FBLA Scavenger Hunt

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					This scavenger hunt can be used to promote FBLA and to help students become familiar with material
on the state and national websites. Some answers will change from year to year.

                                    FBLA-PBL Scavenger Hunt
   1.    Who is the PBL national president?
   2.    Who is the Florida FBLA president?
   3.    What are the dates of the 2008 National Leadership Conference and where will it be held?
   4.    Where is the FBLA national headquarters?
   5.    What are the four FBLA-PBL divisions?
   6.    Who was the first full-time executive director of FBLA-PBL?
   7.    Who is the current president and chief executive officer of FBLA-PBL?
   8.    Who is the Florida regional vice president serving your region?
   9.    Community Service Project is what kind of competitive event?
   10.   Palm Beach is in which district?
   11.   How many members are currently in the FBLA high school division?
   12.   Who is the Florida Region V Representative on the Board of Directors?
   13.   What are the words of the FBLA pledge?
   14.   Are capris considered acceptable business attire for females at FBLA business meetings at the
         Florida SLC?
   15.   Who was the last FBLA or PBL member from Florida to serve as a national officer and what office
         did he/she hold?
   16.   Where will the 2009 National Leadership Conference be held?
   17.   What is the name of the FBLA-PBL store where you can find FBLA-PBL branded merchandise and
   18.   Are males required to wear a jacket at FBLA business meetings at the SLC?
   19.   Can a student be a district officer and state officer at the same time?
   20.   What are the national FBLA dues for high school members?