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                      THE PASSAGE
               November - December 2010

Dear Friends,
     “Faith,” Rabbi Jonathan Sacks once said, “is a form of
listening.” I have always believed in this truth and, as a minister, I
have tried my best to listen for the whispers of the Spirit in my
life as part of an ongoing spiritual discipline. When Russell
Katahira invited me to preach at Christ Church in November of
2005, by faith I heard God’s call in Russell’s invitation. It was
also faith working in and through my intentional listening for
God’s will for my life that inspired me to joyfully accept the call
to become your pastor on October 1, 2006. Now, five years after I
stood at the pulpit of this congregation for the first time, I am
poised to take another leap of faith. I will be leaving Christ
Church to wander off into the unexplored territory of a new
     Making the decision to step outside the circle of the familiar
and close-knit relationships that define Christ Church was not
easy. We have come a long way since God brought us together!
This church has given me the privilege of growing as a UCC
minister and as a person of faith. I am thankful for your patience
and kindness as I learned to do ministry in a community that
emerged from the dark days of the internment camps and, against
all odds, remained true to its identity, traditions and dreams. My
life has been certainly enriched by all I have been able to learn
about Christ Church and the trajectory of the Japanese American
community in Chicago and the United States. I give thanks for the
indelible mark that you have left on my life and ministry.
     I want to say a special thank-you to the people on the Pastoral
Relations Committee – Jane Kaihatsu, Suzanne Ogawa, Jon
Shimabukuro and Karen Nakagawa – who were incredibly
supportive and instrumental in helping me to figure out how to best
serve this congregation. I will be forever grateful for the many
hours of sharing, listening, and planning that the PRC and I spent
together. Lois Shikami also offered me invaluable guidance at times
when I felt disoriented as a Brazilian pastor serving in a
predominantly Japanese-American community. Always a patient
listener, a strong supporter of my ministry and a dedicated member,
Lois never failed to give me thoughtful advice on how to interpret
and understand the many layers of cultural traditions that are part of
this congregation’s rich history. I enjoyed working with Elaine
Kaneshiro and Russell Katahira, our co-moderators. There is no
question in my mind that Russell and Elaine love Christ Church and
take great pride in the work they do to lead this congregation into
its future. One of my greatest joys was undoubtedly to lead three
Confirmation Classes and to get to spend time with the youth of
this church! I have repeated this many times and I will say it once
again: Christ Church is blessed to have such an amazingly talented,
creative, intelligent and fun group of young people. I am glad that
Craig Kaneshiro and Stephanie Nitahara are committed to being the
youth leaders; they have so much to offer to our kids and I know
they will bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the youth and
family ministries. I am also thankful that during my time as your
pastor, Christ Church welcomed new members into the life of this
congregation. Your commitment to being faithful to the Japanese-
American heritage while embracing the diversity of the human
family is truly inspiring. I pray that you will continue to walk
boldly toward the goal to become a more multi-cultural and multi-
ethnic church.
     There are countless other church members and volunteers who
make Christ Church into this strong church family that I have had
the honor to lead as a pastor. I have always admired Marcia
Kushino’s dedication to one of the most challenging and difficult
ministries in this church: the Ministry of Caring. The Women’s
Fellowship never ceased to amaze me with their hard work and
organization. The Christian Education Board always works
tirelessly to provide our children and families with the best Sunday
school program this church can afford and they are not afraid of
trying out new ideas. During the last two years, Kent Ijichi has
gone above and beyond anything this church could have asked of
any trustee. Having this building is a true blessing and I am glad
that Kent has used his skills and talents to help this congregation
claim it as its true home. I am not sure how I will celebrate Maundy
Thursday without Hiro Toyama’s delicious navy bean soup! It was
always a torture to sit in the church office while the aroma of Hiro’s
soup took over the building before we could finally savor it as we
gathered for our agape meal!! And who could have imagined that
Mary Mantel would come along and would help us run such a well-
organized and successful rummage sale?! It is truly incredible how
this congregation always comes together and gets everything done
so efficiently and successfully.
    I am thankful for the staff of this church and how we were able
to work together. Arlene Hayn has been a great colleague in the
church office. It was good to come to the office knowing that I
could count on her efficiency, dedication and knowledge. Pedro has
always done so much more than anyone could have asked and this
church is so lucky that Pedro not only cares about how our building
looks, but he also cares about the people who come to worship
whether they are long time members or first time visitors. Gracias
Pedro! Then we have a really faithful and talented group of
musicians who lift our hearts and spirits with their gift of music. I
am grateful that I was able to work with Sunnie Hikawa, Fran
Walker and Hue Jang.
    Listening to God can be risky! It is always easy to remain in
those places where we feel loved, accepted and safe. But every now
and again, as one of our hymns says it so wisely, the Spirit of
restlessness stirs us from our placidness and, empowering us with
bold decisions, the Spirit gives us new vision and calls us to leave
the comfort of the fold so we may do something new. This is the
time the Spirit is blowing through the church and is inviting us to
arise and to listen for God’s will for all of us. In faith, let us be
ready to let the Spirit speak and lead us.
    In this season of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for every person I
met in this congregation; for your love and friendship and for the
amazing opportunity I have had to be your pastor and spiritual
leader for five years. I pray that you will remember my ministry at
Christ Church with joy and gratitude and I thank you for allowing
me to experience the love and grace of God through the ministries
of this congregation. My last day as the pastor at Christ Church will
be officially December 28th; however I have accumulated several
weeks of vacation time that I will use to facilitate my transition and,
for that reason, my last Sunday at Christ Church will be
November 28th.
    As I mentioned in my letter of farewell, one of my favorite
poems by German poet Herman Hesse declares, “At every call of
life the heart must be prepared for leave-taking and new
beginnings…” As I prepare for my own leave-taking, I praise
God for everything we have been able to accomplish together
and, trusting that the God who sustained us up to this point will
continue to smile on us all and will grant us God’s blessings, I
pray that God will keep and bless Christ Church.



