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					West Lake
Parent Handbook

                  West Lake Montessori School
                  16106 Lake Forest Blvd.
                  Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
                  Phone : (503) 635-1493

                  Office Hours:
                  8:30am to 3:30pm
Maria Montessori, the first woman medical doctor in Italy, was one of the great pioneers in the
study of child development. Upon graduation in 1896, she worked with mentally challenged
children, which reflected not only compassion, but also a disciplined scientific ability. In 1908,
Dr. Montessori began her innovative approach with a group of children in a slum area of Rome.
Rapidly, her accomplishments with these children earned worldwide acclaim and became a
standard in the education of young children. She wrote 25 books on various aspects of her
theory and practice. She formulated her approach for elementary children in 1912.


We believe parents are the primary educators of their children. Guides(teacher), as facilitators of
learning, provide a carefully prepared learning environment designed to stimulate the child’s
interest and understanding.

Montessori education is not interested in accelerating mental growth, but in helping each child
fulfill his/her potential. Each child follows his/her own inner time clock for development. The
educator acts as a catalyst, not a creator, in the child’s development. Montessori education
stresses concepts learned spontaneously as children work independently with materials in a
prepared environment.

For practical purposes, the school is housed in classroom communities where children span a 3-
year chronological age. The Montessori program is designed specifically to meet the needs of
children at particular sensitive periods. Ideally children are with same Guide for all three years
of the primary classroom community and again for three years in the elementary classroom.


      Building self-control and self-esteem in social settings
      Academic preparedness
      Helping children to function as an independent person at home and at school

The Montessori Primary classroom is a vibrant world. The young child spontaneously seeks to
learn by manipulating materials that are designed to aid growth in independence, order,
concentration and coordination.

The classroom is organized into areas of Practical Life, Sensorial Education, Mathematics,
Reading, Writing, Cultural subjects and Science. Art, Music, Movement, and outdoor activities
are integrated into the day.

Individualization is emphasized within each classroom community enabling each child to travel
through the curriculum at his/her own pace. All subjects are integrated into the daily life of the
child. At the end of a three-year period, the child will have the opportunity to be introduced to
all subjects and acquire a depth and a love of learning.


Absences have to be reported each morning. Please explain the reason of absence.


Admission to the program is open to children ages 3-6years who are fully toilet trained and who
will benefit from the Montessori method of education. First priority of enrolment is given to
3year old children so that they may begin the Montessori method at the earliest age in order to
receive the fullest benefit.

A registration form must be completed and non-refundable registration fee must be paid to hold a
spot. For returning families, accounts must be current. Before admission, each child is required
to have a current record of immunizations, which is kept on file in the school.

The parent and the child will meet with the guide prior to the child’s first class day in order to
become familiar with the guide and the environment. The actual date of entry for your child will
be discussed and decided upon at this meeting.

Westlake Montessori endeavor to maintain a balance of age, ability, gender and need in each

Westlake Montessori School is affiliated with the Association Montessori International (AMI).

All adults are to check in their child(ren) at the desk at the front entrance of the school upon
arrival. The children are signed in and out by a staff. Remember to look in your parent file to
the side of the entrance at least once a day for notes.

If persons other than those you have noted on your authorization list plan to pick-up you child,
the school must have advanced written notice of the pick up date. We require drivers’ licenses
for identification of persons who have permission to take children.
To ease the transition for new students, we encourage parents to let their child know they are
leaving, who will pick them up, and when.

In order to maintain state regulated child/adult ratios, safety for all children, and to cover the
costs of staffing, late fees are assessed at the end of each program for late pick ups. Late fees
begin at 12:16 or 3:01 for these programs respectively at a rate of $3.00 per minute. The half
day program ends at 12:15. Dismissal is 12:10 p.m. All full day students are dismissed between
2:50 and 3:00 p.m.

If you are planning a home/special party for your child, please do not hand out invitations in the
classroom. We have found this to be upsetting for those not invited. It can create hurt feelings
and unhappy children. Please give the invitations to a staff and she will be happy to place them
in the family files.


Transportation to and from all school activities and events is the sole responsibility of the parents.
If you choose to do carpools, please include all names of drivers in your authorization list.
Children will be dismissed to authorized persons only.


