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 A Monthly Publication Of Immanuel Christian Reformed Church                                                     January 2011
Award-winning lecture series comes to Ripon
          “The award-winning January Series of Calvin College is one of the leading
lecture and cultural arts series in the country. As we begin our 24th year we continue a
long tradition of bringing a free liberal arts education to all for 15 weekdays in January.
Thousands will join us on our campus for the daily noontime lectures that will discuss
topics that range from religion and nature, the future of education in America, chal-
lenges of autism, the power of micro-finance, the age of narcissism, and so much
more, by top experts in their fields. Thousands more will join us at 30 remote webcast
sites across the country to watch the live feed, while still others will listen online. Visit for details on our presenters and topics, the remote site
locations, online listening and past presentation archives. As a distinctly Christian,
academically excellent liberal arts college that strives to shape hearts and minds for
the renewal of God’s world, Calvin welcomes all to hear, question, evaluate and reflect
on current topics affecting our world. Join us as together we listen, learn, and discern.”
          The January Series lectures will be video-streamed live at Immanuel
Christian Reformed Church from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. PST January 5-25, Monday                               MEMBER FOCUS: Do you recognize
through Friday. The lectures are free and open to the public. A brochure listing all the                 this couple? HINT: They live within
presenters is available on the table in the lobby. Please pass one on to someone you                     walking distance of the church, have
believe may be interested in attending. For more information feel free to contact Bret                   3 children... For more see page 3.
Lamsma at 209-599-6163.

Christmas celebrated at Immanuel
           The children in our Pre-K-Grade 4 church school classes
presented the Christmas Story “Carriers Of The Light” on Sunday,
December 19. Through their singing and dramatic presentation
of the scriptures of the nativity story, we were encouraged to see
Jesus as God’s Son, to carry His light in our hearts, and to show
the world how much we love Him. Thank you, children, for giving of
your talents, and to our church school leaders for their time in put-
ting this together. You can find another picture on page 12.

                                         The kitchen counter was
                              filled with Christmas goodies and
                              the fellowship hall with singing of
                              Christmas carols as the Fellowship
                              Committee hosted an ornament
                                                                                                         p. 2    Birthdays & Anniversaries,
                                                                                    WHAT’S INSIDE?

                              exchange earlier in December. It
                                                                                                         p. 3    Member focus
                              was a fun time for all who came.
                                                                                                         p. 4    Offering Schedule
                              More pictures on page 7.
                                                                                                         p. 5    Back to God Hour,
                                          Special dates
                                                                                                                 Crossroads Connection
                                                                                                         p. 6    Women’s Retreat,
                                          January 5-25 - Calvin College
                                                                                                                 Missions Opportunity
                                          January Series 9:30 -10:30 a.m.                                 p. 7   Bethany Home-Society Membership
                                          in the Ministry Center (weekdays)                               p. 8   New in the Library, Recipe Bonus
                                          January 7 - Liberty Quartet                                p. 9-10    Are you able?
                                          Concert, 7:00 p.m.                                             p. 11   Parish Nurse Article, Book Club
                                                                                                     p. 12-13    Parents’ & Kids’ Pages
January 2011 - Page 2                                                                                      The Messenger

January Birthdays
1    Katie Burleson                  16 Ruth Leusink
     Larry Oates                        Matthew Ng
     Abe Van Noorloos                17 Cindy Hagemann
     Eddie Viss                         Jordan Mulder
3    John Burleson                   18 Beatrice Fernandes
4    John Normoyle                      Bill Finley
5    Eddie Erdelatz                  19 Alice den Dulk
     Jake Kamper                        Harriet Mulder
     Helen Vander Wall                  Sandy Oates
6    Nelva den Dulk                     Steven Verver
     John Van Till                   20 Pete Duyst
7    Levi De Vries                      John Viss
8    Mindi Machado                   21 Kelly Engel
     Hilda Wever                        Ava Keast                              27 Julie Bodem
9    Mark Van Dyken                     Priscilla Leusink                         Megan Dyk
10   Hank Swankhuisen                22 Kelsey Tillema                         28 Laura Meester
11   Ardeane Broers                     Landon Tillema                         29 Karen Sytsma
13   Freda Hoekzema                  23 Nellye Winters                            Don Wever
14   Krista McCullough               24 Matthew Hoekman                        30 Lucy Viss
15   Bud Den Ouden                   25 Jace Beidleman                         31 Colby De Vries
     Jim Gomes                          Wanda Meems                               Matthew Dyk
     Carole Wissink                     Cheryl Mulder                             Vi Hartley