                In celebration of Reverend Paulo’s 5 years
                and his last Sunday at Christ Church of
                Chicago, on November 28th, our
                Intergenerational Hand Chime Choir will
                accompany the opening hymn, Beethoven’s
                “Ode to Joy”.
All are invited to come and ring with us! Music reading not
necessary. We will rehearse in the choir loft after the Sunday

                      ALL SAINTS’ DAY

All Saints’ Day will be observed at
Christ Church on Sunday, November
7th. Candles will be lit in memory of
loved ones who have passed away
within this past year.
If you would like to honor your loved
ones, please call the church office
from Tuesday through Thursday
between the hours of 9 AM and 2 PM and give Arlene Hayn the
name of the person you want to remember. Please, do not leave
messages on the church’s voicemail as it may be difficult to hear
the correct name of your loved one.

                       FAMILY NIGHT

                                     SAVE THE DATE!

                             NOVEMBER 20th, 2010 AT 5:30

    Plan for Advent and Christmas, make ornaments for the
 Christmas Tree of Hope, go shopping for Christmas gifts, have
          fun and fellowship with your church family


The first Sunday of Advent is the
Church’s “New Year’s Day.” During the
season of Advent, which begins on
November 28th and lasts until mid-
night on Christmas Eve, Christians
prepare for the arrival of the Christ
Child. However the focus of the season
of Advent is not only on the celebration
of the mystery of the Incarnation, which
was the first Advent. The Church of
Jesus Christ also waits and longs for the
second Advent when Christ shall come
again. In this double focus on past and future, Advent is the
season when people of faith affirm their conviction that Christ is
present in the world today and that He will come again in power.
This season gives us courage to live as faithful followers of Jesus
Christ in the world celebrating God’s in-breaking into history in
the Incarnation and anticipating a future consummation to that
history for which "all creation is groaning awaiting its
You and your family are invited to join members and friends of
Christ Church during this hopeful and joyful season.
                               First Sunday of Advent,
                            November 28th - The Sunday of
                            Hope - Rev. Paulo’s last Sunday at
                            Christ Church.
                               Second Sunday of Advent,
                            December 5th - The Sunday of
                            Peace with Celebration of Holy
                               Third Sunday of Advent,
                           December 12th - The Sunday of
                               Fourth Sunday of Advent,
                           December 19th - The Sunday of
                           Love. There will be no service in the
   morning. You are invited to join us for our traditional
   Christmas potluck at 1:00 PM and the Christmas Pageant at
   2:30 PM in the sanctuary. All are invited. Bring a dish for the
   common table and enjoy this time of fellowship with family
   and friends.