It is the parents’ responsibility to pack and send a healthy lunch everyday if your child is a full
day student. Westlake Montessori School is not offering any microwave or refrigerator to
prepare your child(ren)’s lunch. Morning snack schedule will be posted every month and each
family is encouraged to pick a day or two to bring snack for the class.

Clothing should be chosen for comfort and practicality. Pants with elastic waists should be worn
in order to eliminate the difficulty of handling snaps, belts and suspenders young children paints,
work with water and play in the sand. They are encouraged to be independent in toileting.

Please maintain a complete change of clothing ( shirt, pants, socks, and 2 pair of underwear) in a
reusable plastic bag at school for your child. All clothing should be marked with the child’s
name. Any emergency borrowed clothing should be returned to the school as quickly as possible.
Children should wear a coat or sweater as appropriate to the weather as the children are outside
every day (weather permitting).

Many cartoon characters and other television/movie personalities exhibit violent or non social
behaviors. Children are frequently influenced by clothes and model behaviors in their play and
school life. Therefore clothes, including underwear, decorated with or displaying such
characters are prohibited at Westlake Montessori School.

Sturdy shoes and rubber-soled sneakers are important and safe for outside activities and are the
only footwear allowed on climbing equipment. Thongs, clogs, cowboy boots and slicked soled
boots with high heels are not permitted.


The school will be closed one day in November and one day in May for this purpose. …see
This is a special opportunity for parents and guide to share information, to ask questions and in
the process gain a fuller knowledge about your child and about Montessori education. All
parents are requested to participate in conferences.


In the event of a medical emergency, the school staff will contact 911 and then contact the


Our discipline policy stresses the welfare, respect and responsibilities of all students. Children
are introduced to the rules of school by guide in a timely and appropriate manner.

Responses to non-compliant behavior will be:
1. Gentle reminder of rules/safety along with redirection of the child as appropriate.
2. If non-compliant behavior continues after reminders or redirection, “calming time” may be
   necessary. During this period removal of the child from the activity may be most appropriate.
   We have a calming chair in the classroom.
3. When the child is calm, talking with him/her privately to help the child determine the cause
   of the problem and correct his/her behavior. Re-direction may be used as well as offering the
   child an opportunity to rejoin friends and activities when they are ready to choose appropriate
4. Inappropriate behavior that continues or becomes more severe may indicate a concern that
   needs to be evaluated by other professionals. We expect to work with families closely if
   such a situation develops. In such cases the parents/guardians will be contacted to discuss
   the situation and to attempt to work out a mutual plan to help the child.

The Montessori School Director reserves the right to suspend, expel and/or to refuse school
services to a family for the following good causes:

1. Inability of staff and family to work together in a congenial and cohesive manner.
2. Disruptive behavior which impedes the progress of the rest of the class and/or infringes on
   the right of others.
3. Damage to school property.
4. Infliction of, or threatened physical injury to another person.
5. Disruption of school activities.
6. Defiance of school authority.
7. Failure to pay school tuition and charges.

The director will review all complaints and responses before rending a final decision.
Consistency, kindness, and fair and equal treatment of all children are required of staff.

There may be occasions during the day when parents must be contacted. Therefore, it is very
important that the school be informed of any changes in home and work addresses and phone
numbers including cellular phones as quickly as possible.


Field trips may be taken to educational sites. Anytime a class or group leaves the grounds a field
trip permission form will be sent out to the parent or legal guardian in advance. This form must
be filled out, sighed and returned to the school, giving permission for the child to accompany the
class or group. Transportation permission is also included on the same form. Dependent on the
field trip site, younger children(41/2and younger) may not be included.
Families must provide all food from home each day. There is no refrigeration or heating
equipment available for child’s lunches brought from home. Be sure to include an ice pack in
lunch boxes. Remember, healthy food is essential to good brain and body function. To provide
the best opportunity for your child to learn and grow, maintain the highest nutritional standards.
Please do not send food with empty nutritional foods such as chips, soft drinks, sweets, etc. sugar
and additives adversely affect most children, increasing inattentive and fidgety behavior.


