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					                                  Resources for Home Educators

In the area…                                 Description and what they offer…

The Homeschool Bookshoppe                    New and consigned homeschool curricula
23188 US 33 Elkhart                          Homeschool report cards, planners, attendance charts
(574) 875-0523                               See ad in newsletter; receive catalog at store

Homeschool C.A.R.E.                          Consigned homeschool curricula and resources
(Curriculum And Resource Exchange)           See ad in newsletter
16748 CR 146 New Paris

United Arts and Education                    Teacher helps, stickers, planners, art supplies,
4024 Elkhart Rd Goshen                       Bulletin board décor, science equipment, math manipulatives

Popular curriculum publishers…

A Beka Book                                  Christian school curriculum, video option, traditional textbooks
1-877-223-5226                               and workbooks; periodic hotel meetings where one can browse                                the materials and save on shipping

Alpha Omega Publications                     Christ centered; offers correspondence options
1-800-682-7391                               Worktext format (Lifepac), or CD rom (Switched-On-                                  Schoolhouse)

Bob Jones University Press                   Christian school curriculum, Satellite option
1-800-845-5731                               Traditional textbooks and workbooks

Sonlight                                     Christ centered; literature based

Christian Liberty Press                      Christ centered, Academy offered
(847) 259-4444                               Very affordable

Veritas Press                                Christ centered, classical approach, literature based

Apologia Educational Ministries              Creation science books and supplies,
(765) 608-3280                               Written with homeschoolers in mind by Dr. Jay L. Wile                    CD rom option

Christian Light Education                    Mennonite, worktext format
(540) 434-0750

Math-U-See                                   Christian math curriculum developed by Steve Demme using
1-888-845-6284                               cuisenaire rods
IN Rep. Sue Lynch 1-800-343-6009
Refererence catalogs worth
sending for…

Rainbow Resource Center                     Christ centered, budget-saving prices,
1-888-841-3456                              Excellent detailed descriptions in large catalog

Christian Book Distributors                 Discounted prices

Elijah Company                              A manual and catalog carrying all subjects, Christian

                                            Annual fee for membership; 8 issues of The Educator newsletter
T.E.A.C.H.Ers                               containing information on field trips, academics, sports;
The Elkhart Area Christian Home Educators   Group discount for HSLDA membership;             

I.A.H.E.                                    Christian organization; free membership; bi-monthly Informer
Indiana Association of Home Educators       magazine with information regarding statewide activities, and the
(317) 859-1202                              IAHE annual Convention in Indianapolis

H.S.L.D.A.                                  Christian organization of attorneys who work on behalf of home
Home School Legal Defense Association       educators across the nation; annual fee for membership;
(540) 228-7600                              bi-monthly Court Report magazine with information regarding                               nation wide news and current cases; membership proceeds go
                                            into a pool to help fellow members afford lawyer fees

Called Home                                 Free monthly meetings for parents held the 2nd Tuesday of each
The Crossing Education Center and Coffee    month; support with a special emphasis toward helping those
Shop, US 33 (Pike St), Goshen               who are new to homeschooling; varied topics discussed;
Lisa Welling 534-0809                       Operates under TEACHErs; see info in newsletter

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