                                                              Names that are bolded are celebrating 80+ years. Praise God
                                                              for his goodness and faithfulness.
                     Brand new                                                   Great possibilities
I am the new year. I am an unspoiled page in your book of
                                                                  "Happily for us, the fundamental Christian message
                                                              concerns not what we ought to do, but what God has done
                                                               and what God is willing to do. In fellowship with him and
I am your next chance at the art of living. I am your
                                                               with others who are likewise trying to be like him, we can
opportunity to practice what you have learned about life
                                                                       be lifted up above our native possibilities."
during the last 12 months.
                                                                                      - Hugh Martin
All you sought and didn’t find is hidden in me, waiting for
you to search it but with more determination. All the good
you tried for and didn’t achieve is mine to grant when you
have fewer conflicting desires.

All you dreamed but didn’t dare to do, all you hoped but
did not will, all the faith you claimed but did not have —        David & Laura Meester, January 1, 2005
these slumber lightly, waiting to be awakened by the touch        Curtis & Kaitlin Pasma, January 2, 2010
of a strong purpose.                                               Scott & Jill De Jong, January 2, 1999
                                                                Hugo & Brechtje Harrewyn, January 11, 2003
I am your opportunity to renew your allegiance to him who        Willie & Edna Van Laar, January 15, 1953
said, “See, I am making all things new”                         Harold & Judy Groetsema, January 16, 1960
(Revelation 21:5, NRSV).                                        Jerry & Elaine Van Vuren, Janaury 20, 1962
—Author unknown                                                 Bud & Deanna den Ouden, January 29, 1972
     The Messenger                                                                                             December 2010- Page 3

Member Focus:
Arnold & Marge Pasma
By Judy Baker
“In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and he shall
direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:6
           Born in Hawarden, Iowa, Arnold Pasma moved to the
Ripon area when he was 8 years old and attended Ripon Chris-
tian Elementary School and Ripon High School. Marge was born
in Zeeland, Michigan, attended Borculo School, and moved to
Ripon when she was 12 years old. Marge then attended Ripon
Christian Elementary School and later Ripon High School. After
graduating from high school, Marge obtained her RN degree at
Highland Hospital in Oakland, California, in 1951.
           Marge and Arnie met at a Young People’s meeting in
church, and then her brother brought him home for dinner. In
December, 1950, Arnie was drafted into the army and after his
basic training he spent two years at Elmondorf Air Force Base in
Anchorage, Alaska, as an engineer for SCAWOF. During this time
Marge was working at Highland Hospital in Oakland.
           Wedding plans developed after Arnold’s military service         in Oakland and at Memorial Hospital in Ceres and at Bethany
was completed. With a red and green theme, they were married               Home, where she was Director of Nurses.
in Borculo Christian Reformed Church in Zeeland on Christmas                         Both Arnie and Marge have volunteered with the Red
Eve, 1952, with Rev. Robert Evenhuis officiating. Traveling down           Cross in disaster relief, serving in many areas, including Missis-
Route 66 in their 1948 Mercury, Marge wanted to see the Grand              sippi and upper New York and later in New York City after the 9-11
Canyon, and Arnie promised they would. Unfortunately, they                 attack. Marge is a charter member of Immanuel CRC and has
didn’t take that side trip to the Grand Canyon; instead they had           been in various Bible study groups, along with being a Calvinette
a flat tire that Arnie thought would cost too much to repair, so on-       (now known as GEMS) counselor. Arnie has been a volunteer for
ward they traveled, only to have another flat and no spare. With           the Ripon Fire Department and has been on the church council as
their car parked beside the road, they rolled the flat tire down the       both deacon and elder.
road and hoped to find a gas station. Help was on the way with a                     Throughout the years they have traveled to Holland, Tai-
kind gentleman driving a Model A Ford – this time Marge sat in the         wan, Panama, and Alaska. Their entourage now numbers about
front seat and Arnie in the rumble seat! The tire was fixed, and           45 family and friends that camp near Pinecrest every year.
thoughts of the Grand Canyon turned to dust.                                         Arnie and Marge praise God for their good health, as
           Their first home was a furnished apartment on the north         Arnie is a cancer survivor.
side of Ripon where the H&H appliance is now located. They                           And one last note, Arnie being a man of his word, took
moved to Second Street and later to their home on Palm Avenue.             Marge to the Grand Canyon 35 years later.
They were blessed with three children: Mike & Barb (Madera),
Melinda & Leroy Costa (Escalon), and Tammy & Roger Auwers                                  I sing because I'm happy,
(Dearborn, Michigan). They have nine grandchildren and three                                 I sing because I'm free,
great grandchildren.                                                                       His eye is on the sparrow,
           In the early years of their marriage Arnie worked various                      And I know He watches me.
jobs, including a garage on Highway 99, and later he owned Pas-                            His eye is on the sparrow
ma Garage on Main Street. Marge worked as a registered nurse                              And I know he watches me.

