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Meanings of the word
• 1. An activity done regularly for pleasure
  (a favourite topic).
• 2. Archaic a small horse or pony.
• 3. A small migratory falcon which hunts
  birds and insects on the wing.
• 4. A toy consisting of a model of a horse's
  head on a long stick. A rocking horse. A
  model of a horse used in morris dancing,
  pantomime, etc.
1. Only recently the word has become a hobby its importance as a
   favorite activity, originally from the word hobby as a small horse.
2. Hobby in the sense ‘pastime’
   is short for hobbyhorse. This originated in the
   16th century as a term for the figure of a horse used
   in morrisdances: the element hobby, used since the 14th century
   for a ‘smallhorse’, was derived from Hob, a pet form of
   the man’s name Robert orRobin which survives also in hobgoblin (
   16th c.). From the morris-dance hobbyhorse was descended
   the toy hobbyhorse, a stick with a horse’s head on top; and the
   notion of ‘riding a hobbyhorse’,
   whichcould not actually take you anywhere, passed metaphorically
   into ‘doing something only for amusement’ – hence the meaning
   ‘pastime’,first recorded for hobbyhorse in the 17th century and for
   the shortenedhobby in the early 19th century.
3. Middle English: from Old French hobet, diminutive of hobe
4. Middle English (in sense 'small horse', later 'toy horse or hobby
   horse') hobyn, hoby, from familiar forms of the given name Robin.
•   Hobby knife
•   Hobby-bird
•   Hobby-horse
•   Favorite hobby
•   Hobby Tips
•   Hobby news
•   Hobby Stores
•   Hobby craft
•   Hobby lobby
•   Hobby trivia
•   Hobby Happenings
•   Hobby ideas
• Hobby-horse – a word built from the
  words hobby and horse.
• Hobby-bird – a word built from the
  words hobby and bird.
• My hobby is playing computer
• My brother has new hobby-horse.
• Today I was in the park and saw
• Today I was riding a hobby-horse.
1. I don't have any … but I like to watch TV as much as possible.
A) pet
B) friend
C) hobby
D) lessons
2. My … is to collect stamps.
A) activity
B) hobby
C) work
3. I have … , it is tennis.
A) lessons
B) work
C) hobby
4. My father bought … - horse.
A) bad
B) angry
C) hobby
5. Today I saw … - bird.
A) hobby
B) three
C) sweet

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