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					Exp. # :        Popcorn Percent

Purpose: To determine the theoretical, actual, and percent yield of a “popcorn” reaction.

Theory: In a given reaction, there is a theoretical value of a product that is not always
        achieved. We can, however, measure how close to this ideal value we are and
        express our value as a percent of that ideal value.

Materials: 300 popcorn kernels, 6 popcorn poppers

        1. Count out 50 popcorn kernels and record this value as the theoretical value
            in your data table.

           2. Place your set of kernels into the popcorn popper and pop for five minutes.

           3. Count how many of the kernels “reacted” and record this value as the actual
              yield in your data table.

Analysis: Determine the percent yield for your “reaction” and write out a general
          equation for this calculation.