                                                           Messenger Staff
                                                              Editor: Geri Witt
                                   Contributors:Judy Baker, Kimberly De Jong’
                                            Lauri Howard, Judy Vander Plaats
                                                    Birthdays: Margaret Roos
                                                        Library: Alice den Dulk
                                        Assembly / Distribution: Gladys Duyst
                                 Thanks to all of you for your efforts!                       January 9, 2011
January 2011 - Page 4                                                                                  The Messenger


           A psychologist has determined that the Monday in the last full week of
    January is the most depressing day of the year. This year, “Blue Monday” falls
    on January 24.

            Cliff Arnall calculated this date based on a combination of bad
    weather, Christmas debts, broken New Year’s resolutions and the end of the
    holiday break.

           But no matter how bleak things seem — regardless of the time of
    year — Christians always have reason for hope. Thankfully, we can look
    beyond our earthly circumstances to the promise of new life with God forever.

            As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We must accept finite disappointment,
    but we must never lose infinite hope.”
    (From NewsletterNewsletter, January 2011)         Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday Observance, January 17, 2011

                Offering envelopes for the year 2011 were labeled for all church members and have been placed
       in the lobby of the sanctuary. If you have not received a box for your family, please contact the church of-
       fice at 599-6163, or e-mail the secretaries at If you have any questions
       about the offering envelopes and how giving works at Immanuel CRC, please talk to any of the deacons.
       Please discard any old boxes of offering envelopes that you may have. All members are given a number
       on their envelopes to assist the bookkeeper in entering contributions, and there have been a few number
       adjustments because of new members or deceased members.
                Contribution records for the year 2010 will be placed in mailboxes by the end of January for use on
       your 2010 tax forms. Immanuel CRC is blessed to have so many members faithfully giving to the General
       Fund and the ministries which we support, both in and outside of our doors. May God continue to bless us
       as we honor him in our tithes and offerings.
                                              OFFERING SCHEDULE
                                                 January 2011
                                                      AM                                     PM
                         January 2                Ripon Christian (CEP)              SeaFarers International
                                                  & Mission Giving

                         January 9                General Fund                       Christian Schools
                                                  (Audio/Visual)                     International

                         January 16               Immanuel CRC                       Bethany Christian
                                                  Building Fund                      Services

                         January 23               General Fund                       Stockton Gospel Center
                                                  (Building & Grounds)

                         January 30               Heartland CRC                      Haven Of Peace
The Messenger                                                                                       January 2011- Page 5
Check for information on the Back to God Ministries International. The weekly
broadcasts for North America are now called “Groundwork” and can be found at where you can listen or download.

