight of the evening’s event was the pre-
sentation of “Service Through Friendship Awards”. The An-
nual “Service Through Friendship” Awards was introduced in
December 2008 and is presented for distinguished excellence
in Membership, Honorary Membership and Service. A new
category of award; the President’s Award, was introduced in
2010. The Award recognizes the invaluable contribution of
members, spouses and friends of the Association, and is in-
tended to stimulate “Service Through Friendship” in keeping
with the motto of the IPA.
    The 2010 recipients were: For Membership 1) Ramesh
Chaitramsingh; 2) Richard Chotoo; 3) Raymond Thom; 4)
Riad Juman. For Honourary Membership 1) Balraj Kelly; 2)
Wyatt Achong. For Service 1) Alisha Kublalsingh; 2) Salisha
Rattan. President’s Award 1) Charles Kublalsingh.
    To the President’s surprise, members presented him with
an engraved plaque immediately after the presentation of the
“Service Through Friendship” Awards. This plaque was in
recognition of the President’s unwavering commitment and
dedication to the Association.
   The evening’s proceedings ended with music and dance in
the true spirit of Service Through Friendship.

                                                                 Photos: Top, a small portion of the hat collection. Bottom, Mac’s well-
                                                                 equipped bar. Inset, “Guido,” one of three mannequins.
                                                                                                                     continued on page 20

12     USA IPA NEWS             Summer 2011
             FOREIGN COLLECTORS                                     Netherlands: I am a Regional Police Force Sergeant in the
Belgium: Koen Geeraert, a member of IPA in Belgium,                 Netherlands and I collect police patches. I’m especially
collects police hats/caps and shirts from all over the USA.         interested in patches from departments having a connection
His address is Tien Geboden 12, 8200 Brugge, Belgium.               to my country, such as Catskill PD. “Kill” is the Dutch name
Email is                                  for small river and there are many cities in New York that
                                                                    were founded by Dutch immigrants. I am still missing patches
France: Dominique Bernard, a French policeman of                    from Plattekill PD, Catskill PD, Cobleskill Police and SUNY
Compagnie Republicaine de Securite (CRS Police Nationale)           Cobleskill University PD. I’m hoping some members in the
and a member of IPA delegation de Paris, is starting a              US can help me acquire these patches. I can trade patches from
collection and wants to make contact with British, Canadian,        my department or other European departments. Jan van der
American and Australian police officers. He would like to            Heide,
exchange hats, badges and uniforms. Contact Dominique
Bernard at                                     Poland: My name is Jacek Michalkowski and I’m a Polish
                                                                    police officer, IPA member and chairman of the Polish Police
Germany: Police posters wanted: I am Hermann                        Collectors Club. I collect pins from different countries. Please
Backfisch, a German IPA police officer. I teach a special             view my collection at If you are interested
English teaching program and I am looking to decorate our           in exchanging pins contact me at
classroom and to motivate the colleagues in it and thought
it would be a good idea to put some posters of English              Slovakia: Stanislav Macejko is a police captain in Komarne,
speaking police forces onour walls. I would like to ask             Slovakia and is collecting badges, caps and other items for his
if it would be possible to get some brochures, posters or           collection.
other available material about the US police forces. If
you could please send any material to Hermann Backfisch,             Spain: My name is Diego and I collect pins. I’m interested
Bundespolizeiinspektion Mannheim Hochuferstr 34; D-                 in acquiring pins for my collection. Pins can be sent to Diego
68167, Mannheim Germany or to my home address, Hermann              Castillejo, Arana Calle Lorenzo Goni Number 3 3OA 16004,
Backfish, Ernst-Rehm-Str. 7; D-69124 Heidelberg Germany              Cuenca, Spain. Contact me at
Thanks in advance, sincerely, Hermann Backfisch, e-mail                                                UK: IPA member, police officer Mark Tasker (Hertfordshire
                                                                    Police) collects insignias and would like contact with collector
Germany: My name is Andreas Fuchs and I am a police                 groups. Contact him through
officer in Berlin and an IPA member. Our daughter, Dhana,
attended Bard College in the US. I would like to trade German       UK: Peter Rooke would like to communicate with USA
police items for US police items with other US collectors.          members. Interest’s include cycling, reading and history.
Contact me at                     

Greece: I am member of the Greece rural police and also a                            U.S. COLLECTORS
member of IPA-Greece. I have a hobby, collecting berets of          Monty McCord-IPA Reg.4 (Retired Lt. Hastings, Nebr. Po-
the police of the whole world to show in my Police office. I         lice Dept.) is adding to his collection of international police
have started with the collection of police patches some time        breast and hat badges, and patches. Would like to estab-
ago and I now want to enlarge my collection of police patches.      lish trading/collector friends worldwide. Interested in ALL
I would like to ask you if it is possible to send me a patch        COUNTRIES (& especially Russian police breast badges).
of your department such or badges, caps and especially hats         Have badges/patches for trade and can send email photos.
and blouses. I would be very honored and proud if you had           Contact Monty at
the possibility to help me in that quest. Thank you very much.
Raptis Sotiris E-mail:                         I have a large collection of US and international police
                                                                    patches, hats, badges, uniforms, and other items. I want
Italy: Maurizio Di Iulio is a collector of police items (caps,      to donate them to a police agency or organization that
badges, patches, police band CDs) and stamps. He would like to      will appropriately display them. Please contact me, Gene
increase his collection and to have contact with local IPAmembers   Friedman R-43 at
interested in an exchange of items.                                                   continued on page 14

                                                                                 USA IPA NEWS              Summer 2011           13
               CALENDAR OF EVENTS
UNITED KINGDOM: To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the          THE NETHERLANDS: 29th World Police Indoor Soccer
Ayrshire Branch (Scotland) will host a Friendship Week from     Tournament in Eibergen/Groenlo and Zieuwent – 10/14 Oc-
6th to 13th August 2011.                                        tober 2011. This is not an IPA event but the Netherlands Sec-
                                                                tions always gives its support to this tournament. A discount
AUSTRIA: The 50th anniversary celebrations of IPA Vienna        will be offered to IPA participating teams. Please see www.
will take place from 21st to 26th August.             

