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The Saudi Arabian Defence Market 2011-2021


This report, The Saudi Arabian Defence Market 2011-2021, finds a robust market in the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a critically important country that is the world's leading oil exporter
and which also has one of the most powerful armed forces in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia
had a total defence budget of $43bn in 2010. Company assesses that of that figure, $11.1bn
was acquisitions spending for purchasing new or upgraded military equipment. It is expected
that Saudi Arabia will provide robust demand for defence acquisitions over the next decade.

Saudi Arabia faces a number of security concerns, such as its regional rivalry with Iran, the
threats posed by various terrorist and insurgent groups, the kingdom's desire to play a leading
role in Middle East security, and piracy off the waters of Somalia. It has also had to face up to
the civil unrest that swept through several Arab states in North Africa and the Middle East in
early 2011.

Table of Contents :
1. Executive Summary
1.1 Oil-Rich Saudi Arabia to Remain a Key Defence Market
1.1.1 Key Saudi Security Concerns
1.1.2 Drivers and Restraints
1.1.3 Key Saudi Arabian Defence Submarkets
1.1.4 Leading Companies in the Saudi Arabian Defence Market
1.1.5 Highlights of the Report
1.1.6 Benefits of this Report
1.1.7 Methodology
1.2 Key Forecasts
1.2.1 Opportunities in Defence Acquisitions Spending
1.2.2 Air Systems Dominate Spending
1.2.3 Leading Companies in the Saudi Arabian Defence Market

2. Saudi Arabia's Security Concerns
2.1 Saudi Security Concerns
2.1.1 Rivalry with Iran
2.1.2 Threat Posed by Terrorist Groups
2.1.3 Insurgents Along Saudi-Yemeni Border
2.1.4 Key Role in Peninsula Shield Force of the Gulf Cooperation Council
2.1.5 Counter-Piracy Operations off Somalia

3. Saudi Arabia's Armed Forces and Capability Gaps
3.1 Saudi Armed Forces Structure
3.2 Current and Planned Forces: Air Systems
3.2.1 Fighters and Attack Aircraft
3.2.2 C4ISR Aircraft
3.2.3 Air Transport
3.2.4 Helicopters
3.2.5 Air-Launched Munitions
3.2.6 Other Air Systems: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
3.2.7 Other Air Systems: Trainers
3.3 Current and Planned Forces: Land Systems
3.3.1 Armoured Vehicles
3.3.2 Artillery
3.3.3 Ground-Launched-Munitions
3.3.4 Other Land Systems
3.4 Current and Planned Forces: Sea Systems
3.4.1 Major Warships
3.4.2 Minor Warships and Support Vessels
3.4.3 Sea-Launched Munitions
3.4.4 Other Sea Systems
3.5 Capability Gaps

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