                                                                                                                           “The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.” —John Ruskin
January 2: Making Sense of Jesus (Part 1): Most everyone has heard of Jesus, but does everyone
give the same answer about who he really is? As we read more of Matthew’s account of Jesus and his life, we learn
more about Jesus’ identity. So who is Jesus?
January 9: Making Sense of Jesus (Part 2): Jesus was tempted, and so are we. The kinds of tempta-
tions we face may change from year to year, but the fact that we are tempted never changes. How can we fight
temptation? Join the Groundwork conversation centering on Matthew 4:1-11.
January 16: Ministry Launch: After the birth of Jesus, the Bible says very little about him until he begins his
public ministry. What themes do we observe as we read of his teachings and travels? Join the Groundwork conver-
sation on Matthew 4:23-25 and 9:35-38.
January 23: Living the Good Life (Beatitudes): In Matthew 5 Jesus teaches his disciples and a crowd
of onlookers about the “good life.” What he says is surprising and puzzling. So how exactly does Jesus define the
“good life”? Join the Groundwork conversation on Matthew 5.
January 30: Do the Rules Matter?: Many of us have felt frustrated by expectations imposed on us by oth-
ers. And some people think the church has created all the rules associated with Christianity today. Is that true—or
did Jesus have expectations of his followers? Join the Groundwork conversation on Matthew 5:17- 20 and 5:43- 48.

Go to to listen to Crossroad Connection,
restorative justice ministry of Crossroad Bible Institute.
January 2: GETTING A FRESH START: Crossroad Connection kicks off the new year with a fresh batch of
Letters from Prison, which prove how Christ can give anyone, no matter what they’ve done, a new start.
January 9: BREAKING THE CYCLE OF INSANITY: Ray Larsen, director of the Central Florida Commis-
sion on Homelessness, explains in an interview a new sentencing program that would help keep homeless people
from cycling through the jails.
January 16: WOMEN IN CHAINS: Dr. David Schuringa interviews Jill Morrison from the National Women’s
Law Center, which is seeking to end the egregious practice of shackling women during childbirth.
January 23: PLACES IN THE HEART: How Heartbound Ministries is making a difference in Georgia, a
London prisoner with disabilities is suing his prison, California prisoners are transferred to Michigan and more in this
week’s edition of Crossroad Broadcast News.
January 30: PRISON CHAPLAIN DOESN’T SWEAT IT: Dr. David Schuringa interviews Chaplain Dan
Swets, who describes what life and ministry is like in the largest jail in North America—the Cook County Jail in Chi-
    December 2010 - Page 6                                                                              The Messenger

   Women's Retreat Update
      April 8-10, 2011
           We are excited by the response to the retreat. We
   still have room for a few more women, so get your deposit
   in now. There are extra forms on the table at the back of
   church. Remember, if you are a woman age 18 to 118, you
   are in the correct age group for the retreat. It will be such
   a blessing to get to know women in our church on a more
   personal level, no matter what their age. We have an excit-
   ing update since the last article: Sheri Hoekman-Teach has
   agreed to be our music leader.
           The committee will be back to work in January, work-
   ing on the schedule, our theme and activities available in
   the area for the freetime on Saturday afternoon. We hope
   to have ride sharing to and from the retreat so that no one
   has to drive alone. If you are willing to drive and have room
   in your vehicle please email If you want
   to go, but need some help paying for the total cost, please
   contact Kimberly De Jong. This information will be kept
   confidential. Please call Judy Vander Plaats or Kimberly De
   Jong if you have any questions.