GERMANY: International meeting of IPA friends with              POLAND: 5th International Ice Hockey Tournament IPA
camper vans in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 25th to 28th Au-        PRYMAT CUP 2011 will be held in Jastrzębie – Zdrój from
gust.                                                           10th -13th November 2011. To apply or to request more infor-
                                                                mation contact Robert Sierszulski by e-mail - robi_ipa@wp.
THE NETHERLANDS: The 1st IPA World Seminar for                  pl or look on the website –
Young Police Officers – 28 August / 3 September 2011 will
be held in Amsterdam. The participation fee for one police      2012 /CANADA: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Vet-
officer from each National Section to attend this seminar will   erans Association is hosting an Alaskan Cruise on 27 May
be free of charge and will be covered by the International      2012 to coincide with its national AGM. This is not an
Treasury, as agreed by the delegates in Paris. Applications     official IPA event but IPA members are invited to join the
via National Sections need to be sent to treasurer@ipa-ned-     cruise. before 30 November 2010.
                                                                2012 / CANADA: Advance notice is given of the next Rocky
THE NETHERLANDS: Members are invited to join the                Mountain Tour, which is being planned for June 2012.
Netherlands Section on the Airborne Walk on September 3.

ITALY: An IPA Sports Gala will take place in Senigallia
(Ancona), Italy, from 1st – 5th September                       Collectors... continued from page 13
                                                                Thomas W. Bickta, retired PAState Police Sergeant, collects old
POLAND: The International Motor Championships of Uni-
                                                                fountain pens, particularly Mont Blanc, Pelikan, Omas, Parker,
form Services “Uniform Motor Rally 2011” will take place in
                                                                and Waterman. Can trade police patches/items or purchase.
Toruń on the 17th and 18th September. Each National Sec-
                                                                Please E-mail at or call 443.424.2582.
tion may enter one 2-man team.
                                                                I have a large collection of US and international police patches,
ITALY: Celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of Italian
                                                                hats, badges, uniforms, and other items. I want to donate them
Unity, arranged by Region 1 Piemonte, will be held in Turin
                                                                to a police agency or organization that will appropriately
from 28th September to 9th October 2011. Details of the
                                                                display them. Please contact me at
Friendship Week including the very rich and interesting so-
                                                                Gene Friedman, Region 43.
cial programme (in English and in French) together with the
booking forms were sent on 21-4-11.
                                                                Retired MO State Trooper and USAF/OSI Special Agent.
                                                                Looking to trade Police Patches, etc. from all over the world.
SPAIN: As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Sec-
                                                                I have 10,500 from 160 countries. Contact http://bschure597.
tion Spain, IPA Tarragona is organising the 4th concentration
                                                      , Region #8, St. Louis, Missouri, Host Officer and
of police motorcycles from 30th September to 2nd October.
                                                                A.S. for Germany.
USA / CANCELLED: USA Region 12 will be hosting a
                                                                Howard Luckhardt is a retired police officer from New York
friendship cruise from 1st to 8th October 2011, on the Royal
                                                                now residing in Texas. He collects police patches, badges and
Caribbean Jewel of the Seas. The cruise will be sailing a
                                                                hats and would like to trade with police officers from state
round trip from Boston, Massachusetts, and will be travelling
                                                                police agencies throughout the country as well as police officers
to Portland, ME, Bar Harbor, ME, Saint John, New Bruns-
                                                                from major US cities and state capitol police departments.
wick, Canada and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. All IPA
                                                                Please contact me at
members and friends are welcome. (Newsletter 2010-10)

14    USA IPA NEWS             Summer 2011
                                           PEN PALS
I am looking to communicate with an officer who can give         Hungary: Csaba Szabó, who is a member of IPA Hungary,
me an insight into American policing, preferably from a         would like to make contact with colleagues in other countries.
metropolitan city or federal background but it really doesn’t   He is a police sergeant-major from Sopron. You can contact
matter. I would be just as happy to talk to a constable         Csaba Szabó by e-mail at -
(patrol officer) or to a detective, rank and area of expertise
isn’t of too much importance. Please contact Matt Wait at       Israel: IPA member Arik Miodowski, who has served for 17                                               years in the police force and is currently a detective sergeant
France: Police Captain Corinne Deslandes seeks an IPA pen       in the Tel-Aviv Criminal Unit, also wishes to make contact
pal in New York.                   with IPA colleagues. His interests include the sea, tourism
                                                                and history. Arik can be contacted at -
France: Martine Piguel, IPA member from France would
like to correspond with member in US to be able to get to       Italy: My name is Paola Bosi. I’m 35 years old and live with my
know more about the US. E-mail at             husband, Roberto, and our 2 year old son, Andrea. We work for
                                                                the Reggio Emilia Police Department. We live in the Reggio
France: My name is Lionel BARRIEU. I am a (French)              Emilia countryside and would love to hear from colleagues in
Police captain in Gascony, Auch (National Police) seeking       the US to exchange opinions and start new friendships. I am
contacts for my son, Martin. He is twelve years old and he      an IPA member and my passion is motorcycles and martial
is learning English at school. He wants an American pen pal     arts. Roberto is a shooting teacher and collects weapons. I
to improve his English. That friend could also speak French.    hope to hear from new friends.
We live in the S.W. of France, near Toulouse. Email at ariel.                                               South Africa: Dale Smith is a South African member living
                                                                in Paraguay. He is looking for penpals from the US. Dale
France: French Police Officer assigned to the K-9 unit of        Smith, Post Office Hohenau II, Itapua, Republic of Paraguay,
the Paris area police wishes to correspond with K-9 Officers     South America.
in the US, to exchange information and experiences in K-9
operations. Email                  Spain: Michel would like to email with English speaking
                                                                officers from anywhere to improve his English. You’ll have a
France: Emeline, daughter of Franck Harion, 13 years old,       friend in Spain. Email:
is looking for a per friend of the same age to swap emails.                                         Sweden: My name is Lena Petersson. I am an IPA member and
                                                                have been a policewoman for 18 years. I’m looking forpolice
Germany: My name is Eckhard Wolpert. I’m a German               officers who might have a 12 year old son into ice hockey for
police officer and IPA member . I have a 17 year old son,        future hockey games together. I also have a 9 year old daughter
Timo, who lives in Baden-Württemberg near Stuttgart. His        into iceskating and soccer. I work in the south of Sweden.
hobbies are computers, reading and going out with friends.      Email:
Timo is looking for a girl or boy pen pal the same age. He
can be emailed at                          Turkey: My name is Taryk Tuncel. I am a Turkish police
                                                                officer and would like to converse with American police
Ghana: Christiana Opoku is an IPA Great Britain member          officers. I am a member of IPA Turkey. Please send e-mail to
in Ghana wanting tocorrespond with anyone in the US.   Thank you.
Christiana Opoku, c/o Constable Ramstone of Regional
Police HQ, Box 7111, Accra, Ghana 00233.                        UK: My name is Donna and I’m a serving officer in the
                                                                U.K with West Midlands police. and am looking forward to
Ghana: Bright Annor Sackitey, a 41 year old police officer       chatting with and getting to know some of you guys over
in Ghana, and associate member of the British Section,          there in the States. I have been a serving officer for 10 years
has an 18 year old daughter, Abigail,who would like to          and would love to link up with any of you who are willing to
correspond in kind with the US. Hosting with his family is      become “penpals” as itused to be known before computers,
possible by any US IPA member travelling in this area. Email    to share stories and experiences from different sides of the                                        world. If you fancy getting in touch please contact me at my
                                                                email address
                                                                                                             continued on page 16

