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Outside the Box (DOC)


									              Outside the Box
“Game set and match” in high chair shouted the Ump
“Gregory Catalano the winner, He is the Champ”

“I want to play tennis for my school dad”, he stated
Did you say that Gregory? I didn’t really here that
He wanted to play and play tennis that was my day
Wanted to hug my son, toss up things in my sight

Day after day, four hours a day scraping the wall
Toiling in the hot summer sun, even hard for the tan
Fourteen years old freshman in the private school
Came out running saying “I made the tennis team”

I hit hard, he hit harder with a beaming knotty smile
Intense rally progressed, couldn’t hold on to my side
Fed tons of balls, western grip swiftly swung in style
Game thus evolved, wiz kid toyed with his old dad

 Summer of Eighty-four, semifinal of juniors on sunny day
Folks flocked to the fence, so did coaching on court side
Cone’s mother retorted, “Coaching is unjust gentleman”
I was the winning parent but to be warned “Dad not again”

Final was on for Sunday, staging sons of two friends
“Between our sons, couldn’t be any better” I inferred
Bill with slight grin “Two sets my son be the winner”
Angry I said to myself “Keep Greg out of silly affair”

Five all, brilliant ripping passing shot, Greg broke his serve
Walked off winning the match “Six Four and Seven Five”
The rollercoaster show ended for the keen viewers
Kid unknown upset the favorite, praised with cheers

Bill like a gentle man stretched to shake my hands
Bob with baggage stooped, silently strolled to his dad
Viewing from outside the box, the scene melted my core
“My son to be the ultimate winner”, aspires every father

“Game set and match” in high chair shouted the Ump
“Gregory Catalano the winner, He is the Champ”

                   Raj Gaonkar, October 27, 2009

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