               O Come All You Faithful
                and Let us Adore Him!

             December 24th at 7:30 PM


                         Our Intergenerational Hand Chime
                         Choir will accompany the congregation
                         in a special Gloria. Get ready to snap
                         your fingers and tap your toes while
                         our youth and chancel choirs sing “The
                         Little Cradle Rocks”!
                   CHRISTMAS CAROLING
On Sunday December 12th, the children
will be spreading Christmas cheer as they
sing songs of the season while visiting some                of
our homebound members. We will gather at
church at 10:00 AM. (No Sunday School on
this day). Contact Josie Sugai and Fran Walker if you can help
with transportation.

  There are only four rehearsals scheduled for the Christmas
  Pageants and we want to ask you to save the dates below on
  your family calendar. To honor the time commitment of our
  organist Fran Walker and Choir Director Sunnie Hikawa we
  ask that you and your children attend all the rehearsals.
  November 20th at 5:30 pm - Fran Walker will practice the
  songs with the children during Family Night.
  December 3rd at 6:30 pm - It’s Friday night and we will
  provide pizza. Please make sure you and your family will
  make an effort to attend this rehearsal!
  December 5th at 10:45 am - Sunnie Hikawa will hold a
  rehearsal during the time allotted to Sunday School.
  December 19th at 11:35 am - Before our Christmas Potluck,
  Sunnie and Fran will hold a final rehearsal with all of the

                CHRISTMAS TREE OF HOPE
Christ Church will partner with Heartland
Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights to
spread the joy of Christmas.
The ornaments adorning our Christmas tree will
list a gift or item from the wish lists of a family
in need. Let’s give generously!

 Joy Fujiwara will be accepting your order for poinsettias until
 December 12th.


Thank you to all the Friends and Members of Christ Church of
Chicago for your generous donations during the month of August
and September.

Sumi Kimura                  Passage Appreciation
Peggy and Jim Mita           In Remembrance of Elsie Shiozaki
Helen Miyake                 Flower Fund
Jane Oda                     In Appreciation of Friends and
                             Members of CCC
Peggy and Yosh Sakai         In Memory of Ritsuko Inouye
Olgha and Robert Sandman
Herbert Suruki
Edith Takaki             Celebration of Grandchild Payton
                         Akemi Takaki's birth
Kiyo Takemoto            Flower Fund
Lily and Pedro Ulate (8)
Susan Yamanaka           In Memory of Emily Robertson,
                         Myrtle Hattori, Mary Matsumoto


E. Higashi, F. Taniguchi
E. Higashi, F. Taniguchi
E. Higashi, F. Taniguchi     In Memory of Lillian Yoshida
E. Higashi, F. Taniguchi
Helen Miyake
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie          In Memory of Rosie Kawakami
                             Scott Nitahara

Kiyo Takemoto has been an active member of Christ Church for
many years and she is now relocating to Southern California to be
closer to her family. Kiyo will be missed but she will always
remain a dear member of Christ Church of Chicago. Our prayers
and our love go with Kiyo as she begins this new phase in her
life. Blessings, your Tri-C Family.

Team work is everything! It teaches one to depend on others, it
builds mutual respect, it spreads the work around, it helps one to
get to know others better, it makes work fun, it gives each
individual a chance to shine, and it allows people of all ages to
work together towards a common goal.

Consider our Aki Matsuri 2010, held today, on October 2. The
camaraderie was stunning. The annual bazaar was a big success
because it ran like a well-oiled machine. Each phase, each
committee, each activity, ran autonomously, yet in concert, to
achieve the end result - our church building filled with happy,
satisfied customers supporting our biggest fund raiser of the year.