                                                                            USA IPA NEWS              Summer 2011            15

16   USA IPA NEWS   Summer 2011
     IPA HOBBIES                                                                                                    National Hobby Officer:
                                                                                                               J.J. Sullivan /

    Have you noticed the price of silver? From a high of nearly $50 an ounce, it is now in the mid $30’s as I write this column.
It is important to know that the word silver can mean a metal and also a color. While the metal silver is also “silver” in color, a
silvered colored item can be made from other materials. If you buy a silver piece of jewelry make sure you are getting the real
item. Most silver jewelry is marked “sterling” to ensure its quality.
   Up until 1964, much of our coins were made of 90% silver. The Government stopped using silver because the silver content
was worth more than the face value. If you find a old silver coin in circulation it is now worth many times its face value. At
one time the dollar coins were made of silver. They circulated along with the other denominations. The last silver dollar was
minted in 1935. Some of you may say that they’re still issuing silver dollars. The current dollars have no silver in them. They
are worth face value.
   If you are lucky to have a set of sterling cutlery it too is worth much more that it originally cost. With the high value of silver
there are many companies looking to buy. Make sure you get the item’s true value. Compare different buy prices. Some can be
higher than others. For example the old “silver” dollars I mentioned are now worth $30 each. If you want to buy one, it will be
around $40. This is because they are in demand and the price is higher than its silver value. Supply and demand. The current
demand is greater than the supply for these coins. Again, this is likely to change if the demand drops.
    Gold too, has gone way up in value. Last time I checked it was over $1500 an ounce. Anything in gold is very costly now.
Should you wish to buy any of these metals make sure that you are getting the real McCoy. There are many counterfeit dollars
coming from China which are very deceptive. They are seen at flea markets and garage sales. In many cases the seller has been
fooled too. Have them authenticated before parting with your money.

                 49er Printing & Copy Center                                            ORDER FORM - PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY
         is offering special pricing exclusively to IPA
             members on professionally printed                                  Name ___________________________________________________
                   full color business cards                                    Title / Designation ___________________________________________
                                                                                Section / Region ____________________________________________
                                                                                Address __________________________________________________
                             INTERNATIONAL POLICE
                                 ASSOCIATION                                    City/State/Zip _____________________________________________
                                     UNITED STATES SECTION
                                                                                Tel / Cell __________________________________________________
                                        Richard Nevarez
                                          Secretary General,                    Email ____________________________________________________
                                         United States Section
                                                                                 YES, I would like to add a badge or department logo
                                                           tel (916) 983-0373
          Service Through   1127 Bramble Lane             fax (916) 983-0358     (High res jpeg or tiff image via email or on disk only please)
             Friendship     Folsom, CA 95630-7646
                                                                                Quantity:  250 / $25.00       500 / $35.00    1000 / $55.00

                                                                                SHIPPING & HANDLING                        Order Subtotal $ __________
      • Printed on white 12 point coated cover
      • Prices include all set-up and email proof                                250 Cards . . . . . . . . $9.00      California residents $ __________
      • Add your badge or department logo                                                                            add 8.25% Sales Tax $ __________
                                                                                 500 Cards . . . . . . . . $11.00
      • at no extra charge                                                                                                       Shipping $ __________
      • Printed and shipped 2-4 business days                                    1000 Cards . . . . . . . $13.00
      • after approval of proof                                                                                           ORDER TOTAL $ __________
      • Your card will be archived for easy re-order
                                                                                          Mail your check or money order and this form to:
  *If you wish to add your badge or department logo, the image must be high              49er Printing, 11806 Kemper Road, Auburn, CA 95603
  resolution and provided by email or on disk. We can also scan a department                     (530) 885-2481 •
  patch, which must be enclosed with your order, at no extra charge.

18      USA IPA NEWS                           Summer 2011
Collection... continued from page 12                                  Harold Litwin Senior
3 mannequins dressed with complete police uniforms. The
shadows they produced in the middle of the night were inter-          Scholarship Award
esting to say the least. Other than his father’s old badge, Mac          Region 26 winner, Christopher Jacobson, was unable to
considers those suited mannequins his favorite items.                 leave his school to receive the award and his father, Marty
  His collection isn’t limited to the “police station” but his well   Jacobson, member of Region 26 accepted the award for him.
equipped bar and bar room has hundreds more police patches,              Pictured left to right are Philip Mendel (Treasurer), Craig
signs, posters and more, from around the country and world.           Hanson (Secretary), Marty Jacobson (father of recipient),
    While visiting Mac I realized he purchased the home he            Louis Savini (President), D. Robin Barker (1st. Vice Presi-
lives in 2 years before I was born. He retired from policing          dent), and James Lawless (2nd. Vice President).
due to a line of duty injury, the year I started police work.
And that, in my opinion, is one of the great benefits of the
IPA, meeting officers from all eras and from all parts of the
country, and sharing the stories. Mac told me some of his
stories as well as his father’s who had retired from Baltimore
City in the forties. I also shared stories with a mutual friend,
Larry McCormick, a retired NY Trooper who was visiting
Mac from Florida. Great stories.
    Mac believes in the IPA ideal and credits the IPA with
his meeting and making long lasting friendships with fellow
police officers from the US and around the world. One such
friend, UK member Arthur Woodman, met Mac in 1996 at an
all Florida weekend. He has returned to visit Mac ten times
since and is returning in July for a month visit. After 15 years
of visits, Mac considers Arthur more like a family member.
     Staying with Mac a few
days just highlighted to me                                             For IPA Radio Club information visit
why we all joined the IPA.
Lifetime friendships around
the world. Those of us in
the IPA understand and no                                                     The radio club net meets on Sundays
explanation is needed. Our                                                             1700z on 14.240 MHz
fellow officers who are not                                                               (21.410 primary)
members, who have not yet
discovered the IPA, have no                                             For information contact:
idea what they are missing. Mac and Larry                               KG8P - Tom Jenkins

