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“The Purchaser”


									                                “The Purchaser”
                                             NAPM-Oregon Mid-Valley, Inc.
                                                    PO Box 12892
                                                  Salem, OR 97309
                                      Published by NAPM– Oregon Mid-Valley, Inc.

NAPM Oregon Mid-Valley’s mission is to provide continuing education in the best purchasing and supply management techniques available,
enabling members to utilize this knowledge while practicing the highest ethical standards to maximize the profitability of their employers.

Volume 5 Issue 2                                                                                                          February 2004
            NAPM-Oregon Mid-Valley, Inc                                    I look forward to a great turn out with Lee Budress. A
                                                                           big thank you in advance to those of you who are
                      Next Meeting                                         attending.
                       ____________                                        Lori Aljets, President
                        March 9th 2004                                     NAPM - Oregon Mid-Valley, Inc.
                        Dinner Meeting
                                                                           Lori Aljets, President
    Speaker: Lee Buddress                                                  NAPM-Oregon Mid-Valley, Inc.
    Topic: Lean Supply Systems Management
    Where: Unitrin - 2450 14th Ave SE, Albany
    When: Tuesday, March 9, 2004                                                 NAPM-OMV JOINS SUPPLY
    Time: 6:00 PM                                                              MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATIONS
    Cost: $20.00                                                             WORLDWIDE TO RECOGNIZE MARCH
                                                                                        2004 AS
        President’s Column – February 2004                                     SUPPLY MANAGEMENT MONTH
    As the second month of this year rolls by I assume
    we wonder where did it go! March is looking to be just
    as busy. As some members are finishing the first
    module for their CPM certification this month, we are
    working on setting up the second, as well as offering
    another opportunity to further educate our members
    with a seminar.
    Those who partook in the tour at Oregon State last
    week found it to be very educational. A worthwhile
    tour and good opportunity to visually see what is                      It's that time of year again to celebrate you! — the
    happening at the college level. We appreciate that we                  supply professional. As most of you are aware,
    have ties at such a prestigious college. Again we                      March is Supply Management Month. The Institute
    thank Mark Pagell for his time and support in having                   for Supply Management™ will be participating in the
    us.                                                                    2004 Supply Management Month campaign and
    It is our goal to offer our membership educational                     encourages you to do the same. Supply Management
    opportunities.                                                         Month provides an excellent opportunity to increase
    Having dinner meetings with speakers discussing                        awareness and recognition for the supply
    topics we can relate to. Currently offering CPM /                      management profession and its evolving role in
    APP Certification to members, who are looking for                      today's strategic business structure. This year's
    that added asset to their resume. Adding to the list,                  theme is The Power of Supply Management, and
    this month we have an educational event that should                    will be highlighted in a pullout poster included in the
    apply to all of us who negotiate.                                      February 2004 issue of Inside Supply
                                                                           Management™. Please share the contents of the
    It is imperative that our membership support our                       enclosed packet with the appropriate persons in your
    efforts and attend the educational opportunities. To                   organization.
    further our objective, continue to keep a strong
    affiliate here in the Mid-Valley, and have the funds to                As part of the monthly celebration, your NAPM-OMV
    continue offering alternatives for educational                         is presenting an all day seminar.
    enrichment, we need you. Without your support the                         Negotiating Across the Supply Chain
    above cannot be achieved . . .
                                                                                      By Lee Buddress, Ph.D., C.P.M.
Sponsored by NAPM-Oregon Mid-Valley, Inc.
(NAPM-OMV), affiliated with Institute for Supply                            2003-2004
March 9, 2004                                                            Board of Directors
                 Program Description                       President:     Lori Aljets
As organizations become more heavily involved in                          NORPAC Foods
supply chain management, it becomes apparent that                         Phone: 503.769.2101
negotiation strategies and tactics must change to               
accommodate a much broader perspective.
Integrating concepts such as lean manufacturing, just      Secretary:     Frank Brittain
in time, ISO 9000 and others dictate that supply                          Evanite Glass Fiber
system members collaborate as never before.                               Phone: 541.758.0337
Supply managers must now develop negotiation                    
strategies that include customers, suppliers’ suppliers
and logistics providers, as well. If a supply system is    Treasurer:     Stan Marshall, C.P.M., A.P.P.
to minimize total asset investment, then, for example,                    Georgia Pacific, Inc.
negotiations will center not only on how much                             Phone: 541.369.1288
inventory is necessary, but where and in what form it           
is to be maintained in the supply system.
                                                           Director of National Affairs:
This program will employ tools such as criticality grids                    Sid Brown, C.P.M., A.P.P.
and postponement to assist supply professionals to                          Stimson Lumber Co.
develop the broad scope of supply chain negotiation                         Phone: 503.359.3410
and to aid in devising negotiating strategies. A case             
will be used to allow participants to practice
negotiation planning and strategy development.             Membership Officer:
                                                                         Patti Nicholson
