Merit Scholarships C An Overview College Merit Scholarships by fdh56iuoui


									Spring 2006
Volume 1, Issue 1                           C o l l eg e M e r i t S c h o l a r s h i p s
                                    Tho m as J e f f e r so n Hi gh S c h o o l f o r S c i e n ce an d Te c h n o l o gy
                                                                 C o llege C areer C ent er

                                              Merit Scholarships – An Overview

Inside this issue:          Most families know about           awarded to incoming fresh-          scholarships. In other cases,
                            financial aid, which is based on   men. Often, they are renew-         students must apply sepa-
                            family income and assets.          able for four years if certain      rately for each merit scholar-
                            Fewer families are aware of        conditions are met, such as         ship, even if they have similar
Overview              1     merit scholarships that are        maintaining a grade point av-       criteria.
                            awarded without regard to          erage above a certain level.
                            financial need. High-achieving     Some colleges also have merit       Over one hundred fifty TJ
Gathering Infor-      2     students who receive some          scholarships solely for upper-      students each year are named
mation on Merit             financial aid often can supple-    classmen, many of which are         National Merit finalists, and
Scholarships                ment it with one or more           sponsored by academic de-           are potentially eligible for
                            merit scholarships.                partments within the college.       three types of awards:
Applying for Merit 3
Scholarships                Broadly speaking, there are        College sponsored merit             •   The National Merit Schol-
                            three categories of merit          scholarships are available at           a r s h ip C or p or a t io n
                            scholarships: general scholar-     many but not all colleges.              awards some $2,500 one-
Merit Scholarships 4        ships, college sponsored           Some colleges also have hon-            time scholarships.
at Three Virginia           scholarships, and National         ors programs, which provide         •   Corporations and other
Colleges                    Merit scholarships.                academic benefits that can              organizations sponsor
                                                               complement the financial                a w a r d s i n v ar y i n g
                            General scholarships typically     benefits of merit scholarships.         amounts, some of which
                            are sponsored by foundations,      Honors programs may offer               are renewable.
                            corporations, civic organiza-      separate courses, seminars,         •   Many colleges offer $500
                            tions, and professional asso-      dormitories, and mentors,               to $2,000 scholarships to
                            ciations, and can be at any        among other benefits.                   enrolling finalists. Some
                            college. Awards range from                                                 colleges offer larger
College/Career Center
                            $100 to over $20,000, and          Many colleges offer multiple            scholarships for finalists.
                            typically are not renewable.       levels of merit scholarships
Specialist: Laurie Kobick   The College Career Center          for strong students with simi-      Throughout this newsletter,      (CCC) publishes a weekly list      lar profiles.   For example,        we list the college sponsored
                            of deadlines and application       Case Western Reserve Uni-           merit scholarships in a boxed
703-750-8377                criteria for these general         versity provides four levels of     format. These highlight many
                            scholarships.            See       merit scholarships for strong       of the scholarships available,
                            w ww .t jhs st .edu/~c cc /        students.     Sometimes, the        but they are not a complete
                            scholname.htm.                     application process is de-          listing of every scholarship
                                                               signed so that students who         offered. For more informa-
                            College sponsored scholar-         apply for one merit scholar-        tion, check the CCC and col-
                            ships can be used only at one      ship are automatically consid-      lege web sites.
                            college. Typically, they are       ered for other similar merit
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                                    Gathering Information on College Sponsored Merit Scholarships

       University of                College sponsored merit             first of many resources you       3. Admissions Offices and
                                    scholarship information is          consult.                             Financial Aid Offices
    Southern California             available from many sources.
                                                                        2. College Web Sites              Some college admissions of-
                                    1. TJ College/Career Center                                           fices and financial aid offices
Trustee Scholars                                                        For more information about a      have more information about
•     Apply in fall                 Start with the CCC web site,        college’s merit scholarships,     their merit scholarships than
                                          search through that college’s     you will be able to find on
•     Full tuition
                                    meritscholar.htm. The web           web site.                         their web sites. For that rea-
Presidential Scholars               site contains some information                                        son, you may want to contact
•     Apply in fall                 from the CCC merit scholar-         Sometimes this information is     the college admissions office
                                    ship database. For additional       found under “scholarships” or     where your child has a particu-
•     1/2 tuition
                                    information, come to the CCC        “merit awards.” Sometimes it      lar interest, and ask if they
Nat’l Merit Finalists               and ask for the binder with all     is under “financial aid, or       offer merit scholarships and
•     Designate USC as first        the database information, and       “admissions.” Sometimes it is     where you can find informa-
      choice college                check the file drawer for col-      part of the course catalogue or   tion on them.
•     1/2 tuition                   lege sponsored scholarships.        student information booklet,
                                                                        and some colleges put these       4. Publications
Leadership Scholars                 The CCC database and files          booklets on their web sites.
•      TJ nominee                   contain information on the                                            For parents and some stu-
•     $10,000                       most generous scholarships          College academic departments      dents, books can be more
                                    and/or scholarships that are        (e.g., engineering) may provide   user-friendly than web sites.
International Freshman              most likely to be useful and of     information about scholarships    Most books and other publica-
                                    interest to many TJ students.       for students who intend to        tions, however, focus primarily
•     Apply in fall                 For example, the database           major in that subject. In those   on financial aid. Since colleges
•     International freshmen        generally does not list scholar-    schools, information on merit     change their merit scholarship
      only                          ships for students whose par-       scholarships may be located on    programs regularly, use books
•     1/2 tuition                   ents work at a particular cor-      the web page for those depart-    only as a starting point and
                                    poration. For that reason, the      ments.                            update and supplement them
                                    database should be only the                                           with other sources.