             attention challenge coin collectors!
                                                                                                Available from
     The 2010 NDC coin is available                                                        Treasurer Kevin Gordon
     while they last. The coin has the
     IPA logo on the reverse as all the
                                                                                                (618) 566-8844
     NDC coins. The logo of Region 24                                             
     is on the obverse.The Canada Sec-
     tion 50th Anniversary Coins are also
     available in limited number. These
     have the Canadian IPA logo on the
     reverse and a picture of Charles
     Wright on the obverse. Charles is the
     founder of the Canadian Section and
     was very instrumental in the forma-
     tion of the US Section.                                                          50th Anniversary Challenge Coin from Canada

20    USA IPA NEWS               Summer 2011
  Get Connected.

                   Be a part of the organization that
                  represents Emergency Managers in
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Emergency concerns cross borders—                  Joining IAEM brings you benefits that connect
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                                                                                                                                                 AUGUST 23–24, 2011
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                                                                                                                                                 PEORIA, IL

                                                                  EDUCATE, PROTECT, SERVE AND SECURE
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Executive Director Search
   Search is under way for Executive Director of the International Association of Chiefs of Police ( Founded
in 1893, the IACP is the world’s oldest and largest nonprofit membership organization of police executives, with more than
20,000 members in more than 100 countries. Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, the IACP has a $22 million operating budget
and 147 staff. IACP is seeking an individual to (1) provide visionary leadership for the staff while implementing a strategic
plan approved by the Executive Committee and Board of Officers; (2) manage the day-to-operations of the organization; (3)
ensure that the organization delivers quality member services and programs; (4) maintain the financial integrity of the organi-
zation by aligning the annual budget with the strategic plan; and (5) enhance the impact of the organization globally through
effective strategic relationships and partnerships.
   The position requires a Bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree is a plus) and at least 10 years of senior-level experience with
a professional membership organization. Previous experience in or with association management, and knowledge of or fa-
miliarity with law enforcement or criminal justice organizations, are an asset. Candidate must have the ability to develop and
maintain collaborative relationships with external organizations; have strong skills in strategic planning, communications, staff
management, financial management and consensus building; and must have experience with a large and complex organization.
Search by Association Strategies, Inc., 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. Interested candidates may apply on-
line at
   Deadline for applications is July 31, 2011.
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  PROFESSIONALLY GUIDED KAYAK FISHING IN HAWAII                                        UK: My name is Michael Chapman. I am a 30 year old serving
                                                                                       Detective in the Northants Police Force in central England. I
  Fantastic ocean fishing, whale watching, eco-tours, snorkeling                        am keen to correspond with serving officers/IPA members in
  and much more at Kailua Kona on the big island of Hawaii. No                         the United States. My interests are sports including triathalon
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                                                                                       UK: My name is Bob Baber and I am a member of British
                                                                                       Section Region 7, since 1997. I am aserving DC with 29 years
                                         Owned & operated by an IPA family member      of service. I have three daughters aged 9 and 8 (twins) who
   Captain Chuck: 808-557-9827 •
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What can you share about the IPA?


                   Your help is needed.
       As we approach the US Section’s 50th anniversary in 2012,
     we are gathering any available information about our 50 year history,
                   especially anything from the early years.
         We are searching for any historically interesting or significant
       pictures, anecdotes, facts, regional information, documents, etc.

       We are also looking for the following old IPA magazines.
                           1990s: 1993 and 1995
     1980s: All issues except Spring/Summer 1985; Spring/Summer 1986;
        Spring/Summer 1987; May, Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter 1988
                    1970s: All issues except Summer 1975
        1960s: All issues (we aren’t sure when the magazine started)

     All donated items will become the property of the IPA US organization
          and retained as part of our historical file. If you have an item
            you would like returned, such as a magazine or picture,
                   we will make a copy and return the original.
                     Items can be mailed, emailed or faxed.

                        Contact Kevin Gordon
              tel/fax (618) 566-8844 • cel (618) 960-6972
Police Week - A Visit to Washington D. C.
by Carmen Alvelo