        “I am so made that worry and anxiety are sand in the machinery of life. Faith is the oil.”
                                         —E. Stanley Jones

Explore Historic Hungary                                            Teach Overseas in Hungary
         Hungary is a land rich in culture                          Opportunities Available: Conversational English
and natural beauty. Teaching in Hungary
can lead to new discoveries in this storied                         Length of Service: Summer, Year
country's old-world traditions. Our teachers
have basked in celebrated thermal spas,                             Year of First Program: 1990
crushed grapes at harvest festivals, and
savored gourmet meals seasoned with local                     Total Volunteers to Date: 358
         The most rewarding experience by far is getting to   Volunteers Next Year (projected): 15
know the Hungarian people and their complex history and
culture. Your genuine faith and committed service can be a    Volunteers who learn to love Hungarian goulash: 70%
refreshing sign of hope to your students and community.
         In the year-long program, you will teach high        Past Volunteer Herman De Sterke had a wonderful experi-
school students who know some English but need practice       ence teaching English in Hungary several years ago. If you
to become fluent.                                             are interested in this kind of opportunity, contact him, or
         In the summer program, you will serve in Hungar-     see the website:
ian refugee camps. Students will come from war-torn           hungary
countries and will have varying levels of English.
The Messenger                                                                                December 2010- Page 7

Bethany Home – Society Membership
by Andrew Lee, Executive Director

          It was over 50 years ago in the history of Bethany Home when the first public meeting was held in order to ex-
plore ways to offer care for “the aged and infirm.” Within the first year of organizing, there were 100 people who stepped
up and decided to become members of the Society. I just wonder how many of those original organizers are still on the
membership roles.
          Today, the Bethany Home Society has 580 members who are passionate about providing superior care for the el-
derly in our midst. One of our goals is to increase the number of active members in the Bethany Home Society. I feel by
doing this, we will make ever increasing strides toward gaining the broad-based support we need for the future. We need
the support of many members for their prayers, for their leadership, for their volunteering, and for their overall commitment
to our goal of providing top-quality care in a spirit of Christian love.
          If you are already a member of the Bethany Home Society, I want to say thank you for the blessings you have
provided through the years. If you are not yet a Society member, I invite you to prayerfully consider doing so today. A
small stack of membership forms are available at the church office, or by calling Bethany Home (599-4221, ext.247) or by
downloading from our website ( under the “contact us” tab. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “The
good that men do separately is small compared with what they do collectively.”
          Each January we hold our annual Society meeting to hear from our members, to inform the members of recent
activities, and to elect board members. Our annual meeting this year is scheduled for January 25 at 7:30 p.m. in the
Manor dining room. All are invited to attend. Society members are invited to vote. We hope to see you there!
          Bethany Home exists to serve our seniors. We want to keep our lines of communication and flow of information
open with our churches and our community. Representing the Immanuel Christian Reformed Church on Bethany’s Board
of Directors are Laurie Holfman and Tony Fernandes. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free
to contact them.

                                    Ornament Exchange 2010.
January 2011- Page 8                                                                                         The Messenger

                             Submitted by Alice den Dulk

                             ADULT FICTION
                             The Unfinished Gift by Dan Walsh. Can a gift from the past mend a broken heart?

                             The Homecoming by Dan Walsh. A reluctant war hero returns home and encounters a
                             new chance at love. A sequel to The Unfinished Gift.

                            Healing Stones by Nancy Rue With one flash of a camera
                            Demi’s private life becomes public news. She doesn’t know it yet,
but her healing has just begun.

Healing Waters by Nancy Rue When life seems to conspire against you, how do you find
the courage to dive into healing waters.

The Thorn by Beverly Lewis This book is a stirring new saga from Beverly Lewis.

Scared by Tom Davis
         This is Tom Davis’ first novel about Stuart, a prize winning photographer who has now
hit bottom, and Adanna, the African girl that will change his life forever. You will find it hard to
read at times, since it is based on truth. You will cry for Adanna and her family. Your heart will be touched by the AIDS
epidemic, by the people Jesus refers to as the least of these.