                 Who Should Attend                                       Unitrin
                                                                         Phone: 541.812.8250
Those who are responsible for purchasing, supply               
management, inventory management and logistics
will find this program useful to identify supply system    Education Officer:
costs, devise strategies beneficial to supply chain                        Mark Pagell, Ph.D.
members and develop negotiation plans and                                  College of Business, OSU
strategies to achieve overall supply system goals.                         Phone: 541.737.4102
Where: Unitrin, 2450 14th Avenue, Albany, OR
                                                           Recruitment/Marketing Officer:
Cost:              $125.00 NAPM/APICS member,                            Ron Brown
                   $150.00 Non-member.                                   Retired (30 years in profession)
                   Non-members may apply the extra                       Phone: 503.632.6056
                   $25.00 towards NAPM-OMV                     
                   membership for 2004.
This is an all day event, with lunch included. The         Communications Officer: Alice Hardy
itinerary will be as follows:                                            OSU Federal Credit Union
10:00 Introductions                                                      Phone: 541.714.4126
Definition of Supply Chain Negotiation Issues                 
Intro to Collaborative Planning and Forecasting
12:00 Lunch (provided)                                     Director at Large: Harry Myers
1:00     Tools for Supply Chain Negotiations                                Pope & Talbot, Inc.
2:45     Break                                                              Phone: 541.369.1193
3:00     Supply Chain Negotiation Strategies                     
4:45     Conclusions
5:00     Adjourn                                           Director at Large: Vanessa Warner
                                                                            Marquis Spas
Participants who successfully complete this                                 Phone: 503-838-0888
program will receive 5-1/2 hours of continuing                    
education. They may be applied toward ISM
C.P.M. recertification and/or A.P.P. re-
accreditation program requirements. ISM's
consent to provide a program number for this
educational event is not an endorsement of this
program or its content by ISM.
  C.P.M./A.P.P. CERTIFICATION CLASS                               NAPM Oregon Mid-Valley, Inc
  Module 2 “Supply Environment” to be
               offered!                                   __________________________________________
4 Thursday evenings, 7-9 P.M. beginning April 1st,                              April 2004
2004 through April 22nd 2004.                             Dinner Meeting
Unitrin Property & Casualty Insurance, 2450 14th Ave      Business Meeting & Election of Officers
SE, Albany, Oregon 97322
Instructor: Ed Taylor, C.P.M.                             Speaker: Don Thompson
Overview and discussion of the Text “The Supply           Topic: Preventing identity Theft
Management Environment”, A.P.P./C.P.M. Study              Where: Salem, restaurant TBD
Guide, and typical Module 2 Exam Questions in the         When: Tuesday, April 13, 2004
following areas;                                          Cost: $20.00
Negotiation: Prepare for and develop strategies and
tactics for negotiations. Conduct negotiations with
potential and/or current suppliers to obtain maximum      Don Thompson is a Senior Risk Management
value.                                                    Specialist for CUMIS Insurance Society, the property
Information Technology: Develop/utilize a                 and casualty company of the CUNA Mutual Group.
computerized purchasing system.
Develop/implement/maintain a database of                  In this capacity, Mr. Thompson is responsible for
specifications, suppliers, products, and/or services.     assisting credit unions in identifying areas of risk in
Develop/utilize a computerized inventory and/or           their operations and recommending appropriate
capital equipment tracking system.                        controls to reduce exposures to loss. One facet of the
Quality Issues: Resolve quality problems with             Risk Management Department is the Fidelity Analysis
suppliers and user departments. Develop                   Program which is designed to detect on-going
measurements for quality improvement and target           embezzlements in credit unions. In addition, Mr.
setting.                                                  Thompson provides training to federal and state
Internal Relationships: Develop/manage/evaluate           regulatory agencies, internal auditors, and Certified
relationships with other internal departments.            Public Accountants on the subject of fraud auditing.
Participate in cross-functional and/or multi-functional
teams. Recommend/implement changes in the                 Prior to joining CUMIS, he served as Vice President of
organization’s purchasing, supply management, and         Lending at Evergreen Federal Savings. He has also
material usage policies as needed. Disseminate            earned the Certified Fraud Examiner designation.
information and provide training related to purchasing
and supply management policies and procedures.            The CUNA Mutual Group is headquartered at the
External Relationships: Develop/manage effective          Credit Union Center in Madison, Wisconsin, and
relationships with suppliers, utilizing such techniques   provides insurance services to credit unions and their
as supplier partnerships, strategic alliances, supply     members throughout the world.
chain management, and supplier training programs.
Review product availability and/or pricing information
with suppliers. Conduct interviews with current and
prospective supplier sales personnel.
Coordinate/review/respond to supplier inquiries,
protests, and appeals. Develop/implement a small-                            May 2004
business/disadvantaged supplier development                          Annual Awards Banquet
program. Represent the buying organization in                                  and
meetings with corporations, government agencies,                    Volunteer Recognition Night
professional associations, media, and other               Where: TBD
organizations.                                            When: Tuesday, May 11, 2004
                                                          Time: 6:00 PM
Absolute deadline for receipt of registration and                     Future Opportunities
fees is March 11th, 2004. Need Information? -                        Mark Your Calendar Now
Contact Mel Whittier or 541-
929-6255                                                           89th ISM International Conference
                                                                            April 25-28, 2004
                                                                             Philadelphia, PA

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