  The Grand Lodge, Fraternal Order of Police held their 30th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service in Washington
D.C. in May. For years now, I have been trying to make most of them, sometimes I was able to and other times due to work ob-
ligations, it was impossible. I had been following the Police Unity Tour on Facebook and was quite impressed by the amount
of law enforcement officers that were making their way to Washington D.C. There were 1400 plus on bicycles that began their
journey on the 10th of May 2011from different parts of New Jersey and Virginia.
   When we arrived in Washington, we visited the Tent area and of course we purchased T-shirts, patches, pins and greeted those
we knew. We met some of the bicycle riders (Unity Tour) and they talked to us about their ride to Washington and the stops
they made along the way. We walked to the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial and saw that they were getting
                                                                            This ceremony is one that I always look forward to as
prepared for the Candle Light vigil which would occur in the evening.����������������������������������������������������������������
                                                                           represents among law enforcement
any person observing will see the camaraderie that the Thin Blue Line��������������������������������������� officers. We are a
family regardless of what state or country you are from, if you wear the uniform; you are a brother or sister in the law enforce-
ment community. I include the word “country” as many law enforcement officers come to visit us from other parts of the world
to pay their respects and honor our fallen officers at the Memorial. After greeting some familiar faces it was off to have a late
lunch and prepare for the evening’s ceremony.                                                     ORIGINAL TAXI WALLET™ - $15
                                                                            lights check the internet and you’ll find these motor-
   When we returned the first thing that caught my eye was the flashing (note: illuminating from the patrol cars and thewallets sell f
cycles who were escorting the families of the members of the service who had made the ultimate sacrifice. They were arriving
at the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial for the Candle Light Vigil. This year the National Law Enforcement
Officers Memorial Fund was sponsoring their 23rd Annual Candlelight Vigil. As the law enforcement officers in uniform stood
at attention to honor the families as they walked in, so did we, as they too paid the ultimate price. To see the anguished face of
a child without a dad, a mom, an uncle or an aunt, a wife without her husband, a husband without his wife, a parent without his
son or daughter was one that was too much to bear.
   The evening commenced with several speakers, The Honorable Janet Napolitano, Secretary, U.S. Department of Homeland
Security, The Honorable Eric H. Holder Jr. Attorney General of the U.S. Sergeant Michael Devine’s angelic voice filled the air
with two beautiful songs, “Tell My Father” and a rendition of Les Miserables, “Bring Him Home”. This is one of my favorite
songs and I just sang along, “God on high, hear my prayer, you have always been there, he is young, he’s afraid, let him rest,
heaven blessed, bring him home, bring him home”. Sgt. Devine of the N.Y.P.D. is a survivor as his father Special Agent Thom-
as J. Devine, DEA, paid the ultimate sacrifice on September 25, 1982. During this time the candles had been passed out and the
entire place was lit up and the Thin Blue Line could be seen above from one end of the Memorial to the other….a sight to see.
   On Saturday the 14th 2011we returned to the Memorial and were able to see all the pictures, wreaths, teddy bears, patches,
letters and other things that were left by each fallen officer’s name. Words such as “he traded his badge for a pair of angel
wings, the screams of a siren for the songs that angels sing”, “Daddy, my Hero” are just a few but enough to see how much love
and appreciation was expressed. There was an area dedicated to the K-9 Unit with a special thanks to them. I thought it was
                                                                                                                                      continued on page 28

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was the first cruiser (in Montana) to be equipped with RADAR. This vehicle                       IPA USA NEWS
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Have you ever thought about investment property, a second or retirement
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New Port Richey, Florida. 1 bedroom 1½ bath furnished condo in an active
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Email, (772) 288-1972 or (772) 215-1901. Louis Sa-             Rocky Mountain Tour to be held from June 2-
vini, President, Region 26.                                  (spring 2012)         14, 2012. To allow you ultimate flexibility, you
                                                                                   can either sign up for the 8 day Alberta portion
                   Police Statues & Figurines Wanted
Any size, shape, condition, medium (wood, plastic, metal, stuffed animals          of the tour or continue on for 4 additional days
etc). Anything wearing a police uniform or part thereof. will pay fair price +     into British Columbia concluding with 3 nights
S&H. Welcome photo and/or description. Retired NCPD, RI9 member #202,
Bob Burdewick 1455 Paloma Lane, Dunedin, FL 34698-4317; (727) 733-                 in Vancouver. The prices are per person based
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26      USA IPA NEWS                     Summer 2011
Police Week... continued from page 25
a great idea as they too serve and protect. While still in the
area, I caught a glimpse of John Walsh from the program,
“America’s Most Wanted” and of course, I snapped a couple
of pictures…something like the paparazzi. I met with a good
friend and his wife from Australia, we chatted for some time,
took pictures and promised to see each when they arrived in
New York.
     On Sunday the 15th we made our way to the Capitol
grounds. There were law enforcement officers from all over
the United States as well as the United Kingdom and Austra-
lia from what I could see. We picked up our booklets with
the blue ribbons (National Peace Officers’ Memorial May
15th) enclosed and waited for the families to arrive. The
busses rolled up and an announcement was made, “the fami-
lies have arrived”. All those in uniform formed two separate
lines across from each other, stood at attention and saluted.
The FOP and the Honor Guards walked in carrying the flags.
The families began to enter and walked in between the two
rows of Police Officers. Most of the families were escorted
by a uniformed Police Officer. The sadness on their faces is
one that can never be forgotten – at one point I heard sob-
bing and turned to see the person next to me crying. She
seemed to be overwhelmed with emotion. An elderly man
walked through escorted by a uniformed Police Officer and
as he took each step, he would look at each of the Police
Officers who were standing at attention and he would state,
“thank you, thank you for not forgetting my son”. At that
point, there were others with tears in their eyes. The families
entered the Capitol grounds, were seated and the ceremony
began. As we had to make our way back to the city early we
said our goodbyes to those we knew and we left knowing we
would be back next year…..
    As we made our way back to New York I reminisced on
the different activities that occurred during the weekend and
what stayed engraved in my mind was the picture of the el-
derly man, a relative of a fallen officer, who as he entered the
Capitol grounds escorted by a Police Officer and while look-
ing toward his left and toward his right, personally thanked
each officer standing at attention, and with that, tears formed
in my eyes. To quote from the National Law Enforcement Of-
ficers’ Memorial, “It is not how these officers died that made
them Heroes; it is how they lived.”
 Carmen has been a member of Region #2 since 1994 and currently serves
as the Region’s Secretary. She retired prior to September 11, 2011 from the
N.Y.P.D. and now teaches children with special needs.