Priceless by Tom Davis
        The story of Stuart continues in the country of Russia. We are introduced to Marina, in a series of dangerous
events that will test Stuart’s faith in God. The events of this novel are based on the truth. The events will startle you and
introduce you to a world of despair, the world of human trafficking. This book is hard to put down and hard to ignore.

                                                             Reviews for Scared and Priceless written by Kimberly De Jong.
A very YUMMY Saturday morning recipe:                                    Mix together ingredients and knead (dough setting
Sticky Buns                                                              of the bread maker).

Ingredients:                                                             Flatten to a 15x10 rectangle. Spread butter/mar-
Cinnamon rolls                           Caramel Topping                 garine on it and then sprinkle (2tbsp) brown sugar
                                                                         and (2tbsp) cinnamon sugar on it.
-      1 c. lukewarm water              - 1 c. brown sugar
-      1 egg                             - ½ c. butter                   For small rolls, cut in half the long way and then roll
-      1 tsp salt                       - ¼ c. corn syrup                up. For larger rolls, do not cut.
-      1/3 c. sugar                     - heat to boiling,
-      ¼ c. butter                              stirring regularly       Once rolled, slice into 15 1 in. slices. Place in a
-      3 ½ c. flour*                                                     9x13 pan that has the caramel topping already in it.
-      1 ½ tsp yeast
                                                                         Let buns rise until double in size. Bake at 350° for
*If using whole wheat flour, add 1 tbsp of high glutton flour            20-30 minutes. Immediately invert pan when you
                                                                         take buns out of the oven. Let pan remain for 1
                                                                         minute so that the caramel can drizzle. Enjoy!

                                                                                          submitted by Sarah Elgersma
The Messenger                                                                                        January 2011- Page 9

                                                                “Set-up/Take-Down” Volunteers are needed.
Hi, My Name is _______________________________
                                                                         Our Ministry Center is used weekly by several of
I would like to volunteer to be a part of:                      our ministries, including Cadets, GEMS, Coffee Break and
                                                                various other Bible studies. Most of the time there is not
_______________________________                                 much changing of tables and chairs. However, occasion-
                                                                ally there is need to set up tables and chairs for luncheons,
_______________________________                                 seminars, or funerals. The food committees for these func-
                                                                tions usually are comprised of only women, and although
Please contact me about my availability.                        they all boast of their fitness and ability, it is hard work for
                                                                them to do it all. This work can be done in the evening, and
Phone: ________________________                                 would take only 15-30 minutes with a small group of able
                                                                bodied men and boys. If you are willing to be part of this
Email: ______________________________                           “as-needed” volunteer group, please contact the office to
                                                                                     be put on an email/call list for assisting
Please consider the volunteer                                                        with these types of functions.
opportunities noted on pages 10
& 11. If you are able to help out,
return this page with your contact
information to the secretary’s                                                      Nursery volunteers:
mailbox in the office hall way in                                                         The nursery is a busy place on
the Ministry Center.                                                                Sunday mornings. This ministry of
                                                                                    taking care of the littlest children of
                                                                Immanuel is so important to the spiritual growth and rest of
                                                                our young parents. While the nursery coordinators are able
                                                                to make the schedules right now, it is always a challenge
                                                                to find more hands, as the volunteers do sometimes ask
                                                                to be relieved of duty during the schedule season. Young
                                                                people are especially needed at the 8:30 service, and a few
                                                                more volunteers would be welcome at the evening service.
Coffee Servers                                                  Grandpas, Grandmas, and other caring individuals are
         You don’t need to be a “barista” to help in our Sun-   encouraged to volunteer.
day morning coffee service after our morning services. We
have a few people who know all the “beans” about fixing                                                     Occasionally
coffee in the big pots, and we do have a wonderful group                                              there is a request for
of people that have been volunteering to serve. Are you                                               nursery attendants for
interested in being part of this fun, fellowship opportunity?                                         funerals. If you can
There’s not much to it, simply serving up cups of coffee or                                           help in this time of need
                          lemonade, and then putting things                                           indicate this by add-
                          away when the crowds dwindle                                                ing “Funeral only” or
                          down.                                                                       “Funeral also”.