To prevent the spread of infectious diseases the following standard shall apply:
Any child exhibiting symptoms of head lice will be excluded from school until the child has been
treated once with a pediculicide and all the nits/adult lice/egg casts have been removed from the

Before the child enters school, each parent must complete the forms and be in compliance with
the State of Oregon Certificate of Immunization Status. Parents of children who are not in
compliance will receive notification from the State of Oregon Health Division and the child will
be excluded from school until proof of compliance is verified.

Ordinarily if a child is well enough to attend school he/she is well enough to play outside. If for
any valid reasons a child cannot go outside and if staff isn’t available to watch stay in children,
your child may need to go outside.


Head: Is hair clean and healthy? Is the scalp free of flaky scales or crusts? Is hair falling out?
Does your child tilt his/her head to see of hear?

Skin: does the child’s face have a healthy glow? Does the child have circles under his/her eyes?

Eyes: Should be clear. Eyelids should be free of crust or matter. Symptoms which should cause
concern and should be checked by a doctor include dizziness, squinting, headaches, double
vision, tilting of the head, or chronic reversal of figures when reading.

Ears: Only the outer ear should be cleaned. Never use an object to try to clean out the ear. Any
appearance of runny ears or earache should be seen by the doctor.
Hands and feet should be kept clean and nails trimmed. Good supportive shoes are essential to
growing feet. Shoes should be checked often.

Good rest and balanced diet is important to your child’s health.


STUDENT’S SYMPTOMS                                      STUDENT MAY RETURN TO
                                                        SCHOOL WHEN:
Fever greater than 100(orally)                    Temperature below 100 for a minimum of
                                                  24hours without fever reducing medication.
Rash                                              Rash disappears.
Colored drainage from nose, eyes, or any          Discharge must be gone or child must have
other part of the body.                           been on antibiotics for 24hours.
Vomiting and diarrhea(including watery            Symptom- free for 24hours.
Cough: deep barking congested productive          Antibiotics for 24hours
White, clay colored or bloody stool               Symptom free
Yellow color skin, eyes, unusual urine            Symptom free
Unusually sleepy, lethargic or grumpy             Symptom free
Strep throat diagnosed by a M.D.                  Antibiotics for 24hours
Surgery, or other change in health status         Medication or special needs provided
Nausea                                            Symptom free for 24hours
Skin lesions that are severe, weeping or pus      Symptom free or on medication for 24
filed                                             hours
Eyes are red, inflamed or have a discharge        Symptom free or on medication for 24
Difficulty breathing or wheezing                  Symptom free for 24 hours
Severe pain                                       Symptom free for 24 hours
Not able to fully participate in the activities   Able to participate
of the classroom


Holidays are noted on the school calendar. Holidays are celebrated in each classroom according
to the discretion of the guide.

When Lake Oswego Public schools announce a weather-related closure, Westlake
Montessori School will be closed. There will be no school when Lake Oswego School
announces a weather-related late opening or early closing. The half day program will be closed
whenever Lake Oswego Public School announces a late opening or closure.

Please call school voice mail in the morning to get updated information.


If an injury occurs parents will be notified after school. If a serious injury occurs, parents will be
reported immediately. It is important that you provide us with the current names and phone
numbers of adults who can be contacted in case of emergency.


Westlake Montessori School does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color,
religion, creed, or national origin.


The Westlake Montessori School closely follows the Lake Oswego Public School schedule in
developing its calendar. The school calendar lists all holidays and other no school days. If any
changes, additions or deletions are necessary you will be notified.


We have a sharing day each week. The purpose of sharing is to give your child the opportunity
to practice speaking in front of a group and to build vocabulary.
Guidelines: The object should benefit the entire class.
                The object could be something your child made.
                A natural specimen (leaf, rock, shell, etc.)
                A book with a realistic story
                Cultural objects

Please no toys, jewelry, money, weapons or make-up.

All new children are accepted on a six-week probationary period. This affords both the school
and the family the necessary time to be certain the program is best for all concerned.


The tuition is based on a yearly fee. Please see the payment schedule sheet for more information.
Payments are due by the 15th of each month.


If for any reason you wish to withdraw your child from the school, please contact the director
two weeks in advance of your planned departure. Tuition must be paid through the month in
which you withdraw your child. We do not pro-rate tuition.
The balance of the year’s tuition remains due for any child withdrawn after March 20th.

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