             Duke University                                 Boston University                             UNC-Chapel Hill
Robertson Scholars                                 Trustees Scholars                             Robertson Scholars
•     TJ Nomination required                       •   TJ nomination required                    •   TJ nomination required
•     Full tuition                                 •   Full tuition and fees                     •   Full tuition, room and board
•     Interview required for finalists             •   Early application deadline                •   Interview required for finalists
Angier Duke Scholars                               Alexander Graham Bell Scholars                Morehead Scholars
•     Full tuition, plus summer at Oxford          •   Full tuition                              •   TJ nomination required
                                                   •   Engineering majors                        •   Full tuition, room and board, fees plus
•     Interview required for finalists                                                               computer and summer stipends
                                                   University Scholars
University Scholars                                                                              Carolina Scholars
                                                   •   1/2 tuition
•     Full tuition                                                                               •   $15,000 plus mentorship and other
                                                   Engineering Scholars                              academic benefits
•     Interview required for finalists
                                                   •   1/2 tuition                               Davie Scholars
Reginaldo Howard Scholars
                                                   Deans’ Scholars                               •   $12,000
•     African-Americans
                                                   •   Awarded by deans of each school           Thomas Wolfe Writing Scholars
•     Full tuition
                                                   •   $10,000                                   •   Full tuition, room and board
•     Interview required for finalists
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                    Applying for Merit Scholarships                                                    Georgia Tech

Applying for merit scholarships requires        web site for each scholarship again to make    President’s Scholars
time and advance planning. A few are only       sure that the application procedures have      •    Apply by early fall
available to students who are nominated by      not changed.
the TJ Scholarship Committee before a cer-                                                     •    Full tuition, room, board
tain deadline. Some have separate applica-         B. Apply for TJ Nominations                      and fees
tions and deadlines, which can occur before
the early decision or early action deadlines.   Some of the most generous college spon-        •    Special courses, housing,
Many require additional recommendations         sored scholarships require TJ to nominate a
                                                                                                    and study abroad
and/or separate written applications. Some      limited number of students. In these cases,
require on-campus interviews for finalists.     the CCC asks interested students to pro-
                                                vide information before TJ’s nomination
1. Search for Scholarships in Junior Year       deadline. The TJ Scholarship Committee             Washington University
                                                uses this information to decide which stu-               in St. Louis
Begin your research for merit scholarships      dent(s) to nominate. Limited nomination
BEFORE your senior year. As you learn           scholarships include but are not limited to    Danforth Scholars
more, you may develop an interest in a col-     the Jefferson Scholarship for UVA, the Belk
lege about which you previously knew little.    for Davidson College, College Scholars for     •    Nomination required
Since you do not have unlimited time to         William & Mary College, Emory Scholars for
spend applying for scholarships, this re-       Emory College, and the Morehead for the        •    Full or partial tuition, plus
search also should help you determine           University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.        stipends
which merit scholarships fit your profile.
                                                   C. Follow All Procedural Requirements       Compton Fellows
2. Prepare Files Before Senior Year
                                                Most merit scholarships allow TJ to nomi-      •    Full tuition plus stipend
Organize a file for each scholarship during     nate an unlimited number of applicants and/
                                                                                               •    Math and physical sciences
your junior year (or the summer before          or allow students to nominate themselves.
senior year) with information on the appli-     Many require or encourage students to sub-     Langsdorf Fellows
cation procedures for that scholarship.         mit extra essays, extra recommendations,
Each scholarship will have different require-   and/or other information.                      •    Full tuition plus stipend
ments and deadlines.
                                                Sometimes, students also must apply early      •    Engineering
Begin thinking about which teachers or su-      action, early decision, or regular decision
pervisors you will ask for recommendations,     before normal application deadlines if they    Moog Fellows
draft required essays, and put together re-     are seeking a merit scholarship. A few
                                                                                               •    Full tuition plus stipend
quired portfolios. A last-minute essay is       scholarships require students to apply as
unlikely to be as impressive as one that has    early as September. Research these dead-       •    Biology and chemistry
been revised over several months. Similarly,    lines carefully.
a teacher who is given plenty of advance                                                       Mylonas Scholars
notice is more likely to have the time to          D. Prepare for College Interviews
write a good recommendation.                                                                   •    Full tuition plus stipend
                                                Occasionally, scholarship finalists are re-
3. Apply in Senior Year                         quired to visit the campus and be inter-       •    Humanities
                                                viewed, or to take qualifying exams. If you
    A. Update Your Scholarship Files            have gone this far, it is worth taking the     Lien Scholars
                                                extra time to do a good job.
                                                                                               •    Full tuition plus stipend
In September of your senior year, check the
                                                                                               •    Social sciences
             Emory University                               University of Michigan
                                                                                               Dieckmann Scholars
Emory Scholars                                    Bell Scholars
                                                                                               •    1/2 tuition
                                                  •   Separate applications and deadlines
•    TJ nomination required
                                                                                               •    All subjects
                                                  •   $20,000
•    Up to full tuition plus room and board
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                                                 Merit Scholarships at Three Virginia Colleges

