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									Funded in Fall 2009 for the 2009-2010 School Year

Celebrating Cultural Diversity (repeat), Hillview, 6th-8th grade, 683 students
Building upon an annual event celebrating cultural diversity at Hillview, this program
will promote an ongoing appreciation of diversity by focusing on a different culture every
month. A student committee will interview students and then plan appropriate activities,
articles, displays, and other forms of education to raise awareness and promote tolerance
and respect for the ten cultures that comprise the Hillview student body. This grant was
student-initiated. Teacher: Debbie Devoto with Marsenne Kendall and Darya Rostami

Colonial Museum (new), Oak Knoll, 3-5th grade, 175 students
The goal of this program is to give students a greater understanding of American colonial
life through hands-on, inquiry-based research. Each student will become an “expert” on
one aspect of colonial life, such as blacksmithing, banking, furniture making, and will
share their research with other students in an interactive, “science fair” type format.
Teachers: Karen Clancy with Susan Sanchez, John Fuller, Michelle Tom, Jessica
Bouret, Ceil Kellogg.

Crosspulse: The Music Is Me (new), all schools, K-8th grade, 2,537 students
This artist-in-residence program will expose student musicians, as well as the rest of our
students, to the vital role that rhythm plays in the performing arts and the commonality of
rhythm can connect us in unexpected ways. Through lessons and performances, students
will learn appreciation, theory, and techniques from world-class percussion performers.
Teachers: Richard Vaughn with Bee Tee, John Ashfield, and Bob Crabb.

Cultural Arts Day (repeat), Encinal, all grades, 708 students
As a follow-on to last year’s exploration of Mexico, students, parent volunteers, and staff
will spend a day studying and celebrating Spanish culture. Crafts, food, workshops,
speakers, music, and dance will all be featured as the entire Encinal community immerses
itself in Spanish culture and the country’s rich heritage. This program has been designed
to complement the introduction of Spanish immersion and Spanish language classes at
Encinal. Teachers: Susan Preston, with Mary Calabria, Karen Strohmaier, Denise
Healy, Alyeda Barrera, Elizabeth Ouren (parent), and Elena Stallings (parent).

Hands-On History (new), Oak Knoll, 3rd grade, 110 students
This program will provide students with the opportunity to experience, explore, and
demonstrate an understanding of the American Indian way of life and the changes that the
Western Movement brought with it. Interactive presentations by Environmental
Volunteers, a speaker in pioneer character, and a speaker in Ohlone Indian character will
help students consider the cause and effect relationships between the Native Americans,
the new settlers, and the land. Teachers: Andrea Boatright with Renee Lavezzo,
Anthony Yob, Kristine McCulloch, Cindy Guerra.

Juggling for Confidence (repeat), Encinal, 4th grade, 50 students
Students will work on confidence, hand-eye coordination, and persistence as they are
taught the art of juggling. This ten-week program will improve focus and concentration,
while encouraging team building and peer support. This year the program will be
expanded to include classroom instruction for Ms. Mattos’ class, as well as a lunchtime
juggling club for interested kids. Teacher: Charlene Mattos.

Jumping for Joy (new), Oak Knoll, all grades, 750 students
During on-campus construction, students need more activities that have the benefits of
high quality fitness that can be accomplished in a small space with a large group. Jump
rope addresses these two needs. To help “jump start” student interest the Bay Area youth
jump team, Jumping for Joy, will come to Oak Knoll to perform for all students and also
to lead an after school jump rope clinic for interested students. Those completing the
clinic will then serve as peer teachers to help other students learn jump rope skills during
PE and at recess. Teacher: Sarah Westfall.

Lifecycles Unlimited (repeat), Laurel, 2nd grade, 170 students
This program expands on the standard 2nd grade curriculum focused on the lifecycles of
plants and insects by having the Insect Discovery Lab visit each classroom. During these
hands-on presentations, students will be able to touch, hold, and closely examine exotic
insects from around the world as they learn about their lifecycles. They will also observe
(as well as compare and contrast) the lifecycles of frogs, butterflies, and different plants
as they grow and change under the student’s care in the classroom. Teachers: Sandra
Horwitz with Andrea Mazzoncini, Andi Dehne, Jeriann Hirsch, Priscilla Seely, Steffany
Cressey, Ruth Peterson, Emily Smith, and Sue Booth. Winner: Ingrid Smith Grant in
the Math or Science.

Living the Diversity in Spanish Culture (new), Laurel/Encinal, K and 1st grade, 184
Students in Encinal’s Spanish immersion program and Kindergarteners at Laurel will
learn that Spanish culture spans Europe, North, Central, and South America, and the
Caribbean through the exploration of different dialects, food, customs, music, dances, and
history. Social studies, language arts, and math standards will come alive as the students
prepare for an experience three festivals throughout the year focused on Spain, Mexico,
and Peru. Activities will be specially tailored to students in these grade levels to increase
the value that they gain. Students in the Spanish immersion class will also be provided
with the opportunity to perform for the Laurel Kindergarteners to increase their
excitement and foster integration. Teachers: Andrea Vereau with Benjamin Salas-
Velasco, Christen Snyder, Maribeth Andolina, Kristen Foley, and Brynn Cahill.