Ever since our first planning meeting that was held in June, the
committees have been gathering to set schedules and goals.
That’s when the publicity team began its work, and the tickets and
posters were designed. But the group action really began to take
place in September when volunteers spent a day preparing
ingredients for making sushi, then during the week of the bazaar,
they chopped vegetables and made tsukemono, and on another
day, prepared the ingredients for the bento box lunch. Bakers
answered the call for goodies and other goodies. Then on the
night before the Saturday Bazaar Day, a whole group gathered to
prepare the dining room and the selling booths, and to help with
kitchen work. It was a relaxed and mellow bunch of mixed ages,
working while munching on pizza.

Today, bazaar day, everyone worked together creating the joyful
scene: The udon chefs and their helpers served hundreds of
steaming bowls of noodles, the grill team spent their day cooking
teriyaki chicken breasts to perfection in spite of occasional rain,
the yakisoba team stirred and stirred the giant wok, the sushi
makers filled and rolled, the pot scrubbers worked to keep ahead,
and all of the sellers fussed over their wares to best entice their

When the doors were opened at 12 o'clock noon, the cashiers
were ready with their dining room order tickets, and the wait staff
stood at the ready for their tables to fill. Our welcome mat was
out and our eager community came in droves.
I would like to thank each volunteer who contributed to the whole
effort and to those who involved generations of their own
families. That includes our members and friends who bought
tickets, our supply purchasers, the delivery persons, the furniture
and door movers, the rice washers, the sushi and tsukemono
packagers, the takuwan makers, the handcrafters, the bento
assemblers, the money counters, the tea brewers, and most
particularly, the committee chairmen. What team work! I'm
proud to be a member of the Christ Church family, aren't you?

                              Lois Shikami
                              Chairman, Aki Matsuri 2010

Once again, our very generous benefactors have joined our
fund raising effort. We are deeply grateful to Fuki Yamamoto,
Nancy and Daniel Yoshida, Scott Shimizu, Henry Fukui, and
one anonymous friend for donating gifts, totaling $4,400 to
cover our Aki Matsuri expenses. Special thanks to Jim
                        THANK YOU

Neil Brown - for donating a table at the JASC Christmas Delight
held in December
Clean-up Crew that came to Christ Church on Oct. 16th and got
lots done to prepare our church for the holiday season
Elaine Kaneshiro, Russell Katahira, Erik Pavesic and Rev. Paulo
for representing Christ Church in the Chicago CROP WALK


                         The first people newcomers to Christ
                         Church encounter on Sunday are the
                         ushers and greeters. Depending on how
                         genuinely welcome visitors feel, they
                         may or may not come back on the
                         following Sunday. Our regular church
                         members also rely on our ushers to make
                         sure that we have a pleasant worship
experience. It’s nice to come into Christ Church and feel that we
are welcome and loved no matter who we are!
We need more church members to sign up to usher on Sunday
morning. It would be particularly meaningful if some of our
church families and young adults decided to volunteer on a
regular basis. Can you help Christ Church to be more welcoming?
Contact Arlene Hayn via e-mail or by phone and let her know that
you are volunteering to be an usher and to share Christ’s love
with all those who are coming to worship.

                        YOUTH NEWS
The youth will go straight to the Youth Room every Sunday
morning, except on the first Sunday of the month when they will
stay in the sanctuary to worship with their families.

                Happy Birthday to all of those celebrating in
                November and December!
                November - Craig Kaneshiro, Danny Nitahara,
                Clara Pedtke, John Pedtke, Joseph Pedtke, Hiro
                Toyama and Christine Woo.

    December - Sachi Suzuki, Nancy Takagi, Nancy Toyama
    and Jordan Yamagiwa.
    Please accept our apologies if we omitted anyone! If your
    birthday is not listed here, chances are that we do not have
    your updated information. Please contact the church office.
    and request a membership update form.


                    PASSAGE DEADLINE

       The Passage Deadline will be December 8th, 2010.

                 PRAYERS AND CONCERNS

             Prayers of healing for Jeanne Kawako, Paul
             Kimura, Tracey Shimabukuro, Aiko Amino,
             Corinne Hamill (friend of Tomi Shimojima), Sandy
             Parsons and Judy Scheller.

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