    Case Western Reserve             College of William & Mary              University of Virginia               Virginia Polytechnic
•     45% of students receive       About 7% of William & Mary          The University of Virginia
                                    students are selected as Monroe     awards about thirty-five Jeffer-     Future engineers at Virginia
      merit scholarships                                                son Scholarships annually to
                                    Scholars based largely on their                                          Tech have access to many gen-
                                    test scores and academic            incoming students in the College     erous merit scholarships. The
•     Many different awards for
                                    achievements reflected in their     of Arts and Sciences. Criteria       most generous—such as the
      academic excellence           college applications.               include academic achievement         Bradley, Davenport, Charles
                                                                        and extracurricular activities.      Edward Via, and others—
Academic: Squire, Smith,            High school seniors selected to     Students must be nominated by        cover tuition, room and board.
Adelbert and Treuhaft               be Monroe Scholars are in-          their high schools.                  Dean’s Scholarships of
                                    vited for a spring weekend. All                                          $5,000 per year also were of-
•     Full tuition                  receive a $3,000 summer re-         Jefferson Scholars receive           fered to about 35 freshmen
                                    search stipend, and 50 also re-     four years of tuition, room and      engineering majors last year.
Other Academic: Trustee             ceive $1,000 grants after fresh-    board, plus other fees. They
                                    man year for summer research        participate in leadership and        Merit scholarships also are of-
($25,700), Presidential                                                 special academic programs, and
                                    projects. Monroe Scholars get                                            fered to some students who are
($20,800), Provost ($15,700)        priority in registering for         also travel abroad after sopho-      not engineering majors. In gen-
                                    courses, are invited to lunch-      more year.                           eral, these scholarships are ad-
Creative Achievement                eons with visiting speakers, and                                         ministered by academic depart-
                                    are matched with faculty men-       About thirty-five incoming engi-     ments. Some are available to
•     Up to $15,700                 tors. They have access to the       neering majors each year are         incoming freshmen, while others
                                    Charles Center facility, and can    named Rodman Scholars                are for older students. For
Music/Theatre Arts Awards           live in a separate dormitory.       based largely on their academic      more information on these
                                                                        achievement.      Some Rodman        scholarships, contact Virginia
•     Up to $19,400                 William & Mary also awards a        Scholars receive merit scholar-      Tech’s admissions office and
                                    College Scholars Program            ships in varying amounts.            departments.
•     Auditions required            to 4 students per year, which
                                    may expand in the future. Col-      Jerome Holland Scholar-              The Pamplin Leader Award
                                    lege Scholars must be nominated     ships are awarded to promising       is a one-year academic merit-
                                    by their high school. They re-      African American students.           based $1,000 scholarship. It is
                                    ceive full tuition and fees, plus   These $10,000 per year scholar-      presented annually to one quali-
      Davidson College                                                  ships are renewable for four
                                    two $2,500 summer stipends.                                              fied nominated student from
                                                                        years.                               each Virginia public high school.
•     Over a dozen types of
      merit awards, with separate
      criteria and benefits

•     Up to full tuition and fees
                                                     Rice University                                       Rice University
•     Some have early deadlines
                                      Engineering Scholars                                Trustee Distinguished Scholars
Belk and Erwin                        • $5,000 to full tuition                            •    $9,000—$12,000

•     Overall achievement             •    Must apply to the engineering division         •    For “students whose personal talents dis-
                                                                                               tinguish them” among admitted applicants
                                      Sarofim International Scholars
Boker, Duke, Puckett, Bell                                                                Century Scholars
                                      •    Outstanding foreign nationals
                                                                                          •    Students with research aptitude
•     Primarily academics             •    Full tuition
                                                                                          •    $6,000 for two years, plus mentorships
Bryan and Davidson                    Odell Lovett Scholars
                                                                                          Trustee Diversity Scholars
                                      •    Outstanding foreign nationals
•     Scholar-athletes                                                                    •    $9,000—$12,000
                                      •    Half tuition
                                                                                          •    “Diverse life experiences and contributions
Cornwell                              National Merit Scholars                                  to diverse groups”
•     Writers                         •    $750 to $2,000

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