28      USA IPA NEWS                  Summer 2011
Atlasorbis Magazine
by Kevin Gordon
  Atlasorbis magazine is a law enforcement centered bi-weekly
magazine from Italy that is provided in English/Italian in
digital format. It is provided in print format 2 or 3 times a
year, depending on sponsors. Atlasorbis (Atlas of the world),
online at, is set up as a not for profit and
is an independent magazine created entirely by Italian police
officers. Atlasorbis was the idea of Fabrizio Locurcio, a po-
lice officer of the Questur of Rome.
    Founded in 2005, it is the first independent police maga-
zine in Europe. The magazine’s stated purpose is to “address
all issues of national and international, to provide an analy-
sis made by experts, which aims to encourage reflection on         Christopher Locke                Nicola Zichella
what is happening and why is happening on our planet”. It
is the intent of the editor and staff to “work alongside dis-        Zichella contacted Col. Kevin Gordon (retired) to serve
tinguished professors and experts in the foreground, form-        as the US correspondent. Gordon also serves as the IPA US
ing the Committee of Wise Men of Atlasorbis”. These “wise         Section Treasurer. Marian Mandroc, the liaison attaché of
men” include a who’s who of experts in the law enforcement        the Romanian Police serves as the correspondent from Ro-
field, journalism, military, politics, Professors from a variety   mania. Zichella is presently developing correspondent from
of Universities around the world, Court Judges, teachers, and     France and the Ukraine.
members of the police forces.                                         After some searching, a correspondent was located from
     Founder Fabrizio Locurcio’s serves as an officer at the       the Russia Federation. According to Zichella, “Locating
cabinet of the Questur of Rome and has extensive experience       someone from Russia was not easy because of the language
as a journalist. In addition Locurcio has advanced degrees        barrier and the uncertainly of who to contact. I was nearly
in Political Science and Communication Sciences. Locurcio         giving up searching when I was contacted by Colonel Vladi-
saw a need to compare Italian police forces with other forces     mir Kislukhin of the Legal Academy of Kirov.” Kislukhin
of the world. He also hoped to improve both the cultural and      is an IPA member from Russia who enjoys writing articles
professional skill level of Italian officers and to bring new      about both law enforcement and the IPA and readily agreed
ideas to the Italian law enforcement forces.                      to serve as the correspondent. Kislukhin has also contributed
    To assist in the development of the initial magazine, Lo-     articles for the US IPA NEWS.
curcio contacted several other individuals including Massi-           When asked why he volunteers articles for AtlasOrbis,
mo D’Anastasio a journalist of the Italian Police trade Union     Col. Kislukhin said “It promotes interaction improvement
CONSAP, Gianluca Guerrisi police officer of the Presidency         between law enforcement officers of the different countries
of Council of Ministry and Nicola Zichella who works at the       in their professional work, allows to count on friendly sup-
health service police department of the State police of Italy     port from foreign colleagues in case of occurrence of prob-
and provides administrative service for the police doctors.       lem situations”.
    Zichella has been a member of IPA Italy since 1992 and           Zichella commented, “If I was not an IPA member it would
serves as Editor of Foreign Affairs for the magazine. As a        be impossible to find a Russian contact. Russian police au-
member of the IPA, Zichella was able to use his IPA contacts      thorities recognize IPA as international world police organi-
to connect with officers in other countries in his attempt to                                               zation and many of
locate contributing authors. Zichella has provided articles                                                the collaborators of
about IPA Italy for the US IPA Magazine, IPA NEWS.                                                         Atlasorbis      maga-
   Mr. Christopher Locke, Editor in Chief of the United King-                                              zine are members of
dom Constabulary magazine was contacted and agreed to be                                                   IPA”.
the UK correspondent for Atlasorbis. When asked to com-                                                        Atlasorbis maga-
ment on Atlasorbis, Locke said, “Atlasorbis is an excellent                                                zine discusses all
magazine published by police officers in Italy. I believe it is                                             matters or law en-
important police officers have an independent voice and have                                                forcement      related
a platform to discuss issues and exchange ideas on policing                                                areas and the corre-
globally.” Locke started Constabulary magazine on a volun-                                                 spondents have inter-
tary basis as a service police officer in London, England over                                              view ambassadors,
30 years ago. Constabulary has linked up with police agen-                                                 magistrates and po-
cies around the world and have campaigned in the UK for                                                    lice authorities from
police issues.                                                    Vladimir Kislukhin                            continued on page 35

                                                                                USA IPA NEWS             Summer 2011            29
                                           2011 NDC REGISTRATION
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                         Name/Address on card _____________________________________________________________________


                                     Send to: IPA Region 25, P.O. Box 4595, Scottsdale, AZ 85261
                                                  or Email to:

                                                    REGION 25
                             Celebration of the West
                                  IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE NDC
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                           Alaska                                      shopping and great restaurants. One hour drive from Orlando, Dis-
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(415) 648-6711,                              sonville or Daytona airports. Regular $750 weekly. Half off for IPA
                                                                       members plus $50 gas credit for one month or more stay. Phone
                           Florida                                     (904) 797-5227 e¬mail
Tampa Bay Area, Crystal Beach: Two bedroom house sleeps six,
and one bedroom apartment sleeps four, fully furnished. Beautiful      Cape Coral, 20 min. from Ft Myers Intl. (RSW), 3 BR, 2 Bath
location, about 100 yds from the Gulf. 45 mins to Busch Gardens, 25    home w/pool, screened lanai. Apr thru Nov rentals available. Con-
mins from Tampa Intl .Airport. Weekly or Monthly. 10% discount         tact me for December thru April. Great vacation spot away from
to IPA members. Contact R6 member Tim Smith 702-396-3200 or            crowded beach traffic, short drive to ocean. Golf courses, charter
email for more information.                           fishing available. Furnished, two king, one twin BR. Contact Dan
                                                                       Arkenau Region 34, at for price. Must be
Daytona Beach: Direct ocean front condo on the no drive portion        current IPA member.
of the beach in Ormond Beach. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, fully equipped.
Pool, covered parking, minutes from Daytona Speedway, golf,                                                             continued on page 33