Peaceful Playgrounds (new), Oak Knoll, all grades, 750 students
In the midst of on-campus construction and increasing enrollment, Oak Knoll is faced
with more students on a smaller playground. Moreover, recess supervision is repeatedly
identified on parent surveys as something that needs to be improved. This program will
address these issues by implementing a nationally recognized approach to creating a safe
and positive recess experience for all students. Key aspects of the program include
consistent, well-defined rules and conflict resolution strategies, developmentally
appropriate game markings on the blacktop and grass, the availability of size and age-
appropriate equipment, and consistent expectations for recess and play behavior.
Teacher: Sarah Westfall. Winner: Mary Summers Grant in the Arts or Physical

Phonics of Science – The Scientific Method (new), Oak Knoll, 4-5th grade, 180 students
This program will extend standard science education by providing a more in-depth
exploration and hands-on experience for students in using the scientific method. All
students will apply the scientific method to a specific problem and then learn to present
and communicate their results in an easily understood manner. One goal of the program
will be to encourage increased participation and help interested students prepare to
participate in the Oak Knoll science fair. Teachers: Caryl Brewbaker with Dylan Cline,
Michelle Tom, Jessica Bouret, Ceil Kellogg, Teri Murphy, Stacy Emmert, Johanna
Becker, Gwen Solomon, and Stephanie Mishra (parent).

Physical Physics (repeat), Laurel, 2nd grade, 170 students
Children will create and participate in an obstacle course to demonstrate body control and
spatial awareness—building on the second grade science unit that explores objects in
balance and motion. Special coaching will be provided to teachers this year by Jubin
Dana of M&M Coaching Academy. The unit will culminate with a field trip to the
Exploratorium to experience the science behind physics more fully. Teachers: Sandra
Horwitz with Andrea Mazzoncini, Andi Dehne, Jeriann Hirsch, Priscilla Seely, Steffany
Cressey, Ruth Peterson, Emily Smith, Sue Booth and Amy Gee.

Picasso Traveling Art Museum (new), Hillview, 6-8th grade, 683 students
This program will introduce all Hillview students to the art of Pablo Picasso and provide
those taking Spanish to conduct a more in-depth exploration. Students in Spanish class
will be given detailed instruction on Picasso and his works. Then interested students will
act as docents to in educating other students on what they have learned. The program is
designed to increase cultural awareness, provide leadership opportunities to the student
docents, and promote art appreciation. Teachers: Nancy Marsh with Cheryl Perez.

Shakespeare for Kids (repeat), Laurel, 2nd grade, 66 students This program will
introduce 2nd graders to the storytelling of Shakespeare. By learning about the author,
reading and viewing age-appropriate adaptations of his works, and performing one of his
plays, students will gain an enhanced appreciation of theater, plot, characters, setting,
conflict, and more! Teachers: Jeriann Hirsch with Andi Dehne, Steffany Cressey, and
Sandra Horwitz.

Funded in Spring 2009 for the 2009-2010 School Year

Life Strategies: Beyond the 3-R’s (new), Hillview, 6th-8th grade, 670 students
Students will listen to locally and nationally renowned speakers on topics related to
adolescence including: cliques and social pressures; dealing with anger and resolving
conflicts; managing stress; and technology etiquette and cyber-bullying. Related
workshops led by on-site counselors will follow. Teacher: Debbie Devoto.

Meet the Author (repeat), Encinal, 3rd grade, 168 students
Students will experience the writing process as a true published author does by
brainstorming, pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and then publishing a story. The
output of this project will be a bound color book for all student participants that they
present to their class and parents at a “Meet the Author” celebration. Teachers: Petrina
Jonas, Kay Hatfield, and other 3rd grade teachers (TBD).

Power is Ours: Becoming a Man (repeat), Hillview, 6th-8th grade, 20 students
This after school program is aimed at teaching socially at-risk boys the responsibilities
and joys of becoming a mature man in our society, in contrast to the failed models of
manhood reinforced in the media. Carefully selected texts, poetry, anthologies, folktales,
movies, documentaries, open dialogue, self-reflections, and guest speakers will help each
boy determine his own path of initiation into manhood. Potential elective pilot. Teacher:
Kim Staff.

Power Is Ours: Becoming A Woman (repeat), Hillview, 6-8th grade, 25 students
This lunchtime program, designed with input from students, explores social and
intellectual models of the responsibilities of becoming a mature woman in today’s
society. Various texts, movies, documentaries, open dialogue, self-reflections, and guest
speakers will help each girl determine her own path to womanhood. Potential elective
pilot. Teacher: Kim Staff.

What’s My Path: An Introduction to Career Exploration (repeat), Hillview, 8th grade,
225 students
Students will assess their personal interests and explore different career options through a
Career Day featuring presentations from community members who represent a variety of
professional fields. Teachers: Robyn Watts with Debbie Devoto.

With a Little Help from My Friends: Training Students to Be Active Members of Their
Communities (repeat,) Hillview 8th grade, 225 students
Students learn leadership, communication, collaborative decision-making and conflict
resolution skills in small groups taught by the California Association of Student Councils.
Large group instruction focuses on student teamwork and motivation. The training
involves CORE teachers and counselors as coaches and helps prepare students for group
curriculum projects. Teachers: Barbara Berkowitz with Lexy Keller Eaton, Daria
Finstad, Willy Haug, Jennifer Hutsell and Carolyn Malquist.

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