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Inspirational Dreams and Messages Information Obtained from the .doc


									    Inspirational Dreams and Messages: Information Obtained from the

                     Dr Umar Azam BA PhD FRSA FRSSA

                             Manchester, UK

                             November 2008


In Islam, it is held that Allah is All-Knowing; Allah knows what
man, angels and the jinn do not know. The dreams and
messages which follow are examples of man [myself!] receiving
information which cannot be described as ‘acquired knowledge’.
The following material is obviously an example of knowledge
which I, as a mere mortal did not have, but God does have.

                          Technical Notes

[1] This paper should be read in conjunction with Prediction
Dreams on [see Dream Numbers 3, 4,
5 and 14, for example] and Dreams of Travel on [see Numbers 13, 14, 18 and
22, for example. Also, these kinds of dreams could overlap with
the content of other papers on ‘dreams’ [see www.dr-umar- for quite a few more research papers]. If there was a
Venn diagram of the categories of dreams made, a number of
circles would overlap with one another.

[2] If I experience a dream, the format of the heading is
‘Dream No 1’. But if I had a thought, then ‘No. 5 [Message]’ is
the format used.

                                    ***T H E D R E A M S ***
Dream No 1: Sunday 26 October 2008

I thought about Hilton Hotel and especially of the name ‘Hilton’, that it is a shortened form of
‘Hamilton’ *.


My religious dreams have been suggesting that I will be travelling all over the UK and the world for
Islamic work. Probably, I’ll be staying in the Hilton chain of hotels as well as others. * Perhaps a
history of British names could shed light on this. Also, there is actually an entry for ‘Hilton Hamilton’
on Google:

Dream No 2: Thursday 13 November 2008

I dreamt of ‘Pickford’s gems’.


I did a word search of this term on Google. I found out that Mary Pickford was an actress from a
byegone era, whose films are artistic ‘gems’
Also, she did literally have gems:

Mary Pickford was never shown on film wearing more jewelry than a string of pearls to preserve
her image of innocence, but in real life she preferred very large rubies and star sapphires. She
owned both the 60-carat Star of Bombay and the 200-carat Star of India. And she was not shy
about wearing them both at the same time

No 3 [Message]: Friday 14 November and Saturday 15 November 2008

I kept on thinking of the word ‘fecundity’ at intervals.


I looked up the meanings in the Geddes and Grossett thesaurus:

‘Fecund’: ‘fruitful’; ‘impregnated’; ‘productive’; ‘prolific’; ‘rich’.

‘Fecundity’: ‘fertility’; ‘fruitfulness’; ‘productiveness’.

These words could describe the success of my Islamic work and Websites, or future material
success and further progress in matters of knowledge and scholarship, Insha’Allah.

No 4 [Message]: Friday 7 November 2008

I thought of ‘Bosingwa’.


I did an MSN Live search and was reminded that Jose Bosingwa is a Chelsea FC defender.
He is wealthy, talented and famous: attributes that dreams and messages seem to be telling me
that I will have in the future.

Dream No 5: Friday 30 August 2008

I saw the building of a fashionable yet competent school – St George’s. I was given the message
that there are thousands of children seven seconds [driving time] from Glasgow.


I did an MSN Live search again and found out that such a School does exist:
St George's R C Primary School
101 Muirdykes Rd, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G52 2QJ

When I’m traveling all over the UK to promote my Websites, maybe I will be visiting the School or in
its vicinity.

No 6 [Message]: c. September 2008

Thought of ‘Aramis’.

I found out from a Google search that ‘Aramis’ is a perfume:

Aramis - Fragrances, Eau de Toilette, Shaving & Hair Removal ...
Aramis Fragrances was founded by Estee Lauder in 1964. Sold in more than 120 countries
and territories. Aramis has long been a pioneer in creation of ...

Incidentally, I dreamt on Thursday 25 July 2008 that: An unknown, English wife gave me
perfume. The interpretation for ‘perfume’ in Ibn Sireen’s book is: ‘It symbolises an
eminent theologian [p. 103] The smell of aloes, incense and all perfume is good news.
Incense is knowledge which one can [learn] from a blessed man. In some cases, it also
symbolises an inheritance [p. 108].
Dream No 7: c. 2006

I dreamt of going to Barrow-in-Furness by myself and then, later, to the Manchester University
refectory with friends.


At the time of this dream, I was not aware of the connection between Barrow-in-Furness and
Britain’s nucleur warships:

This dream was foretelling that my ‘high-tech’ Islamic work, the establishing of my eleven Websites.

Dream No 8: c. 1990s

Dreamt something about Mobutu in Africa.


At the time, I didn’t know that ‘Mobutu’ is an African name:

This dream is suggesting my going to Africa for Islamic work in the future.

Dream No 9: c. 2000

I dreamt that there are deposits of gold ‘where Kashmir starts’, that is to say, at the border
between Pakistan and Kashmir.

I’m convinced that this is true. Perhaps the Pakistan government can become much more wealthy
[and use the extra wealth for the benefit of its people] by commissioning mining companies to
search for gold and then extract it, if it is indeed there.

Dream No 10: 2008

I dream of ‘Kusko Novo’ – of going there on a visit.


 I thought the word was ‘Cusko’ but I couldn’t find the place in the atlas. Then I tried ‘Kusco’ and
found out that it is in Alaska, near to Kodiak Island. I still don’t know the significance of ‘Novo’ but
have discovered that this word is used in America for place names: perhaps it means ‘new

Dream No 11: c. 2005

I dreamt of ‘Girls Aloud’.