                                                                         The nursery is also used during the week for
                                                                Coffee Break/Story Hour on Thursday mornings. If
                                                                you are able to help with nursery once or twice a month on
                                                                Thursday morning, please indicate on this volunteer form,
                                                                and it will be forwarded to the Coffee Break nursery coordi-
January 2011- Page 10                                                                                       The Messenger

Church Greeters
        Every Sunday as we come into church, we can             Parking Lot Duty
count on a friendly face and a welcome hand to warmly                    This Sunday ministry is a vital part of our church
greet us. Greeting is a great way to get to know the            security on Sunday evenings. Every Sunday evening there
                           church family. Anyone can greet:     are two people that stroll around the church property,
                           families, singles, young people,     keeping an eye on our parking lot, the Ministry Center and
                           retired people, shy people, outgo-   sanctuary, and the streets around our facilities. Volunteers
                           ing people. If you have warm         in the Parking Lot Duty ministry can sign up with a friend,
                           hands, well, even if you don’t,      or sign up singly, to be paired with another person in the
                           please consider being part of        church. The schedule includes approximately 18 men at
                           this imporant Sunday morning         this time, but we could use a few more volunteers.

                                                                Children’s Worship
Ushers                                                                   Children’s Worship has seen an increase in
          Another important ministry for our times of worship   children attending this special service of worship for kids
is ushering. More ushers would be welcome for the 11:00         ages 3 through grade 2. This is especially true at the 11:00
service, as our schedule is a rotation of three                                service. If you are able to assist the Chil-
weeks at this time. This is an “equal oppor-                                   dren’s Worship teachers by being a quieting
tunity” for either men or women. Ushers help                                   and helping hand, your help will be most
members and visitors find a comfortable seat                                   welcome! Come and check out this special
for the service. Most of the members seem to                                   place the children worship-- perhaps you will
know where they want to sit, and the usher pro-                                be led to become a story leader every now
vides a bulletin to them and children’s bulletins                              and then. Young people in grades 7 and up
for kids under 7, as well as a worship worksheet                               are encouraged to be part of this ministry as
for kids ages 7-12. Large Print bulletins are also                             well.
available; ask your usher if you would like one!

(Ushers will also encourage members and visitors to leave
their coffee and snacks outside of the sanctuary. As was re-
cently overheard: “The blood of Jesus can clean any stains
on our heart-- not the coffee stains on the floor!)
The Messenger                                                                                     January 2011- Page 11

Start in Your 20’s – Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late

        Heart health encompasses two basic components: ideal health behav-
                                                                                      Remember to access our
iors and ideal health factors.                                                         Helping Hands Ministry
        The health behaviors include not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight,        during times of crisis or
meeting or exceeding American Heart Association recommendations for physi-              change in your life by
                                                                                       calling the church office,
cal activity, and eating a healthy diet.                                                       599-6163.
        The health factors include blood pressure, fasting blood glucose, and
total cholesterol levels that are within the American Heart Associations recom-
mended range, preferably without medication to keep the above levels down.
        Modest lifestyle or behavioral changes can improve your health and move you in the right
direction. Those of us who do make modest to moderate behavioral changes before developing
serious health risks can look forward to better quality of life and better heart health.
        In these uncertain economic times, one thing we can do is take care of our health. We will
feel better as we get older, and we will hopefully not be burdened with overwhelming medical bills.