32     USA IPA NEWS               Summer 2011
Marco Island, Anglers Cove Resort, condo, 1 bedroom, full kitch-        Maui: Paradise 1, an Ocean View, resort apartment, fully furnished
en, on the water, tennis courts and marina. Contact Joe Lobl, R 11,     in Hawaiian style and equipped for your vacation needs. Master B/R
954- 895-8257 or                                    with king size bed and a padded Lanai lounge or overstuffed sofa
                                                                        in living room for a child. Olympic lap pool, outstanding tropical
St. Petersburg: Vacation Rentals, 2 Bed, 2 Bath Condo Listing           garden and water features. Free wireless Internet supplied.
#28269 & Studio Apartment in Orlando Listing #45566 10% Dis-
count to IPA Members Friedrich Seiltgen         Maui: Paradise II, near the longest white sand beach. Suitable up to
email                                                 4 adults. King bed in master B/R, queen bed in living room. Tropical
                                                                        garden, pool, hot tub, BBQ’s, plus a pavilion kitchen for cooking by
                       Florida Keys                                     the pool. Both are away from road noise, and within walking to mar-
Key Largo: Condo on the bay, 2br/2ba on the water. Fully equipped       kets, restaurants, and a short drive to free entertainment and whale
with all amenities. Heated pool, tennis courts, marina. Weekly or       watching, scuba, snorkel, luaus, and other activities. Both available
monthly. 1 hr from Miami Airport. R-5 member Bob Livoti 516-            at 50% off to IPA members. Contact Vic Voss 530-238-8822 email
579-1195. $1000 per week - 10% for IPA. E-mail  for more information.
               Ft. Lauderdale/Miami                                     Chicago: The Westin, 909 N Michigan Ave. IPA rate $95 (some
Region 43 Miami Area lists many attractions and special IPA dis-        blackout dates) PLUS 25% off food in the Grill on the Alley. Call
counts on their website. For complete list and details go to http://    Westin reservations, 888-627-8385, ask for discount #378031, show                                 IPA ID at check in.

Miami Airport West: Candlewood suites: email Haydee.leto@ihg.                                     Kentucky
com web site Special IPA doscount.          Drawbridge Inn, 2477 Royal Drive, just off I-75 Exit 189. Ft. Mitch-
Must make direct contact at Candlewood Suites for availability, ad-     ell (northern Kentucky) is offering discounted rooms to IPA mem-
vise you are IPA & tell them Jerry sent you. Good neighborhood and      bers who show a current IPA card. $65 plus tax per night. Located 6
located just west of airport and walking distance to MDPD.              miles from downtown Cincinnati and 30 miles south of Kings Island
                                                                        Park. Airport shuttles provided. Included is a 20% discount on all
Orlando: Sheraton Studio City Hotel, 5905 International Dr, Or-         food purchased at the Josh Tavern and grille located in the hotel.
lando. (800) 327-1366. You must request Law Enforcement Rate.
You must present confirmation number and Law Enforcement ID                                           Maine
upon check in. Rate is subject to availability.                         Two Lions Bed and Bath, 731 North Deer Isle Road, Deer Isle,
                                                                        ME 04627, phone (207)348-6976, Reason-
Cocoa Beach: Days Inn, 5500 N. Atlantic Ave 800-245-5225                able Rates. IPA member.
email rates vary with season, $75- $105
must mention IPA rate re: Larry McCormick R45                                                    Maryland
                                                                        Bethesda, American Inn of Bethesda,8130Wisconsin Avenue, 20814
Best Western Ocean Beach Hotel & Suites 5500 N. Atlantic Ave            Wi-Fi, free DSL, deluxe continental breakfast. Must ask for very
800-962-0028 email rates vary with sea-          special IPA rate. Phone 1-800 323-7081
son, $90 - $145 must mention IPA per Larry McCormick R45
                                                                        Silver Springs, One bedroom apartment with fumiture, garage, etc.
Palm Coast Rental: 3BR, 2BA furnished condo on inter coastal            $20 a day. Also an apartment in Lima, Peru at same price. Contact
waterway in beautiful resort style gated community. Fully fur-          George Martel, IPA member Region 7, Associate Secretary to Peru,
nished and sleeps eight. Includes child friendly pool, stocked fishing   Tel. 301-589-8020 or E-mail
lakes, 7 miles of nature trails, minutes from Hammock Beach, 30
min. to St. Augustine and Daytona, 90 min. to Orlando. Visit www.                                 Missouri IPA rate 995 per week + cleaning fee. Con-             St. Louis Cop Party & Benefit for off duty death, injury and illness
tact IPA Region 43 Member Luis Taborda at            held the third Monday of the month. Contact Bob Schure, R-8 host
305-343-7687                                                            officer and USA Associate Secretary for Germany. (314) 439-0597
                                                                        or FREE place to stay when in St. Louis as
West Palm Beach Condo Rental: 1 BR / 1 full bath furnished con-         over 51 coppers from all over the world have since 1986. Visit us on
do with water views (lake and ocean), Sleeps 4, pool, golf, nearby      the web at
amenities, located 10 min from Palm Beach Intl Airport. MINI-
MUM 1 MONTH RENTAL. High Season from October to May
$2300/month. Low Season from May to October $1750/month 10%
IPA Discount. Two units available. Marcel Beaumont 954-261-1376

Maui, Valley Isle Resort, beachfront deluxe studio, Steve Jackson,
775-742-3337 or 800-742-7955 $129 per night, smoke free www.
                                                                                                                         continued on page 34

                                                                                      USA IPA NEWS                Summer 2011            33
Accomodations.....                                                               Washington D.C. / Virginia
continued from page 33                                                Fairfax, VA: Comfort Inn Tyson Corner 1587 Spring Hill Road,
                                                                      Vienna, VA 703-448-8020. Must ask for Police Rate.
Reno, studio condo, Call for rates weekly/monthly. Jeff Church
R38, P.O. Box 1801, Reno 89505 E-mail
                                                                                          Washington State
                                                                      Hansville: Gateway to the Olympic Peninsula. Five bedroom, two
                                                                      bath farmhouse on 20 acres. Beaches, trails, ferry’s ride from Seattle.
Las Vegas, one mile from the strip (east of Wynn Hotel). One bed-     Two night minimum @ $400 per night, also weekly rates + a 10%
room furnished condo, all the comforts of home, includes one park-    IPA discount.Cinda 360-638-1811
ing space. Less than one mile to supermarket, mall, shops, library.
IPA member: 4th night free on weekend rental, 15% off weekly or
monthly rental. or (310) 746-6499.
                                                                              PHOENIX, ARIZONA:
                         New York                                          FREE SHORT TERM LODGING
Edison Hotel, the Hotel of record in New York City for the IPA. 228
West 47th Street, New York, New York 10036. IPA members can             Region 25 VP Larry Amabile has two bedrooms
book and view the hotel direct from our website, www. iparegion2.       available for IPA members (no children please)
org The hotel website is                         visiting the Phoenix area FREE. Short term room-
                                                                        mates only. Not availalbe for the NDC/Western
Fordham House B&B, Greenport offers members a 15% discount.             Expo in October. Larry is also the FOP Lodge 2
On the eastern part of Long Island’s North Fork, an old shipping
and whaling port. Car ferry from Orient Point to Conneticut’s naval
                                                                        manager. The lodge has a restaurant and full ser-
sub base, coast guard academy and Mystic seaport. Pam (631) 477-        vice bar available to IPA members (need not be a
8998,                                             FOP member). Contact Larry at