I didn’t know about this all-female pop band from the UK, nor that one of its members, Cheryl Cole,
would, in future, be on television regularly as one of the judges in the ‘X-Factor’ programme. So this
dream is telling me that I will be similarly successful in my television career.

Dream No 12: 1990s
I dreamt of meeting islanders from The Maldives. One family was really interested in my Dreams in
Islam book. The islanders are dark-skinned with swarthy features.


I was somewhat surprised to dream of the Maldives and even more surprised that they should be
so interested in my Islamic work. Only later did I find out that almost all the native population of
these islands are of the Muslim faith!

Dream No 13: 1990s

I dreamt of ‘Rove-ul’.


This dream predicted that, in 2006-7 in Oldham, I would be teaching Bangladeshi pupils and residing in
lodgings in a predominantly Bangladeshi neighbourhood. ‘Rove’ means to ‘wander about’ – I left
Manchester and was roving about the Oldham areas of Glodwick, Coldhurst, Chadderton and
Westwood. Many Bangladeshi names have ‘ul’ in the middle – for example, Zia-ul-Haque.

Dream No 14: c. 1985

I dreamt of the monorail in Malaysia.


At the time, I was surprised to dream of a cab, high up, on a cable. Afterwards I found out that
several cities throughout the world have this mode of transport. I will probably visit Kuala Lumpur
in the future.
No 15 [Message]: 2008

I thought of ‘Swaffenham’.


I looked in the atlas and found the village of ‘Swaffham’ in East Anglia – not far from Her Majesty
the Queen’s private residence at Sandringham. Was this village called ‘Swaffenham’ in the past?

Dream No 16: c. 2005

I had an extremely frightening dream that the Pennines mountains are haunted by supernatural,
female ghouls.


When I drove from Manchester to Edinburgh to be elected for my Fellowship of the Royal Scottish
Society of Arts, I noticed how frightening some of the Pennines mountains looked, even in daytime!
They resembled miniature volcanoes because the early-morning fog had gathered at the peaks. So
how frightening must they be in the dark?

Dream No 17: 1990s

I dreamt of ‘Gordonstoun’.


When I awoke, I thought the word was ‘Gordon’s Town’. Only later did I find out that Gordonstoun is
a Scottish public school.

Dream No 18: 1990s

I dreamt of ‘Braemar’.


I didn’t know what this meant at the time, but later found out that the Royal Family attend the
‘Braemar Games’ annually.

Dream No 19: 1990s

I dreamt that the planets in outer space are what give the Earth its dawn freshness.


Most people are aware that the pull of the moon’s gravity affects the sea and its tides. But what
about the effect of other planets on our planet?

Dream No 20: c. 1997

I dreamt that commercial mince pies, for example the Mr Kipling brand, are haram [unlawful]].

After having this dream, I wrote to Mr Kipling Cakes and received the reply that, yes, fermentation
does occur in the filling of the mince pies.

Dream No 21: 1990s

I dreamt that I went into a cave in the USA and saw dinosaur eggs.


At the time, I had no idea that the USA has been a major area of dinosaur fossil finds.

Dream No 22: 1990s

I dreamt that the word ‘Rabb’ is of Muslim origin.


‘Rabb’ is the word for ‘God’ in the Sikh religion. I thought it was a Sikh word! After I had had this
dream, I thought: ‘Of course! In the Surah Al-Fatiha, we recite Alhamdolillahi Rabbil Ala’meen [‘Praise
be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds’].


The Holy Prophet [Pbuh] has said that the dream of a righteous
Muslim is a 46th part of Prophethood – see Dreams in Islam on Therefore, Masha’Allah, I must be a
righteous person to have received such true messages.
These dreams pertain to miscellaneous areas: Geography [for
example, No 8], Sport [No 4], The Arts [[No 2], The
Supernatural [No 16], Politics [No 9], Diet and Culinary [No
20], Archaeology [No 21], Career [my own! No 13], Linguistics
[No 1], Education [No 5], Defence [No 7], Astronomy [No 19],
Religion [obviously! No 12], The Media [No 11], Commerce [No
6], Opulence [No 3] and Transport [No 14].

The dreams and messages in this paper are useful because they
acknowledge my scholarly status [No 6 about perfume ]; they
confirm that I have skill and use it in the way of Islam [No 4
about Bosingwa]; they reinforce the prestige and power of my
work [No 7 about Barrow-in-Furness]; they foretell my future
Islamic work in the UK [No 5 about Glasgow] and all over the
world [No 8 about Africa]; they foretell my future opulence [No
2 about gems]; they acknowledge my thirst for scholarship,
output of publications and my establishment of several Websites
[No 3 of fecundity]; they either have turned out to be true or, if
‘true to form’, will indeed become true in the future [No 13 about
Rove-ul]; they refer back to my ancestral roots [No 2 about
Mary Pickford’s Star of India sapphires]; they raise questions
and set challenges for delving into further knowledge [No 19
about the planets providing the Earth with early-morning
freshness]; they give me specific information about aspects of
my career [No 11 about Girls Aloud].
[In each case, I have only given the reference of one dream, if if there are more
than one such examples even in this paper; in my many dream-diary notebooks –
in my Archive- I would be able to give examples of each area in double figures;
this could be an extended project in the future if time allows].

The fact that I had to check places in an atlas [‘Kusko’] and
words on the Internet [‘Aramis’] is evidence of the fact that I
had no prior knowledge of the details of the messages and,
therefore, new knowledge was given to me by extra-ordinary
means [that is to say, by the Inspiration of Allah Most High] –
and for this I should give thanks to Allah Ta’la.

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