                                                   Judy Vander Plaats, RN

                      NEW GROUP -

‘Coffee, Cookies & Conversation’
                                                                 TUESDAY, JANUARY 25:
Submitted by Lauri Howard, Coordinator of Ministries             Amish Grace                               Donald B. Crabill
                                                                 ISBN 0787997617
WHO: Anyone interested in exploring topics such as for-          TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22:
giveness, redemption, grace, world events, understanding         The Kite Runner                            Khaled Hosseini
other cultures and religions, love, acceptance, and more.        ISBN 1594480001
You may come for any number of sessions, no obligation to        TUESDAY, MARCH 29
commit to each time we meet. FRIENDS are welcome.                The Shack                                  William P. Young
WHAT: A “book review list” is available in the library or of-    ISBN 0964729237
fice to give you an idea of the types of books we will focus     TUESDAY, MAY 3
on. Group selections will be made next fall. We will not be      Night (2006 version)                            Elie Wiesel
limiting ourselves to “Christian” books, subjects or authors.    ISBN 0374500010
The intent is to explore topics that are challenging to Chris-   TUESDAY, JULY 12
tians and to help each other find ways of applying our faith.    A Thousand Splendid Suns                   Khaled Hosseini
Discussion questions will be provided in advance for your        ISBN 1594489513
consideration. Contact Lauri Howard for more info.               TUESDAY, AUGUST 29
                                                                 THE Five People You Meet in Heaven
WHEN: LAST TUESDAY OF MOST MONTHS - 7:00 P.M.                    ISBN 1920798215                                  Mitch Albom
(adjusted for holidays and other church events)                  To purchase inexpensive copies check out EBAY,
                                                                 and CBD (Christian Book Distributors). At least two copies
WHERE: COUCH ROOM - #118, MINISTRY CENTER                        of each book will be the church library as well.
   January 2011- Page 12                                                                                     The Messenger
A New Testament book says that God designated
Jesus as a "high priest" and that Jesus was the
most perfect mediator between God and humans.

                                         Choose the name of the book below:

                                         A. Romans
                                         B. Hebrews
                                         C. Matthew
                                         D. Revelation
                                         Answer: (See chapter 5:1-10 and chapter

January 2: Yeah, Whatever! Liz doesn’t understand why his attitude is so                           Kids Corner:
important to people around him. Help him figure it out on this week’s Kids Corner.                 Check out the Kids
                                                                                                    Corner website
January 9: Just Teasing: What’s the big deal about teasing? Check it out on              
this week’s Kids Corner.
                                                                                                  Kids Corner is a member of the
January 16: Three on Responsibility: If it isn’t Liz’s fault, then whose                 alliance—working
fault is it? What’s going on? Find out on this week’s Kids Corner.                                together to provide quality
January 23: Times 7: Someone has been messing with Liz’s stuff, so Liz is go-                     entertainment for kids that is
                                                                                                  Christ-centered and Bible-
ing to get revenge. Help Liz decide what to do on this week’s Kids Corner.
                                                                                                  based. Visit to find
January 30: Liz and Jonah: Does God really expect us to love our en-                              more great Christian programs
emies? Why? How? Help Liz figure out what to do with enemies on this week’s Kids                  for kids. Then email Kids Cor-
Corner.                                                                                           ner at for
                                                                                                  your very own Bible study.

Missing pronouns
You cannot pray the Lord's Prayer
and even once say I.
You cannot pray the Lord's Prayer
and even once say My.

Nor can you pray the Lord's
Prayer and not pray for one
To ask God for “our” daily bread,
you must include your brother.

For others are included ... in each
and every plea,
From the beginning to the end of              Carriers of the Light, Church school program 2010.
it, it does not once say Me.
                                      Left to right: Emma D.B, Maya D.J., Marina H., Mitchell V.Z., Eli T., Caden N., Arie H.,
                                      Marilou A., Samuel R., Ethan D.J., Ava K., Sam L., Logan P., Caleb T., Joseph D.B.,
                                      Zachary V. Z.
  The Messenger                                                 January 2011- Page 13

+ Christian Symbols +                            Fish>

The first letters in the Greek phrase “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior”
spell ICHTHUS, or fish. Early Christians used the sign to convey their
faith and avoid persecution. In the gospels, fish are part of several
miracles. They also represent people who need to be “caught” for
Christ. Today, a fish bumper sticker is a popular indicator of Christian
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