Hotel Deauville, midtown Manhatten (Park Ave. & 29th St.), of-
fering 20% IPA discount. Christina Manis, manager, 212-683-0990, Use website code IPA.
New York City: IPA MEMBERS ONLY. Furnished studio apart-
                                                                      The Austria IPA has a web page that lists many hotels, inns, pen-
ment, 15 minutes from Manhattan. Private entrance, queen size         siones, etc. that give discounted rates to IPA members. For more
bed, full kitchen, TV, close to mass transit. Three night minimum     information visit
and will usually pick up at NY airport. Contact R2 member Tony
at or visit our website                                   Canada
                                                                      Whistler, BC. IPA member has condo available for rent year round.
                     North Carolina                                   Ski in/ski out. Hot tubs, year round swimming pool in complex.
Blowing Rock: Cottage, 3 bedroom 2 baths fully equipped, sleeps       Short walk to Whistler village. 10% off regular rates to IPA, Po-
6. IPA rate $500 per week, $1500 a month. Contact: Ellen Pierson      lice and Fire personnel. View details at VRBO #278903 E mail
for photos/info                            
North Topsail Beach: Picturesque 1 BR, sleeps 4, full kitchen,        Hotel discounts in Canada: Visit Contact
ocean-view balcony. Amenities include several pools, hot tubs,        Steve Gibson at
beach access, tennis courts, more. 15% discount IPA members.
Contact:, 800-934-2400 UNIT 202A, Gasper
Venturella, Region #2 516-270-2663.
                                                                              IPA HOUSE: FRANCE
                         Tennessee                                    The IPA House Pierre Bar-
Fun on the river: Guided raft tours on the Nolichucky River           baud has been extended
here in NE Tennessee, 15% discount to IPA members. This               to provide 2 bedrooms (1
river is one of the most beautiful in the country with class          double and 1 twin) – sleeps
2, 3 and 4 rapids. The Nolichucky River Gorge is one from             4. New e-mail: ipahouse.
Asheville North Carolina and 1½ hrs North of Gatlinburg.    
There are several different trip itineraries to suit everyone.
Visit us at 423 743-7111
or 1 866 USA Raft. Make sure to mention IPA. Richie Hay-
ward MDPD-Retired Jonesborough, Tennessee The Old-
est Town in Tennessee 423-753-4562 H 305-216-6666 C.

34     USA IPA NEWS               Summer 2011
Don’s RV Corner                                                     Harold Litwin Senior
RVs and Handicaped Travelers                                        Scholarship Award
    Having some form of handicap is not an excuse to not
owning or traveling in an RV today. In fact most of the senior         Presentation of the Litwin Scholarship to Ryan Goodman,
RVers today have some form of physical restrictions which           at Region 43’s General Membership meeting on May 26,
could be classified as a handicap. Most RV parks and all State       2011.
and Federal parks have reserved spaces for handicap parking.           The Presenter is Lewis Thomason, President Region 43.
All you need to qualify for the use of them is the little placard   Holding the check is Ryan Goodman, the recipient. Next to
from your home state.                                               him is his father, IPA Member Gilbert Goodman, followed by
   From the start if you have a traveler with a handicap you        Ryan’s Mother and Brother.
should give this full consideration, in selecting the type of
RV you choose to meet your needs, before you buy one. Only
Winnebago will build some handicap modifications, includ-
ing lifts and ramps, into their new rigs (at the factory) on
special orders. For best results their largest models are more
accommodating which may mean much higher finish cost for
the RV as well as the modifications.
   Many RVers with lower body restrictions get around very
well on their battery powered carts as needed. While battery
powered wheelchairs can be much heavier and harder to lift or
get in and out. Carriers may be installed in the front or rear of
your RV. Others may require ramps to get in and out of their
RVs as well. In most places it is not a problem to find addi-
tional help to get a handicapped person in or out of a rig. It is
more of a problem getting up the nerve to ask for assistance.
    Sometimes it may become necessary to make addition-             Atlasorbis... continued from page 29
al modifications to assist one inside the rig or for using the       around the world. Cultural news and geopolitical issues are
exit / entrance as well. Here you will find there are not ADA
or Federal Housing Construction rules to assist in standard         the primary discussion areas of the magazine. While gen-
modifications to meet the needs of your handicapped person.          erally the magazine is provided in Italian, it provides some
Interior walls may be hollow while the sidewall constructions       articles in English to give Italian officers practice in their
of a RV are layered material without evenly spaced wooden           English skills. Atlasorbis is also on facebook at under “Alta-
studs and roofing composition may vary. You will also find            sorbis Online”.
RV service centers are perplexed when faced with your hand-
icap modification request. (The severity of the handicap may
affect the type or need of modification.) They may suggest
a commercial lift product which is large and would require
substantial modification of your RV at great cost; or just tell
you to try somewhere else.
   One of the great joys in RVing is the friendly people you
come into contact with when traveling. Each one of them
have made some type of modification to their rig for their
convince. Some have even been faced with modifications
to aid a handicapped person. Make this a common topic of
your conversations with other campers. If they don’t have a
problem of their own maybe they have seen something some-
one else has done for the need of their handicapped traveling
companion. Don’t forget to use the services of the RV maga-
zines you subscribe to as well. They all have Tech question
sections and advisers which may be able to help you. If not
some reader is sure to follow up with a possible solution.
   The bottom line is the handicapped RVer will enjoy and
have a much more fuller life getting out, doing things, seeing
new places and making friends than just sitting around the
house. Now what more can you or they ask for                        Nicola & Christopher holding each other’s magazine

                                                                                  USA IPA NEWS                 Summer 2011    33
International Police Association - U.S. Section      Non-Profit
Diane MacGregor, Membership Secretary               Organization
511 N Reese Street                                U.S. Postage Paid
South Lyon, MI 48178-1267                            Permit #84
                                                    Auburn, CA

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